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    Strategy Guide by MTham

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 03/03/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    version 0.9 
    by Michael Tham (mike_tham@hotmail.com)
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    Welcome to my strategy guide for KOF 98. I've always wanted to get my thoughts 
    about KOF (figuratively) on paper but never got around to it. IMO, what makes 
    KOF better than Capcom fighters is that there are so many ways to play the 
    characters and there are always new strategies to find and experiment with. I am 
    far from being an expert at KOF and would consider myself an intermediate 
    player. Nevertheless, I have access to a neo geo and play almost every 
    character. It is my hope that this guide will help some of you get more from KOF 
    and encourage the use of more characters. (hey, that's what the roulette is for) 
    This guide is divided into 3 sections: General Strategies, Character Strategies 
    and Misc. Under general strategies are tactics that apply to most if not all 
    characters. Characters strategies is about tactics for and against certain 
    characters. Misc is for stuff that doesn't fit in the above two categories. I'm 
    writing from memory and there may be some stuff in the guide that are wrong. The 
    strategis are mostly for advance mode as I and everyone I've played with uses 
    advanced. Also, if you have any strategies that you think is useful, do email me 
    and share your thoughts with the rest of the KOF world. All strategies should be 
    applicable in the arcade, neo geo, PSX and Dreamcast versions.
    Happy reading!  
    p.s. I would gladly appreciate it if someone could mail me the gamest rankings 
    for 98 or even 97.
    2)punishing rolling
    4)waking up
    6)fake short jump
    7)vertical jump
    8)CD countering
    9)guard cancel roll
    10)jumping in on grapplers
    12)uncounterable moves
    13)to POW or not to POW
    14)corner trapping
    15)grappling range
    Andy Bogard
    Athena Asamiya
    Benimaru Nikaido
    Blue Mary 
    Chang Koehan
    Chin Gentsai
    Chizuru Kagura
    Choi Bounge
    Chris (Orochi)
    Clark Steel
    Goro Daimon
    Heavy D!
    Iori Yagami
    Joe Higashi
    Kyo Kusanagi
    Lucky Glauber
    Ralf Jones
    Robert Garcia
    Rugal Bernstein
    Ryo Sakazaki
    Saisyu Kusanagi
    Shermie (Orochi)
    Shingo Yabuki
    Sie Kensou
    Terry Bogard 97
    Terry Bogard RB
    Yashiro (Orochi)
    Yuri Sakazaki
    Yuri Sakazaki 95
    Ordering your characters
    K E Y (taken from Moonrun's combo faq and modified)
    [all notations are in 1st player's side]
     o  o  o         jump backwards     vertical jump     jump forward
      \ | /
    o-- n --o        block/go back         neutral          go forward
      / | \
     o  o  o         blocking crouch     normal crouch    forward crouch/crawl*
    A = light punch        B = light kick
    C = heavy punch        D = heavy kick
    d   = down joystick direction
    u   = up joystick motion
    b   = hold joystick in blocking direction
    f   = joystick forward motion
    QCB = quarter cirlce back joystick motion
    QCF = quarter circle forward joystick motion
    HCB = half circle back joystick motion
    HCF = half circle forward joystick motion
    DP  = uppercut joystick motion
    RDP = reverse uppercut joystick motion
    j   = jump
    s   = standing
    c   = crouching
    cx  = cross over
    This is what makes KOF such a great game. Basically your character tucks into a 
    ball and rolls on the ground. When you are rolling, you are invincible, except 
    for throws and have a small period of vulnerability when going into a roll and 
    getting up. Rolling can be used offensively or defensively. You can roll through 
    fireballs, DMs or special moves. Basically most moves can be rolled through as 
    long as you time it properly. When should you roll? Its a hard question to 
    answer because there's so many ifs and buts. The main idea is to use it to avoid 
    a move and attack before the move recovers. It is dangerous to roll through fast 
    recovery moves like standing/crouching A/B because your opponent recovers before 
    you. Learn the range of the roll and time your rolls well. Incorporate the roll 
    in your flowchart. For eg, after your jump in combo is blocked, roll through the 
    counter attack and punish. Alternatively, learn your opponent's flowchart. For 
    eg, your opponent always throws two fireballs in a row. After blocking the 
    first, roll through the second. One important advice, don't roll too much and 
    don't get predictable with rolling. Remember that you can jump as well and don't 
    stick on the ground all the time.
    Basically, there is always a pattern to your opponent's rolling. Maybe your 
    opponent always does a run-roll after blocking a fireball in anticipation of a 
    fireball. Or maybe your opponent always does two rolls in a row. Whatever it is, 
    anticipating rolls is important, unless you have lightning fast reflexes. If 
    your opponent tries to roll through you, you can always normal throw him out of 
    the roll. Most of the time, you can only punish rolling when your opponent gets 
    up from the roll. Some DMs are design for getting rollers like Billy's qcf, 
    hcb+A/C DM but most DMs should work. Doing a combo or command throw when the 
    opponent is getting up is pretty effective too. Some ppl just mash at A/B while 
    crouching. Moves tha have long hitting animations like Shingo's f+B are also 
    effective. The key is doing it at the right moment. Attacking too soon when the 
    roller is still invincible leaves you open. Do it too late and most likely 
    you'll eat a command throw. When your opponent rolls through you, ie at close 
    range, do a low chain into a special move or DM. At high levels, learning to 
    combo from a crouching A/B is a must. Here's a basic tip for fireballers with a 
    running grab. Fire a fireball and if you anticipate a roll, meet them halfway 
    with a running grab.
    A word of warning when grapplers have stock. Once, a Yamazaki rolled into my 
    Chang's spinning iron ball and did the hcbx2+A/C DM. The DM was instantaneous 
    but I'm not sure if it can cancel the period of vulnerabality. Command throws 
    can beat cA/B and throw DMs can beat a lot of moves. Unless you have a very good 
    anti-roll move, I would suggest vertical hopping when you see a grappler with 
    stock rolling towards you.
    Poking involves using a series offast, high priority, long ranged moves to 
    safely attack the opponent, usually from a character's width away. The aims or 
    poking are:
    1) pressure the opponent
    2) slow down agressive opponent
    3) keep the grappler from coming close
    Any damage resulting from poking is considered a bonus. Many characters have 
    poking moves and the ones that generally spring to mind are Terry and Kyo's 
    standing B and Vice, Ralf and Iori's standing C. There are two types of pokes, 
    light pokes and hard pokes. Ligh pokes like Terry's standing B serve to annoy 
    the hell out of the opponent and usually cannot be cancel. Damage is minimal but 
    is faster. Hard pokes do much more damage and some can be canceled into special 
    moves. Hard pokes are very useful and a few hits when POWed will lead to 
    victory. Not all normal moves can be used to poke. Poking moves have long range 
    and higher priority, meaning that most of the them, the moves beat other moves. 
    Poking can be used offensively as well, for example with Heidern. Heidern has 
    fast and long ranged normal. While poking he can also charge up for his special 
    Another poking technique is to a light attack followed by a hard attack. For 
    example, Iori's sB followed by his sD. The sB recovers very quickly and if the 
    opponent tries to attack, chances are, he will get hit by the high priority sD. 
    Poking from light to hard is also good for pushing your opponent away.
    A good way to poke is a crouching D cancelled into a special move, ie Terry's cD 
    into power wave(qcf+A/C) or Shingo's cD into Shingofist(qcf+A). Usually this 
    technique is applied as the opponent is getting up. 
    How do you counter? 
    1) Use autoguard moves like Kyo's fists or Goro's hcfx2+B/D DM.
    2) Stand out of range and when the poke comes out, poke back or do a special 
    3) Use high priority attack.
    4) Reversal.
    Rolling through a poke is very risky since pokes recover fast or can be 
    A wake up attack is an attack that can be done immediately when getting up that 
    will hit your opponent that is attacking you. Most wake up attacks are dragon 
    punches and DM. If you see your opponent jumping in or trying to hit you when 
    you're getting up, do a wake up and gain the initiative back. Don't be too 
    obsessed with wake up thoughs. A good trick is to pretend to attack a downed 
    opponent and then block the wake up. Most wake ups leave you open when blocked. 
    (A fair trade for the priority) And example would be a standing A/B before the 
    opponent wakes up and then blocking. The timing for waking up in KOF is very 
    stringent compared with Street Fighter so practice to learn to timing. It seems 
    that you have to do the wake up a bit early before your getting up animation 
    Command throws and throw DMs make excellent wake up moves. The golden rule of 
    KOF is never stand in front of a grappler when he's getting up. A good trick is 
    to hop just when the grappler is getting up and if he does a throw, you can 
    punish him. When using a grappler and if you're opponent is pretty good, chances 
    are he's going to try the trick on you. Do an anti air or wait for him to land 
    and command throw.
    In order words sitting on floor all the time aka having the stick at db 90% of 
    the time. Turtlers will more often than not use a character who has a good d+C 
    anti air and wait for you to jump. If you jump, they use d+C and throw you if 
    you roll. Sometimes it seems like there's nothing you can do against them, 
    particularly when time's running out. Here's some suggested counter techniques:
    1) Hyper jump over. The d+C attack may miss, leaving your opponent open. 
    2) Dash forward until one character apart and see what happens. If your opponent 
    justs sits there, do an overhead or a low chain.
    3) Poke.
    4) Taunt. 
    5) Mix short hopping with CD and empty short hop into low combo.
    6) Have a turtling competition and see who can hold db the longest without 
    getting bored.
    7) Tick off some damage by shooting a projectile.
    Another form of turtling is keep jumping backwards into the corner. Usually, the 
    turtler will use a character with command grab or unblockable close range move 
    like Robert's hcf+B/D. Their plan is to block your attacks and then throw you. 
    If you have a command throw, throw them when they land. If your character 
    doesn't have a command throw, you can try to make them miss the throw or just 
    poke until the turtler gets out of his shell. Alternatively, just taunt from the 
    other side while the turtler realises how boring he is just jumping back all the 
    This technique is emplowed primary by grapplers but can be used by non grapplers 
    as well. The idea is to jump early with an attack, prompting the opponent to 
    block in reaction. The attack will miss since it is executed early and the user 
    command throws or normal throws upon landing. Clark users always do this with a 
    jumping D and Shermie with a jumping CD as both attacks have high anti air 
    priorities just in case you jump. You can also jump without an attack. Best way 
    to counter empty jumps is to use an anti-air. If you're not fast enough, hop 
    when they land and the command throw will miss, giving you a free combo or do 
    your normal move anti-air. If your character has a decent normal anti air 
    (usually a d+C) use it. Its better to trade hits than get command thrown. DO NOT 
    try to hit grapplers when they land because their command throw will over 
    prioritise you attack. However, if you are using a grappler and are being empty 
    jumped on, your command throw will beat anything when the jumper lands. 
    Favourite technique for offensive Kyo and can be used by any character with a 
    good low chain. Do a short jump (tap uf) but do not attack. The opponent block 
    high expecting a high attack while you go for a low combo, in Kyo's case, 
    usually the low B, low A, df+D. What I like about this attack is that it is very 
    offensive and punishes turtling. Mix it up with multiple jump attacks, 
    especially high priority attacks like CDs or in Kyo's case d+C. This technique 
    is very useful and is a good reason to learn your characters' low chain. It can 
    be done with the normal jump but the short jump is faster and more confusing for 
    the opponent.
    How to counter? Firstly, learn your opponent's pattern, ie when does he usually 
    do a fake short jump? Maybe after two consecutive blocked jump attacks? A good 
    player will always change is pattern. Secondly, don't go into blocking mode 
    everytime your opponent does multiple short jumping attacks. Counter with your 
    anti air attack or CD counter. Don't turtle. The best defence is a good offense.
    Unlike Capcom games, vertical jumps are very important in KOF. So important that 
    my friends say I use it too much. So important that SNK gave different 
    animations for vertical/horizontal jumping attacks. So why should you vertical 
    KOF is about movement because movement causes reaction from your opponent. 
    Moving back puts you on the defensive while moving forward may put you at risk. 
    Vertical jumping lets you test out your opponent in a safer way.
    See the 'waking up' section for more discussions. Also, vertical jumping avoids 
    running grabs and air-to-ground throws like like Mary's scum spider (qcf+A). 
    Most ppl jump back and this prevents you from punishing your opponent. Do an air 
    attack into a combo when coming down.
    3)AIR BLOCK. 
    You can air block when jumping back or vertically but not forward. Jumping back 
    is lame, boring and too much is scrubby. Actually vertical jumping too much is 
    also scrubby....
    An important feature of KOF. You CD counter by pressing C and D while blocking. 
    CD counters knock the opponent away with a bit of damage and use up one stock. 
    Why use a CD counter when the stock can be better used with DMs? First, there's 
    no guarantee you can hit your opponent with that DM. Secondly, there are lots of 
    uncounterable attacks in KOF and CD counters are the only way to punish your 
    opponent for using them. Not only that, CD counters allow you to regain the 
    initiative, especially when playing aggressive. I've played with offensive Kyos 
    and Ioris who CD counter every blocked attack. Of course CD countering can work 
    the other way to stop offensive opponents. Usually it is the offensive opponent 
    who controls the tempo of the game. Also, its prevents from getting guard 
    crushed. CD counter uncounterable moves like Takuma's heinshippukyaku to 
    discourage use. 
    Its interesting to see that there are players who prefer to CD counter a multi 
    hit DM rather than blocking the whole thing and then punishing the opponent. KOF 
    is about making the most out of every opportunity and a blocked multi hit DM is 
    the opportunity to inclict maximum damage. If you only have on stock and a 
    healthy life bar, its best to block the whole thing and the combo into a DM. If 
    your life is low, guard cancel roll, don't CD counter, run to your opponent and 
    do your most damaging combo when your opponent finishes. Its pretty funny to 
    guard cancel Ryo's ryokuranbu and follow it with your own!
    Another tactic that I've not seen in the arcades is to guard cancel roll in the 
    middle of blocking a combo. I did it last week and attack my opponent's back 
    with a DM combo. This should work easily against characters such as Blue Mary. 
    More info as I try this technique out at my next KOF session.
    When jumping in on grapplers, always make sure that your attack hits low. If 
    your attack is blocked at the head area, there's enough time for the grappler to 
    throw you when you reach the ground. If you land right next to a grappler, 
    he/she can command throw you normal attack. Try vertical jumping or making your 
    attack hit low but not too deep. Remember that command throws have higher 
    priority than normal attacks so try jumping away immediately after jumping away. 
    Why taunt? Firstly, your opponent will want to taunt back. I know I do everytime 
    I'm taunted. Secondly, it irritates your opponent. I taunt with Joe all the 
    time. My friends curse his name everytime. It makes your opponent reckless and 
    they might do the same mistake twice. Thirdly, its fun to taunt. It gets rid of 
    the tension a bit. Lastly, it might persuade the turtler to let go of db. Mostly 
    I taunt after DMs. Get into the right distance and taunt. Your opponent will 
    either jump towards you or roll. Knock them back down with the appropriate 
    attack. I hardly taunt in the arcades unless I know my opponent or he's just 
    jumping backwards all the time or just sitting on db. I'm interested to hear 
    about what players think about taunting in the arcades. Do you find it rude? 
    Personally I think it adds life to the game.
    What's an uncounterable move? Basically, its a move that when blocked, does not 
    leave the opponent open for retaliation. KOF has more uncounterable moves to 
    encourage risk taking gameplay.
    Why do I sometimes get a counter message on the screen? There are two types of 
    counters: minor and major. (this are VF terminologies) Minor counter refers to 
    hitting back after blocking and major counter means hitting your opponent when 
    he is doing a move (also known as interrupting a move). An uncounterable move 
    cannot be minor countered but any move can be major countered. The counter 
    message in KOF refers to major counters. It is important to know which moves are 
    uncounterable or cannot be minor countered. Use your fighter's uncounterable 
    moves more as the risk is lower. If you expect retaliation after your opponent 
    has blocked your uncounterable move, launch a high priority move. 
    POWing (ABC) is an important element in KOF. It raises your damage by about 25% 
    and allows you to access SDMs. The counter argument to POWing is that the stock 
    will serve better as a DM. The arguments can go both ways but here's my take on 
    it: if you have more than 2 stocks, POW. Especially is you are using a high 
    damage character because the higher the damage the more that 25% is worth. You 
    also have to look at how useful having a stock ready is for you. For my Chang, I 
    am very reluctant to POW because I need to use the qcfx2+A DM as my main anti 
    air. Takuma needs his big priority qcf,hcb+A/C DM as a threat so that it easier 
    to land a shoran kyaku. Different characters have different needs and it depends 
    on how you play. I always POW with Clark because I hardly DM with him and 4 
    command throws when POWed spells victory. If its difficult to land a DM, POW. 
    Another thing to note is that when POWed, your attacks pushes your opponent back 
    more so be wary about using some long combos.
    To corner trap, you have to first get your opponent into the corner. duh... 
    Next, follow these set of rules:
    1) If they roll just throw them back in.
    2) If they jump, anti air.
    3) Poke and refer to 1 & 2.
    4) If you're feeling lucky, do a high priority but safe move when they're 
    getting up. eg King's surprise rose(dp+A/C) or Clark's sC into hcf+D.
    5) If they're still sitting on db, overhead or dash in command throw. 
    Just keep them in the corner. Nevermind if your don't land a hit. Continue 
    poking and cancelling into special moves. There are many other things you can 
    do, depending on your characters but the above rules are the basic things you 
    should be looking for. One rule which has worked for me but will not work work 
    all the time is that after getting knocked down when getting up, the opponent 
    will wise up and play defensive. Dash in and command throw. 
    This is probably one of the mysteries of KOF. Sometimes a command throw can 
    connect from half a character away and sometimes it will miss even if the 
    grappler is next to the opponent. Here are some explanations on why command 
    throws can miss:
    1)Block stun. When your opponent blocks an attack, he goes into block stun. 
    During this very short period he cannot move and neither can he be thrown. If 
    you combo a blocked normal attack into a command throw, the command throw will 
    miss because of the block stun. To tick, wait for the block normal's animation 
    to finish and then do the command throw. By this time, your opponent will be out 
    of his block stun.
    2)Character movement. I've read in various FAQs that you can't command throw 
    your opponent at maximum range when he is moving. I'm not sure if moving 
    includes attacking but I doubt it. I've had this incident where Yashiro blocks 
    Kyo's sC from Kyo's arm length away and command throws Kyo instantly. I belive 
    that the character movement mentioned refers to moving left/right/up/down. For 
    example, Goro's dp+B/D command throw will miss if the opponent crouches when one 
    character away. Any confirmation or corrections will be very much appreciated.
    3)Off the ground. Some normal attacks make the character hop a bit from the 
    ground. Some notable examples are Chris' standing CD and Kim's f+A. 
    The main thing you are looking for is the dam breaker (hcf+A/C when close) into 
    a dash, df+A (2hits) into hcf+D. However the dam breaker has low priority so 
    don't focus on it too much.Poke with his hishouken(qcb+A), zaneiken (db,f+A/C 
    qcf+A/C) or poke agressively with crouching C into qcb+A. Andy's shoryuu 
    dan(dp+A/C) despite being a dragon punch, is only good as an early anti air. It 
    has poor priority so don't use it as a wake up or late anti air. Always POW when 
    you have stock. Andy's DMs are practically useless and it allows you to use the 
    fire DM (qcb, hcf+B/D) after after a dam breaker. Catch a rolling opponent with 
    a couching A into df+A into qcb+A. U can easily combo from the 2nd hit of the 
    df+A, making it the easiest low combo starter. Jump qcf+B/D, P/K is a good move 
    to do from long range. It has a deceptive descent speed to throw your opponent 
    off guard but use it sparingly because it leaves you open when blocked. Try 
    jumping back and surprise your opponent with the move. Andy is really bad in 
    air-to-air combat so stick to the ground most of the time.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC(1hit),hcf+C, f, F, df+A(2hits), hcf+D
    sC(1hit), df+A(2hits), db, f+A, qcf+A
    cA, df+A, qcb+A (anti roll)
    For some stupid reason, SNK decided to weaken Athena. She's not as powerful as 
    she was in 97, unless you use her bug. Anyway, the core of her strategy is her 
    command throw(hcf+A/C) which tosses her opponent into the air. It has a short 
    but invincible startup. Unfortunately, it can only be comboed from standing/low 
    A/B. Standing B is prefered since it has more range. If you intend to psycho 
    ball or dp after the throw, don't. The damage from falling down is higher than 
    getting hit by a psycho ball or dp. If you have stock, jump or run forward and 
    do her hcbx2+A/C (s)dm. Alternatively, jump with a C to set up a guessing game. 
    Athena will land a bit earlier allowing you the first action. If you feel your 
    opponent is going to attack, interrupt it with a standing B into her command 
    throw or hcbx2+A/C DM. If your opponent just blocks, dash and command throw. 
    Athena's shining crystal bit(hcbx2+A/C) is her most useful move. It has quick 
    startup, invincibility and does good damage. Use it to counter most of your 
    opponent's attacks, especially jump ins. Also, its great when time's running out 
    since it lasts pretty long and is pretty much invincible.  
    Fighting Athena
    If your Athena sets you up with the hcf+A/C, jC guessing game, just jump back. 
    If Athena does the hcbx2+A/C dm at close range, just wait for her to stop or 
    shoot the fireball. If she raises her hand for the fireball, run and roll 
    behind. There's a bit of lag before the fireball can come our. If she ticks you 
    in the corner with the DM, a rushing DM can get through.
    Benimaru, no more the cheap character he was in 97 is more of a skill character. 
    Use his raijinken(qcf+A/C) with care. It has slow start up and recovery. Use it 
    more with anticipation than mindless poking, especially when your opponent has 
    stock. The shinkuu katategoma is no more the ticking nightmare it was in 97. 
    Benimaru is left open to counters if blocked so use it in anticipation of rolls. 
    However, if your opponent rolls behind, he will not be knocked down and Benimaru 
    is left open. The dp+B/D is a good anti air and all around safe poke as well as 
    wake up. The Benimaru coreda is your typical command grab with less range. The 
    raikoken(qcfx2+A/C) is slow to come out and should be done in anticipation. 
    Benimaru's electrigger(hcbx2+A/C) is his best DM. It goes great damage you have 
    to land it at least once in order to win. It has a small period of 
    invulnerability in the beginning though he can be thrown out of it, which is 
    very rare. Here are some suggestions on how to connect electrigger:
    1)Use it as a very late anti air and the opponent's attack will miss while 
    he/she lands in Benimaru's grab. 
    2)The electrigger is also useful as anti roll or wake up. The lag before the 
    move allows Benimaru to track the roll.
    3)After a having your Handou Sandan Geri(hcb+B/D) blocked. The Electrigger will 
    make Benimaru immune to the sweep or counter attack.
    4)After knocking your opponent down, roll behind and electrigger. 
    5)Corner trap after knocking opponent down. Do the electrigger as your 
    opponent's geting up. The electrigger will catch rolls and be immune to some 
    attacks in its initial frames. 
    6)Empty jump/hop.
    Playing Benimaru in 98 is very different from 97 because you have to rely more 
    on anticipation and his normal moves than just mindless poking. 
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, hcb+B
    cB, cB, cB, qcf+B (anti roll and all round safe poke)
    Billy is a long range character and the whole idea is to poke your opponent 
    until he loses. Billy has a poor close range game so always keep your distance. 
    Billy's most important move is his wheel flame DM(qcf,hcb+A/C). Use it against 
    rollers or after blocking a sure-couter move. Using it as an anti-air is a waste 
    of potential. Billy's other moves do poor damage so the wheel flame is his best 
    comeback move. At ground level, poke with cA and his Cane Strike(hcf+A/C, 
    qcf+A/C). His cane strike can be easily rolled through so use it sparingly. 
    Also, the cane strike can be used to lure your opponent into the wheel flame DM. 
    After your opponent rolls through a cane strike from far range, fake another 
    cane strike and do the wheel flame if your opponent rolls forward again. If you 
    don't have stock, use the Whirlwind Cane(tapA/C rapidly). In KOF and 3D fighting 
    games there is a 'you move-I move-you move-etc' rythm. To play Billy well, you 
    have to break the rythm as his moves leave him very open. Use Billy's 
    uppercut(dp+A/C) as your typical dragon punch and wake up but be aware of its 
    limited priority, especially as a wake up. Billy's reversals are very important 
    to his gameplay. If you've played a tough CPU Billy, you'll get the idea of how 
    to play him: poke and knockdown, poke and knockdown. Use Billy's reversals or 
    uppercut to knockdown. Mix in a bit of offence with jC, f+A or f+B. Use the jC 
    as a weaker version of Chang's jC. If your opponent gets close, your best bet is 
    his cB and his uppercut. Billy has a crap d+D sweep. It was good range but is 
    very slow to recover. Use only if sure it will hit. 
    Fighting Billy
    Block his extended pole(hcf+A/C) and then AB counter. You have enough time to 
    punish him before he recovers. Anticipate his attacks, roll/jump and punish. Be 
    extremely careful about rolling in when he has stock.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, hcf+A, qcf+A
    jC/D, sC, f+A
    jC/D, sC/D, dp+D, qcf,hcb+A/C (corner)
    Blue Mary is a jack of all trades fighter: she has a command throw, great anti 
    air and good combos. The basis of your gameplay should center around landing 
    that close standing C into a DM combo. This is her most important tactic and 
    what opponents fear about her. The bad news is that far C will leave you wide 
    open for punishment though I've never been punished before. Another question is 
    whether to do one or two hits with the standing C? Sometimes, 2hits with the sC 
    will leave you too far for the DM to connect, especially if the jump in is very 
    shallow. It rarely happens though. I'm not sure about the hcbx2DM since I rarely 
    use it in combos. I'm too used to the qcf,hcb+A/C from 97 that I never bothered 
    to change. Always use qcf,hcb+A instead of C cause its faster. The best DM to 
    combo is of course hcbx2+B/D. qcf+A/C is a good move to use against scrubs but 
    never against good players. If you see the Spider(qcf+A/C), jump up and do a 
    combo. Against experienced players, use the spider in the unlikeliest of places 
    like when they're getting up. Poke rapidly with B while getting reading ready 
    for the dp+B/D in case the opponent jumps. Use the straight slicer(hold b,f+B/D, 
    qcf+B/D) as a hit and run, ie attack, dash/roll back and straight slicer. Use 
    the straight slicer to go under high fireballs. The vertical arrow(dp+B/D) is 
    much weaker this year because it has to connect in order for the M.Snatcher to 
    come out. The vertical arrow will lose to high priority jump ins like Chris' CD 
    if done late. Mary's M. Reverse Facelock(qcb+B) is great way to stop high 
    priority air attacks like Kyo's R.E.D kick(rpd+B/D) or the Shingo Kick(hcf+B/D).
    The whole idea of playing Mary is using her sC combo and employing her command 
    throws when her opponent gets too defensive. Mary is a very flexible character. 
    You can play offensively with her jump ins and command throws or play 
    defensively with her vertical arrow and counters. Occasionally, if her jump in 
    is blocked, do her overhead(f+A). 
    Main combos
    jD, sC(2hits) f+A, dp+B/D, dp+B/D
    jD, sC(2hits) f+A, hcb,f+A/C /qcf,hcb+A /hcbx2+B/D
    Brian is sorely in need of a command throw. How could SNK not have given him 
    such an important move? Anyway, I digress. Brain's main attributes are his high 
    damage and higher resistence to damage. At close range, do his sC, qcb+C, hcf+C, 
    ddd+D, d, u+C combo. If the sC is blocked, don't proceed with the rest of the 
    combo as it will leave Brian open for attack. The combo can only be done from 
    cross over so if you managed a normal jump in, do a sC into qcb+A/C x3. Brian's 
    rocket tackle(dp+B/D) is a decent enough uppercut with moderate priority and 
    good damage. Brian's screw body press(j, qcf+A/C) is an important move. It 
    allows him to move a good distance, tick of damage and is safe. If your opponent 
    turtles, this is the only safe move you can do. Brian's hyper tackle(hcf+B/D) 
    can absorb one hit but leaves you open when blocked. The American Supernove 
    DM(qcfx2+A/C) is a good early anti air. The Big Bang tackle DM(qcfx2+B/D) is a 
    risky move. The two other charges will only connect if the opponent is at the 
    middle of the screen. An interesting note, the Big Bang SDM will absorb any 
    move, including Kyo's qcfx2+A/C DM! Playing Brain requires very basic strategies 
    such as the old school jump kick-> down kick.  
    Main combos
    cxC, sC(1hit), qcb+C, hcf+C, ddd+B/D, d, u+A/C
    jC, sC(2hits), qcb+A/C x3
    Probably one of my favourite characters. He's big, slow but does great damage. 
    Use his hold b, f+A/C moves at long range to poke, preferably with A since it 
    recovers faster. Use his jumping C to poke from the air and jump D to attack. 
    Use the standing CD to poke and always cancel it into a spinning ball thing. 
    (Tap A/C rapidly) Chang's command throw (hcb, f+A/C) is his best move and should 
    be used all the time. It has high priority and better range than it seems. Tick 
    with standing B or crouching A. The qcfx2+A is Chang's best DM as an anti air. 
    If done deep, it will score two hits and a butt-load of damage. In fact, its 
    always best to have a stock ready. The DM does decent damage (around 30%) and 
    has huge priority. Avoide using it when the opponent is on the ground as it 
    leaves Chang open, even if it hits. Use the other DM, qcf, hcb+A/C as an early 
    anti air, wake up or to counter combos as it has invincibility in the beginning. 
    Chang's staple combo is jump D, standing B/crouching A, HCB, f+A/C. The combo 
    does about 40% damage. When your opponent rolls towards you, command throw or do 
    a crouching A into the spinning ball when they roll through. Having at least one 
    stock is very important for Chang especially for his qcfx2+A DM as an anti air 
    so its best not to put him as the first member of the team. Use the charge b,f+A 
    as a far away poke but make sure your opponent is in a defensive mood. If 
    Yamazaki charges for a snake arm, charge b,f+A/C will knock him out with big 
    Fighting Chang
    When jumping and Chang does the qcf,hcb+A/C DM, throw him/block before the 
    attacking animation comes out. If Chang does the qcfx2+A/C SDM, block the drop 
    high and the crouch for the earthquake. When Chang does the charge b,f+A/C move, 
    run and roll under the ball and combo. To differentiate between both, the C 
    version has Chang spinning the ball first. Most importantly, never jump in on 
    Chang when he is getting up and has stock.
    Main combos
    jD, sB/cA, hcb, f+A/C
    jD, cA/B, u+D
    cA, rapid A (anti roll)
    Please mail me your strategies if you are a Chin user.
    I just wish someone would write a good FAQ for her. So far I've only seen one 
    good Chizuru player but he was very good. The guy used Chizuru's slide (df+B) a 
    lot as well as the d+C, f+A, hcb+A/B combo. The slide has very fast recovery and 
    the d+C would often interrupt any attack. Even if blocked the combo leaves 
    Chizuru very safe. Furthermore, the combo uses Chizuru's shadow to attack, thus 
    making it harder as to guess her next action, ie hard to tell whether she's 
    standing or crouching.  For the hcb+ABCD move, press the same button again 
    immediately to make the attack come out. Otherwise the attack will not combo. 
    The funny thing is (correct me if I'm wrong), non of the 98 stuff on the net 
    says anything about it. It caused me great concern because I couldn't combo with 
    the hcb+ABCD moves and only found out while reading through Moonrun and Matt 
    Hall's 97 combo FAQ. 
    Here's some Chizuru strategies from  WarlockOfWater@aol.com :
    Chizuru's move are a good mix of both offense and defense.  However, to a
    novice player Chizuru is as confusing to the player as it is to the opponent.
     But as soon as you know when you're sending out an illusion or the real
    thing, Chizuru is pretty neat and fun character to use, and you'd get the fun
    of watching your opponent dazzle-minded.  Her fwd + A and her fwd + B have a
    end and beginning lag, respectively, and should be used only for retreating
    opponents.  Her Standing CD has a short beginning lag (but it doesn't look
    anything like a CD setup so it could look confusing to opponent), but her
    jumping CD comes out quickly and has great range.
    One serious mistake many FAQs make is that after her HCB+any button move, one
    have to follow up with QCB+ (same button you used before).  If her move was a
    rushing standing slap (HCB + A or C), it could followed up with a jump slap
    (QCB + A or B), if her move was a rushing crouching slap (HCB + B or D), it
    could be followed up with with a ground slap (QCB + C or D).  Chizuru's
    Oracle Decree (DP + punch), especially the A version, is hard to roll or jump
    over.  However, her projectile reflector shouldn't be used unless reflecting
    really slow projectiles (mature's ebony tears or heidern's x-caliber),
    because it has a relatively long lag after it.  Also take note not to send
    your illusions out into projectiles or attacks in progress (e.g. Vice's
    Outrage), as the real Chizuru takes the blow and possibly the fall (e.g. if
    the illusion ran into a CD attack) if her illusion gets hit.  And it is often
    much more recommended that you send out the illusions rather than the real
    thing (less lag and leaves Chizuru less vulnerable), unless the purpose of
    your special is to get from one place to another.
    One really could abuse Chizuru's illusion-dance super.  If the opponent
    blocks the dance standing, one could use a crouching kick, if the opponent is
    crouch-blocking, jump kick!  Very rarely does the opponent knows enough (or
    perhaps calm enough) to block both the jump kicks and crouch kicks, and even
    though the super isn't that damaging, it is guaranteed to hit 90% of the
    time.  Her other super though, even though it does deal damage, has a long
    beginning and end lag (bad if missed, worse if blocked), its damage is half
    that of most supers and opponent could usually make do without special moves
    by retreating and blocking for the few seconds the the opponent is
    Oh yea, keep a lookout for her mirror-opening when facing Kyo or Iori.  It
    looks really cool! ^_^
    And from Sum Yin Ngai :
    First of all,I think Chizuru Kagura should be used as a defensive character when 
    opponent is up close and offensive when opponent is far away. 
    It's best to try to keep the opponent away once they're close because besides 
    her DP + A/C move,Kagura doesn't have any moves to play offensive.Always DP + A 
    them once they are beside her.Once they are at least 1/2 a screen away,use the 
    HCB ABCD move,and mix them up at random,using the shadows to hit sometimes,using 
    Kagura to hit sometimes,to confuse the opponent. 
    Use the QCF 2 times super to do ticking damage.That's what is good for.The QCB 
    HCF super shouldn't be used often I think,though damage is quite good but a bit 
    I'm crap at him. Please mail me your strategies if you are a Choi user.
    Chris is definitely a top-tier fighter. First on his list of arsenals is the 
    high priority jumping CD. His jumping CD will beat most air attacks unless its 
    another high priority jump that's higher than his. Abuse for all its worth. 
    Chris main attack is his jD, sC, f+A chain. If blocked, follow up with the 
    Direction Change(dp+A/C) or hcb+A. Chris' hcb+A has very fast recovery so if you 
    think your opponent will attack, quickly do a Twister Drive(qcbx2+B/D). Chris' 
    slide(df+B) is a great poking move. Its fast, safe and frustrating for the 
    opponent. Chris' other main move is the Direction Change(dp+A/C), Chris will 
    flip on the opponent's head and land on the other side, leaving the opponent 
    wide open. Combo into a sC,f+A,hcb+A/C or if you have stock, replace hcb+A/C 
    with a Twister Drive(qcbx2+B/D). The Direction Change is very fast but must be 
    used sparingly. Mix it with a slide, after a combo, in the middle of a combo or 
    just use it anytime. Do not use his CD counter on low chains because it will 
    Fighting Chris
    If you block Chris' hcb+A deep enough, you can command throw him. Don't attack 
    straight away after blocking his slide because of his instant recovery. Stay 
    grounded because Chris' jumping CD rules the air. Always be on the look out for 
    his Direction Change(dp+A/C). The problem with Chris' Direction Change is that 
    it is a low risk-high return move. Most of the time, the only way to punish the 
    Direction jump is either an anti air or jump attack. To get better returns for 
    avoiding the Direction Change, use characters with air DMs like 
    Leona(qcf,hcb+A/C) and Kim(qcf,hcb+B/D). Jump the Direction Change and DM!
    Main combos
    jD, sC, f+A, hcb+A/C 
    cB, cA, f+A, hcb+A/C
    CHRIS (Orochi)
    Orochi Chris has been weakened from 97 and in a reversal of roles, normal Chris 
    has become the powerful one. One obvious weakening is that his Limb Biting 
    Blaze(hcf+B/D) can only be followed by a A version uppercut(dp+A) or a standing 
    D in the corner. To connect the Limb Biting Blaze into the uppercut, do the 
    uppercut just before the move finishes. 
    Main combos
    jD, sC, f+A, hcf+B/D, dp+A
    Clark is one of the best characters of the game and is fun to use. Command 
    throws have high priority in the game so use it to your advantage. Firstly, uf+D 
    is your best anti air. Use like an early dragon punch. It'll beat anything in 
    the air. Jumping CD is a good air attack. Use short hop with CD to pressure your 
    opponent. The running grab(hcf+A/C) is a very good move. Use it when your 
    opponent is turtling or poke with it. The backbreaker(hcf+B/D) is his best 
    throw. Its easy to use, fast and can be comboed with a sC. To follow up, do 
    qcf+A/C the same instant Clark dumps the opponent down. For hcf+C, do it the 
    same time as the last roll.
    Clark has the best okizeme in the entire game and if you guess right, you'll 
    just knock him down again and again. Okizeme just means attacking your opponent 
    when their getting up. Your first option is to do a crouching D. If your 
    opponent gets up blocking, hcf+A/C or dp+B/D. Your third option is to trick 
    grapplers by vertical jumping at the last moment. Your final option is a close 
    standing C into hcf+B/D. The key is to mix your options up well and know which 
    to use. A good way to start would be crouching D. Scrubs fall for this and when 
    you've conditioned your opponent to block everything you crouch low, use hcf+A/C 
    or dp+B/D. If your opponent pulls an empty vertical jump, do Clark's dp+A/C.
    Fighting Clark
    The man of steel is a strong opponent. First rule to keep in mind always be 
    prepared for an anti air. The whole idea is to prevent him from throwing you. 
    Vertical jump into a combo everytime you see a running grab. When you empty hop, 
    don't land too close to Clark. As for Clark's okizeme, block low and if nothing 
    happens in half a second, jump. 
    Main combos
    jD, sC(1hit), hcf+D, qcf+C
    jD, hcb+C, hcb+C
    Goro has two of the best normal moves in the game, standing B and D. The standin 
    D is an all purpose poke and anti-air move with high priority. Its only weakness 
    is that your opponent can easily roll through and punish. Abuse the standing D 
    for all its worth. Standing B is a good poke at close range. When your opponent 
    is crouching close, the kick will miss. Buffer into a throw. Goro's D is his 
    best jump in. The dp+B/D is an important move. It has a small lag where it has 
    limited invincibility and does great damage. Use it against opponents when 
    they're getting up or rolling. The lag allows Goro to track the roll, even if 
    they roll through to the other side! Most opponents won't think about jumping to 
    escape this move. Next is the hcb,f+A/C throw. Its your all purpose throw. Use 
    it after the tumble(qcb+B/D) at close range. The hcf+C has the longest reach and 
    a bit of invincibility. Do it after a blocked jumping D to eat most counter 
    attacks. hcf+A is an early anti air but you need to anticipate the jump. When 
    you're opponent does a fireball from full screen, dp+A unless you're low on 
    life. You'll trade hits but guess who get hurts more. Use dp+C to fake. The 
    computer falls for it all the time. Goro's ukemi roll(qcb+B/D) is a great 
    offensive weapon. Poke with sB, qcb+B into hcb,f+A/C or his hcbx2+A/C DM. The 
    ukemi is great for getting pass opponent's rapid A/B.
    Use the hcbx2+A/C DM to instantaneously grab your opponent after rolling, empty 
    jump etc. The hcfx2+B/D DM has been given some lag but now has autoguard. Goro 
    will raise his arms and during this time, he will take damage but will not 
    flinch, only to grab the opponent 1/2 a second later. The autoguard will stop 
    moves moves but not multi hitting ones like Kyo's qcfx2+A/C DM. The DM can be 
    used as an anti air. Do it late when your opponents jump in is about to hit you. 
    Goro will absorb the hit and then throw them when they land. The DM is also 
    effective against poking opponents.
    Goro also has a good okizeme game like Clark but as effective because he lacks a 
    good running grab. Use his cD and dp+D to play a two way guessing game. If your 
    opponent blocks the cD, cancel into qcb+B/D and command throw. 
    Fighting Goro
    If Goro is abusing the sD, just roll through and combo. Goro has incredible 
    defence so its best to make him come to you. When you see the hcfx2+B/D DM, jump 
    up or just normal throw him before his throw comes out. 
    Main combos
    jD, sC, hcf+C/hcb
    cD, hcf+C (escapable by rolling)
    jCD, hcf+C (escapable by rolling)
    HEAVY D!
    Go read the Heavy D! faq by EX Andy. Nuff' said.
    Main combos
    jC(2hits), sD(2hits), f+A, qcb,hcf+A/C
    cB, cA, f+A, qcf+A/C (anti roll)
    Heidern luckily is not the overpowered character he was in 95. His leaping moves 
    now leave him open when blocked. One if Heidern's main attributes is his ability 
    to suck the opponent's life and add it to his own with the storm 
    bringer(hcb+A/C), killer bringer(qcfx2+A/C) and his counter(hcb+B/D). The storm 
    bringer has poor range so its best to use it as an anti-roll. Blocking a sure 
    counter move will not guarantee a storm bringer because Heidern needs to be 
    right next to the opponent. The same applies to using it offensive: hold the 
    dash a tad longer than with other characters. Tap your buttons rapidly to 
    encrease the damage. The killer bringer is ideal as an early anti-air and anti-
    roll. As for the counter, don't bother with it: the countering window is too 
    Main combos
    jC, sC(2hits), f+B(1hit), qcb,hcf+B/D
    jC, cB, cA, u+A/C
    I'm not going to write about using Iori. Walk into any arcade and you'll see 
    more Iori strategies than you care to. 
    10 commandments on fighting Iori.
    1) Never roll a Iori fireball from full screen. This depends on your opponent 
    but if he's good, he'll punish you. The fireball recovers fast enough that he 
    can DM you when you roll. The same if you run and roll. Iori can do the standing 
    C into you know what. Approach him carefully.
    2) Never try to punish Iori when you've blocked on or two of the qcb+A/C moves. 
    Its better to take the block damage than to eat the third qcb+A/C or a DM. If 
    your instincts tell you otherwise go ahead.
    3) Never stand in front of Iori when he's getting up. That's the perfect 
    invitation to scum gale. Of course, you can jump at the last minute and combo 
    the missed scum gale.
    4) Never jump at Iori when he has stock. Sometimes Iori will waste one stock 
    when you hyper jump over him.
    5) Always block his cross over. Watch out if he fakes and does a scum gale 
    6) Thou shalt not fire a high fireball at Iori when he has stock. eg: Athena, 
    Aku.. I mean 95 Ryo.
    7) Roll through the fireball DM, don't jump. If you're close, roll and 
    immediately attack. If not wait for the fireball to get close before rolling, if 
    not you will roll into the fireball. When at full screen, run and roll when you 
    reach the middle. Usually the DM is done unintentionally when doing the scum 
    8) Punish Iori with your most damaging combo when you block his rushing DM. If 
    you block his crouching D, punish with a DM. Iori has too many safe moves so 
    make the most of it.
    9) Do not stand next to Iori or attack him when he is waking up. Always be 
    patient and tempt him to do the rushing DM in hopes of catching you. 
    10)When Iori does an empty jump or early jump air attack, use your anti air. If 
    not vertical hop to avoid the scum gale and combo away. 
    A defensive Iori is a pain in the @$$ and I always have problems fighting him. 
    Defensive Iori's always poke with a standing D or a standing C into qcb+C. Best 
    place to fight Iori is to stand outside his poking range. If he does the 
    fireball, you can roll through and punish before he has time to recover. 
    Anticipate a poke and counter with a high priority move. Iori has a high 
    priority jumping D so stick to the ground unless you have a high priority 
    jumping attack as well. It seems that Iori's sB cannot or is extremely difficult 
    to wake up on, similar to Clark/Ralf's cD. 
    Another of my favourite characters. Joe is mostly a zoning/pressure type 
    character. Most importantly, learn the cC/sC, f+B chain. Combo into B Tiger 
    Kick(hcf+B) or the rushing punch DM (qcf, hcb+A/C) if it connects. Cancel the 
    chain into A hurricane upper or B Tiger Heel (qcb+B) if blocked. Be aware that 
    your opponent can roll through the hurricane upper. Try to throw them as soon as 
    Joe recovers. Alternatively, don't do anything and wait. If the opponent rolls, 
    throw him back or just hold d and mash and A. Joe will combo into the multi 
    punch move. Finish with qcf+A into an overhead of qcf+C to knocdown. Try to get 
    the qcf+A/C finisher out as fast as possible. If you are too slow, ie it takes 
    two or more low As before the multi punch comes out, your opponent can block the 
    remaining hits and punish you. If he waits, jump with a C/D into the C, f+B 
    chain. Poke with standing C, f+B, df+B and B slash kick. If you feel your 
    opponent is going to attack after a blocked slash kick, do the tiger kick or 
    qcf, hcb+A/C DM. Use the B flash kick at about half screen away. The golden 
    heel(qcb+B/D) is a good anti air and poking move. If the B version hits your 
    opponent in the air, cancel into a B slash kick. After a golden heel, poke with 
    B/C into another golden heel. The tiger kick (dp+B/D) is a very important move. 
    It was good priority and is useful as an anti air or wake up move.  Use Joe's 
    rushing DM (qcf, hcb+A/C) as a wake up or to interrupt ground attack. It has 
    good priority and will eat most attacks. As for the other DM, avoid using it 
    unless you are POWed. A good technique is POW, attack a blocking opponent with 
    jump D, C, f+B, hcf+A, qcb+B, etc and then do the hurricane SDM(qcfx2+A/C). 
    After about 9 consecutive blocked hits, the multi his SDM will cause a guard 
    crush. The hurricane DM(qcfx2+A/C) is good for an anticipated jump in but other 
    than that, it is crap because it can be so easily rolled through. Joe is ideal 
    as the first fighter of your team as he doesn't need stocks that much and he can 
    easily build up real fast because of his gameplay.
    Fighting Joe
    Use a high priority rush move like Kyo's qcfx2+A/C DM /Iori's qcf,hcb+A/C DM 
    when Joe does his hurricane upper.
    Main combos
    jD, sC, fB, hcf+B/qcf,hcb+A/C
    cA, rapid A, qcf+A/C (anti roll)
    cC, hcf+A (poke)
    Her illusion dance DM(qcf,hcb+B/D) is slow to come out but moves her back and 
    then forward. Use it in anticipation of a early jump in, roll or any attack. Use 
    the B version as the D version is too slow. Avoid using the illusion dance too 
    much as you can never be sure whether it will connect. King's silent flash DM 
    (qcbx2+B/D) is an ok wake up move but I've been hit out of it before. Best to 
    use it in combos or as very late anti air. Finish of combos with a tornado 
    kick(hcb+B/D). The tornado kick is great for anti, similar to Kensou's hcf+C 
    move. The mirage kick(hcb+A/C) sets the opponent up for a guessing game which 
    isn't so favourable for King. Avoid using the venom strike/double strike within 
    half screen range, unless it for poking a downed opponent. Tick of damage with a 
    surprise rose(dp+A/C). Use it when the opponent's getting up, especially in the 
    corner. Cancel the surprise rose from any normal attack after a blocked jump in. 
    The surprise rose will pass over your opponents attack and hit on the way down. 
    Use King's slide(df+B) to poke and cC as early anti-air.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sD(2hits), hcbA/B/C/D
    jC/D, sD(1hit), qcbx2+B/D
    jC/D, sD(1hit), dp+A, hcb+D (corner only)
    The hero of the game is luckily not a ryu clone. Kyo is a versatile character 
    that is hard to use. Basically, Kyo is a poke type character and is best played 
    offensively. His main poking weapons are his A fire fists, standing B, rdp+B/D 
    and the all important low B, low A, df+D chain. Most of the time poke with qcf+A 
    firefist. If your opponent crouch blocks, follow up with hcb+A, A. The low B, 
    low A, df+D chain is a very interesting weapon. Even if blocked, it pushes the 
    opponent back to poking range, setting up for a guessing game. If the opponent 
    turtles, rpd+B, firefist or hop attack into the chain again. If the opponent 
    rolls, do the chain when they come up. When doing the chain, do not complete it 
    if the df+D misses as your opponent will have time to roll through and punish. 
    The firefists' autoguard should beat any move with one notable exception, 
    Shingo's qcf+A/B. Anticipate Shingo's fists and do qcf+C early to beat it. Kyo's 
    R.E.D. kick (rpd+B/D) is a very useful poking move. Its safe, fast, has high 
    priority and knocks down. Avoid landing on top of fighters with command throws. 
    Kyo's qcf+B/Dx2 is quite safe when blocked and is best used after a sC. Use the 
    oniyaki(dp+A/C) or cC as his anti air. Always use the A version of the oniyaki.
    Kyo's qcfx2+A/C DM has great priority and can easily stop many attacks. The DM 
    is great for stopping projectiles. If your opponent moves after a low chain, 
    blast him away with the DM. The DM has limited invulnerability versus jump ins. 
    No point using it as an early anti air as it will only do limited damage. If 
    done late and timed will, the jump in will miss and Kyo will get all the hits 
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, qcf+C, hcb+C, C
    jC/D, sC, qcf+D, D, qcb, hcf+C
    sC, f+B(2hits), qcb, hcf+C
                    qcf+C, hcb+C, C
    cB, cA, df+D
    cB, cA, qcfx2+A
    Use the A Baltic Launcher(holdb,f+A) continuous when on the defensive. Watch out 
    for characters who can go under the Baltice Launcher (eg Iori's Maiden masher 
    DM). Use the C version on anticipation of a jump/roll and then jump into the V 
    slasher(qcf,hcb+A/C) to combo. Leona should most of the time be charging at db, 
    poking with cB/cA or A Baltic Launcher. Use jC or B ground saber(hold b,f+B) to 
    move forward and continue poking, alternatively using her overhead(f+B). The 
    ground saber will run under high fireballs. Use the x-caliber as an early anti 
    air or anti-poke move. 
    Main combos
    jC/D, sD(2hits), qcb,hcf+B/D
                     f+A, qcf,hcb+C
    jC, cB, cA, u+A/C
    cA, cA, u+A/C (anti roll)
    Please send your strategies if you are a lucky user.
    Main combos
    sC, f+B, qcfx2+A/C
    Mature is an offensive fighter. Jump in with B, into sB cancelled into Death 
    Row(qcb+A/Cx3). Death Row is a great way to tick of damage and gain stock. At 
    full screen, do her Ebony Tears(qcf,hcb+A/C) followed up by a run/jump in into a 
    combo for pressure. Her sB(2hits) can be followed by the Nocturnal Lights 
    DM(qcfx2+A/C) but not her Heaven's Gate(qcb,hcf+B/D) which can only be comboed 
    from a sD.
    Main combos
    jB(2hits), sB(2hits), qcb+A/Cx3
    cA, cA, qcb+A/Cx3
    The downgrade for Mai is that her Hakuro no Mai is no longer safe when blocked. 
    Use the cC into Ryuu Enbu(qcb+A/C) to poke safely or stop rolls. If your 
    opponent jumps, use Hishou Ryuu Enjin(dp+B/D). 
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, qcb+A/C
    Your main weapon is the C button. Standing C/ low C liberally while charging the 
    Ralf kick or the Diving Bomb Punch(hold d,u+A/C). The ralf kick (hold b,f+B/D) 
    is useful as a poke and setting up a guessing game. If the Ralf Kick connects as 
    a counter ie hits the opponent in the middle of a roll, follow up with a Gatling 
    Attack(hold b, f+A/C) Mostly use the B version unless full screen away. After a 
    block Ralf kick a standing/low C will interrupt any attack. Alternatively dash 
    forward and command throw. Use qcb,hcf+B/D as an early anti air. When the 
    opponent's getting up, poke with a cC into Ralf's baackbreaker(hcf+B/D) or dash 
    in and throw.
    Fighting Ralf
    Its difficult to get close to Ralf when he goes crazy on the C button. Stand 
    outside the range, wait for the C to whiff and attack as he recovers.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC/dC, hcf+B/D 
    hold b,f+B, qcb,qcf+B/D (corner)
    Robert always has that annoying Hein Ryuujin Kyaku(in air, qcb+B/D) to poke 
    rather safely with. However, if it connects the opponent will not be knocked 
    down and both fighters will be standing next to each other. To be safe sC,f+B 
    into hcb+B. Finish every blocked combo with a B hien shippu kyaku(hcb+B) to tick 
    damage. The D hien shippu kyaku hops in the air a bit Use the fireball(qcf+A/C) 
    as a defensive wall against jump ins, projectiles and rolling. If you don't have 
    stock, combo his sC into hcf+B/D, f+B, dp+C. The combo does great damage. Do f+B 
    half a second after hcf+B/D finishes. At ground level play a high-low game with 
    his cD and f+A. Always combo with the A version of the Ryuku Ranbu(qcf,hcb+A/C) 
    as it is faster.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, f+B, qcf,hcb+A/C
    jC/D, sC, hcf+B/D, f+B, dp+C
    cB, cB, sB, hcb+B (anti roll)
    Second,Rugal can be used like Saisyu Kusanagi's fireball/DP style.The Kaiser 
    Wave(F,HCF + A/C) move should only be used if the opponent is right at the other 
    end of the screen.The HCB + A/C move should only be used as a counter because of 
    its poor recovery time.Similar to the super version of it.Don't try to land the 
    QCF 2 times super because it can be seen coming from a mile away and easily 
    escaped and countered.Force the opponent to come close by using the Kaiser wave 
    and start poking when he's nearby. 
    Coming soon.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, hcb+B/D
    cB, cB, hcb+B (anti roll)
    Saisyu can be played in two ways: the fireball/dragon punch type or the 
    offensive type. The fireball/dp strategy is pretty self explanatory. Throw 
    fireballs and stop jump ins as well as rolls with an uppercut. The offensive 
    Saisyu is more interesting. Pressure with a jC/D, sC(1hit), f+A, qcb+Ax2. Mix in 
    a blocked jump in with an overhead or his hcb+B/D. If the opponent moves, 
    onyaki(dp+A) him to the ground and start applying pressure again. His qcb+A/C is 
    a good move to poke with, similar to Iori's. Try to refrain from using his 
    fireball. Always combo into his orochi nagi(qcb,hcf+A/C) if you have stock. If 
    you don't have stock or your opponent blocks your jump in, cancel the first hit 
    of sC into f+A so that qcb+A/Cx2 will not miss.
    jC/D, sC(2hits), f+A, qcb,hcf+A/C
    jC/D, sC(1hit), f+A, qcb+Cx2, dp+A (corner) 
    Kensou is more of a defensive type character with close range moves. Basic 
    strategy is the fireball-uppercut game. Instead of rdp+B/D, use the C Ryuu 
    Renga(hcf+C) as anti air instead. A useful technique is to cancel a CD into the 
    Choukyuu Dan(qcb+A/C). Why is it so useful? Well, firstly, it changes the timing 
    of the fireball. With the A and C versions, Kensou has two different speeds. 
    With two more a preceeding CD, Kensou has four different speeds of Choukyuudans. 
    Furthermore, the CD can provide safety by serving as a limited anti air and anti 
    roll. To add to its usefulness, its great for poking, particularly for corner 
    trapping. Mix it up with Kensou's cD. Kensou can break his opponents' guard with 
    the Ryuu Renda (dp+A/C) and Senki Hakkei DM(qcfx2+A/C). Be very careful when 
    doing the Senki Hakkei when coming out of the roll. If you do it the wrong way, 
    the useless Niku Man o Kuu will come out.
    Coming soon.
    jC, sC, hcf+A/C, qcf+B/D
    cxC, sC, f+B
    SHERMIE (Orochi)
    Coming soon.
    Main combos
    cxC, sC, f+B, hcb+A/C /qcfx2+A/C
    Shingo is a stronger version of Kyo with a useful command throw. Shingo is best 
    played as a zoning/pressure character. His qcf+A is his most important move. It 
    is fast, allows him to poke safely and moves him back. Cancel every blocked 
    normal move into the qcf+A for tick damage. If the qcf+A hits your opponent, do 
    another one. Its speed makes the move seem like a multi hit attack and leaves 
    Shingo enough time if the opponent rolls. In fact, use qcf+A all the time. qcf+C 
    is strictly for combos as it leaves you open when blocked. Use the Shingo kick 
    as a long range poke. Be careful that your opponent doesn't block it too deep, 
    especially for grapplers and you'll be safe from retaliation.  Shingo's command 
    throw dp+B/D is a great move because it allows him to switch from zoning to 
    offensive. Use grappler techniques such as empty hopping. Be careful using it on 
    grapplers because it has less priority than the usual command throws. Follow up 
    his command throw with a C uppercut or if in the corner, hcb+D. 
    The C burning Shingo(qcb,hcf+C) has some invincible frames in the beginning. Use 
    it to pass through close range pokes, projectiles etc.
    Fighting Shingo
    The main thing about fighting Shingo is to get through his zoning moves, 
    especially qcf+A and his Shingo kick. For the Shingo kick, wait till he lands in 
    front of you and use a fast attack or low sweep. Move forward slowly and don't 
    be afraid to block even if you feel like rolling because he has very fast 
    recover. If his Shingo kick lands too deep, punish him. Predict Shingo's move 
    and respond with a high priority move. Approach Shingo methodically and don't 
    get frustrated. Do not be stingy about CD countering. Read his attacking pattern 
    and hit him out of his moves with high priority moves.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, qcf+A/C
    jC/D, sA, dp+B/D, dp+C
    f+B(2hits), qcfx2+A/C
    jC/D, sA, dp+B/D, qcb+D (corner)
    cB, cA, qcf+A (anti roll)
    Takuma is a really powerful character. His rushing DM(qcf,hcb+A/C) has the best 
    priority in the game and is uncounterable as well. Use as anti air, wake up or 
    practically everything. His hienshippukyaku (db,f+B/D) is uncounterable as well 
    and sets up a nice guessing game. Beware of grapplers though. Try hopping up and 
    they might miss the throw. If you feel your opponent is going to attack after 
    blocking the hien... do the DM. If your opponent blocks, shoran kyaku him 
    (hcb+B/D). Use the shoran kyaku defensive by prompting your opponent to roll 
    your fireballs and then meeting them with the running grab. Use it offensively 
    by poking and then doing the move. Takuma's jumping CD has incredible priority 
    so use it in air to air combat.
    Fighting Takuma
    I prefer using grapplers so I can grab him after his uncounterable 
    hienshippukyaku. Be careful of the zanretsuken(f,b,f+A/C). Wait for the move to 
    almost finish before jumping in. To counter Takuma's shoran kyaku, either 
    vertical jump into a combo or do an early strong attack. After rolling his 
    fireball, be ready for a shoran kyaku. Most importantly, be very careful about 
    jumping in on Takuma when he has stock. 
    Main combos
    jC/D, db+C, f+D, f,b,f+C
    jC/D, sC, qcf+A/C
    cB, cA, f+A, qcf+A/C (anti roll)
    Terry was been weakened a lot now that he cannot connect a power charge into a 
    power geyser. The damage of the power geyser has been reduced and its more 
    damaging to do the overhead geyser in combos instead. Use the power geyser as an 
    early anti-air or anti-roll. Use the standing B or A burn knuckle to poke. Never 
    use the C burn knuckle. It leaves Terry wide open when blocked. Learn the 
    couching B, crouching A, df+C, qcb+A combo to punish rollers. You can substitue 
    the burn knuckle into a power charge or DM. An interesting trick is to do a 
    blocked crack shot (qcb+B/D) into a rising knuckle (dp+A/C). The rising knuckle 
    will catch anyone who tries to retaliate. Speaking of the rising tackle, it is 
    only invincible around Terry's body. His legs are completely vulnerable. Always 
    do the move late as an anti-air. 
    Main combos
    jD, sC(2hits), hcf+B, dp+D
    jD, sC(2hits), df+C, qcb, hcf+A/C
    sC(2hits), fA, hcf+D, jD (corner)
    cC, hcf+B, dp+D (poke)
    cB, cA, df+C, qcb+A/hcf+B/qcb, hcf+A/C (anti roll)
    This version of Terry is undoubtedly the better one, unless you value the rising 
    tackle as an offensive move more. I don't particularly like using him much as I 
    find him a bit cheap. Still, no one's as cheap as Iori. hehe. j/k THE combo to 
    do is the jump D, standing C (2hits), f+A (2 hits), hcf+D, hold d, u+C for an 
    easy 30% damage. To execute the rising tackle, press up and C at the same time 
    Terry does the second kick. The damage is insane for a normal combo and cannot 
    be done when POWed. I highly recommend putting RB Terry as the first member of 
    your team as he doesn't need stocks. His only DM is very weak and he cannot do 
    the combo when POWed. If you cannot do the low B, low A, df+C ect combo, punish 
    rollers with two or three crouching As into a rising tackle. Use the B fire 
    kick(hcf+B) at medium range. Cancel a low D with a power wave(qcf+A/C) to poke.
    Main combos
    jD, sC(2hits), fA(2hits), hcf+D, hold d, u+C
    cB, cA, df+C, qcb+A (anti roll)
                  hcf+B, hold d,u+A/C
    cA, cA, u+A/C (anti roll)
    Poke with the standing C with has incredible reach and hit jump ins with an 
    early low C. In fact, I consider her the Mrs C of the game, Ralf's companion. 
    Granted, its not as damaging as Ralf's but it has the advantage of being able to 
    be used as an anti air. The Blackend(hcf+A/C) is Vice's main non-combo throw. It 
    has great priority and does great damage, provided you follow it with Mithan's 
    Robe(qcf+A/C). Do the motion for Mithan's Robe the same time Vice throw's her 
    opponent up. Four Black Ends and the round is won. The only move that can combo 
    with the Black End is Vice's sB(1st hit). Use it as a wake up pressure move like 
    Clark's sC. Mayhem(qcb+A/C) should be used in combos and can be easily done 
    after a cB. It can also be used as an early anti air. Combo a sD into a Gore 
    Fest(hcb,f+A/C) if you don't have stock. Negative Gain(hcbx2+B/D) is an instant 
    grab best used after a sD or using grappler strategies (anti roll, empty jump, 
    etc). Always jump in with her jC.
    Main combos
    jC, sD(2hits), hcb,f+A/C
    jC, sD(2hits), qcb+A/C, qcf+A/C 
    sD(2hits), f+A, qcf+B
    cB, cB, qcb+A/C, qcf+A/C
    Normal Yashiro is more of a poking and pressuring fighter. Use his Jet 
    Counter(hcf+A/C,qcf+A/C) in combos to poke safely at your opponent. The Upper 
    Duel(dp+A/C) will counter any normal attack. Cancel Yashiro cD into a B 
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, f+A, qcf+A/C, qcf+A/C
    jC/D, sC, f+A, hcb+A/C 
                   qcb,hcf+A/C (tap A/C rapidly)
    *sC, f+A can be substituted by sD, f+B or sC, f+B or sD, f+A
    Orochi Yashiro is one of the most powerful characters in the game. Besides his 
    throws, O.Yashiro has a great sD and jD. His qcb+A/C is very important as it 
    gives O.Yashiro a free combo. Set it up after a blocked CD or crouching D. After 
    your opponent knows your pattern, use your sD or jD to bring him down. Yashiro's 
    okizeme is even more dangerous than Clark's. He can:
    1)cD to knock down and continue again.
    2)sC,f+A,etc. the sC will beat a lot of moves.
    3)Block the wake up attack.
    4)Grab with qcb+A/C into a combo.
    5)Running grab with hcf+B/D or run in and command throw.
    As you can see, Yashiro has many options going for him and the risks are small 
    while the return is big. Many players (including myself) are scared of Yashiro 
    and a good Yashiro player will exploit that fear. If your opponent is jump happy 
    because of Yashiro's qcb+A/C and his command throws, use Yashiro jD to bring him 
    down. Mix up your flowcharts and don't use the same combination twice. eg, after 
    doing CD into qcb+A twice, use hcf+B. Chances are will wait for the CD before 
    jumping/countering and get thrown. 
    The Niragu Daichi(hcf+A/C) is also a very important mind game move. After 
    Yashiro throws his opponent up, do a jD. The opponent will land in front of 
    Yashiro. After this you have 4 choices:
    1)sC,f+A etc.
    2)qcb+A and then combo
    3)command throw
    4)block attack and then counter.
    If the Nigaru Daichi is enough to win the round, taunt when your opponent falls 
    down for good measure. If you have good yomi (mind game), your Yashiro can dance 
    rings around your opponent while he watches hopelessly.
    Fighting O.Yashiro
    Yashiro is a very powerful opponent and the most important thing is to condition 
    yourself to avoid his Kujiki Daichi(qcb+A/C) not by anticipation but by 
    reaction. That's because a good Yashiro player will always change his flowcharts 
    and Yashiro is very fast. Use characters with air DMs like Leona and Kim. Jump 
    the Kujiki Daichi and air DM. Play agressively or keep away. Just don't let him 
    touch you. One combo into DM is enough to win the round.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, f+A, hcb,f+A/C 
    hcb+A/C, sC, f+A, hcb,f+A/C 
    Coming soon.
    Use simple but effective strategies. The first technique is mixing up her 
    Kouken(qcf+A/C) with her Hyakuretsu Bina (hcb+B/D). Its practically the same as 
    Takuma's strategy. Force your opponent to roll the Kouken and meet them with the 
    bina(slap). Hit an early jump in with the Saiha(qcb+A/C) or cC. At close range, 
    poke with a cD into a Kouken or multiple cB into B Raio Ken(qcf+B). The Shin 
    Yuri Chou Upper is her most damaging DM and has high priority. Do not use it as 
    anti air because the dragon punch will not hit though if done deep enough, the 
    dragon punch may hit. Its better to keep it for combos, wake up, interrupting 
    pokes and rolls. Do not get too obsessed with landing the move though.
    Main combos
    jC/D, sC, qcf+A/C
    Don't tell me this never happened to you: your opponent always waits for you to 
    choose your character order before he chooses his. While waiting, he fiddles the 
    joystick up and down while pretending to have a hard time deciding. If you don't 
    choose he'll even wait until time's over. So what can you do? Choose a character 
    first and see if he follows suit. If he doesn't, wait for a while and if he 
    doesn't, don't let it bug you. Best advice is don't even bother about match-ups. 
    Just choose your characters straight from the go based on the principles of 
    stock, smile and strength. Its preferable to put characters who can build up 
    stock as the first fighter. Characters who build up stock fast use a lot of 
    special moves to poke. Whether the fighter is smiling is als important. For more 
    information, consult Kao Megura's faq. Logically, the angry fighter should be 
    put last so he/she not passing on stocks won't be problem. If you have two angry 
    fighters, put the happy/neutral one first/second. The fighter after happy 
    neutral fighter should be a fighter who needs stocks more, eg Chang/Billy. If 
    you have three angry fighters, well bad luck. On strength, put your best fighter 
    2nd, your 2nd best 3rd and your weakest 1st. A group is as weak as its weakest 
    link and the 2nd fighter is the link. Your 2nd fighter should overcome your 1st 
    character's shortcomings and set up for your 3rd.
    98 is littered with bugs and bugs have always been a controversial issue. Some 
    say it takes skill and since its in the game, its in the game. Others (like 
    myself) argue that bugs are techniques that are not suppose to be in the game 
    because of flaws in the game. For crying out load, SNK even has a bug checking 
    team. (check the credits) A Singaporean friend gave a different view of bugs. 
    When 97 first came out, Terry's infinity wasn't considered cheap because it was 
    hard to do and only the real good players could do it. After everyone started 
    using it, it was considered cheap. 
    Bugs spoil the gaming experience because it wasn't suppose to be and its cheap. 
    No, I don't think throwing or CD countering is cheap but exploiting flaws in the 
    game system is. Imagine beating the crap of somebody and losing because he 
    manages to land an infinity on his last hair of life. Imagine getting up and not 
    being able to do anything about an unblockable fireball. Sure it takes fast 
    fingers but why not use your fast fingers to play the game as it is meant to be 
    played. What if your opponent uses bugs? Walk away. He may think he's great but 
    he beat you not because he's better. Alternatively, you may want to bug him back 
    and show him the feeling of disgust as Goro does a damaging 3 hit combo from a 
    mere crouching D.  
    v 0.0   3/09/99 First version. Not released.
    v 0.1   5/09/99 First public release. Only 30%. Send in suggestion, criticism, 
    and comments.
    v 0.2   7/09/99 Added strategies for Athena, Blue Mary, Clark and Takuma. 
    Various additions.
    v 0.3  12/09/99 Changed the 'punishing DMs' section to 'guard cancel'. Added 
    corner trapping
                    to general strategies. Added strategies for Heidern, King and 
    v 0.7  23/09/99 Fixed lots and lots and lots of typos. Added strategies for 
    numerous characters.
                    Added grappling range to general strategies. Many additions and 
                    throughout the guide. More strategies to come as I do more 
    'research'. hehe.
                    One thing I find is that in order to write strategies for a 
    character, I have to
                    play with the intent of writing strategies. Sitting down and 
    typing strategies
                    from the top of my head yields limited results. The next update 
    will see a 
                    'complete' version of the guide.
    v 0.9  27/02/00 It has been a long time since the last update. I've been busy 
    with 99, exams and
                    holidays. OK, so I lied about this being the complete version. I 
    haven't touched
                    98 much since 99 came out. Whether or not this guide will reach 
    1.0 will depend 
                    on my KOF group, whether to play 98 or 99. Main updates being 
    Chizuru and Rugal 
                    strategies as well as corrections/additions all over.
    CREDIT AND THANKS (In no particular order)
    SNK                    For making the best 2D fighting ever. 
    Gamefaqs               Hosting this FAQ. 
    Ben, Elvis, Paat       My KOF group. For endless hours of competition and fun. 
    This guide  
    and Seng.              wouldn't be possible without them. Kakate konu ka?
    KOFers in Melbourne,   Competition and showing me how to play KOF at high 
    esp Melbourne Uni.
    KOFers on the net.     Writing great FAQs and setting up great sites. IMO, there 
    should be more
                           good FAQS for lesser used characters like Chizuru, Choi 
    and Brian.
    KOF FAQS               Plenty of information.
    My Parents.            $$$$$$$. Without which I wouldn't have KOF.
    William Tham.          VS game sparring partner for most of my gaming life.      
    Nick Yee.              His scary Heidern in '95.
    Joe Higashi            Best taunt in the game. I use it all the time that my 
    friends call him 
                           'c!b@! Joe'
    Shermie                Sexiest babe in gaming land. I don't mind losing as long 
    as its between 
                           her legs!
    Clark and Ralf         Best startup pose ever!
    Mai Shiranui           Being as bouncy as she was in 94. Keep it up! and 
    WarlockOfWater@aol.com Chizuru strategies.
    Sum Yin Ngai           Chizuru and Rugal strategies.
    Akuma/Gouki            Hiding in the game as 95 Ryo. SNK vs Capcom is KOF98!
    Chizuru                Worst dancing ever seen.
    SNK                    Not putting Eiji, the boss team and Kasumi in the game. 
    If they did, it
                           would have been the perfect!
                           NO thanks for screwing up 99.
                           For my thoughts on 99 cheack out my Arcade Fighting Games 
    Guide located
                           at Gamefaqs. (Shameless plug) Just look under misc at 
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
    reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be
    altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice
    appears in full.  This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
    purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides,
    books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.  This
    FAQ was created and is owned by me, Mike Tham <mike_tham@hotmail.com>.
    All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically
    mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit where it is due.
    For the record, this disclaimer was taken from Kao Megura's excellent KOF 98 
    Copyright 1999,2000 by Michael Tham.

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