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    Clark by PTR

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                                                                  Clark Guide
                                                  written by Protoss Terrorist PTR
    Author's note:
    Greetings, KOF lovers! Once again, I'm doing my best of be of service to you 
    all by writing another FAQ, this time on Clark. I'm a grappler when it
    comes to KOF so expect more "Grappler Guides" in the future (if there will
    be more). This FAQ is not to be used in financial purposes, whoever does
    use this for making money will be killed (just kidding!).
    I. For your information....
         Clark originated from the 8-Bit game "Ikari Warriors" and has been in the
    KOF series since KOF '94. Clark is one of the best grapplers in the game,
    his throws are very damaging specially when in a maxed status. He is very
    mobile compared to other grapplers, he is not too large like Goro or Chang
    so he is not a moving target for Takuma, Ryo '94 and other projectile tossing
    characters. He is also powerful in the Extra mode and can be played very
    defensively. He has some high priority moves which will be discussed later
    in this FAQ.
    II. Basic moves:
    All of the moves are rated 1-5: 1= crap 5= useful
    Far Standing Normals:
    Far Standing A: A quick jab. Very effective since it can poke most moves
    and can be comboed in to an Argentine Backbreaker. Rating: 4
    Far Standing B: A quick, low kick . Not very useful. Rating: 2
    Standing Fw+B: Same useless kick he had in '97 but can be cancelled
    into any special move. Very slow. Rating: 2
    Far Standing C: A Backfist similar to Ralf's only slower and has lesser
    priority. Rating: 3
    Far Standing D: A Some sort of sideward kick, has good priority and
    sometimes effective as an anti-air when timed properly. Rating: 5
    Standing Close Range Normals:
    Close Standing A: Similar to the far standing version, can also be
    comboed. Rating 4
    Close Standing B: This one is better than it's far standing version and
    can also be used in a combo. Rating: 3.5
    Close Standing C: A downward elbow strike. 2 hits. This is one of his
    best normal moves, it has good priority and can be comboed into any
    special throw when canceled into 1 hit. Rating: 5
    Close Standing D: Some sort of a drop kick (I think). Not very useful to
    make things short. Rating: 2
    Jumping Normals:
    Jumping A: A jab with lots of speed. Since this one comes out very
    quick, I recommend using this in a combo. Rating: 4
    Jumping B: A straight but short kick. Also has good speed and can
    win in most air to air encounters. Rating: 3.5
    Jumping C: A striaght punch, average speed and can be used in air
    to ground based combos. Rating: 3
    Jumping D: An upward kick. This one is good for areal defense
    and usually wins in air to air encounters. Also comboable. Rating: 5
    Crouching Normals:
    Crouching A: Same as it's other versions. Rating: 4
    Crouching B: Similar to Iori's and can be chained into a crouching A.
     Not very useful though. Rating 2.5
    Crouching C: Similar to Ralf's but also has lesser speed and can't
    be cancelled into any special move. Rating: 3
    Crouching D: A very good leg trip move since it has long range.
    Rating: 4.5
    CD Moves:
    Standing CD: Turns around and kicks. Slow. Rating: 2.5
    Jumping CD: Has lots of downward priority. Rating: 4
    III. Special Moves:
    Argentine Backbreaker: HCF B/D (close range)
    This is the most used move in his arsenal, it does great damage and
    easy to connect with. It is also effective in combos. Rating: 5
    Frankensteiner: DP B/D
    This move doesn't have much to offer since it connects slower but I
    use this after the opponent gets up. Rating: 3.5
    Rolling Cradler: HCF C
    He runs and grab his opponent and rolls with his victim. Can be used
    in combos and when the opponent rolls behind you when you do this,
    Clark will automatically face his opponent and grab. Rating: 4
    Running Backbreaker: HCF A
    Similar to the Rolling Cradler but he does the backbreaker instead of
    rolling. Comboable. Rating 4
    Napalm Stretch: DP A/C
    A blockable air throw, this usually works when you've anticipated
    your opponent's jump. Rating: 3
    Note: The special moves that are mentioned above has a follow up
    (Elbow Drop: QCF: A/C)
    Vulcan Punch: Repeatedly Press A/C
    A multi hit punch. His only move that does guard damage.
    Not very useful. Rating: 2
    IV. DMs/SDMs:
    Ultra Argentine Backbreaker: HCB 2X, A/C
    Similar to the Argentine Backbreaker but he repeatedly tosses the
    opponent before he drops him/her. This DM can be used as a reversal
    but I strongly recommend the SDM version rather than this one.
    Rating: 4
    Running Three: HCF 2X, B/D
    This is a running DM. It's start up is invincible so time this move right if
    you want it to connect. The SDM version slams the opponent 3 times.
    Rating: 3.5
    V. Combos:
     Clark's combos are easy to execute since they only require a little
    effort to do. His combos do great damage specially when in a
    maxed status.
    This basic combo is the most important part of his combos.
    Close standing C, cancelled into any special throw move. For example,
    C then quickly HCF A/B/C/D. Master this and you can go a long way.
    Damaging Combos:
    These combos are easy to do if you have mastered the basic.
    Jump A/B/C/D, Standing C (1 hit), Any Special throw
    (except Frankensteiner) with elbow follow up.
    Jump A/B/C/D, Standing C (1 hit), Ultra Argentine Backbreaker SDM
    or Running Three (if you're fast enough)
    VI. Short Cuts:
    Some SNK moves have shortcuts, an example is the running throw DM.
    Sometimes when you see somebody do a running throw DM, you get
    impressed and say "That guy's hands are quick!" or "Hey! he's an expert".
    Now you won't be saying that anymore since I'll put in this FAQ every
    thing I know about shortcuts regarding grapplers.
    Shortcut for HCB 2X, P/K throw DM: HCB, run and HCB P/K when close
    Shortcut for HCF 2X, P/K move: HCF, run and HCF P/K when close
    Shortcut for the HCB 2X DM combo (Clark): HCB C, HCB C
    Note: Don't do the running throw DM when you're 4 characters away,
    it won't work.
    VII. What to do when...
    Your opponent keeps on jumping:
    1) Counter with a jumping D
    2) Jump to a corner and block his attack in the air. When you both land,
    do an Argentine Backbreaker or it's DM/SDM version.
    3) Catch him/her with the Running Three.
    You want to do wake up moves:
    1) When your opponent moves closer while your down, do an Argentine
    Backbreaker (again) or it's DM/SDM version. Be sure he doesn't jump
    so check before you do anything.
    2) Do a running throw (HCF A/C). If he tries to hit you, he'll probably
    get caught by your move.
    3) Do a normal throw to avoid that poke-n-throw thing.
    You anticipate the wake up move of your opponent:
    1) If he's a grappler, he'll probably special throw you as his wake up
    move so I recommend jumping low (vertically) and do a combo or
    simply throw.
    2) If he's a non grappler, do a standing close C then cancelled into
    a special throw or DM. This even beats auto guard moves like the
    Rising Tackle or the Oniyaki when timed right.
    3) Jab and combo into a special throw.
    4) Stand and wait for a sec. and do any kind of throw, DM or non DM.
    You have charges ready:
     I strongly recommend you use those charges for powering up instead
    of doing DMs. Why?
    1)  DMs are one time damage, you'll lose your charge when you miss.
    2) If you power up, not only will your throw moves get more damaging,
    but your normal moves as well.
    3) A maxed A. Backbreaker is nearly as damaging as it's DM counterpart
    only you can do it more than once using only one charge.
    VIII. Credits:
    SNK- For this great game
    My hangout- SM Centerpoint, Philippines
    People at Quantum, SM City- All the challenges
    *Clark and other SNK characters mentioned are trademarks of SNK*
    If you have more questions, Email me.
    Written by
    Protoss Terrorist PTR

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