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    Goro by PHwang

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    King of Fighters 98
    Goro Daimon Guide
    July 13, 1999
    by: Patrick Hwang
    email: ph@ucla.edu
    Table of Contents
    1. Disclaimer
    2. About the Guide
    3. About Goro
    4. Goro Stuff
    5. Moves/Special Moves/DMs
    6. Combos
    7. Strategies
    8. Conclusion
    1.  Disclaimer
    This guide is intended for personal uses only, blah blah blah... Dont make any 
    money off of this unless you share.  Sharing is caring :) gimmie my credit if 
    you take anything from this guide...not that its good or anything.
    2. About the Guide
    I'm writing this guide to give players a better knowledge of Goro, the judo 
    master of the Japan team.  For any good player, there really is nothing in here 
    that you probably don't know already.  Anywayz, like i've always said, the guide 
    is intended to enligten you.  Please do not misinterpret this guide as a way to 
    play Goro.  By far, it is not.  In fact, i do not proclaim to be great at using 
    Goro.  Actually I kinda suck, but I do know how to play him and where his 
    strengths and weakness lay.  So again, use this as a reference and not a way to 
    play.  Develop your own style of play for better results.
    3. About Goro
    Goro has been in the KOF tournaments since 94.  He is on the Japan team with 
    fellow members Kyo and Benimaru.  IMO he has become one of the most powerful in 
    not cheapest fighters in 98.  Why? Because Goro can beat a lot of people using 
    just the regular buttons.  Yup you heard me, a Goro player can beat people 
    without and special moves.  More on this later.  In addition, Goro is made even 
    more powerful (cheap) with his ability to do a bug.  More on this later too. 
    Aieya! Well people can complain about him but it really takes skillz to play 
    4. Goro Stuff
    1st: Goro throws off his jacket(?) and begins to fight.
    2nd/3rd: I believe he jumps in and hits his hands together...(am i wrong?)
    Vs Kyo: Goro performs a little bow to Kyo as a sign of respect.
    Taunt: Goro raises both hands up into the air...is this a taunt???
    5. Moves/Special Moves/DMs
         *: bad, poor, useless. dont use the move too much
         **: okay move, not too great.  use it once in a while to surprise the 
         ***: average move. not too good, not too useful
         ****: good move. actually a very good move. use it often, but dont get too 
         *****: excellent, great move. abuse as much as you can
    Basic Moves
          A: palm attack.  looks like a short ranged palm attack.  hits high
          B: shin kick.  great move for poking.  very fast and MUST BE BLOCKED LOW!!  
    Abuse this move!!!! More about it later
          C: double palm attack.  A long ranged attack.  Goro leans forward to smack 
    the opponent.  Powerful but slow start up.
          D: big kick.  hahah this is a big kick upwards.  Great anti-air since it 
    hits very high
        CD: palm attack.  a mid-level palm attack.  slow and has little range
         A: palm attack.  same as the standing one
         B: upwards kick.  weird weird looking kick.  can't say this is that useful
         C: punch.  side punch to the midsection.  okay move, usable in combos and 
    quick to come out
         D: side kick. also a high attack. quick to come out, good in combos, and 
    can also be used as anti-air
         A: palm attack.  yay....
         B: low kick.  low kick without much range....
         C: headbutt.  a powerful move with little range
         D: sweep. well its a sweep attack.  with the big legs that Goro has, this 
    one really has no range.  like i said, its a sweep
         A: jumping punch.  a jab attack
         B: jumping knee.  like what it is, a jumping knee attack
         C: body splash.  okay move, doesnt have too much range. looks weird
         D: jump kick.  a kick aimed downwards.  his best air attack overall...but 
    that doesnt say much
       CD: air palm attack.  hahah another palm.  used to be awesome in 96. now its 
    just okay...
    Command Moves
         Forward+A: hammer punch.  one handed punch, very slow and overhead. can 
    counter ground projectiles if timed right.
         Downforward+C: upwards forearm strike.  Great anti-air.  THE move for his 
    Special Moves
         Earthquake, I think official name is Mine Layer or something....
         DP+A/C     if know how to use A ****
                          if dont know how to use A  **
                          if know how to use C  **
                          if dont know how to use C  *
    Goro slams his hands on the ground and creates an earthquake effect.  This must 
    be blocked low.  Overall an okay move.  But it's real power is its ability to 
    counter projectile throwing chracters.  If timed right, the Earthquake can hit 
    the opponent as he is launching his projectile.  If dont right, the projectile 
    will not even come out.  Alternatively, you can also time it so that Goro goes 
    under the projectile as he performs his move.  This can only be done with higher 
    projectiles such as Sie and 94 Ryo.  The C version is just a counter.  Pretty 
    useless IMO. But most of the time when you do the Earthquake, opponents jump 
    forward.  So if u manage to fake out the opponent...
         Cloud Tosser
         HCF+A     ***
    Well this is another anti-air.  Geez Goro has so many anti-airs.  Anywayz, its 
    an okay move.  can only be used as an anti-air.  If whiffed, be prepared for big 
    punishment.  Goro has huge recovery time.  Can be used in the bug (more later)
         Stump Throw
         HCF+C     ***
    Goro grabs the opponent while on the ground.  Can also grab if the opponent is 
    lying of the ground for a freebie hit  (i.e after a sweep) slow and if blocked 
    punishable.  Useable in the bug also.
         Earth Mover
         HCB, F+A/C     *****
    This is Goro's main command throw.  Wowee is this damaging.  Goro grabs you and 
    slams you on the ground and then picks you up again to throw you into the air 
    (like a piece of meat).  This move has range.  Learn this move, use this move. 
    abuse this move!
         Super Ukemi    
         QCB+B/D     B version  *****     D version  **
    Goro does a little roll.  Different than the AB roll.  B version is very quick 
    and has frames of invincibility.  Can roll over projectiles and some attacks if 
    timed right.  This is a great move to learn.  The D version is slow but rolls 
    farther.  It sucks, nuff said. Stick with the B version.
         Return Throw
         HCF+B/D     **
    Goro's counter.  Unlike other counters, this can only counter BASIC moves.  IMO 
    this is a weak move.  If counter successfully, Goro grabs the opponent and slams 
    the opponent down.
         Reverse Drop
         HCB+B/D     **
    Goro runs at the opponent, grabs, and slams them.  Um...this move is bad.  
    Unlike Clark's running throw, this one doesnt seem to have the same "vaccuum" 
    feel.  Oh yeah, Goro runs veeeerryyyy slow....bad bad bad bad bad :(   Hahah 
    laugh at the opponent and consider yourself lucky or a master if you can pull 
    this one off.  Yeah, maybe scrubs or people not paying any attention will get 
    caught by this stupid move....
         Super Ohsotagari
         DP+B/D     ****
    Goro takes a step forward and if within range, grabs the opponent and slams 
    them.  The damage of this move is insane.  MAXED out, landing this move 4-5 
    times will kill them!  This move has that "vaccuum" feel to it.  Great for 
    countering opponents who roll and you or try to sweep when close.  A simple move 
    to perform, this is move does insane amounts of damage.
         Heaven to Hell Drop
         HCB, HCB+A/C     *****
    Goro's original DM.  The basic grab and slam super.  The SDM version is longer 
    and does more damage.  can be used in combos....yup you heard me right, COMBOS
         Typhoon Mountain
         HCF,HCF+B/D     ****
    This is a mult-part DM.  The SDM verision does more slams/damage after the third 
    part connects.  Goro raises his hands.  At this point, Goro can take a couple of 
    hits and then grabs you.  What this means is, if the opponent is close enought 
    to you, it doesn't matter if the are attacking you, Goro will simple get hit and 
    still grab.  BTW, this is not autoguard, Goro actually takes damage.  I love 
    this move against aggressive people.  In addition, if you time this late, this 
    can be used as an anti-air.  Has good range.  If connects, perform a HCF+B/D, 
    and then a DP+B/D.
    6.  Combos
         Goro has combos. This is scary.  Well he doesn't have too many of them, but 
    the ones i've seen are powerful...
    Jump C, Close C, Downforward+C
    Jump C/D, Close C, Earth Mover
    Jump C/D, Close C, Heaven to Hell Drop
         This one is crazy, i can't do it, but i've seen it.  I can do it without 
    the DwnFrd+C though...
    Close D, Downforward+C, Heaven to Hell Drop DM/SDM
    7.  Strategies
    Well like i said before.  Goro can beat scrubs and intermediate players without 
    special moves.  NOTE: good players will not fall for this.  The standing B is a 
    great pressure move.  It's fast and very damaging.  It must also be blocked low.  
    So if the opponent is blocking there really is little can do from a low blocking 
    position.  This move can also counter the opponent if they are frantically 
    trying to counter you.  Because this is insanely fast, you can really frustrate 
    the opponent and thus lure them into making mistakes.  It has great range.  So 
    now you have the B button down.  The D button is the next best move.  Since its 
    a great air counter,  if they try to jump over your standing B, smack them back 
    down with a standing D and go back to the damn poking B.  Use the C every once 
    in a while, since it has good range it can oftenly catch them off guard with 
    your high/low poking game.  Im telling you this is very cheap, i've beaten  many 
    people like this...STRAIGHT.  But again, let me say that very good players will 
    not fall for this.
    Basically, Goro is a thrower so you must learn to use his command throws.  
    Another thing to learn is the BUG.  The makes an already powerful character even 
    more powerful...kinda like overkill huh?
    The Bug is this: be able to knock down the opponent and cancel into the Super 
    Ukemi (only works with B button) from there, you can perform the Minelayer, etc 
    etc.  From what i hear, this bug can be performed as long as you knock the 
    opponent down and cancel into the Super Ukemi fast enough.  What that means is 
    that you can do this after a sweep or a standing CD since both knock them onto 
    the ground.  Now i have never seen this nor been able to perform this.  On the 
    otherhand, IMO, the best way to do this bug is from the Downforward+C command 
    move.  This especially works well if they are jumping at you since it gives a 
    enormous amount of time to cancel while the opponent is in the air.  Below are 
    some of the things you can do with the bug.
    Downforward+C (air counter), cancel into Super Ukemi, Minelayer
    Downforward+C (air counter), cancel into Super Ukemi, Minelayer, Stump Throw (if 
    in right distance)
    Downforward+C (air counter), cancel into Super Ukemi, Cloud Tosser
    8. Conclusion
    Well thats it.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. See ya 
    in 99!
    Copyright 1999
    Patrick Hwang

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