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    Heidern by Lucifer69

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    Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 00:57:53 +0800
    Author Lucifer69
    Heidern FAQ for King of Fighters '98
    -=== History ===-
    This is the part where I tell you all what I did during this time for this FAQ, so this is pretty
    much a part you can skip without feeling any guilt at all.. not that you'll feel any if you skip
    all the FAQ altogether..
    ver          what actually DID in spite of planning..
    ---          ----------------------------------------
    0.1          the actual original work comes out.. aspire to finish within the last one hour 
                 before I go out from the place I stay here and fetch my girl...
    -=== Copyright  ... ===-
    well this has been a work by me, Lawrence, aka, LucifeR69, any works that reproduces this FAQ
    in any form for the uses for monetary exchange will be condemned by me and legal action would be
    seeked. (err... that's all i know.. anyone want to add in more? :p)
    any other FAQs who wants to quote me would have to seek permission from me, Lawrence, in form of
    writing to : 
    anyone who wants to clobber me may also contact me at this address, otherwise, only girls may 
    email me..
    -=== ForeworD ===-
    Second of my FAQ I tried to write, not much feedback for my Ralf FAQ, since no news would most
    probably means good news, then I think that I could start with my second FAQ... email me for any
    comment or combo listings..
    -=== You say you let your guard down?  I think you're just a weenie! heidern...'98 ===-
    I rip these information off 'THE STORY OF THE KING OF FIGHTERS TOURNAMENT' by Kailu Lantis, so
    thanks for all of these information.. :p 
    but the Heidern i know.. cool, very very cool.. and most of all he sucks blood outta ya.. :)
    Birthdate       :    1/9/1954
    Birthplace      :    Unknown..
    Height          :    1.92 m (personally I think he is much taller than this...)
    Weight          :    90 kg
    Favourite food  :    Stout beer and homemade sausages (he's a killer and he likes sausage... a
                         bit of contradiction here and there isn't it?)
    Favourite sport :    Hunting
    Hates most      :    Rugal (he DID took his right eye.. that I understand..)
    Fighting Style  :    Martial arts and self taught assasination techniques.
    First appeared in KoF '94 and consequtively on KoF '95.. the rest is just left for his best
    student and comrades, Leona, Ralf and Clark. He looks very cool with his army uniform and most 
    of his move involve blood splattering here and there.. what's a good game without any blood?
    -=== MovelisT ===-
    Here I shall use the method use by MoonRun, since I notice most of the FAQ's are written in this
    form. Not that I can't think of a new one.. just don't want to add in to more confusion.. so 
    MoonRun.. the credit goes to you here.
    dn/dwn = press down.. that's pushing your joystick thingy towards down..
    up     = pretty much self explanatory from now on isn't it?
    bk     = back
    fw     = forward
    s      = store for a few secs..
    QCB    = quarter cirlce back joystick motion
                        * note to old school KoF '97 people.. no more shortcuts for ya.. :p
    QCF    = quarter circle forward...
    A      = A button = light punch
    B      = B button = light kick
    C      = C button = heavy punch
    D      = D button = heavy kick
    (C)  - corner combos, combos that only work in the corner.
    (DM) - DM combos, combos that involve super moves or desperation moves.		
    (MAX)- must be maxed out or POWered up for this combo to work.
    (MID)- opponent must be mid-air for this to work.
    (CSP)- combos that are started off a crossup/overlap attack
    (2nd)- combos that involve more than 3 stocks of super(Advance mode)
           i.e. 2nd Character onwards in advance mode.
    -=== Moves rundowN ===-
    For this I would use the method popularized by... err... I don't know really.. so the would
    that particular person write to me? :p
    @@@@@@ Normal moveS @@@@@@
    ### Standing faR ###
    Button       = A
    Description  = quick jab to the torso/head area. 
    Usefulness   = *
    Rundown      = A button
    Button       = B
    Description  = quick poking kick to the mid section.
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = slightly better range than A button, less hassle, does not combo, poke better, but
                   still quite useless all the same.
    Button       = C
    Description  = Heidern stretches his arm far out, slow to come out... strange way of using..
                   a not so good keep away move.
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = How can I describe this, actually, this move of his stretches out quite a bit, but
                   it's slow to come out. Besides his range I don't recommend using this move too 
    Button       = D
    Description  = takes a sweet time to step forward, and later stretches his leg out and kick high
    Usefulness   = -*
    Rundown      = ..... what is this move about anyway??? but one word of comfort though, you can
                   laugh like sh** when someone actually fall for this move.. hysterical laugh would
                   be much more appropriate here... get what I mean?
    Button       = CD
    Description  = Heidern makes some kind of sign towards the sky... interesting, but, it only hits
                   high. Nice way the screen shakes when he makes the move... or is it me laughing
                   like a maniac again...? hmmm...
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = The move itself is slow, but the 4 stars doesn't come cheap, there's a good reason
                   for it. As a counter move.. nope, I'm not just talking about guard counter, I'm
                   talking about anti AB roll and anti air move here..
                   Yep, you're right with your eyes, in some sense this move is a bit like Yashiro's 
                   CD move, it starts slow, everything else comes out in a blinding speed, and it 
                   would last for almost half a sec or so.. I'll explain more on this move later..
    ### Standing closE ###
    Button       = A 
    Description  = a quick jab to the torso.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = comes out quite quick, and technically it IS comboable to most of other move. The
                   only down side is that it's range. 
    Button       = B
    Description  = quick knee kick to the midsection
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = one of your bread and butter move, like standing close A, it combos out fine.
    Button       = C
    Description  = He stretches his arm up, hitting two times with it.
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = combos well, decent damage, good range.. what else? oh yeah.. one bad thing about 
                   it, you've to be quite close for it to come out, otherwise standing C would most
                   of the time means curtains down time for ya.
    Button       = D
    Description  = Heidern raises leg a bit, Heidern kick, Heidern sometimes misses, sometimes hits..
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = Well.. it DOES comboes.. and it does do some decent damage.. just don't do it as 
                   much, maybe it's because of the overwhelming properties of close C's that 
                   overshadows this move.. anyone else wanna commend about this move of his?
    ### CrouchinG ###
    Button       = A
    Description  = short jab to the knee area
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = fast in execution, almost no lag, nice damage, pokes well, comboes..
                   what else do you really need huh?
    Button       = B
    Description  = quick kick to the foot
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = ABSOLUTELY does not combo, BUT it hits so far, I'm starting to wonder if he's 
                   actually using a stick instead.. well actually not THAT obsence of a range, but
                   far enough.. really.. :)
    Button       = C
    Description  = Looks a bit like crouching A, 'cept that he actually swings the whole arm this
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = good range, nice poke, comes out quite fast and it combos. Good move..
    Button       = D
    Description  = ... his legs.. his legs.. like what I said earlier for crouching B.. this move's 
                   range is... is... is... obscene... ! He kinda stretches his legs out and hits low
                   and FAR..
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = Use it, abuse it's range, but don't overuse it, the range does comes back with a 
                   teeny weeny downside, it's lag time is quite deceptively long.. long enough for
                   mashing maidens like move kick back your sorry little... err.. bottom (no bad
                   words in here...)
    ### JumpinG ###
    Button       = A
    Description  = gives out a short jab
    Usefulness   = *
    Rundown      = in short.. another useless move...
    Button       = B
    Description  = jumping... short kick..
    Usefulness   = it's a kick...
    Rundown      = not really a big deal is it?
    Button       = C
    Description  = Move that makes me wanna cry... leans forward and stretching his whole body out
                   crossing his hands and diving down..
    Usefulness   = *****(*)
    Rundown      = THE only move you should use for jumping besides CD. Why? Simply because of it's 
                   crossup ability. Combos into almost anything.. nice priority as well...
    Button       = D
    Description  = a deep kick downward
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = hhhmmmmm... seems a bit like Ralf's jumping D, but I might be wrong with this.
    Button       = CD
    Description  = I don't really know what he did, he kinda crosses his hands, and then, wham, this
                   black patch of shadow, which looks.... I don't know.. how can I describe this??
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = COOL priority, kills off most of other moves in the game, doesn't combo, but let
                   you in on the range of him. Since he's best kept at medium range...
    @@@@@@ Command moveS @@@@@@
    Move name     = Lead Belcher
    Execution     = b/f + C
    Description   = Heidern grabs, Heidern picks people up, Heidern slams, Heidern give a mean stab..
    *note ... something interesting I discovered of this move, it might be my mistake, but this, move
              itself is a throw... BUT, it seems to have a longer range of throw than that of others
              not that it would grab you off half screen or something.. but frankly, I really think
              that it is wee bit further range for a grab.
    Move name     = Backstabbing
    Execution     = b/f + D
    Description   = Heidern grabs, Heidern move to the back and leave opponent with some kinda stab, 
                    opponents flys of almost half screen...
    Move name     = Critical Drive
    Execution     = When close, any direction but u + C/D.. (not many in this game are bestowed with
                    an at throw, so.. be very grateful for it...)
    Move name     = Shooting Narnagel (SN)
    Execution     = f + B
    A bit of note on this, this is your usual crouching hitter, as a combo it loses that property,
    but what the heck it combos off quite well I must say.. oh yeah... it hits' twice and as a combo,
    it would only connect on the first move..
    @@@@@@ Special moveS @@@@@@
    Move name    = Cross Cutter
    Execution    = bk s fw + A/C
    Description  = Heidern shoots off a nice wide airborne white shiny thingy to the air... fireball
                   some call it, but I still think it's way bigger than a fireball..
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = Don't abuse this move too much, mainly because of its lag, and you'll be called a 
                   scrub.... ok enough joke... USE IT LIKE HE**... bwah ha ha ha... especially the A
                   version, it comes out fast, travels unusually slow... high enough for those jumper
                   to be hit with, low enough for numbskulls who AB roll all the time.. keeps enemy
                   at a more comfortable range..
    Move name    = Moon Slasher
    Execution    = dw s up + A/C
    Description  = he was the one who taught this to Leona in the first place.. He crouch while
                   making a big circle with his hands...
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = Anti air, combo ender.... only bad thing.. lags a bit for C version, and Clark's 
                   Rolling Cradle and other running move seems to go through it.. strictly as a combo
                   and anti air purposes, other than that.. you've better choices right?
    Move name    = Neck Rolling
    Execution    = dw s up + B/D
    Description  = Heidern leaps into the air, coming down heads first, if opponent don't block,
                   he'll, like the namesake, grab on to the neck of the opponent, spins and rolls the
                   neck.. DUH! Travels half screen for B version, D version covers almost a full 
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Cool looking move man... sometimes it actually connects just right after a
                   successful Cross Cutter.. the downside of the move is that it could only be an 
                   anti air IF, he jumps higher than the opponent, meaning that the jump must not
                   just only be anticipated very very early, he must also be the one who jumps first
                   in order for him to 'roll' on..
    Move name    = Storm Bringer
    Execution    = hcb + A/C
    Description  = This move is the ONLY reason why I use him... :)
                   anyway, this move, as a command throw, actually pulls your oppenent towards you
                   and 'sucks' off his blood..
    Usefulness   = *****(*)
    Rundown      = When you're low on blood.. just grab on to someone close to you and drink..!
                   Anyway, this move doesn't combo under normal circumstances only in crossups 
                   , because it's range is shorter compared to other throw moves, but it is enough 
                   to make you thank whoever that thought up this move by kissing their feets 
                   whenever you pull it off.
                   Think of it this way.. you're low on blood, someone could just touch you and you
                   will whither, and you suck man.. suck like you never suck before...
                   Jam the button like mad to make the move longer..
    Move name    = Killing Bringer
    Execution    = hcf + B/D
    Description  = the usual 'you hit me and die' move.. B blocks middle and D blocks high..
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = Compared to other similar move, it comes out pretty slow, making it a bit 
                   difficult to time, making this miserable for this move, but if you pull it off,
                   it have the same properties of sucking the blood off your opponent... but
                   don't do this too much.. come to think of it.. don't use it unless you just want 
                   to have some fun, or your Start button is jammed..
    @@@@@@ Supers @@@@@@@
    DM moves or Desperation Moves.. or whatever..
    Move name    = Final Bringer
    Execution    = qcf, qcf + A/C
    Description  = A mixture for Rolling Neck and Storm Bringer.. get the rough idea?
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = what not to do with this move..
                   - anti air,
                   - do this as an individual move,
                   - do this just for the sake of getting some life back,
                   - don't jam the button for longer time.. it doesn't work that way with this.. just 
                     press on to the C button when it is hit..
                   why? Because simply it wasn't really meant that way.. unless your opponent are 
                   suckers.. that can't be blame.. imagine this, the lag time is... GARGANTOUS.. most
                   of others can get back to you on a miss move..
                   what to do with this move..
                   - combo it after close C, or crossup C or the combination of two
                   - anti AB rolling.. 
                   Yep, 'cept for this two reason, this move shouldn't be used this way, since the 
                   move actually connects for the entire motion when Heidern jumps, he does not have
                   too much of an invincibility frame, only a tiny moment there before he jumps. Thus
                   try to connect this move before the jump reaches the peak. So it can be better
                   connected. Another property of it is as an anti rolling type of move.. see, if 
                   timed correctly, you can actually connects the move before the sucker could either
                   execute the move, or right before he comes out of it.. making use of that fraction
                   of a sec of invincibility frame...
                   One hit move.. sucks blood.. of yeah.. Heidern says... GO TO HELL.. nope not me..
                   that's what he really said.. :p
                   *hold C button to kinda lengthen it.. but don't mash buttons like Storm Bringer, it would only make it end faster..
    Move name    = Heidern End
    Execution    = qcb, hcf + B/D
    Description  = Heidern thrust his hand forwards, hits high, if connects, Heidern pulls back his
                   arm while your opponent flies onto oblivion..
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = The only use for this is for either anti air and combo ender, although it have a 
                   quite decent amount of damage, but strictly speaking, it's only meant for combos..
                   it's not quite reliable as an antiair.. will trade moves sometimes for this 
                   property.. other than combos, personnaly, i don't tend to abuse this move too much
                   ... I'm too engrossed with Storm Bringer anyway.. oh yeah, he also shouts GO TO 
                   HELL in this move...
    @@@@@@ ComboS @@@@@@@
    To tell you the truth.. he have little of them, most of them quite damaging, but little variety
    makes him pretty dull if compared to Terry or Iori.
    low A, low A
    low B, low A
    low B, low B (and yes add in another one of that if the opponent didn't quite got pushed off yet)
    close C, Moon Slasher
    +close C, SN
    close B, Moon Slasher (it combos, but hard to pull off.. but i tell you, it's true..)
    close B, Storm Bringer (the only legit combo from a standing combo that ends with SB that 
                            actually would connect..)
    jump in C, close B, Moon Slasher
    jump in C, close C, Moon Slasher
    jump in C, close D, Moon Slasher
    jump in C, crouch A, Moon Slasher
    jump in C, crouch C, Moon Slasher
    **+jump in C, close A, SN, Moon Slasher
    **+jump in C, close B, SN, Moon Slasher
    **+jump in C, crouch A, SN, Moon Slasher
    **+jump in C, close C, SN, Moon Slasher
    * done close, if not would whiff ;)
    ** these moves can be replaced with jump in D or crossup C instead of jump in C
    + these moves can end with Heidern End instead.
    @@@@@@ OpponentS @@@@@@
    That's what all FAQ's comes down to doesn't it? If it can't help you to win what is it good for?
    I've already planned to write down this for the FAQ before it is written, Heidern is not really
    someone that is often used by seasoned player, in the arcade I always go to, there are only three
    person who uses Heidern quite regularly inclusive of me... so as someone who is often left on 
    the shelf, I'm sure that Heidern deserves a much better recognition than this.
    OK, here it is...
    Heidern is best kept in a medium length, meaning a two or one person distance away from your
    opponent, this is where your A cross cutter can do their jobs. A cross cutters are not just to
    hit people with. Hitting is fine.. but due to it's enormous width, it is good enough to keep your
    opponent from jumping and slow enough to keep your opponent from rolling.. be careful about the 
    distance, cause one wrong move usually means that your opponent would roll through and do their
    damage. BUT! with the right distance, even if they can roll through, you can either throw them
    with Lead Belcher or suck them dry with Storm Bringer. Interesting enough after a few successful
    hit with A cross cutten, they don't seem to jump so much anymore..
    CD, as a jumping move, it possess insane priority if done early enough, good enough for an anti 
    air move, so use this more often for anti air since it keeps the opponent to the distance you
    wanted to. Use this as a early anti air, when you anticipated a jump or a roll in, it's hard to
    estimate the timing, but the good part is the satisfaction you get and the screams of curses
    coming from your opponent when you pull this one off.
    Storm Bringer is an important arsenal in your weaponary. Throw one off while running towards your
    opponent, since they know you can't pull off a cross cutter, they'll try and make some move,
    they might jump, or they might AB roll, some turtler might wait for you to make some sorta move
    and they would move to counter it. As for the latter two, this is where Storm Bringer does it's 
    work. As the same as any command throw, the Storm Bringer does offer a teeny bit of invincibility
    frame, so make good use of it. It's especially good against AB rollers, one interesting bit, even
    if the opponent avoided the front part of your throw, they would still be sucked in if they're 
    backward, so in other words, it would never whiff on AB rollers.
    Throw in some crouching D's, abuse it's worth, it's long, have decent damage and most of all it have a heck
    of a range, throw a cross cutter and immediately do a crouching D's, you'll be surprised how much
    'feedback' you'll get.
    Begin your match by jump CD. It would tell you a lot on your enemy. If you do not know him well,
    offensive is always the best choice. Throw up a Storm Bringer when he does not do anything or
    just AB roll away when they simply AB roll back on their match.
    As a conclusion, keep your distance not too far.. abuse the A cross cutter, mix it up the next
    move between crouching D's or standing CD's. Once you phyche up your opponents, walk forward and
    use Storm Bringer whenever you feel lucky. All in all, give your opponents no time to think.. let
    you dominate.
    One very interesting tactic I've used, but don't do this often.. :p
    ok... this move was done after I've scared him a lot.. :) 
    Run forward, Storm Bringer, Run Forward Storm Bringer (* yep again...), and finally, Run Forward,
    B Killing Bringer... see how much damage you can do when you know what your opponent are doing?
    Anticipate your opponents move, kill them before they kill you...
    OK, he eat's up cross cutter's pretty usually, so try to keep a medium distance, throw crouching
    D's here and there, run up and do a Storm Bringer. For those who fancy fireballs, try to do a
    Rolling neck to counter him once in a while..
    Jump CD, stand CD, Cross Cutter, you name it, he pretty much eats everything of it.. but for 
    Orochi Yashiro, try to keep a medium distance and let your Cross Cutter phyche him up before you 
    do anything...
    Low jumper.. would eat most of the Cross Cutter you give him, and most of the time, fall for the
    silly wait and Storm Bringer move tactic. A 50% match depending on your opponent.
    Not good, throw her before she comes out of a roll, jump CD all you want, jump pray you don't
    land next to her..
    Cross Cutter, jump CD's .. usual tactic. If he's not stocked, run forward and give him a Storm
    Get in a comfortable distance, Cross Cutter.
    For other people, refer to the general tactics, it pretty much squares up everyone in the game..
    Well it does seems that Heidern abuses a lot on his Cross Cutter, see what I mean when I said 
    that Cross Cutter is not just for hitting your opponents? :)

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