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    Iori by BLui

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 05/11/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        King of Fighters '98 Iori Guide
                            Version 2.5, by Brian Lui. 
    v2.5 11/05/99  Added the Pressure Flowchart.  Small changes to some moves.
    v2.0 10/04/99  Changed many of the normal move entries; added an unfinished
                   pressure trap section.
    v1.5 22/01/99  Added uses for the low B, nail gale, jump B, jump C.
    v1.2 27/11/98  Changed scum gale entry.  Changed many of the character
                   matchup entries, added entries for Chris.
    v1.1 29/10/98  Second released version.  Now finally complete.  Awaiting
    v0.7 12/10/98  First released version.  Strategy section incomplete.
                   Sent to KoF ML for comments.
    The latest version of this guide can be found at:
    Please feel free to email me at _luibr@hkstar.com_ any suggestions or
    other comments you may have.
    1.	Introduction
      1.1     Purpose of this document
      1.2     Changes from '97
      1.3     The inevitable 'Why I like Iori Yagami' section
    2.      Moves
      2.1     Normals
      2.2     Command attacks & throws
      2.3     Specials
      2.4     DMs
    3.      Gameplay
      3.1     Combos
      3.2     Advanced vs. Extra
      3.3     Strategy
      3.4	  The Deadly Iori Pressure Tactic
      3.5     Matchups
    4.      Acknowledgements/Credits
    1. Introduction
    1.1  Purpose of this document
    To provide a guide for Iori Yagami in KOF '98 so that you can win your
    To encourage a higher level of Iori Yagami play.
    1.2  Changes from '97
    Depending on how you played Iori in '97, you will find that he has
    either not changed much at all, or changed for the worse.  If you are a
    scrubby fireball - DP pattern abuser, you will still have some success
    playing Iori that way in '98.  But if you played him really offensively
    and abused the scum gale, you will find him weaker.  This guide mainly
    concentrates on the second species of players, and offers a way to play
    Iori that is more effective than simple pattern manipulation.
    1.3  The inevitable 'Why I like Iori Yagami' section
    No reason, really. But I just think he looks really cute overall.  Oh,
    yeah, and he has nice hair.
    2. Moves
    When describing Iori's moves I'll rate each one's usefulness on a scale
    of one to five "stars," a technique pioneered by Andrew Park and Greg
    Kasavin in their excellent '97 Kim and Yashiro guides respectively (both
    are available at http://www.gamefaqs.com).  You might also notice that
    I copied the above sentence wholesale from Tony W's '98 Chris guide.
    That's how lazy I am.  But hey, I managed to turn out a 30KB+ guide, so
    I can't be all bad!
    2.1  Normals
    Standing A
    This is your normal, run-of-the-mill, interruptable standing A. Both
    the far and close versions of the standing A are a single light jab
    to the abdomen.  Quick to come out, but it has poor priority and you
    have better options such as the close C or low A.
    Usefulness: [*----]
    Far B
    A quick kick to the shins. It is quick to come out and will usually
    stuff anything that your opponent is attempting.  However, it is not
    interruptable and thusly not too useful.  For a quick poke you would
    normally want to stick to the low B; the far B is normally done when
    you were aiming for a close B but didn't get the range right.
    Usefulness: [*----]
    Close B
    A funny looking kick to the foot.  This kick hits low and is
    interruptable.  It is also fast to come out and will catch some
    people napping.  Follow up with a fw+A which can then be interrupted
    into many other things.
    It can also be used to set up a scum gale 'tick throw'; indeed every
    close standing or crouching light attack can.
    Usefulness: [***--]
    Far C
    A downwards claw swipe.  Has okay priority and is interruptable,
    normally cancelled into a fireball or deadly flowers.  Unlike in
    '97, however, the whole of the deadly flowers may not connect if the
    C is done from maximum range. It has a small delay at startup.
    Usefulness: [****-]
    Close C
    An upwards punch (or maybe a claw swipe, I couldn't see clearly).
    Interruptable and instant, and great air defense.  Has a tendency to
    whiff on crouchers, however.  This is your main combo starter.
    Usefulness: [*****]
    Far D
    A roundhouse kick to the stomach.  Has super priority and deceptively
    long range.  It will hit many jumpers and most ground attacks.  It is
    also good to stuff rolls with because it is quite meaty.  Anytime you
    are in 2-3 character widths you can stick this out safely.
    Usefulness: [*****]
    Close D
    A really high high kick.  Great priority against jumpers, but the
    close C is preferred because you can cancel it into a fireball for
    more block damage (they will get hit by the close C and then land on
    the fireball).  You can use this if you are not sure about the range
    of the close C and can't be bothered to input the motion for the
    Usefulness: [**---]
    Stand CD
    A shoulder charge.  This is cancellable.  It has very high priority
    (doesn't Iori have high priority for everything?  ^_^) and you can
    follow it up with a qcf+C for a good zoning tactic and to gain the
    Usefulness: [****-]
    Low A
    A punch.  Linkable from the low B and interruptable, you should be
    following your low Bs up with this without thinking.  Has a
    surprisingly long range for a low A as well.
    Usefulness: [****-]
    Low B
    A great poking move with a long range, this can be linked into a
    low A for instant combo damage from a single low kick!  But wait,
    there's more!  It will stuff or at least trade with most other low
    Bs, and you get a FREE set of six steak knives!
    Another use is as air defense.  Yes, that's right, air defense. Iori's
    sprite crouches so low that must air attacks not aimed specifically to
    hit low will whiff, and Iori can follow up with a combo.
    The low B is also low enough that if you do it repeatedly, you will
    be able to duck under Takuma, Ryo '95 fireballs.
    You don't actually get six steak knives, but it's still a great move.
    Usefulness: [*****]
    Low C
    An upwards claw swipe.  Also interruptable, and it is a superb move to
    use against rollers if you cannot manage to time your attack correctly.
    Usefulness: [***--]
    Low D
    A two-legged kick.  Comes out really quickly and has such great priority
    that it will even hit many DMs, this nevertheless has a big disadvantage
    when against people such as Chris or Iori: it has a long recovery.  It
    is tempting to overuse this move because of its long range and priority,
    but it is a bad habit which you should try to cure yourself of.
    Usefulness: [*----]
    Jumping A
    A punch.  Although at first it seems to be useless, it is in fact a
    superb attack.  It has supreme priority against enemies on the ground,
    can be as easily comboed from as any of the other jump attacks, and in
    addition can be used to set up a nasty scum gale 'tick throw'.
    Once you are familiar with Iori, use this punch occasionally.  You will
    find that it rapidly becomes an integral part of your offense.
    Usefulness: [****-]
    Jumping B
    A kick.  Sometimes you will get this if you are trying for a crossup but
    you got the range wrong.  You can still do a close standing B afterwards
    if you hit with this, though.
    This kick also stuffs many moves, and the hit stun is deceptively large;
    you can follow up even with a standing C combo as easily as you could
    with a heavy jump attack.  It has superb anti-air priority and, like
    the jumping A, can be used as a 'tick throw' setup.
    Usefulness: [****-]
    Jumping C
    The jumping C is important in higher levels of play.  There is a small
    delay before it comes out, and this can be used to fake the opponent into
    blocking if you do the move just before you land; then you can follow it up
    with a scum gale.  It also hits people who use Iori's low B as air defence,
    and it has great air to ground priority as well.
    Usefulness: [****-]
    Jumping D
    THE kick.  A roundhouse kick of godlike priority.  Feel free to hop D
    whenever you are bored.  Will trade with many anti-air or even hit cleanly.
    Also, it is much easier to follow up with a combo because the hit stun has
    been increased.  Air to air or air to ground, it is equally effective and
    has no weaknesses.
    Usefulness: [*****]
    Jumping CD
    This is a nerve strike to the neck.  This has superior air to air priority
    when compared to the jumping D, and you should use this in air battles.
    Usefulness: [***--]
    2.2  Command Attacks and Throws
    Thunder Axe Negative 'Death God' (Fwd + B)
    A very slow overhead.  This will not combo off of anything, and does not
    do much damage either.  You can use it occasionally as an insult or to
    mess with people's minds. ^_^  Sometimes it just appears when you are
    trying to do a close B, fw+A.
    It is cancellable if you linked it from a normal, though.
    Usefulness: [*----]
    Lily Break (Back + B in air)
    The longest range crossup in any game, anywhere.  Has superior priority
    and causes extremely long hit stun.  Normally when you going for the
    crossup, you should jump over your opponent, hold the joystick _forward_,
    and then press B.  The reason for this is that since you are already on
    the opposite side of your opponent, the joystick motion is interpreted as
    forward instead.  Sound confusing?  Don't worry, just do it that way.
    For extra fun, do two of these in a row.  Most opponents will get hit at
    least once.
    Usefulness: [****-]
    Dream Bullet (Fwd + A, A)
    Iori swipes exactly like his far C, and then does a second punch.  The
    first swipe has similar properties to the far C and can be chained into
    and cancelled - for example a close B, fwd + A, qcf+C.  The second punch
    is not really that useful; only use it after a crossup, close B, fw + A.
    Mainly used in combo attempts.
    Usefulness: [****-]
    Reverse Rip (Fwd/Back + C [close])
    A normal throw.  Nothing special about it.
    Reversed Reverse Rip (Fwd/Back + D [close])
    A normal D button throw which reverses direction.  Again, nothing special.
    2.3  Specials
    Yami Barai (QCF + P)
    Iori's fireball which travels along the ground.  The C version has been
    sped up slightly since '97.  Recovery on this move is okay, but don't get
    too predictable with it or only do it from maximum range.
    Usefulness: [***--]
    Oni Yaki (DP + P)
    Iori's uppercut.  Never use the C version unless you are sure that the
    opponent will jump.  The A version of the uppercut now always knocks
    down, has tremendous priority, and many characters cannot retaliate even
    if it is blocked.  However, DP+A does not in fact have any autoguard, and
    hence will trade with selected moves (Kyo's jump dn+C being one example).
    Has decent recovery as well, so you can always do one of these
    if you anticipate a hop without placing yourself in too much danger.
    Usefulness: [*****]
    Aoi Hana (QCB + P, x3)
    The famous Iori sliding punches.  Still deals great damage.  However as
    mentioned above all of it may not combo from a far C, so reserve it for
    after a DP+K or close C, fw+A.  The C version has longer range but is
    slower to recover.  If your first hit gets blocked, usually you should
    not perform the 2nd and 3rd hits, and you should be safe from retaliation.
    A note about the A version of this move:  it can be used as a good poking
    device.  It has incredible speed and can hit your opponent out of many
    heavy punches or kicks.  Since you cannot be punished after the first
    sliding punch, you can do lots of QCB+P (1st hit) in a row.
    Usefulness: [*****]
    Koto Moon Negative (HCB + K)
    Doesn't have great priority, and the sliding punches do more damage
    in combos.
    The only use this move has is to counter slides such as Chris' or
    Chizuru's, since it is partly invulnerable to low attacks.
    Usefulness: [*----]
    Scum Gale (HCB, F + P)
    A command throw which can be followed up with a dash, close C, fw+A.  This
    move now only comboes off of a close B or close/low A.  Also this move is
    not instant coming out, and has inferior priority.  It also has poor range.
    There are a few useful uses for this move; either as a frankensteiner type of
    move for when your opponent is getting up, or a dash-in throw on a turtling
    opponent.  There are some invincible frames which you can get with precise
    timing, but it is better to use it when your opponent least expects it.
    Another very important facet of this throw is that it has a slight delay
    before it comes out.  Although this seems to be a disadvantage, it actually
    means that it is simply superb when used in a tick throw.  You can do the
    scum gale right after your recovery from a light attack, and it will be
    guaranteed to connect if they block and do not jump.
    'Frankensteiner' use means waiting until your opponent has risen completely
    from the ground before doing the scum gale.  If your opponent is blocking
    and your timing is correct, you should be able to throw them.  Obviously do
    not do this against grapplers.
    Usefulness: [*****]
    Nail Gale (DP + K)
    The D version goes farther than the B version.  Iori moves back a bit
    before performing this move, and this can be used to escape many attacks.
    A sliding punches can be comboed after this move whether blocked or hit,
    and I would advice always doing a qcf+A after this move.  Has good
    priority.  One great trick is to do a CD, then a DP+K.  Many people will
    CD counter your CD, and they will miss and you will hit with the nail gale
    instead!  It has a lot of invincible frames at the startup of the move.
    The invincible frames can also be used to go through projectiles.  Time
    your nail gale so that you execute the move just as the fireball is about
    to hit you.  If you can predict it, this can also be used to pass through
    a standing heavy poke such as Clark's standing D.
    Usefulness: [****-]
    2.4  DMs
    Eight Maidens (QCF, HCB + P)
    DM:  Iori runs up to his opponent, and claws and punches them a bit.
         Then he hits them and they catch fire.
    SDM: Iori looks a bit crazy, and runs up to his opponent.  Then he claws
         them to the ground and claws them a bit more.  Then he like punches
         them a bit.  He looks really cute during this move.
    The SDM version only does very slightly more than the DM version.  This
    move has great priority and will hit cleanly 75% of jump ins, normals,
    and most other DMs.  It will go under high fireballs like Kensou's or
    Athena's.  It is very fast.  The lag if it is blocked has been reduced,
    but you can still be easily punished if your opponent is awake.  It will
    combo off of any cancellable hit.
    The SDM version also has a slight pause at the beginning which means it
    may not combo in as many situations, which is another reason to stick
    with the DM.  Also, this move has lost its sucking ability against
    jumpers it had in '97, so you will have to time it a tiny bit more
    accurately now.
    Usefulness: [*****]
    Eight Wine Goblets (QCB, HCF+P)
    A big fireball which rises into a vertical column of flame.  If you
    actually manage to strike someone with it, they are paralysed and you
    can follow up with whatever you want.
    If you hold down the button, Iori will hold the flame.  During this time
    90% of physical attacks will pass straight through him; however this is
    useless if your opponents roll behind you.
    Usefulness: [*----]
    3. Gameplay
    3.1  Combos
    More suggestions are welcome.
    Jumping combos
    Jump D, C, fwd + A, QCB + P x3        - your standard combo.
    Jump D, C, fwd + A, QCF + P           - if your combo gets blocked.
    Jump D, C, fwd + A, DP+K, QCB + P x3  - if you aim for a guard crush.
    Jump D, C, QCF + P                    - if you are not in close C range.
    Jump bk+B, B, fwd + A, QCB + P x3     - to be safe, don't do the
                                            second A on the fwd + A, A.
    Jump bk+B, B, fwd + A, A, QCF, HCB +P - if you see your bk + B hit.
    These are pretty much the only jump combos you need.  The first two are
    the most useful and you should be in the habit of tapping out D, C, A
    whenever you jump in.
    Ground combos
    Close C, fwd + A, QCB + C x3          - your standard combo.
    Close C, fwd + A, QCF, HCB + P        - your standard DM combo.
    Low B, low A, fwd + A, QCB + C x3     - some people like to miss out the                                    fw + A after the low A.  I'm so
                                            fw + A.  If you hit quite far with
                                            the low B, sometimes the fw + A will
                                            not connect.  This is one of those
                                            comboes requiring judgement, but you
                                            can do the combo without the fw + A
                                            and using QCB + A instead, for less
                                            damage.                                get the low A to link.
    Low B, low A, fwd + A, QCF, HCB + P   - you can do this combo very easily by
                                            using the KOF '98 shortcut method.
                                            An explanation of the shortcut:
                                            if you hold down the 'B' button, and
                                            do a QCF from your crouch position,
                                            a fwd + A (instead of QCF + A) will
                                            come out.  Only release the 'B'
                                            button when you do the final HCB + P.
    Low B, low A, QCB + A x3              - sometimes you will find that you
                                            are too far away to tack on an extra
                                            fwd + A; in this case use the light
                                            version of the deadly flowers.
    Far C, QCF + C                        - a zoning maneuver.
    CD, DP + K, QCB + P x3                - useful against people who CD
                                            CD counter all the time.
    Skill combos
    AKA 'combos you wouldn't perform in a real match unless you played 8
    hours of KOF every day.'
    Jump bk+B, B, HCB, F+P, A, HCB, F+P, dash, C, fwd + A, QCF, HCB + P
    (opponent near corner)
    Jump Bk+B -> A -> C -> Fd+A -> QCB+C (x3) Big opponent
    Jump+D -> A -> C -> QCB+C (x3) Big opponent in corner
    Jump Bk+B -> A -> C -> QCB+C (x3) Anyone
    A maiden masher can be substitued anywhere for the deadly flowers.
    3.2  Advanced vs. Extra
    Choose advanced.  Extra means you have to turtle and use the fireball
    DP pattern and you won't be able to be aggressive so much.  Iori needs
    to be aggressive to be played the way he was supposed to be.  Of course
    you can win matches by turtling and outprioritising with him, but you
    can pick Goro for that, can't you?  If any extra mode players are having
    success with Iori, please tell me.
    3.3  Strategy
    Iori has a range of moves that means that he is effective at any range,
    but he prefers to be up close in order to inflict damage.
    The moves you will use to zone will be the jump D, the standing D, the
    low B, and the DP to repel jumpers.  When you are in the range that you
    desire you will be able to use Iori's powerful options to win matches.
    Poking with QCB + A
    This, along with the low B and standing B, is the move that you will use
    from its maximum range for poking and stuffing anything that they may try
    to do.  It has really high priority.  Just do the first QCB and then try
    some of the others; don't overuse this.  It is quite vulnerable to sweeps
    Mind games after blocked QCB + P
    Do you see what the computer does with its QCB + A?  That's right, it
    delays a bit before the second and third punches, hoping to trap you into
    its high priority punches.  You can do the same thing.  Sometimes, after
    a blocked QCB + A, do another QCB + A (also unpunishable), and your
    opponent will not be so quick to counterattack.
    Poking with DP + K
    Your opponent just out of standing D range, but not at max screen range
    for a fireball?  Now, the new and improved Iori Yagami has the DP + B
    move!  Just do this move out of nowhere and tag on a QCB + A, and you'll
    be laughing in no time!  Outprioritises most late jump/hops, heavy kicks
    or punches, and even stuffs rolls!
    Poking with CD -> QCF + P or DP + K
    Another fun mind game.  If your opponent is getting CD counter happy, do
    the CD -> DP + B, I'm sure you know what happens by now.  Then, when your
    opponent is not in such a CD countering mood, do a few CD -> QCF + C.  And
    follow _that_ up with either a standing D or DP + B.  The great thing about
    Iori is that you once you've decided on zoning maneuver, there isn't much
    your opponent can do to prevent you.
    Zoning with QCF + P
    Basically, uh, when you're at max range, do a fireball.  Also the fireball
    is excellent for stuffing rolls that land in front of you, and also good
    for giving hoppers something to land on, when you can't be bothered to
    input the maiden masher command.  Other than that, it's excellent for
    putting some distance between you and your opponent by doing it from a
    standing C or CD or fw + A.
    Use of the low B
    This is very useful, simply because of the possible followups.
    1)  Do a low A, then a QCF + P or QCB + P.  Basically, if it hits, you
    want to do this.  Even if it doesn't hit you can still do this, because
    it's risk-free.
    2)  Dash, do a scum gale.  This takes skill, but you will be rewarded well
    if you manage to get it off.  Set it up by doing a few of 3).
    3)  Dash, then another low B.  Then do another one of these options, 
    especially 2).
    4)  Hop D.  Keep the pressure on and hopefully get a guard crush.
    5)  As air defense.  Just spaz on the button.
    If you think your opponent is going to attack you, do a maiden masher if
    you have stock, a DP + A if you don't have stock.  If you think he's not
    going to attack you then do a low B, low A link.
    Ground games
    You have some limited options:  you can use the Lily Break crossup, you
    can do a close B - fw + A link, you can do a CD -> DP + K, or a low B,
    scum gale.
    Air defence
    Loads!  Here, in order of effectiveness:
    Maiden Masher
    Oni Yaki
    Close standing C
    Close standing D
    Standing D
    Low D
    QCB + A
    Start of the match
    You don't need to roll back like everyone else does.  If you see your
    opponent jumping, you can knock them out of the air.  If they roll back,
    okay, dash then, you've got the initiative.  If they walk towards you,
    just stay there and you'll start off the round evenly.  If they roll
    forward, then do a low B, low A link.  If they dash forward, then like do
    a hop D and you will usually 'hit' them.
    3.4 The Deadly Iori Pressure Tactic
    For the first time, I have made available a flow chart.
    It's easy to use.
    ~~ Topic ~~  means a main topic which has branched alternatives for you
    to continue your pressure attack with.
    [Topic] means that the branch you are on has arrived at a different
    branching point.
    :: means that you should take a different branch depending on whether
    your attack was blocked or not.
    **Fin means that the pressure tactic has finished (either you have landed
    a combo, or you are out of range for further attacks).
    Note that you can enter this pressure series at any point with a
    ~~ Topic ~~ header, and that many of the branches loop back to another
    starting point branch; this is what makes Iori's pressure game so powerful.
    ========================  =======================  ========================
    ~~ jump/hop C/D ~~
    -> low B -> low A       ::hit -> qcb+A x 3 	**Fin
                    -> [jump A/B]
                    -> dash -> [scum gale]
                    -> qcf+P 			**Fin
    -> far C        ::hit -> [combo]
            -> QCF+C				**Fin
            -> [DP+K]
    -> [DP+K]
    -> [jump/hop C/D]
    -> [jump/hop A/B]
    -> [jump/hop CD]
    -> [crossup bk+B]
    ~~jump/hop A/B~~
            -> C -> fw+A -> [combo]
    	-> C -> fw+A -> QCF+C			**Fin
    	-> [scum gale]
    	-> close B      ::hit
            	-> fw+A -> [combo]
            	-> [scum gale]
            	-> fw+A -> QCF+C		**Fin
    -> [crossup bk+B]
    -> [jump/hop A/B]
    ~~crossup bk+B~~
    -> [scum gale]
    -> close B      ::hit
            -> fw+A -> [combo]
            -> scum gale
            -> fw+A -> QCF+C			**Fin
    -> C -> fw+A    ::hit -> [combo]
                    ::blocked -> QCF+C		**Fin
    -> [crossup bk+B]
    -> [jump/hop A/B]
    ~~jump CD~~
    -> [DP+K]
    -> far C        ::hit -> [combo]
                    ::blocked -> QCF+C		**Fin
    ::hit -> qcb+A x 3				**Fin
    ::blocked -> qcb+A -> [qcb+A]
    -> DP+K -> [DP+K]
    -> qcb+A (2nd)  ::hit -> qcb+A			**Fin
            -> qcb+A				**Fin
            -> [DP+K]
            -> QCF, HCB+P				**Fin
    ~~scum gale~~
    -> C -> [combo]
    -> C -> [combo]
    -> dash -> C -> fw+A -> [combo]
    -> dash -> C -> fw+A -> [combo]
    -> QCB+C x 3					**Fin
    -> QCF, HCB+P					**Fin
    ========================  =======================  ========================
    Quite a handful, huh?  It takes getting used to.  Unfortunately I could not
    depict this visually because it is so complicated and to do so would take
    up horrendous amounts of space, not to mention that it would be even more
    confusing than it already is.
    3.5  Matchups
    I've only listed the people that I have played against often... I would
    not be able to offer qualified advice for other characters.
    Yuck!  Well if the Goro turtles, do a few fireballs to wake him up.
    your DM sometimes only trades with his jump D or low D.
    However, Goro is one of the few characters against whom it is safe to
    do the low D.  He does not have any long ranged moves to punish you with.
    Oh, and don't jump.  ^_^
    Goro's standing B is not much of a problem for Iori, fortunately.  If they
    get predictable, do a nail gale.  The nail gale has loads of invincible
    frames right at the start, and you will pass through their low B and whap
    Clark will 'throw' you and 'poke' you with his low D, D, and jump D.
    Uhh.... don't let him get close.  ^_^  Use the stand D a lot more in this
    matchup.  Beware of the frankensteiner, as soon as you see Clark do a
    frankensteiner, jump.  That move has huge huge lag if whiffed.
    Kim has gotten a 'priority' in '98.  Just don't throw so many fireballs
    and you should be okay.
    Not sure... but if you manage to get past his jump C you should have
    no problem.  Maybe anticipate a jump and DM him.
    You should know what to do by now.  Watch for those amusing QCB + A
    exchanges.  ^_^  It is even more important in this match to get the
    initiative and keep attacking.
    You can DM through her fireball.  Don't jump so often against her
    as you'll eat a DM.  Shouldn't be a problem, just be careful looking out
    for the standard teleport/command throw tactics.
    Shermie will try to 'throw' you.  Don't let her 'throw' you.  Also watch
    out for her QCB + P move. You should be using the DP + K poke more in
    this matchup.
    O. Yashiro
    Jump earlier than he does and you should be able to hit him out of his
    hop D.  Keep hopping vertically a lot with your jump D. Watch out for his
    scum spider, you should be able to jump on reaction once you have seen it
    a few times in action.
    '95 Ryo
    DM him whenever he does a ground fireball.  Roll through his air
    fireball and combo.  
    Here's the move you'll need to counter all those annoying sliders:
    The HCB + K.
    Yes, you read right.  Chris will completely miss you with his slide, and
    you can watch as Chris' head hits the ground and bursts into flame.  Very
    You can maiden masher Chris between his fw + A and hcb + P (two handed
    swing and then an elbow with followup) moves.  The timing is quite
    difficult, though.
    Do not try to attack Chris after a blocked or hit hcb + P or slide. You
    can't.  He has no lag time.
    Against Chris' jump CD, there is really only one practical solution; jump
    earlier with your jump D.  In fact, really abuse your jump D in this
    matchup, as Chris does not have many moves that can hit you out of it
    (you can cleanly hit Chris out of his DP+K).
    Watch out for Chris' scum spider move.  It has even shorter startup time
    than O Yash's, though, and it's not always possible to jump on reaction.
    This is another reason why you should be jumping all the time, you should
    be really aggressive so that he does not have time to start up his jump CD.
    If you would like any more guidelines for playing against certain
    characters, just e-mail me and tell me which character you are having
    trouble with.
    4.  Acknowledgements/Credits
    Please tell me if you would like a 'credit'.
    * The King of Fighters Mailing List. Email kof-request@dhp.com with
      SUBSCRIBE as the subject to subscribe.  Well, actually they haven't
      given me any comments yet.
    * Guide layout stolen from Tony W's Chris guide.  Before his guide,
      there was an unwritten rule that overpowered characters did not get
      FAQs.  Now all that has changed, so expect a Goro FAQ soon.
    * Namco Wonderpark at the World Trade Center and that little arcade in
      Wan Chai near Hopewell Centre where it's $4 a game.
    * TheXar <kahlim@pop.cyberway.com.sg> for hella scum gale advice and
      character matchup advice too, particularly Goro and '95 Ryo.
    * Soleilmoon <riggs@btinternet.com> for, like, those combos.
    * Moonrun <m00nrun@yahoo.com> for, like, even more combos.

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