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    Joe by ABelonio

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    The King of Fighters ’98
    Joe Higashi Character Guide.
    version 1.0
    I:    About the Author
    II:   Introduction ( Character profile, 
          Basic fighting system )
    III:  Quotes, Taunt, Poses, etc.
    IV:   Movelist
    V:    Normal Moves
    VI:   Special Moves,DMs
    VII:  Combos
    VIII: Strategy
    IX:   Miscellaneous stuff
    This FAQ is was created 1998 by Abe Belonio. No part of this faq may be used 
    for profit or promotion. This faq may be distributed only by electronic media 
    and may be modified as long as this disclaimer appears in full. This faq may be 
    posted at any site only with the permission of its creator. For questions and 
    comments, I can be reached at hiryu33@hotmail.com. Thanks for reading this 
    faq, I hope it helps. May you win all your challenges!
    Abe Belonio
    I: About the Author: I read somewhere that you shouldn’t believe 
    everything you read, so, here are my credentials. I’ve been playing 
    King of Fighters since its inception in 1994. And I have been playing 
    KOF 98 since it came out, using Joe again as a main fighter. I’ve been 
    using Joe as my best character since KOF 96. In KOF 97, I was a very 
    good Joe player, being able to win my matches consistently and even 
    being able to defeat on a consistent basis even the orochi characters. 
    ( Iori, Leona, Yashiro, etc.)In this guide I hope to share my 
    techniques in using Joe as a very strong character in a challenge match 
    against players of all skill levels. I hope this guide helps you in 
    using Joe. 
    II: Introduction: This is an in-depth guide to Joe Higashi, friend of 
    the Bogards and KOF contender since 1994. In KOF 98, Joe comes back 
    with nearly the same style and strength as in KOF 97. Although not as 
    popular as Terry or Andy, Joe is able to hold his own against them or 
    any other character. And in the hands of the right player with the 
    right techniques, Joe will win. Joe has also beefed up since his early 
    days and no longer looks scrawny. Instead, great pectorals and 
    washboard abs add definition to his figure. His Muay Thai kickboxing 
    skill is renowned in international circles. And Joe has the belt (and 
    trophies) to prove it. Always rash, reckless and impulsive, Joe often 
    serves as a foil to Andy’s serious manner and Terry’s silent angst. 
    Always willing to laugh and joke, Joe also loves traveling with Terry, 
    Andy and Mai. But then again, when you’re a kickboxing champ, you don’t 
    worry about money. Though he’s not romantically attached at the moment, 
    Joe’s not exactly despondent (When does Joe Higashi get the girl?). 
    So then, lets get down to business. Yossha!
    Fighting System: I use Advanced exclusively, and this guide is made for 
    a fighter using Advanced Mode. Also, Advanced is ideal for an 
    aggressive and dynamic way of fighter. And a lot of Joe’s technique 
    relies on advanced modes’ running and rolling techniques. So if you’re 
    an Extra mode player and feel there are techniques only available in 
    Extra mode that I missed, inform me. All the directions in this guide 
    assume you are facing right.
    F= Forward      DF= Diagonally down-forward    HCF= Half circle forward
    B= Back         DB= Diagonally down-back       P= Punch
    D= Down         QCB= Quarter circle back       K= Kick
    U= Up           QCF= Quarter circle forward
    III: Quotes, Taunt, Poses, etc.
    Win Quote: 
    How’s that? I’m the Satan of martial arts.
    Taunt: Joe turns his back to the opponent, pulls down his shorts and 
    moons the opponent.
    First round intro:
    Joe appears in his champion’s robe from Fatal Fury the Movie.
    Normal round intro: 
    Joe slams his fist into his palm twice, then points at the opponent and 
    says Sakusaku ikuze!  Lets finish this quickly!
    Against King:
    Joe turns his back to the player then spins around with his 
    championship belt around his waist, laughing hysterically while King 
    holds a hand to her head in an expression of exasperation.
    Win poses: ( selected by holding down a button after winning a match )
    Button A: Joe goes down on his knees, lifts his arms above his head and 
    shouts “ Yossha!” “All right!”
    Button B: Joe turns his back, points down at the opponent and says 
    “Tatte!”  “Get up!”
    Button C: Joe does a short punch combo and ends with his arm in a 
    defiant gesture and says “Yossha”
    Button D: Joe begins to chuckle while still in his fighting stance and 
    ends up laughing with his hands on his hips.
    IV: Movelist:
     Command Attacks:
    Shin Kick: F + B    bufferable, can be chained from a close standing or
                        crouching C, can be followed with any special move
    Slide Kick: DF + B  can be chained from a close standing or crouching C
    Hurricane Upper: HCF + P
    Slash Kick:      HCF + K
    Tiger Kick:      F,D,DF + K
    Golden Heel:     QCB + K
    TNT Punches:     Tap P rapidly
    TNT Finisher:    D,DF,F + P after TNT punches
    V: Normal Moves: Muay Thai Power! 
    Joe Higashi has trained in the ways of Muay Thai from childhood and has 
    reached the heights of the international fighting circuit. In fact, it 
    was through competition that he met Andy while training in Japan. And 
    later, Terry in Southtown. Muay Thai uses all the parts of the body as 
    weapons, and is a very brutal fighting style. Joe relies on his 
    powerful kicks as well as his variety of quick and effective punches to 
    ensure victory. His closed stance allows few opening in his defence and 
    allows him to unleash quick attacks at close range.  
    Moves are rated from 1 to 5 stars (***) with 1 meaning more or less 
    useless, while 5 means a very useful and effective move.
    Standing A
    Rating: ***
    Joe throws out a short quick jab with his far hand.
    A semi useful poking move, this jab has decent priority if used with 
    the right timing. You can also do a small combo by pressing repeatedly 
    and this can be chained into his TNT punches. 
    Standing B:
    Rating: ***
    Joe does a traditional Muay Thai push kick, stretching his leg 
    straight out.
    This is also a very good poking move, due to its longer range than the 
    Standing A. Also, this kick doesn’t hit right away, it only hits in its 
    last frames. This is good for confusing the opponent with its quirky 
    timing. You can also chain this from a Standing A. the downside is that 
    you can’t buffer anything after this, thus limiting its usefulness. 
    Standing C
    Rating: ****
    Joe throws out a Straight Punch with his near hand.
    Good damage, decent speed, good reach. Fairly useful for poking, this 
    can be used to punish an opponent’s minor mistakes. Don’t count on 
    using this that often, as you’ll have more use for the Standing D.
    Standing D
    Rating: ****
    Joe swings a powerful roundhouse with his near leg.
    This is one of Joe’s more useful normal moves. It’s quite good for 
    poking, has decent speed, and has more range than most opponent’s 
    sweeps and pokes. You’ll be using this a lot, especially to keep the 
    opponent in the corner. Only down side is that it has a bit of lag at 
    the end if it whiffs. And it doesn’t have a Close D version.
    Standing CD
    Rating: *
    Joe does a slow high roundhouse to his foe’s head with his far leg.
    This move is, unfortunately, quite useless. It’s too slow, can be 
    ducked, has fairly low priority to boot. Only possible use is to fake 
    this into a canceled hurricane upper.
    Crouching A
    Rating: ***
    Quick, fast, accurate, this is one of Joe’s better low moves. It can be 
    chained from his low B and linked to another A 2 or 3 times. Short 
    range, though, but at least it’s bufferable into the TNT Punches. 
    Crouching B
    Rating: *** 
    Another quick and fast move, you can chain 2 to 3 of these together or 
    chain an A ( low or high ) to the second B and take it from there.
    Crouching C
    Rating: ***
    This move is quite fast, has good priority, and can be chained to 
    almost anything. The disadvantage to this move is that it’s range is 
    fairly short even though Joe slides forward a bit when executing it. 
    Its fairly useful for stifling the opponent’s combos at short range, 
    and if it’s blocked, just buffer in a Hurricane Upper to be safe.
    Crouching D
    Rating: ***
    This move has greater range than in KOF 97, but it’s no longer as 
    useful, since it’s more difficult to cancel into a Jab Hurricane due to 
    KOF 98’s move detection. Still, the range is good, though it seems 
    slower. You still can cancel into a special, it’s just more difficult 
    to do.
    Close A
    Rating: ***
    This is similar in priority and damage to his Standing A, but Joe bends 
    his arm a bit. This main use for this is that it can be comboed into 
    either of Joe’s DMs. But due to the range needed to do this, you’re 
    better off doing a Close C, Fwd + B into a special move. And the damage 
    will be higher.
    Close C
    Rating: ****
    Joe throws out a short, vicious bodyblow with his near hand.
    This is the move you’ll be using in most of your combos. It’s fast, has 
    good priority and damage. Plus, you can combo this into almost any 
    command or special attack. A slight disadvantage is that this move is 
    so fast you may have difficulty comboing this into special moves, but 
    with practice it becomes second nature.
    Jumping D
    Rating: **** 
    Most of Joe’s air attacks are nor really effective and you won’t be 
    using them much so I’ll concentrate on the really useful Jumping D.
    This is the move that Joe will use almost always in the air. It’s 
    angled down and forward and is the best air-to-ground and air-to-air
    offense and defense. This can be comboed into a Close C or almost any 
    other attack. 
    VI: Special Moves and DMs
    Moves are rated in the same way as Joe’s normal moves. 
    Hurricane Upper
    Rating: *****
    (A button throws one hurricane, while C does 2.) 
    Joe slides forward slightly and does a quick uppercut, kicking up a 
    whirlwind in front of him.
    This is one of the most useful moves that Joe has. It has quick 
    recovery time and can interrupt almost any move used by the opponent if 
    timed correctly. This will also knock an enemy out of the air if the 
    opponent tries to jump from sweep distance. This will make up most of 
    your offense if used in conjunction with Joe’s zoning tactics. More on 
    this in the strategy section.
    Slash Kick
    Rating: ****
    ( B button travels ¼ screen distance, D travels about half the screen )
    Joe turns around, leaps forward and kicks out with his rear leg.
    This move is useful mostly as a combo move chained from his Shin Kick, 
    and it does decent damage on its own. The problem with this is if done 
    too deep and blocked, ( esp. the D version ) it leaves Joe open to a 
    devastating counter attack. But its good for catching an opponent 
    unawares. As with the Hurricane Upper, this is best used in combos or 
    as part of Joe’s zoning game.
    Tiger Kick
    Rating: ***
    Joe does his trademark jumping knee attack.
    This move is quite improved from 97, though it’s still a bit tough to 
    use effectively. This will now knock a standing opponent down in one 
    hit, and it seems to be quicker and have more priority in KOF 98. This 
    can be used on high jumping opponents although the Golden Heel works 
    just as well. Overall, you won’t be using this very often.
    Golden Heel
    ( range is similar to Slash Kick )
    Rating: ****
    Joe leaps forward and arcs his near leg through a semicircle 
    in the air.
    This move, used with anticipation and zoning tactics, is Joe’s bestanti-air 
    defence. Plus, if you catch the foe midair in the corner, you can chain this 
    to a Slash kick for more damage. This will almost always catch a high jumping 
    opponent when done a bit early. And this can be done on a standing opponent 
    from the correct range without being countered if blocked. Pretty effective, 
    though timing is a must.
    TNT Punches
    Rating: ***
    Joe throws out a fast punch combo which connects with several hits.
    This move is pretty good, but hard to begin and end. Chain this from a 
    low B, low A then hammer the A button to chain the punches. Good attack 
    from close range, but you have to finish it quickly with either 
    finisher before the opponent can recover. The A finisher will hit a 
    ducking opponent, while the C version will knock down. Do not try this 
    against grapplers! The close range needed to connect with this move 
    will often result in you getting thrown before you know what hit you.
    Screw Upper
    Joe lets loose with this trademark super whirlwind uppercut. DM special 
    is a stationary hurricane, while SDM flies across the screen.
    In 98, this move seems slightly less effective than in 97, mostly due 
    to the fact that it’s easier to roll though. His DM now travels forward 
    a bit, allowing an opponent to roll through and get between Joe and the 
    Screw Upper. This is balanced a bit by its stronger anti-air priority. 
    Though it seems no longer possible to chain a Golden heel or Jumping CD 
    after it connects.
    Muay Thai Explosion
    Rating: ****
    This is one of Joe’s best combo finishers, especially if buffered from 
    a Jump D, Close C, fwd B combo. This has decent priority, though some 
    normal and special moves will interrupt this DM. It also does good 
    blocking damage, though the foe will usually CD counter if he does 
    block this. The only problem is that this is more difficult to do in 
    98’ coz of the move detection. Other than that, a solid, effective 
    VII: Combos
    Joe is a good combo machine, though in a challenge match the opponent 
    will usually CD counter you out of your combos. But when the 
    opportunity arises, Joe has good 3 to 4 hit combos that end with 
    specials or DMs to punish the opponent. But Joe is more effective as a 
    zoning fighter. Anyway, here are some combos:
    Jump D, Standing C, Fwd + B, Slash Kick/Tiger Kick/Muay Thai Exp.DM
    Crouching B, Crouching A, TNT Punches
    Crouching B, Standing A, Screw Upper/Muay Thai Explosion DM
    Crouching C, Fwd + B, Slash Kick
    Close C/Crouching C, Hurricane Upper/Muay Thai Explosion DM
    Crouching B, Crouching A, Standing A, Standing B
    VIII: Strategy
    Range, Range, Range!
    This section is dedicated to helping you hone your skills and win 
    against scrubs. Joe is deadly if used correctly, and correct use 
    depends on using Joe’s best skills. The most effective use of Joe is to 
    utilize his zoning techniques. Meaning, to maneuver the opponent into a 
    distance or range that Joe is more effective at. Joe’s most effective 
    range is just outside sweep distance or roughly 2½ character widths. 
    This range is even more effective with the foe in the corner. From this 
    range, your special moves have a greater chance of connecting, you can 
    force the opponent into making mistakes and take advantage of his 
    errors. If the foe tries to jump, you can usually counter with a 
    hurricane upper or an early Golden Heel. To do this, try throwing 2 or 3 
    hurricane uppers in quick succession. But the more experienced 
    fighter will roll though the projectiles. So what to do is throw one or 
    two, then wait for his roll, and grab and throw him out of it. 
    Anticipating the next projectile, most players will roll. By throwing 
    him out of it, you’ll put him back on the defensive. Then you cansoften 
    him up with hurricane uppers. With the opponent in the corner 
    try this, do 2 or three hurricanes, then anticipate the roll and apply 
    the throw. With him back in the corner throw 2 or 3 hurricanes again. 
    At this point, he’ll try to jump. Do a standing D immediately after the2nd or 
    3rd hurricane, and you’ll either connect or be blocked. Either 
    way, follow up with a B Golden Heel, and if you’re lucky, he’ll try to 
    jump again and you’ll hit him in midair. Then you can juggle with a B 
    Slash Kick. Repeat this, and he’ll try a special move after the 
    hurricanes, so be prepared to block or roll. Then punish him. Or you 
    can psyche him out even more by running at him and doing a Close C, Fwd + B, 
    Hurricane Upper combo. Even if he blocks, you’ll do some damage. 
    You could also do one combo, then while he’s waiting for the follow up 
    attack, move close and throw him. Mix up these techniques, and you can 
    effectively confuse the opponent. These are the basic combos you need 
    to keep in  mind. Be prepared to apply whichever strategy is best at 
    the moment, and don’t forget to mix them up and be unpredictable.
    I’ve been able to win consistently by doing this. Word of warning!!! 
    The effective range for Joe is also an effective range for grapplers 
    like Clark and Goro. Grapplers will usually try to anticipate your 
    projectiles and roll through. Don’t go crazy with projectiles coz 
    they’ll roll and command throw. Try to hold back and anticipate the 
    roll, then grab and throw before they come out of the roll. This is the 
    best advice I can give you. Punish mistakes at close to point-blank 
    range with a Close C, Fwd + B into a Muay Thai Explosion DM. At longer 
    ranges use the B Slash Kick to punish mistakes like a blocked Power 
    Geyser or a whiffed uppercut, although Joe is fast enough to run in and 
    apply a combo. A slight problem is that Joe doesn’t have a really good 
    anti-air attack. His Tiger kick is only effective against high jumpers, 
    and his Golden Heel is best used early or with anticipation. A good 
    idea is to CD counter against jumping attacks to put them in the corner 
    and on the defensive. Try to find your own style, but I find that the 
    strategy above works best for me, anyway, thanks for reading this. May 
    you win all your challenges!
    IX: Miscellaneous stuff
    Well, this is version 1.0. There is no Extra Mode or 95’ Style Joe info 
    because I don’t use Extra Mode, and IMHO the 95’ version of Joe is 
    really weak compared to the 98 version. Sorry. This is done to help Joe 
    players win in challenges and I hope I have achieved that aim. Thanks 
    for reading this, and if you have any questions, comments or 
    suggestions, I can be reached at hiryu33@hotmail.com. 

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