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    Kyo by LYeo

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 10/30/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    KOF98 Kyo98 Skills and Guide FAQ Version 0.3
    KOF98 - The King Of Fighters 98.
    Japanese Slogan - Dream Match Never Ends.
    U.S Slogan - The Slugfest.
    Version Recap : 24/10/1998. Ver 0.1 (Unreleased Version)
    		25/10/1998. Ver 0.2 (First Released Version)
    		30/10/1998. Ver 0.3 (Added 1 new combo, Ascii Art Logo by
    				     Rurouni Sephiroth, correct move names
                                         were also added through Shoji Takorin's
    Author: Lennert Yeo/ Ben|maru 
    E-Mail: yagami01@mbox4.singnet.com.sg / lennert_y@hotmail.com
    Note: This FAQ is emphasizing on using Kyo more effectively, u must have
    basic knowledge of the game and the character's moves before reading this 
    faq. This faq is emphasizing on the 'ADVANCED' mode of Kyo, fighting 
    strategy, and of course, everything about Mr. Kyo Kusanagi.
    1.0: Kyo's Profile.
    1.1: Kyo's Special Moves.
    1.2: Desperation Moves.
    1.3: Chain Combos.
    1.4: Combos.
    1.5: Notes and important stuff.
    1.6: Tips when fighting the CPU.
    1.7: In case you don't know.
    1.8: Author's Profile.
    1.9: Credits Section.
    2.0: Ending Column.
    1.0: Kyo's Profile.
    Full name: Kyo Kusanagi.
    Birthday : 12th of December.
    Age      : 20 (20 forever?).
    Place of birth: Japan.
    Blood Type: B (RH-).
    Height: 1.81 metres (about 6 ft).
    Weight: 75kg.
    Hobbies: Writing poems, Sleeping
    Favorite food: Fried fish.
    Treasures: Girlfriend, Yuki Kushinada and his motorcycle.
    Hates: Hard Work.
    (That's all I know, any Kyo fanatics care to share more?)
    1.1: Kyo's Special Moves: 
    Hyaku Shiki Oniyaki:
    Command - Dp (Dragon punch motion) A/C.
    This is your usual uppercut anti-air move.
    R.E.D Kick:
    Command - Rdp (Reverse Dragon punch motion) B/D.
    Notes: A very fast move, I recommend using the B version,
    it is fast and if u are fast, u will be able to escape even if the move
    is blocked. Best used when opponent is crouching and waiting for u to attack,
    use it wisely. However, when Iori is crouching, the move won't hit him, still
    doing research on this. Detailed explanation will be available in my next 
    Move name is R.E.D kick, AKA: Rainbow Energy Dynamite Kick.
    Ni Hyakujyuni Shiki Kototsuki You:
    Command - Hcb B/D (Kyo rushes forward, grab his opponent's neck, holds him 
    up, and chokes him with a gush of flame.)
    Nanajyu Go Shiki Gai:
    Command - Qcf D,D/ B,B (A couple of kicks that can be juggled with 
    almost all of his moves.)
    Hyakujyu Yonshiki Aragami:
    Command - Qcf A
    Notes: A very useful move, can be used frequently as a 'poking' move. Very 
    effective. You will not be in a dangerous situation even if it is blocked, 
    use it often.
    This move can be continued with the following:
    Note: these moves can only be done AFTER you have done the aragami move!
    1) Hyaku Ni Jyuhachi Shiki Konokizu
    Command - qcf A/C
    2) Hyaku Ni Jyunana Shiki Yanosabi
    Command 1 - AFTER Konokizu, A/C.
    Command 2 - AFTER Aragami, hcb A/C.
    3) Hyaku Ni Jyugo Shiki Nanase
    Command - AFTER Konokizu or Yanosabi, B/D.
    4) Ge Shiki Migiri Ugasa
    Command - AFTER Yanosabi, A/C.
    Hyaku Jyugo Shiki Dokugami
    Command - Qcf C
    This move can be continued with the following:
    Note: these moves can only be done AFTER you have done the Dokugami move.
    1) Yonhyaku Ichishiki Tsumiyomi
    Command - hcb A/C
    2) Yonhyaku Ni Shiki Batsuyomi
    Command - AFTER Tsumiyomi, fwd + A/C
    Kyu Hyakujyutsu Shiki Nuetsumi
    Command - Qcb A/C 
    (A countering move, some sort of a type of parrying)
    Note: U will need extreme timing to get it to work. Otherwise,
    this is quite a useless move.
    During the time when you do this move, if the opponent hits you with:
    1) A high attack while standing on the ground, example, stand c he will get 
    countered with : 
    Ge Shiki Ryuiri : A counter with the elbow that sends the opponent flying, in
    flames of course =)
    2) A low attack while on the ground, example, dwn + D
    he will get countered with :
    Ge Shiki Torafuse : a counter with a low punch to the ground, which sends 
    the opponent to the ground in front of you, in flames. 
    1.2: Desperation Moves: 
    Hi Ougi Urahyaku Hachishiki Orochinagi (most affectionately called "Serpent
    Command - Qcb, Hcf + A/C
    Saisyu Ketsu Sen Ougi "mu shiki" (Sanshingi no ichi)
    (most affectionately called "Final Showdown")
    Command = Qcf x 2 , A/C (A very useful move, easy to combo)
    1.3: Chain combos: 
    1: Jump D, crouch B, crouch A, DwnForward D
    2: Jump D, Stand C, DwnForward D
    3: Crouching, B,B,A (Your normal combo if you want it to be connected 
       to Final showdown.)
    4: Crouching B,A,B (Not much use)
    5: Crouching B x 3 (Use it when opponent is doing a roll or for 
       'poking' purposes.)
    6: Jump D/C, stand C/D (Your usual combo starter)
    7: Jump C/D, stand A, stand C
    8: Jump D/C, crouching B, stand C (needs timing)
    9: Crouch b, stand C (hard but possible)
    (Note: These are not all, I'll list all of the others in my next update)
    1.4: Combos: 
    1: Jump D/C, stand c, qcf C, hcb C, forward C (A normal and average combo)
    2: Jump C, stand c, qcf A, qcf A, B/D (can only be done in corners)
    3: Stand C, Forward B, Serpent Wave. (Does not apply to all characters, 
    will be explained below, an easy and damaging combo, as the time when u 
    execute the Forward B, there is a lot of time to do the Serpent Wave.)
    4: Jump D, stand C, Serpent Wave (This combo requires some practice though)
    5: Jump D/C, stand D/C, Qcf D,D, Qcf B,B/D, Red Kick. (Hard to connect the 
    Red Kick, but possible. You need timing in the second set of Qcf B,B/D. 
    This combo is VERY damaging.B version of RED KICK must be used )
    6: Jump D/C, stand D/C, Qcf D,D, Qcf B,B/D, Dp A/C ( Dp C version is 
    easier to connect, but Dp A looks cooler ^_^.)
    7: Jump D, Stand C, Qcf x 2 A/C. (Good damaging combo)
    8: Jump D, Crouching B,A, Qcf x 2 A/C. (Easy to do, and lotsa damage, my 
    9: Stand C, forward B, Qcf C, Hcb C, Forward C. (Also, does not apply to 
    all characters, easy to execute, nice damage.)
    10: Stand C, forward B, Hcb D. (Extremely Cool combo, but again, does not 
    apply to all)
    11: Jump D/C, Stand C, Qcf D, D, Serpent Wave. (Only can be done in corners)
    12: Stand C, Qcf D, D, while opponent is in air, do Serpent wave, or final
    Showdown. (I myself prefers to use serpent wave, as it does more damage, 
    but if u are poor at turning the motion, u should use Qcf x 2 A/C.)
    13:Jump C, stand A, stand C, Hcb B/D. (Needs practice to get the timing of 
    stand A and stand C to be comboed)
    14: Jump C, stand A, stand C, Serpant wave. (Difficult, if u can manage to 
    do it, tell me.)
    15: Jump C, stand A, stand C, Qcf x 2 A/C (Not recommended, but is cool.)
    16: Jump C/D, Stand C, Red Kick (B version of RED KICK must be used, D 
    version won't combo)
    17: Jump D/C, Stand C/D, Qcf D,D, Qcf A, Qcf A, Qcb A,A/C. (Kyo needs to be 
    maxed up and this combo needs a lot of estimation. Difficult to explain in 
    words. However, it's not that difficult.)
    (More combos will be added in my next update) 
    1.5: Notes and important stuff:
    1: Stand C, forward B combo applies to all except the following characters:
    (Important: Stand C, Forward B can't be comboed when Kyo is maxed up.)
    Benimaru, Yuri, Kensou, Mai, King, Leona, Ralf, Clark, Robert.
    This combo can be done on the entire KOF98 cast except the above mentioned.
    2: Some of the combos does not really need to be Jump D, stand C,and while 
    Jump D, stand D works too, Jump C, stand D works too. Got it?
    3: You need to play Kyo quick and offensively to get good results. Playing 
    Kyo in a defensive manner would only get u trashed. Be quick, agile, and 
    4: Ok, u should know that his Dp A/C and Qcf A have auto-guard, so, do I
    need to say that? Use Qcf A often!
    5: Layup combos.
     (I will include layup combos in my next update.)
    1.6: Tips when fighting the CPU.
    Ok, now..You know the chain combo of crouching B, B, A already right? U can 
    combo this with Qcf A, Qcf A, B, or whatever combinations u want. Human 
    opponents can block it, however, CPU opponents won't.
    Another point, remember when u do Qcf D,D and Ur opponent floats in the air? 
    There is a small infinite used to battle the CPU. After the Qcf D, D, Hop 
    diagonally and press D. When CPU character is going to land, press C again 
    and repeat the process, Stand C, Qcf D, D. Got it? (Mail me if u don't 
    1.7: In case you don't know:
    There are 2 modes of play in KOF98. Extra and Advanced. This FAQ is on the 
    advanced mode of play.
    Press ABC together to power up when u have a gem.
    U need to have a gem to do a Desperation Move. Doing a Desperation move 
    when maxed up will result in a more damaging and cooler move. Basically an 
    upgrade of the DM, called the SDM,(Super Desperation Move). Example: Final 
    Showdown does only 5 hits, but when maxed up, it goes up to 14 hits. Get it? 
    A = Light Punch
    B = Light Kick
    C = Strong Punch
    D = Strong Kick
    AB(Together) = Roll. (My stupid habit though! I want to kick it!! Anyway, it 
    can be used to get pass projectiles and pls use it wisely, too)
    CD(Together) = Body Charge. (A knockdown move, use wisely.)
    Start - Press it to do a taunt. Do it frequently? Yeah..right.
    AB(Together) = Emergency Recovery. (Use it before u hit the ground to recover 
    Qcf = Quarter Circle Forward |\-
    Qcb = Quarter Circle Back  |/-
    Dp  = -|\
    Hcb = Half-circle back  -\|/- 
    Hcf = Half-circle Forward -/|\-
    Knockdown punch: While on a jump, hold down and press C.
    Axe Kick: Forward + B.
    Double foot sweep: Diagonal Down Forward + B.
    All moves are done with Mr. Kyo Kusanagi facing right.
    Anyway, pls pardon my usage of English in short forms, But in case u find 
    it hard to understand, here goes:
    U = You
    Ur = Your
    DwnForward = Diagonally Down forward
    1.8: Author's Profile:  
    My real name is Lennert Yeo, and my occupation is currently a student. I'm 16 
    years old, and living in the West Side of Singapore. I love Kof's and all 
    other good fighting games. Resident Evil 1 and 2 are also a couple of the 
    games that I live and love. Music is my life, I can't live without it.  I 
    love THE CORRS! Also, I idolize Kyo and Blue Mary, both of which are 2 of my 
    favorite characters of different gender. Anyway, what more do u want to know? 
    Not much to say about me anyway. If u feel like it, please come over to 
    Galaxynet's IRC server and enter channel #kof, u will probably find me there, 
    my nickname is BeN|MaRu.  Pls don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that I like 
    Kyo so I should hate Iori. Frankly, I think both of them are cool.  But I 
    prefer Kyo =)
    1.9: I wish to express all my thanks to:
    Seow choon watches and electronics enterprises. (A shop in Singapore where 
    I bought my KOF98 neo-geo cartridge and combo VCDs. If not, I won't be 
    writing this FAQ. HTML: Singaporeeverything.com/seowchoon )
    Myself. (For spending the time with my PC to write this FAQ, hehee!)
    Rurouni Sephiroth/ Eugene (For the time being)
    E-mail: sephiroth@pacific.net.sg
    For telling me where to get the Kof98 cart at a cheaper and faster rate. 
    He is a fellow KoF98 cart owner. Nice guy, a humble and good player too.
    Also, he gave me permission to use his Ascii art on my FAQ, Thks buddy!
    Shoji Takorin
    E-mail: kusanagikyo@geocities.com / esaka@singnet.com.sg
    For checking my faq and helping me add the names of Kyo's moves. He added 
    some nice stuff for me too. Thks again, Shoji!
    All my friends who play KOF's
    Thanks for motivating me.
    Moonrun / Ali. HTML://i.am/moonrun
    For inspiring me to write my first and own FAQ. I inspired myself through 
    his FAQS', and I'd developed my own style of writing. Thks Ali! 
    My Best Pal
    For coming over to my place to accompany me while I write this FAQ. 
    She had sacrificed her Saturday with me and PC, shouldn't I thank her? ^_^ 
    SNK, HTML: English Webpage: (www.snkusa.com) Jap Webpage: (www.snk.co.jp)  
    How could I forget them? They created this great game. 
    You, the reader
    Thank you for reading my FAQ and having confidence in my work.
    2.0: Ending column:           
    I hope this guide is useful to you guys and gals who play kof, any mistakes 
    I have made? Or anything I should add? Please feel free to mail me at 
    yagami01@mbox4.singnet.com.sg Anyway, thanks for your time, hope this FAQ 
    helps, Maybe you guys think this FAQ is too simple right? Hahaa, I am...erm..
    a bit lazy, pls pardon me, and want me to add anything else? Please tell me.
    Ok, Till then, when I update my FAQ. Anyway, this is my first faq. How is it 
    for a first-timer? Pls send me your comments.
    Yours sincerely,
    Lennert Yeo
    FAQ's first version done on 24th October 1998, 8pm, Pacific time.
    Btw, if anyone u need my FAQ for any purposes, pls mail me and tell me, 
    I would be more than glad. Also, pls do not alter the contents. Pls respect 
    the author's rights. ^_^
    "1998 Copyright by BeN|MaRu"

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