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            LUCKY GLAUBER FAQ       for KOF '98   by Shlomo Abraham (shlomo@i.am)
    As you probably know, Lucky Glauber is a member of the Sports Heroes
    Team in KoF '98. He is the basketball player, who can be played very
    deceptively with the right skillz. This FAQ will try to give you my
    impression of how to best play Lucky. Please note that this is by no
    means the definitive way to play Lucky. If you don't like the way I
    reccomend you play, thats fine. Then you can just read the other parts
    which will help you out with what normals are best, etc.. One last note,
    if you are "fighting game illiterate", ie. you don't understand what this
    last paragraph just said, I reccomend you check out Andy Seyoon Park's
    Beginner KoF FAQ, which will bring you up to par so that you will
    understand some of the lingo here.
      A. Bufferable table
      B. Description of Normals
           1. Close Normal Moves
           2. Far Normal Moves
           3. Crouching Normal Moves
           4. Command Normal Moves
           5. Jumping Normal Moves.
    A. Bufferable Table
    B. Description of Normals
    Close B
    Low only?
    Lucky does a kick to the shins, looks like Goro's far B. Need to check
    if this has to be blocked low. Isn't that usefull though any way you cut it,
    because f+B won't combo from here, but DP thing does.
    Close C
    Lucky thrusts out both his fists at about stomach height. It looks as if
    he is offering you a plate, just that there is no plate. This is going to
    be your main comboing move, like it or not. It doesn't suck at all, just
    that any combo that you will want to do will have to start here. It has
    average priority for a close C, has a tiny delay before it comes out. Just
    about always you will want to chain this into his f+B command attack. It
    will combo into that DP move.
    Close D
    Not bufferable
    Lucky knees his opponent at around the mid-section. Your average close D.
    Doesn't suck, just that the close C is that much more usefull, thanks to
    being bufferable. No real reason to use it.
    Far B
    Not bufferable
    High/Low (will whiff against all crouchers, and some small standing characters)
    Lucky does an upward kick, with the speed of your average B. If you
    find a use for it, do that, 'cause I sure as hell haven't found one yet.
    It can poke out hoppers if they haven't attacked yet, but it has miserable
    Far C
    Not bufferable
    High/Low (will whiff against smaller crouchers)
    Lucky lunges out with a high punch that has great range, but is too high.
    Doesn't really have a use. It can be ducked under, has a slight start-up
    so its easy to roll under. Pretty much bites.
    Far D
    Not bufferable
    Lucky swings around with a roundhouse kick to the mid-section. Very good
    poke, great range. Probably Lucky's second best poke. This is a great
    follow up to any blocked basketball (push opponent back a tad).
    Low A
    Lucky jabs at opponent. May be same animation as crouching C ('cept its a
    hella lot quicker). I don't think it will combo into anything from
    maximum range. May combo into DP move if close enough. Can link into
    itself. Can combo into A-Hell Bound.
    Low B
    Not Bufferable
    Low B
    Lucky sticks out a leg. Very quick, nice range. Can link into low A.
    Great for keeping opponent out. Just keep on whaling on the thing if you
    don't want opponent close to you.
    Low C
    Not bufferable
    Lucky does a ducking punch that hits rather high for a ducking punch.
    It can not be ducked under. This thing has nice range, and great priority.
    But Lucky has (believe it or not) better options. The Far D, and low D
    will almost always be better. If you want to be dead positive to out
    prioritize opponent, use this, it prolly has the most priority. But
    low D is almost always a better alternative.
    Low D
    Lucky does a quarter turn and in doing so, extends his leg along the
    ground. This comes out very fast, lags out a nice amount of time for
    it to be nice and "meaty", but has lag if blocked, and if you don't
    cancel it, some characters (esp. Lucky and Klensou) might be able to
    sweep you back. This is your money move, and you will be surprised how
    often it hits. If it doesn't hit, cancel into the f+B if you're close
    enough, or the Death Shoot or Death Dunk if you're further away. For a
    change-up cancel into Lucky Vision (teleport) or Death Bound.
    Luckey pauses then steps forward with a fore-arm check. Another money
    poke. His forearm is in front of his body, so it may go over short-ranged
    pokes. Somewhat similar to Yashiro's CD in terms of speed and priority.
    However it can't be used as air-D like Yashiro's CD. Bufferable, but won't
    cancel into f+B. Cancel into any special move of your choice.
    Bufferable when buffered into
    Lucky does a weird kick that kinda juts upwards. His legs seem to have
    shrunk when they drew this move. Can be chained into from any bufferable
    normal except the CD. This is basicly Lucky's *gulp* combo move, sad as it
    may be. You can go from here to the C-button Hell Bound. Sometimes whiffs
    against crouchers.
    Jump A
    Lucky jabs downwards. Literally no range. Don't bother.
    Jump B
    Lucky does a knee. Looks like Ryu's jumping Short. I haven't really messed
    around with this. It might be usefull for jump-in, tick-throw.
    Jump C
    Lucky does a jumping punch similar to Rick's jump C in RB2,
    downward angled. His best jump-in.
    Jump D
    Lucky does a kick horizontally angled. This thing has loads of priority and
    lags out there a nice amount of time. Use this in just about all air-air
    battles. Because of its horizontal angle though, its not the best jump-in.
    Jump CD
    Looks the same as the Jump D, except the hit frames are out there for
    about .2 of a second. In short, this thing sucks.
    Death Bound (d,df,f+A/C)
    A basketball comes from the sky, and Lucky scoops it and bounces it towards
    opponent. In the A-button version, Lucky scoops it with less force, so it
    bounces higher and slightly slower. If this goes full screen, at full screen
    distance, the ball will be at about the top of the screen. In the C-button
    version, Lucky scoops it with more force, so stays closer to the ground and
    goes ever-so-slightly faster. In this version, if the ball goes full screen,
    the ball ends up at a little higher than middle of the screen. This is
    only usefull at full screen range. If you do it any closer, opponant can
    jump-combo you, because the ball takes forever and a day to fall from the
    sky. This cannot be comboed.
    Death Dunk (d,db,b+A/C)
    Lucky jumps up and sends a ball to the ground (like Yuri's Raikoken). In
    the A-version, he uses one arm, like a windmill jam. In the C-version, he
    uses both arms, like a Shaq-style dunk. The A-version comes out faster,
    and looks more fluid. In the C-version he seems to hang in the air a
    little before throwing the ball down. Each has their use. The C-version
    is best used to go over fireballs. The A-version is best used (mid-range
    only) to keep opponent at bay.
    Death Shoot (d,d+A/B/C/D)
    A-button version=****-
    B/C/D-button version=*----
    A ball falls from the sky, and Lucky hops up to tip it to one of four
    places on the screen. A-button is closest to Lucky, D-button is other side
    of the screen, B and C are in between. The A-version is so much more
    usefull because if opponent tries to attack Lucky while he is doing this,
    7-8 times out of ten, the ball will still fall and smack opponent. Unlike
    Orochi Shermie's Lightning Kisses, the balls don't lag out there. So you
    have to worry about rollers a lot more than Orochi Shermie does. You can
    sometimes link from here to a sweep. You may even to get a low B, low A
    link, which would be great, since you could then maybe tack on a Hell
    Cyclone Break (d,db,b+B/D)
    Lucky twirls in the air kicking the entire time with blue kick streaks.
    This thing has great priority if you do it early enough. The thing is it has
    start-up. So its great at anticipating for air-D, but not for reacting.
    If blocked, it is sometimes safe. If the last kick gets blocked (seems
    about 50/50 chance), then you're most probably safe. Otherwise, you're at
    your opponents' mercy. I haven't figured out what (or if) the spacing is
    to get the last kick blocked. I would regard it as pure chance/luck for
    now. It does 5 hits if you catch opponent airborne. If you're close to a
    dude on the ground, it will do 3 hits.
    Hell Dunk (f,d,df+B/D)
    Lucky leaps into the air with a rising knee, then slams his opponent to the
    ground with an aerial axe kick. This move looks good, even though it looks
    like a kick version of Terry's Power Dunk. As for usefullness, its Lucky's
    combo move when he doesn't have stock. It is also a poor man's excuse for
    anti-air. However its great for eating ground normals and its also great
    when used as a wake-up attack. The difference between the version is that
    Lucky leaps higher during the D version. Just like other "anti-air" moves,
    if you whiff this, you will eat a hefty combo.
    Lucky Vision (b,db,d,df,f+B/D)
    Lucky teleports across the screen, B is about 2/3 screen, D version is
    full screen. Use this whenever you want. If you ever feel opponent is too
    close for comfort, just use this. Cornered? This is your answer. Because of
    this move, Lucky should almost never CD counter or AB roll. Just make
    sure opponent doesn't have an attack out, and ZIP! you're out of harm's
    way. This also can be used in offensive tactics. Best examples are
    throwing a basketball then Lucky Vision, then a throw attempt. Also
    canceling this from one of Lucky's great pokes is another good idea.
    Hell Bound (d,df,f,d,df,f+A/C)
    Lucky slams a basketball (or something) into the ground, and a beam of
    light about the width of a basketball comes out of it. For the C-version he
    steps forward before slamming whatever it is. Comes out very fast.
    A-version is flawless air-defense. C-version is Lucky's best combo move.
    On the SDM level, Lucky turns into Michael Bay and what looks like asteroids
    the size of basketballs rise from the ground (they go up, not down). Hits
    three times for massive damage (even when used for air-defense it will
    hit all three times). BTW, the Michael Bay thing was a joke.
    Other DM (d,df,f,d,df,f+B/D)
    Lucky dives forward and then spirals upwards doing what looks like a
    Cyclone Break, except instead of going parabolicly, Lucky goes straight up.
    This DM HAS to have a use...I just haven't figured it out yet. It has some
    invincibility at the start-up. But the dive lasts too long to really make
    use of it. It isn't comboable, and won't go through FB's. And that
    aforementioned invincibility is only at the begining of the dive. So, if
    you find a use, e-mail me.
    As you probably have noticed when you played Lucky, his hop/jump is slower
    than....something really slow. On top of this, he doesn't really have a
    jump-in all that worth using. This, coupled with his lack of bufferable
    normals, and his unique specials, all but forces him to play keep-away, or
    at the very best, a hit-and-run-type offense. Lucky will want his opponent
    at about half-screen range most of the time. At this range, almost all of
    his specials are safe for use. If opponet is turtling at half-screen,
    daring you to crack them, don't hesitate. Best tactic is to chuck an
    A-Death Shoot (to make sure they won't dash up), followed by an A Death
    Dunk, followed by either a Lucky Vision (if they still aren't moving) or
    a Cyclone Break (if they're thinking of moving). Lucky has an easy time
    with turtles, this isn't your main concern. Where Lucky really needs help
    is the aggressive players. In close, Lucky's good normals become almost
    dangerous to use. The all are rather slow, and if you have an opponent
    roll through one of them, you can eat a nice combo. His best normals to
    use in close are the Low B, Low A links. The close B, which can be comboed
    into Hell Dunk. Also, if you're neigh-sure it won't be rolled through, a
    sweep canceled into a Lucky Vision. Also, if opponent is really pressuring
    you bad, just look for the tiniest of gaps, and do Lucky Vision. Will get
    you out in no time. If you can see a hop coming, A-Hell Bound will kill
    that. If opponent is at about 1/4 screen range, and is trying to break in,
    this is where Lucky's normals become that usefull. He has the far D, which
    if you're sure that opponent won't roll is a great keep-out. There's the
    low C, which will kill any sort of "safe rush move" (like a Terry Power
    Charge, a Joe Golden Heel, an Andy Zaneiken, etc..). And the CD, which will
    push opponent back, especially when cancelled into the Death Shoot or Death
    Dunk. The low D is also great, but again, should be used with caution, for
    it can be rolled through, and can be hopped. Its bufferable, so almost
    always cancel it. For air-defense use A-Hell Bound if you have stock. If
    not, use Hell Dunk. Another tactic worth using is jump back, and if
    opponent follows, push D. You will win almost all the time.
    Brian Koniv             For founding T.H.E. G.A.N.G.
    Sheila Khosla           For being on caffeine
    Tony Wedd               For being clever/funny
    Matt Hall               For swearing not to write FAQs, then breaking that
                            oath twice
    Andy S. Park            For hating dumb Mlers
    Raymond Leung           For showing the world that not all people who
                            live in LA are cool
    Bader "Jian" Ebrahim    For being the second-coolest hotmail person on
                            the ML
    Kabeer Ali              For being the coolest Pakistani on the ML
    Yuhang                  For being the coolest Hotmailer in LA
    AOHellers               For proving that there are 10 million+ people in
                            this world dumber than me
    Philip "Punny"          For proving that Aussies living in hick-towns are
                            just as cool as other Aussies
    Bill Gates              For screwing up my computer
    Joke-Of-The-Day         For giving me most of my sigs
    "Ally McBeal"           For employing my uncle
    easy.to                 For giving me my hella cool e-mail address
    "Yo Mama"               For being the butt of the most jokes ever written
    "The chicken"           For being in the most [lame] jokes ever
    Brian Koniv             For being first in my credits
    Nobody                  For helping me write this FAQ
    Hank Moriarty           For having the best KoF-info
    Yasakani                For having the best KoF site and best Savage Garden
    Jeff Nussbaum           For being the coolest MLer to never post
                            gameplay-info (Jeff, you're still cool. This ain't
                            a knock on you)
    Onaje Evrett            For wishing me peace, love, and righteousness...
    James Chen              For embodying peace, love and righteousness...
    alt.games.sf2           For giving me a reason to give up Capcom games
    Namco                   For making Time Crisis
    UCLA's X-Cape           For making KoF '98 25 cents
    Me                      For thinking up all the credits and writing the
                            FAQ before it
    "Wrongfully Accused"    For having hella long (and funny) credits, just
                            like me
    --by Shlomo Abraham (shlomo@i.am)

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