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    Omega Rugal by PHwang

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    King of Fighers 98
    Omega Rugal Boss Guide
    July 2, 1999
    by: Patrick Hwang
    email: ph@ucla.edu
    So i find that a lot of people have trouble beating this cheap boss.  Well i
    have found a way to beat him easily.  So maybe this is a cheap way to beat 
    him, but at least you get the job done.
    I don't know if anyone else has found this pattern, but no one here does, so im
    gonna share it with you.
    I find this works in the arcades, i havent played the home versions yet, so i
    cant say that will work, but i wouldnt be surprised if it did...
    Rugal is stupid if you can get him to jump at you.  Thats the way to beat him,
    make him jump at you and do an anti-air move.  To get him to do this, try to 
    get as far away from him as you can the the start of the match, then, when 
    there is an opening, run at him.  If you run at him, 99% of the time
    he will jump at you.  Do an anti-air move, you the character doesnt have one, 
    then do a crouching C, that usually works. This doesnt work for everyone 
    though, Choi has a hard time of doing this.  After the  move connects, simple 
    backdash/hop backwards away, and run at him again. repeat and you win.
    You know you did this correctly if he jumps at you everytime.  Alternately,
    command throwers can keep rolling behind him and throwing him, its harder to 
    do this IMO.
    NOTE: the method i have explained is not fun, its actually quite pathetic to 
    see Rugal fall for such things, but if you wanna get the job done...
    I have beaten him w/ everyone like this.  Below are some of the things i do 
    with certain characters.
    * means do the method as explained above
    Kyo:  * and flaming uppercut.
    95 Kyo: * and uppercut
    Benimaru:  * and lightning kick anti-air
    Goro:  * and downforward+C (you can also do his bug afterwards if you know how)
    Terry:  * and rising tackle
    RB Terry: Hard to do RT cuz its charge now, stick w/ downforward+C...i think :)
    Andy:  * and his uppercut
    RB Andy: * same as above
    Joe:  * and tiger knee, i find this one hard to do tho, he doesnt fall for it.
    Old Joe: same as above
    Ryo: * and uppercut
    94 Ryo: * and uppercut...damn uppercut
    Robert: * and uppercut
    94 Robert: * and uppercut
    Yuri:  her uppercut sux, use * and crouching C instead
    94 Yuri: * and QCB+C
    Kim:  he is hard, * and crouching C works 40% of the time....
    Choi: i find that i can actually do damage by double jumping off the wall and
     doing his flying kick move
    Chang: A buttion Ball swing (chrg Back, Forward+A/C) then C button Ball swing.
    alternate and you'll see what i mean
    Athena: * and uppercut or stand back and reflect his energy ball
    Sie:  * and Dragon drubbing kick (??) well its HCF+C, it has autoguard
    Chin: * and his "uppercut" or Downforward+C
    King: * and tornado kick
    Mai:  * and upward flame kick
    RB Mai: cant say on this one
    Chizuru: * and uppercut or reflect his energy blasts
    Ralf: alternate between standing C and crouching C, hes a sucker
    Clack: * and his anti-air thorw (DP+A/C), do not do the follow up elbow or else
     you wont have time to dash back
    Leona: she is hard, i just do the energy ball (chrg back, forward+A),
     occasionally Rugal will dash into it and get hit a few times,
     follow up w/ a jump kick, does lots of damage.
    Yashiro: * and crouching C
    O. Yashiro: must rely on command throws, or above is the same.
    Sherimie: * and anti-air (DP+B), do not do the follow up
    O. Shermie: uh...hard, if you can trick him to keep running into the lightning
     kiss, then you win, i only did once, otherwise, * and crouching C
    Chris: * and uppercut w/ the kick
    O, Chris: this ones hard, i think * and crouching C works, sliding kcik when he
     has the force field around him also works
    Billy: * and uppercut
    RB Billy: * and upwards stick (HCB+C)
    Mary: * and uppercut (vertical arrow)
    Yamazaki:  stand back and reflect projectile w/ QCF+C
    Iori: * and uppercut
    Vice: * and crouching C
    Mature: haha this is funny, if you can do the DP+A and he blocks, you can keep
     doing it and he will keep blocking doin massive tick damage.  This is too
    Saishu: * and uppercut
    Heidern: stand back and do his projectile move with A, he will keep blocking or
     get hit and die
    Takuma:  * and crouching C works
    Lucky: cant help you on this one, he always dies...lol
    Heavy D!: * and crouching C
    Brian: * and upwards shoulder ram (DP+B)
    Rugal: his uppercut kick is too weak, i stand back and reflect his projectiles
    Shingo: * and uppercut
    Remember, you must run back after hitting him for it to work. if done 
    correctly, almost every character can beat him.
    copyright 1999
    Patrick Hwang

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