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    Orochi Yashiro by ROliveira

    Version: 2.55a | Updated: 05/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          GUIDE FOR OROCHI YASHIRO in KOF' 98 - ver. 2.55a
          by ROliveira <renatohm99@yahoo.com> - 05/25/2000
     1  - Legal stuff (READ THIS, IT CHANGED!!)
     2  - Intro
        2.1 - About me
        2.2 - History Review
     3  - About the game
     4  - About Orochi Yashiro
        4.1 - Bio Sheet and history
        4.2 - Quotes
     5  - Why I like Orochi Yashiro
     6  - Command Conventions
     7  - Move list
        7.1 - Normal moves
        7.2 - Throws
        7.3 - Command moves
        7.4 - Special moves
        7.4 - Super moves
     8  - Combo list
     9  - Tactics
        9.1 - General Tactics
        9.2 - Matchup Tactics
     10 - Acknowledgements 
                              1 - Legal stuff
          KOF' 98 and all related stuff are properties of SNK Corp.,
     Japan. Street Fighter and all related stuff are properties of
     Capcom Corp., Japan. Any other trademarks not mentioned here are
     still acknowledged. Everything else that isn't of my own will be 
     in "Acknowledgements".
          If you think you have any credits, please e-mail me. I
     sincerely apologize for anyone I forgot.
     WANT WITH IT, EXCEPT FOR MAKING PROFIT - but I don't think you
     can make profit with such a scrub guide, anyway. :)
          For those Game magazines (coughEGMcough) and Games centers
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     with them, beware: YOU CANNOT USE ANYTHING FROM THIS FAQ. I did not
     spend my time to give you any profit, direct or indirect. Access to
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     of any form.
     When it changes, you'll know. THIS MEANS: DO NOT ASK MY PERMISSION
     TO POST IT IN YOUR WEBSITE. THE ANSWER IS NO - at least for now.
     It can ONLY be found at:
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     Absolute PlayStation (http://www.absolute-playstation.com)
     The Fighters Source (http://TFSource.com)
     CheatStop (http://www.cheatstop.com)
     Ultimate FAQs (http://www.ultimatefaqs.cjb.net)
     My FAQs are only available for FREE, and only in the above mentioned
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          If you wanna use it for anything other than reading - for
     example, in your own FAQ or web site - please give-me the rightful
     credit and tell me before. This disclaimer must appear.
          This is the 3rd released version of the FAQ.
          This document is best viewed with WordPad and/or simmilars,
     640x480 or greater.
          P.S.: I don't know everything. Don't blame ME if anything here
     is wrong! If you have any add-ons, suggestions, etc., E-MAIL me at
                                  2 - Intro
                                2.1 - About me
          I am Brazilian, male, hetero, born 08/19/1979. Please excuse the
     errors, this is my 1st FAQ and my English is very bad.
          Not as bad as I am playing KOF '98. I like SF very much,
     but KOF '98 is, no doubt, much cooler than any SF I've played.
          I think this guide is good for beginners, because I don't
     like difficult combos - specially because I can't perform 
     them! :) But some good players might also find something useful.
          If you are a beginner in this game, you'd better read the best
     2 (in my humble oppinion) FAQs you will ever read about King of
     Fighters (KOF): "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 FAQ", by Kao Megura, and
     by Kailu Lantis (see Acknowledgements), both of them available in
     the same place you will find this FAQ: GameFAQs
     (http://www.gamefaqs.com); in GameFAQs you will also find FAQs for
     nearly every game that exists, no wonder! :) My FAQS can also be
     found at the excellent
     VGStrategies (http://vgstrategies.about.com)
     Gamers Domain (http://www.gamersd.com)
     PSX Codez (http://www.psxcodez.com)
     Absolute PlayStation (http://www.absolute-playstation.com)
     The Fighters Source (http://TFSource.com)
     CheatStop (http://www.cheatstop.com)
     Ultimate FAQs (http://www.ultimatefaqs.cjb.net)
          Orochi Yashiro (O.Y.) is one of my personal favs, because
     he has easy (and damaging) combos. I think he isn't a "turtle" 
     character - but if you wish to turtle, he is also an excellent one. 
     But I prefer combos, and, since you can play O.Y. well, you will see
     he is a winner. That's why I only play Advanced Mode, and everything
     here is for Advanced only. If anyone has good tactics for Extra Mode,
     please e-mail me.
          Say NO to drugs, Tekken, MK3 and MK4!! :(
          Say YES to KOF '98! :D
                                2.2 - History Review
     0.00  - 09/09/1999 - First version, unreleased. Sent to Kailu Lantis
                          for review.
     1.00  - 09/15/1999 - Major review, unreleased.
     1.00a - 09/22/1999 - First released version.
     1.10  - 10/01/1999 - Major update: added matchup, review.
     1.10a - 10/06/1999 - Second released version.
     1.11  - 10/07/1999 - Review & update, unreleased.
     2.00a - 11/05/1999 - Review & update, released (enough of 1.xx). ;)
     2.02a - 11/29/1999 - Updated legal stuff, released.
     2.10a - 01/20/2000 - Review, unreleased - new year, new version!
                          Attending to a friend's request, I'll use the
                          original Japanese names of the moves. If you
                          do not like it, e-mail me.
     2.11a - 04/20/2000 - Corrected some errors, released.
     2.50a - 05/19/2000 - Added links to VGStrategies and Gamers Domain
                          and corrected link to SNK - stupid error indeed!
     2.51a - 08/28/2000 - Links to Absolute PlayStation and PSX Codez.
     2.55a - 10/25/2000 - Links to The Fighters Source and CheatStop added
                          plus some minor corrections.
     2.60a - 05/25/2001 - CHANGED LEGAL STUFF!! Added link to U. FAQs and
                          some (great) uses for jump A.
                                  3 - About the game
          "The King of Fighters '98 event is not covered, since it has no
     official link with the main storyline, but there are some interesting
     features in it, which I will mention in the right moment..."
          The text above is from Kailu Lantis's excellent FAQ about the
     story of King of Fighters. Read it, you will just love the text!
          Acoording to Lantis, KOF'98 is just a "gap filler", without a
     true history by itself - all KOF games, from KOF'94 to KOF'97, and
     KOF'99, has its own history. See "Acknowledgements" on how to
     contact him for more info. In GameFAQs, you will easily find the
     Lantis's FAQ, in the same page where you found mine.
          KOF '98 is VERY different from '97. The "good" characters
     have been downpowered a lot (e.g.: Iori, Mary, Benimaru, etc.);
     the "poor" characters, however have been much improved (no better
     example than Chris). Also, most characters don't have infinity
     combos, the controls have changed a lot, some combos that were
     possible in '97 are impossible in '98, and vice versa...
          Enough about tech stuff about the game, right? It is a
     fighting game, so let's go to business...
                                4 - About Orochi Yashiro
               From Kailu Lantis & Kao Megura (see "Acknowledgements")
                               4.1 - Bio sheet and history
     YASHIRO NANAKASE                                                        
     "Shrine of Seven Shackles"
     Birthplace:       Japan                                                         
     Birthdate:        December 31, 1973 (26 years old)
     Height:           1.90 m (6'2")                                                      
     Weight:           99 kg (215 lbs)
     Blood type:       O                                                                         
     Hobbies:          Band, travelling
     Favorite food:    Menma                                                              
     Favorite sport:   Swimming
     Most valuable:    Amber                                                               
     Hates the most:   Eggplants, narrow places (claustrophobic??)
     Fighting style:   No style in particular, mainly power based attacks
          Yashiro is a lonely man who wanders the world playing his
     guitar. Ever since he has memory, Yashiro only remembers playing his
     guitar in local places, and getting in a brawl once in a while.
     Getting tired of his hometown, Yashiro grabs his things and begins to
     travel around the globe.
          Yashiro then finds two persons who he seems to identify himself
     with: in France, he meets Shermie, a beautiful woman who plays the
     keyboard. Besides noticing something very familiar in her, Yashiro
     was very attracted to her. Then, in Sweden, Yashiro meets a little
     kid called Chris, who was an antisocial child, but seemed to be very
     friendly with Yashiro. He plays the drums, so Yashiro has formed a
     music band. Soon, the band begins to play around the world, and 
     thousands of fans claim them. Yashiro feels alive, and sometimes even
     feels the souls of the crowd. But Yashiro also feels a sort of
     special bond between him and his two partners. Something beyond life
     and death...
          Yashiro was excited when he was invited to play at a big
     performance in Japan as the lead stars. Yashiro rehearsed hard to be
     as good as ever, and Shermie and Chris were a bit tired out because
     of this. The big day arrived, and a roaring crowd arrived at the
     scene, a number which Yashiro had never seen. His fingers were
     trembling with excitement, but was left out cold when the manager
     tells them they have to wait their turn. Yashiro furiously demands an
     explanation, and the manager tells them a new band has appeared
     recently and has gained a large number of fans. Yashiro walks with
     rage towards front stage. He then sees a red-haired man at stage,
     driving the crowd wild. Yashiro left, anger flowing in his eyes, but
     he also seemed to feel something in that man's soul that made him
     feel so familiar...the same feeling he sensed with Shermie and Chris
     as well.
          Yashiro passed the last few days training in his fighting style
     rather than rehearsing, and get his chance against the red-haired
     devil. His chance came when the King of Fighters tournament arrived.
     Yashiro did not have an invitation, so he recommended his friends to
     go get some "free" invitations. When they accomplish their mission,
     Yashiro is now ready to kick that man's butt! It seems his name is
     Iori Yagami, and Yashiro now marks him as his prey in the tournament.
     However, not much later, Yashiro begins to feel how his blood boils,
     as his Orochi blood begins to awaken. He would soon arise as one of
     the four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, and would fight to gather fighting
     energy for Orochi! Yashiro becomes the most fearful threat for the
     fighters, and when he is finally defeated after many sacrifices,
     Yashiro tells them that it is useless now, since Orochi has received
     enough energy. He and Shermie then kill themselves to fully awaken
     the Orochi. It is unknown if Yashiro survived later...
          Yashiro is a proud, arrogant man, who thinks that his good looks
     rival his own skills. He also always seems to appear that after a
     fight, he is not tired. He also makes fun of the opponent's skills,
     and does not like to be accompanied by weaklings. Yashiro's passion
     lies in his music, though, and in his friendship with Chris and
     Shermie. He seems to like Shermie as well. However, Yashiro has no
     other path but to follow his duty as a Heavenly King of Orochi, and
     fight to sacrifice his life for the Orochi.
          OROCHI YASHIRO NANAKASE (The King of Fighters '97/The King of
     Fighters '98): The awakened form of Yashiro Nanakase, as one of the
     four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. He gains tremendous power from the
     Earth, and is able to shaken the Earth beneath his feet with his
     power! His clothes gain a purple hue. Yashiro is destined to
     sacrifice his life for the Orochi cause. All of his special moves
     and DM are different from those of normal Yashiro (one of his DM even
     mimics one of Daimon's DM!).
     *Fun fact = It seems that Goenitz' clothes are the official clothes
     of a Heavenly King of Orochi! Yashiro and Chris wear identical
     clothes to Goenitz (KOF'96). It's all in the style! ^-^
     Appearances: The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98 (and
     KOF2k as Striker only)
                                   4.2 - Quotes
     INUI TA DAICHI NO YASHIRO (Yashiro of the Parched Earth)
     Victory: "You're not too bad. That is, you're second!" :p
     Intro: "Mezamerou, daichi yo!" (I command you, Earth, awaken!) :o
     Taunt: "Namaiki da!" (How impertinent!) :) (different from normal
     Lose: "Nani?" (What?) :[
     Intro vs. Iori: "Yadanaa, tsuyosou... geka!" (Oh no, he looks
     strong... just kidding!) ;)
     Intro vs. Shermie: "Tano shimoze!" (Let's have fun!) :D
                       5 - Why I like Orochi Yashiro
          As I am a bad player, I tend to like characters with the
     following features - and Orochi Yashiro surely have them all! :)
     * Strength - O.Y. is a very strong guy - after all, there aren't
     many people ho can throw some as heavy as Chang, specially using
     only one hand! :) His throws are also as damaging as Daimon's.
     * Priority - O.Y.'s attacks have very high priority. :D His uppercut
     is an excellent example: it will beat - or at least trade with -
     most air and ground attacks.
     * Speed - O.Y. is strong, but not as slow as many strong characters
     - after all, if I wanted only muscle power, I would play with
     Brian Battler! :)
     * Ease of play - O.Y. is very simple to master, if you can only
     perform his moves with no problems. It sounds cumbersome, but
     training is essential. ;)
     * Throws - Personally, I like to play with throwing characters in
     KOF '98, because it's usually easier to combo with them. And O.Y.
     is a "throwman" by excellence. :]
          Unfortunately, at least for me, O.Y. isn't in KOF99... *sob*
                                  6 - Conventions
          I will use the most conventional symbols I've seen in FAQ's.
          Just to remember: to select O.Y., place the cursor over
     Yashiro, hold Start and press any button. Personally, I prefer
     the B and C colors.
          All moves have been listed for O.Y. facing right and in 
     Advanced Mode - good Extra players, please e-mail me! ;)
     ub  u  uf    up-back                  up             up-forward
                  (jump back)     (straight jump)      (jump forward)
     b   N  f     back                   NEUTRAL             forward
                  (walk away/block)                         (advance)
     db  d  df    down-back               down           down-forward
                  (defensive crouch)    (crouch)    (offensive crouch)
          A             B             C             D
     Light Punch   Light Kick    Heavy Punch   Heavy Kick
     POW    - Power Mode - A + B + C; (descripted below) use a DM stock.
     DM     - Desperation Moves (also known as "Super Moves").
              Use a DM stock.
     SDM    - Super DM - DM when you are in Power Mode.
              Use a DM stock.
     P      - any punch
     K      - any kick
     +      - togheter
     /      - or (alternatively)
     ABCD   - Gouhatsu (support) - press A + B + C + D. Press when your
              enemy hold you for a long time (e.g., Heavy D!'s Gut
              Punches) and if your team is nearby
     CD     - explosive attack - C + D
            - aerial explosive attack - C + D during a jump
            - counter attack (do it when you are defending an attack.
              Uses a DM stock) - C + D
     rf     - roll forward - hold f, then press A + B
            - counter roll (do it when you are defending an attack.
              Uses a DM stock) - f + A + B
     rb     - roll backward - hold b, then press A + B
            - counter roll (do it when you are defending an attack.
              Uses a DM stock) - b + A + B
            - recovery roll - A + B just before you reach the ground.
              Doesn't work after a command throw and some normal throws.
     sds    - straight dash - tap f twice and hold
     rds    - reverse "dash" (actually, its a hop) - tap b twice
     sj     - super jump - sds and/or tap any d direction, press and 
              hold any u direction
     lj     - low jump - tap any u direction (to make it easier, tap
              any u direction than quickly hold any d direction)
     nj     - normal jump - hold any u direction
     qcf    - quarter circle front - d, df, f
     hcf    - half circle front - b, db, d, df, f
     qcb    - quarter circle back - d, db, b
     hcb    - half circle back - f, df, d, db, b
                                   7 - Move list
          A small explanation about Advanced Mode should be given here.
          While you are blocking enemy attacks, making special moves, or 
     hitting normal/command/special moves (blocked or not), you are
     gaining DM stock. That means, while you are actually playing, rather
     than turtling, you are gaining stock. When you complete a DM stock, a
     green crystal appears in your stock bar (situated low in the screen).
     When I say DM stock, I mean a complete DM bar, or one crystal. When
     you activate POW (ABC), a small time bar appears above the stock bar,
     indicating how long you will remain POWered. When you are POWered,
     your moves will cause heavier damage to your enemy. When you are
     POWered and perform a DM motion, you activate a SDM - and POW bar
     disappears immediately, unlike KOF97. 
          1 - it sucks
          5 - it rocks
                                    7.1 - Normal moves
     far A - a jab, with good speed but poor range. Bufferable, has good
     priority, and is a good poke, but I don't use much. May be used as
     anti-air, but you have much better options. Also, it sometimes
     misses crouchers. Since recovery time is low, you are usually safe
     if you miss, but don't use much.
     far B - a kick, with VERY long range ( almost half screen) and has
     excellent priority. It can also hit most crouchers. By far, it's his
     best poke, and a good anti-air if the enemy is not near. Use at will.
     Rating =5+++
     far C - a straight punch, makes good damage. However, it's very high,
     and totally misses crouchers. It's also slooow to come and VERY slow
     to recover. It usually comes out when I mistake the range for a close
     standing C. If a good enemy blocks it, you are doom. Surprisingly
     enough, it's bufferable, so its rating is 1+ and not 1. NEVER USE IT
     CONSCIOUSLY!!! ;)
     Rating =1+
     far D - a very high roundhouse kick. It is as slooow as far standing
     C, both to come out and to recover. It will miss any croucher, and
     some small characters even if they are standing. It's an anti-air,
     but I see no reason not to use low C or far CD instead. It has a very
     long range, but, since recovery lag is huge, use VERY wisely! ;)
     close A - almost like far A, also bufferable. I rarely use it. Use
     close B - a knee kick to the stomach, bufferable. Good speed, but I
     don't use much. Use at will, because if 1 close B push your enemy
     away, a far B will come out. But you have better options.
     close C - an upward punch, bufferable. Fast to come, but something
     slow to recover. Can be used as anti-air, but the main use is as a
     combo starter. I use it a lot, but I'm trying to get used to close
     D instead, because close C sometimes miss crouchers. However, even if
     you mistake the range, you may follow with Saku/Bu. Use at will.
     close D - a kick to the knee, bufferable. It comes out faster, but
     recovers slower, than close C. Has the same features as combo
     starter, but will never miss crouchers. If you mistake the range,
     you are doomed. Use always!
     low A - a punch, bufferable, with shorter range than the standing
     version, but much faster. Use it as an anti-air...! :o Despite of
     his 1.90m height, O.Y. crouches VERY low, and most air moves that
     don't point straight to the ground - e.g., Iori's jump D - will
     whiff! It's a good poke, and a good combo starter - follow it with
     a Niragu Daichi. Use at will.
     low B - a very strange sweep, with short range. It's also very slow,
     but has an above-average priority. Use wisely - too slow for a light
     low C - THE upper! Yashiro stands up to make the perfect upper. It
     has the greatest range - both vertical and horizontal - of all uppers
     in the game. Also, is fast to start and to recover, and has godlike
     priority. Use it a lot; whenever you want to hit an enemy in the air,
     this is your best choice. It's bufferable and a good combo starter,
     and deals good damage. One of his best normal moves...! Yes, Yashiro
     has more excellent normal moves! :) Use at will!
     low D - a roudhouse Capoeira sweep. It can easily hit a jumping
     enemy, and knock him down. It can hit twice (if blocked), and any
     of the hits will bring an enemy down. It starts and recovers very
     fast - so fast that you are usually safe if it's blocked. The first
     hit is bufferable, and sometimes you can catch a sleeping (or CPU)
     enemy with a Kujiku/Odoru Daichi (don't do it much). O.Y. feet aren't
     grounded, so low pokes - like Ryo's low B - will usually whiff! As an
     added bonus, some people block the first hit, but forget that it can
     hit twice! Use at will!
     jump A - a downward punch. Excellent for sj attacks.
     jump B - a kick pointing up. It's good as air to air poke,
     specially against other jump Bs, but I don't use much. Use at will
     against jumping enemies, but VERY wisely against enemies in the
     ground - and NEVER against a low/croucher one!
     jump C - a downward punch, similar to Iori's jump C, but with
     longer range. Use against crouchers who use low Bs as anti-air -
     like Iori or Ryo. Also, the move of choice against those moves that
     pass under high fireballs - slides, Straight Slicer (Mary), etc..
     Timing is a bit tricky, however, due to a small lag at start up. It
     can cross up. Use wisely.
     PS.: I've recently proven the awesome priority of this move: it beat
     Rising Tackle (Terry's dragon punch) twice in the same round!!
     jump D - a roundhouse kick, similar to Iori's jump D. Has super
     priority. Good both as air-to-air and air-to-ground move.
     Usually hit cleanly on anti-air moves. Just be careful when
     using against air attacks pointing up (like Chang's jump CD, Clark's
     jump D, etc.). If you are lower or in the same level as your enemy,
     then you should hit. It can cross up. Use at will (not against
     low/crouchers!), but don't forget of the small delay at start up.
     far CD - a shoulder charge. Has super priority, both anti-air and
     to the ground. Bufferable when hits, so you can follow on with Kujiku
     Daichi, if your enemy is counter-happy. However, it has a long
     recovery. Use wisely.
     jump CD - a kick, like Clark's jump D, pointing a little to the
     stars. Nearly equal to Clark's attack, but stronger and with much
     longer range. It will also knock an enemy down - don't forget it's
     a CD attack! Not very good as anti-ground, but great as air-to-air
     move, due to the long lasting, super high priority and. If you have
     problems with certain annoying jump CD attacks (coughChriscough),
     this may be the solution. Use carefully, it has a small startup lag.
                                   7.2 - Throws
     Baku (Rave/Outrage) - close, f/b + C
     O.Y. hits a punch in the enemy's head, throwing him/her far
     away. I don't use much, but it's good due to this speed.
     Recovery roll allowed. Use wisely.
     Beki (Power) - close, f/b + D
     O.Y. bumps the enemy in the ground to the  opposite side, with one
     hand. Same uses as Baku, but no recovery roll allowed. Use wisely.
                               7.3 - Command moves
     Saku (Scheme) - f + A
     A downward punch, looks like jump C. Good to surprise your enemy,
     but the best thing is that this is a true combo move. You can hit
     this after a C - far or close! This move will leave you closer to
     the enemy, so after a combed Saku, you can usually make Musebu Daichi
     or Angoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (S)DM. B-version Odoru Daichi will
     ALWAYS follow a comboed Saku. If a sleeping/CPU enemy blocks a combed
     Saku, follow with a low Kujiku Daichi. Don't do this often, however,
     or you can get hurt! ;) When not comboed, will knock down, and will
     be an overhead. Just beware of long recovery lag (and start up too,
     if not comboed). Use always!
     Can be comboed after:  far/low C (be fast!)
                            close C/D
     Bu (Scorn) - f + B
     A kick that looks like far B, but with the opposite leg. Comes out
     slower, but has a little more range. If it comboes, you may follow
     it with a Musebu Daichi (or Angoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (S)DM) if
     you're close enough, but don't do this much: it's risky! ;) A
     B-version Odoru Daichi, however, usually follow up a comboed Bu, not
     if you are 3/4 (or more) screen away. Bu is bufferable by itself,
     just as close C/D. Any special throw may connect, but you'd better be
     dead on your enemy for anything but a B-version Odoru Daichi. If an
     enemy blocks a comboed Bu, you may follow up with an A-version Kujiku
     Daichi - again, not too often! Looks MUCH cooler than Saku, but will
     push your enemy away. If you don't want to risk, use Saku instead.
     Long recovery lag (start up not too long, when not comboed). Use
     Can be comboed after:  far/low C (be fast!)
                            close C/D
                              7.4 - Special moves
          When Saku or Bu appear below, means a comboed one.
          Based on the style found in "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98-THE
      (see Acknowledgements).
          NOTE: I received some e-mails telling me that some moves listed
     as qcf are hcf and the like. Well, I will check this out, but if you
     are unsure, always make hcf/hcb. There's no problem with O.Y., the
     moves will come out anyway and not overlap with other move.
     Musebu Daichi (Smothering/Chocking Earth) - hcb, f + P
     O.Y.'s stronger special throw. O.Y. holds the enemy with only one
     hand (even Chang!), makes 3 x Beki then jumps and crushes him/her in
     the ground. Good damage and looks very cool, I use it A LOT. It's
     difficult to perform, if you are a beginner, so train hard to master
     this move. After this, everything else gets MUCH easier. Musebu
     Daichi can always be replaced by Angoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (S)DM.
     Although recovery lag when missed is short, a good enemy may punish
     you within that time, so use wisely.
     Differences between light and heavy
     Can be comboed after:  close C/D (be fast!)
                            low C (if you are close enough; be fast!)
                            Saku/Bu (if you are close enough)
     Odoru Daichi (Dancing Earth) - qcf + K
     O.Y. runs, says "Ugoku na!" (Don't move!), then throws the enemy in
     the ground. If you whiff, he says "Tendarou ga!" (That's what I
     said!). It has both the greater speed and range of the running grabs
     in the game (Takuma's Sho Ran Kyaku, for example, is much slower).
     Good against sleeping enemies, and to fill your POW bar: when you
     perform it, it fills a little; if you grab your enemy, it fills a
     little more! I prefer B-version, because it starts faster, and will
     follow a comboed Saku/Bu (unless you are really far away). It looks
     pretty cool when comboed. D-version has much longer range, and is
     better against a low B-turtling Ryo, for example. But the long
     startup means that it won't combo off anything, even in the corner
     *sob*. So, use the B-version more often. Very useful and makes good
     damage, although less then Musebu Daichi. This move is good for
     beginners, because it's much easier to perform and combo than Musebu
     Daichi. It's safer as a combo finisher, since it will rarely miss a
     comboed/bufferable attack. As an added bonus, it is great to grab
     enemies during slides and simmilars (Fire Kick). Use wisely.
     Differences between light and heavy
     Light: starts and ends faster, smaller range
     Can be comboed after:  close C/D 
                            far/low C 
     Heavy: starts and ends slower, greater range
     Can be comboed after:  none
     Niragu Daichi (Authority of the Earth) - hcf + P
     This is an excellent juggle. Has godlike priority, and, if you leave
     your enemy fall in the ground, it makes good damage. It's the basis
     for O.Y.'s most damaging combo, that can make about 60% damage(!).
     This baby will be described below... ;) The only move I use more
     than this in matches is the Musebu Daichi. I'm only aware of 2
     command throws that can beat this one cleanly: Benimaru's Electrigger
     (S)DM and Shermie's Shermie Carnival (S)DM. Both have a small (and
     invincible) delay at startup (Kujiku Daichi will hit these cleanly).
     Some others, like Daimon's Chou Osotogari, Clark's Frankensteiner and
     Athena's Super Psychic Throw, may sometimes beat and sometimes don't
     beat Niragu Daichi; more often than not, both throws - yours and your
     enemy's - will whiff (weird but cool)!! If your enemy is a vicious
     counter-happy, use this after a blocked far CD, than punishment may
     follow... Use wisely, because recovery lag is huge enough for proper
     Differences between light and heavy
     Can be comboed after:  close/low A (very close)
                            close B (very close)
     Kujiku Daichi (Wrenching Earth) - hcb + P
     O.Y. jumps, with one hand downwards. This hand holds the enemy's head
     until O.Y. can pass to the opposite side, and he says "Totta!" (I got
     you!). Doesn't make any damage, but lets your enemy without defense
     for ca. 1/2 a second. Use this time to punish your enemy for sleeping
     so long to eat this move. The worst thing about Kujiku Daichi is that
     it's very easy to avoid: simply jump. C-version should only be used
     against CPU, or if you anticipate a fireball from your enemy, or if
     (s)he rb. A-version is much more useful. Use VERY VERY wisely!
     Differences between light and heavy:
     Light: jumps lower and has smaller range
     Can be comboed after: none
     Heavy: jumps higher and has longer range
     Can be comboed after: none
                                7.4 - Super moves
          For all DM/SDM, there are no differences between light and
          Just to remember: you need a stock to perform a DM; to perform a
     SDM, make a DM when you are POWered (also needs a stock).
     Angoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (Darkness Paradise to Hell Drop or)
     - qcb, qcb + P                 Dark Hell to Paradise Drop)
     This is the enhanced version of Musebu Daichi, so use it the same
     way. It's O.Y.'s ONLY (S)DM that can be comboed, but doesn't make
     much damage. Use it to finish a match, or if time is running short
     and you wanna make sure you'll win. I don't use it much in matches,
     but a lot against the CPU. It's cool, specially in SDM. Use both of
     them wisely, because it's better to fight POWered. The recovery lag
     when missed is the same as Musebu Daichi.
     DM  - O.Y. says "Choshi koi ten jane zo, kora!" (Hey, I never said to
     get cocky!) and holds the enemy with one hand, kicks him/her, then
     leaves (s)he fall in the ground. So he grabs him/her, perform a fast
     Musebu Daichi, but with 5x Beki instead of 3x, juggles the enemy away
     (like Niragu Daichi) and leaves him/her fall. All the steps here
     cause damage.
     SDM - Starts like the DM version, but with 7x Beki. After the juggle,
     O.Y. says "Sono inochi, morata!" (I'll take that life!), opens his
     arms downward, and releases a wave of energy (a "bomb", like that of
     Mature's Heaven's Gates DM). Fair damage, good for combos.
     Araburu Daichi (Wild Earth Warrior) - qcf, qcf + K
     DM  - Starts like a C-version Kujiku Daichi. O.Y. says "Otonashiku,
     shitero yo" (Just keep still), and, if he grabs the enemy, says 
     "Sugu owaru kara yo!" (Because it'll be over soon!). O.Y. holds the 
     enemy, bump him/her on his knee, makes a Beki, then the last part of
     Musebu Daichi. O.Y. then juggles the enemy, jumps and hits him/her
     with a jump C. Then O.Y. and the enemy fall fast, and O.Y. performs a
     "bomb". O.Y.'s more damaging DM (as much as the Hoeru Daichi DM). As
     hard to hit as a C-version Kujiku Daichi, but looks VERY cool. :)
     SDM - Almost equal to DM. The difference is he performs Beki 3 times.
     Twice as damaging as the DM version (as much as Hoeru Daichi SDM). In
     my opinion, this is one of the coolest moves in the whole game (with
     the exception of Iori's Maiden Masher SDM and a few others SDMs). I
     seldom use it (both DM/SDM versions, specially in matches), but they
     are very cool anyway. Use them wisely as a C-version Kujiku Daichi.
     Hoeru Daichi (Howling Earth) - qcf, qcf + P (hold)
     DM  - O.Y. keeps stand, one hand down, body down and the other hand
     back. Power comes from the Earth to the hand that is down, and he
     concentrates this power. The more you hold P-button, the more he
     concentrates power, the more he raises the back hand and the heavier
     is the damage. When you release P (or if you hold too long, O.Y. will
     release anyway), O.Y. says "Ichimai na!" (Go away!) and blasts a blue
     wave of energy (like Heavy D!'s D! Magnum DM). Causes massive damage,
     if max charged - in fact, this is one of the most powerful DMs (the
     damage is exactly equal to Araburu Daichi DM) in the game. I rarely
     use it. Don't use it consciously, because you have better options,
     and recovery lag is enormous.
     SDM - The same as above, but with 3 differences. 1) The wave is dark
     orange, 2) the damage is twice as heavy and 3) if maximum charged,
     it is unblockable! The damage is VERY high (as much as Araburu
     Daichi SDM), and the range of both DM/SDM is about 80% screen
     width. However, there are no free lunches: startup and recovery for
     both DM/SDM are gigantic; if you don't charge (or charge briefly)
     damage is ridiculous for both. Use it VERY wisely, because if you
     miss, your enemy will have about 1 year BEFORE deciding what will
     be your punishment...
                                   8 - Combo list
          As I said before, O.Y. combos are easy to do, and make good 
          1 - piece of cake
          5 - not that easy
          Note: if your enemy crouches, and/or if he is Choi or Chin,
     use close D instead of close C, f + A instead of f + B and jump C
     instead jump D. It's safer... ;) Unless noted otherwise, combos are
     possible for both Advanced and Extra Modes.
          Remember that Musebu Daichi can always be substituted by Odoru
     Daichi, vice versa is not always true. Musebu Daichi also can always
     be replaced by its (S)DM version (Angoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi) and
     vice versa.
     Combo#1  - stand C, f + A, qcf + B
     Master this combo. Even if you hit a far C, this combo has good
     chances to come out. If you hit a close C, this will surely
     come out.
     Combo#2  - close C/D, f + A/B, qcf + B
     This is the second step to master O.Y.. After you master what "close"
     means, it will be easier to make the following combos. Remember that
     Odoru Daichi fills your stocks quite fast.
     Combo#3  - jump D, close C/D, f + A/B, qcf + B
     Same as Combo#2, but the jump D adds 5-10% damage. Master this and
     go ahead.
     Combo#4  - jump C, close D, f + A, qcf + B
     Same as Combo#3, but timing is a bit tricky with jump C. It's the
     safest of all combos, because it won't miss crouchers/Choi/Chin.
     Combo#4  - close C/D, f + A/B, qcb, f + P
     It's more damaging than Combo#1 or #2, but takes more time to
     master. Also, it fills stocks slower. If you can master this one with
     f + B, it means you are well aware of far/close. It's important to
     make the other combos.
     Combo#5  - jump C/D, close C/D, f + A/B, qcb, f + P
     It's almost like Combo#4, but the jump C/D adds 5-10% damage.
     You should NEVER miss this one, because it's a standard combo.
     Combo#6  - jump C, close D, f + A, qcb, f + P
     This is safest than Combo#5, because it won't miss
     crouchers/Choi/Chin. Remember that timing with jump C is tricky.
     This should be your default combo.
     Combo#7  - sds, close D, f + A, qcb, f + P (Advanced only)
                any bufferable attack, qcf + B
     These combos are good to punish your enemy if (s)he misses an
     attack - for example, if (s)he performs a move with long recovery,
     and you block or (s)he does it out of range. Use the sds to avoid a
     Baku or Beki. Make sds very fast (train hard), and you won't miss
     it! The 2nd version is better for enemy moves with very fast
     recovery, E.G., Ralf Kick. Your best bufferable move is the Bu, due
     to the VERY long range.
     Combo#8 - VERY CLOSE, low/close A, hcf + P
     Range is everything here. More on this combo in Tactics.
     Combo#9 - low C, f + A/B, qcf + B
     I have problems in transitions from d to f without performing a qcf,
     so I make this combo using B, else I will perform a Niragu Daichi and
     miss it. Musebu Daichi will not connect, unless your enemy is in the
     corner. Excellent for punishment.
     Combo#10 -  close C/D, f + A, qcb, qcb + P [(S)DM]
     This takes some more time to master, but looks cool. I don't use
     much, specially DM; however, it is nice to finish one round, or when
     time runs short - 5 sec.+ for DM, 10 sec.+ for SDM, or damage may be
     incomplete. The only real advantage I see in Extra mode is that when
     life bar is flashing you can make this one in DM several times.
     Excellent to punish an enemy if you hit a Kujiku Daichi - don't miss
     the chance, you may not have another!
     Combo#11  - (sds) close C/D, f + B, qcb, qcb + P [(S)DM] (Advanced
     If you can perform this one well, you already have good hands
     and distance notion - you trained a lot, right? ;)
     Combo#12  - jump C/D, f + A/B, qcb, qcb + P [(S)DM]
     Good to finish/short of time. Massive damage in SDM.
     Combo#13 - hcf + P, wait about 1sec., qcf, qcf + P (hold P)(SDM only)
     This is the hardest combo, but also the most damaging (some 60%+!!).
     You may hit a low A before: this gives a little more damage. Timing
     is everything here. Time it correctly: your enemy won't avoid the
     Hoeru Daichi SDM because (s)he will be just getting up when the SDM
     comes out and it will be unblockable! Time it early: the SDM will
     whiff, and your enemy will have lots of time to punish you. Time it
     late: your enemy will get up before the SDM comes out, and will have
     about a month just to decide what to do. If you are too close from
     the corner, a wakeup move may hurt you. This is your more powerful
     combo (it seems that #12 in SDM nearly equals this one). If you can
     make this combo effectively during a running in, your enemy wil think
     very well before making mistakes again... But there are some
     drawbacks: special moves that pass under fireballs and/or with an
     invulnerability frame might avoid it. But only top level players are
     so good in timing. You'll have a hard time to grab them anyway.
     Combo#14 - qcb, sds, qcb + P (when close) [(S)DM] (Advanced Only)
     The run-in super grab trick still exists. It may be something
     difficult, but not that much. Just make a qcb and sds immediately. If
     you get close from your opponent, complete the movement. But do not
     take too long: the total time (from the 1st qcb to the 2nd) has to be
     1sec., maximum. The ultimate punisher, and puts A LOT OF pressure.
     Combo#15 - jump D, close C, f + B, qcb, qcb + P [SDM]
     Just for fun. You are taking your chances here, as all movements
     listed are the harder to combo, specially on crouchers. But if
     you hit, your skills are OK. Big damage.
     Combo#16 - lj A, close D, f + A, qcf + B
     Advanced combo. As the sj is usually an unexpected move, you may get
     your enemy blocking low. Jump A is preferred because it has no start
     lag. Jump D (and specially C) have some start lag, jump B sucks on
     Combo#17 - lj A, close D, f + A, qcb, f + P
     Same as above, but more damaging. Beware of distance, specially if
     you are POW, or the last move might whiff.
     Combo#18 - lj A, close D, f + A, qcb, qcb + P (S)DM
     Same as #16, but with (S)DM. Be very careful on the distance.
                                    9  - Tactics
                                 9.1 - General Tactics
          O.Y. is a good character, but it's worthless if he isn't used
     correctly. Also, if you can perform all combos very well, that
     doesn't mean you are a good player.
          A good player not only performs well the moves of, at least,
     his/her favs, also knows the right time to perform them. A good 
     player may win a match without even using a single special 
          The most important factor: a good player has a trained mind. 
     (S)he may be used to do only one tactic, but can change it if needed.
     (S)he knows when is the right time to attack. And also knows how
     to avoid (or beat) enemy's attacks. (S)he also knows how to fight
     under pressure, and can sometimes turn a battle that would be a
     humiliating defeat into an overwhelming victory. I've seen '3-in-1'
     (the 1st character of yours defeats all 3 enemy characters) several 
     times, but 'reverse 3-in-1' (your 3rd character defeats all 3 enemy
     characters) more often than not.
          A person will never become a good player only by training in
     Training Mode, or against the CPU. A good player trains a lot,
     specially against other human players. If possible, not only in
     one arcade center, or one city, but in very different places. There
     you will find new tactics and/or combos, and there always are better 
     players than you. Just look for them! :)
          Think about it.
          Anyway, there are some useful tactics, and I will tell you what
     I know. It isn't much, but might help you sometimes. ;)
     Remember, all they are for Advanced Mode only. Good Extra players,
     e-mail me.
          The order selection is as subjective as your fave characters,
     but there are some tips to have more DM stocks available to the last
          KOF '98 has an "advantage" system that works as it follows.
          Your 1st characters can add up to 3 crystals, the 2nd 4 crystals
     and the 3rd 5 crystals. One character will or will not pass his/her
     DM stocks to the following, based in an advantage meter. A small face
     appears in the side of each character on the order selection screen
     (hold Start to see them). There are 3 possibilities:
          * Red/Angry: all crystals MINUS one. :(
          * White/Neutral: all crystals. :|
          * Yellow/Happy: all crystals PLUS one. :)
          Try to place your characters taking this in consideration. How?
          Your best 'face' should be the second and the worst the last.
          A personal example might help. I usually play with RB2 Terry,
     Clark and O.Y. in serious matches. Let's suppose RB2 Terry 'white',
     Clark 'yellow' and O.Y. 'red'. A good order (thinking only in
     crystals) would be:
          RB2 Terry - Clark - O.Y.
          Clark would begin with the same stocks as RB2 Terry, would gain
     stock in the battle and pass one extra stock to O.Y.. There is a good
     chance for O.Y. to start with 5 stocks, and that's good when time
     shorts. O.Y. is the last, so he won't 'steal' stocks of anyone. The
     possible 'good' combinations are: 
          R-red W-white Y-yellow X-any
          Y Y X
          W Y R/W
          W W R
          R X R
          Also, this is related to Gouhatsu (Support, ABCD). It is like
     a help, when your player dizzies or is caught by a multi-hit grab
     (E.G., Goro's C grab). When you activate Gouhatsu, one of your
     remaining characters jumps in to help you. Y fellows always help
     you, R never help. W may sometimes help, sometimes not. The Gouhatsu
     may be the difference between victory and defeat! Use always!!
          I usually place my best character ('best' depends on your enemy
     team and/or selection order - usually O.Y.) as last and don't take
     Advantage in consideration. Many players think the same way. Also, I
     don't use (S)DMs nor counter attacks that often, so it just doesn't
     make much difference for me. But I save my stocks for O.Y.!!
          If your character is R, you are loosing and there is only 1 DM
     stock left, try to use it. If you don't win, you may at least cause
     more damage, making the job for the next character easier. Remember,
     you won't pass that single stock anyway.
          Blocking is sometimes better than attacking. Learn how to block
     (or avoid) as many moves as possible. Some moves are unblockable,
     others can only be blocked low, others only high... Also, learn the
     recovery time of the moves, so you will know if it is or isn't safe
     to punish your enemy.
          If your life bar is short, remember that Musebu Daichi or its
     (S)DM version may always be replaced by B-version Odoru Daichi.
     Remember that the running grab is safer, because you don't need to be
     too close from your enemy to grab him/her. Better safe than sorry! ;)
          Master Combo#13 ASAP (As Soon As Possible)! It's excellent at
     any time, specially as punishment. Remember that this combo may
     finish a round (or match) instantly!
          When possible, attack, attack and attack! Never miss an
     opportunity to combo on your enemy. Don't let the enemy breath is a
     good tactic to win - but not fun at all. ;)
          After a Niragu Daichi, if you hit your enemy in the air, you
     might try to do a Combo#7, #9 or #10. To hit your enemy in  the air,
     use a jump D or low C. Be advised that it's risky against a good
     player. You should also try a low D, if you guess your enemy tries to
     hit you. Don't use it much, however. It's too dangerous, and even the
     CPU can avoid it easily. Other choice is far CD. If you anticipate
     your enemy will rb, make a C-version Kujiku Daichi, or Araburu Daichi
     (S)DM. That should only be used once or twice. Train Combo#13
     instead. It's devastating! ;) The best thing you can do if you can't
     SDM is to make Musebu Daichi 2 or 3 times before your enemy stand up.
     This way, you'll add your power bar.
          Try to stay as close as possible, as O.Y. doesn't have any long 
     or mid-range move that cannot be easily avoided (except far B).
          Use jump D to attack a standing foe, but try to get used to
     jump C instead, since it's better against small characters.
          Combos #16-18 are great for surprise jump-ins. Train them!
          AVOID USING KUJIKU DAICHI!!! If you whiff against an average (or
     better) enemy, you are doom. Anyone can avoid it: a straight jump is
     enough, and afterwards...
          Try not to use (S)DMs very much - except if you can perform
     Combo#13 very well. Specially with O.Y., the (S)DMs are not that
     damaging, and fighting POWered is better.
          SDMs cause more damage than DMs, but it's usually better to
     fight POWered, because you may cause much more damage than a (S)DM
     would - moreover, a SDM will finish you POW bar, leaving you with
     normal power. Just an example: Combo#5/6 may be done some 3 or 4
     times before POW disappears. One time will take more damage than
     Angoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi DM. 5 times are more than enough to
     kill your enemy. If you want to use a SDM anyway, try to do it as
     late as possible - that means, when the POW bar is almost empty; so
     you will be POWered as long as possible, and will have better
     chances to make big damage on your enemy.
          Counter wisely! A good enemy can easily punish you if you're 
     counter-happy. E.g.: a good Terry player, for example, makes a CD
     attack. If you counter it, Terry may then perform a Power Geyser
     (S)DM, causing massive damage. If your enemy is in the air you can
     counter more safely.
          Don't roll much! It's suicide against throw-based characters
     (like O.Y. himself), since they can grab you while you roll. Even if
     your enemy isn't a grappler, (s)he can punish you (hard) without
          Counter rolls aren't very effective. Use them only if you're
     sure of what you do. That is, if your enemy makes a (S)DM or normal
     move that continue beating even when you block (e.g., Ryo's Ryuuko
     Ranbu DM). But make it pretty sure that you roll to the correct
     side!! ;)
          Against grapplers, use Niragu Daichi a lot. It has super
     priority. Just beware: if you miss, your enemy will have at least a
     decade to think what he will do as punishment!
           Use light version moves only. For example: you perform a
     Niragu Daichi. If, for any reason, you trade sides with the enemy, a
     low Kujiku Daichi will come out. It's bad, but not as much as a heavy
     Kujiku Daichi! ;)
          Train hard to use lj effectively. lj is better than nj/sj
     because it leaves your enemy with pretty less time to counter. But
     don't jump too much anyway - specially against characters with good
     anti-air moves, like Iori, (KoF '95) Kyo, (AoF) Ryo, (RB2) Andy,
     Takuma... Don't forget that some fighters may not have good anti-air
     moves when standing, but do have when crouching (Shermie low C).
     Also, there are some charging moves that are great anti-air, like
     Kim's Somersault Slash and - worse than all these - most (S)DMs are
     excellent anti-air moves! ;)
          If your enemy is counter-happy, use a Niragu Daichi after a
     blocked far CD/close C/Saku/Bu. If your enemy counters, you may grab
     him/her. And if you trained your combos a lot, waste your enemy! ;)
          If your enemy holds you with a multi-hit grab - e.g., Lucky's
     C grab - mash all buttons to get free faster. This may sometimes
     call a Gouhatsu.
          If your enemy blocks a Saku, Bu, far CD or low D (first hit),
     buffer on a Kujiku Daichi (never use C-version). If you are lucky
     enough, your enemy will sleep and will be caught. Don't miss any
     chances you have to hit your enemy. Maybe (s)he won't be so asleep
     when you make this again... ;) Don't use it in matches: you can be
     (severely) punished!! If you do, make sure that you won't use it
     more than 2 times in a match.
          Against scrub players, use Kujiku Daichi a lot. It's cheap,
     however. After a close C/D, f + A/B (blocked or not), make a light
     Kujiku Daichi and you should hit. Make it until your enemy awakes. It
     works VERY well against CPU Clark/Benimaru and some others. As an
     added bonus, it will add your stocks quite fast, so you can finish
     your enemy using a (S)DM. It's humiliating, so don't do it. Play
     clean and make good friends. It's MUCH better than an overwhelming
     victory against scrub players - remember, you were also a novice one
     day, and you improved thanks to nice players and/or friends. Be nice!
          Don't play much if you wanna win! A good-minded player shows up 
     when life bar shorts down. I've lost several battles because I like
     to play... :[ And won a Street Fighter Alpha 2 championship because
     my last enemy played! :) Never underestimate your enemy, because a
     character that sucks in your hands may be a nightmare in the hands
     of an exprienced player.
          Also, don't play ONLY to win. The game is out there so people
     can have fun. Make the combos with Bu, use Kujiku Daichi, etc. Use
     (S)DMs, specially Araburu Daichi SDM. It looks pretty cool and you
     will have a good time. Remember, CPU always makes the same things, so
     after you learn how to beat CPU once, you will always know how to
     beat it when needed. And you may have fun, or (better) train combos.
                                9.2 - Matchup Tactics
          I'm not an expert, but I'll try to put down what I know to help
     you in matches. I usually place O.Y. as my last character, the others
     depending on what my enemy has.
          I'll try to describe some types of enemies common in matches.
          This is a review from "King of Fighters '98 Complete Ralf
     Guide", by Bloody Tears (see Acknowledgements), and adapted to O.Y..
          Most of the Chris section was extracted from ""Tenken no Chris"
     King of Fighters '98 Chris Guide", by Tony W. (see Acknowledgements).
          The names of the moves were extracted from Kao Megura's "THE
     KING OF FIGHTERS '98 FAQ" (see Acknowledgements).
          The most dangerous type of player. Usually does constant quick
     hop kicks, and starts combos low. Very difficult to stop if they are
     on you, unless you use CD counter. My suggestion is to use the low
     C/D to keep them away. Also, use Niragu Daichi some times.
     Most used characters: Iori, Kyo, Yashiro (both), Chris (both),
     RB2 Terry, Heavy D!, AoF Ryo, Takuma...
          Will do anything to grab you. Plays similarly to Comboers, but
     use grabs instead. Use low C/D to keep at bay. You may also use
     Niragu Daichi, since it will beat most throws.
     Most used characters: Goro, Vice, Clark, O.Y., Ralf
          Cheap style (Keep away turtles):
          Bases on running away and keeping you away. Usually a beginner,
     and plays relatively poorly. A much easier to beat fighter. Use
     Kujiku Daichi often to kill them. Use Araburu Daichi (S)DM sometimes!
     Most used characters: Aof Ryo, Takuma, Ralf, Iori, Chang, Choi,
     Lucky, Robert, Terry, Kim, Daimon, Kyo (both)...
          These basically categorize all the types of players that I have
     fought so far. If I find more, I will add them, and add techniques on
     defeating them.
          I'm going to try my best to describe the best techniques to
     defeat each character in the game, but please note that matches
     intimely depend on your own skill up against the opponents skill. I
     will provide the most useful tactics (these are the ones that work
     for me). If your opponent uses different tactics, my tactics may not
     be as effective. Well, here they are.
          When you have stock, POW. Your combos will be much more
     damaging, and you may perform Combo#13. Don't miss any chances!
          Train hard and waste them!!
          Kyo Kusanagi
          '98: One of the most difficult characters to fight against.
     Usually very offensive, starts combo low, and may finish you before
     you can say "Orochi Nagi". Autoguard is a serious problem. Usually
     keeps on hopping. Keep on the air with low C's. Punish missed
     Oni Yaki (uppercut) with Combo#7, #11 or #13. Keep rolls away with
     low A's. Beat Aragami (fire-fist) with your rolls, and Combo#7, #11
     or #13. Missed R.E.D. Kick (diving kick) with Musebu Daichi. Main
     goal is to keep him not too close, or his normal attacks will punish
     you since they are almost all comboable. He will use his Naraku
     Otoshi (jumping slam, jump + down + C) and his Hachi Shiki (double
     sweep) to keep you away. Your best weapon is the Musebu Daichi, but
     do not abuse, because he can easily counter. Be careful when using
     Niragu Daichi/Odoru Daichi. MAX out ASAP, because his combos are
     really strong. Watch out when you jump, because Oni Yaki, RED kick
     and low C may beat your air attacks. Oh, don't forget: both of his
     (S)DMs are excellent anti-air, but both can be easily avoided by
     rolling. Just remember that Orochi Nagi can be charged, so wait until
     Kyo releases it. Then roll and smother him (maybe he'll be awaken
     next time...). One of the most difficult matches.
          '95: Never fought before, but I suggest use (very carefully) the
     A-version Kujiku Daichi to go over fireballs. Annoy him with low C/Ds
     and stand CDs. His Oni Yaki doesn't have autoguard, but still can
     beat your jump attacks easily. Also, the Oboru Guruma (his old kick
     anti-air) is a very strong and effective move.
          Benimaru Nikaido
          Keep on the attack, because his only cheap move now is the
     Lightning Kick. Roll through that and punish. His jump D is excellent
     in air combat. Watch for cross-ups. When you have stock, best advice
     is to POW. When blocked or missed Shinkuu Katategoma (multi hit
     kick), punish him hard. Remember that your jump C will beat this
     move. Jump carefully, because his Lightning Fists are good anti-air.
     His Heaven Blast Flash (S)DM is dangerous and awesome anti-air. Your
     low C will beat almost every jump attacks he has. If you are
     constantly attacking him, he'll not be able to damage you too much.
     Keep close to him, and keep on using the low C/D... But be careful
     of his EXTREMELY LETHAL Elec Trigger this year!! Because of the
     small delay at start up, it will beat ANY of your throws!! Don't
     roll too much! His Benimaru Coleda is a fair command throw, but
     Musebu Daichi and Niragu Daichi are far better...
          Goro Daimon
          Goro is though, but O.Y. wastes him if you're careful. We all
     know the reasons. Keep away with low D. This is really important!
     Avoid using using Kujiku Daichi (unless you are playing against a
     newbie) because he will grab you out of the air with the Cloud
     Tosser. Beat his stand B and stand D with your low D. Keep low, and
     if he uses hop D, roll. DON'T use wakeup throws on him, because his
     Super Great Outer Reaping (feet throw) will bring you down. The
     Mountain of Storms (autoguard super) is powerful, but Kujiku Daichi
     (or Araburu Daichi (S)DM, hehehe ;)) will ALWAYS beat it :o. Jump
     higher than him, and you will beat him in the air. If he is grounded,
     don't jump too much, or you will eat a bug combo. Only use - and very
     wisely - Niragu Daichi against him, or his Super Great Outer Reaping
     will knock you on the floor. DON'T keep too close, or you will eat a
     Hell to Paradise Drop (S)DM combo. A very difficult match.
          O.Y. wastes her. Unless you are playing a scrub Leona (crazy
     jump D's all day, mashing crouch B, and throws) she should not be
     too big of a problem. Punish Boomerang with roll, than Combo#7, #11
     or #13. Keep away with low C/D's. Be aware of her combos though.
          Ralf Jones
          I HATE TO FIGHT AGAINST RALF!!! Be careful of his Cs - Ralf
     is THE Mr. C!! Punish missed Ralf Kick with Odoru Daichi(both). If
     it is a grappler Ralf, use Niragu Daichi and low D a lot. Your low D
     is your best weapon. Ralf's good air to air moves are Diving Bomb and
     jump C (he is or isn't the Mr C?). Jump at will, but make it pretty
     sure: DON'T jump if he has stock. All his (S)DMs can be easily rolled
     through and punished. Make pretty sure the (S)DM has REALLY ended, or
     you'll be hit. :( Don't forget about 3 important things in Galactica
     Phantom (super punch) SDM:
     1) It has autoguard and
     2) It will make 100% damage in counter!!! :o
     Rolling is safer, but you may grab if you are careful. Remember that
     both Galactica Phantom DM/SDM are unblockable and cause pain. If he
     uses the Blazing Vulcan Punch (multiple punches non-grabbing super),
     counter roll forward. Don't worry if you can't counter, if you block
     you will have loads of time to punish him. If he uses far C all day,
     jump C/D on him, than follow it the way you want. Don't roll much,
     Ralf has lots of moves to punish rolls. Ah: good luck. ;) If you know
     anything else that will work, PLEASE e-mail me!! :)
          Clark Steel
          VERY tough. Your main goal is to keep on attacking him, while
     not letting him get into grappling range. This is much easier to say
     than to do, because his air attacks (jump D/CD) are awesome, and his
     stand D is almost as good as your low C/D. Your command throws
     should be used VERY carefully on him, because if he jumps, most
     likely he will dash in and Ultra Argentine Backbreaker (S)DM you.
     When you are knocked down (which happens quite a lot against Clark),
     my best suggestion is to JUMP STRAIGHT UP AND AIR-BLOCK. He won't be
     able to Napalm Stretch (uppercut grapple) or Frankensteiner (leg
     throw) you. If he whiffs, you can then punish him as hard as
     possible. If he tries to fake jump kick you, just block, and use
     Niragu Daichi. His Rolling Cradle and his Arabian Backbreaker
     (running command throws) can be used really tricky so be careful.
     Make him keep his distance with your low C's, and be careful with
     your rolls. His jump attacks (except A and CD) are no match to your
     low C. Jump lower (and/or after) him, or his jump D will destroy you.
     Don't never ever let him jump in, or you are doom. Try not to go into
     a jump kick war against Clark. Far Bs also do well. The best tactic
     is to use hops, because he won't be able to grapple you. His
     Frankensteiner is a good match to Niragu Daichi. One of the most
     difficult matches.
          Kim Kap Hwan
          The new combo king in '98. I suggest that you use Low C/D very
     often  because he has only 1 move that can knock it out (Hangetsu
     Zan, the slide kick). It does pretty low damage, and if it trades
     with low D, Kim will take more damage. Your Niragu Daichi will suck
     out his slide kick special though! Also, be careful with his Hien Zan
     (summersault kick), it has tons of priority. If you block the Houou
     Kyaku (the running super), counter roll FORWARD and waste him. If you
     can't counter, Niragu/Musebu Daichi him ASAP.
          Chang Koehan
          Usually a very cheap player. Will abuse the jump C/D/CD. AVOID
     special moves, because if you miss, he'll grab you with Great
     Destroyer Throw, that causes good damage. Best suggestion is to
     smother him with low C/Ds. If you play defensively, you will lose.
     Get close, and stay close. DON'T jump much. He is awsome in air
     combat, and both of his (S)DM are devastating anti-air. Also, the
     Iron Ball Great Spin is a most dangerous move.  If he uses the Iron
     Ball Great Deadly Press (runing super), counter roll forward and
     waste him. If you can't counter, use the lj and combo him; he'll be
     able to recover faster than you can, and if you keep on the ground
     you will be grabbed by his Great Destroyer Throw (looks like Musebu
          Choi Bounge
          Some Choi players will try and abuse their drill claw move.
     They'll use the old in-in-in-out at every opportunity, hoping to
     catch you in then air. My best tactic is to low C/D them after the
     last hit. POW is good, because your DMs might miss him, leaving you
     open. Your air to ground attack should always be with C, because D
     is prone to whiff. DON'T underestimate him or you'll lose in no time.
          Iori Yagami
          Ouch. Iori is still a very high ranked character that can be
     used in every way possible. When Iori players fight O.Y., they
     always either 1) Keep O.Y. away or 2) Smother O.Y. with jump attacks
     and his Lily Break (crossup kick). The keep away kind is MUCH easier
     to defeat. Just get close, abuse the low C/D, and use the Niragu
     Daichi to vacuum in almost any of his specials. The more offensive
     type is much more difficult to fight, because if you play
     defensively, he will Scum Gale (reverse throw) you. If you play
     offensively, he will either Oni Yaki (uppercut) you, or worse, start
     a low hitting combo. The best tactic is to keep him away with low  Ds
     at all cost. His damage this year is much lower, but he is still very
     tricky. Don't forget that his low D has years of recovery. Most Iori
     players will not use his Yami Barai (fireball) too much, and that is
     good, but when they do, go over it with a hj, but once again, be wary
     of Oni Yaki. When you have stock, the best thing to do is to POW.
     Keep him at a distance and your attacks should be able to defeat him.
     Don't forget that his jump D has godlike priority, but will have a
     hard time to hit you if you crouch. A low A might then let him open
     for Combo#13. Also, his Eight Maidens (aka Maiden Masher) (S)DM will
     suck you out of the air, and cause good damage. Don't counter his
     shoulder charge, or he can make one of the cheapest combos ever:
     far CD - you block and counter - Nail Gale (jump flame punch) - doom
     Counter wisely!! One of the most difficult matches. See "Chris" for
     air attacks.
          Tick damage. Keep on constantly attacking up close, and the
     match should be yours. Your low D attacks should be faster and
     stronger than the damage she delivers.
          Very brutal fight on both sides. The winner will have very
     little energy left. Do not jump much at her, because her Outrage
     (multi kick) and Gore Fest (command throw) will make mincemeat out
     of you. Keep close, but again, out of grapple range. I personally
     suggest to only use the low C/D against her. She will most likely
     grab you before you can Niragu Daichi her. Do not stay too close, or
     her Negative Gain (S)DM will suck you in for big damage. Personnally,
     I like to POW myself when fighting her, because the damage you gain
     eventually adds up. Her far CD has lots of range, beware. Her
     uppercut is only slghtly worse than yours.
          Terry Bogard
          Both versions of Terry may do this cheap, dangerous combo:
     CD attack - you block and counter - painful combo 
     Counter wisely!! Terry is an awesome air to air fighter, so avoid
     any air combats with him. His jump CD will be an excellent match to
     your low C, and sometimes will trade. His jump D is instantaneous,
     so don't block low all day, or you will eat shoes sometimes. Good
     luck vs. him!
          '98: Definitely toned down from 97, but still a good character.
     Not used too often, but still good. Be careful of his Rising Tackle
     (upper attack), that has autoguard, but that's about it. Most of the
     time, he will try to keep you away, or start combos low.
     Use low C/D's.
          RB2: The more popular and the cheaper version, also known as
     "Combo Kid". Will constantly attack you, and try to hit you with his
     combo which everyone knows. Treat him similarly to the normal Terry,
     but be more careful, because his combo is instantaneous. Jump in less
     than you would '98 Terry, because a Fire Kick (slide-upper kick) will
     hit you for sure, but your jump C may be a good match. Also, don't
     forget that Fire Kick hits low, so be very careful with your low
     guard. If you block a Fire Kick, grab him immediately or keep
     blocking; some RB2 Terry players (like myself) will wait a moment
     before making the Rising Tackle. Then, if you try a run-in combo, you
     will eat 5/7 hits. You may also give a LIGHT touch in the control to
     fake your enemy, but block quickly. If a Rising Tackle comes out,
     keep blocking and waste Terry when he lands. See "Chris" for slides.
          Joe Higashi
          *I would mention RB2 Joe, but i have never even seen anyone use
     him, let alone fight him!* A good Joe player will not let you get
     close to him. His jump D is weird, but has lots of priority, both
     air to air and air to ground. If you are playing against a good Joe
     player, I really cannot help you, because I still have trouble. If
     you are playing against a poor Joe player, it is an easy battle. One
     of the most difficult matches. See "Chris" for slides.
          Andy Bogard
          '98: One of the most improved chararacters. If he tries to
     cheap you out with his Gen'ei Shiranui (diving air kick), jump over
     him at the last second, and command throw him, or roll through and
     command throw him. Watch for air attacks. Be careful of his Dam
     Breaker (dancing punch) combo that can really put a hurt on you.
     Watch for his C's and counter with your own. Don't jump all day, his
     Shou Ryuu Dan (upper) and Kuu Ha Dan (spining kick) are great
     anti-air, and Chou Reppadan (super version of Kuu Ha Dan) is even
          RB2: Scrubby boy. If you get close to him, the match is yours.
     Roll his fireballs. The only thing to watch out for now is his
     awesome Shou Ryuu Dan and Chou Reppadan.
          Athena Asamiya
          I was used to consider Athena as a poor character, but I do
     recognize that, in the hands of a skilled player, she is every bit
     as good as any other character. Her Psycho Sword (dragon punch)
     still has godlike priority. The Phoenix Arrow (dive kick) has 2
     versions: the light one won't hit you when she lands, but the heavy
     one will. Good players will randomly alternate both. If she makes a
     light, be careful of her Super Psychic Throw (command throw): It
     may outprioritize Niragu Daichi. When she makes the
     Shining Crystal Bit DM, you might try to hit her, but that's risky.
     Guard low and try to counter. If you attack her, you may be hit in
     Counter; that's 2 hits of VERY high damage. DON'T try to attack her
     if she has a Crystal Shot (fireball DM/SDM) ready, or you may be hit
     in Counter. If she makes Shining Crystal Bit DM, guard low and wait.
     If she tries to prepare the Crystal Shot, or the super ends, use far
     B. If she makes Shining Crystal Bit SDM, guard low because she will
     be fully invulnerable. However, if the (S)DM finishes, run in and
     punish her as hard as you can. Be awaken and you will win. NOTE: due
     to a bug, the Psycho Ball (fireball) may be unblockable!! If she
     makes a fireball then immediately a teleport, you will eat the
     fireball and whatever your enemy wants!! Warned you are!
          Sie Kensou
          Kensou is another scrub boy. Look out for his annoying pokes,
     his 3 uppercuts, Dragon Barrage and Divine Dragon (S)DM (both of
     them). Counter his attacks when you can, or he will Guard Crush you.
          Chin Gentsai
          The most difficult of all three. Chin has so much priority,
     that he will keep you grounded! Some of his attacks hit twice, and
     he's got that autoguard Willow Phosphorous Sagebrush Pigweed (multi
     hit upper). Niragu Daichi seems to be the only special move
     that works well against him. I suggest that you use a LOT of low
     D's. POW yourself as soon as you can, and use your priority to your
     advantage. Jump in with C, but DON'T when he has stock, or you will
     eat a Roaring Inferno Blaze (S)DM, and eat thick damage; don't
     forget of the bug - the last chunk of fire from DM version will eat
     2/3 of you life bar!! :o
          Ouch. Another difficult fight. Both versions of Yash improved
     this year, but the normal version improved the most. A difficult
     fight on both versions. Remember that his jump attacks (oops, yours)
     have excellent priority, so avoid air to air/ground matches. One of
     the most difficult matches.
          '98: His combos and mind games can finish you very quickly if
     you don't know them. His most used tactics is to jump in and combo
     you to death. Keep him away with your low C/D. POW yourself as soon
     as you can, because his damage is also very high. Almost all of his
     normal moves can link into a BIG combo, so keep him on the ground
     and away. Use your low C/D to knock out (or trade) with his jump D.
     Both of his (S)DM cause massive damage, so be careful not to get hit
     or trapped by them. Niragu Daichi works well against him.
     DO not get too offensive, or his autoguard Upper-Dual will destroy
     you. Ohh, and sweep him with your low D. ;) See "Chris" for air
          Orochi: The mirror match!! Use Niragu Daichi always, or HIS
     Niragu Daichi will beat your Musebu Daichi. The only way to beat this
     character is to fight him many times. Whenever he makes (and you see)
     Odoru/Kujiku Daichi coming, you will know, and will be able to avoid
     them. Watch out for Combo#13. The most dangerous situation is after
     being thrown by the Niragu Daichi, because O.Y. gets to pick which
     side he wants to hit you. If your enemy makes that, make him eat a
     low C. Treat him similarly to Clark, but with longer range attacks
     (like a mix of Clark and normal Yashiro). Keep him away when HE is
     trying to attack. Make it sure you know O.Y. better than your enemy,
     and you will see which of two is the true!
          *Note: I would put the Orochi version, but I have never fought
     her. Advice: roll under her Lightning Kiss, and keep grounded
     because of her Air Lightning Kick. Roll as much as you can to get
     close to her.* Amazingly, O.Y. is actually pretty good against
     Shermie. She has good air attacks (jump C/D/CD) and her low C is
     almost as effective as yours; that will force you to keep grounded.
     That's alright though, because you want to stay grounded. POW out
     when you can, because her close C is strong and comboable. Keep her
     away with mostly your low C/D. Keep out her jump attacks with your
     low C/D. Abuse your low D, and the match should be yours. Beware of
     her (S)DMs: the Shermie Flash causes massive damage, and Shermie
     Carnival has a small (and invincible) delay, long enough to escape
     your Niragu Daichi and grab you cleanly.
          Ouch. Another VERY tough battle. Raw power of O.Y. against the
     mind games and sheer speed of Chris. Corny heh? Chris is another
     combo king this year, and both versions are dangerous and cheap, but
     the most used version is the normal version. POW out as soon as you
     can, because his combos take off more than your single hits. Watch
     out for his mind games. THE most improved character (normal) and one
     of the most difficult matches. If he jump CD all day, do the same -
     yes, your jump CD WILL beat his jump CD, guarantee if you time it
          Players who slide too predictably/often aren't that big of a
     problem. Just get in the habit of doing sporadic vertical hops/jumps
     at random every now and again. Sooner or later your slide happy
     opponent will happen to slide at the same time as you jump, and
     you'll be able to combo (or at least hit) him/her on the way down.
     Simple no? This applies when fighting other characters with safe
     slides too (E.G. King, Chizuru). The other issue you'll have to deal
     with when fighting Chris is the jump CD. How do you deal with a move
     that can outprioritize anything you throw at it? Fortunately, there
     is a way that, with a bit of educated outguessing of your opponent,
     you can still come out on top without resorting to the same thing.
     What you need to do is mix up your air defence in a way that forces
     him to guess when to stick out his attack (early or late). E.g.,
     suppose your opponent jumps at you intending to time his attack to
     hit you on the ground. If you suddenly jump at him and stick out an
     early jump B/D/CD, for example, he (hopefully) won't be able to react
     in time to change his plans and you'll hit him.
          So next time he jumps, he might stick out his attack early in
     order to counter a repeat jump CD counterattack attempt. That's when
     you want to be doing a late air defence like a crouch C or ideally a
     really late DM or SDM. And remember: YOU don't HAVE to guess - you
     can always just block, which is a luxury the jumper doesn't have. It
     also saves you from eating a huge combo every time you guess wrong
     about an early attack :).  Again, this technique can be applied to
     any character who can outprioritise all your air defences with
     his/her jumping attacks (coughIoricough).
          '98: Stay on the ground, because Chris' jump CD may beat any of
     your air attacks, except jump CD. The only time you should jump is
     when Chris uses his Scum Spider (almost like Kujiku Daichi). Use
     similar techniques when fighting B. Mary and O.Y.. Rolling should be
     used sparingly when Chris is not all over you, because his slide will
     knock you out. Be careful with Twister Drive (S)DM. Remember that
     Hunting Air (upper kick) may be followed by Glider Stamp (diving air 
     attack). When Chris abuses his teleport, stick out a low D. Your jump
     C eats his slides for breakfast, as your jump CD eats his jump CD. As
     I said earlier, POW asap, because his attacks will chain and add up
     for big pain, esp. his (S)DM combos. Keep him away from you, because
     close is where his mind games take place. DON'T try to punish his
     moves, because they have almost no recovery lag, with 2 exceptions:
     1 - Block (S)DM, counter roll forward. Don't forget that the Twister
     Drive SDM (upper kick) has 2 parts.
     2 - When you see a Scum Spider, jump and punish him hard.
     One of the toughest matches.
          Orochi: I know of at least one combo that takes off 60%. Treat
     him like a hybrid of Kyo and Chris, with a grapple. Do not let him
     come too close, or he will do the Limb Biting Blaze (dancing flame
     punch). POW asap, and keep to the ground. He does not have as many
     mind games as normal Chris, but his combos are just as bad. You can
     stick out jump D's more freely though, because most people don't use
     his uppercut unless they combo it. Also use the Niragu Daichi. Except
     by the normal attacks (slide, jump CD), all his moves have a long
     recovery, use it at your advantage. Easier than normal Chris, but
     still a tough fight.
          Most good Heidern players will try to keep you away, while
     sucking your blood with Storm Bringer. They will not use Neck Roller
     too much. The only move to really look out for is his Moon Slasher
     (anti air). Use your low D to knock out his attacks, and roll under
     his Cross Cutter (fireball). Not as tough as other characters as
     long as you keep close.
          Saishu Kusanagi
          Treat him as a Kyo '95, but easier. The only thing you really
     need to worry about when fighting him is his Oni Yaki (dragon punch)
     and combos. If you keep close at him, while using Niragu Daichi,
     you should be able to keep up with him. Also, be careful with his
     (S)DMs, that are simmilar to Kyo's, but toned down.
          Takuma Sakazaki
          The old faithful. The toughest and cheapest of all three.
     Almost all Takuma players try to keep away with that ANNOYING Ko Oh
     Ken (fireball). When you jump in, they either do Zan Retsu Ken
     (multi-punch), or the Sho Ran Kyaku (running grab). Do NOT play jump
     kick wars against him, because his jump D/CD both rock. Try to roll
     under his fireballs (jumping is very difficult), and when you get
     close, stay close. DO NOT dash in and roll, or you will eat a Sho Ran
     Kyaku. When you finally get close, ABUSE your low D, because that
     will be the only time you can hurt him! It works pretty well too,
     because it knocks out most of his moves... just be careful of his
     Mouko Burai Gan (counter move). When close, Niragu Daichi works very
     well against him, and abuse it if you can, but I find the low C/low D
     mixture more effective. POW asap, and be really cheap. If you see him
     preparing a Haou Shikou Ken (giant fireball), get close and smother
     him. You should, if you are careful enough, have time for the Araburu
     Daichi (S)DM! Ohh and another thing: DO NOT jump at him if he has
     stock:  his Ryuuko Ranbu (S)DM (running super) can suck you out of
     the air the same as Iori's Maiden Masher (S)DM did in '97. The Kujiku
     Daichi may sometimes beat the Ryuuko Ranbu, do on your own risk!!
          Ryo Sakazaki
          Ryo keeps on getting better and better. This is a difficult
     fight because of his power and his priority. Once again, POW asap,
     because this may be the only edge you gain against him. If you block
     his Ryuuko Ranbu (S)DM, couter roll FORWARD and wait untill it ends.
     Then, it's party time! ;) Be careful when you roll Haou Shou Kou Ken
     DM (super fireball), because it may be a slow one... SDM is always
          '98: I cannot stress this enough. Watch out for his Ko Hou 
     (dragon punch). It will knock out any and all of your normal moves.
     The only real advice that I can give is roll to get close, and use
     your low C/D. Abuse your Niragu Daichi if you can. Well, abuse
     anything if you can!
          '95: The keep-away turtle or Dragon Punch Boy. Roll under his Ko
     Oh Ken (fireball), and combo if you can. His Ko Hou is the best upper
     in the game, so be wary of it. Abuse your low D, but watch out for
     double Ko Hous. His air Ko Oh Ken will knock out you. Abuse anything
     and everything, because '95 Ryo was made to be cheap.
          Robert Garcia
          Suprisingly, Robert has been toned down, and Robert players are
     generally not as cheap as Ryo players. Don't jump at him, and stay
     grounded. His air attacks in general will keep you grounded. Whatch
     out for the combo that every good Robert player knows. Also, counter
     roll forward his Ryuuko Ranbu (S)DM and be careful with slow Haou
     Shou Kou Ken DM. His air attacks are excellent, his far D is
     almost as good as Ralf's far C and his low D rocks.
          '98: The most used and better version. He can't thick damage you
     like in '97, but he can still big time combo you. Your low D's do an
     amazing job on him though. The speed and priority will keep him
     grounded, and smother him. Mix up your specials, and play tricky
     against him. This is not a too brutal fight, so just keep non-cheap,
     and you should be able to outlast him. Just beware of his far D: it
     has as many range and priority as your low D.
          '95: The cheaper version. This is easier than '95 Ryo. Just
     treat him that way and you will be able to win.
          Yuri Sakazaki
          *Note: I would put '95 Yuri, but i have never seen anyone use
     her.I rarely see anyone pick Yuri! The only time I fight her is when
     the opponent does Roulette!* One of the least used characters, but
     she can still be a cheap ticking turtle. The only move you really
     need to look out for is her Yuri Upper. Your low C/D and command
     throws will do the job well. Beware of her speed and mind games.
          Chizuru Kagura
          Worry about her Hyakkatsu Tenjin no Kotowari (shadow-uppercut)
     and far C. If you stop her from using that special move, and keep
     her grounded, don't forget that his far C can hit almost any enemy,
     in the air or in the ground - even crouchers. It is strong, fast
     and has high priority. See "Chris" for her sweeps
          Mai Shiranui
          *Note: I would put RB2 Mai, but I have never fought her. She
     fights the same way though* Difficult fight. Mai has a wicked
     high/low game this year, and to block incorrectly means very
     annoying damage on your side. You must roll to go under her Kachou
     Sens (fan throws) and Ryuu Enbu (flame fan). Do not jump at her or
     she will (S)DM/uppercut you. You must stay close to win, but be
     careful because a lot of your special moves will whiff her when she
     ducks down. Use command throws when she is close, but a lot of her
     specials will keep you out of range. Your low D will trade with her
     attacks, but this is still a difficult fight. POW out asap. After a
     Hishou Ryuu Enjin (anti air), she will duck for a moment, so combo
     with close D/Saku, because close C/Bu will miss, and that means doom!
     See "Chris" for slides.
          Her jump CD will keep you grounded. Just whatch out for her
     corner traps and mind games. Her Tornado Kick (upper kick) has
     autoguard, so be wary of that. Her stand CD is good, and her Trap
     Shot (upper-dive kick) has improved. Your low D works well, but be
     careful with her slide. See "Chris" for slides.
          Ryuji Yamazaki
          This is usually another brutal fight. Watch out for his tricky
     Sado Maso (counter move), in which he can smother you. Treat his as
     a mix of a keep-away with grappler tendancies. Rolls will result in
     an Exploding Headbutt (command throw), or worse, the Yodan Drill
     (S)DM (command throw super). Niragu Daichi works well on him, but be
     careful of combos that start low. Snake Arms (long range punch)is
     awesome. Any command throw will grab his Sado Maso. Your low Ds work
     well against him, but beware of his long range kicks. His jump CD
     rocks, but jump after him and make YOUR jump CD, and you should win.
          Blue Mary
          My dear blondie! Weakened from '97, but still an annoying
     EVERYTHING character. Punish her Mary Spider (jumping grab) with a
     counter combo. Always block low because her Straight Slicer (slide
     grab) will get you. Watch for her Backdrop Real (command throw), and
     her Mary Splash Rose (S)DM (command throw super), because both of
     these are annoying and painful. Once again, do not jump at her,
     because her Vertical Arrow (upper kick)will get you. Stay low with
     C/D's and command throw her when you can. It is good to POW when you
     can because her combos really hurt. Watch your guard, she can make a
     high/low game like Terry, as her jump D is just as good. See "Chris"
     for slides.
          Billy Kane
          *Note: I would mention RB2 Billy, but I have never fought him.
     Anyways, he fights way though* O.Y. is an ANTI-BILLY. As for his
     annoying pokes, roll forward, and command throw him. Your low D's
     will outprioritize most of his attacks, just make sure that he stops
     poking you. Both his (S)DMs are great anti air. His counter (as all
     of them) will be commanded throw easily. But he has painful combos.
          Brian Battler
          He will put the BIG hurt on ANYONE if he gets off his 60%
     combo. Make sure he does NOT cross-up you, and use your low C as
     anti-air. A lot of his moves have autoguard, and are stronger than
     your attacks, so POW asap. DO NOT use high risk moves. You really
     have to play cheap to win this fight. Annoy him with pokes, and the
     odd throw every once in a while.
          Lucky Glauber
          Mr. Cheap Keep Away Mind Game. A very dangerous and tricky
     fight for any character. As difficult as it may be, try to keep
     close and cheap him out. Your low C/D may knock out his teleport.
     Roll to go under his Death Ball (fireball), but use EXTREME caution,
     because he may use the (S)DM Death Beam (something like a vertical
     Hoeru Daichi) instead. This will result in BIG damage. Your low D's
     should work against him, but his attacks are just as quick as your
     own. I think you should stay grounded. Tough, cheap, annoying fight.
          Heavy D!
          A mind game/combo king. He is faster than you, but your power
     should give you an edge when fighting against him. POW asap, and
     abuse your low D's. This will knock out almost all of his special
     attacks. Almost all of your command throws work well against him.
     Just keep constantly attacking, basically smothering him, so he will
     flinch, and you will hit him. You can play any way you want against
     him, and it should work well. Keep offensive.
          Rugal Bernstein
          *Note: Aren't you happy that you can't use Omega Rugal in the
     arcade version?* This fight is not too difficult. Just keep him
     close, and abuse your low D. The only think you really need to look
     out for his Gigantic Presser (S)DM (running grab super); his
     Genocide Cutter (anti air) SUCKS, but can juggle you to a following
     Gigantic Presser, so jump carefully. All your specials work well
     against him, and the low/jump/close C/D's work even better.
          Shingo Yabuki
          A difficult and dangerous fight. Every Shingo player (And I
     mean EVERY!!) will try to do the Shingo Kinsei Ore Shiki Katogi
     (grapple upper) and combo you. His A version Shingo Fist is awesome,
     and his Oni Yaki Mikansei (uppercut) is just as good. Treat him as a
     stronger Kyo with a grapple. Be careful when poking him because of
     his counter and his uppercut. Roll whenever you can, just make sure
     he is far from you. POW when you can, because his CRITICAL HIT is
     awesome, and enables him to further punish you. You must keep close,
     and command throw him all time. Abuse anything you can.
          One last thing: never give up! :) An awesome victory comes when
     you turn the fight to your advantage! Don't forget that Combo#13
     causes overwhelming damage! And if you train hard, you may beat that 
     super-player of your arcade center!
                                 10 - Acknowledgements
          1  - SNK Corp (http://www.neogeo.co.jp)
          SNK makes the coolest fighting games! I don't know very well
     all of their enormous fighting games list, but those I have played
     are excellent. SNK is surely one of the top games producer - the top
     one is Capcom Corp.. But SNK has much to improve yet, and is each day
     better! :) Thanks for KOF'98!!
          2  - Kailu Lantis (kailu_lantis_SNK@yahoo.com)
     FIGHTERS TOURNAMENT" FAQ, that inspired me to write this one. All
     KOF freaks should read it at http://www.gamefaqs.com. It's very good
     and complete, and I've taken lots of things from his FAQ. He also
     sent me all the quotes and what O.Y. says when makes his moves. If
     it were not enough, he also gave me the names of the moves! Last,
     but not least he revised Version 0.00!!! Thank you a lot, man!!! :)
          3 -  GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
               VGStrategies (http://vgstrategies.about.com)
               Gamers Domain (http://www.gamersd.com)
               PSX Codez (http://www.psxcodez.com)
               Absolute PlayStation (http://www.absolute-playstation.com)
               The Fighters Source (http://TFSource.com)
               CheatStop (http://www.cheatstop.com)
               Ultimate FAQs (http://www.ultimatefaqs.cjb.net)
          For publishing tons of FAQs, including this crap one ;). Find
     here the answer for that game question you didn't find in any other
     place, in or out the net! My FAQs are only available for FREE, and
     only in the above mentioned sites. If you got'em anyway or anywhere
     else, e-mail me ASAP!
          4  - Bloody Tears (vinz8@hotmail.com)
          For the Matchup Tactics. His "King of Fighters '98 Complete
     Ralf Guide" is excellent. But I still hate to fight Ralf!! :P
          5  - Local Games Centers
          I don't have money to own a Neo Geo, so I couldn't play KOF
     without'em! Thanks to Virtual Games (arcades/videogames center) and
     Lucky Video (videos/videogames center). Thanks to lots of games
     centers all around. If possible, the next time you go to the arcade
     center, don't forget to kick and/or spit at Tekken, MK3, MK4 and
     simmilars (if there aren't any of them in the arcades center, it's
     a good one!). :)
          6  - Anna Paula @}-`-,---
          Who? My girlfriend! She gives me all the love support I need.
          7  - Challengers & Victims [ :) ]
          Those players at the arcade who challenged me and those who
     were by combo practice...:) And those who made me improve!
          8  - Friends
          Friends are some of the best things you may have in life!
     Thanks to all those who helped me when I was a newbie, and those who
     help me today, as an average player. Some names (no order in
     particular): F bio (owner of Virtual Games), Gaston, Robson, Bauru,
     Jeffery, Johnatan, Max, Ricardo, Marcos, Hugo, Norbert and my
     favorite "enemy" today: Leandro. He is young - 16 - but plays VERY
     well! He isn't better because his mind isn't trained yet (he is the
     guy who lost that SF Alpha 2 championship, hehehe) I'm building a
     site about firearms and ammo, in Portuguese (our official language,
     rather than Spanish), with my bud Marlon. But due to lack of time,
     it will probably take too long to come out, if ever.
          9  - You, the reader
          I hope I could help you! Thanks for your patience and
     confidence to read this FAQ. The style of this FAQ is a mix of some
     that I read.
          10 - FAQ authors
          Many things in this FAQ were obtained from others. These guys
     with the names listed below helped me a lot, teaching me how to play
     KOF far better than I did. They all are free to use anything they
     want from this FAQ - just give me the credit, and no profit, OK? I
     just don't think they'll ever need anything from this crap FAQ... :p
     Kailu Lantis - kailu_lantis_SNK@yahoo.com
     Kao Megura - members.xoom.com/megura or kmegura@hotmail.com
     "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 FAQ" and others
     Serpent Wave - http://i.am/serpent_wave or serpent_wave@hotmail.com
     "The King of Fighters 99 Combo FAQ"
     Brian Lui - luibr@hkstar.com or http://home.hkstar.com/~luibr
     "King of Fighters '98 Iori Guide" and others
     mOOnrun - moonrun@moonman.com or http://i.am.moonrun
     "KING OF FIGHTERS '1998 COMBO FAQ" and others
     Bloody Tears - vinz8@hotmail.com
     "King of Fighters '98 Complete Ralf Guide"
     Protoss Terrorist PTR - PTR_95@yahoo.com
     "Blue Mary Guide" and others
     Clemens Franke - clefranke@metronet.de
     Tony W. - miku@camtech.net.au or http://www.adelaide.net.au/~miku
     ""Tenken no Chris" King of Fighters '98 Chris Guide"
     "Howlin' Mad" Henry Moriarty - madmanscafe@Deathsdoor.com or
     Sie Kensou - SieKensou@geocities.com or http://kensou.home.ml.org
     "The King of Fighters '98  Shermie Guide" and others
     HadoRyu - Hado_ryu@hotmail.com
     "The King of Fighters 98 - Shingo Guide" and others
     Mark O'Neill - 100125.2055@compuserve.com or c9479612@wlv.ac.uk
     "Real Bout Fatal Fury"
     BARBERMAN - barbermn@wichita.fn.net
     "Real Bout Fatal Fury: Combo Fury"
          If you think your name should be listed here, please e-mail me.
          Thanks for reading!
          This document Copyright 1999, 2000 by Renato Oliveira, solely.

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