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    Ralf by Lucifer69

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 06/30/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ralf FAQ for KOF '98
    ver 0.5
    -=== History ===-
    This part deals with the insight look at the ARDEOUS task I undertook to 
    produce this FAQ.. in other words.. you can pretty much ignore this.. :)
    ver          what actually DID in spite of planning..
    ---          ----------------------------------------
    0.1          the actual original work comes out.. took me a night... but what 
                 the heck.. i'm nocturnal..
    0.2          the second version comes out.. added a bit of stars here and there
    0.3          finally decided to add in the damn D button.. ok ok .. don't hang
                 me for that..
    0.4          got a mail from Shingo@canada.com pretty cool combo.. confirmed it
                 and looks cool.. added in more information on Galactica Phantom 
                 by his advice and my own personal experience (trust me.. it don't
                 look good.. for my part that is..)
    0.5          got another mail from another Yang Sun, told me more on the proper
                 ties of DBP, makes some sense as well.. :)
    -=== Copyright  ... ===-
    This work is by me, Lawrence, aka, LucifeR69, any works that reproduces this
    FAQ in any form for the uses for monetary exchange will be condemned by me
    and legal action would be seeked. (err... that's all i know.. anyone want to 
    add in more? :p) Any other FAQs who wants to quote me would have to seek 
    permission from me, Lawrence, in form of writing to BadGuy77@tm.net.my
    Anyone who wants to clobber me may also contact me at this address, otherwise,
    only girls may email me.. :)
    In other words, this FAQ may not be rewritten without the express written
    consent of the author. If you want something from here for your use, you must 
    get permission from the author before doing so. This FAQ may not be in mags, 
    or any other use for profit. Disiplinary action will be taken seriously for 
    violating copyright rules. c. 1999
    -=== ForeworD ===-
    Well this is my first FAQ ever written to another person in the NET. Why? 
    Bored, nothing to do, sleepless nights.. too much caffeine.. and in the end my
    obsession for the game called King of Fighters. The only game that gives me that
    much excitement and hype over the three years period. I've first started out 
    on KOF '96, coolest of all the installment I think, KoF'97 was a bit tough, my
    school life gives me little time, thus in the end, I started out in the arcade
    as one of the worst player ( considering all the others knew all the cheap
    combos with Terry and Iori.. :( it didn't help much either). KoF '98 is kind of
    a new beginning for me. I was one of the first few that started to play the 
    game in my local arcade. My first impression.. cool beyond description. Few of
    the old timers got back, and best of all, most of my favourite character 
    remain unchanged in terms of moves and gain some new ones.
    I hang around a lot in the net looking for decent FAQs to help me in my game. 
    But strangely, I found none of it that belongs to Ralf.. strangest things had 
    happened, never did I thought, RALF?? Why? No one think much of him? The truth
    is, I never think much of him too. Till a scrub came into my local arcade and 
    played him. Sure, Ralf is pretty strong in KoF '96 but in '98? Haven't came 
    across any that played it's full potential. He only know how to mash the 
    buttons and pull the direction joy stick like mad.
    Then miracle happened... 'C' the button... THE button... there's only one word
    to describe it.. sheer madness ..(opps.. that's two word.. but who's 
    He punch it like mad.. turning into Vulcan punch, that part didn't make me go 
    weird.. it's the part where he first started out on one single punch.. that 
    hurts the most.. but it got me back to one of the best character in the game..
    (this is written for a Advance mode player..)
    -=== That's enough for now.  I can only be forgiving so much... ralf jones '98
    I rip these information off 'THE STORY OF THE KING OF FIGHTERS TOURNAMENT' by 
    Kailu Lantis, so thanks for all of these information.. :p
    but the Ralf i know.. loves beer, fun loving crazy (old?) character we all 
    came to love.. :)
    Birthdate       :    25/8/1958
    Birthplace      :    Brazil
    Height          :    1.88 m
    Weight          :    100 kg
    Favourite food  :    Bubble gum
    Favourite sport :    Baseball
    Hates most      :    Snakes (he's born in Brazil.. one of the few surviving 
                          rainforest is there.. he trains in the jungle and he 
                          have the nerve of steel, and he's hates
                          snakes.. make perfect sense isn't it..)
    Fighting Style  :    Martial arts and Heidern style assasination techniques.
    Ralf first came out from the Ikari warrior series by SNK.. since i never played
    that one before, so I won't make any comment, BUT the fact I know is that he's
    one of the oldest fogeys there are in the KoF series. From KoF '94 till now.. 
    talk about faith.. now to get to the serious part.
    -=== MovelisT ===-
    Here I shall use the method use by MoonRun, since I notice most of the FAQ's 
    are written in this form. Not that I can't think of a new one.. just don't 
    want to add in to more confusion.. so MoonRun.. the credit goes to you here.
    dn/dwn = press down.. that's pushing your joystick thingy towards down..
    up     = pretty much self explanatory from now on isn't it?
    bk     = back
    fw     = forward
    s      = store for a few secs..
    QCB    = quarter cirlce back joystick motion
    QCF    = quarter circle forward joystick motion
    HCB    = half circle back joystick motion
    HCF    = half circle forward joystick motion
                        * note to old school KoF '97 people.. no more shortcuts for
                          ya.. :p
    DP     = uppercut joystick motion
    RDP    = reverse uppercut joystick motion
                        * comes from the old school of Capcom, Street Fighters. 
                           Press forward, downward and forward down 
                           simultaneously.. reverse would be... figure this
                           one out yourself..
    A      = A button = light punch
    B      = B button = light kick
    C      = C button = heavy punch
    D      = D button = heavy kick
    (C)  - corner combos, combos that only work in the corner.
    (DM) - DM combos, combos that involve super moves or desperation moves.
    (MAX)- must be maxed out or POWered up for this combo to work.
    (MID)- opponent must be mid-air for this to work.
    (CSP)- combos that are started off a crossup/overlap attack
    (2nd)- combos that involve more than 3 stocks of super(Advance mode)
           i.e. 2nd Character onwards in advance mode.
    -=== Moves rundowN ===-
    For this I would use the method popularized by... err... I don't know really..
    so the would that particular person write to me? :p
    @@@@@@ Normal moveS @@@@@@
    ### Standing faR ###
    Button       = A
    Description  = quick jab to the torso/head area. Pretty much a useless move. 
                   Anybody want to add in more on this move?
    Usefulness   = *
    Rundown      = A button, besides giving access to Vulcan Punch when rapidly 
                   done, doesn't give any apparent uses to its move. Does not 
                   combo in whatever distance and takes off little damage. Avoid 
                   if you want to live.
    Button       = B
    Description  = quick poking kick to the mid section.
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = slightly better range than A button, less hassle, does not 
                   combo, poke better, but still quite useless all the same.
    Button       = C
    Description  = turns and swing his arm forward. Backward facing.
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = Odd looking move... but incredible in sense of range.. lame 
                   look ing but still it can sucker one or two turtler if done in 
                   opening game. I can't emphasize more on the range. Since Ralf 
                   make a move forward when turning, it gives the move extra
                   range. Looks slow but comes out incredibly fast. Do it once in 
                   a while, on most occassions, it fools most of the expert 
                   players as well. Does not gives out too much room for being
                   punish if blocked. Very good move for poking.
    Button       = D
    Description  = a deep looking kick to the mid section.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Although it have better range than standing C, it lacks both the
                   speed and the surprise element. Slow to come out, and gives out
                   too much space for retaliation.
    Button       = CD
    Description  = Ralf steps one step forward delivers a punch so fast.. that we 
                   can barely see
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Surprise move, use this to set up Galactica Phantom, it's a wild
                   move, great range little lag time, quite ok time to set up the 
                   move itself.
    ### Standing closE ###
    Button       = A
    Description  = a quick jab to the torso.
    Usefulness   = *
    Rundown      = Come to think of it, his A button sucks.. won't combo, won't 
                    poke that well, whiff on some ducking character (some don't 
                    even need to duck, eg. Choi).. the verdict? try and guess for 
    Button       = B
    Description  = quick kick to the midsection
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = one of your two most valuable thing in close combat. It combos'
                   off well into Super Argentine Backbreaker (SAB) and most of the
                   other moves. One of your bread and butter moves.
    Button       = C
    Description  = he twists his torso and hitting upper torso
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = THE move for Ralf. Strangely enough it doesn't whiff on the 
                   'little ones' for the game. Combos of to other moves as well. 
                   It have one strange property though... ANTIAIR! yep.. this move
                   would most probably hits your opponent if not trade moves for 
                   damage, however be warn that you must do this move quite late
                   for this, so use this well and time it so it won't whiff or 
                  miss completely.
    Button       = D
    Description  = Don't use this button in near combat... this is what actually 
                   would happen, Ralf would do a somewhat drop kick on the 
                   opponent, I guess it would go through sweep move, but since 
                   most combo starters comes out from mostly close C's and A's, I
                   just don't see the reason for this
    Usefulness   = Don't even want to rate this...
    Rundown      = what kinda move is this?? to briefly describe this, it have the
                   same animation as standing far D, and the same lag, the same 
                   come out time, the same... you get the general idea. I guess it
                   would go through sweep move, but since most combo starters 
                   comes out from mostly close C's and A's, I just don't see the 
                   reason for this... So unless you want some good laugh... use 
                   this... and don't say I didn't warn you...
    Button       = CD
    Description  = Ralf steps one step forward delivers a punch so fast.. that we 
                   can barely see
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Don't EVER EVER do this close up, not even as a 
                   waiting-for-people-to-wake-up-move the first step he takes when
                   he does this makes him go a bit over.. so it would whiff on 
                   most character.. I haven't tried it on Chang.. so I didn't put 
    ### CrouchinG ###
    Button       = A
    Description  = short jab to the knee area
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = punch two time for two hit combo, otherwise.. don't
    Button       = B
    Description  = quick kick to the foot
    Usefulness   = *
    Rundown      = combos off to low a, but let's not mention the other uses, there
                   ain't any.
    Button       = C
    Description  = Ralf stretches forward for some heavy hittin' action
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = Combos to all four hits of Gatling Attack if done close enough,
                   Super Argentine Backbreaker too if that matters, but personally
                   I prefer Super Argentine Backbreaker since Gatling Attack may 
    Button       = D
    Description  = Ralf stretches his leg out, hitting low
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = Your basic move that hits low. Hit and run kinda thing. Little l
    ag time.
    ### JumpinG ###
    Button       = A
    Description  = gives out a short jab
    Usefulness   = *
    Rundown      = in short.. another useless move...
    Button       = B
    Description  = jumping... short kick..
    Usefulness   = look at my enthusiasm.. pretty much explains it...
    Rundown      = please don't make me do this..
    Button       = C
    Description  = Killer move... leans forward and stretching his elbow out.
    Usefulness   = *****
    Rundown      = THE move for Ralf (again.. :p). It looks like a wrestling move,
                   but who cares, it hits deep enough for air to ground, hits high
                   enough for air to air, will at least trade move if not hitting 
                   cleanly, what more do you ask for? Another thing, it combos 
                   well into other normal moves as well.
    Button       = D
    Description  = a deep kick downward
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = combos' out ok, quite fast, but definitely a no no for anti-air.
                   Swap with C once in a while for surprise. (I suspect this move 
                   have some overhead property.. someone email me for this...)
    Button       = CD
    Description  = a thrusting kick leaning forward feets first
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = Although it hits quite low if it's used for air to air, it's 
                   still quite useful.
    @@@@@@ Command moveS @@@@@@
    Ralf have one of the move interesting moves in the whole game... He have.... 
    NONE! Can you believe it?? None at all.. why did SNK forget about this most
    important thing in the game? I highly suspect that SNK wanted Ralf to be a 
    beginner only character. I can't think of another reason why not...
    @@@@@@ Special moveS @@@@@@
    Move name    = Vulcan punch
    Execution    = Rapid (three times and above) A/C
    Description  = Ralf rapidly throwing punches into the air giving out many 
                   flares that lighten up your opponent if touched. Does a bit of 
                   tick damage.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = ok kinda move, it is suppose to be an anti-air weapon, but since
                   it need some to be mashed.. opps I mean execute.. :p, thus I
                   don't really recommend it. It does quite well for keeping enemy 
                   in the edge. The problem is lag time, most character can 
                   retaliate against the C version quite well.. so don't do it
                   quite often. The only reason I do it is because of the crazy 
                   sound that Ralf makes when doing it.
    Move name    = Gatling attack (GA)
    Execution    = bk s fw + A/C
    Description  = Ralf to a towards punch, turns, follow by another punch, turns a
                   gain, and follows by an uppercut. Hits four time. Does a bit of 
                   tick damage. A version travels half screen, C version travels 
                   two third.
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = if first hit connect in the corner, it becomes quite a funny 
                   looking antiair... but besides that, don't do it besides in 
                   combos. Why? The damn move whiff on small crouching characters,
                   and most low hitting move hits him cleanly.. The only reason
                   it received this high rating is because it combos so well and 
                   hits so.. hurtfully ...
    Move name    = Ralf kick
    Execution    = bk s fw + B/D
    Description  = Ralf leaps into the air, leans feet first towards the enemy, and
                   torpedoes himself towards the enemy. B version travels half 
                   screen, D travels full.
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = opps... someone corrected me on this... it seems that it can 
                   combo into a command move, namely, GA, seems weird, but its' 
                   true.. and for the most interesting fact of all, it connects to
                   HMVP! cool if it connects, tried it once, made hell outta Chin,
                   do I need to add more? :) B version is good for poking and
                   keeping distance... (wonder why would a decent Ralf player do 
                   that?), D version is best kept in the closet. The best thing it
                   does is that it will at least trades moves with most jumping 
    Move name    = Diving Bomb Punch
    Execution    = dwn s up + A/C
    Description  = Ralf shoots up to the air, dive down again. Hits three time as 
                   anti air. Hits only once for ground hit.
    Usefulness   = **(*) the last star isn't so willing, it's for the anti roller 
                   properties.. but the charge time takes away much of the 
    Rundown      = Decent close antiair and waking up move. Other than that.. don't
                   do it unless you have nothing better to do because of the lag.
                   This one is from Yang Sun, use it as the anti roller move.. make
                   some sense anyway, but one thing i like to add.. using it as 
                   anti rolling crazy oppenent, it's gonna take much of your 
                   initiative away(remember the charge time?), unless you play
                   turtle a lot, then don't use as this property that much.. the 
                   pros, it hits almost 90% of the time.
    Move name    = Aerial Diving Bomb Punch
    Execution    = qcf + A/C
    Description  = Same as DBP but no anti air properties
    Usefulness   = **
    Rundown      = Use as surprise move.. you don't know how many suckers falls for
                   this. Although there's a lag in the end move, but Ralf move 
                   back quite a lot so most character can't retaliate that much.
    Move name    = Super Argentine Backbreaker (SAB)
    Execution    = hcf + B/D
    Description  = Ralf grabs opponent, opponent breaks back on Ralf shoulder, Ralf
                   throw opponent down again...
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = well as a combo, it would whiff if the combo starter whiff, but
                   as an individual move, it's a good wake up move especially if  
                   your enemy is near, and its range is quite ok. Use more often 
                   than other moves.
    @@@@@@ Supers @@@@@@@
    DM moves or Desperation Moves.. or whatever..
    Move name    = Blazing Vulcan Punch (BVP)
    Execution    = qcf, hcb + A/C
    Description  = Ralf begins of with the same animation as GA, but ends with a 
                   barrage of Vulcan Punch towards the air, ending with two 
                   uppercut in SDM version.
    Usefulness   = ****
    Rundown      = combos off well with crouching C, although SDM doesn't really 
                   combos off that well, but then, the gem is here... it have some
                   invincibility frames in start up. In both DM and SDM version, 
                   between the start-up and the turning towards the first punch, 
                   there is the invincibility properties. If timed off well, it 
                   goes through most if not all fireball moves and most of the 
                   other normal moves and specials.
                   Where to use it? As a wake up move. Instead of combo, use it 
                   when getting up, or when you anticipate a fireball, it goes 
                   right through everything to gives you the whopping damage you 
                   are looking for. If not it ticks of damage like mad..
                   the bad thing about this move.. it whiff for AB rolling.. :p
                   Hits   SDM, 28   DM, 18
    Move name    = Horse-Mounted Vulcan Punch (HMVP)
    Execution    = qcb, hcf + B/D
    Description  = Ralf runs up to the opponent, trips him down, more like running
                   him down, and starts to hits a barrage of punches towards the
    Usefulness   = ***
    Rundown      = never tried the combo version of it, but then, I've seen it done
                   before, looks second only to Iori's Maidens Mash SDM. The 
                   problem with this move... HUMOUNGOUS lag time when whiffed.. 
                   don't even look when you whiff.. you get the idea.. now here's 
                   how to make sure that you don't.
                   This move is best used as a anti air move. Yep, you see it 
                   right, anti air, same as some of the other DM's of other 
                   characters. It practically rips you off the air and starts to 
                   punch like mad. I've seen my opponent gives off a really 
                   devastated look after this move. Hits almost 50% of life away 
                   from ya.. it's that bad..
                   Another use for this, against low hitter. Strangely enough, most
                   low sweep do not stop him at all. Especially against Iori. 
                   Since this move have as little startup time as you can believe,
                   this would catch those low kicking **** when they want to
                   hit low when they're close to you. But stick to SAB or BVP for 
                   that purpose...
                   This move have a lot of speed and look.. but strictly give it to
                   a anti air purpose.
                   This has another added combo to it.. deadly... sick... dementing
                   ... bwah ha ha ha .... opps... forgive me.. it combos from Ralf
                   Kick as said earlier.. Ralf Kick, one of the move I 
                   overlooked.. tried it and looks... don't ask.. in short, do
                   this when you have the chance.. but only if you caught them off
                   the air..
                   Hits    SDM, 28   DM, 18
    Move name    = Galactica Phantom (GP)
    Execution    = qcf, qcf + A/C
    Description  = Ralf turns his back, Ralf charge, Ralf hits..
    Usefulness   = ?
    Rundown      = this is one of the most useless DM I've ever seen.. it's nothing
                   like Yashiro's Final Impact, it's slower than Heavy D! 's 
                   D.Magnum, in fact people see it coming eaons away before it's 
                   IMPACT. I mean why give it to him when it's like that? The end 
                   impact time is fast, some invincibility is good (run up to him 
                   and kick him, it'll still come out...), the impact is 
                   humougous... but why make it so slow???
                   The only thing I could figure for it to be used in is for little
                   scrubs.. otherwise only use it on far away opponent.. in fact 
                   don't.. they might just jump over it... don't underestimate 
                   this move though. Email me for more help in this move..
                   Another few mails I've receive suggest the usage of max out this
                   move and set it up after a successful CD counter or CD move, 
                   since it does have a shorter charge time and there's a big gap 
                   set up from the counter or CD move, BUT be extra careful in 
                   #1 know your range.. and charge time..
                   #2 AB safety recovery roll that they could do at the beginning 
                      of wake up if they're close to you usually means trouble..
                      keep them away..
    @@@@@@ ComboS @@@@@@@
    To tell you the truth.. he have little of them, most of them quite damaging, 
    but little variety makes him pretty dull if compared to Terry or Iori.
    low A, low A
    low B, low A
    close B, SAB
    close C, GA
    close B, SAB
    crouch C, GA
    *crouch C, SAB
    jump in C, close B, SAB
    jump in C, close C, GA
    jump in C, close C, SAB
    jump in C, crouch C, GA
    *jump in C, crouch C, SAB
    Ralf Kick, Gatling Attack
    Ralf Kick, HMVP
    * done close, if not would whiff ;)
    ** all moves that ends with special moves can be replaced with B version of 
    HMVP, or A version of BVP
    @@@@@@ OpponentS @@@@@@
    That's what all FAQ's comes down to doesn't it? If it can't help you to win 
    what is it good for? :p
    Anyway, this is the strategy for Ralf.
    Ralf is at his best in close and near. Although his standing far C really pokes
    deep and surprises a lot, but it is when he's close when he could really stand
    out. He don't have any command moves, strangely enough.. but his C's really 
    gives him a lot of room to move. Crouching close C's and close C's combos into
    SAB or GP really hurts too. Jumping C really dominates the game, what could I 
    say more? 
    Yep, his moves are based mainly on that C button... don't try to play him if 
    you can't touch that third button. Sure people may call you cheap for using 
    mostly on that button, but, what other moves does he have? No command moves, 
    lousy normal buttons, so-so specials, I mean no one complained about Iori's C 
    or Jumping D. What is it about Ralf's C's that bothers them so much?
    I concencrate on the opponent that you would meet the most...
    Combo crazy, use to like him a lot. But didn't touch much of him in KoF '98. If
    done early, your jumping C may trade with his jumping D's. Tough game, if he 
    jumps in, wait until quite late, do a close C when he's overhead, hurt's him 
    more than it hurts you. Hit him low and run as soon as possible, crouching C 
    should do the trick. Hit and run, Hit and run... and once in a blue moon, when
    he jumps in.. POW! HVMP, get him every single time... good Iori are mostly
    sucker for this..
    Evil Yashiro, Good Yashiro, most of the time.. he's dead Yashiro. Actually, 
    your early jumping C eats up most of his attacks.. yes.. even his fame and 
    dreaded jumping D's. Substitute with doing nothing at all and doing a FAB when
    landing. Another guerilla warfare if you want to.
    Raising Tackle eats your for breakfast, power charge eats you for lunch.. bad 
    match.. hit, run SAB whenever you can, pray hard...
    Cs... and keep away.. at all cost..
    AB roll, SAB, AB roll SAB, crouching C... that's all you can do i think.. oh 
    yeah... throw in HMVP whenever she jumps in.
    that little ##$$@@.. try not to let him jump (very hard to do I know..), Ralf 
    Kick on his flying monkey move... and combo to GA or HMVP
    AB roll, jump C whatever you don't do get trap in a corner with him... you'll 
    Jump C.. he's a sucker at jumping.. that's when he is not stocked.. otherwise 
    his DM.... get the idea? Fireball happy people? Look under for '94 Ryo..
    '94 Ryo
    OK now, I'm really pissed with this character, not because of the overwhelming
    properties that they put on his raising dragon move, but also for his fireball
    move.. reminds me of old school SF Ryu fighter, fireball, fireball, raising 
    dragon.. sheesh.. SCRUBS! nothing else to use is it?
    AB roll when you see the fireball coming, AB roll and keep the distance short,
    so your crouching C's could do their work after the failed raising dragon..
    oh yeah.. Daimon!
    Never EVER EVER jump, do crossup once in a millenium, but keep your warfare to
    the ground... one more thing, he's a sucker for GA. Do it when he's doing the 
    super Tumble, time it well, and it would hit all if not most of the time.
    miss anyone out there? Well like I've said, do his C a lot, it's worthwhile the
    move... Ralf is basically a one move guy, I enjoy playing him sole because that
    he's opportunist, a turtler most of the time, but can be played aggresively if

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