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    RB2 Terry by CFranke

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 10/22/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 02:04:26 +0100
    From: Clemens Franke <clefranke@metronet.de>
    Author: Clemens Franke
    ------------                                  "Wubba, wubba. I'm in the pink
    Introduction                                 today, boy!"-Fatal Fury Special
    Welcome to my faq concerning the Real Bout 2 Version of Terry Bogard. I hope
    I don't make too many mistakes, cause this is the first time that I write a 
    guide. Anyway, with this guide I try to help you to get even more out of this 
    classic character, who is very strong in KoF '98, but not scrubby like in KoF
    '97. The interesting thing in KoF´98 is that you can choose between two 
    versions of Terry: the normal one, where he has all the moves from KoF '97, 
    and the so-called RB2 version where he has all the moves he has in, you guess 
    it, Real Bout 2, what means that he has his new special attack, the Fire Kick,
    but only one DM.
    This guide is only about the RB2 Terry, but I've also released a guide which
    is based on this one about the normal Terry. I don't want to put both into
    one guide, cause I think it would end up in confusion of me and the reader
    (that's you!).
    In case you don't know...
    ...the only way to access RB2 Terry is to go in the character select screen
    to Terry and HOLD start while confirming.
    Mail me!!!
    If you have any suggestions, corrections or something to contribute feel free
    to e-mail me at clefranke@metronet.de. Of course you will be credited.
    Revision History
    Ver. 0.007 - 27.9.98 /1.00 a.m. - Totally incomplete, unreleased, send only
                                      to Shingo for correction purposes.
    Ver. 0.75  - 27.9.98 /6.00 p.m. - Descriptions of command attacks/special
                                      moves added, miscellaneous section added,
                                      credits added. Many corrections.
    Ver. 0.76  - 27.9.98 /7.45 p.m. - Figured out the right text format. My
                                      mistake. Aaargh.
    Ver. 0.9   - 22.10.98/4.00 p.m. - Added strategy, about me, about Terry and
                                      recommended combos  sections and made some
                                      changes. I´m not too satisfied with the
                                      strategy section, more to come.
    --------                                         "Ha, ha, ha...sorry but I'm
    About me                                         no push over."-Fatal Fury 2
    Well, to make a long story short, I am a Terry player as long I can think.
    Na, not this long, but since I play fighting games. Everything started as I
    bought a Super Nintendo with StreetFighter 2 Turbo. For a videogame it had a
    depth that I've never encountered before. So I started to buy more fighting
    games, beginning with Art of Fighting, then Fatal Fury 2 and World Heroes. I
    realized that there is a better way to play these games then on the SNES: on
    a Neo Geo. But it was way to expensive, but one day I've played Art of
    Fighting 2 at an arcade, and my only thought was: I WANT A NEO GEO!!! In the
    january of '95 I finally had enough money to buy one, of course with Art of
    Fighting 2. After that Fatal Fury Special, and I started to buy the most new
    Neo Geo fighting game carts that were released. Now I own, besides others,
    all Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and King of Fighters carts. My favorites are
    the FF and AoF games, I see KoF only as addition to these two series, but
    don´t get me wrong, the KoF series is also one of the best fighting game
    series ever, but in my opinion not so unique like FF and AoF. The KoF games
    match the lack of uniqueness with its depth, they have without a doubt the
    highest replay-value in the genre of the one-on-one fighting games.
    In all FF and KoF games Terry was my favorite character. Why? Hard to
    explain. Maybe because he was in many games the best...no, I think I like him
    cause he's not so complicated. I don´t like it when I have to practice too
    much. He is in my opinion a very interesting character, he is more a normal
    guy that you could meet one day, not like many fighting game characters who
    are cops, gangster bosses, psychopaths, murderers and so on.
    Some months ago I bought my computer and started to write some guides, a bit
    more work but also more fun than I thought. I´m not finished yet, much more
    to come.
    More games with Terry, Andy and Joe will come...Real Bout Fatal Fury 64 is
    already announced, I look forward to it, and King of Fighters '99 will come
    for sure.
    Have fun
        The author
    -----------                                     "You'll never defeat me with
    About Terry                                         guts only."-Fatal Fury 2
    He is together with his younger brother Andy and his good old friend Joe the
    icon of the Fatal Fury series, which means these three guys are for the FF
    series what Ryu and Ken are for Street Fighter and Haohmaru and Genjuro for
    Samurai Shodown.
    He participated in all seven Fatal Fury and five King of Fighters games that
    were released so far. In the first FF he revenged his father Jeff who was
    killed by the underworld ruler Geese Howard. Terry kicked him down a
    skyscraper, so in Fatal Fury 2 Geese was not in the game cause it was thought
    he was dead. But in Fatal Fury Special he returned. To make it short, Geese
    resurrected two times, cause in Real Bout Fatal Fury he was knocked down the
    Geese Tower again.
    Anyway, Terry, Andy and Joe received invitations to every King of Fighters
    Tournament. They entered every time after fun-loving Joe persuaded Andy and
    Terry. It is rumored that Terry is a couple with Blue Mary.
    Terry was in many games he participated in one of the best, but in KoF '98 he
    is in my opinion very balanced. If you compare him with KoF '97 he has been
    tuned down A LOT.
    While the RB2 version has some better combos the normal version is easier to
    play, cause his anti-air move Rising Tackle doesn´t need to be charged and he
    has an additional DM/SDM.
    I prefer the RB2 version, cause his Fire Kick is in my opinion a very cool
    looking move which can also be followed up with a Rising Tackle after some
    practice, what makes him more damaging. I recommend to experiment with both
    versions, then you can decide which one is better for you.
    If Terry is my favorite character, who the
    hell am I and what the heck am I doing?
    - You are easy-combo addicted. Played too much Killer Instinct, eh?
    - You are a Fatal Fury freak.
    - You seem to have no problem with ghosts or undead people, cause you are
      fighting at least once a year against one.
    - You don't walk to the other side of the street, you jump or roll.
    - You can't await the next Fatal Fury game but you want to beat more
      opponents with Terry.
    - Every second word you say is "okay!".
    - Your favorite animals are little monkeys.
    If Terry is not my favorite character, why should I use him either?
    - As Robert said "Guys with the cooler hair always win".
    - It's the 12th game he appears in. No one except Terry, Andy and Joe have
      trained so intensively, so he simply MUST be the best.
    - He is extremely easy to play. What, you are a Iori player? You think Iori
      is easy to play? Then give it a shot with Terry. Even an idiot like Iori
      could play Terry.
    Why should I prefer RB2 Terry, not the normal one?
    - You think you are strong enough to beat your opponents with only one DM.
    - He has lost his Power Charge. This fact prevents you from being scrubby.
    - You think Real Bout 2 is a bit better than KoF '98.
    - He has his Fire Kick from RB2, so you can use the same combos like in RB2.
    Some Notes
    - This guide is for people who have some experiences with KoF '98 or '97. If
      you are a beginner or want general information about KoF you should take a
      look into the various beginner faqs or into a movelist which can be found
      at www.gamefaqs.com.
    - I only use the advanced mode. I see no advantage in the extra mode, cause
      Terry is a combo-character and with the forward hop in the extra mode it is
      hard to get close to the opponent. He also builds his power gauge fast
      enough up in the advanced mode cause he is a character who needs to attack
      all the time and uses special moves as often it is possible.
      Drop me an e-mail if you have tips for the extra mode.
    A list of the shortcuts for directions and moves that are used in this guide:
    up     - up (you expected that, right?)
    dwn    - down
    fwd    - forward
    bkw    - backward
    qcf    - quarter circle forward  (dwn, dwnfwd, fwd)
    qcb    - quarter circle backward (dwn, dwnbkw, bkw)
    hcf    - half circle forward     (bkw, bkwdwn, dwn, dwnfwd, fwd)
    hcb    - half circle backward    (fwd, fwddwn, dwn, dwnbkw, bwd)
    A      - A button, light punch
    B      - B button, light kick
    C      - C button, heavy punch
    D      - D button, heavy kick
    /      - if, for example, A/C is indicated, push the A or the C button
    ========                                "Didn't even get a chance to use the
    Movelist                                   old "Power Geyser"".-Fatal Fury 3
    Grasping Upper : near opponent, fwd + C  (throws the opponent forward)
    Buster Throw   : near opponent, fwd + D  (throws the opponent into the
    <<Command Attacks>>
    Elbow Smash : fwd + A
    Upper       : dwnfwd + C
    <<Special Attacks>>
    Power Wave      : qcf + A/C
    Burning Knuckle : qcb + A/C
    Rising Tackle   : dwn briefly, up + A/C
    Crack Shoot     : qcb + B/D
    Fire Kick       : hcf + B/D
    Power Geyser (DM),
    Triple Geyser (SDM) : qcb, bkwdn, fwd + A/C
    Detailed explanation of the standard moves
    Standing A, far:
    A light, fast jab. Not very useful.
    Rating: **
    Standing B, far:
    Has a range which is more than twice than the standing A. Good for poking.
    Rating: ***
    Standing C, far:
    A straight strong punch. Rather useless.
    Rating: **
    Standing D, far:
    Terry moves a bit forward while performing a straight kick. The range is a
    bit longer than the standing B, but it's very slow. Don't use it.
    Rating: *
    Standing CD:
    A roundhouse kick with a VERY long range, but very slow. Looks damn cool.
    Rating: ***
    Standing A, close:
    A fast elbow punch. If you push the button fast you can create little chain
    Rating: ****
    Standing B, close:
    A fast knee kick, you can also chaincombo with it, but better use the A cause
    it's even a bit faster.
    Rating: ***
    Standing C, close:
    Terry does a punch which hits two times. It's devastating. In my opinion it
    is the best standard move in the whole game, cause it makes high damage and
    is extremely easy comboable with his special moves and his DM/SDM. After it
    you can even make the combo longer by adding the uppercut or the elbow smash.
    But more on that later.
    Rating: ****** (I know, the highest rating is 5, but this move is a real
                    killer and stands above every other move in the game.)
    Standing D, close:
    A kick which hits the opponent once. Also easy to cancel like the standing C,
    but it's a bit weaker and not so easy to combo if you do a jump-in.
    Rating: ****
    Crouching A:
    A very fast jab. Very good against opponents who roll all the time. While
    doing it you also charge the Rising Tackle.
    Rating: *****
    Crouching B:
    A fast low kick. Slower than the crouching A, but the range is a bit longer.
    Rating: ***
    Crouching C:
    A straight heavy punch. Only useful if you want to combo it with a Rising
    Rating: ***
    Crouching D:
    Terry does a footsweep. Not the best in the game, but who can play without a
    Rating: ****
    Jumping A:
    Useful if the opponent also jumps and uses a C or D. Against the most
    opponents your A will connect.
    Rating: ***
    Jumping B: Basically the same like with the jumping A, but has a longer
    Rating: ****
    Jumping C:
    Terry's best move if you want to make a jump-in combo. Use it when you think
    that you nearly land on your enemy or make a crossover. Don't use it against
    jumping opponents, A or B are in this situation more likely to hit.
    Rating: ****
    Jumping D:
    It's the same like with the jumping C, but use it when you think that you
    land before the opponent.
    Rating: ***
    Jumping CD:
    Timing is needed and knocks the enemy down. Hard to connect, better use C or
    D to start a combo.
    Rating: **
    Datailed explanation of the command attacks
    Elbow Smash:
    A spinning punch where his elbow hits two times.
    Comboable after: - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
    Rating: ***      - Standing close D
                     - Crouching C
    An uppercut from a crouching position.
    Comboable after: - Standing far A
                     - Standing close A
    Rating: ****     - Standing close B
                     - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
                     - Standing close D
                     - Crouching A
                     - Crouching C
    Detailed explanation of the special moves
    (Moves where no other attacks are indicated are not comboable)
    Power Wave:
    Terry pounces the ground and a energy wave comes out which runs forward on
    the ground. Has unlimited range. Useful against turtles and in various
    combos. Also useful after you´ve knocked the opponent down, make it hit the
    enemy after he/she stands up. If he/she blocks it it will also make some
    Differences between light and heavy:
    light - runs slower.
    Comboable after: - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
    Rating: **       - Standing close D
                     - Crouching C
                     - Upper
    heavy - runs faster.
    Comboable after: - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
    Rating: ****     - Standing close D
                     - Crouching C
                     - Upper
                     - Elbow Smash
    Burning Knuckle:
    One of Terry's hands glows and he flies forward though the screen. The heavy
    version is useful to surprise an opponent who is on other edge of the screen.
    Enter it alternately with the Power Wave, cause if the enemy has blocked the
    Power Wave and want to attack after it he will be hit by the Burning Knuckle.
    Differences between light and heavy:
    light - starts faster, the range covers about the half screen.
    Comboable after: - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
    Rating: ****     - Standing close D
                     - Crouching C
                     - Elbow Smash
                     - Upper
    heavy - starts slower but is stronger. Covers the whole screen.
    Rating: ***
    Rising Tackle:
    Terry jumps vertically into the air, with his feet first. Good anti-air move
    if the opponent is right above you.
    Differences between light and heavy:
    light - Terry jumps not so high, so if the Rising Tackle is guarded he is not
    so open for attacks like in the heavy version. 5 hits.
    Comboable after: - Crouching A
                     - Crouching C
    Rating: ***      - Upper
    heavy - Stronger, hits 7 times. The opponent has enough time to prepare for a
    good combo if it is guarded.
    Comboable after: - Crouching A
                     - Crouching C
    Rating: ****     - Upper
    Crack Shoot:
    Terry hops forward while swinging a leg. Excellent if the opponent jumps
    toward you.
    Differences between light and heavy:
    light: - Faster than the heavy version but not so strong. Terry jumps
    shorter. Up to 3 hits both in the air/on the ground.
    Comboable after: - Standing close A
                     - Standing close B
    Rating: **       - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
                     - Standing close D
                     - Crouching A
                     - Crouching C
                     - Elbow Smash
                     - Upper
    heavy - Has a better range in the air, but useless on the ground. Up to 3
    hits in the air, only 2 hits on the ground.
    Rating: **
    Fire Kick:
    Terry does a sliding kick which can only be guarded low. If the sliding kick
    is connected Terry will add another kick which launches the opponent into the
    air. It's Terry's best surprise attack cause it´s one of the few moves that
    can be guarded only low.
    Differences between light and heavy:
    light: The slide is a little bit shorter and weaker, but starts faster.
    Faster recovery time. 2 hits.
    Comboable after: - Standing close A
                     - Standing close B
    Rating:*****     - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
                     - Standing close D
                     - Crouching A
                     - Crouching C
                     - Elbow Smash
                     - Upper
    Follow up with a Rising Tackle. Timing is needed, do the motion for the
    Rising Tackle very fast after the second hit of the Fire Kick. If you
    practice it enough it will work every time. The light Rising Tackle will add
    2 hits, the heavy 4 hits.
    heavy: The sliding kick has a longer range but starts a bit slower and is
    stronger. 2 hits.
    Comboable after: - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
    Rating: *****    - Standing close D
                     - Crouching C
                     - Elbow Smash
                     - Upper
    Can also be followed up, same characteristics as with the light Fire Kick.
    Power Geyser (DM)/Triple Geyser(SDM):
    Terry does the same animation like with the Power Wave, but one big energy
    column comes out when doing the Power Geyser, three when doing a Triple
    Geyser. When you´ve entered the move Terry is invincible for a moment. Use
    this advantage if the opponent is jumping at you or shoots a projectile near
    you. It's his only DM/SDM. For that reason there's no rating.
    Comboable after: - Standing close C, after the 1st hit
                     - Standing close C, after the 2nd hit
                     - Standing close D, very hard to combo
                     - Crouching C
                     - Elbow Smash
                     - Upper
    ==================                 "You had guts, kid, now clean them up off
    Recommended combos                    the pavement." The King of Fighters'95
    As the subject says here are some recommended combos. Terry has much more,
    but here are his best. In the move sections are enough infos that you can
    make your own combinations, the ones that I wrote down here are in my opinion
    his best cause they make the most damage. If you are a Terry beginner it is
    recommended that you learn these first.
    These combos are easy to use during battles, I left out combos that can only
    be pulled off if you play KoF'98 12 hours a day.
    Notes: All of the mentioned combos can also be started with a jumping C or D,
    which adds 1 hit and about 5-10% damage to the combo.
    * is the easiest while ***** is the hardest. Terry's combos are easy in
    general, so don't over estimate you if you pull off the ***** combos without
    problems! :)
    Standard combos:
    - Standing close C (2 hits), Elbow Smash (2 hits), heavy Fire Kick, heavy
      Rising Tackle
      total hits: 10  total damage: about 45%
      Skill rating: **
    - Crouching C, heavy Rising Tackle
      total hits: 8  total damage: about 25%
      Skill rating: *
      note: use it when you´ve blocked an uppercut-style special move. The Rising
      Tackle alone would make only 66% damage of this combo, so add the crouching
      C baby for more damage.
    - Standing C (2 hits), Power Wave
      total hits: 3  total damage: about 15%
      Skill rating: *
      note: ideal for zoning techniques, after the combo the opponent stands
      about a half screen away. Also useful if the opponent blocks the standing
      C, the Power Wave pushes the enemy away and makes little damage, no risk
      for Terry.
    DM/SDM combos:
    - Standing close C (2 hits), Power Geyser (DM)
      total hits: 3  total damage: about 40%
      Skill rating: *
    - Standing close C (2 hits), Triple Geyser (SDM)
      total hits: 5  total damage: about 55%
      Skill rating: *
    - Standing close C (2 hits), Upper, Power Geyser (DM)
      total hits: 4  total damage: about 45%
      Skill rating: ***
    - Standing close C (2 hits), Upper, Triple Geyser (SDM)
      total hits: 6  total damage: about 65%
      Skill rating: ***
    ========                             "You´ve improved all right, but I still
    Strategy                                  won easy!"-The King of Fighters'95
    Well, Terry is a character who is very easy to play. I´m sure you know that,
    so I just write down how I play. If you play different, no problem, have it
    your way.
    Again, throw me an e-mail if you have additions or better solutions.
    In general
    First, one important thing: if possible, combo, combo, combo!!! Terry is the
    character with the easiest combos in the whole game. His standing close C,
    which hits 2 times but can also be cancelled after the 1st hit, is a very
    good combo starter. It can be followed up by his DM/SDM, the most of his
    special moves and the two command attacks.
    If you´re close to the opponent
    Combo. If you´re playing against a good opponent or turtle who guards all the
    time just add a Fire Kick after the guarded combo. The Fire Kick is very
    surprising cause it starts very fast and it must be blocked low. The most
    players forget that because only a few moves have to be guarded low. Don't
    forget to charge the Rising Tackle every time you execute the Fire Kick. Even
    if the Fire Kick is blocked you can cancel it with the Rising Tackle. The
    Fire Kick itself has a very long recovery time, but if you do a Rising Tackle
    right after it the enemy may just want to start a combo and gets hit.
    If you're in a half-screen distance to the opponent
    Now it's Terry's turn to play defensive. From the half-screen distance he has
    no good move to attack with. It maybe seems that the light Burning Knuckle or
    the Fire Kick are good mid-distance moves, but I don't think they are. If
    they are started from the half-screen distance the enemy has enough time to
    guard or to counter with an uppercut-style move. If you want to poke use the
    B, D, or CD, but don't risk too much. Better wait until the opponent jumps
    and counter with a Crack Shoot. If the opponent runs towards you try to start
    a combo with the standing C or enter a light Burning Knuckle. Both are very
    likely to hit, cause if the enemy runs towards you he/she usually wants to
    start a combo. You can also interrupt his/her try with a sweep or a fast
    tapping of the A or B button (standing or crouching).
    If you're in full-screen distance to the opponent
    In the full-screen distance only two move are needed: the Power Wave and the
    heavy Burning Knuckle. As you know, the heavy Burning Knuckle covers the
    whole screen, so it can easily surprise the enemy. Just jump back to the edge
    of the screen and do the Burning Knuckle. There is a big chance that it hits
    the opponent while he/she teases, prepares a move or charges(extra-mode
    only). If you hit the enemy jump back again and shoot a Power Wave. Try to
    make a timing that it connects with the opponent after he/she stands up. Of
    course he/she will block it, but make sure to enter a Burning Knuckle fast
    after the Power Wave and both moves will connect fast after another. So if
    the Power Wave was guarded the most opponents will try to make a move, but
    will be hit by the heavy Burning Knuckle.
    If the Burning Knuckle is blocked it should be no problem to make a Rising
    Tackle after it, cause Terry is far away from the enemy compared to other
    moves if it is guarded, so it is very hard for the opponent to start a combo.
    The most will fail and get hit by the Rising Tackle. If the enemy does a
    hyper jump from the other edge of the screen just make a heavy Crack Shoot.
    Winning quote: "Say what? It's no fluke. This is why I'm here every year".
    Winning pose: He turns, throws his cap away and yells "okay!".
    Pre-fight poses:
    1st round: Terry has his cap in a pocket and puts the cap onto his head.
    2nd/3rd round: Terry fixes his hat, then gestures "Hey, come on, come on.".
    Special pre-fight poses:
    vs. Mary: Terry has his hat on backwards and gives thumbs up sign.
    vs. Andy: Terry folds his arms and bows(the same like Andy).
    Color palette:
    A button: red vest and blue pants. Yup, it's the classic one.
    B button: blue vest and light blue pants.
    C button: dark red vest and green pants.
    D Button: dark green vest and black pants.
    What I left out intentionally
    - Chain combos, cause they are in my opinion useless and too hard to do. If
      you want some, take a look into a combo faq.
    What is missing/will be added
    - Strategy for particular cpu opponents
    - More detailed descriptions of the standard moves
    - Maybe a revision of the strategy section
    -------                                               "Okay! Piece of cake!"
    Credits                                                       -Fatal Fury 3
    You              - For reading this.
    Shingo           - For his encouragement and support. Please visit his site
                       at: scicblc.nus.edu.sg/~shingo/shingo_main.html
    HaMmA            - For his technical advisory and supervision. Visit his site
                       at: pages.vossnet.de/oellerer/
    Yasakani         - For the little "Rising Tackle after Fire Kick" trick. Site
                       at: magmadiver.hypermart.net/menu.htm
    John"Puar"Nguyen - For letting me use some of his descriptions in the
                       "Miscellaneous" section. Please visit his site at:
    SNK              - For developing these great games.  Site at :
    The legal stuff
    The RB2 Terry character guide was written by me, Clemens Franke. It is only
    for non-commercial/promotional use.  All copyrights including King of Fighters
    '98, Terry Bogard and Real Bout 2 belong to SNK. Please send me an e-mail 
    (clefranke@metronet.de) if you want to use this guide on your homepage.

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