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    Rugal by HMoriarty

    Version: 1.80 | Updated: 08/09/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       The Madmans' Cafe Presents-
                   THE PERFECT PLAYER'S GUIDE TO RUGAL in KOF98  VER 1.80
                VERSION 1.00 was Crap. Do not read it, it will rot your eyes.
                       FOR THE LATEST FAQ AND A GENERAL FAQ OF KOF98
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    8/04/98 Ver 1.00 Created
    8/06/98 Ver 1.50 Created, heavily revised
    8/07/98 Ver 1.75 Created, extras added, format copied from Greg Kasavin's 
            Yashiro 97' FAQ
    8/09/98 Ver 1.80 Created, error with file format (binary, not Ascii) fixed and
            some revisions
    Special thanks to-
    OmegaMad, erratew check, extra info & asked me questions which I would have 
    never even thought. 
    Andrew Seyoon Park, mailed me with a bunch of questions & nice infos and 
    a combo.
    Greg Kasavin, since ver 1.75 adopted a lot of his FAQ style which is excellent.
    Gunsmith, for being a reference on words and telling me that Ver 1.00 Sucked.
    [Legal Disclaimer]
    All rights to the game King Of Fighters 98 belong to SNK Co.
    This Guidebook is free for non-commercial use only.
    Duplication, use of extracted portions of this document or partial copying is 
    strictly prohibited.  If for any case there is a need for quotation, please 
    contact the author, Henry A. Moriarty at his e-mail address.
    This document may not be used commercially for profit under any circumstance.
    Please keep in mind that unauthorized duplication or modification without 
    specific consent is illegal under copyright law.
    King of Fighters '98 Copyright SNK Co., 1998
    "The Perfect Player's Guide To Rugal in King of Fighters 98"
    Copyright The Madman's Cafe, 1998
    "The Perfect Player's Guide" Series Copyright Henry Moriarty 1998
    Questions or Comments? Write to "Howlin' Mad" Henry Moriarty at
    This guidebook is presented for players who are planning to use Rugal 
    Bernstein, Regardless if the player has ever used the character or not. Keep 
    in mind however, that if you play just as the guidebook suggests, you will be 
    playing in just the sam e way as the author. A true player does not follow 
    guidelines but use them merely as suggestions.
    Rugal is recommended for the following Types of players:
     -Players who want a challenge / want to play technical
     -Players who want to show that they are not scrubby
     -Players who are bored of characters from KOF97'
     -Players who just plain simply like Rugal
     -Players who prefer to play aggressively
    Rugal However, is not recommended for the following Types of Players:
     -Players who hate Rugal & Secretaries & People with Yellow teeth
     -Players who play to win more than to have fun
     -Players who prefer to play defensively
     -Entry Level players
     -Scrubby Players
    Chapter 1- Character Info
    Name:             Rugal Bernstein
    Fighting Style:   Original, accumulated from a variety of other martial arts
    Birthdate:        2/10
    Height/Weight:    197Cm / 103Kg
    Bloodtype :       Unknown
    Hobby:            Ressurecting
    Favorite food:    None in particular, also hates nothing
    Favorite Sport:   None in particular, but can do anything
    Important things: An evil heart
    Most Hated thing: Justice, anyone who comes in his way
    Voice Actor:      Rikou Arai (Same as Heidern)
    [Interview in KOF98]
    Q: What is your KOF98' Resolution?
    A: To destroy! Everything...!!!
    Q: Who do you want to fight most?
    A: Whoever. But there must be a bunch of people who are dieing to fight against
    Q: Who do you want to team up with?
    A: I wouldn't mind sending out invitations for Mature, Vice and Saishu.
       I wouldn't want to waste my old minions, after all!
    Q: What does KOF mean for you?
    A: You're going to make me say it?   Revenge!!!
    Q: A word for your Fans please?
    A: Your rootings will turn into screams, and your excitement into fear.
       I just can't wait to see all your faces filled with doom!!!
    [Character Background]
       Rugal first made his appearance in King Of Fighters 94'. Being the ultimate
    form of evil, Killing Heidern's family was nothing more than kicking a piece 
    of Gravel for Rugal.  As a merchant of death, Rugal sold arms in the Seas with 
    his Aircraft Carrier B lackNoah, equipped with enough Nuclear Arms to wipe out
    a nice chunk of the earth.
       But when fighting opponents, Rugal used his bare fists to lead them to their
    death. He had three original moves (Godpress, Genocide Cutter, Dark Barrier) 
    and two moves stolen from Fatal Fury (Reppuken, Kaiser Wave). When his 
    opponents lost, he would bron ze them and leave them in his room as treasures,
    but Rugal finally met his match in KOF94, and used a detonator to sink his 
    carrier together with himself and the victor as a last resort.
      But Rugal Resurrected as "Omega Rugal" in KOF95' with the powers of the 
    Orochi which he had stolen during his youth in sacrifice for his right eye. 
    Yet his body could not withstand its powers and he had perished, leaving only 
    the words:
                               "I'll be back, you Jerks!"
              In KOF98', Rugal finally comes back to finish off his revenge...
    [Visual Info]
    A Button- Red   Pants
    B Button- Green Pants
    C Button- Blue  Pants
    D Button- Black Pants
    His shirt turns a bit into the same color as well.
    Also, the color of his pants corresponds to the hair color of the secretary 
    with Rugal's Jacket in his D button Victory pose.
    Normal Fight Demo
    Rugal comes out squatted down on teh ground like his Omega self in KOF95', and
    a red glow in the air floats into his fake red eye.
    Special Fight Demo
    (All lines have been translated from Japanese)
    Rugal VS Heidern
    A dialogue takes place.
    Heidern: "You were nothing but a shooting star, it was fate that you 
    Rugal:   "Ha ha ha.... guess again!"
    Rugal VS Saishu
    A Dialogue takes place.
    Saishu: "Do you really think that you can beat me?"
    Rugal: "Ha ha ha ha!!!"
    Rugal VS Chris (Remember that he's *the* Orochi)
    Rugal laughs, saying "Ha ha ha! I was waiting for this chance!"
    Rugal VS Mature
    Mature says a line to Rugal: "I'll enchant you!"
    Rugal VS Kim
    Kim faces back in the intro, saying "Evil cannot be forgiven!"
    Rugal does a "Macho" pose empasizing the muscle on his arm while Laughing. It 
    is the same as his pose after his Deadend Screamer goes in. Do it against 
    chicken players who just will not come close, after doing a Gorpress, Etc.
    Team Assistance
    Rugal does not help out anyone.
    Timeout Loss
    Rugal looks up while bending both hands in the air.
    It uses recycled sprite from his VS Chris intro demo and Last Boss Rugal's 
    Victory pose.
    Victory Poses
    Victory poses can be chosen by pressing a button (A - D) right after defeating
    the opponent.
    A: Rugal crosses his arms and his eye shines.
       Suggestion: Do it when Rugal wins in a time out, since it makes him look as
       though he feels really lucky.
    B: Rugal smashes his hands together in front of his body, air puffes out from 
       Suggestion: Do after shooting lots of projectiles, or when you are just 
       bored with the other victory poses.
    C: Rugal has one of his hands on his hip (in his pocket?) while having the 
       other hand down, covered with blood. He takes the bloody hand in front of 
       his face and says "ha, weak!" in Japanese.
       Suggestion: Do it when you have slaughtered the opponent with your fists 
       than your feet,
    D: Rugal does the same pose as in the C button, except he has no blood and two
       new secretaries comes to serve him, dropping down from the sky: one his 
       holding a plate with a cocktail and the other with Rugal's Jacket. The hair
       color of his secretary holding the jacket corresponds to Rugal's pants
       Suggestion: Do it when the opponent KOs close to Rugal so that his 
       secretaries will land on top of them. Do not do it near the edge of the 
       screen since one of them will not be seen.
    **Simplified Chart**
    O  : Cancelable
    -  : Not Cancelable
    N/A: Not Applicable
    1/2: Only First hit is Cancelable
    Button:          Far       Close      Crouch
      A               -          O           O
      B               -          O           -
      C               -          0           O
      D               -         1/2          O
      CD              O          O          N/A
      F + B          1/2         O          N/A
    Details On Normal Moves
    Ratings:    * <---Low  High---> *****
    --Close A--
    Short Jab, comes out fast. Can be comboed into Genocide cutter or Godpress if 
    very close.
    --Close B--
    Short kick, comes out fast. Can be canceled into Genocide cutter or Godpress if
    very close.
    --Close C--
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    2 hit punch. Both the first and second hit can be canceled into a command move.
    Very useful and damaging.
    --Close D--
    Double Kick. Come out about the same speed as the Close C, but only the first 
    hit can be canceled.
    --Far A--
    Short jab, not cancelable. Does not work as an anti air either. Not Useful at
    --Far B--
    Low kick with long reach, comes out fairly slow for a weak attack and returns 
    at about the same speed. Can be used to hit opponent's foot sweeps.
    --Far C--
    Leans forward for a punch with great range. Looks a bit like Godpress. Comes 
    out slow, returns slow anear the same speed as well and can thus be countered.
    --Far D--
    Mid-range kick, has attack range upwards as well as horizontally, making it ok
    for an early anti-air. While it has less range than his far C, it also has a
    much faster rec overy time and is hard to couter as long as it is guarded.
    --Crouching A--
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    One of Rugal's main weapons.
    Short reach, but comes out fast and useful for putting pressure on opponent.
    Genocide Cutter (B) or double Axe Kick (Forward + B) can combo.
    It can also chain into itself or the crouching B.
    --Crouching B--
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    One of Rugal's main weapons.
    Cannot be canceled but has excellent reach. Very fast.
    It can be chained into the Crouching A, which can then be chained into Forward
    A and comboed then into the Godpress.
    --Crouching C--
    The reach is very bad considering it is a fierce move- about the same reach as
    the crouching A.
    It can be comboed into most command moves.
    --Crouching D--
    Comes out Slow, but has excellent reach and can be canceled. Do it every once 
    in a while.
    --Jumping A--
    Comes out fast but has very short reach. Not useful.
    --Jumping B--
    Comes out fast and has attack range downwards, but has short reach. Not useful.
    --Jumping C--
    Has short range compared to D but nevertheless useful.
    --Jumping D--
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    Has a very long range sideways and wins against most air combats.
    --Vertical Normal Jumping D--
    Hits twice.
    --Forward + B--
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    Double Axe Kick- Rugal's most important move.
    Comes out fast, leaves Rugal at no disadvantage if guarded unless done very 
    close to opponent. The Double Axe has about the same reach as Rugals 
    Crouching B (2 characters wid e), and can be chained from any weak attack as 
    well. Only the first hit is comboable.
    The first hit can be canceled into a combo regardless of being used in a chain
    or individually. (Rugal's Godpress always goes in as a combo no matter how far
    the distance) The second hit cannot be guarded crouching down if done 
    individually. It can al so fall the opponent to the ground if hit in air.
    However, if missed, rolled through or rolled out in a cancel AB, Rugal will be
    opened to attacks, so do not abuse it.
    --Ground CD Attack--
    A kick going upwards with very long reach. It may look like an anti-air and can
    work as one if done early, but nevertheless it is slow.
    --Aerial CD Attack--
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    About the only aerial attack that Rugal has which actually has attack range 
    downwards. It can substitute for his jump D and work as his main air attack, 
    but it cannot lead to a combo when hit.
    --Extra Mode Dodge Attack--
    A slow uppercut with short reach. Not useful.
    --Throw (C)--
    Rugal does his Scorpian Deathlock from KOF94' and 95, where he raises one hand
    to hold the opponent in the air, and the other ahnd to support that hand. 
    Damage can br inc reased on this move if the C button is rapidly pushed, but 
    this throw can also be interrupted by th e opponent's team assistance.
    --Throw (D)--
    Throws opponent to back, changing left and right positions of Rugal and the 
    opponent. Unlike the C button throw, it does consistant damage.
    Special Moves
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward
    QCB- Quarter Circle Backward
    HCF- Half Circle Forward
    HCB- Half Circle Backward
    DP-  Dragon Punch Motion (Forward, Down, Downforward)
    Simplified Info
    Reppuken (QCF + A or C) ****
    Used for ticking damage, should be done with C most often.
    Kaiser Wave (F, HCF + A or c) **
    Comes out slow, hits multiple times. A goes slow C goes fast. Power up by 
    Genocide Cutter ( DP + B or D) *****
    B gives good tick damage, hard to counter. D is anti-air, huge opening when 
    Dark Barrier (QCF + A or C) ***
    Reflects projectiles, always do with B since D has great lage when guarded.
    Godpress (HCB + A or C) *****
    Comes out fast, presses opponent to edge of stage. Huge lag when guarded.
    DM- Deadend Screamer (QCF x 2 + B or D) **
    Jumpkicks opponent and twists them away on a hit.
    Unguardable on ground, does no hit in air. Detection is a throw.
    DM- Gigatec Pressure (QCF, HCB + A or C) *****
    Hyper version of Godpress.
    (QCF + A or C)
    A projectile move which hovers the ground, stolen from Geese Howard of Fatal 
    Fury. Comes out slow, has some recovery lag after it is shot.
    * Difference Between A and C- Speed.
    +++The Good+++
    It almost has as much of a vertical hit detection as Terry's 97' Power Wave, so
    opponents can get hit if they try to jump in from close-by. The fierce Reppuken 
    moves very fast.
    +++The Bad+++
    If the opponent guards it in face-to-face range, they can attack before Rugal's
    Recovery. If shot from mid-range, the opponent can jump in and combo AFTER they 
    see Rugal executing it. Unlike in KOF95', it cannot be shot while a Kaiser 
    Wave is on the screen.
    (F, HCF + A or C -Hold to Power Up)
    A vertically huge projectile, stolen from Wolfgang Krauser of Fatal Fury. Comes
    out very slow, hits multiple times. Erases normal projectiles. It can be 
    powered up to 3 Levels, making it hit more times.
    * Difference between A and C- Speed of execution and projectile.
      B comes out fast but travels slow, D comes out slow but travels fast.
      B version is suggested to do normally, not the D.
    +++The Good+++
    When reflected, it will still hit the opponent since the move hits multiple 
    times.  Also, it can confuse an opponent if the Kaiser Wave is powered up from 
    a far-ra nge, since they are not close enough to make a physical hit and, and 
    they cannot roll or jump in because of the danger of being hit any second.
    +++The Bad+++
    It comes out very slow: an opponent from not a middle distance can hit Rugal 
    with their projectile right after   see him executing the move. The move can 
    easily be AB dodged or Rolled out of. It can also be jumped over quite 
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    (DP + B or D)
    Rugal jumps vertically into the air while slashing a circular motion kick.
    Done with a B, it has a wide attack range sideways and downwards.
    Done with a D, it has a wide attack range upwards and sideways.
    Both hit multiple times.
    * Difference between B and D- B is strong downwards and sideways, D is strong 
      upwards and sideways.
    ++The Good++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Both B and D have very wide hit range.
    B Version- Hard to counter if guarded at the tip. It can hit opponent's 
    footsweeps. Low risk, "fair" return move.
    D Version- It Rugal gets hit while his Genocide cutter hits the opponent as a
    counter, he can quickly combo the dropping opponent into a Godpress or Gigatec
    Press.  High-risk, High Return move.
    ++The Bad++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Both B and D have no invincibility. It can be guarded in the air on a backjump.
    B Version- It does not hit opponents in the air at all.
    D Version- If guarded or missed, Rugal floats high up in the air, opened up for
     any combos.
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    (QCB + A or C)
    A one-hit detection dash tackle. When hit, the opponent will be taken to the 
    edge of the stage. The hit detection seems to be the same as the first hit in 
    Rush DMs such as Kim's Phoenix combo and Mary's Splashrose, Very VERY opened 
    when guarded.
    * Difference between A and C- Length of dash.
    ++The Good++
    The move comes out very, very fast and can be used in many situations
    (ie: opponent misses weak uppercut, opponent is hopping, opponent gets hit in 
    counter detection, etc) Opponents cannot aerial guard.  Has a wide attack 
    detection range and can snatch opponents in low air. The Godpress always takes
    the opponent to the edge of the stage, so if Rugal is cornered he can 
    instantly switch the situation.
    ++The Bad++
    If the opponent's attack hits simultaneously as Rugal's Godpress hits them, his
    Godpress does not damage. Since the move has an attack detection and not a 
    throw detection, it goes right through AB Dodging opponents and rolling 
    opponents. However, when guarded he is very, VERY opened for any attacks.
    (QCF + B or D)
    A force-field which reflects projectiles. It can also physically hit opponents
    and they will fall down.
    * Difference between B and D- Time of endurance, recovery time when guarded.
      (B is very short, D is very long)
    ++The Good++
    Reflects projectiles consistently without much guess on timing as long as it is
    executed in advance. The Darkbarrier works as an unreliable anti-air as well.
    When done with the B button, it is hard to be countered unless done when 
    opponent is cornered.
    ++The Bad++
    The execution time has increased when compared to the previous in the series, 
    and does not come into affect until it totally comes out. If missed or rolled 
    through, Rugal is opened to any attacks. About the only use for the D button 
    version is against opponents changing the timings on a projectile.
    ======= DMS =========
    (QCF x 2 + B or D)
    A jumpkick which hits opponents on the ground only, but is unguardable since 
    its hit detection is basically the same as Blue Mary's Spider attack. Once it 
    hits, Rugal twirls around the opponent's body lying on the ground while 
    * Difference between B and D- Length of jump. B goes 1/3 the screen while D 
    goes 3/4 the screen.
    ** Difference between Normal and Max- In Max, Rugal stays on top of opponent 
    for a while before spinning on them & does more damage. Also, while the Normal
    version bare ly has any invincibility, the Max version has a fair amount in 
    the start.
    ++The good++
    Since it counts as a ground throw, AB dodges and rolls cannot escape from it.
    Once hit, Rugal is situated right next to the opponent with the great advantage
    of being able to do anything until the opponent gets up. Useful against 
    opponent with projectiles and players who often footsweep.
    It is plain humiliating to the opponent to be danced over while laying on the 
    ++The Bad++
    Can easily be dodged by jumping in air. Also, the Deadend Screamer has almost 
    no invincibility at the beginning and Rugal can be hit before he even leaves 
    the ground depending on the situation. It is weak against attacks and can 
    easily be hit even while in the j ump kick.
    USEFUL RATING: *****
    (QCF, QCB + A or C)
    A powered up version of Godpress. Has same functions, except with more damage.
    * Difference between A and C- Length of dash.
    ** Difference between Normal and Max- Max makes Rugal take opponent to the end
       of screen, then turns around and takes tem to the other end as well.  Does 
       more damage than normal DM.
    See Godpress for more details.
    [USEFUL RANK: **      DAMAGE RANK: ***]
    Closeup A or B or Crouching A (close) -> Command move
    (except Kaiser wave, DeadendScreamer or Dark Barrier)
    [USEFUL RANK: **      DAMAGE RANK: ***]
    Crouching B -> Crouching A -> Forward + B -> Command move
    (except Kaiser wave, DeadendScreamer or Dark Barrier)
    [USEFUL RANK: *****      DAMAGE RANK: ***]
    Forward + B (1st Hit) -> Command move
    (except Kaiser wave, DeadendScreamer or Dark Barrier)
    [USEFUL RANK: ****      DAMAGE RANK: *****]
    A or B or Crouching A -> Forward + B (1st hit)-> Command move
    (except Kaiser wave, DeadendScreamer or Dark Barrier)
    [USEFUL RANK: ****      DAMAGE RANK: ****]
    Crouching C -> Command move
    (except Kaiser wave, DeadendScreamer or Dark Barrier)
    [USEFUL RANK: ****      DAMAGE RANK: ****]
    Closeup C (2 hits) -> Command move
    (except Kaiser wave, DeadendScreamer or Dark Barrier)
    [USEFUL RANK: **     DAMAGE RANK: ***]
    Closeup D (1st Hit) -> Command move
    (except Kaiser wave, DeadendScreamer or Dark Barrier)
    [USEFUL RANK: ****      DAMAGE RANK: *****]
    Jump D/C-> Closeup C (2 hits) -> forward + B (1st hit)-> Godpress
    *Godpress can be substituted with Gigatec Pressure in combos.
      Rugal is not a character for beginners and takes a while for most players to
    get used to since he is fairly unique. His normal moves have long reach, but 
    comes out sl ow, and his command moves are useful but deadly if guarded, 
    making him a double-edged s word.  Since he is not a fast character and none
    of his command moves are invincible, he must always stay on the offensive side
    and not on defense. Note that when Rugal gets cornered, he has a very hard 
    time escaping.
    ======WHAT TO DO AT MID RANGE=======
      Rugal is at his best at a either a very far range or a fairly close range- 
    that is, about one character away from the opponent. Thus in a total 
    mid-range, Rugal's first prio rity would be to take an advantage against the 
    opponent and acquire that range by either jumping in, rolling in or
    Godpressing the opponent.
      If the opponent decides to take a chance and roll, combo them and take them 
    to the edge of the screen with the Godpress. If the opponent takes a chance 
    and jumps in, do a Genocide Cutter with the D button. If you want to be 
    ambitious, do it late so that the o pponent will hit you, and you will hit the
    opponent with a "counter" mark. When this happens, the opponent will be in the
    air but Rugal will be moveable and on the ground- thus Rugal can snatch them 
    with a Godpress or even better, his Gigatec Pressure.
      Do not Reppuken or Kaiser Wave the opponent at mid-range: this is the easiest
    distance for the opponent to roll into Rugal and combo him.
    SUMMARY OF MID RANGE------------------
    -Get the advantage over opponent
    -Roll or short jump
    -If opponent jumps, swat them with Genocide cutter (grab them with Godpress)
    -If opponent rolls, combo them and Godpress them
    -Do not use Reppuken or Kaiser Wave unless from Forward + B or fierce attack.
    ======WHAT TO DO AT FAR RANGE=======
       Rugal usually has an advantage over the opponent at a far distance because 
    he has two kinds of projectiles and a reflector, meaning that he can choose in
    between the two and if the opponent shoots a projectile, reflect it. However, 
    unless Rugal is against the opponent corner to corner, the opponent can attack
    in with a high jump AFTER they see Rugal forming his projectile, so beware.
     If you want to close in to the opponent, again jumping is more suggested than
    Rolling in for Rugal, since his roll is not that fast. Definitely jump in on 
    your own if the opponent's character is known to be strong at a far distance- 
    for example, Lucky and Yamazaki.
      Otherwise, check what the opponent can do- if the opponent has a projectile 
    move, chances are they will not be desperate to jump in- thus, shoot some 
    Reppukens and Kaiser Waves, see how they react. If a projectile war begins, 
    reflect theirs with his Drak Barrier or erase it away with the Kaiser wave.
      If the opponent does not have a projectile, they will most likely try to 
    jump or roll in-  thus beware if you decide to shoot projectiles. Jumping in 
    first to take the advantage may be a good decision.
      If the opponent is a throw character, do not shoot projectiles unless you are
    at a very safe distance- chances are they will jump or roll right at you and 
    throw you away.
      Although such a chance rarely arrives, if Rugal can make a move after 
    shooting his Reppuken before the opponent closes in and hits him, Rugal can 
    Genocide cutter opponents in the air or Godpress them when they finish from a 
    roll. Since Kaiser Waves can be controlled, try using it once in a while as
    well- opponents will have a hard ti me jumping in if Rugal powers up on it, 
    since he can shoot it out at any time desired.
    Opponents with projectile reflectors may try to bounce it, but they end up 
    unsuccessful 60-70% of the time since a powered up Kaiser wave hits multiple 
    times.  At times it may bounce without any damage on the opponent- at times 
    the opponent will get hit -at times, the opponent will get hit but still 
    reflect it.
    SUMMARY OF FAR RANGE--------------------------------
    -Reppuken or Kaiser Wave opponent
    -Jump in after a while
    -If opponent jumps, swat them with Genocide cutter and grab them with Godpress
    -If opponent rolls, combo them and Godpress them
    -Kaiser Wave can't be Reflected well
    ======WHAT TO DO AT CLOSE RANGE=======
      Rugal is at his best when he is about one character away from the opponent.
    Rugal's main weapons at this distance are his Crouching B and his Forward + B.
    They both have very good range and very good speed, but have very distinct 
    Low B: It must be guarded downwards, it cannot be comboed.
    Fwd B: The second hit cannot be guarded downwards. First hit can be comboed.
    Thus, using a combination of both can surprise the opponent.
      The low B can taunt the opponent to jump in, since there is no way they can 
    roll in without damage against Rugal's low B. Thus opponents become easy 
    target practice for hi s D button genocide cutter, and if Rugal is lucky he 
    can connect it to a Godpress. If the opponent keeps on guarding, try the 
    Forward + B to intimidate their guard.
      The forward + B is especially intimidating to the opponent not only because 
    Rugal has a quick Low B and thus can pressure the opponent to change guarding 
    positions, but since they cannot take the risk to counter it: Rugal can just
    go and shoot out the second kick, o r cancel it into a special move. Either 
    way, the opponent will end up guarding upwards in this situation, giving Rugal
    a "mind-game" advantage to pressure the opponent. The Forward + B's second hit
    always knocks the opponent down if it hits them in the air, giving the move 
    even greater prio rity. However, do not abuse the attack since Rugal is very 
    oponed for attacks if it misses or gets rolled through.
    If Rugal wants to combo from the first hit, he should shoot a Reppuken if the 
    opponent is very close since it comboes but is hard to be countered, and a B 
    button Genocide cutter if the Forward + B hits at the tip since this is hard 
    to counter as well but still comboes. However if Rug al wants to be 
    ambitious, do his Godpress from the forward + B and it will always connect on 
    a hit.
      If the Forward + B or Low B no longer hits (or barely hits), Rugal can do one
    of three things- hop in with an attack, footsweep with the D, or wait for the 
    opponent to make a stupid move and counter. Do not do a far C since it can 
    easily be countered.
      If the hop/short jump attack makes it in, combo them and take them to the 
    edge with his Godpress. If it gets guarded, reposition Rugal poking the 
    opponent with the Low A and B, and do the whole "poke with Low B and Forward 
    B" phrase again.
      If the footsweep gets guarded, Reppkuen or Genocide cutter the opponent, and
    do a Kaiser Wave (Weak version) every once in a while.
      Another one of the good ways of attacking is to suddenly dash in or roll and
    attack with his fierce C, since it comes out fast and has a very good reach
    for a close attack, plus it cannot be countered since he can safely connect it
    to a Forward B and a Reppuken.
      If Rugal is at an disadvantage in close range, there is basically only three
    ways of escaping out of the pressure since most of his moves are slow. Unless 
    he is cornered or the opp onent just keeps on rushing attacks, none of the 
    following is recommended- just roll back, jump back or wait for the distance 
    to settle.
      The first way is to attack with a genocide cutter. This will generally get 
    hit before it comes out if done against rapid weak attacks, but it can "hit 
    and get hit" on a 50-50 basis on most other moves.
      Rugal's second form of escape is with his Godpress. since his Godpress comes
    out very quickly (it can even combo from a weak attack), Rugal can grab the 
    opponent and take them to the other side, turning the table totally backwards.
    Even in a "hit and get hit" basis Rugal will have some advantage since the 
    opponent will fly into mid-rage territory. However, the Godpress will open 
    Rugal up to true doom if it gets guarded.
      Rugal's final method of escaping is with his CD attack. However, since his CD
    attack is strong upwards and not sideways, it can miss an opponent poking with
    a long attack.
     Try not to get cornered at all cost. Rugal has space in the back to escape if
    in the middle of the stage, but not in the corner.
     Also, since rugal does not have a special throw, he will have to use a normal
    throw against guarding opponents at times. When this situation happens, do not
    throw with the C button- throw with the D since his C button throw does not
    afflict consistant damage. It is also useful when Rugal is cornered since the 
    D button throw changes the left and right positioning to the opponent. However
    this also means that he should not do the D button throw if he has the 
    opponent cornered, sine he will put himself there instead.
    - Poke opponent with Low B and Forward B: it's intimidating
    - Reppuken from Forward + B when close, Genocide Cutter (B) when far
    - Godpress from Forward + B if willing to take risk
    - If B's no longer is in hitting range, D Footsweep, hop in or wait for 
      Godpress Chance
    -Throw with D, not C
    -If cornered, Genocide cutter, Godpress  or CD cancel to even the score
    -Evening up the score at edge of screen is Kamikaze, but it's better than not 
      Thus so far, most tactics for Rugal result in the Godpress of the opponent- 
    which means they will be taken to the edge of the screen.
      Once the opponent is at the edge of the screen, Rugal is free to pressure 
    them with his jump kicks, weak attacks, etc etc- all as your wish desires. 
    However, here are a few tips.
    1- Poke the opponent until one or two character of a space is left between 
    Rugal and the opponent. Then Reppuken them.At often times the opponent will 
    try to retaliate and miss, giving Rugal a chance to do his Godpress them again.
    2- Pressure the opponent poking them with moves, and then suddenly do a 
    Deadend Screamer- since this is at the edge of the screen and the opponent 
    cannot roll backwards, the only thing they can do in jump.
    3- Do not allow the opponent to retaliate and let them get away with it. Make 
    sure Rugal always has the advantage of position over the opponent even if it 
    damages him a little.
    4- It is not a good idea to roll in since Rugal cannot go in the back of the 
    opponent in this situation.
    5- If you are far away from the opponent, try shooting a Reppuken so that it 
    will hit the opponent just as they wake up. And when Rugal recovers from his 
    projectile lage, do the Dead end Screamer immediately. Many opponents will not
    be able to react on time and get hit.
    =====HOW TO JUMP IN=====
       Rugal's jump attack with the D has very excellent priority sideways and is a
    good starter to put a rush on the opponent. Try to always use the D when 
    jumping in and some times C or CD, since his A and B have very short range and 
       Rugal can play it safe and make the tip of the D kick hit the opponent, in 
    which case he will not be countered even if guarded at a high point since 
    there will be plenty of distance to the opponent.
      If you want to be ambitious, you can land the kick low and connect it into a
    combo, but if Rugal gets guarded, a quick A punch right on the land is 
    recommended since his other moves take time to come out. Guarding is another 
    option, but since Rugal has a hard time to change to offense after guarding, 
    it is suggested that he hit the opponent even if he gets hit with a weak 
    attack as well. However, if the opponent is a throw character, try to backjump
    with a B or D attack since chances are his A will not even make it before he 
    gets thrown.
       However be warned that Rugal's normal air attacks do not have much attack 
    range downwards in general, and can sometimes miss crouching opponents even 
    when exec uted on the downfall of a jump. His C attack seems to have a *bit* 
    more range downwards than the D, but not as much sideways. His B attack has an
    extra *bit* of range downwards t han the C, but it is still pitiful. His CD 
    attack is reccomended for players who just keep on ducking since it has a nice
    attack range downwards, but it cannot lead to a combo.
      Also, since Rugal's normal jumps are fairly slow, it is reccomened that that
    he only jump in with either a short or a high jump, depending on the distance 
    to the op ponent.
      This also means that Rugal is a hard character to do comboes from a jump 
    (since his attacks do not have much range downwards and his jumps are slow), 
    so his attacks must b e done deeply to connect.
    SUMMARY OF JUMP---------------
    -Use D (or C) to jump in: has horizontal range
    -Rugal's downward range in jump attacks aren't excellent except for CD attack
    -A and B attack sucks
    -Rugal's normal jump is slow
    -Rugal is hard character to combo from jump attack
    -Jump in with Short Jump or High Jump
    ======= TROUBLESHOOTING ========
    Q: Genocide cutter doesn't hit opponents in air!
    A: Do it with the D button, B only works on ground.
    Q: I can't combo from forward + B!
    A: Only the first hit can be comboed from. Do the command right after you 
       execute it.
    Q: I can't combo from Closeup D!
    A: Read Above.
    Q: I can't combo from Closeup C!
    A: Practice. Believe in yourself. both the first and second hit can be canceled
       into a move.
    Q: I can't do the Deadend screamer- it always turns into a Genocide Cutter!!
    A: Try doing HCF x 2 + B or D instead, it'll make your life a whole lot easier.
    Q: I can't do any command moves!!!
    A: You've got a broken finger or controller. Go get it fixed.
    Q: I can't beat Takuma!!!
    A: Oh yes you can-- Rugal is one of the easier characters to beat Takuma with:
       his two choice attack (projectile or knee dash from mid-range) can easily 
       be swatted wi th the Dark Barrier.
    Q: I can't beat the Last Boss!!!
    A: Er... That's not this FAQ's Problem. Try shooting some Reppukens and He'll 
       form the bubble. Reflect it and do the same thing over and over again. 
       You'll win if you 're really lucky.

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