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    Character Guide by FChung

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/09/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 15:54:48 -0700
    From: Fabian Chung <fabianc@ucla.edu>
    The King of Fighters ’98
    ALL Character Strategy Guide
    version 1.0
    I:    About the Author
    II:   Introduction
    III:  Updates
    IV:  All character ranking chart
    V:  In-depth strategy
    This FAQ is was created 1998 by Fabian Chung. No part of this faq may be used 
    for profit or promotion. This faq may be distributed only by electronic media 
    and may be modified as long as this disclaimer appears in full. This faq
    may be 
    posted at any site only with the permission of its creator. For questions and 
    comments, I can be reached at fabianc@ucla.edu. 
    I: About the Author: 
    Well this is the first time I write an FAQ, so bear with me if there are
    any mistakes.
    First something about me, my E-mail is fabianc@ucla.edu and homepage
    address is:
    www.initaly.com/test/fab/fabian.htm, I have not yet put up pages about KOF but
    those who wants to know more about me please visit (I have a section on Jo
    Bizzare Adventure). I have been a great fan of KOF ever since 94 and my
    favorite so
    far is 95 because of the guard reversal system. Well I love 98 and have
    been constantly
    playing it ever since it came out. Well I am not a master player but I
    consider myself to
    be quite good. I try to use everybody and find the roulette option real
    fun, so that's why
    I'm writing this.
    II: Introduction: 
    Well this FAQ is for people who are at least quite familiar with KOF 98 and
    try to master
    the game is a short period of time. And especially for those who are
    already good with a
    couple of favorite characters and want to also master the other characters
    and have fun
    with the roulette.
    I will not include moves and in-depth chain combos here, for those who
    wants a move-list
    please read the FAQ written by moon-run which is an excellent FAQ. However
    I'll include
    some combos which I think is useful. For those people who doesn't want to
    play all the 
    characters, this will also be a useful guide for u to defend against other
    characters, there's
    a counterattack section for each character, know more about the enemy, the
    more chances 
    you'll win.
    I have done a ranking table for all the characters and I'll list the
    strategy in that order,
    those who do not agree with me please do not get mad, it's just what I
    think. But feel free
    to comment on it, just Email me. 
    And finally, there are some characters I'm quite bad at, like choi, and
    chin. So strategy for 
    these characters might not be as good and as in-depth, I really would love
    to hear about
    Chin strategy, please do write me.
    Fw= Forward      DF= Diagonally down-forward    HCF= Half circle forward
    Bk= Back         DB= Diagonally down-back        HCB= Half circle backward
             QCB= Quarter circle back         QCF= Quarter circle forward
    uppercut = dragon punch motion
    III: Updates
    As in version 1.0 (created october 6th), things are still a little hectic, I 
    have only written strategies for 4 characters, vice, orochi Yashiro,
    Goro and Benimaru, but I have decided to put it up, those who like
    this format please write me and comment on it while I can improve
    while I continue to do the strategy guide for the rest of the characters.
    Also anyone looking for something specifically can mail me too and I'll
    try to write that character first.
    IV: All Character Ranking Chart
    Fist of all, I wana say that KOF 98 is a very balanced game, all characters
    seem to be able to beat each other, it fixed a lot of problem 97 had, tuned
    down the strong characters and upgraded the weak, but regardless, there's
    still a ranking there.
    Again, this is just what I think, the scale:
    10 -- best character and easiest to master, have easy damaging combos
    9 -- extremely good
    8 -- overall good and strong
    7 -- overall balance
    6 -- not quite as good and easy to use as 7
    5 -- harder to use than 6, would surely get your ass kicked if u don't know
          how to play the character
    Okay, what I wana say is that a master 5 character player can easily rival a
    master 10 character, it's just that a 5 character is harder to learn, and has
    less damaging combos, and takes more skill.
    Rank 10:
       Orochi Yashiro
    Rank 9:
       Diamon Goro, 94' Ryo, Clark
    Rank 8:
       Iori, Ryo, Blue Mary, Kyo, Chris, Vice, Benimaru
    Rank 7:
       Takuma, Heidern, Terry, Shermie, Andy, Joe, Leona, Ralf, Chang, Choi,
       Kim, Mai, RB2 Mai, RB2 Terry, Orochi Shermie, Yashiro, King, Yamazaki,
       Mature, Kensou, Athena, Lucky
    Rank 6:
       RB2 Andy, 94' Joe, Billy, RB2 Billy, Rugal, Orochi Chris, Robert, 94'
       Yuri, 94' Yuri, Heavy D, Brian Battler
    Rank 5:
       Chin, Chizuru
    Did I miss anyone?
    V: In-depth Strategy
    Orochi Yashiro: (Rating 10)
       Best Range: Mid - close	Best Position in Team: Any
       Possibly the strongest character in the game, easy to master and has
       devastating combos. The down unguardable close standing D has been
       taken away from 97, which makes the close D not as useful, nevertheless
       this character still has power. He has useful supers, but also strong
       them, so do not hesistate to use your CD counter and push your opponent 
       to the ground.
       Stand A, Stand B, and Low D very useful for annoying the opponent.
       Use HCF+B to suprise your opponent after a series of short kicks, or 
       simply row in with any special grabs.	
       Do a close low D and buffer into QCB+A to grab your opponent.
       Close standing C, D , low C, and CD can also buffer into QCB+A
       Jumping D is very useful and can start a combo easily, it can also defeats
       a lot of opponent in the air because of its far range, time your jump
       Since opponent always expect a jumping combo, sometimes just jump in and 
       do a supergrab and superise your opponent.
       Use low C as an anti air, and foward A to trap oppenent who always block
       Useful combos:
       Jump D, Stand C, Foward A, HCB, Fw + A (or 2 x HCB + A)
    	if oppenent blocks, after foward A do QCB + A
       After QCB + A:
       	1)Stand C, Forward A, super grab (as above)
    	-- low C might be a little easier
                 2)Stand C, Foward B, HCF + B	
    	--this is a lot easier to pull off, recommend when u don't have a super,
    	   however HCF+B has 25% missing chance
    	3)Stand C, Foward B, 2 x HCF + B
    	-- the super will not combo, however it will hit an opponent who doesn't
    	    move, and it sure looks good.
       For all those fighting against him, watch out. Don't let him push u to
    the floor or 
       corner u, watch out for his HCB + A, when u see it jump kick or uppercut
    him, do
       not get intimidated and fight with caution.
    Vice: (Rating 8)
      Best Range: Mid - close	Best Position in Team: Any
      Vice returns from KOF 96 in a very improved form, all her regular moves
    and super
      moves are very useful and players can play her with different styles.
    However she
      is not as easy to master, though she ranks as one of my favorite
    characters in 98.
      Use B to poke, annoy your opponent. Alternate between Low D and foward A
      against opponent who guards. Down C is very good anti air but has to do
    it early.
      Use D-side (QCF + B) to charge up and attack opponent who is farther than
      Either run in, row and jump and do either of her special throws is very
    effective, the
      HCF + A (x2)  takes off a lot of blood, but have to do the second follow
    up fast, otherwise
      it can miss.
      QCB+A can be used like Terry's power charge, don't do the follow up
    unless in a combo,
      otherwise you will be open up to attack.
      QCB+B (jumping) is one of her most useful moves, it takes off a lot of
    damage and very
      easy to hit someone jumping, a must do when your oppenent has low energy.
      Standing C (far) also works well as an effective poke.
      Jump C is good for combo and air defense, jump D is easy to miss but
    useful for a miss-
      hit then throw, use both wisely.
      QCF x2 + A can be a useful super, but can be seen and jumped away, use it
      Useful Combos:
      Low B, low A, low A, QCB + A, QCF + A
    	A very useful close chain combo
      Close standing D (2 hits), Fwd A, QCF + B
    	can substitute foward A with super throw
      Jump C, low C, any throw
       Vice's air defense is not as good, attack her always with low jump, but
    hit her at a low 
       point to avoid getting thrown. Since her jump attacks are not as
    powerful, a character
       with a good uppercut would be a good choice to fight against Vice.
    Benimaru: (Rating 8)
       Best Range: Mid - close	 Best Position in Team: 1 or 3
       Although not nearly half as good as he was in 97, Benimaru is still a
    very strong character
       in this game. His major downgrade is the QCF X 2 + A super, it comes out
    so slow, it's almost
       useless, don't use it. His HCB + A or C is also more vulnerable now, as
    he doesn't flip backward
       after finishing the move, but still it is his best move yet, just have
    to use it with caution.
       Stand D both far and close range is very useful. When close, combo into
    a HCB + C to take off
       your opponent's energy, you would not need to worry about HCB + C
    landing too close to the
       enemy if you do a close D in a combo first. It is also good for guard
       Jump, down + D is still as useful as before.
       Uppercut + B very good for anti air. Will not get counterattacked.
       Uppercut + A also good to take off energy and is also a safe move.
       Jump D is his best air move, almost do not need to use other buttons.
       Foward B can be used within a combo but will not link up, so do not use
    it when u're actually
       killing your opponent with a combo.
       Electrica Throw is a bit different now (HCB x2 + A), it cannot be
    comboed, as Beni will step back
       a little bit before executing it, but this can be planned strategically,
    against players jumping in or
       trying to land a close C or Low D on you, if done correctly, Beni will
    evade the opponent's attack
       and excute the throw, and it still takes off a big chunk, so practice this!
       Useful Combos
       Jump D, stand D, uppercut A (or HCB + C)
       Fight against him on the ground,  wait for an opening as Beni misses a
    HCB + C or when he does
       it too close, expert player can try to guard cancel and row forward
    during the last flip and try a 
       combo, do not close in too often, watch out for the electrica...
    Diamon Goro: (Rating 9)
       Best Range: close	 Best Position in Team: 3
       The Strongest thrower next to Yashiro, Diamon doesn't have a lot of
    effective combos, but he
       has possible infinities and a lot of stronger throws and regular moves.
       The best strategy is to close in..., annoy your oppoent with standing B
    and D attack. Powerup 
       when you have a lot of specials and use your counter... standing B can
    be only blocked crouching,
       so u can lock down your oppoent, standing D is effective against jumping
       Use HCF + A or DF C (+ combos, see below) to defind against high jumping
       Both his special throws are useful so close in and just throw.
       Jumping D has far range, and can still be used in a combo when hit low,
    so abuse it.
       HCB x2 + A super is useful for jumping in and throw, it does massive
    damage when powered up.
       HCF x2 + B super has an auto guard, time it aginst jumping opponent who
    tries to kick you or
       just people who wants to close in and combo, very very effective move,
    and remember to do
       the HCF + C as the third move, it takes off more damage.
       The HCB + B row is very useful, use it in a combo and then suprise and
    throw your oppoent.
       Against fireball oppoent, try to use your uppercut A earthquake when far
       Useful Combos:
       Jump D, stand C (or D), any throw
       after Low D:
       1) HCF + C
       2) combo into HCB + B, uppercut A, HCF + C (this can be rowed away twice)
       after DF C (only when not trading hit)
      1) HWF + A
      2) combo into HCB + B, HCB + B, uppercut A, HCF + C
      3) combo into HCB, DF C, HCB + B (repeat) (I haven't seen this though)
      Well, Goro is a very well rounded character, it is hard to penetrate the
    defense against a
      good Goro player, crouch defense always against his low B, do not jump
    prematurely, watch
      out for his run-ins and grab, his grab should come out slower than other
    grabbers though.
      Do not be scared if you get tripped with his low D, just hit AB and row
    always, u have a
      good couple chances to do that, and his DF C anti air is not that good as
    it always trade hit.
      Beware of the auto guard super though, if someone does it after u jump
    kick, u might just
      have enough time to jump backward and kick again to get out of it, it
    depends if your
      opponent timed it super accurately or not. Also try to row in when your
    oppoent does a
      standing D, he will be opened to attack.

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