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    Character Summary by Shingo

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    Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 13:15:33 -0400 (EDT)
    King of Fighters '98 Character Summary
    By Shingo
    OK, these rankings are based on my opinions, and if you have any flames, I don't 
    mind getting into a character debate. My e-mail is the same one as the one I put 
    in my Blue Mary FAQ (Shingo@canada.com). This FAQ is mainly based on my views as 
    an experienced player with many of the characters and as a watcher of some of 
    the top players in my area. People who could kick my sorry @$$ back and forth 
    with one character. 
    1. Blue Mary: Ok, it may seem weird that Blue Mary is at the top of the list, 
    but honestly, it's true. Blue Mary is extremely versatile and quite powerful. 
    Even though she was weakened since 97, she still remains one of the all time 
    greatest due to her insane combos and (if it's your style) she gains some 
    serious points to place your name in the high score.
    2. Goro Daimon: Due to his bugs and his major increase in power, Goro is very 
    powerful. 2 SDM's and it's over, no matter what. Some good SDM combos with Goro. 
    I personally would never use Goro, since I find he is WAY too overpowered, and 
    that isn't exactly my style, though it once was when Iori '96 was the best.
    3. Real Bout Terry Bogard: This version of Terry is actually quite powerful. You 
    can connect fwd+a to a Slide Kick, as opposed to Terry 98 fwd+a to a Power 
    Charge. The Slide Kick is more powerful anyway, and it IS comboable into a 
    Rising Tackle. A good character indeed.
    4. Ryo Sakazaki: This version of Ryo is more of a powerful character than his 
    '95 counterpart. You don't need the distance with his fireballs, all you need 
    are some serious combos. The stun punch SDM is too good. He also has the 
    unblockable command 'throw' and a counter punch that has very good priorty. 
    5. Shermie: Unbelivably, she is used quite well in my area. She has the amazing 
    ability to take down 75% health with her Shermie Flash SDM. She has an 
    unblockable air grab, and she has that one cheap hit after most of her command 
    6. Kyo Kusanagi: Of course! If the hero of the game wasn't in the top 10, 
    something would've been wrong. Because of his really cheap EXTRA style, he's 
    played often. Without that cheap style, he's still a good character and many DM 
    combos come with this character.
    7. Choi Bounge: Some serious insanity here! Not many people use Choi because of 
    the incredible amounts of skill it takes to pull some of his most deadly combos, 
    but he's played enough by people to be in the top 10. Drill claw x4 at an upward 
    angle, once you land, you have enough time to do the Hurricane SDM, and it will 
    8. Ralf Jones: Some of Ralf's combos are unbelievably funny, and powerful 
    indeed. Galactica Phantom SDM rocks and Lateral Kick connected to Ralf 
    Blitzkrieg SDM seriously looks painful. Ralf overall has good power too.
    9. Vice: Fast, fast throws. Many comboable moves and that special command grab 
    'Mithen's Robe' after a certain 2 moves. She would've been better if only she 
    had some better combos and a better DM. Withering Surfaces sort of bites unless 
    playing some scrubs. Negative Gain is too powerful and easily comboable.
    10. Andy Bogard: The 98 version of Andy is so much better than the Real Bout 
    version. Fast and mobile, he has many combos that can eat away your health. The 
    Super Sonic Swirl SDM after a Dam Breaker Combo is the key combo with Andy. His 
    Comet Arrow Blast is too slow, but it's comboable anyway, making it pretty good.
    1. Chang Koehan: Although big, and pretty slow, he's not so bad. No one likes to 
    use him except the scrubs and cheap the computer with the Whirling Ball and 
    Chain. He has combos, but not a single DM combo. By far, the worst character.
    2. Brian Battler: He has ONE major combo, but it takes way too much skill and 
    mad timing to pull it off. Also, most of his moves lag him too much. He would've 
    been first, except his Tackle DM drains like mad, and his tackle can absorb 
    Ralf's Galactica Phantom. He also has no DM combos.
    3. Heidern: His charge moves stink and his Storm Bringer can't drain enough from 
    players. Unconnectable Storm Bringer as well. His Neck Roller makes him too 
    open. If you do his Final End SDM after a fwd+b, it's comboable, which is why 
    he's not second or first, but third.
    4. Chizuru Kagura: Although she has some mad combos, she's never used. She has 
    many confusing moves, which often confuse the player as much as the opponent. 
    She also has moves which leave her open to attacks if blocked/missed. One of her 
    DM's takes too long to come out unless you have the skill to place it right 
    after the other DM.
    5. Chris: The regular version of Chris isn't bad, IMO, but no one seems to like 
    him. His Position Switch move isn't great, it can be seen coming away. His DM's 
    are pretty weak too, comboed or not. His teleport saves him often and he has 
    good moves which play mind games.
    6. Real Bout Andy: The Dam Breaker Combo is gone, and he has a large recovery 
    frame for his Dragon Bullet. His Da Dan Dan DM could've been better and his 
    Windmill Punch is weaker. Other than that, he has high strength and his Da Dan 
    Dan DM is comboable anyway. He's still a strong character. 
    7. Mature: A drainer. Still doesn't make up for her lack of strength. She has DM 
    combos, but they're a bit hard to connect. Her Ebony Tears REALLY could've been 
    better if you were going to give an 'Orochi' type a fireball. The motion is 
    long, the lag time is huge, she could've been better. But still, her uppercut 
    has good priority and she has very fast basic moves. 
    8. Real Bout Mai Shiranui: No one uses her, in fact, I'm not so sure people 
    think she exists. If it weren't for the fact that her Super Deadly Ninja Bees DM 
    is comboable and strong, she would've been higher than this. She plays just like 
    the other Mai without the Fan Dance.
    9. '94 Joe Higashi: His TNT punch is different than his 98 versions, he has NO 
    DM combos and he's lost the Golden Heel, a key to playing cheap with Joe. His 
    Tornado goes across the screen, but it has higher lag time and there's no second 
    Tornado. But all you really need is the combo involving the Slash Kick. Still, 
    no one uses him.
    10. Billy Kane (any version): His new juggle kick is stylish, and it's comboable 
    into the Fire Spin DM, but the kick can sometimes leave them far away from you. 
    His staff extend takes too long, and if you do the uppercut, there is some major 
    lag in there. His rapid attacks are too weak. He still has some nice combos that 
    can be improved. Just no one uses him.
    '95 Kyo Kusanagi: One massive juggle combo, and one massive DM combo similar to 
    the one used by the '98 version. This character plays just as well as the other 
    version of Kyo, but people seem to like his fire punches better than his 
    Benimaru Nakuaido: His One-hand Bridge Collidor is better. His fireball sucks 
    now but at least it drains nicely. His triple kick has serious lag time, but his 
    regular uppercut is pretty good, can't be jumped over. His knee thrust is mostly 
    useless. His command throw is WEAK. His fwd+b is blockable. His air-fireball is 
    a good asset, since it pushes people away enough to let you land safely.  He's a 
    pretty average character. 
    '98 Terry Bogard: As mentioned above, he's pretty good. Too bad you can't do the 
    Power Charge after fwd+A, but his uppercut has a better counter priority and he 
    can at least do a Power Kaiser after the Power Charge.
    '95 Ryo Sakazaki: His fireball covers the distance of the screen, but leaves him 
    a bit open. The only really outstanding thing about this character is that his 
    uppercut has practically no lag frames compared to his '98 self.
    '98 Robert Garcia: Plays a bit worse than in '97. Can't connect fwd+b into his 
    Tornado Kick. His fireball has a bit more priority again and his Backflip Kick 
    has better vertical range, but leaves him wide open to a charge DM or a screen 
    wide fireball. 
    '95 Robert Garcia: Plays almost like '95 Ryo. His old Tornado Kick leaves him 
    wide open, and is insanely weak, but at least it's comboable into fwd+b. His 
    Dragon Dance DM does less damage than Ryo's for some reason.
    '98 Yuri Sakazaki: She plays a lot better than in '97. She's also got DM's that 
    deal mad damage. Her Phoenix Kick hurts and is comboable.  Her Tornado Kick 
    doesn't have as much lag, neither does her flying knuckle. Her double uppercut 
    lost strength, but her Reppa Uppercut DM gained some.
    '95 Yuri Sakazaki: A goddess. Her new *unblockable* close range super (name 
    unknown) does 50% damage as a DM! Even more as an SDM! She has her old air 
    fireball which is done on the ground and her fireball travels screen distance. 
    She doesn't have her double uppercut but she has her Mirror Shield, a not so bad 
    air counter.
    Leona: Some nice new moves, and some serious DM combos. Her Dynamite DM deals 
    mad damage. I like her new earring grenade. It's hardly noticable when it's out 
    in the screen, but if they see Leona acting funny, sometimes people are smart 
    enough to block.
    Clark Steel: Lost some strength since '97. His Bulldog DM lost serious speed and 
    priority. He has a fwd+b but it takes some serious skill to use it in a combo. 
    He has his old Backbreaker back, which is a nice touch.
    Athena Asimaya: Her fwd+b is better, since you can combo her Shining Crystal DM 
    into it, and her
    Psycho Sword. Her old Reflector is better than the '96 reflector, since the '96 
    reflector lost some major strength. Her Phoenix Arrow stills deals heavy damage.
    Sie Kensou: His new style with his command 'throw' makes him better because you 
    can connect a Dragon Fang after it. Too bad you can't connect his Rising Dragon 
    DM into it. His Dragon Burst DM lost big damage since '97 and his Mighty Bun DM 
    is still too damn useless.
    Chin Chentsai: He got his old water sake blast back, which is a very nice air-
    counter. His Fire God Sake Flame DM can juggle opponents in the corner and his 
    Rolling Punch has more priority than ever, plus, some people can't hit you out 
    of it. Two words: Drunken Dance.
    '98 Mai Shiranui: Her Fan Dance lost major power and priority this year. Her 
    Triple Fan DM has less of a spacing this year, so you can super jump over the 
    entire DM if timed correctly. Her Fire Wheel DM can be blocked when hit from 
    behind this year. 
    King: Her Tornado Kick lost major damage, and can no longer be done after Silent 
    Flash DM unless the opponent is cornered. Her Silent Flash DM is still one of 
    the strongest DM's in the game. Her Trap Shot does more damage too, and her 
    Mirage Kick has a bit more priority.
    Kim Kaphwan: His Ground Buster seems useless to me, except that it can absorb 
    fireballs, but it's too weak as a comboable move. It takes mad skill to juggle 
    the opponent in the air with his head stomp. Neither DM got weakened, nor did it 
    gain any more damage. Still has his old '97 DM combo, which always gets mad 
    applause when done.
    Yashiro Nanakase: Yashiro rocks. His Final Impact DM when charged to the max 
    rules, plus it's comboable into A, A, B, B combos. His counter uppercut has more 
    priority than many other moves and his Hammer Punch hits earlier than '97. His 
    Million Bash Stream DM got weakened, even after you do maximum hits.
    Orochi Yashiro: O. Yashiro got weaker. His One-handed Slam DM got a serious 
    weakening. His other DM gained a lot more power, but it must be done from far 
    away now. His running turn-about command 'throw' can grab out of roll, too.
    Orochi Shermie: O. Shermie practically got nothing new since '97. Her Thunder 
    Fist DM got weaker, but her Thunder Kick DM does more damage. She gained a few 
    new combos, but that makes no difference, she's still incredibly weak and it's 
    amazing that she's not in the least used 10.
    Orochi Chris: Lost his 100% since '97 since his command 'throw' goes too fast to 
    combo the Serpent Wave DM. His Leaping Flame hits earlier, much like Yashiro's 
    Hammer Punch. He's still a strong character, nonetheless. His fireball is the 
    best in the game, next to Omega Rugal's.
    Ryuji Yamazaki: Both of his DM's gained massive amounts of power. For both, you 
    must mash the buttons in order to deal max damage. His counter can no longer be 
    blocked when hit from the air, and his axe-dust kick looks brutal. Too bad he no 
    longer has his unlimited combo. 
    Iori Yagami: Lost power since '97 and '96. He has lost his frontal combo with 
    the command 'throw', but he still has it when done from behind (jump over 
    opponent, holding back+b). His SDM is one of the weaker DMs in the game, but his 
    new Leaping Flame gives him much more style and a new offensive strategy, since 
    it can go through fireballs. 
    Saisyu Kusanagi: It's good that he's back since '95. He's gained a few new 
    moves, and with it, some good combos. His new super is kind of weak, but it 
    looks pretty good, and it's comboable. His Serpent Wave comes out faster than 
    Kyo's, which is helpful. 
    Takuma Sakazaki: Mr. Karate, what can I say? With no uppercut, he certainly is a 
    useful character. He has his old '94 combo and his new DM is unblockable, but 
    weak, even when you've mashed all the buttons to get max damage from the DM. His 
    fireball travels a bit higher than Ryo's or Robert's, which means people must 
    jump earlier to avoid it. His counter is one of the best in the game, but it can 
    be stopped by people who have fast 2-hit attacks, such as Blue Mary, or by 
    someone who throws. 
    Heavy D!: Against the computer, Heavy D! can kick. Once you've knocked down the 
    opponent, with the right timing, the Soul Flame will knock them back down, 
    repeat it for an easy victory. His Dancing Beat (powered) hurts when coupled 
    with the D! Magnum SDM, which totally rocks Omega Rugal's attacks. Unfortunetly, 
    Heavy D! doesn't have a lot of attacks which give him distance. Good for 
    characters who like to play on a close offensive.
    Lucky Glauber: His Cyclone Kick is weak, but his Knee Kick is pretty good. It 
    hits high and knocks people up into the air too. His teleport is extra fast, and 
    his multiple basketball tactics are very good for playing mind games. His Lucky 
    Driver DM deals serious damage, and contrary to popular belief, it IS comboable 
    after a fwd+b.
    Rugal Bernstein: Rugal is good, but nothing in comparison to his Omega version. 
    His reflector is good since it still is pretty much the ONE move you need with 
    him. His Kaiser Wave is pretty good for mind games, but it's slow to come out. 
    His new Dead End Screamer looks too brutal, and is good when done after a Wind 
    Slash. His Gigantic Pressure lost too much strength, even his SDM is weak. Not 
    good for a 'god'.
    Shingo Yabuki: Major, major increase in power. His 3-hit unblockable command 
    'throw' is VERY useful. His new counter is laughable, since the opponent must be 
    VERY close in order for his counter to connect, otherwise you just gain some 
    distance away from the opponent. His Serpent Punch with C lost it's first hit 
    unless done in very close quarters. Both his DMs can be done one after the 
    other, which is still good. His Shingo Kick makes him vulnerable if done too 
    close, and his triple kick still has that unblockable drop. 
    My local arcade!! Wooooooooo... thanks for keeping KoF '98 in the area for so 
    long, and not selling out.
    My friend, Wai Lu Ken (BAD). He's the anonymous one in my Blue Mary FAQ, the 
    same guy that downloaded the vids. Ask him for the video locations, though if I 
    remember right, the site has gone down. itseamyeah@hotmail.com
    My friend, Billy Kim (the one who made the King FAQ on GameFaqs). I had to test 
    some of this stuff on SOMEONE, right? ^_^ 

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