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    Endings Guide by PHwang

    Version: 1.015 | Updated: 04/29/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    King Of Fighters 98 Ending Guide
    By: Patrick Hwang 
    Version: 1.015
    V1.015 4/29/99 
         First and Last Update.  This is my last update.  Why? I have found all the known
         pictures already. Added the rest of the teams and other small details. Okay enjoy!
    V1.00 4/15/99 
         First Release Guide.  First release, got most of the pictures.
    About the Author 
         What is there to say? I'm a King of Fighters fanatic. I eat, sleep, and dream 
    King of Fighters. I started playing when Kof 94 was first out but it wasn t 
    until I played Kof 97 did I become a big fan. So when Kof 98 finally arrived, I 
    was ecstatic. Everything about this game was awesome well except for one thing; 
    the game didn t have any endings. I was very disappointed and instead each team 
    had a special team picture. So I now attempt to reveal these "special" pictures. 
    About the Guide
         Well, there is my contribution to King of Fighters. The regular 
    team pictures or obvious, but it s the special team pictures that are 
    challenging to find. In this guide, I will attempt to uncover all the special 
    team pictures. Some of them are hilarious; you just have to check them out. To 
    view these pictures, you have to first beat the game and wait for the entire 
    credits to roll. On a side note, this is the first guide I have written so 
    please bear with me. Some one asked me why I decided to do this guide since it 
    was so late and most people already know most of the endings.  Well, this is
    just my contribution to the game.  Now on to the teams! 
    Regular Team Pictures
    Japan Team: Kyo, Benimaru, Goro
    Fatal Fury Team: Terry, Andy, Joe
    Art of Fighting Team: Ryo, Robert, Yuri
    Kim Team: Kim, Chang, Choi
    China Team: Athena, Sie, Chin
    Woman s Team: Mai, King, Chizuru
    Ikari Team: Ralf, Clack, Leona
    New Face Team: Chris, Shermie, Yashiro
    97 Special Team: Yamazaki, Blue Mary, Billy
    Iori Team: Iori, Vice, Mature
    Middle Age Team: Takuma, Heidern, Saishu
    USA Team: Lucky, Brain, Heavy D! 
    Special Team Pictures 
    Hero Team: Kyo, Terry, Ryo
    Flame Team: Kyo, Saishu, Chris
    Orochi Keepers Team: Kyo, Iori, Chizuru
    Sidekick Team: Benimaru,Andy, Robert
    Head Band Team: Goro, Joe, Yuri
    Shingo Team: Shingo, Goro, Benimaru
    Rugal Team: Rugal, Vice, Mature
    Family Team: Ryo, Yuri, Takuma
    Cute Girls Team: Athena, Mai, Yuri
    Ugly Team: Chin, Chang, Choi
    Sports Team: Ralf, Mary, Lucky
    Heidern Team: Heidern, Ralf, Leona
    Hat Team: Terry, Clark, Lucky
    Orochi Males Team: Yamazaki, Chris, Yashiro
    Sad Shingo Team: Shingo, Kyo, Saishu
    Father Team: Kim, Saishu, Takuma
    Little Boys Team: Shingo, Chris, Sie 
    Rapid Button Team: Joe, Chang, Billy
    Heavy Hitters Team: Ralf, Chang, Brian
    Weirdo Team: Robert, Choi, Sie
    Birthday Team: Shingo, Mature, King
    Orochi Females Team: Vice, Mature, Shermie
    KoF Team: Kyo, Iori, Shingo
    Last Notes
    Team names are made up by me, i don't know the official names.  My favorite 
    team pictures has got to be Orochi Females Team. Heh heh *^_^*  IMO the best 
    team should be the sun, moon, stars team from 97. Kyo, Iori, Terry, respectively.  
    Ah...too bad its not in this year.  Well, thats all for now, till 99!
    SNK and NeoGeo:                   Great, great game. Gets better each year.
    UCLA X-cape and Villager Arcade:  Kof on big screen and only for a quarter,
                                      what more can i ask
    Me, myself, and I:                Thanx to me for actually wasting all that
                                      money to see each individual picture.
    Peter:                            Where I get all my info from.
    c1999 Patrick Hwang

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