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    Endquote FAQ by Gunsmith

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    Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 00:02:31 +0000
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    The King of Useless Faqs presents:
    Complete Endquote Faq 
    This is what each fighter says in their end pic upon defeating 
    the opponent.  Okay, I double checked them and corrected the errors.
    I've reproduced the spelling exactly for authenticity (and a good
    laugh) FROM SNAPSHOTS.  All pictures are now available for you to
    check - that means you BRIAN LUI (But thanks anyway for noticing)!
    ______________________________________________________BEGIN TRANSMISSION
    Kyo Kusanagi
    "You just ain't got it. So stop whining and get lost."
    Benimaru Nikaido
    "My reason for winning?  I'm just cool.  Real cool!"
    Goro Daimon
    Terry Bogard
    "Say what? It's no fluke. This is why I'm here every year."
    Andy Bogard
    "If you want to be the best, it's practise everyday, pal."
    Joe Higashi
    "How's that?  I'm the Satan of Martial Arts."
    Ryo Sakazaki
    "Absolute Karate.  That's Kyokugen.  And don't forget it,  Dweebenheimer!"
    Robert Garcia
    "Underestimate my strength, huh? You're dumber than you look!"
    Yuri Sakazaki
    "I'm Kyokugen!  Face it, Ryo!  You're not fit to sweep for me!"
    "Had enough? Then beat it, fool!"
    Ralf Jones
    "That's enough for now.  I can only be forgiving so much."
    Clark Steel
    "Losers have no rights.  That's what history's all about."
    Athena Asamiya
    "Sorry about that.  Are you hurt?  I guess I got a bit carried away."
    Sie Kensou
    "New threads.  New attitude.  The new Kensou's coming at you!"
    Chin Gentsai
    "O, Ouch! Whew!  I can beat you.  But age is something different!"
    Chizuru Kagura
    "Play time's over.  Winning's to easy.  You can't lay a finger on me!"
    Mai Shiranui
    "With a body and strength like this,  you thought you had a chance?"
    "In battle, One's sex means nothing.   Who's left standing is what matters."
    Kim Kaphwan
    "Hey guys, how about it?  Let's do the Tae Kwan Do thang!"
    Chang Koehan
    "A crushing victory!  Heh, Heh, Heh!"
    Choi Bounge
    "A quick win.  A quick victory.  This time, I'm really free!"
    Yashiro Nanakase
    "You're not too bad.  That is, you're second."
    "Game over, pal!  Don't forget to save.  Sweet Dreams!"
    "You make me laugh, chump.  And laugh.  And laugh.  And laugh."
    Ryuji Yamazaki
    "Annoying.  Annoying!  Annoying!  You're just so bleeding annoying!"
    Blue Mary
    "This isn't about logic.  It's about smashing your face in!"
    Billy Kane
    "How doe's it feel to be well done?  But I bet you taste terrible."
    Iori Yagami
    "There's no value to a broken toy.  Which is what you losers are."
    "Good night.  Forever.  Have a million sweet dreams."
    "Well, I guess I'm through.  There're no more bones to break."
    "You say you let your guard down?  I think you're just a weenie!"
    Takuma Sakazaki
    "Wow.  You're an disgrace!  You better hang it up, kid."
    Saishu Kusanagi
    "Defeat is Defeat.  Fighting's no picnic, kid."
    Heavy D!
    "Slow.  Your attack's too slow.  I read you like a storybook."
    Lucky Glauber
    "Wake up!!!  It's too early for bedtime."
    Brian Battler
    "Your defense means nothing.  Nothing to my tackling, that is!"
    "Repeat this after me,  I'll never take on a god again."
    "Did you see me, mom?!  I... I won!  King of the World!"
    -----------------------------------------------------------BEGIN WHORING
    This was another in the series of "useless" faqs made by Gunsmith,
    caretaker of the Wu-Tech Corporation with a fascination for all things
    KOF related.  Other faqs include "color", "Seiyuu" and more..
    You can find Gunsmith's KOFFF Reference at:
    This faq is also generously stored at 
    (for some bizarre reason...)
    Any use of this faq for other than personal gratification 
    (ie: laughing at the poor translation/spelling) is prohibited.
    (c) Gunsmith 1998
    -------------------------------------------------------------END WHORING
    ________________________________________________________END TRANSMISSION

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