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    Vs. Computer Guide by PHwang

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    King of Fighters 98
    Computer Tricks Guide
    July 4, 1999
    by: Patrick Hwang
    email: ph@ucla.edu
    About this Guide
    Well, this guide is designed to give you some insight on how to beat the 
    computer easier.  Even at level 8  the AI still has patterns.  I've played this 
    game so many times that i''ve found some interesting things that the computer 
    does, and some things that the computer falls for.  I cant say it will work all 
    the time, but at least for me, it has worked for 80% of the time....just to let 
    you know so i dont get emails saying that im totally off...
    Character Guide
    Okay, so these are some of the things you can do TO the computer AS the 
    following characters.  
         If you keep jumping and doing his flying downwards kick special move, the 
    opponent will only block and thus take massive tick damage.  Keep doing this and 
    you will wear the computer down.  Make sure you dont jump at them, jump 
    backwards or straight up works the best.  At harder levels, this tends not to 
    work as well.
    Terry Bogard
         One of the few people that can "catch" the opponents.  Let me explain.  If 
    Terry can land a power charge, then immediately jump after them with a jumping 
    D, land next to them and do a close C, and combo into the power charge again. 
    The computer will not block and you can repeat this over and over again.  This 
    is what i call catching the opponent.  Only the computer will fall for this, and 
    it will fall for it all the time.
    Andy Bogard
         He can also perform a catch.  Land a punch dance on them (HCF+A/C), and 
    super jump after them with C, land and do a close C, punch dance, repeat...
         Against Robert, land a Shermie Whip, but do not finish with Shermie Cute.  
    Run next to him and as he gets up do another Shermie Whip, repeat.
         Get an opponent across the screen and keep throwing C fireballs. Computer 
    will block and take tick damage.  Keep doing this and the opponent will just 
    stay there, blocking....
         Against Omegal Rugal, if he blocks the uppercut,keep on doing it, he will 
    just sit there and block.  Mature will do massive tick damage and you will beat 
    him like that.
         Against Chizuru, just simple do his firefist, over and over again, she'll 
    keep taking the hits...hahaha
         Another catch guy.  Do the kick dance, jump after him with a C, land and do 
    a clsoe b, and combo into another kick dance, again, repeat.
         This doesnt always work.  Trap them in the corner and keep on doing the 
    flaming fan attack.  They will block and take tick damage.
    Against the Opponents
    These are some of the things you can get the computer to do, all of these are 
    the computer's patterns.
         If you do hop CDs on him, most of the time he will be hit.  Some characters 
    CDs are better than others though....  For most of the time, Goro will take the 
         I find that if i just stand their and block, she will leave herself open.  
    Usually she'll do her "burn knuckle" move and then into her uppercut.  Well her 
    uppercut sux and leaves her open for your attack.  Take the advantage!
         Jump backwards. Beni will usually follow with his drill kick and leave 
    himself open.
         If you want to practice your combos or see ur DM/SDMs, Leona is the one.  I 
    usually get whole screen from her and tap the A button.  This usually will get 
    her to do her head flip move, block that, and do whatever you want, she leaves 
    herself very open.  Somtimes, instead of doing the head flip move, she will 
    throw her boomerang projectile.  Now thats just asking for punishment.  Roll 
    under it as it comes and have your way with her.
         Much like his pupil, the master also falls for the same tricks.  Do what 
    you do with Leona and Heidern will try to do his rolling neck breaker.  Block 
    and you know the rest.
         Brian is the easies of the USA team IMO.  You can easily go offensive and 
    beat him.  But defensively, he becomes even easier.  Brian is very offensive.  
    Just sit back and block, tap A occasionally to taunt him to attack.  He will.  
    Most of the time he will alternate between his charging shoulder and his flying 
    attack movie. Just block and have yourself a free combo.
         Omega Rugal
         See my O Rugal guide for more detailed explanation.  heheh shameless plug 

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