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    FAQ by rocketdive2001

    Updated: 04/29/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Kelvin Leen 
    Contact me at :
    Written on the 29/03/99
    Updated on the 29/04/99
    Foreword :
    The KOF dream match tournament is out on the PS ! I
    tried it at my friend's house and it rocks !! Loads
    fast and houses the usual artwork galley and special
    modes to test your skill, the translation isn't as
    bad as it seems. There one or two things I dislike is
    that the sound wasn't too good, and also the characters
    on the screen are quite shrunk down from '97.
    Codes and tricks :
    Okay, I found out about the tricks that are available
    for the PS edition of KOF98.
    Omega Rugal
    Hold L1 and move your cursor to Rugal's face & his face
    will change into a different one ....
    Moves sheet :
    Forced Kick : Toward + Light Kick
    Bubble Kaiser Wave : Down, Down-toward, Toward + Punch
    (Press punch after the move to store the move.)
    Air B.Kaiser Wave : In air + Down, Down-toward, Toward + Punch
    (Press punch after the move to store the move.)
    Speeding Death : Toward, Down-toward, Down, Down-backward, Backward
                    + Punch
    Genocide Cutter : Towards, Down, Toward + Kick
    Reflector : Down, Down-towards, Toward + Kick
    * Hell Inferno Punch : Down, Down-toward, Toward, Down-toward,
                           Down, Down-backward, Backward + Punch
    * Unearthly absorb : Down, Down-toward, Toward (x2) + Punch
    * Genocide final : Close up + Down, Down-toward, Toward (x2) + Kick
    Terry Bogard, Billy Kane, Mai Shiranui, Andy Bogard, Yashiro, Chris
    Shermie, Ryo, Robert, Yuri, Kyo, Joe
    -Hold L1 and change the above mentioned characters into their special
    The addition moves that I know of :-
    Terry -
    Fire Kick (Down, Down-toward, Toward + Kick)
    He loses the Power charge and his second Power overshield super.
    Billy -
    * Salamander Stream (Down, Down-toward, Toward (x2) + Punch)
    He loses the Chain smasher super.
    Mai -
    * Flower Hurricane (Down, Down-toward, Toward (X2) + Punch)
    She has a few different moves from the Real Bout 2 game.
    Andy -
    * Dan Da Dan (Down, Down-toward, Toward (X2) + Punch)
    He has this new super in this mode.
    Yashiro -
    He converts into the Orochi Yashiro from KOF97. Same moves
    as in KOF97 Orochi version.
    Chris -
    He converts into the Orochi Chris from KOF97. Same moves
    as in KOF97 Orochi version.
    Shermie -
    She converts into the Orochi Shermie from KOF97. Same moves
    as in KOF97 Orochi version.
    Joe -
    He turns into KOF94 Joe - his Hurricanes are able to go full
    screen now.
    Kyo Kusanagi-
    He turns into his KOF95 version, he fires projectiles like he
    did in KOF95. Oh yes, he still can do the infinity kicking attack
    using the EXTRA mode version of him. What a trash !!!!
    Ryo, Robert, Yuri -
    -The trio are converted back to their old KOF95 versions, where
    they fire projectiles out. Their Haosohoken supers are still super
    attacks. Their moves are the close to the ones used in KOF95.
    -Yuri has a new super in the KOF95 version of her :
    Grand fist uppercut : (Down, Down-toward, Toward (x2) + Punch) 
    Friendship match -
    Select a character and hold Select. The next character you pick
    will then cause a face to show up on your chosen character's face.
    This will determine if the chosen one will help the current character
    by giving him/her a power stock & help break submission attacks.
    To access a more diffcult survivor mode, highlight the SURVIVOR option
    on the main menu and press START+TRIANGLE+CIRCLE. There is no extra
    characters other than those mentioned above.
    If you spot any new things to add in, please contact me at the E-mail
    address above and I will add them in.
    Thanks for reading, hope you'll beat Omega Rugal !
    Thanks to :-
    You, yes you !! (For reading this FAQ !)
    Sheau Chaang and Mark Lim (For all the exploring we've done together !)
    SNK (Great game, where's KOF-99 ? Hope not !)

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