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    Ralf by EndLeSS

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                               RALFFFFFFFFFFF FAQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ!!!!
                              King of Fighters '98 Complete Ralf Guide
                              Version 1.2 EX A+ (heheh) by EndLeSS
    v1.0 EX A+   05/07/99  First released version.
    v1.1 EX A+   03/11/99  Minor changes to info. Japanese tranlations, spelling corrections, etc.
                           Use for CD COUNTER!, and some uses for the CD. Name for D throw 
                           (Northern Light Bomb)
                           Unreleased to public.                       
    v1.2 EX A+   05/02/00  Final version.   
    The latest version of this guide can be found at:
    Contact Address : vinz8@hotmail.com
    1.      Introduction
      1.1     Purpose of this document
      1.2     Why Ralf is cool
      1.3     Changes from '97
    2.      Background Stuff
      2.1     Biography
      2.2     Colours
      2.3     Intros, Quotes, etc
    3.      Moves
      3.1     Normals
      3.2     Command attacks & throws
      3.3     Specials
      3.4     DMs
    4.      Strategy
      4.1     Combos
      4.2     Advanced vs. Extra
      4.3     Elements of gameplay
      4.4     Matchups
    5.      Acknowledgements/Credits
    1. Introduction
    First of all, I would like to say that is my first FAQ that I have ever written, and 
    it will  have some "bugs" in it that will be fixed up in later updates.
    1.1  Purpose of this document
    The purpose of this document is to share my knowledge on how to use the character 
    in the game King of Fighters '98 named Ralf. This is the second Ralf FAQ 
    (as far as I have seen). I finally found a Ralf faq on the net today (May 24, 99) and 
    i have to say that only half of the infomation is correct. 
    The rest of the info is just crap that most novice players will believe :p
    So I decided to finally write one for one of my favorite characters, Ralf. 
    He is one of my best characters, and i know that he can keep up with the best of 
    the characters,and it seems that he has become even more powerful :)
    1.2  Why Ralf is cool
    I started using Ralf consistently since KOF '96. My friend, Iori Kusunagi showed me 
    how to use him in '96. Ralf (along with his best bud and partner Clark) have been in 
    every single KOF tournament. Ralf is a good beginner character, because his moves are simple,
    and that he is very strong.
    His moves hiT REALLY HARD (unlike the weak, ANNOYING hits of Kyo...) and he is blessed 
    with the "CRITICAL HIT!" that not many characters have. Ralf himself is a fun guy. 
    He jokes around with his good friend and partner Clark a lot. Clark is the calm one, 
    while Ralf is the wild guy. Ohh and he drinks! KiCk A$$!
    I used him once in 94, and i sucked with him (actually at the whole game...i made 
    it to Rugal once!). Ralf was EXTREMELY STRONG (as far as i remember) in this version. 
    His Vulcan punch took off at least 30% with 2 hits! 
    In KOF95 (which i have...heheh), Ralf gained a new move, the "Bomb Punch" (more on this l8r), 
    and....well that was it. 
    In KOF96 (which i also have..hehehheh)Ralf seemed more like a complete character. 
    He gained his infamous "Ralf KICK!" and a new DM. Ralf was ranked near the top on 
    this game (but no where as high as Iori, Clark, or Choi), because his DM where 
    realllyy strong and good for ticking, and his CD was extremely long ranged, fast,and 
    had high priority. Ohhh and he had "RALF KICK"!!!! This is the second strongest version of 
    Ralf ('98 being the best)
    In '97, Ralf gained a new DM, the infamous Galactica Phantom!
    Not many ppl knew how to use this correctly (But i did!...more on this move l8r) 
    and overall Ralf became even stronger. You could hit the opponent after a hit Ralf 
    kick, and he had many more combos. His Bomb punch was calmed down in tick damage though.
    Not many players used him much from '94-'97. Poor Ralf players use him in '98 just 
    to be scrubby and turtle. Good players can use him either offensely or defensively 
    and add in a bit of cheap to keep the opponent on guard. 
    I still rarely see ppl use him well, though.
    1.3  Changes from '97
    When a '97 player uses Ralf in 98, they will notice that his attacks (esp. his C) comes out much
    quicker than in '97. So much faster, that Ralf has once again risen in the ranks of KOF again!
    Ralf can be used VERY VERY cheaply in 98 (More on this l8r). His Hard Punch has EXTREMELY high
    priority in '98. It will knock out most attacks (or at worst trade).
    Ppl have called him one of the cheapest characters in 98, because he is very dangerous when
    constantly attacking, or on the other hand, turtling.
    His power is amoung the highest of all the characters. I have tried this MANY times, and it
    takes only 6 COUNTER! hits from a powered up Ralf to kill a player with a full bar (not kidding)
    His Ralf kick is slightly weakened since '97. It does not really affect his gameplay too much 
    His Super Argentine Backbreaker has changed for the better now. His range is the same as Clark
    now, and it takes off much more damage (in 97, it was his weakest special move). Even though
    it can whiff (same as everyone else), it can be used exactly as Clarks to "vacuum" the opponent
    in when they do a move. There are many ways to use this move well.
    His Gatling Attack has not changed much at all, but it seems a bit weaker.  Not much change in 
    speed though.
    His Bomb punch stayed the same. There are a few good ways to use this move, most of the time to
    suprise ppl.
    Ralf lost his 100% combo :( ...in case you are wondering what it was it was this:
    Requires 2 stock (Advanced only) First you break one stock, then you do this combo:
    Jump C, Stand C (or crouch C)into Gatling Attack. All 4 hits MUST hit. ALWAYS dizzy!
    Then go into SDM Galactica Phantom.....100% (!)
    But then again, he gained a NEW 100% combo!!!
    Overall, Ralf is a LOT stronger this year. A lower/middle tier character in
    '97, he can now hold his own among the upper echelons of '98's rankings.
    I will go more in depth on each move l8r, along with his DM's.
    2. Background Stuff
    2.1  Biography
    Thanks to Joe Palanca and his THE KING OF FIGHTERS GENERAL INFORMATION FAQ v5.0 for the
    information and background on Ralf.
                           ------    RALF!!!   -------
    Full name       :    Ralf Jones
    Original Game   :    Ikari Warriors
    Other Games     :    Ikari Warriors series, KoF series
    Place of Birth  :    Brazil or Argentina
    Heritage        :    Brazilian or Argentinian
    Fighting Style  :    Armed Forces Training & Native American Wrestling
    (I have also read his fighting style is Martial arts and Heidern style assasination techniques.)
    Birthdate       :    25/8/1958
    Height          :    188 cm (6'1")
    Weight          :    110 kg
    Blood type      :     A
    Favourite food  :    Bubble gum
    Favourite sport :    Baseball
    Most valuable   :    Badge of Honor                                                     
    Hates most      :    Snakes
    Hobby           :    Collecting knives
    Background Info :  
    Ralf and Clark had been on a mission in Brazil, when their helicopter when down 
    (their stage in '94).  While they were working their way
    out of the jungle (and after a brief incident with Clark revealing Ralf's
    distaste for snakes), a jaguar attacked them, but was stopped by Heidern.
    He gave them an invitation to join him in the KoF tournament.  The Brazilian
    soldier of fortune agreed to join up with  Heidern and his partner Clark on
    their toughest mission yet.  He has learned to focus his chi into fists of
    flame.  Unlike Clark who prefers guns, Ralf likes to use knives to take care of the
    enemy. Ralf is older than Clark, and of higher rank, but it makes no difference to 
    either of them because they are such good friends. He owes allegiance to no country, 
    but rather works as a mercenary for hire.
    2.1 EX A+
    There are 3 Ikari Warrior games. They were Ikari Warriors, Ikari Warriors 2: Victory Road,
    and Ikari Warriors 3: The Rescue. They were all made by SNK. It has been said that to fight
    against Ralf and Clark in war is to fight against Death himself, but if they were on your
    side, they are said to be saviours. I think "Ikari" translated from japanese is "Lightning". 
    Anyways.. Ralf was known as "Vince" in Ikari Warriors. "Vince" was the first player, 
    who sported a red headband. Clark was known as "Paul", who was the second player. 
    "Paul" had the blue headband...... weird! 
    2.2  Colours
    A - His original colours. Red bandana w/ green streaks. Blue jeans w/ white shirt,
        and his trademark (along w/ Clark) blackish brown army jacket w/ bullets strapped to him.
        One hand has a glove, while the other just had a wrist thingie. (This, as in all fighting 
        games, changes as Ralf switches side....and the weird thing is that Ralf only seems to hit
        with his UN-GLOVED HAND ....weird)
        My third favorite colour scheme.
    B - Orange bandana. Black jeans/ dark grey shirt w/ a dark purple jacket. 
        This was one of his Extra colours in 97.
        The best colour scheme imo.
    C - Green bandana w/ lighter green streaks. Dark green jeans w/ dark green shirt. Black jacket.
        My second favorite colour scheme
    D - Green bandana. Green, yellowish (?!!!?) jeans w/ yellowish green shirt. Greenish black
        jacket. Changed from the even stranger colour of him in '97....what was that...red jacket 
        with white jeans?! (Extra)
        The worst (imo). It lo_oks really gross.
    2.3  Intros, Quotes, etc
    Generic Intro
    Ralf stands there with a cocky smile on his face with a bottle of beer in one hand and 
    his bandana in the other. He takes a drink while twirling his bandana. 
    He then throws the bottle in the direction of the oppenent, then he puts on his bandana. 
    He then cracks his knuckles then says  "Oowah!  Totto to kakatte koi!"
    which means something like   "Oo---!  Come on, let's fight!"
    Vs. Clark
    The hilarious spoof of the Power Rangers dance. Ralf and Clark both stand there in a form.
    The first 4 forms are the same, then the last form Ralf is standing up while Clark in 
    on the ground. In the last form, a DM spark is shown (!). 
    Ralf says "Ikuze Clarkkuu?" and it means "Are you ready Clark?" 
    Clark replies "OU!" : "YES!!" They both yell "CROSS CHANGER!"
    This intro must be seen! It's one of the most original and funny intros.
    Vs. Leona
    Ralf does his generic intro, while Leona does that weird stance where she holds her arm w/ the
    other arm, and she mutters something in japanese..... which means "I never thought i would fight
    you...". This is a weird intro. She says this because Ralf stopped Leona from killing herself
    in '97, when after she realized she had the Riot of Blood curse in her. Weird.
    Vs. Heidern
    Ralf stands there in a really strange way, and then salutes Heidern. Heidern points 
    at Ralf with his "pointing stick" then throws it away. Thats it. (?)
    Victory Poses 
    A - His original (I think..) win stance. Ralf does his weird 96 win stance w/ his arms in a bent
        and straight(?) manner while kneeling on the ground. He says "Ninmou kanryou" which can 
        be translated into "Mission accomplished". I usually use this win stance when i win 
        against either Ralf, Clark Leona, or Heidern. heheh.
    B - A new win stance in 97. The startup is the same, but the end is different. Ralf clutches 
        his arm with the other arm while standing on his toes. He then returns to normal then
        points at the opponents body. This is a really strange win stance. I rarely use it at all. 
        He says: "...sshaa!  Utsuwa ja nenda, koraa?!" which means: "All right!  You don't got 
        what it takes, you know!"
    C - His A win stance in 97. Ralf looks at you, pounds his fists together, then puts his head 
        back and yells "Raaaa!!!" This is my favorite win stance. It enforces the power and 
        fearlessness of Ralf!
        I use this stance when it was a really close match, or either when i pounded the crap 
        out of the opponent :)
    D - His new 98 win stance!. Ralf clutches his hands together and cracks his knuckles and smirks at 
        the opponent with disgust. This is my second favorite win stance. 
        Use this when you beat a scrub.
        It enforces your disgust with them. And you still managed to beat them! ;)
    Winning quote 
    -=== That's enough for now.  I can only be forgiving so much.  ===-
    This is one of the better quotes in 98. The worst quotes are from Chizuru, Chris, and Yamazaki.
    Imo the best are Clark's, Iori's and Yashiro's.
    Ralf stands upright with his arms at his side, his head lo_oking down, and a cocky 
    smirk on his face. He then puts one arm in the air, and says "Yoshi, todome iku ka?" 
    which means "Alright, shall I go in for the kill?". I don't really use this much, unless 
    i feel really cocky...or when time is about to run out. 
    It is a rather long taunt, and you can cancel out of it.
    Background animation
    Before he fights: Ralf stands in an army-like manner with his hands behind his back 
    and his legs apart. I think this is called "At attention". He stands in the exact same 
    manner as Clark. When your team member hits the opponent, Ralf puts his hands together 
    and smiles. His bandana is tied onto his head in a headband fashion (à la Ikari Warriors)
    When you win, he does the same pose. If you lose, he crouches down, and with his left hand,
    covers his head in shame. 
    After he loses: Ralf is slumped on the ground facing towards you. It's exactly the same 
    thing with Clark, but Clark has his back turned away from you. 
    When you win, Ralf raises his left arm, with his bandana on his face, and smiles.
    As he flies backward to hit the ground for the final time, Ralf screams "Ouu-ahhhhh!!!". 
    Nothing special. Hopefully you won't see this too often.
    Time-out loss
    Ralf takes off his bandana, then he lo_oks down at the ground with a frown. :( Damn turtlers!
    Finally the part everyone has been waiting for........  :)
    3. Moves
    When describing Ralf's moves I'll rate each one's usefulness on a scale
    of one to five "stars," a technique pioneered by Andrew Park and Greg
    Kasavin in their excellent '97 Kim and Yashiro guides respectively (both
    are available at http://www.gamefaqs.com ).
    3.1  Normals
    Standing A
    I can't really see any point distinguishing between the far and close versions. 
    They both look identical (a short, standing jab) and the close one is interruptable. 
    I don't use this much. I usually use it if i want to mess around with the opponents 
    mind by standing there and jabbing, or just by accidently pressing it. It is pretty 
    fast, but the range is quite poor. It would be okay if Ralf didn't have better 
    attacks, but he does, so i find very little, if no use for this move. Players can 
    easily duck under it, and it's too short to be a useful poke. I don't think it
    can chain with any other normal attacks. oh well.
    Usefulness: Nigh useless [*.5----]
    Far B
    This is a high kick. It comes out relatively quick, and can be easily wiffed
    if the opponent ducks. It has longer range than the A. The bad part is that it 
    is not combo-able in any way. The damage is low, once again. Again, this is only
    useful if you want to mess round with the opponents mind to sucker punch 
    them with the C punch. Kinda good for pokes. Kinda. Do not use this move much if you 
    want to win.
    Usefulness: Fairly useless [**---]
    Close B
    This is a sort of low kick, except it can be blocked high. Ralf hits you in the mid section.
    This move does not whiff, and it is combo-able. This is much better than the far B, and
    much more useful than the close A. The damage is relatively low, but it comes out quick. The
    range on this move is not so great though. This move is useful if you want to annoy the 
    opponent, and combo with the Super Argentine Backbreaker after. This is one of Ralf's
    better attacks. Good but weak.
    Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    Far C
    YESSSS!!!! This is THE POKE!!! Ralf turns around and does some sort of strange, but long ranged
    (Full extention of the arm) backfist. This move is one of Ralf's greatest assets, and it 
    is EXTREMELY STRONG!!! When powered up, 7(!!!) hits kill the opponent! When powered up, this
    move takes off more than a non-powered up Backbreaker. Ralf can use this move to retaliate
    against ANY missed attack eg. Kyo's uppercut. This is the move that can easily turn the match
    in you favor. It is strong, and it has very high priority. In fact, if you do this move all day,
    the only thing most characters can do to retaliate is to sweep you. The move works like a dream
    for turtlers, because of its speed and strength. Most (if not all) normal moves will not be able
    to beat it. Also there is no(!) recovery time for this move. I cannot stress this enough:
    ABUSE THIS MOVE! It is totally cheap! This is one of the best safe pokes in the game, along with 
    Goro's stand D and B, and Terry's stand B. Watch out for players who duck it and sweep you.
    The only bad point that i can find with this move is that it is not combo-able. Ohh well. 
    You can't have everything.
    Usefulness: Too good [*****]***
    Close C
    YEAH! NINMOU KANRYOU!!! ANOTHER CHEAP Move for Ralf!!! Ralf does a strange lo_oking punch with
    the opposite hand while twisting his body. This is a very damaging move (but not as damaging as
    the far C). This is Ralf's main combo starter. You can combo into any of his special moves and
    DM's. This move lo_oks like it hits high, but it does not whiff on the short characters. 
    Another strange thing about this move is that it can be used as ANTI-AIR. It will knock attackers
    out of the air, or at the worst trade hits with them. This is a stong, fast and dependable
    move used by good, normal Ralf players and scrubs alike. Yes, Ralf is truly the epitome of
    the one button character...if you don't believe me, you will see l8r.
    Usefulness: Very useful [*****]
    Far D
    Ralf delivers a strong mid kick to the stomach. It really reminds me of Iori's far D, but it 
    does not come out as fast. It is a good, meaty attack, but slow to start up. You can use it
    as a poke and as a keep away, but his far C is better. It will not whiff, but is is not 
    combo-able. It has a pretty bad recover time, and can be punished. I don't really use 
    this move too much, but it's not too bad. Just don't expect to win too much by abusing this 
    move. Relatively strong and long ranged, and with an acceptable speed. I would use it on short
    characters, especially when the stand C whiffs them.
    Usefulness: Marginally useful [***--]
    Close D
    Wow. That's all i can say about this move. Wow as in "Wow. This move is a total piece of crap!"
    This move helps Ralf to re-enforce his one button game. Ralf does some sort of strange 
    lo_oking drop kick on the opponent. It is slow to start, and it has horrible recovery time.
    He kind of jumps, so it will go above sweeps but it is not useful at all. It is not 
    combo-able at all. The start-up animation of the move is the same as far D, so it might trick
    you into using this crappy move. Avoid at all costs if you want to live.
    Usefulness:  Why did they put this move in the game? [0]
    Stand CD
    A punch with long wind-up animation and Ralf lunges and punches while aiming low. The 
    animation of this move changed from '96 to '97. In 96, Ralf punches so fast that you can't 
    see, but in 97 and 98, you can see it. This move is very slow to start up, and can be punished
    very badly, and the lag time is equally horrible. The good aspect of this move is
    combo-able....but what would you combo into? (More on this l8r..) If you move this move while
    close to the opponent, it will totally miss. The priority of this move is accceptable,
    but is still think that this move should not be used.
    Usefulness: Fairly useless [**---]
    Stand CD EX A+ (CD Counter)
    The same lo_oking move as the standing CD, only a bit faster. This is no doubt the worst CD
    counter in the entire game. It is EXTREMELY slow (Almost as slow as the normal stand CD),
    and Ralf still takes the step forwards. Because of this, Ralf often goes THROUGH the opponent!
    The actual punch misses, and it goes right through, just like a Counter Roll. This has
    happened to me a quite a few times, resulting in the loss of my round. So far, i have only hit
    my opponent once with this counter, and that is because they were in the air.
    DO NOT USE! Waste of stock!!
    Usefulness:  Why did they put this move in the game? [0]
    Stand CD EX A++ (CD counter)
    I was recently informed by SOyuncastor that there actually IS a use for Ralf's CD counter!
    I found it pretty amazing. After you do the CD counter and go through your opponent, you
    are close to them, therefore you SAB them! I have not tried this out yet, but i assume that
    it works. I suggest to do this only in close matches though, because if not, it turns to be
    a waste of stock. 
    Usefulness: Marginally useful [***--]
    Low A
    A short ranged jab to the knee area. This move is acceptable to mess around and poke with when
    close to the opponent.....but you have better low pokes, such as the low C and D. This move is 
    combo-able into another low A, or into special moves. The lag time on this move is low, but 
    the damage is also low. I don't use this too much, not even for style points.
    Usefulness: Nigh useless [*.5----]
    Low B
    A quick low hitting quick kick to the foot. The only good reason to use this move is because
    this is one of Ralf's two moves that hit low. It is a poor ranged move, but quick to start
    and to recover. The priority of this move is poor when compared to Ralf's other moves. It
    can be used like the computer to annoy your opponent. It can be comboed into a low A, but it's
    really not worth it. I really don't use this much, because it is better to use the low D. It
    is nice and fast though.
    Usefulness: Nigh useless [*.5----]
    Low C
    MR. C! That's Ralf's new name! Yes, this is yet another kick a$$ move with the C button.
    Ralf does a low, long ranged punch with both arms. The startup speed is absolutely nothing, and
    there is no recovery time also. This is one of Ralf's main moves in his keep-away cheap. The
    move is quite high in damage, and it's priority is also high. The only ground attacks that will
    knock this attack out are low hitting sweeps. It will trade with the high hitting sweeps.
    Another good point about this move is that it is combo-able. You can combo into every one of 
    Ralf's special moves (except Ralf Kick). A great way to stop the opponent from running at you is 
    by using this move. Just do it twice and they will stop rushing at you. Another good way to
    use this move is when the opponent rolls at you. Just do use this and you will knock them out of 
    their roll, and follow up with a stand C, in case they attack. Most of the time i use to 
    combo into Gatling attack. You can also combo into Backbreaker, but it is more difficult. 
    This is yet another good move to abuse, and yet again makes Ralf the one button character.
    Usefulness: Very useful [*****]
    Low D
    A low hitting sweep kick. It lo_oks as if Ralf is sticking his foot out, and it is the same
    animation of Clark's low D, but a bit slower. This is the second of Ralf's two attacks that hit
    low, and the more useful of the two. It seems a bit slow to come out, but the recovery time
    is good. The damage is pretty high. This move has pretty good range and priority, though most 
    of the time it will trade. It is not combo-able, but it catches many players off guard 
    because they usually are not prepared to block a low sweep when fighting Ralf. If you use 
    this move infrequently, chances are that you will get a clean hit, and you in a good 
    position to be on the offensive.
    Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    3.1 EXTRA: Side-Step Attack
    Ralf does a mid-level swinging punch. I think it's a frame of Galactica Phantom, but I'm not
    100% sure. It has a pretty slow speed, not that great. I'm not sure of the priority at all, 
    cuz i haven't ever used it in a battle. It's at least better than no attack at all. It may 
    come in handy in a heated battle, but why would you be using EXTRA? For fun right?! 
    Usefulness: Fairly useless [**---]
    A preliminary note on jumping attacks:
    In '98 Ralf's jumping attacks are the not the same whether they are done from
    a vertical jump or a diagonal jump. This is also true with 97. I will
    go over each jumping attack together.
    Jumping A
    Ralf does a small sort of elbow drop on the opponent. The damage is weak, and it is not 
    very useful. Ralf has much better defensive moves. This move is combo-able, into other 
    attacks, but there is not much reason to use this move. His body stays in the same position, 
    he just moves his elbow into position to hit the guy on the head. Do not use this move 
    at all, even for style.
    Usefulness: Very useless [*----]
    Jumping Towards A
    Ralf does a jump punch at the opponent, directed at the head. This attack is quick, but once
    again weak, so it is not too useful. It is comboable, like his other jump attacks, but still
    no go_od. Once again, no reason to use this move, not good offensive nor defensive. It
    is an ugly lo_oking attack, but not as ugly as his jump kicks. Don't use it
    Usefulness: Very useless [*----]
    Jumping B
    A very VERY strange lo_oking attack. Ralf SITS on the opponent. It really lo_oks like a 
    wrestling-style leg drop. The damage is weak, and this move is very hard to time correctly.
    It comes out quickly, but it is useless. The move is also comboable, but Ralf has better air
    attacks. Once again, do not use if you want to live.
    Usefulness: Very useless [*----]
    Jumping Towards B
    Ralf does a jump kick at the opponents head. One of Ralf's better air attacks, and actually
    go_od at annoying the opponent. I use this attack in a similar fashion to Iori's jumping
    towards B: to poke in the air. The move is quick, low damage and combo-able. The best way
    to use this move is to hop into it, then hop into it again, or hop C. It is not great, but
    not bad overall. It's pretty good for comboing, but the jump C does a better job.
    Usefulness: Marginally useful [***--]
    Jumping C
    Yet another go_od Ralf move with the C button. Ralf does a very fast and strong jump chop
    straight down. This move is great for keeping away, and with it's high priority, it knocks
    most attacks away. It should be strictly used for defensive measures only, because the 
    range on this attack is rather poor. I think it is combo-able, but i really suggest that
    you don't use it as one. Use it as a good keep away when to opponent goes hop crazy (as
    well as stand C)
    Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    Jumping Towards C
    Of course, YET ANOTHER great attack by Ralf's C button.... Truly Mr. C.... 
    Ralf does a wrestling style elbow drop on the opponent. It comes out quickly, and it quite
    strong. This move is Ralf's main combo starter from the air. Amazingly, this can be cancelled
    into a Mid-air Bomb punch before Ralf lands (more on this technique l8r..) The priority
    is good, but if you want to win in a jump-kick war, make sure Ralf jumps higher than your
    opponent. It will at least trade with the opponent, and is great for Guard Crushes on 
    the opponent; just keep on abusing it with quick air hops into it, then hop fake...they will
    block = Free backbreaker!
    Usefulness: Very useful [*****]
    Jumping Towards C EX A+
    Is it just me, or does the jumping towards C lo_ok exactly like Clark's Flash Elbow?!!
    Jumping D
    Possibly the strangest lo_oking move in all of Ralf's reportoire. If you lo_ok fast enough, 
    you will notice that Ralf is doing his leg drop (as in jump B) BUT HE ACTUALLY FLIPS OVER ONE 
    WHOLE TIME BEFORE THE LEG DROP!!. This is a very difficult to use move. You must actually time 
    it correctly, or the move will completely whiff the opponent. It actually took me some time to 
    learn how to time and hit a standing opponent. It is better used if your opponent is in 
    the air. It takes off more damage than the jump C, but the timing is difficult, and often
    tricky. The priority is good, but i really suggest NOT to combo this move, even though you
    can. This move is actually pretty good at defending against jump ins, though.
    Usefulness: Marginally useful [***--]
    Jumping Towards D
    An odd l0_0king reverse hook kick. Ralf seems to turn his whole body around, while his foot
    points downward. A strong and quick move; good combo starter. It has good priority, but
    i don't think it is great as anti-air wars. I only use this move to mix it up with the 
    jump C to get the opponent off guard, not really to attack. For mind games. It will usually
    trade with other jump kicks, but don't expect too much from this move.
    Usefulness: Marginally useful [***.5-]
    Jumping/ Jumping Towards CD
    A rather NORMAL lo_oking jump kick! The start up speed is slow, but the move itself is 
    relatively useful when compared to most of Ralf's air attacks. When you use it, make 
    SURE that your opponent is on the ground!! NEVER ENGAGE IN AIR JUMP KICK WARS WITH THIS ATTACK!! 
    The lag time on the startup will certainly get Ralf knocked out of the air. The move has good 
    priority, and usually won't trade because it knocks out most stand attacks. It is difficult
    to go hop crazy with this move. Most of the time I use it in Guard crushes. You air-cancel this
    move into the Mid-air Bomb punch! Very useful. Most ppl won't block if it is the first time
    they see this strange chain. It does not combo, but it cancels. More info later...
    Usefulness: Marginally useful [***--]
    3.2  Command Attacks and Throws
    Command attacks
    Ralf is the ONLY character that does not have any command moves!!. If i am wrong, please
    correct me.
    Command attacks EX A+
    If i was to make a command attack for Ralf... it would be Yashiro's Hammer command attack 
    (Forward + A) That would show the true power of Ralf... it wouldn't be able to combo though...
    Dynamite Headbutt (Fwd/Back + C [close])
    Ralf grabs the opponent, and delivers a REALLY painful lo_oking headbutt. One of my favorite
    throws in the whole game. The really kewl part is the startup animation, when Ralf prepares
    to headbutt the opponent. The damage of this throw has decreased significantly from 97 
    (a powered up headbutt took off more than a backbreaker!). It still is very useful when the
    opponent turtles, just to keep them on alert. It sends the opponent quite far from you.
    Hopefully you are not playing against ppl who l0_ok down on throws....screw them! 
    I think you can land from this throw. 
    Usefulness: Very useful [*****]
    Northern Light Bomb (Fwd/Back + D [close]) (Thankz to Virtua)
    Ralf grabs the opponent, lifts them upside down, and litterally PLANTS them into the ground!
    It reminds me of a mix of a backdrop and a piledriver... anyways, after Ralf crouches, lo_oks
    at you and raises his arm! Definitely kewl. The damage is still high, but i'm not sure which
    throw is stronger. The pose after reminds of Clark's frankensteiner pose...kinda...but neverless
    kewl. The opponent cannot land from this throw.
    Usefulness: Very useful [*****]
    3.3  Specials
    Gatling Attack (GA) (Charge Back, Towards +A/C)  
    Ralf spins, punches, spins, punches, and spins into a double hitting uppercut. 
    A total of 4 hits.
    First of all: NEVER use this move unless you combo it. The startup time is nothing, but the
    lag time is HORRIBLE. If the opponent blocks this move, prepare yourself for BIG_TIME pain...
    The A version does not go as far, but the lag time is much less. The C version goes about 
    a third of the screen. The move is partially anti-air but I REALLY don't suggest it, because
    it may trade poorly. This is my least used special move, because it leaves Ralf way too open.
    The damage is high when all 4 hits connect, but if not, it is weak compared to Ralf's other 
    Special moves. Another bad point about this move is that it will whiff on the short characters,
    leaving Ralf open for a big combo, or at least a DM. Most smart ppl will simply roll through
    this move, but if you use it RARELY (and i really stress that) you may catch them off guard
    and hit them. Not a move to abuse, nor a move to use (unless comboed).
    Usefulness: Fairly useless [**---]
    RALFFFFFF KICKKKKKKKK!!!!! (RK) (Charge Back, Towards +B/D)
    Ralf ducks down, then launches himself, feet first, spinning in a torpedo-like manner 
    horizontally at the opponent. 
    A total of 1 REALLY painful hit. (This is Ralf's CRITICAL HIT move)
    The B button goes half the screen, while the D version goes across the entire screen.
    Ralf yells out "RALFFFF KICCCKKKKK!!!" as he spins feet first at you.
    This is a very good anti-air move...as long as the opponent doesn't jump higher than you..
    if you knock most ppl out of the air with this move, they will smarten up...but i insist that
    you do NOT use this on Benimaru.... This move has very high priority when Ralf is in the
    air (even though it went down in '98) but quite slow to start up. This move CANNOT be 
    comboed, BUT you can combo AFTER it. When you combo after it, (depending on what you did)
    it knocks th $hiT out of the opponent. (MUCH more on this l8r)
    The B version is your best friend. Use it to keep away and poke. It will at least trade with
    air moves, and knock out almost all ground attacks. An excellent all around move....
    ohh and it goes over almost all fireballs!!! YESSS!! CoMbO TiMe!!!
    The D button one is still good, but do not abuse it like the B button version. This move is
    great for long range fireball throwers, but timing is CRITICAL, or Ralf will get knocked out
    before he jumps into the air. Only use this move when the opponent is across the screen from
    you, NEVER when they are close. Repeat after me "I WILL NEVER USE THE D BUTTON RALF KICK 
    WHEN FIGHTING GRAPPLERS!!!!!" This is instant death. There is lag time after a blocked
    Ralf Kick, and the opponent will grab yer sorry @$$ out. 
    This is a very good move to keep away and abuse, just time it correctly so you won't get knocked
    out b4 you jump into the air. If blocked, go into a crouch C, then stand C.
    Another strange thing about the D version is that it may sometimes cross-up the opponent, when
    they are ducking down. This is good, and tricky, but do not rely on it. Also the damage is
    decreased, and more difficult to follow up with another hit.
    B version: Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    D version: Usefulness: Marginally useful [***--]
    Vulcan Punch (VP) (A/C Rapidly)
    Ralf starts throwing punches in the air, arms turning red with gunfire, and when hits sets the
    opponent on fire.
    Maximum of 2 hits (when counter... HIGH damage) Usually 1 hit.
    This is a total scrub move. It is the ultimate in scrub defensive measures, because if you
    miss ANYTHING, the scrub will go into either:
    1. Crouch C, into 1 hit VP
    2. Stand C, into 1 hit VP
    3. COUNTER, and 2 hit VP...ouch
    It knocks almost anything out of the air, and it a least trades. I really don't use this move
    much..it's really cheap, and only poor players can time it correctly (i am not kidding!).
    I only use this move against the computer. The priority is amazingly high, fast startup, and
    Ralf is vunerable only to low hits. When the counter is on, it hits twice, resulting in 
    more damage than a Ralf kick, or Backbreaker. Very cheap. Hard to use properly, because
    ppl will see you mashing on the buttons, but when a scrub uses this move, they ALWAYs mash,
    and the move comes out and kicks yer @$$. It has very bad lag time though.... but it scares
    the crap out of most opponents...most. Don't use it much unless you are a scrub, or want to
    be branded as one. Does tick damage, and sounds kewl though.
    Usefulness: Fairly useless [**---]
    Diving Bomb Punch (DBP) (Charge down, up + A/C)
    Ralf rockets almost straight up in the air, hitting with his knee, then he dives down, at the
    opponent fist-first with his hand on fire. When knee hits, no fire though.
    Knee hits for 3 hits, diving punch only 1 hit.
    I really don't use this version of the move much. It is good as a get up move, but if it is 
    blocked, you are in big trouble (Ralf does bounce back though). The computer uses this move
    very similarly to Guile's Flash Kick (no charge...for the computer ONLY). It is difficult to
    time this move correctly to hit ground opponents, but it is possible. The move has no startup time
    and if used correctly, it really rocks...but i just can't use it correctly. If you dare use
    this move, and use it correctly, Ralf becomes an even more deadly force, because the opponent
    will be too scared to jump at Ralf...and when they are on the ground, Ralf has the advantage.
    The best way that i can use it is to dash into it! You ask how is this possible? Well, its 
    strange. Here goes: You dash at the opponent. When running at the opponent, move the joystick
    from towards to down-toward and hold it for 2 seconds to charge. Then, when your opponent does
    any move, do the DVP, and you will knock them out of it. I know this works, but when your 
    opponent smartens up, DO NOT do it. Duh. 
    This is an overall good move, but it takes instinct and guts to use it correctly. Don't use
    it much if you don't know how to.
    Usefulness: Fairly useless [**---] (If you don't know how to use)
    Usefulness: Marginally useful [***--] (If you do know how to use)
    Mid-air Bomb Punch (MBP) (In air, QCF +A/C)
    Ralf just does the diving part of his DBP. 
    Only one hit, but does tick damage and sets opponent on fire when connected.
    This is one of Ralf's best moves. Almost EVERYONE falls for it, and it knocks down, so Ralf
    is save afterwards. This move is MUCH better than the DBP imo, because ppl don't know when
    its coming, so it suprises them. If you use this move frequently (Which i suggest you do)
    ppl will have a hard time trying to counter, BUT never use this move when the opponent is
    in the air. They will pound you silly. Also, when blocked, most ppl rush in for the attack.
    That is why i usually do a backbreaker right after, or with stock Super Vulcan Punch :P
    The move is very good for Guard crush, and i usually cancel this move from a jump CD, or 
    jump C. (Note: Jump D, does NOT cancel into it.) Use this move with caution when fighting
    "frenzy jumpers" and characters with high priority standing attacks (eg. Daimon's D, and 
    Ralf's C). Another good way to use the move is to be real tricky with it. The best way to
    do this is to backbreaker the opponent into the corner. Super jump back, then go into MBP.
    This usually works well, because most will try to counter your jump, and get hit by the
    Bomb punch. Another good way to use this is by hopping towards into it, Super jump back into
    it, then jump towards w/ B (intentionally miss) then backbreaker. 
    (Note to EXTRA players: You can cancel the hop into this....but i don't think it's too useful,
    but i think it hits)
    Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    Super Argentine Backbreaker (SAB) (Close, HCF +B/D)
    Ralf grabs the opponent, throws them up into the air. They land on his back, then Ralf 
    throws them onto the ground.
    Two hits, unblockable (duhh..) Will whiff when too far. 
    This is one of Ralf's best moves. The range has increased significantly since '97, and the
    damage has also increased. It has increase so much that sometimes it takes off more than
    Clark's backbreaker!! (not including the Flash Elbow). Ralf can now use this move in the
    same manner as Clark. It has very high priority, and will suck out all normal attacks, and
    some special attacks. The range is very good, but kinda tricky, cuz sometimes Ralf whiffs, 
    leaving you open for a combo. My suggestion is to use the move when you are sure that you
    will cancel out the opponents attack. One good way to use this move is the same way as the 
    computer: Dash into SAB. The timing is tricky and you must do it quickly, but when perfected
    your opponent will get very annoyed, becuz, they won't be able to do anything. BUT do not
    do this tactic on other grapplers... The SAB is also comboable, and it results in a lot of
    damage. DO NOT use this move when the opponent is hop-crazy; instead knock them out of the
    air with the stand C. With this move, Ralf becomes much more offensive and defensive. Since
    you cannot land from the throw part, you can now set up another attack, or plan. Another
    way to use this is as a counter when you opponent fakes a jump combo. Block the jump attack,
    do the motion, and when the opponent lands, you will backbreaker them. Just make sure it is
    not a deep hit... You can also take the hit, and the backbreaker will suck them in also, but
    it also must not be a deep hit. This is one of Ralf's most used and useful moves. Use it
    when you can, but do not always aim for this move. If you use it often, but not tooo often
    the opponent will not know what hit them. Do not abuse though... cuz whiff!
    Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    3.4  DMs
    Super Vulcan Punch (SVP) (QCF, HCB + A/C)
    DM:  Ralf starts up as the same way as GA, then goes into a Vulcan punch (facing at you), then
         at the last hit, he does an uppercut which sets the opponent on fire and knocks them into
         the air. Total 15 hits.
    SDM: Ralf does the GA, but spins twice, then goes into the Vulcan punch, hitting many more 
         times, then does a sort of ShinShoryuken (4 hits), in which the last hit sets the 
         opponent on fire and knocks them up into the air. Total 28 hits.
    Ralf yells "FIRE!!" then charges at the opponent. At the last hit, he yells out "Hakairyokuuu!"
    which can be translated into "DESTRUCTION!!"
    This is Ralf's most used, and most useful DM. The only thing that changed since '97 about this
    DM is the damage. This now is Ralf's weakest (!) DM. It still has the invincible frames at the
    beginning of the move, but it seems that there are more in the SDM version. The startup time
    is none, and this is possibly the best wakeup move in the entire game. This will catch many
    ppl off guard, and especially ppl who dash in. The lag time is very bad, and once again, 
    leaves Ralf open for a big combo. The tick damage is INCREDIBLE though. In 97, the SDM was
    the 2nd highest tick damage move (First was Athena's SDM Phoenix Bomb...which ticked off
    almost 1/3 of the entire bar!!!!!!! NO joke!). Do not rely on tick damage though, because
    almost everyone uses CD counters in 98... and the worst are the players who can do CD counter
    combos!!....like me :P. This DM can be comboed, and the DM version is a part of one of Ralf's
    60% comboes!!. (More on this in the combo section). Do NOT use this as an air counter; it 
    will not work. Ralf will hit the opponent only 3 times, and he is left open for a combo.
    Another good way to ensure a hit is to use it after a blocked DBP. Most ppl will rush in, and
    get hit. Yet another way to hit the opponent with this move is by doing a RK (preferably B
    one, but D will work), and make sure they block it. RIGHT after they block it, do the SVP, cuz
    most players will try to counter after the RK, leaving them open.
    An overall very go_od DM, just make sure you time it correctly.
    Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    Horse-Mounted Vulcan Punch (HMVP)  (QCB,HCF + B/D)
    DM:  Ralf raises his arm in the air, rushes at the opponent with a clothesline, and knocks them
         down. He sits on top of them, and starts punching very rapidly (Vulcan punch) at the 
         opponents face....ouch. After, he yells, and raises his fist for one last, high damaging
         hit. Total 14 hits.
    SDM: Same as the DM, but Ralf punches many more times, but with 4 high damaging hits. The last
         hit is the highest damaging. Total 24 hits.
    When Ralf raises his arm, he says "Totte oki daze!" which means "I saved this one for last!" 
    When Ralf yells for the last hit, he says "Moichou!!!!" which can be translated into "ONE MORE!!!" 
    This is Ralf's second highest damaging DM, and equally useful as the SVP. The damage is also
    decreased from '97, but it is still stronger than the SVP. In the beginning, there are some 
    frames of invincibility (I went through King's Venom Strike), but i'm not sure which frames are
    invincible. One of the most useful aspects about this move is that it can be used as ANTI-AIR. 
    It will knock most jump attacks out of the air, if timed correctly. In order to time it 
    correctly, you must wait for the last second to pull off the move. This will then suck your 
    opponent out of the air, and is extremely good for hyper jumper attackers, such as Iori. The 
    worst aspect about this DM, is that if it is blocked, it has EXTREMELY BAD lag time. Ralf will 
    be close to the opponent, and vunerable for around 1 whole second, leaving him open to ANY 
    combo...bad. The move is comboable off all comboable attacks, and the best aspect about this 
    move is that it can be comboed from Ralf Kick!!!!. This makes this move extremely useful, and 
    the move is great for the COUNTER messages. (I will go over this l8r) When comboed from RK, 
    this adds a LOT to the damage, probably ending the round! The opponent will fear you!!! 
    hahahahahh!! . And even better, the SDM version can be used for the new 100% "combo" for Ralf 
    in '98!!!!. YEA!!! NINMOU KANRYOU!!!!. I will go over this combo l8r. The B version makes Ralf 
    rush half of the screen, while the D version makes Ralf rush the whole screen. An overall good 
    DM, just be careful to connect it.
    Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    DM:  Ralf uses his other arm to hold back his hitting arm. Ralf charges back, and then delivers
         a TREMENDOUSLY STRONG FULLY UNBLOCKABLE PUNCH to the opponents face! 
         Total of 1 super damaging hit!
    SDM: Ralf does the same thing, but the punch from the hit sets the opponent on fire!! ohh
         and yeah... This is the strongest SDM in the ENTIRE GAME!!!!. Also it has FULL 
         Autoguard!!!!! only grapples and fireballs will knock Ralf out of it!. And also...
         if it is a COUNTER.... it cleans out you opponents FULL life bar...no joke... i've 
         done it. Total of one super damaging hit!
    The usage of this DM determines whether you are a Ralf expert, or just a Ralf player. Unlike
    another faq writer (who will remain unnamed), this is NOT the worst DM in the game!!! In 
    fact, it is actually a good and useful DM!!! Hmmm, it seems that the other faq writer is
    NOT a Ralf expert!! oh well... :p
    When Ralf charges back he yells "GALACTICA PHANTOM!!", and when he hits the opponent, he
    yells "DOKKAN!!" which can be translated into "BANG!!". Mwaa hahahaha!
    I use both versions of this DM, but mostly the DM version, because it can be comboed!!! WHAT
    you say?? COMBO GALACTICA PHANTOM??!?!!? yess, it can be done!, and oddly enough, it adds up 
    to his 2 60% combos, and his 100% combo!! I will go over all 3 combos l8r in the combo section.
    I really like this DM, but apart from the combos, i rarely hit with either. They are both 
    difficult to use, and they cannot be tricky because of the forced lag time. Unlike the
    computer, DO NOT do the GP DM after the SAB... Players are simply good enough to roll through
    and open a can of whupass. The SDM version may work, but don't bet on it. 
    The SDM version is useful because of its autoguard. If ppl don't know it, i am almost 100% 
    sure that you will hit them. Also, the SDM version takes off 100% when it is COUNTER...
    this is especially good with players with multiple hit DM that miss...such as Heavy D!, and
    Yashiro. You will litterally kill them.
    I only use the DM version in combos. You can only do the combo when you have 2 stock.
    I sometimes use the SDM version. A really good way to hit the opponent with the SDM GP is
    by hitting them with a jump CD, then "combo" into the GP just when you land. If timed correctly
    you will hit them just when they get up. They can roll, but it really requires expert timing.
    I'm really sure that they won't. This tactic will NOT work when the opponent is in the corner!
    DO not do it is the corner!. You can also do the same tactic with the standing version CD,
    but this is more difficult to hit with. This is an overall very good DM, even though the
    damage has slightly decreased since '97. The usage of this move separates the wannabe Ralf 
    players, and the real Ralf players.
    DM version: Usefulness: Quite useful [****-]
    SDM version: Usefulness: Marginally useful [***--]
    4.  Strategy
    Keep on mashing the C button all day.
    Heh heh. I'll go over the strategies with Ralf in 4.3
    4.1  Combos
    What?!! Ralf has combos?!!?? No way! He's just a one button character!!!
    Well here are all of Ralf's kick @$$ combos, like i promised.
    They are not fancy like Iori's or Kyo's, but they do a LOT of damage!
    Basic combos
    Jump towards C/D, Stand C, SAB             Basic strong combo, use as often as you can.
    Jump towards C/D, Stand C, GA (C version)  The A version of GA may whiff, so be careful.
    Jump towards C/D, Stand C, VP              Scrub combo.
    *Note* The Stand C can be substituted with the Crouch C. This is more difficult, but more
    Crouch A, crouch A                         Useless combo
    Crouch A, crouch B                         Another useless combo
    Close B, SAB                               Fancy, but less damaging combo
    Crouch B, SAB                              Fancy, low starting combo. 
    Stand/Crouch C, SAB                        My most used combo
    Stand/Crouch C, GA                         Be carefull..... whiff!
    Advanced Combos
    Ralf Kick (preferable B version, but D will work), GA (C version)    
    A high damaging, useful combo. You must do the GA very quickly, or the GA will whiff.
    The most damage comes when the opponent is in the corner, or when the RK hits deep.
    This will make you opponent think twice before trying to counter the Ralf Kick.
    Ralf Kick (once again, same as above), Stand/Crouch C
    Another higher damaging, useful combo. Use this combo if you are scared that the GA will
    whiff. This is less damaging, but much safer. If the C misses, prepare to follow up.
    Guard crush "combos"
    These combos do NOT actually work, but they are meant to crush your opponents guard. These
    are still very useful, and will scare most turtles into finally attacking. And also, they
    are very annoying :)
    Jump C/ CD, MBP
    A favorite of mine. This is annoying, and you can follow up if blocked relatively well.
    This is great for Guard crush because the DBP ticks twice for damage. This combo also
    cannot be airblocked! The Jump C/CD can be, but the DBP will knock them out. More useful in
    the corner though. To follow up, use a stand C, or crouch C. If you see an opening, use
    the SVP. Also, this combo will knock out CD counters from the CD counter-happy players.
    Jump C, Crouch C, Stand (far) C
    Very, very annoying combo. The only moves that i can think of that can knock you out of this
    is Kyo's Demon Scorcher (the uppercut), and Terry's Rising Tackle. I personally know that
    Iori's uppercut will trade. This combo crushes guard very quickly, and leaves Ralf relatively 
    safe. But this combo is really cheap!
    Ralf Kick (B version), crouch C, Stand C
    Another very annoying and cheap combo. If you are not aiming for a Guard Crush, after the
    Crouch C, wait half a second. 90% of the time, your opponent will try to counter attack, then
    use the Stand C, to knock them out of it. Annoying, good keep away, and strong. With the
    high priority of the Far C, most moves will get knocked out. Use this combo only if the 
    guy is a scrub... cuz this is a super cheap tactic.
    DM combos!!!!!! (finally!)
    I personally have done all of these combos, and i know that they ALL work.... you just need
    timing. They are all VERY high damaging (duh), and included in them are the 2 ~60% combos,
    and the 100% "combo".
    Basic DM combos
    Jump C/D, Crouch/Stand C, SVP                Strong, useful, DM combo
    Jump C/D, Crouch/Stand C, MHVP               Fancier, useful DM combo
    Advanced DM combos (yesssss!!!!)
    *Note* All of these combos require at least one stock (duhh), and the 100% combo requires
    3 stock (ADVANCED) or flashing bar fully charged (EXTRA)
    Ralf Kick (B button preferred), MHVP
    A combo that existed since '97. Not many ppl knew of it, and they first time i saw it, i 
    was amazed. This is a very high damaging combo, and it will leave ppl who have never seen
    it before really scared. This combo works the best in the corner, with the B button, but i
    have done it in mid-screen. Just make sure that the Ralf Kick hits deep, to "pop" your 
    opponent up, and the MHVP will take them out of the air. This is an especially useful combo
    against low to mid ranged fireball characters (eg. Kensou, Athena, Iori, RB2 Terry, Iori).
    This combo also makes TOTAL mincemeat out of Billy (both versions), when they do the corner
    "keep away" pattern with the low A and C. The RK will hit him really deep, and ALWAYS give
    enough time for the HMVP. 
    SVP (DM version ONLY!), GP (70% combo)
    HAHAHAAHA!!! You don't think this works?!! well it DOES, and it works wonders!!. This is
    one of the 70% combos. In order to do this combo correctly, you need to cancel the last 
    punch of the SVP (the punch that knocks the opponent into the air). To cancel it, right after
    the "knock up punch", do the motion for GP. Ralf will IMMEDIATELY cancel into the GP while
    the opponent is still in the air. Ralf will start charging for the GP even before the opponent
    lands on the ground. Just when the opponent gets up, they will get hit by the GP!!! There is
    no avoiding it. You do not need much timing, just cancel the last punch. It has ALWAYS worked,
    and i still use this combo very much today... but there is a catch to it... THIS COMBO WILL
    NOT WORK WHEN THE OPPONENT IS IN THE CORNER!!!!!!. It will only work if you are mid-screen,
    or if you are in the corner. If done in the corner, the opponent will have enough time to
    get out and the GP WILL MISS!. A good and stronger variation of this combo is by using
    Jump towards C, stand C, SVP, then go into GP. Just make sure that the opponent is not in the
    corner. Note that the SDM version of the SVP WILL NOT work because in the last 2 punches, 
    Ralf leaps into the air, so there is not enough time to charge for the GP. Also note that 
    the SDM version of the GP will NOT work, because there will not be enought time to charge. 
    Many, many ppl have not seen this combo before, and it actually was found by my friend 
    Iori Kusunagi. In 97, he canceled a blocked SVP into another SVP. It worked, so he tried to 
    cancel a connected SVP into the GP. Needless to say, it made mincemeat out of Orochi! 
    Only a few characters (computer) could reverse this, and i seriously think that no human 
    player is fast enough... except for maybe some chinese players out there ;)
    This is a kick @$$ high damage combo when connected. Use when you can and impress your 
    friends! They will soon be hearing "Ninmou Kanryou!"
    HMVP (DM version), GP  (70% combo)
    Break Stock. Stand close C, HMVP (SDM version, GP (!!!!100%!!!! combo!!!)
    Yup. The first is the 70% combo and the second is the 100% combo. Both of these are much
    more difficult to do than the SVP+GP version, but they both do much more damage. Precise
    timing is CRUCIAL when doing both, because if the GP is timed incorrectly, you will either
    punch before the opponent gets up, or punch too late, leaving time to roll. Both situations
    leave Ralf open for a combo. In order to both combos correctly, once again your opponent
    must NOT be in the corner, because the GP will miss. The basic principle of both of these 
    combos is the same as hitting the opponent with a fireball just when they get up.....but yer 
    using Galactica Phantom instead. These combos must be done mid-screen or Ralf in the corner. 
    OK? OK!!!!
    Heres the full explanation on how to do the combo:
    1. Hit the opponent with HMVP (making sure they are NOT in the corner)
    2. They will be momentarily "STUCK" in the ground when Ralf delivers his last punch from the
    4. The GP will smoke your opponent in the face.
    You must time this correctly, or what i said will happen. If this is done correctly, the
    INCORRECTLY, the opponent WILL be able to roll through them GP.
    *NOTE: The only character known to be able to jump the GP is CHOI. Everyone else will get hit
    on the feet. Be careful when fighting him*
    Weaselboy101 says that the best timing for the GP is to count "ONE, TWO" (in your head,
    of course!) and then pull the GP. This should make the combo easier to perform.
    Suprisingly, many of the players that i fight know about these 2 combos. Just practice these
    2 combos on the computer, and when you get the timing right, it's a good as gold.
    As for the 100% version... well it takes off 100%!. Once again timing and position play a 
    very important part. The 100% works, and may actually be easier because the stand C actually
    combos to the MHVP. 
    Use this combo when you can. 
    Impress your friends. 
    Kick @$$....Ralf style!
    CD COUNTER! combos
    *Note* These are true combos, as in if you get hit by the first hit, you will get hit by the
    rest. These work from anywhere on the screen (unlike the Advanced DM combos).
    *Note* This is the FIRST CD counter! combos section of it's kind. I have never seen anyone 
    even mention CD counter combos before. If i am wrong, please inform me, and i will correct 
    my error.
    Jump CD (COUNTER), Stand C 
    This is a good quick, relatively high damaging counter combo. It knocks your opponent back
    and gives you time to prepare. Use this as often as you can, because it is not cheap.
    Learn to "see" counters, and when you do, you can put out big-time damage.
    Jump CD (COUNTER), Super Jump C/D/CD
    Funny lo_oking cocky combo. This works, but it is easier to do with fast jumpers (eg. Chris)
    Use it only if you want to annoy your opponent, or as a last hit.
    Jump CD (COUNTER), GA (C version)
    This is much more difficult, but more damaging. This works best in the corners, and will leave
    Ralf safe afterwards.
    Jump CD (COUNTER), HMVP 
    GREAT counter combo. Ralf will take the opponent out of the air, and the good thing is that
    this combo works everywhere and anywhere on the screen. If you get used to the timing, this
    combo will greatly help you kick @$$. This combo is ESPECIALLY good against the infamous
    "Scum Spider" characters (Blue Mary, Orochi Yashiro, Chris). When you are in the air, they 
    cannot grab you, and since they stay relatively long in the air, it is rather easy to hit
    them with a jump CD. If you are REALLY good (position-wise), and have another stock, you 
    can pull a GA after!. Just make sure that you hit them and time it correctly.
    Stand CD (COUNTER), MHVP
    This version is much more difficult to do (Because Ralf's CD counter is THE WORST in the
    ENTIRE game!), but it still works. Just make sure you pull out the MHVP fast enough. Once
    again, if you have stock and room, you can pull a timed GP to hit the opponent on the way up.
    4.2  Advanced vs. Extra
    I used to play entirely in EXTRA mode, but now i play 100% in ADVANCED mode. Unless you are
    a TOTAL turtle scrub, i suggest that you play in ADVANCED mode. Ralf is best played offensively
    and ADVANCED mode help Ralf do what he does best. The ability to dash makes Ralf much more 
    offensive and versatile, especially to fake out and punish his opponents. Also the 25% extra
    damage along with with the more offensive nature of ADVANCED make it easier to connect with
    hits. Even if you are not the most offensive player, it is relatively easy to gain stocks
    with Ralf. To gain stocks quickly, just do the B version RK, crouch C, stand C. This is 
    cheap, but you gain quite a bit to your bar. Also when maxed out, Ralf depletes the opponents
    full bar with just 8 hits from his far C. Also, with ADVANCED, you can do the throw escapes,
    but they are more difficult to do this year. Ralf's MAX is one of the more useful ones in 
    the game, because his speed and priority of his attacks make for easy high damage. I suggest
    that you keep one stock handy for any DM, and wait till you get another stock and break it.
    If you don't get the chance to pull of a SDM, it's ok, just wait till you get another stock.
    The roll helps Ralf quite a bit to gain ground on his "keep away" opponents, but just don't
    keep on rolling mindlessly. Mixing up super hops and rolls will keep the opponent guessing,
    and leave them open for attack.
    EXTRA mode makes Ralf a total defensive scrub player. The extra 50% damage is INCREDIBLE.
    If you keep on walking up and mixing up your C attacks, chances are that your opponent will
    miss a block, or get Guard crushed, and you can deliver GREAT damage. His sidestep attack
    is quite poor, but it can be comboed into his GA or SAB. Also, the DBP can be done from the
    hop, but its not too useful. As for the unlimited DMs, it is not as good as it was in 97,
    because most players will CD counter you out of them. I personally think that the sidesteps 
    are not too useful, and EXTRA mode lacks the throw escaped that ADVANCED mode has. A good point
    about EXTRA, is that you don't have to worry about the "faces"   :)      :|       :(
    In summary, I clearly recommend ADVANCED mode over EXTRA mode. Unless you are a honorless 
    scrub :P
    4.3  Elements of gameplay
    Your most used moves will be: Far C, Close C, Crouch C, Jump towards C (Mr. C!), along
    with the B button RK, SAB, and the MBP. 
    I personally think that Ralf plays the best against opponents just out of grapple range 
    (The range of his Far C, and low D). This will keep the opponent at a controllable distance, 
    and let you deliver the most damage. Ralf can also be played as a close range grappler, 
    (with his great close C to knock out attacks) but this is more risky. To reduce the risk, 
    super hop A LOT with his jump C and mix it up with the jump D and B and fake jumps for a 
    Backbreaker. I also INSIST that you play a ground/ super hop based game (even though his super 
    jump C rocks). This is much better than an air based game because many characters have much
    nastier jump attacks than Ralf. I also insist that you try you best at KEEPING YOUR OPPONENT
    ON THE GROUND. Most characters cannot keep up with Ralf on the ground, and that is where your
    advantage lies. Keep them to the ground (as difficult as it is), and your matches will be
    much easier.
    Poking with Far C
    This is a very good tactic, but it is also VERY cheap. If you do it too often, your opponent
    will either smarten and sweep you, or start playing cheap themselves. Because of the speed 
    and priority of the Far C, it will knock out most attacks. It is also a good way to keep the
    opponent grounded. Players may CD counter it, but it would be a waste of stock (unless they 
    are trying to corner you). Spend most of the time walking up and dashing up into the Far C.
    This move is great if they make mistakes, because of the range of the C, you can punish them
    easily. This tactic is more difficult against autoguard and uppercut characters, so be careful.
    Also be careful against fireballs, because you will lose or trade at best. This tactic is 
    best when mixed up with low C's, D's, and hop C's. Also, DO NOT try to hit players when they
    get up with the Far C, because they will use wake-up attacks (usually a DM). Another thing
    to be careful of are characters with ranged crouch attacks (eg. Kyo, Chris). Overall though,
    an excellent, yet scrubby tactic.
    Poking with Crouch C and Crouch D
    Poking with the Crouch C is just as good as with the Far C. This move will take out the crazy
    frantic rollers, and knock all characters out of their dash. A good tactic to keep away is to
    use 2 consecutive crouch C's. The Crouch D is also good, but timed rolls will be able to pass
    through. It used sparingly though, the Crouch C is almost as good as the Crouch C. Mix up 
    crouch C's and Far C's for great keep away and Guard Crush. Don't abuse this too much, because
    players will start sweeping you, or worse use uppercuts or autoguards. Whenever the opponent 
    is on the ground and too close for comfort, stick out a crouch C. Another really good tactic
    which i often employ is charging when using the crouch C, so whenever my opponent makes a
    mistake, i can let loose a GA. If they don't make a mistake, or just run away, i use a B version
    Ralf kick. Don't mash, but mix up your crouch C's with hop C's. If you mash, the Vulcan punch
    may come out when you don't wan't it to. The best situation is if they flinch and miss a move,
    you combo your crouch C. As for mind games, mix up a Crouch B's with Crouch D's (like the 
    computer) along with your crouch C. But you have to watch out for characters with high 
    priority attacks, and Autoguard.
    Poking with B version Ralf Kick
    Good tactic. Use it as much as you can along with your high and low C's. Like i mentioned 
    earlier, a very good tactic to cheap is to do a B version RK, Crouch C IMMEDIATELY, pause 
    half second, then use the Far C to knock out the opponent's counter attack. In fact, i would
    use this tactic all day if the opponent didn't jump! unfortunatly, most do :P The RK will
    also Crush their guard every so often, so put it to use. Yet another good tactic with poking
    with RK, is to do a SVP IMMEDIATELY after the blocked RK connects. This MAY catch the opponent
    off guard (because they were thinking that you would do a crouch C), and go through their 
    attack and punish them accordingly. Once again, only when use the RK when the opponent is close
    to the ground, or on the ground, because they could jump kick you out of the RK if they are
    higher. If you are really good, you can keep the opponent on the ground with the RK. Just like
    what i mentioned before, always charge.
    Guard Crushing with Jump C/CD, into MBP
    Use this tactic often, but not as often as the first 2 tactics. Use it often enough to trick
    the opponent. Be careful when using this tactic against players with good anti-air, because
    you will give them a free hit. Just remember to be even more careful against grapplers,
    because they could dash in a open a can of whup ass. Also be careful against characters
    with instant attacks (eg. Chris's slide). Mess around with the DVP, and sometimes just super
    hop, then SAB. This works incredibly well. Be careful, because you opponent may catch on
    quicker than you think....
    Guard Crushing with mindless super hopping C's
    Really cheap tactic, especially against characters with bad anti-air. Just act like a scrub
    and mash on the C while hopping. Mostly, this tactic is to throw your opponents concentration
    off, and help you stay unpredictable. Use this tactic well, and the opponent will stay grounded.
    Then stick out a crouch D. You want your opponent to stick to the defensive side, and that is
    where Ralf delivers most damage. They will make a mistake, and BAM! a Far C! Be careful of
    characters who have good anti-air normal attacks (it is difficult to pull off uppercuts in
    times like this). Also be careful when the opponent rolls. The only thing that can possibly ruin
    this tactic is if the opponent CD counters you. Once in a while, just roll through them, and
    SAB them. They will be expecting a hop C! 
    Dashing into Super Argentine Backbreaker
    An EXTREMELY good, but difficult technique. If you have seen the computer Ralf in action, this
    is what i mean. He counters normal (and some specials!) with a SAB. You must dash in, and do 
    the SAB very quickly. Most ppl will not expect it, and it will suck them in. Mix it up. Dash
    in, stop. Dash in, hop, SAB. Dash in, stop, Crouch D. Dash in, Stop, far C. You get the 
    picture.... The SAB will suck in even some sweeps. Just make sure that you do not whiff, because
    you are out of range. Practice this technique as much as you can. Once you get it down cold,
    ppl you play against will get really screwed up. They won't know what to do, except to jump.
    That's when you knock them out of the air with your Stand C. You can also mix this up by throwing 
    out a Crouch B when they get up, and then dashing in and SABing them. This takes expert timing,
    but overall extremely effective and scares the crap outta the opponent. This is one of Ralf's 
    best tactics. A must learn for all Ralf players.... plus you get to learn Clark at the same 
    Standing CD into Special moves
    There actually is a pretty good use for the CD (kinda learned it from '99). Cancel the CD into
    his special moves (Ralf Kick, SAB, or GA). This tactic is most effective when your opponent is
    defensive and waiting for a chance to hit you. Cancel into Ralf kick, and start your patterns
    all over again. The BEST part is that if they roll, you cancel into SAB, and you will ALWAYS
    grab them out of the roll!! This is really great! Cancel into A version GA when you are 
    expecting the opponent to jump in. This will knock them out of the air. Overall, very good 
    mind game stuff.
    Ralf has a very good wake-up: The SVP. BUT there is a catch. If the opponent knows that you
    are going to do the SVP, you are really screwed. This wake-up is only worthwhile if the
    opponent is on the ground (duh!). Use this move carefully, especially against grapplers.
    If they are in the air, it takes gutz and skillz, but you can pull a HMVP. Apart from these 
    2 moves, Ralf doesn't have too great of wake-up moves. If you don't got stock, you can use the 
    GA (A version), but this is if you are really desparate, and you know it will hit. 
    Try not to get knocked down :)
    Air Defense
    Ralf has relatively poor air defense when compared to most characters. His 2 only air
    defense moves are the Close C, and the HMVP. Use the Close C when you can, but be careful
    because there are moves that will still knock out Ralf from it. At worst, the C will trade
    with the high end jump kicks (eg. Iori, Yashiro, Clark). The C will knock out most other jump
    kicks. Once again, a well timed HMVP will keep the opponent scared from jumping in. But it is 
    much better if you keep the opponent on the ground.
    Mixing it Up
    For every character, the goal is to attack while staying as unpredictable as possible.
    Every once in a while use a jump (not hop) B. This is an annoying attack, and i have even 
    knocked out Iori's uppercut with it!. Jump around with that to stay unpredictable, and then
    use hop C's. When you can, do a crouch D, then a stand C. Most likely they will jump back 
    after a sweep, and you will knock them out of it. Do not become to reliant on one tactic (esp.
    the Jump C/CD into DBP) because your opponent will catch on. If your opponent starts to become
    cheap, start abusing your C (as if you already don't!). Also, a "vacuum" SAB will really throw
    your opponent off course, and will frustrate them. If you keep on knocking out most of their
    attacks, they will be too scared to do anything, and leave them even more open. Mix up all 
    these attacks, and you will be able to keep up with most players. Ohhh and one thing to 
    remember: Never overestimate nor underestimate your opponent. By this i mean don't forget to
    use tried and proven methods because you think your opponent knows them already. Most likely
    is that they don't. I suggest that you see how you opponent plays against other players 
    before joining in on them. Then you can judge their skill level accordingly. But most of all,
    keep the game fun. I personally find it much better to lose in a fun and challenging match,
    rather than winning an all out cheap-fest. That just pi$$es me off for the whole game. 
    Take it easy, but use your best KOF judgement.
    4.3 EX A+   Fighting against certain types of characters
    Possibly the most dangerous type of player. Usually does constant quick hop kicks, and starts 
    combos low. Very difficult to stop if they are on you, unless you use Ralf's pathetic CD 
    COUNTER. My suggestion is to use the Stand C to keep away. Most of these players are very
    good, so this is not the time to test out new things.
    Most used characters: Iori, Kyo, Yashiro (both), Chris, RB2 Terry, Shingo, Kim, Heavy D!, Robert
    Cheap style (grapplers):
    Will do anything to grapple you. Plays similarly to Comboers, but uses grapples instead. Use
    Stand C to keep at bay.
    Most used characters: Goro, Vice, Clark, Shingo, O. Yashiro
    Cheap style (Keep away turtles):
    Bases on running away and keeping you away. Usually a beginner, and plays relatively poorly.
    A much easier to beat fighter. Use RK often to kill them.
    Most used characters: 95 Ryo, Takuma, Ralf(!), Iori, Chang, Choi, Lucky, Joe, Athena, Kensou
    These basically catagorize all the types of players that i have fought so far. If i find more,
    i will add them, and add techniques on defeating them.
    4.4  Matchups
    I'm going to try my best to describe the best techniques to defeat each character in the game,
    but please not that matches untimely depend on your own skill up against the opponents skill.
    I will provide the most useful tactics (these are the ones that work for me). If your opponent
    uses different tactics, my tactics may not be as effective. Well here they are :)
    '98 :  One of the most difficult characters to fight against. Usually very offensive, starts 
          combo slow, and kicks yer @$$. Autoguard can be a problem. Usually keeps on hopping.
          Keep down on ground with Standing C's. Punish missed uppercuts with a Far C. Keep rolls
          away with low C's. Beat fire-fists with your rolls, and SAB. Missed R.E.D. kick with SAB.
          Main goal is to keep him not too close, or his normal attacks will punish you since they
          are almost all combo-able. He will use his jumping slam (jump + down + C) and his double
          sweep to keep you away. Your best weapon is the SAB, but do not abuse, because he can
          easily counter. Be careful when using DVP, and RK. MAX out asap, because his combos are
          really strong. One of the most difficult matches. If he has you cornered, my best 
          suggestion is to wait for an opening, and ROLL the HELL outta there! If not, he WILL
          deliver HUGE damage on you. Man....I hate fighting good Kyo players.
    '95 :  Never fought before, but i suggest use long range RK to go over fireballs. Annoy him
           with Far, Close, and low C's. 
    Keep on the attack, because his only cheap move now is the Lightning Kick. Roll through that
    and punish. Avoid using D version RK, because his jump D easily knocks Ralf out. Watch for
    cross-ups. When you have stock, best advice is to break or use HMVP. Other 2 DM are not as
    useful. When blocked or missed Shinkuu Katategoma, use RK into GA. Avoid using MBP, but you can
    use DBP to use as a pseudo- shoryuken. If you are constantly attacking him, he will not be 
    able to tick damage you too much. Keep close to him, and keep on using the C..... But be 
    careful of his EXTREMELY KICK @$$ ELECTRIGGER this year.... beat my Clark's Ultra Argentine 
    What can i say? Imo, he is the CHEAPEST character this year.... and we all know the reasons.
    Keep away with low C. This is really important!. Avoid using RK with D, but use the RK with B.
    DO NOT use DVP (unless you are playing against a newbie) cuz he will grab your @$$ out of the 
    air. Beat his stand B and stand D with your low C. Keep low, and if he uses hop D, roll. 
    I really don't know what else works on him... 
    Unless you are playing a scrub Leona (crazy jump D's all day, mashing crouch B, and throws)
    she should not be too big of a problem. Punish Boomerang with RK into GA. Keep away with C's.
    Be aware of her new combo though...
    Ahh the mirror match.... This will determine who is the REAL RALF!!
    I suggest that you use RK to knock away his C's, and use DBP accordingly, but be careful of
    his own C's. Punish missed RK with SAB. If it is a grappler Ralf, keep away with low C's.
    Since he is using the same character as you... make sure you know Ralf better than him.
    Ahh your "brother" Clark.... Damn tough... damn tough
    Your main goal is to keep on attacking him, while not letting him get into grappling range.
    This is much easier to say than do, because his air attacks (jump D/CD) are awesome, and
    his stand D is almost as good as your stand C. Avoid using MBP on him, because if he blocked,
    most likely he will dash in and Ultra Argentine Backbreak yer @$$. When you are knocked down
    (which happens quite a lot against Clark), my best suggestion is to jump straight up and
    AIR-BLOCK. He won't be able to Napalm Stretch (uppercut grapple thingie) or Frankensteiner you.
    If he whiffs, you can then either combo him of SAB him. If you SAB him often, you may even 
    scare him and keep him away!. If he tries to fake jump kick you, just block, and SAB him. 
    His Rolling Cradle, and his Arabian Backbreaker (the "Ass-breaker") can be used really tricky
    so be careful. Make him keep his distance with your C's, and be careful with your rolls.
    Watch for jump ins and SAB. Also avoid using the D version RK, but the B version should be
    okay in keeping him away. The GA should be useless against him. If you have stock, i suggest
    that you break it, because it is more worthwhile. Try not to go into a jump kick war against
    Clark. The best tactic is to use hops, because he won't be able to grapple you. One of the most
    difficult matches. 
    The new combo king in '98. I suggest that you use the RK (B button) as often as you can,
    because he has only one move that can knock it out (the blade kick thingie). It does pretty
    low damage, and if it trades with RK, Kim will take more damage. Your SAB will suck out his
    slide kick special though! You gotta play offensively against him, cuz his combos take off 
    a lot (and lo_ok real good!). Fight him offensively, because almost all of his special moves
    have very little lag time.
    Usually a very cheap player. Will abuse the jump C/D/CD. AVOID using RK unless he is on the
    ground. Best suggestion is to smother him with C's. If you play defensively, you will lose.
    Get close, and stay close.
    Some Choi players will try and abuse their drill claw move. They'll use the old in-in-in-out 
    at every opportunity, hoping to catch you in then air. My best tactic is to stand C them 
    after the last hit. If your timing is good, you can beat the $hiT out of them if you time a
    RK into a GA. The RK will go over the drill claw, and "pop" them up for the GA. MAXing out is 
    the best tactic, because your DM will miss him, leaving you open. DO NOT use the RK from across
    the screen because his high jump attacks will knock you out. Stay grounded. Ohh a well timed
    RK will knock out his Tornado Ripper special move AND the DM version... just make sure that 
    you hit him on the way down. Ohh and another thing... do not use high risk moves eg. GA, because
    they will whiff the short bastard. Also, Choi is the ONLY CHARACTER that can duck the
    GALACTICA PHANTOM, so be REALLY CAREFUL!!! Keep close and abuse your C, because this is gonna 
    be a cheap fight!
    Ouch. Iori is still a very high ranked character that can be used in every way possible. When
    Iori players fight Ralf, they always either 1) Keep Ralf away or 2) Smother Ralf with jump
    attacks and his Cross-up Kick. The keep away kind is MUCH easier to defeat. Just get close with
    RK, abuse the C, and use the SAB to vacuum in almost any of his specials. The more offensive
    type is much more difficult to fight, because if you play defensively, he will Scum Gale you.
    If you play offensively, he will either uppercut you, or worse, start a low hitting combo.
    The best tactic is to keep him away with your C's at all cost. His damage this year is much
    lower, but he is still very tricky. Sweep him once in a while, because most Iori players will 
    not be expecting a sweep from Ralf. The MBP usually works well against him, but be careful of
    his uppercut and blocked returns. Most Iori players will not use his fireball too much, and
    that is good, but when they do, go over it with a RK, but once again, be wary of his uppercut.
    When you have stock, the best thing to do is to either break it, of use it for HMVP when Iori
    jumps at you. Time it well and he will think twice before jumping at you. Keep him at a distance
    and your attacks should be able to defeat him. MAX out when you can. One of the most difficult 
    Tick damage. Keep on constantly attacking up close, and the match should be yours. Your C
    attacks should be faster and stronger than the damage she delivers. Just watch out for her
    double hit jump b, and low starting combos. If you let her get "on" you, it's very difficult
    to get her out of your way, so don't let it happen.
    Very brutal fight on both sides. The winner will have very little energy left. Do not jump
    at her, because her Outrage and Rage Fest will make mincemeat out of you. Keep close, but again,
    out of grapple range. I personally suggest to only use the Far C, low C, RK (B version), and
    MBP against her. She will most likely grab you before you can SAB her. Do not stay too close,
    or her Negative Gain will suck you in for big damage. I personnally like to MAX myself when 
    fighting her, because the damage you gain eventually adds up. Since she will mostly stay to the
    ground, your DBP will work quite well. I wouldn't try to SAB her too much, because she has 
    both an instantaneous grab, and a 1-frame grab. 
    '98:   Definitely toned down from 97, but still a good character. Not used too often, but still
           good. Be careful of his Rising Tackle, but thats about it. Most of the time, he will 
           try to keep you away. Use RK, and low C's. He's got really nice combos that are still
           high damaging. Be careful with RK, because of well timed Power Geysers. His jump attacks
           are really good. Watch out for his great stand B poke. Also, watch out for multiple hops
           into low starting combos.
    RB2:   The more popular version, and the more cheap version. Will constantly attack you, and
           try to hit you with his combo which everyone knows. Treat him similarly to the normal
           Terry, but be more careful, because his combo is instantaneous. If he misses any of his
           specials (esp. Fire Kick), smack some sense into him with your C. 
    *I would mention RB2 Joe, but i have never even seen anyone use him, let alone fight him!*
    A good Joe player will not let you get close to him. If you are playing against a good Joe
    player, i really cannot help you, because i still have trouble. His pokes are great, and he's 
    got great combos that take off a ton. The only way i can get close is with RK. If you are 
    playing against a poor Joe player, it is an easy battle. One of the most difficult matches. 
    '98:    An improved chararacter. If he tries to cheap you out with his Air Zan-Ei-Ken, jump 
            over him at the last second, and SAB him, or roll through and SAB him.
            RK works well against him, but watch for air attacks. Be careful of his Dam Breaker 
            combo that can really put a hurt on you. Watch for his C's and counter with your own.
            Compared to other characters, he's not too tough.
    RB2:    Scrub boy. If you get close to him, the match is yours. Use the D version RK to go
            over his fireball. The only thing to now watch out for is his uppercut.
    Ralf is an ANTI-ATHENA. Go over her fireballs with RK, and combo. Watch out for her tricky 
    teleport, but if you have problems, just stick out any C, and she will be knocked out. Apart
    from that, avoid jumping, because her uppercut still has very high priority. Do not miss your
    RK, or you will be in big trouble. Keep her grounded and trapped, and the fight is yours.
    Also, try your best to keep her from going all around the screen.
    Ralf is an ANTI-KENSOU. Same tactics as Athena, but much easier. Kensou is really toned down 
    from '97, and your attacks should be able to keep him at the right distance. The only thing
    to really Lo_ok out for is his 2 uppercuts, and his "punch dance thingie"
    Imo the most difficult of all three. Chin has so much priority, that he will keep you grounded!
    Some of his attacks hit twice, and he's got that autoguard rolling thing. Do not use RK, but
    use SAB instead. SAB seems to be the only special move that works well against him. I suggest
    that you use a LOT of low C's, and when he's in the corner, combo RK into HMVP. MAX yourself
    as soon as you can, and use your priority to your advantage.
    Ouch. Another difficult fight. Imo both versions of Yash improved this year, but the normal
    version improved the most. A very difficult fight on both versions. One of the most difficult
    '98:   Imo the more dangerous version. His combos and mind games can finish you very quickly if
           you don't know them. His most used tactics is to jump in and combo you to death. Keep
           him away with your low C and stand C. MAX yourself as soon as you can, because his damage
           is also very high. Almost all of his normal moves can link into a BIG combo, so keep him
           on the ground and away. Use your stand close C to knock out (or trade) with his jump D.
           Both of his DM kick serious @$$, so be careful not to get hit or trapped by them. SAB 
           works well against him, and use RK to keep him away. DO not get too offensive, or his
           autoguard Upper-Dual will destroy you. Ohh, and sweep him with your crouch D. He won't 
           expect it.
    Orochi: Toned down is some ways, and improved in other ways. DO NOT try to SAB him (unless you
            are 100% that you will get him!) because his HCF + punch (i dunno what it's called) 
            throw will beat yours. The only way to beat this character is to fight him many times.
            Then you know when the Scum Spider is coming, and will be able to avoid it. Watch out
            for the combo that every O. Yash. player knows. The most dangerous situation is after
            being thrown by the HCF + punch throw, because Yash gets to pick which side he wants to
            hit you. Treat him similarly to Clark, but with longer range attacks (sort of a mix of
            Clark and normal Yashiro). Keep him away once again, and the MBP seems to work well 
            against him. If you got skillz, counter combo his Scum Spider with jump CD into HMVP.
    *Note: I would put the Orochi version, but i have never fought her. Advice: RK over her
    Lightning Kiss, and keep grounded because of her Air Lightning Kick. Use your RK as much as
    you can to get close to her.* 
    Amazingly, Ralf is actually pretty good against Shermie. She has good air attacks (jump C/CD)
    and she will keep you grounded with her 2 anti-air moves. Thats alright though, because you 
    want to stay grounded. MAX out when you can, because her C's are strong and combo-able. Keep
    her away with mostly your crouch C (She can Shermie Shot through your stand C). Keep out her
    jump attacks with your stand close C. The B version RK does a good job of keeping her away.
    Do not use the DBP nor the MBP because she can punish you after. Abuse your C, and the match
    should be yours. If she keeps on hopping at you, try to use the DBP as an uppercut.
    Ouch. Another tough battle. Raw power of Ralf against the mind games and sheer speed of Chris.
    Corny heh?. Chris is another combo king this year, and both versions are dangerous and cheap,
    but the most used version is the normal version. The more i fight against Chris, the more i 
    realize that he is the ANTI-Ralf!. Almost all of his abilities and moves are an advantage over 
    Ralf. MAX out as soon as you can, because his combos take off more than your hits. Watch out 
    for his mind games. THE most improved character (normal) and the most difficult match.
    '98:   Stay on the ground, because Chris's jump CD will beat any and ALL of your air attacks.
           The only time Ralf should jump is when Chris uses his Scum Spider. Use similar techniques
           when fighting B. Mary and O. Yash. RK should be used sparingly when Chris is not all over
           you, because his slide will knock you out before you even take off. Your special move is
           going to be the SAB, because the DBP will be knocked out by his uppercut and Twister 
           Drive DM. When Chris abuses his teleport, stick out a low C. I don't have any 100% 
           working tactics on Chris, because he can easily mix up any of his moves into the Scum
           Spider to open you up for a combo. Like as i said earlier, MAX asap, because his attacks
           will chain and add up for big pain, esp. his DM combos. Keep him away from you, because
           that is where his mind games take place. Also, his uppercut will knock out your C 
           attacks, so be careful when sticking them out. You have to fight him often in order to 
           get good at fighting him, because of his Scum Spider. The toughest match. 
    Orochi: I have only fought him a few times, but i know of at least one combo that takes off
            60%. Treat him like a hybrid of Kyo and Chris, with a grapple. Do not let him come
            to close, or he will do that "flaming punch dance" thingie. MAX asap, and keep to the
            ground. He does not have as many mind games and normal Chris, but his combos are
            just as bad. You can stick out C's more freely though, because most ppl don't use his
            uppercut unless they combo it. Also use the SAB, but the RK still sparingly. Easier
            than normal Chris, but still a tough fight.
    Most good Heidern players will try to keep you away, while sucking yer blood. They will not
    use that Neck Roller too much. The only move to really lo_ok out for is his Moon Slasher.
    Use your C's to knock out his attacks, and RK over his Cross Cutter. Not as tough as other
    characters as long as you keep close.
    Treat him as a mix of Kyo and Iori, but easier. The only thing you really need to worry about
    when fighting him is his uppercut and combos. If you keep close at him, while using your SAB
    and RK, you should be able to keep up with him. He's got good combos though, but when he 
    misses, smack him down with a C. His jump kicks are great, and be very careful of his low 
    starting combos.
    The toughest and cheapest of all three. Almost all Takuma players try to keep away. When you 
    jump in, they do Zan-Res-Ken (multi-punch thingie), or the Soyryu-kyaku (dash kick grapple 
    thing). Do not play jump kick wars against him, because his jump D/CD both rock. Try to time
    a RK to soar over his fireballs, and when you get close, stay close. DO NOT dash in and roll,
    because he will Soyryu-kyaku yer @$$. When you finally get close, ABUSE your C, because that
    will be the only time you can hurt him!. It works pretty damn well too, because it knocks out
    most of his moves..... just be careful of his counter. When close, your SAB works well against
    him, and abuse it if you can, but i find the Far C, low C mixture more effective. MAX out
    asap, and be really cheap. Ohh and another reason NOT to jump at him: He can use his rushing
    DM same as Iori did in '97. Damn i hate fighting him.....
    Dammit. Ryo keeps on getting better and better. This is a difficult fight because of his
    power and his priority. Once again, MAX out asap, because this may be the only edge you gain
    against him.
    '98: I cannot stress this enough. Watch out for his uppercut. It will knock out any any and
         all of your special moves. The only real advice that i can give is to use RK to get close,
         and use your low C's and stand C's. Abuse your SAB if you can. Hell, abuse anything if
         you can!
    '95: The keep-away turtle. Use RK over his fireball, and combo if you can. His uppercut is
         also kick @$$, so be wary of it. Abuse your C. Watch out for double uppercuts. His air
         Ha-Oh-Ken will knock out you RK. Abuse anything and everything, cuz '95 Ryo was made to
         be cheap.
    Suprisingly, Robert has been toned down, and Robert players are generally not as cheap as
    Ryo players. Don't jump at him, and stay grounded. His air attacks in general will keep you
    grounded. What out for the combo that every good Robert player knows.
    '98: The most used version, and imo, the better version. He can't tick damage hell you like in
          '97, but he can big time combo yer @$$. Your C's do an amazing job on him though. The 
         speed and priority will keep him grounded, and kick his @$$. Mix up your specials, and
         play tricky against him. Mix up SAB's, with DBP's. This is not a too brutal fight, so 
         just keep non-cheap, and you should be able to outlast him. Just don't start jump 
         kick wars against him.
    '95: The cheaper version. This is easier than '95 Ryo imo. Just treat him that way and you
         will be able to beat him.
    *Note: I would put '95 Yuri, but i have never seen anyone use her. Hell i rarely see anyone
    pick Yuri! The only time i fight her is when the opponent does Roulette!*
    One of the least used characters, but she can still be a cheap ticking turtle. The only move
    you really need to lo_ok out for is her Yuri Upper. Your C's, SAB's and RK's will do the job
    well. And watch out for her low starting Dwn B, Dwn A, combos.
    Ralf is an ANTI-CHIZURU. Your RK will DECIMATE almost EVERY one of her attacks! You definitly
    have the advantage in this fight. The only thing to worry about is her shadow-uppercut. If you 
    stop her from using that special move, and keep her grounded, the match is totally yours.
    Your attacks have higher priority and are stronger. Waste her.
    *Note: I would put RB2 Mai, but i have never fought her. She fights the same way though*
    Difficult fight. Mai has a wicked high/low game this year, and to block incorrectly means 
    very annoying damage on your side. You must use RK to go over her Kachosens and Ryo-en-bu.
    Do not jump at her or she will DM you or uppercut you. You must stay close to will, but be
    careful because a lot of your special moves will whiff her when she ducks down. Use your
    SAB when she is close, but a lot of her specials will keep you out of SAB range. The MBP
    works well, but be careful of her uppercut. Your C's will trade with her attacks, but this
    is still a difficult fight. MAX out asap. Do NOT underestimate her, or you will lose.
    If used correctly, King is a tough opponent that can keep up with the best. That's the same
    with every character i guess!  Her jump CD will keep you grounded. Just what out for her
    corner traps and mind games. Her Tornado Kick has autoguard, so be wary of that. Her stand CD
    kicks @$$, and her Trap Shot has improved. Your C's and SAB's work well, but be careful when
    using the RK.
    This is usually another brutal fight. Your RK will waste his Snake Arms, but watch out for
    his tricky Sado-Maso, in which he can kick your @$$. Treat his as a mix of a keep-away with
    grappler tendancies. Missed or blocked RK will result in an Exploding Headbutt, or worse the
    Yodan Drill DM. SAB works well on him, but be careful of combos that start low. Most good
    Yamasaki players will not use the Snake Arm when fighting Ralf, so punish him if he does. The
    MBP also works well against him, but once again be careful of his Sado-Maso. A really funny
    (but bad) thing is that he can Sado-Maso your Galactica Phantom!!! Your C's work well against
    him, but be careful of his long range kicks. Also watch out for his hop D's, but you still 
    should win this match. If you anticipate a Sado-Maso, do a jump CD into a MDBP.
    Weakened from '97, but still an annoying EVERYTHING character. Punish her Mary Spider with a
    counter combo. Always block low because her Mary Snatcher will get you. Watch for her 
    Backdrop Real, and her Mary Splash Rose DM, because both of these are annoying and painful.
    Once again, do not jump at her, because her Vertical Arrow will get you. Stay low with crouch
    C's and the D, and SAB her when you can. It is good to MAX out when you can because her combos
    really hurt. You must stop her from doing her "hop-fest", which beats out any characters ground
    *Note: I would mention RB2 Billy, but i have never fought him. Anyways he fights way though*
    Ralf is an ANTI-BILLY. RK will knock out almost all of Billy's special moves (except his 
    uppercut), and enable Ralf to easily combo him. As for his annoying pokes, roll back, and RK
    over it. MAKE SURE he does NOT hit you when you start to do the RK. That is the only time that
    you are vulnerable to him. The SAB works really well too, just have to get close. Your C's
    will out-prioritize most of his attacks, just make sure that he stops poking you.
    He will put the BIG hurt on ANYONE if he gets off his 60% combo. Make sure he does NOT cross-up
    you, and use your DBP as a pseudo-ShoRyuKen. A lot of his moves have autoguard, and are just
    as strong as your attacks, so MAX asap. SAB works well, but i suggest NOT to use high risk 
    moves. You really have to play cheap to win this fight. Annoy him with pokes, and the odd throw
    every once in a while.
    Mr. Cheap Keep Away Mind Game. A very dangerous and tricky fight for any character. As difficult
    as it may be try to keep close and cheap him out. Your Crouch C may knock out his teleport.
    Use RK to go over his Death Ball, but use EXTREME caution, because he may use the DM Death
    Beam instead. This will result in BIG damage. Your C's should work against him, but his attacks
    are just as quick as your own. The MBP works well, but i think you should stay grounded. 
    A tough, cheap, annoying fight.
    Heavy D!
    A mind game/combo king. He is faster than you, but your power should give you an edge when 
    fighting against him. MAX asap, and abuse your C's. This will knock out almost all of his 
    special attacks. Almost all of your special moves work well against him. Just keep constantly
    attacking, basically smothering him, so he will flinch, and you will hit him. You can play
    any way you want against him, and it should work well. Keep offensive. His air attacks are 
    extremely good, and he has many long combos. And watch out for his low starting 
    combos....i learned this the hard way.
    *Note: Aren't you happy that you can't use Omega Rugal in the arcade version?*
    This fight is not too difficult. Just keep him close, and abuse your C. The only thing you
    really need to lo_ok out for is his Gigantic Presser, and his Genocide Cutter. So don't jump
    at him. All your specials work well against him, and the High/Low/Hop C's work even better.
    A difficult and dangerous fight. Every Shingo player (And i mean EVERY!!) will try to do the
    Shingo "Grapple Upper" on you, and combo you. His A version Shingo Fist is awesome, and his
    uppercut is just as good. Treat him as a stronger Kyo with a grapple. Be careful when poking
    him because of his counter and his uppercut. RK whenever you can, just make sure he is far
    from you. MAX when you can, because his CRITICAL HIT! is just as good as yours, and enables him
    to further punish you. You must keep close, and SAB him. Abuse anything you can.
    5.  Acknowledgements/Credits
    If you think you should be here and you're not, put your name
    here: _______________________________________
    *My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ - For being there for me when times
    were tough, and helping me get through in one piece. 
    *SNK - For making and improving upon this KICK @$$ game!
    *Honda of Japan - For making the best and sexiest car in the world,
    the Honda NSX..... 290 bhp at 8,000 rpm. And also the best 
    sounding engine in the world.
    *Toyota of Japan - For simply making the second best car in the world,
    which is of course, the 4th generation Supra Twin Turbo.
    *The KOF4ever BBS - Great place to ask and get answers on ANYTHING
    about KOF! Greetz to everyone!
    *The King of Fighters International Federation 
    *KOF International Federation members - U know who you R
    *Iori Kusunagi - Main competitor/Ralf user/Tranlations/Jap friend
    *SOyuncastor - For another use for the "useless CD COUNTER!" and some
     strange but useful information against Choi. Ohh, and for corrections!
    *mOOnrun - For his INSANE KIM comboz!!!
    *GReeTz to all of my friendz- Lo_ok, Saint 7, Jabbie, Iori Kusunagi,
     Geofreak, MANofSTEEL, AznDraGon and everyone else. FAR EAST SIDE!!!!    @:)
    QUOTES: "My second Favorite passtime is picking up
    women, driving them to the fancy restaurant in the fast car
    wearing the slick suite to impress them enough to get them into
    bed. My FAVORITE passtime is going to bed with them.."
    Jacky Estacado
                         Mafia Hitman/ Wielder of the Darkness

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