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    Rage Guide by Djibriel

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    The Rage Guide
    Version 1.5
    Djibriel, January 2006
    “My hysterical shouting had been in tongues, like at a Pentecostal church. When 
    the fight was over, nothing was solved, but nothing mattered. Afterwards, we all
    felt saved.”
    - Gau’s memoirs
    No number: Contents
               Foreword (01/21/2005, by assassin)
      1.0      Version History
      2.0      Introduction (10-year anniversary edition)
      3.0      Glossary
      4.0      The Rage Command explained
      5.0      Individual Rage properties
      6.0      The Veldt
      7.0      Clearing the Monster Formations
      8.0      Unobtainable Rages and other oddities
      9.0      Gogo
     10.0      Best practices; cheaper than off-brand Sabor de Soledad cheese puffs
     11.0      Boss strategies
     12.0      Rage accoutrements
     13.0      Rage and Status ailments
     14.0      SNES/PSX version differences
     15.0      Conclusion
     16.0      Credits
    No number: Disclaimer
      Foreword (01/21/2005, by assassin)
         Gau is one of Final Fantasy 6's most versatile characters, and is the most
    powerful for much of the World of Balance.  Having grown up amongst monsters
    rather than humans, wrapped in hides while most kids are still swaddled in
    diapers, competing for beef jerky when his contemporaries were back at their
    mothers' teats, he's hardly a conventional hero.  Gau never mentions the
    Empire, nor makes any vow to save the world. Nay, some of his first acts as a
    Returner are to shout gibberish, misname Sabin, and to laugh after scaring
    hard-earned party funds into a pit.  But what Gau lacks in fashion, vocabulary
    and financial savvy, he makes up for in a huge repertoire of attacks and
    accompanying protections.  Some players do not bother to tap into these vast
    resources, citing how "Gau is uncontrollable."  Ah, but some of life's most
    beautiful processes unfold beyond our control: heartbeats, breath, sneezes,
    passing the bar exam with flying colors, completing a violent but steady ascent
    through a drug cartel to emerge as the world's most feared and wealthy kingpin.
    It is folly to claim that everything involuntary is worthless!
         Besides, the Rage ability *does* provide sufficient control for most
    battles.  It differs from other abilities in that it requires some foresight;
    you can't react from round to round.  Instead, players must give thought
    upfront in selecting the Rage.  Choose a right one for the situation, and
    you can coast on through.  Like with Ron Popeil's award-winning rotisserie
    ovens, interaction is rarely NEEDED; just set it and forget it!  With at least
    one great Rage to answer nearly every battle, you can cook anything.
         Unfortunately, the ability's vastness -- the size of the metaphorical
    kitchen -- is one of its main downsides.  Over 250 total Rages can be learned,
    Squaresoft didn't bother to alphabetize the menu used in their selection (why,
    if some benevolent soul did that, he or she would be the toast of the town!
    And be swarmed by nubile women. .. Swarm, damnit!!), and there's often no
    connection between what you see from the monster in a normal battle and the
    Rage attacks it provides Gau.  That last point was especially a hindrance
    before this game's data became documented so thoroughly.  The trial and error
    needed to master Rage was often frustrating to the point of amusement:
    "A passive raccoon/squirrel hybrid can command the earth to swallow its foes?
    "Somebody's lost housecat is the most physically dominating presence?  Okay."
    "The ever resilient and Meteo-flinging Intangir has a penchant for suicide?
    "Woolly uses Ice 3?  That might infuriate me, had I not abandoned Rage fifteen
    hours ago."
         Despite this madness, many players would harness impressive early Rages
    like Hazer, Templar, and Stray Cat when the Rage list was still modest in size.
    But as it grew later in the game (along with the pool of Veldt enemies), they'd
    either stick with those initial staples, or simply give up on the command.
    Others yet were drooling peons who neglected the command from the outset.  Rage
    has experienced a bit of a renaissance due to hacking and subsequent
    documentation of this game's internals.  Even with all this information,
    there's still a lot for the player to digest.  You might know the general
    strongest attacks or which monsters are particularly sturdy.  However, what
    if you want to pick the Rage which not only puts great hurt on a boss, but --
    when combined with readily available equipment -- also absorbs or nullifies
    every element the fiend can throw at you, and wards off any status ailments it
    can inflict?  That's no casual task.
        And this is no ordinary guide, my friends.  Enter stage left, Djibriel!
      1.0 Version History
    Version History:
    - Version 1.5  (03/21/2015)
          Intrusive overhaul of the document! 
          Renamed several chapters, and shuffled them around in what I consider a
          superior order. 
          Merged the sections about good tactics and good Rages, put it all in
          chronological order and removed a few substandard contenders. 
          Added [ ] boxes to the Rage walkthrough for easier hunting.
          Removed section about finding items because there’s plenty walkthroughs
          out there discussing it. 
          Removed bugs chapter, since ZED already covered that. 
          I removed a joke I thought was very edgy back when I thought ‘to be edgy’
          was a reference to David Evans of U2. 
          Rewrote several sections.
          Fixed an inaccurate description of where Coelecite appears in the Cave of
          the Sealed Gate.
    - Version 1.4  (05/31/2010)
          The document is still alive! A lot of minor corrections, added some minor
          tidbits, removed a few things, you know. You won't notice! 
          One minor update: Gigantos CAN be unlocked for the Veldt without gaining
          experience. Thanks, Leviathan Mist!
    - Version 1.3  (01/28/2006)
          Yes, a year has passed, and while the guide's success has made me dormant
          concerning changing anything - better, after all, is the enemy of good - 
          Galbalan turned to her feminine charm to woe me into updating. Main new
    	 * Quite a lot of spelling/grammar corrections
    	 * A lay-out change; parallel to my other documents, it's now much more
    	   thoroughly indexed. 
    	 * Similar to the above, 'fixed' a continuity issue; all Specials in
    	   the game now come with an exclamation mark (!) to indicate their
    	 * Various small content additions/corrections that are all too puny
    	   to mention separately.
    Version History:
    - Version 1.2  (09/03/2005)
          Major update. Corrected several errors:
             * Added Rhinotaur, Rhodox, GreaseMonk, Ogor and Wart Puck to the
               Elusive Rages walkthrough
             * Number 024 has been added to Boss strategies
             * Added Magic Urn and Io to the Legendary Strategies section
             * Added Areneid to Telstar's Boss strategy options
             * Reduced impossible Rages to obtain in a perfect LLG from 8 to 1
             * Some other less significant content errors/inconsistencies
             * A few spelling and grammar errors
    - Version 1.1  (01/25/2005)
          Features close to no content additions, 'Januari' was corrected.
          For GameFAQs purposes, mainly.
    - Version 1.0  (01/25/2005)
          Initial Release
      2.0 Introduction (10-year anniversary edition)
    What compels man? What drives a man to commit unspeakable acts of cruelty, or
    immeasurable kindness? What causes man to write a Rage Guide in 2005, then
    update it 10 years later?
    Main Entry: rage 
    Pronunciation: 'rAj
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin *rabia*, from 
               Latin *rabies* rage, madness, from *rabere* to be mad; 
               akin to Sanskrit *rabhas* violence
    1 a : violent and uncontrolled anger b : a fit of violent wrath c archaic : 
    2 : violent action (as of wind or sea)
    3 : an intense feeling : PASSION
    4 : a fad pursued with intense enthusiasm <was all the rage>
    synonym see ANGER, FASHION 
    How many FAQs have started with a Copy/Paste from the dictionary? While I'm 
    not earning points for originality, I have just explained how the words 'Rage'
    and 'Rabies' actually come from the same word, and that has to count for 
    something, right? 
    Gau. To like him is to love him, to dislike him is to loathe him. Whatever the
    opinion on this fellow is, it's a strong feeling. He's paired with Relm in 
    terms of uselessness, and he is paired with Terra and Sabin in terms of kick-
    ass. So is Gau a blessing to every party but misunderstood by some? Or is he a 
    character only driving on charisma, fiercely neglecting the moral 
    responsibility to aid you in your struggles against evil?
    I wrote the Guide, trust me, it's the former. 
    Now we have established that Rage is a useful skill, I assume you want to know 
    how to use the Rage command properly? Here's how:
    Are you in the WoR? Use NightShade
    Are you in the WoB Imperial MagiTek Research Facility? Use Anguiform
    Are you in the WoB? Use Stray Cat
    Now you know how to use Rage. But there's a difference between the Skill of 
    Rage and the Art of Rage. The latter involves picking exactly that Rage out of
    the eventually 252 Rages that will aid you most. And that, my friends, is what
    this Guide is all about. There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to 
    enjoy, so much strategy hidden in that single command. Is it all necessary? 
    Not really, no. Gau is a great character even with just those three Rages and 
    a vague grasp of when to use them. But for a Low Level Gamer or a Single 
    Character Challenger, for somebody who wants to have fun, or for people who 
    just really wants to humiliate every boss in the game until it weeps on their 
    boots, this is the Rage Guide, and I hope you will learn from it.
    There are 255 Rages, of which three are unavailable in a normal game. That's
    still 252 choices as opposed to 8 Tools, a single special command such as 
    Morph or 24 Lores. There are even several options within a single Rage...the 
    options are endless. Then where to begin? Where to start with a Rage Guide, 
    without a doubt a massive undertaking? I think I'll just start slowly by
    explaining what a Rage is, what it'll do to you and how to get them. I'll see 
    what I want to tell you then :)
      3.0 Glossary
    I'll throw in some words here and there that you may not have heard of:
    LLG: Low Level Game. The challenge of this self-induced torture lies in 
    running from every battle and defeating the game at the lowest level possible. 
    Most end up around level 10, although it's said an average of level 8 should 
    be obtainable. While this is not an LLG Guide I'll give some useful tips on
    them concerning Rage from you. 
    SCC: Single Character Challenge. The objective of this game is to defeat it
    using only one character and traveling with otherwise dead people where 
    possible. While this is not an SCC Guide I'll give some tips on a possible
    Gau SCC you might be playing. Those tactics are important anyway as the entire 
    party save for Gau might be killed, leaving it necessary for a specific Rage 
    to be self-sustaining. 
    WoB: World of Balance. The green, clean dreamlands you start in. 
    WoR: At some point in the game the previously described World of Balance is
    destroyed by a plot device, giving way to new dungeons, monsters, side-quests
    but foremost new Rages and new items. Logic tells us you cannot reach the WoR
    when you're in the WoB, unless some kind of overly dramatic cutscene would
    do that for you.
    Gau: While it's possible to name Gau something along the lines of 'Beaver', 
    there is a strange custom to refer to characters using their official names.
    I'm going to stick to it. 
    Blackjack: Its name never mentioned in the game, the Blackjack is the WoB 
    counterpart of the Falcon. The Blackjack is, as far as you know, the only 
    airship in existence, and it's owned by a pirate known as 'the Wandering 
    Ctrl + F: Rumored to be the fourth invention of the world (only fire, the 
    wheel and women were invented earlier), Ctrl + F is a fabled button 
    combination with which you can instantly transport your mind to a certain 
    location, or even swoop over all the times a certain word is mentioned in a 
    document. While reading this entire Rage Guide certainly would make your life 
    better, I cannot exclude the possibility that you just popped in to look up 
    whether 'This Or That' causes 'Such Or So', and you can instantly find the 
    answer to yon riddle with this combo. 
      4.0 The Rage command explained
    Because Gau is no man’s fool, he lacks any Fight command for you to select
    and instead has the Rage command. When selecting Rage by using the arrow keys 
    and actually using the action button, a menu screen will appear where you can
    pick between every Rage you have. Select one, and watch how Gau and/or Gogo
    gets into a killing frenzy, randomly switching between a normal Battle command
    and a special attack every turn, automatically, until the Rage user is either 
    killed or victorious. At first glance. 
    There is a Rage for pretty much every random encounter monster in the game, 
    and even a few odd bosses here and there. Every Rage is named after its 
    corresponding monster. There is the Brawler monster at Mt. Koltz, and there is 
    the Brawler Rage. When Gau or Gogo selects the Brawler Rage, he will become 
    like the Brawler in several aspects. Not only will he randomly perform a 
    specific attack 50 % of the time, he will adopt:
     - elemental attributes
     - inherent statuses
     - status immunities
     - certain special properties
     - special attack
     - Battle weapon graphic
    Let's take a look at Brawler. This monster absorbs Poison-elemental attacks.
    As soon as Gau takes his first turn in this Rage, he will start absorbing
    Poison. Elemental properties are always handled in such a way that the most
    positive outcome for the target prevails, not counting effects from Strago’s
    ForceField Lore. 
    ForceField --> Absorbing --> nullify --> 50 % damage --> weakness —> standard
    Let's take a look at Brawler yet again. The monster is always under the 
    influence of the Berserk status. As soon as Gau or Gogo selects this Rage, the
    Berserk status is applied to the Rage user. A Rage-inflicted status (ailment) 
    is not removable/curable. A status protection Relic will prevent Rage-
    inflicted status ailments coming into play, though. Should Gau or Gogo have 
    been wearing a Ribbon or Peace Ring, the auto-Berserk would not have been 
    applied. Both positive and negative statuses are applied in some cases. 
    Templar benefits from auto-Safe, and Enuo suffers from auto-Seizure. Status 
    ailments are often hardly more than a small annoyance, beneficial statuses is 
    what it's all about in some battles.
    Let's take a look at another monster. Let's take a look at Apokryphos, a 
    creature from the Floating Continent. This monster is immune to certain status
    ailments. For Apokryphos, these status ailments are: Zombie, Poison, Imp, 
    Condemned, Near Fatal, Berserk and Muddle. Upon entering the Apokryphos Rage, 
    Gau and/or Gogo will become immune to these status ailments as well, 
    effectively protecting him from every single one of these life-threatening 
    ailments without having to sacrifice a Relic slot. The status ailments Rage
    can protect against are: Dark, Zombie, Poison, Clear, Imp, Petrify, Condemned, 
    Near Fatal, Image, Mute, Berserk, Muddle, Seizure, Sleep, Slow, Stop and 
    finally Death. 
    Note that Death protection doesn't really include being immortal. Death 
    protection will grant the Rager the same effects granted by the Memento Ring 
    and Safety Bit: immunity to instant-death spells, percentage-based spells 
    such as Demi and Missile and finally the level-halving Dischord. Death 
    protection does not protect against physical attacks that set Death, such as
    the Retainer’s !Tradeoff. 
    I told you about special properties, right? The properties I was talking about 
    are these three: Die if MP = 0, Human, and Undead. Of those, only Undead has
    significant effect. 
    Die if MP = 0 causes a monster or Rager to die when MP is set to 0 through an
    MP attack such as Rasp, Osmose or a physical attack that drains MP. These
    attacks are extremely rare so this features presents only a theoretical danger
    to a Rager. 
    The Human property causes a monster or Rager to take double damage when struck
    by the Man Eater weapon. Let’s just say it; when you have a Rager damaged by
    another character wielding a Man Eater, you did it on purpose. 
    Undead is the one with clear disadvantages and some advantages. When selecting
    the Rage of an Undead creature, the Rager will not die from Doom spells,
    Roulette spells cast by the enemy, the Condemned Lore and X-type Instant Death 
    coming from weapons. Instead, the Rager will be fully healed. Curative spells
    will hurt the Rager, however. Exceptions include: Pep Up, Setzer’s Lagomorph,
    the Dried Meat item, the Heal Rod and the curative effects of Mog’s Tapir.
    There is yet another thing that the Rage user receives, and it's the 
    Special attack. Some Rages will have no spell for the second attack, but 
    instead have the monster's Special. In this document, I will indicate an attack
    being a 'Special' with an exclamation mark (!). This Special can vary from
    status-infliction (Primordite's !Numblade causes Stop, Mind Candy's !SleepSting
    causes Sleep) to a physical attack stronger than Battle (Hornet's !IronNeedle
    is 1.5 times stronger than Battle, Stray Cat's !Catscratch is 4 times stronger 
    than Battle). Obviously, Gau will be doing this monster's Special attack 
    should his Rage force him to do so.
    Finally, there's only little snippet that is related to Rage. Every monster
    has a 'weapon' of which the graphic is shown. This weapon is also placed on
    a Rager. Note that this does not, in any way, have an influence of the power
    of the physical attack itself. Some monsters use a Trident, other use a 
    Partisan; the latter is not stronger then the first when you see it on a 
    Rager. There is one exception to this rule; when Gau is given a Lance by his
    Rage, he will deal 200% damage with a Jump attack (inflicted by Palidor) rather
    than 150% damage like he will normally do. 
    So this is what the Rage user receives. To be clear, the Rage user does *not* 
    take over:
     - Any kind of statistic, including Evade and Magic Block
     - Stolen items
     - Control and Sketch attacks
     - Morph items
     - AI Script
    The Rage user stays in the monster-induced frenzy until the battle is over or 
    the Rage user is Petrified or killed. Also, Rippler can take away the Rage 
    status which causes the Rage user to stop with the frenzy thing. Take a look at 
    Master ZED’s Bugs & Glitches document for more info:
      5.0 Individual Rage properties
    Table of Contents:
     5.1	Non-Battle attack, inherent statuses, Death Protection, Undead
     5.2	Elemental properties
    There are two lists to make sure that it all fits nicely and looks nice. Please
    note that this is not really meant for reading or something, this is for those 
    of you who have mastered to use of Ctrl + F and wish to know what the hell 
    Brainpan does. Perhaps a superior way of finding out Rage properties is skimming
    through Master ZED’s Monster Statistics Guide, available on GameFAQs.
      5.1     Non-Battle attack, inherent statuses, Death Protection, Undead
    This is the first list. It lists the monsters in the order they appear in 
    the data and the location of them in the Rage menu. This list includes from
    left to right the name of the monster, the attack they will use half of the 
    time, the inherent statuses, the possession of Death Protection (if so, they
    have 'Dth. Prot.' listed) and the possession of the Undead trait (mentioned if
    Guard       Special
    Soldier     Fire
    Templar     Fire2        Safe
    Ninja       Water Skean  Float
    Samurai     Lullaby                Dth. Prot.
    Orog        Pearl                              Undead
    Mag Roader  Bio          Safe      Dth. Prot.  
    Retainer    Shock                  Dth. Prot.  
    Hazer       Bolt2                              
    Dahling     Cure2                  Dth. Prot.  
    Rain Man    Bolt3        Float                 
    Brawler     Stone        Berserk                
    Apokryphos  L. 3 Muddle  
    Dark Force  CleanSweep                         
    Whisper     Demi         Float                 Undead
    Over-Mind   Elf Fire                           Undead
    Osteosaur   X-Zone                             Undead
    Commander   Break                              
    Rhodox      Snare
    Were-Rat    Poison                             
    Ursus       Net                                
    Rhinotaur   Mega Volt                          
    Steroidite  Blizzard               Dth. Prot.  
    Leafer      Special                            
    Stray Cat   Special 
    Lobo        Special                            
    Doberman    Special                            
    Vomammoth   Blizzard                           
    Fidor       Special                            
    Baskervor   Cyclonic               Dth. Prot.  
    Suriander   Aqua Rake              Dth. Prot.  
    Chimera     Aqua Rake              Dth. Prot.   
    Behemoth    Meteor                             
    Mesosaur    Step Mine                          
    Pterodon    Fire Ball    Float                 
    FossilFang  Sand Storm                         Undead
    White Drgn  Pearl                  Dth. Prot.  
    Doom Drgn   N. Cross     Float     Dth. Prot.  
    Brachosaur  Disaster               Dth. Prot.  
    Tyranosaur  Meteo                  Dth. Prot.   
    Dark Wind   Break        Float                 
    Beakor      Special                            
    Vulture     Shimsham     Float                 
    Harpy       Cyclonic     Float     Dth. Prot.   
    HermitCrab  Net          Safe                         
    Trapper     L.3 Muddle   Float                 
    Hornet      Special      Float                 
    Crasshoppr  Bserk        Float                 
    Delta Bug   Mega Volt                          
    Gilomantis  Shrapnel               Dth. Prot.  
    Trilium     Bio                                
    NightShade  Charm                  Dth. Prot.  
    Tumbleweed  Lifeshaver                         
    Bloompire   Bio                                Undead
    Trilobiter  Special      Safe                  
    *Siegfried  Flare        Safe      Dth. Prot.  
    Nautiloid   Special      Safe                  
    Exocite     Special                            
    Anguiform   Aqua Rake    Dark                  
    Reach Frog  Slimer                             
    Lizard      Break                              
    ChickenLip  Quake                  Dth. Prot.  
    Hoover      Sand Storm                         
    Rider       Virite                             
    *Chupon     W Wind                 Dth. Prot.  
    Pipsqueak   Imp                                
    M-TekArmor  Tek Laser    Safe      Dth. Prot.  
    Sky Armor   Tek Laser    Float                 
    Telstar     Sonic Boom   Float     Dth. Prot.  
    Lethal Wpn  Grav Bomb    Reflect               
    Vaporite    Blaze        Float                 Undead
    Flan        Slimer                             
    Ing         Lifeshaver   Float                 Undead
    Humpty      Poison                             Undead
    Brainpan    Blow Fish    Float                 Undead
    Cruller     Slimer                             Undead
    Cactrot     Blow Fish                          
    Repo Man    Exploder                           
    Harvester   Haste        Float                 
    Bomb        Blaze        Float                 
    StillLife   Lullaby                Dth. Prot.  
    Boxed Set   Meteor       Float                 
    SlamDancer  Ice2                               
    HadesGigas  Magnitude8                         
    Pug         Break                  Dth. Prot.  
    Magic Urn   Cure3                  Dth. Prot.  
    Mover       Merton                             
    Figaliz     Dischord     Reflect               
    Buffalax    Slow2        Seizure               
    Aspik       Giga Volt    Float
    Ghost       Bolt2        Float                 Undead
    Crawler     Step Mine                          
    Sand Ray    Special                            
    Areneid     Special                            
    Actaneon    Special      Dark                  
    Sand Horse  Sand Storm             Dth. Prot.  
    Dark Side   Ice2         Float                 Undead
    Mad Oscar   Sour Mouth                         
    Crawly      Special                            
    Bleary      Doom                               
    Marshal     Wind Slash                          
    Trooper     Special                            
    General     Cure2        Safe                  
    Covert      Wind Slash             Dth. Prot.  
    Ogor        Storm                  Dth. Prot.  
    Warlock     Pearl                  Dth. Prot.  
    Madam       Pearl                  Dth. Prot.  
    Joker       Bolt2        Float                 
    Iron Fist   Stone                              
    Goblin      Bolt3        Reflect                
    Apparite    Imp          Float                 Undead
    PowerDemon  Flare                              Undead
    Displayer   Doom                               Undead
    Vector Pup  Special      Haste                 
    Peepers     Pearl Wind   Seizure               
    Sewer Rat   Special                            
    Slatter     Cave In                Dth. Prot.  
    Rhinox      Life3        Safe      Dth. Prot.  
    Rhobite     Life                               
    Wild Cat    Blaster                            
    Red Fang    Drain
    Bounty Man  Special                            
    Tusker      Blizzard                           
    Ralph       Special
    Chitonid    Stop         Safe      Dth. Prot.  
    Wart Puck   Rasp                   Dth. Prot.  
    Rhyos       Surge                  Dth. Prot. 
    SrBehemoth  Fire3                              Undead
    Vectaur     Pearl Wind             Dth. Prot.  
    Wyvern      Cyclonic                           
    Zombone     Condemned                          Undead
    Dragon      Revenge                Dth. Prot.  
    Brontaur    Fire3                  Dth. Prot.  
    Allosaurus  Doom                               
    Cirpius     Haste2       Float
    Sprinter    Aero                              
    Gobbler     Shimsham     Float
    Harpiai     Aero         Float     Dth. Prot.  
    GloomShell  Net                                
    Drop        Muddle       Seizure   Dth. Prot.  
    MindCandy   Special      Float                 
    WeedFeeder  Bserk        Float                 
    Luridan     Land Slide   Float                 
    ToeCutter   Shrapnel               Dth. Prot.  
    Over Grunk  Special                            
    Exoray      Virite       Shell                 Undead
    Crusher     Lifeshaver             Dth. Prot.  
    Uroburos    Quake                              
    Primordite  Special                            
    Sky Cap     Megazerk     Float                 
    Cephaler    Special      Safe      Dth. Prot.  
    Maliga      Remedy                             
    GiganToad   Slimer                 Dth. Prot.  
    Geckorex    Break                              
    Cluck       Quake                              
    Land Worm   Magnitude8                         
    Test Rider  Flash Rain             Dth. Prot.  
    PlutoArmor  Tek Laser                          
    Tomb Thumb  Step Mine                          
    HeavyArmor  Tek Laser    Safe                  
    Chaser      Plasma       Float                 
    Scullion    Dischord               Dth. Prot.  
    Poplium     Special      Float                 Undead
    Intangir    Pep Up       Clear     Dth. Prot.  
    Misfit      Lifeshaver   Float                 Undead
    Eland       Bio                                
    Enuo        CleanSweep   Seizure               
    Deep Eye    Dread                              
    GreaseMonk  Shell        Haste                 
    NeckHunter  Imp          Haste                 
    Grenade     Blaze        Float                 
    Critic      Condemned    
    Pan Dora    Revenge      Float                 Undead
    SoulDancer  Osmose                 Dth. Prot.  
    Gigantos    Magnitude8   Safe                  
    Mag Roader  Mute         Haste     Dth. Prot.  
    Spek Tor    Blaster                Dth. Prot.  
    Parasite    Giga Volt    Float                 
    EarthGuard  Big Guard    Seizure               
    Coelecite   Magnitude8                         
    Anemone     Giga Volt                          
    Hipocampus  Flash Rain   Float                 Undead
    Spectre     Fire                               Undead
    Evil Oscar  Bio                                
    Slurm       Slimer                             
    Latimeria   Magnitude8             Dth. Prot.  
    StillGoing  Osmose                             Undead
    *Allo Ver   Quake                              Undead
    Phase       Blow Fish    Float     Dth. Prot.  
    Outsider    Pearl        Haste                 
    Barb-e      Love Token             Dth. Prot.  
    ParaSoul    Flash Rain   Float                 
    Pm Stalker  Drain        Float                 Undead
    Hemophyte   Shock Wave             Dth. Prot. 
    Sp Forces   Safe                   Dth. Prot.  
    Nohrabbit   Cure2                              
    Wizard      Demi                   Dth. Prot.  
    Scrapper    Elf Fire     Haste     Dth. Prot.  
    Ceritops    Giga Volt    Safe      Dth. Prot.  
    Commando    Rflect                             
    Opinicus    Slide                              Undead
    Poppers     Stone                              
    Lunaris     Special                Dth. Prot. 
    Garm        Demi                               
    Vindr       Acid Rain    Float                 
    Kiwok       Imp                                
    Nastidon    Blizzard     Safe      Dth. Prot. 
    Rinn        Fire         Float                 Undead
    Insecare    Special      Float                 
    Vermin      Scan                               
    Mantodea    Wind Slash             Dth. Prot.  
    Bogy        Specail      Safe
    Prussian    Land Slide
    Black Drgn  Storm        Seizure               Undead
    Adamanchyt  Acid Rain    Safe      Dth. Prot.  
    Dante       L.3 Muddle                         Undead 
    Wirey Drgn  Cyclonic     Float                 
    Dueller     Mega Volt                          
    Psychot     Lifeshaver   Float     Dth. Prot.  
    Muus        Pep Up       Shell     Dth. Prot.  
    Karkass     Bolt3        Float     Dth. Prot.  Undead
    Punisher    Bolt3        Haste                 
    Balloon     Exploder     Float                 
    Gabbldegak  Vanish                             
    GtBehemoth  Meteor                 Dth. Prot. 
    Scorpion    Poison
    ChaosDrgn   Disaster               Dth. Prot.  
    Spit Fire   Tek Laser                          
    Vectagoyle  Aqua Rake              Dth. Prot. 
    Lich        Fire2        Float                 Undead
    Osprey      Shimsham     Float                 
    Mag Roader  Haste
    Bug         Stop         Float                 
    Sea Flower  Sleep                              
    Fortis      Fire Ball                           
    Abolisher   Poison
    Aquila      Cyclonic     Float     Dth. Prot.  
    Junk        Pep Up       Float                 
    Mandrake    Raid                   Dth. Prot.  
    1st Class   Stone                              
    Tap Dancer  Slow 2                             
    Necromancr  Doom         Float                 Undead
    Borras      Revenge                Dth. Prot.  
    Mag Roader  L.4 Flare    Haste
    Wild Rat    Special                            
    Gold Bear   Special
    Innoc       Virite       Float                 
    Trixter     Fire2        Float     Dth. Prot.  
    Red Wolf    Special                Dth. Prot.  
    Didalos     Merton                             Undead
    Woolly      Ice3         Float                 
    Veteran     Condemned    Float     Dth. Prot.  
    Sky Base    Doom                               
    IronHitman  Dischord                           
    Io          Flare Star                         
      5.2     Elemental properties
    This is the second list and uses the same order of monsters. All this list
    provides is elemental reactions of the Rage in questions. Note that these
    can be overruled by equipment, as you should know from reading this Guide. 
    Guard       weak against Poison
    Soldier     weak against Poison
    Templar     weak against Poison
    Ninja       absorbs Poison, weak against Lightning, Pearl
    Samurai     weak against Poison
    Orog        absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl                           
    Mag Roader  absorbs Ice, weak against Fire
    Retainer    weak against Poison
    Hazer       weak against Pearl
    Dahling     weak against Poison
    Rain Man    weak against Ice, Pearl, Water
    Brawler     absorbs Poison, weak against Fire
    Apokryphos  weak against Lightning, Pearl, Water
    Dark Force  weak against Pearl
    Whisper     absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Over-Mind   absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Osteosaur   absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl                           
    Commander   weak against Poison
    Were-Rat    absorbs Poison, weak against Fire 
    Ursus       weak against Fire
    Rhinotaur   absorbs Lightning
    Steroidite  weak against Ice
    Leafer      absorbs Ice, weak against Fire, Water
    Stray Cat    
    Lobo        weak against Fire
    Doberman    weak against Fire
    Vomammoth   weak against Fire
    Fidor       weak against Fire
    Suriander   weak against Pearl
    Behemoth    weak against Ice
    Mesosaur    weak against Ice
    Pterodon    weak against Fire
    FossilFang  weak against Fire, Ice, Pearl, Water   
    White Drgn  absorbs Pearl
    Doom Drgn   
    Brachosaur  weak against Ice
    Tyranosaur  weak against Ice 
    Dark Wind   weak against Fire
    Beakor      weak against Fire
    Vulture     weak against Wind
    HermitCrab weak against Water       
    Trapper     weak against Lightning, Water
    Hornet      weak against Fire
    Crasshoppr  weak against Fire, Wind
    Delta Bug   weak against Fire
    Gilomantis  weak against Fire
    Trilium     absorbs Water, weak against Fire
    NightShade  absorbs Water, weak against Fire
    Tumbleweed  absorbs Water, weak against Fire
    Bloompire   absorbs Water, weak against Fire                                   
    *Siegfried  weak against Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl Earth, 
    Nautiloid   absorbs Water, weak against Fire, Lightning
    Exocite     absorbs Water, weak against Fire, Lightning
    Anguiform   absorbs Water, weak against Lightning
    Reach Frog  weak against Ice
    Lizard      absorbs Poison, weak against Ice
    ChickenLip  weak against Ice
    Hoover      weak against Ice, Water
    Rider       weak against Fire, Poison
    *Chupon     absorbs Fire, weak against Ice, Water
    Pipsqueak   weak against Lightning, Water
    M-TekArmor  weak against Lightning
    Sky Armor   weak against Lightning, Wind
    Telstar     weak against Lightning, Water
    Lethal Wpn  weak against Lightning, Water
    Vaporite    absorbs Lightning, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Flan        nullifies Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth Water, weak against Fire      
    Ing         absorbs Fire, Poison, weak against Pearl, Water
    Humpty      absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Brainpan    absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Lightning, Pearl               
    Cruller     absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl                           
    Cactrot     weak against Ice, Water
    Repo Man    weak against Poison
    Harvester   weak against Poison
    Bomb        absorbs Fire, weak against Ice, Water
    StillLife   weak against Fire
    Boxed Set   weak against Pearl
    SlamDancer  weak against Poison
    HadesGigas  absorbs Earth, weak against Poison
    Pug         absorbs Water, weak against Fire, Lightning 
    Magic Urn   absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    Mover       absorbs Poison
    Figaliz     weak against Ice
    Buffalax    weak against Fire, Water
    Aspik       absorbs Water, weak against Fire
    Ghost       absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl                          
    Crawler     weak against Ice
    Sand Ray    weak against Ice, Water
    Areneid     weak against Ice, Water
    Actaneon    absorbs Water, weak against Fire, Lightning
    Sand Horse  weak against Ice, Water
    Dark Side   absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Mad Oscar   absorbs Poison, Water, weak against Fire
    Crawly      weak against Fire
    Bleary      weak against Fire
    Marshal     weak against Poison 
    Trooper     weak against Poison
    General     weak against Poison
    Covert      absorbs Poison, weak against Pearl
    Ogor        weak against Lightning, Poison
    Warlock     weak against Lightning, Poison
    Madam       weak against Poison
    Joker       weak against Lightning, Poison
    Iron Fist   absorbs Poison
    Goblin      weak against Pearl 
    Apparite    absorbs Fire, Poison, weak against Ice, Pearl
    PowerDemon  absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl                          
    Displayer   absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Vector Pup  weak against Fire
    Peepers     weak against Ice, Water
    Sewer Rat   absorbs Poison, weak against Fire
    Slatter     weak against Pearl
    Rhinox      absorbs Lightning
    Rhobite     weak against Water
    Wild Cat    weak against Fire, Water
    Red Fang
    Bounty Man  weak against Fire
    Tusker      weak against Fire
    Chitonid    weak against Lightning
    Wart Puck   weak against Fire
    SrBehemoth  absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Vectaur     weak against Ice, Water
    Wyvern      weak against Ice
    Zombone     absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl                          
    Dragon      weak against Lightning
    Brontaur    weak against Ice
    Allosaurus  weak against Fire, Pearl
    Sprinter    weak against Lightning
    Harpiai     weak against Wind
    GloomShell  weak against Ice
    Drop        weak against Lightning, Water
    MindCandy   weak against Fire, Wind
    WeedFeeder  weak against Fire, Wind
    Luridan     weak against Fire, Wind
    ToeCutter   absorbs Ice, weak against Fire, Wind
    Over Grunk  weak against Fire
    Exoray      absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Crusher     weak against Fire
    Uroburos    absorbs Fire, weak against Ice
    Primordite  weak against Lightning
    Sky Cap     weak against Lightning, Wind, Water
    Cephaler    weak against Lightning
    Maliga      weak against Ice, Lightning, Water
    GiganToad   weak against Ice
    Geckorex    weak against Ice
    Cluck       absorbs Poison, weak against Ice
    Land Worm   absorbs Earth, weak against Ice
    Test Rider  weak against Poison 
    PlutoArmor  weak against Lightning, Water
    Tomb Thumb  weak against Lightning, Water
    HeavyArmor  weak against Lightning, Water
    Chaser      weak against Lightning, Water 
    Scullion    weak against Lightning, Water
    Poplium     absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Intangir    absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    Misfit      absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Eland       weak against Lightning
    Enuo        weak against Pearl
    Deep Eye    weak against Fire
    GreaseMonk  weak against Poison
    NeckHunter  weak against Poison
    Grenade     absorbs Fire, weak against Ice, Water
    Pan Dora    absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl 
    SoulDancer  weak against Poison
    Gigantos    weak against Poison
    Mag Roader  weak against Ice
    Spek Tor    weak against Water
    Parasite    weak against Fire
    EarthGuard  weak against Water
    Coelecite   absorbs Fire, weak against Ice
    Anemone     absorbs Lightning, Water, weak against Fire, Lightning
    Hipocampus  absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Spectre     absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl 
    Evil Oscar  absorbs Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
                weak against Fire
    Slurm       weak against Fire
    Latimeria   weak against Lightning
    StillGoing  absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl  
    *Allo Ver   absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Phase       absorbs Fire, weak against Ice
    Outsider    absorbs Poison, weak against Pearl
    Barb-e      weak against Poison
    ParaSoul    absorbs Fire, weak against Ice
    Pm Stalker  absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Sp Forces   weak against Poison
    Nohrabbit   weak against Water
    Wizard      weak against Lightning, Poison
    Scrapper    absorbs Poison
    Ceritops    absorbs Lightning, weak against Fire
    Commando    weak against Lightning, Water
    Opinicus    absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl 
    Poppers     weak against Fire
    Garm        weak against Lightning, Water
    Vindr       weak against Fire
    Kiwok       weak against Ice
    Nastidon    weak against Fire
    Rinn        absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Insecare    weak against Fire, Wind
    Vermin      absorbs Poison, weak against Ice
    Mantodea    weak against Fire
    Black Drgn  absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Dante       weak against Poison
    Wirey Drgn  
    Dueller     weak against Lightning, Water
    Psychot     absorbs Fire, weak against Ice
    Muus        nullifies Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    Karkass     absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Punisher    weak against Poison
    Balloon     absorbs Fire, weak against Ice, Water
    Gabbldegak  weak against Poison
    ChaosDrgn   absorbs Fire, weak against Ice
    Spit Fire   weak against Lightning, Wind
    Lich        absorbs Fire, Poison, weak against Pearl
    Osprey      weak against Ice
    Mag Roader   
    Bug         weak against Ice, Water
    Sea Flower  absorbs Fire, Water, weak against Ice, Lightning
    Fortis      weak against Lightning, Water  
    Aquila      absorbs Fire, weak against Ice
    Junk        weak against Lightning, Water
    Mandrake    absorbs Water, weak against Fire
    1st Class   weak against Poison
    Tap Dancer  weak against Poison
    Necromancr  absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Borras      weak against Poison
    Mag Roader   
    Wild Rat    absorbs Poison, weak against Fire
    Gold Bear   
    Innoc       weak against Lightning, Water
    Trixter     weak against Pearl
    Red Wolf    
    Didalos     absorbs Poison, weak against Fire, Pearl
    Woolly      absorbs Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Earth, Water
                weak against Fire
    Sky Base    weak against Lightning, Water
    IronHitman  weak against Lightning, Water
    Io          nullifies Poison, Wind, Earth, weak against Lightning, Pearl,
      6.0 The Veldt
    Table of Contents:
     6.1	The Leap command
     6.2	Pack listing
      6.1     The Leap command
    Gau starts with a few Rages the first time you recruit him. These Rages are 
    Brawler, Exocite, Hornet, Lobo, M-TekArmor, Rhinotaur, Trilobiter,  Were-Rat 
    and Whisper. While Gau can be a capable ally with these Rages alone, he has
    much potential for growth. So how do you get new Rages?
    It's all very simple. Let's say you're in bad need of the Areneid Rage. First 
    off, you must have met an Areneid in a battle formation (group of monsters) 
    that is capable of appearing on the Veldt. Don't worry, pretty much all monster
    formations short of boss battles appear on the Veldt. 
    You must have successfully 'completed' the fight with this battle formation 
    in order for it to appear on the Veldt. Options which allow this include:
     - Winning the battle
     - Escaping the battle by any means
     - Losing the battle but not stumbling across a Game Over: this includes Locke
       losing a battle in his scenario, dying while trying to save Terra with the
       Moogles, dying while trying to prevent Kefka and cohorts from reaching Banon
       and dying vs. the rats in the Opera House while Ultros tries to crush Celes.
    And do not include:
     - Having the battle end with a scene fade-out
     - Not saving and resetting the game
     - Not saving and receiving a Game Over
    So you've cleared a massive amount of Rages. That means it's time to pay a 
    visit to:
    The Veldt. During the WoB, it's a massive piece of land where Mobliz is located.
    It's accessible by jumping down Baren Falls, and you can leave it by jumping 
    down the Serpent Trench. That's only smart when you don't have any kind of 
    airborne transportation yet: I guess I should note that riding an airship is 
    arguably the easiest way of doing it. Now that you are on the Veldt, there are
    two states you can be in:
     - You don't have Gau, and you want him in your party.
     - You have Gau, and want to have him Leap.
    The latter is easy. Just walk around until you meet a monster you want to Leap.
    Use Leap. Note that you won't be able to use Leap when Gau is the only 
    character in the team, or if all other characters are considered defeated
    (KO, Stone, Zombie). 
    There is a 5/8 chance that Gau will return, but there are certain conditions:
     - Gau will never return in a Back Attack, Side Attack or a Pincer Attack. In 
       other words, your party must always be facing the left side of the 
       battlefield. A Preemptive battle will allow Gau.
     - You must have three party members or less. If not, Gau would not be able to 
       fit back into your team. Given the nature of the Veldt you should just stick 
       to three members unless you have a specifically good reason not to listen to 
       me here.
     - If this is the first time you’re recruiting Gau, he will only appear when
       both Sabin and Cyan are alive (and, of course, you’ll have to feed him
       Dried Meat, available for purchase in Mobliz).
     - Code-wise, Gau semi-holds the sixth Slot in a monster formation to return
       to your capable hands. There are quite a few monster formations that have
       monsters in this slot, effectively screwing you out of a well-deserved 
       possibility of Gau returning. These monsters formations include:
    Hornet, Bleary, Bleary, Bleary, Hornet
    Leafer, Leafer, Dark Wind, Dark Wind
    Rhodox, Rhodox, Rhodox, Rhodox
    Rhobite, Rhobite, Rhobite, Rhobite, Rhobite
    Telstar, Soldier, Soldier, Soldier, Soldier
    Actaneon, Actaneon, Actaneon, Aspik, Aspik
    Ghost, Ghost, Poplium, Poplium, Poplium
    Bomb, Bomb, Hazer, Hazer
    StillGoing, StillGoing, StillGoing
    Trooper, Trooper, Trooper, Trooper
    Mind Candy, Mind Candy, Mind Candy, Mind Candy
    Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak
    Sewer Rat, Vermin, Sewer Rat, Sewer Rat, Vermin
    Crawler, Crawler, Crawler, Crawler
    Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak
    Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb
    Bug, Bug, Bug, Bug, Bug, Bug
    ChickenLip, ChickenLip, ChickenLip, ChickenLip, ChickenLip
    Lich, Lich, Lich
    Balloon, Balloon, Balloon, Balloon, Balloon, Balloon
    Mesosaur, Mesosaur, Mesosaur, Mesosaur
    Delta Bug, Delta Bug, Delta Bug, Delta Bug
    Humpty, Humpty, Humpty, Humpty
    Deep Eye, Deep Eye, Deep Eye, Deep Eye, Deep Eye, Deep Eye
    Deep Eye, Muus, Muus, Deep Eye
    Anemone, Anemone, Anemone, Anemone
    Luridan, Luridan, Luridan, Luridan, Luridan, Luridan
    Vectaur, Vectaur, Vectaur, Vectaur
    Wizard, Wizard, Psychot, Psychot, Psychot
    Red Wolf, Red Wolf, Psychot, Psychot
    Psychot, Psychot, Psychot, Psychot, Psychot, Psychot
    Vindr, Vindr, Wild Cat, Crusher, Crusher
    SoulDancer, Wild Cat, Wild Cat, Wild Cat, Wild Cat
    Warlock, Cluck, Cluck, Eland, Eland
    Boxed Set, Boxed Set, Figaliz, Figaliz
    Boxed Set, Boxed Set, Boxed Set, Boxed Set
    Suriander, Pan Dora, Parasite, Parasite
    Reach Frog, Reach Frog, Reach Frog, Reach Frog
    TumbleWeed, TumbleWeed, TumbleWeed, TumbleWeed
    Sea Flower, Sea Flower, Sea Flower, Sea Flower, Sea Flower
    Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan
    Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan
    Wild Rat, 1st Class, 1st Class, Wild Rat, Wild Rat
    Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak
    Mag Roader, Mad Roader, Mag Roader, Mag Roader (all red)
    Balloon, Balloon, Balloon, Balloon (forced Pincer anyway)
    Sky Baser, IronHitman, IronHitman, IronHitman, IronHitman
    Commando, Commando, Commando, Commando
    If these conditions are met, Gau has a 5/8 chance of popping up when you have 
    defeated the enemy monsters. That’s 62.75 % of the time. You only have to wait
    a bit for Gau to give a little motivational speech and end the battle, but you
    can attack him for no reason if you like. 
    This returning Gau has a few funky features:
    - Returning Gau is considered equipped with the items you sent him into the
      monster formations with.
    - Returning Gau will not load inherent statuses such as Wall Ring's Rflect and 
      Thornlet it's Seizure. He will load their immunities though.
    - When you cast Stop on Gau, and you hurt him, he'll still run away if you wait
      for Stop to wear off. If you put him to sleep, however, and hurt him with
      a magical attack and wait until Sleep wears off, he can still join your party.
      If you do manage to hurt Gau while he's napping, he will be damaged upon entry
      of your party :)
    - He'll always appear in the Front Row when he returns, no matter what position
      he had when you told him to Leap.
    When Gau Leaps, he will obtain ALL Rages he previously lacked from the monster 
    formation you use Leap on. If you killed one of the monsters already, Gau will 
    learn the Rage of that monster anyway. If the monster is still hidden, Gau will
    learn the Rage of the hidden monster anyway. An example of this is the Chaser/
    Pipsqueak monster formation, where the battle starts with only a Chaser. Should
    Gau use Leap versus the Chaser, he will learn Pipsqueak as well. 
    While you're fighting formations and Gau stays away, Gau WILL NOT learn the 
    Rages of the monster formations you defeat in the meantime. Some people may 
    claim otherwise and even suggest hurting Gau whenever he returns to learn as 
    much as possible in one go. This is false information. 
    When Gau returns and you allow him to re-enter your party, Gau will learn the
    Rages of the monsters of the monster formation he returned in, including hidden
    ones. If you scare him off, he will NOT learn the Rages of that monster 
    formation. Also, when you first recruit Gau with the Dried Meat, he will not
    have learned the Rages of that monster formation he appeared in.
    That's all there is to it. There is neither an improved chance of him showing
    up when you don't know the Rages of the monster formation yet, and there's no
    decreased chance of him showing up in a monster formation he knows everything
    about either. Gau isn't smart enough to notice the difference between the 
    monsters, it seems. Those 'eyes shining of intelligence' never were more than 
    hateful leers directed at party members anyway :P
      6.2     Pack listing
    Monster formations that appear on the Veldt do not appear random. There
    is a fixed pattern that you can use to your advantage if you know about it.
    Every time you fight a battle out of a certain Monster Formation Pack, you'll
    fight a random Monster Formations out of the next Monster Formation Pack. You
    continue down the list until you've reached the end, at which point you jump
    to Pack # 1 again. You'll never fight monster formations you haven't cleared
    yet. If you run into a monster formation pack that holds no monster formations
    you've fought so far, the game will skip to the next monster formation pack. 
    pack 1:
    0 Lobo
    1 Lobo, Lobo
    2 Guard, Guard
    3 Bleary, Bleary, Crawly
    4 Lobo, Lobo, Marshal
    5 Hornet, Bleary, Bleary, Bleary, Hornet
    6 Leafer
    7 Leafer, Leafer, Dark Wind
    pack 2:
    0 Leafer, Leafer, Dark Wind, Dark Wind
    1 Sand Ray, Areneid, Areneid, Areneid
    2 Sand Ray, Sand Ray
    3 Areneid, Areneid, Areneid
    4 Sand Ray, Areneid, Areneid
    5 Hornet, Hornet
    6 Were-Rat, Were-Rat, Were-Rat
    7 Hornet, Crawly, Crawly
    pack 3:
    0 Tusker, Tusker
    1 Vomammoth, Lobo
    2 Crawly, Crawly, Crawly
    3 Rhinotaur
    4 Rhinotaur, Rhodox, Rhodox
    5 Rhodox, Rhodox, GreaseMonk
    6 Rhinotaur, GreaseMonk, Rhodox, Rhodox
    7 GreaseMonk, GreaseMonk
    pack 4:
    0 Rhodox, Rhodox, Rhodox, Rhodox
    1 Soldier, Soldier, M-TekArmor
    2 Repo Man, Vaporite
    3 M-TekArmor
    4 Trilium, Tusker, Cirpius, Cirpius
    5 Cirpius, Cirpius, Cirpius
    6 Trilium, Trilium
    7 Tusker, Cirpius, Cirpius, Cirpius
    pack 5:
    0 Brawler, Brawler
    1 Brawler, Trilium, Vaporite, Vaporite
    2 M-TekArmor, M-TekArmor
    3 Pterodon, Pterodon
    4 Zombone, Zombone
    5 Nautiloid, Exocite, Pterodon
    6 Nautiloid, Exocite
    7 Pterodon, Exocite, Exocite
    pack 6:
    0 Empty
    1 Lobo, Guard, Guard
    2 Empty
    3 Empty
    4 Were-Rat, Repo Man
    5 Were-Rat, Were-Rat
    6 Doberman, Doberman
    7 Actaneon, Actaneon, Actaneon
    pack 7:
    0 Empty
    1 Stray Cat, Stray Cat, Stray Cat
    2 CrassHoppr, CrassHoppr, Stray Cat, Stray Cat
    3 CrassHoppr, CrassHoppr, CrassHoppr
    4 Rhobite, Rhobite, Rhobite, Rhobite, Rhobite
    5 Beakor
    6 Beakor, Beakor, Stray Cat
    7 Beakor, Rhobite, Rhobite
    pack 8:
    0 Rhobite, Rhobite, Rhobite
    1 Beakor, Stray Cat, CrassHoppr, CrassHoppr
    2 Empty
    3 Empty
    4 Empty
    5 Telstar, Soldier, Soldier, Soldier, Soldier
    6 Doberman, Doberman, Doberman
    7 Empty
    pack 9:
    0 HeavyArmor
    1 Ghost
    2 Ghost, Ghost, Ghost
    3 Actaneon, Actaneon, Actaneon, Aspik, Aspik
    4 Ghost, Poplium, Poplium
    5 Ghost, Ghost, Poplium, Poplium, Poplium
    6 Whisper, Whisper, Hazer
    7 Vaporite, Vaporite
    pack 10:
    0 Bomb, Bomb, Hazer, Hazer
    1 Apparite, Apparite, Lich, Lich
    2 Whisper, Whisper, Whisper, Whisper
    3 Over-Mind, Over-Mind
    4 Bomb, Bomb, Bomb
    5 Bomb
    6 Over-Mind, StillGoing, StillGoing
    7 Empty
    pack 11:
    0 Whisper, StillGoing, Hazer, Hazer
    1 Whisper, Hazer, Hazer, Hazer
    2 Anguiform
    3 Anguiform, Anguiform
    4 Vomammoth, Vomammoth, Guard, Guard
    5 StillGoing, StillGoing, StillGoing
    6 Anguiform, Actaneon, Aspik
    7 Rider
    pack 12:
    0 HeavyArmor, Trooper, Trooper
    1 Fidor, Trooper
    2 Whisper
    3 Trooper, Trooper, Trooper, Trooper
    4 Bounty Man, Trooper, Trooper
    5 FossilFang
    6 Red Fang, Red Fang
    7 Over Grunk, Vulture, Iron Fist
    pack 13:
    0 Iron Fist, Iron Fist, Mind Candy, Mind Candy
    1 Red Fang, Vulture, Red Fang
    2 Over Grunk, Over Grunk, Mind Candy, Mind Candy, Mind Candy
    3 Vulture, Vulture
    4 Vulture, Iron Fist
    5 Mind Candy, Mind Candy, Mind Candy, Mind Candy
    6 HadesGigas
    7 Crawler
    pack 14:
    0 Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak
    1 SlamDancer
    2 SlamDancer, Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak
    3 Harvester
    4 SlamDancer, Harvester, Harvester
    5 Harvester, Gabbldegak, Gabbldegak
    6 HadesGigas, Harvester
    7 Mag Roader (purple)
    pack 15:
    0 Vermin, Sewer Rat, Sewer Rat
    1 Sewer Rat, Vermin, Sewer Rat, Sewer Rat, Vermin
    2 Crawler, Crawler, Crawler, Crawler
    3 Garm, Garm, Commando, Commando
    4 Garm, Garm, Commando
    5 Mag Roader (purple), Mag Roader (red)
    6 Trapper, Trapper, Trapper
    7 General, General
    pack 16:
    0 General, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak
    1 Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak
    2 Chaser, Trapper, Trapper, Trapper
    3 Chaser, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak
    4 Gobbler
    5 Commander, Commander, Commander
    6 Empty (Allo Ver would go here)
    7 Empty
    pack 17:
    0 Nastidon, Nastidon
    1 Empty
    2 Empty
    3 Empty
    4 Empty
    5 Empty
    6 Nohrabbit, Nohrabbit, Nohrabbit
    7 Bomb
    pack 18:
    0 Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb
    1 Io
    2 Maliga, Maliga, Maliga
    3 FossilFang, FossilFang
    4 FossilFang, Bug, Bug, Bug
    5 Bug, Bug, Bug
    6 Bug, Bug, Bug, Bug, Bug, Bug
    7 Ralph, Ralph
    pack 19:
    0 Ralph, Wyvern, Wyvern
    1 Ralph, Wyvern, ChickenLip, ChickenLip
    2 WeedFeeder, WeedFeeder, WeedFeeder
    3 Ralph, Joker
    4 Joker, Joker, Joker
    5 ChickenLip, ChickenLip, ChickenLip, ChickenLip, ChickenLip
    6 Zombone
    7 Zombone, Ing, Ing
    pack 20:
    0 Ing, Ing, Ing
    1 Apparite, Apparite
    2 Coelecite, Coelecite, Coelecite
    3 Lich, Apparite, Coelecite
    4 Lich, Lich, Lich
    5 Sp Forces, Sp Forces, Sp Forces
    6 Balloon, Balloon, Balloon
    7 Balloon, Balloon, Balloon, Balloon, Balloon, Balloon
    pack 21:
    0 Baskervor
    1 Chimera
    2 Cephaler, Baskervor
    3 Cephaler, Cephaler, Cephaler
    4 Adamanchyt, Slurm, Slurm
    5 Adamanchyt, Adamanchyt
    6 Slurm, Slurm, Slurm, Slurm, Slurm
    7 Mandrake, Mandrake, Mandrake
    pack 22:
    0 Mandrake, Insecare, Insecare
    1 Abolisher, Abolisher
    2 Gigantos
    3 Empty
    4 Empty
    5 Empty
    6 Empty
    7 Sky Armor, Sky Armor, Spit Fire
    pack 23:
    0 Sky Armor, Spit Fire
    1 Behemoth
    2 Apokryphos, Misfit, Misfit
    3 Apokryphos
    4 Ninja, Ninja
    5 Wirey Drgn, Wirey Drgn, Wirey Drgn
    6 Apokryphos, Apokryphos, Apokryphos
    7 Brainpan, Misfit, Apokryphos, Brainpan
    pack 24:
    0 Brainpan, Brainpan, Brainpan
    1 Dragon
    2 Behemoth, Misfit, Misfit
    3 Behemoth, Behemoth
    4 Ninja, Ninja, Wirey Drgn
    5 Grenade
    6 Chimera, Cephaler, Cephaler
    7 Baskervor, Baskervor
    pack 25:
    0 Peepers, Peepers
    1 Peepers, Peepers, Peepers
    2 EarthGuard, Peepers, Peepers
    3 Black Drgn
    4 Didalos, Veteran
    5 Mesosaur, Mesosaur
    6 Mesosaur, Mesosaur, Mesosaur, Mesosaur
    7 Gilomantis, Mesosaur
    pack 26:
    0 Gilomantis, Gilomantis, Mesosaur
    1 Chitonid, Gigan Toad, Gigan Toad
    2 Lunaris, Osprey
    3 Lunaris, Lunaris
    4 Osprey, Chitonid, Gigan Toad
    5 Madam, Veteran, Veteran
    6 Veteran, Veteran, Veteran
    7 HermitCrab, HermitCrab, Pm Stalker
    pack 27:
    0 Empty
    1 Scorpion, Scorpion, Scorpion
    2 Intangir
    3 Pm Stalker, Pm Stalker, Pm Stalker, Pm Stalker
    4 Vectagoyle, Vectagoyle
    5 Buffalax
    6 Buffalax, Delta Bug, Delta Bug
    7 Bloompire, Bloompire, Lizard
    pack 28:
    0 Bloompire, Bloompire
    1 Delta Bug, Delta Bug, Delta Bug, Delta Bug
    2 Bloompire, Bloompire, Delta Bug
    3 Buffalax, Lizard
    4 Maliga, Maliga, Nohrabbit, Nohrabbit
    5 Cactrot
    6 Sand Horse, Sand Horse
    7 Sand Horse, Maliga, Maliga
    pack 29:
    0 Latimeria
    1 Latimeria, Nohrabbit, Nohrabbit, Nohrabbit
    2 Doom Drgn, Doom Drgn
    3 Land Worm
    4 Humpty, Humpty, Humpty
    5 Cruller, Humpty, Humpty
    6 Humpty, Humpty, Humpty, Humpty
    7 NeckHunter, NeckHunter
    pack 30:
    0 NeckHunter, Cruller, Humpty, Humpty
    1 Dante
    2 Drop, Drop, Drop
    3 Pugs, Pugs, Pugs
    4 Harpiai
    5 Hoover
    6 Harpiai, Deep Eye, Deep Eye
    7 Bogy, Bogy
    pack 31:
    0 Deep Eye, Deep Eye, Deep Eye, Deep Eye, Deep Eye, Deep Eye
    1 Deep Eye, Muus, Muus, Deep Eye
    2 Muus, Muus, Muus
    3 Muus
    4 Orog, Orog
    5 Orog, PowerDemon, PowerDemon
    6 Osteosaur
    7 PowerDemon
    pack 32:
    0 PowerDemon, Exoray, Exoray
    1 Exoray, Exoray, Exoray
    2 Mad Oscar, Exoray
    3 Mad Oscar
    4 Empty
    5 Pug
    6 Poppers, Poppers, Poppers, Poppers
    7 Kiwok, Ceritops
    pack 33:
    0 Kiwok, Poppers, Poppers, Poppers
    1 Ceritops, Ceritops, Ceritops
    2 Anemone, Anemone, Tomb Thumb
    3 Anemone, Anemone, Anemone, Anemone
    4 Ceritops, Tomb Thumb, Tomb Thumb
    5 Luridan, Luridan, Luridan
    6 Punisher, Scrapper, Punisher
    7 Borras
    pack 34:
    0 Borras, Ursus, Scrapper
    1 Ursus
    2 Luridan, Luridan, Luridan, Luridan, Luridan, Luridan
    3 Ursus, Punisher
    4 Toe Cutter
    5 Toe Cutter, Toe Cutter
    6 Rhyos
    7 Vectaur, Vectaur, Vectaur, Vectaur
    pack 35:
    0 Brontaur, Evil Oscar
    1 Red Wolf, Red Wolf, Red Wolf
    2 Test Rider
    3 Nastidon, Red Wolf, Red Wolf
    4 Wizard, Wizard, Wizard
    5 Wizard, Wizard, Psychot, Psychot, Psychot
    6 Red Wolf, Red Wolf, Psychot, Psychot
    7 Psychot, Psychot, Psychot, Psychot, Psychot, Psychot
    pack 36:
    0 Mag Roader (yellow), Mag Roader (yellow), Mag Roader (brown)
    1 Mag Roader (yellow), Mag Roader (brown), Mag Roader (brown)
    2 Brontaur, Brontaur
    3 Empty
    4 SoulDancer, SoulDancer, Crusher, Crusher
    5 Vindr, Vindr, Wild Cat, Crusher, Crusher
    6 Vindr, Vindr
    7 SoulDancer, Wild Cat, Wild Cat, Wild Cat, Wild Cat
    pack 37:
    0 Dahling, Dahling
    1 Nightshade, Nightshade, Nightshade
    2 Still Life
    3 Opinicus, Opinicus
    4 Displayer
    5 Opinicus, Hipocampus, Eland
    6 Hipocampus, Hipocampus, Hipocampus
    7 Hipocampus, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck
    pack 38:
    0 Slatter, Warlock, Eland
    1 Slatter, Slatter
    2 Warlock, Cluck, Cluck, Eland, Eland
    3 GtBehemoth, Vectaur, Vectaur
    4 Doom Drgn
    5 Goblin, Goblin
    6 Goblin, Figaliz, Figaliz
    7 Boxed Set, Boxed Set, Figaliz, Figaliz
    pack 39:
    0 Boxed Set
    1 Lethal Wpn
    2 Enuo, Enuo
    3 Enuo, Goblin, Figaliz
    4 Boxed Set, Boxed Set, Boxed Set, Boxed Set
    5 Rain Man, Rain Man
    6 Samurai, Rain Man, Rain Man
    7 PlutoArmor, PlutoArmor
    pack 40:
    0 Barb-e, Critic
    1 PlutoArmor, Sky Cap
    2 Allosaurus, Parasite, Parasite, Parasite
    3 Critic, Pan Dora, Pan Dora, Pan Dora
    4 Allosaurus
    5 Barb-e, Samurai, Suriander
    6 Suriander, Pan Dora, Parasite, Parasite
    7 Crawler, Crawler, Crawler
    pack 41:
    0 Tyranosaur, Tyranosaur
    1 Tyranosaur
    2 Brachosaur
    3 Mantodea, Sprinter, Spek Tor, Spek Tor
    4 Reach Frog, Reach Frog, Reach Frog, Reach Frog
    5 Mantodea, Mantodea
    6 Geckorex, Geckorex, Reach Frog
    7 TumbleWeed, TumbleWeed, TumbleWeed, TumbleWeed
    pack 42:
    0 Sprinter, Sprinter, Spek Tor, Spek Tor
    1 GtBehemoth, Evil Oscar, Vectaur
    2 Evil Oscar, Evil Oscar, Evil Oscar
    3 Harpy
    4 Harpy, Prussian
    5 Prussian, GloomShell
    6 GloomShell, GloomShell, GloomShell
    7 Empty
    pack 43:
    0 Phase, Phase
    1 Trixter, Trixter, Trixter
    2 Phase, Parasoul, Necromancr, Necromancr
    3 Trixter, Trixter, Necromancr
    4 Sea Flower, Sea Flower, Sea Flower, Sea Flower, Sea Flower
    5 Uroburos, Sea Flower, Sea Flower
    6 Chaos Drgn, Uroburos, Sea Flower, Sea Flower
    7 Aquila, Chaos Drgn, Chaos Drgn
    pack 44:
    0 Empty
    1 Empty
    2 Ogor, Ogor
    3 Covert, Ogor
    4 Wart Puck, Wart Puck
    5 Karkass, Karkass
    6 Tap Dancer, Covert, Covert
    7 Tap Dancer, Woolly
    pack 45:
    0 Woolly, Woolly, Karkass, Karkass
    1 Wart Puck, Ogor
    2 Empty
    3 Magic Urn, Magic Urn
    4 Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan
    5 Flan, Flan, Flan, Flan
    6 Empty
    7 Empty
    pack 46:
    0 Rhinox, Rhinox
    1 Gobbler, Rhinox, Gobbler
    2 Empty
    3 Empty
    4 Empty
    5 Empty
    6 Empty
    7 Empty
    pack 47:
    0 Empty
    1 Empty
    2 Empty
    3 Empty
    4 Empty
    5 Vector Pup, Vector Pup, Commander
    6 Vector Pup, Vector Pup
    7 Trilobiter, Primordite, Primordite
    pack 48:
    0 Gold Bear, Primordite
    1 Trilobiter, Trilobiter, Trilobiter
    2 Primordite, Primordite
    3 Dark Side, Dark Side
    4 Dark Side, Spectre, Rinn, Rinn, Rinn
    5 1st Class, Wild Rat
    6 1st Class, 1st Class, 1st Class
    7 Wild Rat, 1st Class, 1st Class, Wild Rat, Wild Rat
    pack 49:
    pack 50:
    0 Empty
    1 Empty
    2 Empty
    3 Innoc, Fortis
    4 Fortis, Fortis
    5 Empty
    6 Dueller, Dueller, Sky Base
    7 Scullion
    pack 51:
    0 Innoc, Innoc, Innoc
    1 Junk, Junk, Junk
    2 Empty
    3 Empty
    4 ProtoArmor, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak
    5 Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak
    6 Mag Roader, Mag Roader (both purple)
    7 Mag Roader, Mag Roader, Mag Roader, Mag Roader (all red)
    pack 52:
    0 Empty
    1 Empty
    2 Templar, Templar, Soldier, Soldier
    3 Balloon, Balloon, Balloon, Balloon
    4 Soldier, Soldier
    5 Sky Base, IronHitman, IronHitman, IronHitman, IronHitman
    6 IronHitman, IronHitman, IronHitman
    7 Dueller, Fortis
    pack 53:
    0 Commando, Commando, Commando, Commando
    1 Empty
    2 Commando
    3 Empty
    4 Empty
    5 Empty
    6 Empty
    7 Empty
    pack 54:
    0 SrBehemoth (The undead Behemoth only)
    1 Dark Force, Dark Force
    2 Retainer, Retainer, Dark Force
    3 Hemophyte, Retainer
    4 Outsider, Outsider, Madam
    5 Mover, Mover, Mover
    6 Steroidite
    7 Didalos, Didalos
    pack 55:
    pack 56:
    pack 57:
    0 Empty
    1 Empty
    2 Empty
    3 Empty
    4 SrBehemoth (The undead Behemoth only, the living formation is swapped out at
                  battle start. Meeting it on the Veldt opens the possibility of
                  encountering the SrBehemoth monster formation in Pack 54)
    5 Empty
    6 Empty
    7 Empty
    pack 58:
    pack 59:
    pack 60:
    pack 61:
    0 Empty
    1 White Drgn
    2 Empty
    3 Empty
    4 Empty
    5 Empty
    6 Empty
    7 Empty
    pack 62:
    pack 63:
    pack 64:
    If you Save and Reset and either Load with the in-game option or using an 
    emulator Save State, a number of 13 will be added to the monster formation
    you're going to fight. If you're fighting in Pack # 4, you should normally
    fight a battle out of Pack # 5 next. If you Save and Load/emulator Load from
    the Title Screen, you'll fight a battle from Pack # 17. This can be used to
    your advantage if you know what the Packs look like, as you can make large
    jumps towards the monster you really want to Leap. 
    Now for some high-quality Veldt hunting! Let's say you want a rare Rage in a 
    crowded Pack. Let's say you want to get Test Rider (Flash Rain looks so gosh-
    darn cool!). Now, just jump there using the above described trick and fight 
    until you've fought a battle from Pack 34. Now, the next battle *could* be Test
    Rider. You try, yet see that it's Red Wolf x 3. Load again. Now every time you 
    fight, it *will* be that same Red Wolf x 3 monster formation. There's only one 
    way known so far to change the upcoming fight, and that's fighting a battle off 
    the Veldt. That's right, either take the Blackjack/Falcon to some non-Veldt 
    lands until you fight a normal random encounter, or (provided you're in the 
    WoR), dive into the Cave of the Veldt to kill some Toe Cutters or, if you're 
    lucky, Rhyos. Save, return to the Veldt and try another time. Missed again? 
    Repeat. Using this strategy, you'll be able to actually pick Rages from the 
    Veldt rather then having Gau Leap anything which happens to cross its path. 
    Note that this is an emulator-trick only, as cartridge Save and Load screws 
    with your location in the list. 
    NOTICE: This behavior is exclusive to the SNES game. PSX and GBA readers, go
    find your own techniques, I'm too lazy.
    Finally a few tips:
    Make sure your entire party does not consist of people whose levels are 
    divisible by 5! I cannot stress this enough. When you know that you could get
    into a battle with a Trapper or the like anytime soon you’re aware of the 
    danger that Level 5 Doom will kill the entire party in one devastating hit, 
    but that move can also kill you all in a single hit on the Veldt while your
    mind is elsewhere. Don’t let that happen. 
    Equip a Back Guard. The use of it is obvious. It will disable any kind of 
    coincidental back attack or pincer attack thus increasing your chance of 
    having a battle suitable for Gau to come back in. Some battles are forced 
    into a certain formation; (Guard x 2, Lobo and Tyranosaur x 2 are two examples
    which are both forced pincer attacks) and cannot be prevented by the Back 
    Guard. Too bad. 
    Gogo, Mog and Umaro. Gogo can use Rage and Dance, Mog's power is Dance, and
    Umaro will hit stuff until the battle ends. A Dancing or Raging character
    won't notice the difference between Returning Gau and a monster and won't 
    hesitate to use violence against him. Gau will cry and run and you won't have 
    gained your Rages. Refrain from selecting Rage and Dance on the Veldt when Gau 
    can return, and simply don't let Umaro's huge Yeti feet touch the Holy Lands 
    of the Veldt. 
    Especially in the WoR you'll be simply plodding through massive amounts of weak
    monsters that aren't worthy of your time anymore. You'll want a quick answer
    to all of them. There's only two attacks which will take care of all of them,
    regardless of elemental properties, being Undead or doing the samba: 
    It's the AutoCrossbow and Flash Tools. They're quick, painless (to you), 
    painful (to the monsters), they don't use any MP, have no element, are not 
    random in any way and the cursor will gladly stay on the Tool of choice when 
    you select Options, Cursor --> Memory in the Menu. 
      7.0 Clearing the Monster Formations
    Table of Contents:
     7.1 	Rage walkthrough
     7.2	Rage walkthrough notes for an LLG
      7.1     Rage walkthrough
    For the very specific monster formation locations, you can use my walkthrough
    as a supplement. You can find my walkthrough at my own site as well as 
    GameFAQs. You can print this section out and keep checking the bosses once
    you’ve cleared them. 
     [ ] Guard
     [ ] Lobo
     [ ] Vomammoth
     [ ] Repo Man
     [ ] Were-Rat
     [ ] Vaporite
    During what can best be described as the prologue of the game, you'll 
    automatically clear Guard, Lobo and Vomammoth. Repo Man and Were-Rat can be
    found in the mines, and Vaporite can be found in the hall where the Esper
    is located. 
    Lonely Terra escapes the Guards and doesn't meet any new material doing so,
    although you can meet Vaporite if you didn't before. 
     [ ] Marshal
    Locke rushes in to save Terra after she fell down and rescues her from the
    Marshal. The walking monster formations all include a Lobo and a Vomammoth
    and have already been cleared; Marshal hasn't and the boss fight will do it 
    for you.
     [ ] Leafer
     [ ] Dark Wind
     [ ] Areneid
     [ ] Sand Ray
    With Locke and Terra on the Overworld Map, you can clear Leafer and Dark Wind
    on the plains/in the forests, and Areneid and Sand Ray in the desert.
     [ ] M-Tek Armor
    You meet up with Edgar, and the very next day you're chased out of the castle
    by two M-Tek Armor. You fight and clear them. 
     [ ] Bleary
     [ ] Crawly
     [ ] Hornet
    In the Cave of South Figaro, you can clear three bug monsters, being Bleary,
    Crawly and Hornet. Be sure to do so, as these monsters will later disappear
    from this area. 
     [ ] Rhodox
     [ ] Rhinotaur
     [ ] GreaseMonk
    On the plains surrounding South Figaro, you can encounter Rhodox, Rhinotaur and
    GreaseMonk which you can all clear. 
     [ ] Brawler
     [ ] Tusker
     [ ] Cirpius
     [ ] Trilium
    You climb Mt. Koltz with the three-headed party. You can clear Brawler and
    Tusker in the caverns and Cirpius and Trilium on the slopes. 
     [ ] Exocite
     [ ] Nautiloid
     [ ] Pterodon
    You meet with Banon and ride the Lete River with him. You can and should clear
    Exocite, Nautiloid and Pterodon. A boss fight with Ultros (no Rage) ensues
    and Sabin will be gone. 
    You can now choose between three scenarios. For Rage purposes it's most 
    beneficial to do Sabin his scenario last. This way, you can collect more Rages
    in the first Veldt section. It hardly matters which of the other two you 
    do first, so we'll start with Locke.
     [ ] HeavyArmor
     [ ] Commander
     [ ] Vector Pup
    As soon as you can move, pick a fight with a HeavyArmor. You'll lose if you
    fight him, so try to run. Note that even when you lose, you'll start the
    scenario over again rather then getting a Game Over; this means that even
    when the HeavyArmor kills you, you'll have cleared his Rage.
    Play through the tedious scenario until you have freed Celes. Clear Commander
    and Vector Pup during you escape and get out of South Figaro. 
     [ ] Primordite
     [ ] Trilobiter
     [ ] Gold Bear
    The Cave of Figaro houses some new monsters, including Primordite, Trilobiter
    and Gold Bear. Clear them before you attempt to leave. When you have defeated
    the TunnelArmor, you're free to go and the scenario is over. 
     [ ] 1st Class
     [ ] Wild Rat
    Edgar's scenario doesn't bring you anything new for a good while. More Lete
    River, more Overworld Map, more mines of Narshe with Repo Man and Were-Rat.
    When you pass the dungeon where you initially saved Terra from the Narshe
    Guard Marshal, you come in a dungeon where there are two new monsters:
    1st Class and Wild Rat. Clear them both and continue to the next room.
     [ ] Dark Side
     [ ] Rinn
     [ ] Spectre
    There's a sparkle here. Follow the path of the light and you won't be 
    bothered by a battle. Obviously you'll want to get a battle, as Dark Side
    is the monster you fight, a monster you can only clear here and which
    is pretty formidable with Ice2 and inherent Float. Although there's
    a 75 % shot at fighting two Dark Side monsters, there's a 25 % at fighting
    another monster formation. This one holds, next to a Dark Side, three Rinn
    monsters and a Spectre, two monsters you can only clear here. It may take
    a good while if you're unlucky, but don't leave until you have fought this
    monster formation.
     [ ] Beaker
     [ ] Rhobite
     [ ] Stray Cat
     [ ] Crasshoppr
     [ ] Soldier
    Sabin's scenario: Sabin wakes up next to a hut. Recruit Shadow if you wish
    and clear Beaker and Rhobite on the plains and Stray Cat and Crasshoppr in
    the forest. Continue down south and enter the Imperial Camp. After a scene
    you switch to Cyan. Fight one soldier to engage in a monster formation with
    oh horror, TWO Soldier enemies. You clear the Rage in doing so and only
    have to kill the leader, who is surprisingly called 'Leader'. 
     [ ] Doberman
     [ ] Telstar
     [ ] Templar
    Back to Sabin. Loot the camp as much as you can. One chest is locked. Opt to
    Kick it!, and there's a 50 % chance on fighting two Doberman monsters. The 
    other 50 % contains three Doberman monsters. You have cleared yet another
    Rage, and you may proceed. Cutscene, Cutscene, Cyan, Cutscene. Before you
    chase Kefka all the way, make sure you open the new chests available. One
    of them contains Telstar, which not only clears his Rage (the best status 
    ailment-protector at that point), it gives you another reason to roam the 
    Veldt. Green Berets are kickin'. If you're done, chase Kefka some more.
    You will clear Templar (and Soldier if you hadn't before) and can make your
    escape to the Phantom Forest.
     [ ] Ghost
     [ ] Poplium
    Ghost monsters a' plenty here, but don't leave until you've met some Poplium
    as well. Now board the Phantom Train.
     [ ] Whisper
     [ ] Bomb
     [ ] Hazer
     [ ] StillGoing
     [ ] Over-Mind
    There are quite a few new enemies here to be fought. Outside and on the roofs
    there's Whisper and Bomb, and inside there's Hazer and StillGoing. After you
    jump over a train car you can meet Over-Mind; the best odds lie in fighting
    battles in the first train car you walk through after the leap. Play through 
    the scenario.
    When you exit you can still head back into the Forest if you missed Poplium,
    and you have another shot at CrassHoppr and Stray Cat on the plains if you 
    haven't cleared those yet. Jump down the Falls and try to not die. This is 
    The Veldt. You can't clear any Rages here, but you *can* obtain them and I 
    suggest you do just that. Feed Gau a Dried Meat you bought in Mobliz and 
    he'll join your party so you can master the Leap command. A Kappa tries
    to do a man's job (explaining Rage) and fails miserably. When it's all
    over, get Rages until you're tired and/or satisfied.
    *Veldt moment one*
     [ ] Anguiform
     [ ] Aspik
     [ ] Actaneon
    Jump down the Serpent Trench and you should clear Anguiform, Actaneon and 
    Everybody's in Narshe again and everybody's happy. But then Kefka cometh!
    You retreat to the hills of Narshe where some people have already moved
    Tritoch, not taking into account there really wasn't any real reason to do
    so and it's still a ten-foot high massive block of ice. 
     [ ] Bounty Man
     [ ] Trooper
     [ ] Fidor
     [ ] Rider
    A Save-Terra-from-the-Guards-esque game ensues where you fight monsters
    and make sure they don't reach Banon. The monsters to be cleared are
    Bounty Man, Trooper and Fidor. HeavyArmor also appears, should you have
    missed it in Locke's scenario. Just fight all groups to be certain.
    Heading to Kefka you see a single soldier racing around in front of him.
    This is Rider. Kill him to clear the Rage. Defeat Kefka and watch how Terra
    loses all her clothing. When the hentai ends you'll wake up in a new and 
    improved Narshe which allows you in its walls. Just pick whatever team
    (you'd better take Gau) and make a trip with Figaro Castle to Kohlingen.
     [ ] Vulture
     [ ] Red Fang
     [ ] Over-Grunk
     [ ] FossilFang
     [ ] Iron Fist
     [ ] Mind Candy
    New Overworld Map monsters! There's Vulture and Red Fang on the plains,
    and Over-Grunk in the forests. FossilFang lives in the desert, but he's
    quite the opponent so you might not want to mess with him right now.
    Further down south there's Iron Fist and Mind Candy to be obtained. Travel
    to Zozo.
     [ ] HadesGigas
     [ ] Gabbldegak
     [ ] SlamDancer
     [ ] Harvester
    Inside Zozo, there are a lot of strong monsters (that is, compared to
    previous challenges). Clear HadesGigas and Gabbldegak outside, and clear
    SlamDancer and Harvester inside of the towering houses. Defeat Dadaluma
    and get a new mission from Ramuh. 
    Although you might be too lazy to follow my advice, I suggest you head back 
    to the Veldt to take horrible advantage of the new Rage options. There's a 
    trip in the near future which will block you from Veldt entrance for a while,
    so this is the time. 
    Here's how to get to the Veldt and back:
    Take Figaro Castle back to its former location. Through the Cave of Figaro,
    passed Mt. Koltz, there's the Returner Hideout. In the room where you first
    met Banon, there's an entrance to the raft. Jump on it. Ride the rapids, but
    this time it will make you take Sabin's route. From here on, you can just go
    to Baren Falls. You won't have to bother with the Imperial Camp or Phantom
    Train, thankfully. Jump down the Falls (no Piranhas) and you're on the Veldt.
    You can exit the Veldt by jumping down the Serpent Trench and taking the 
    Nikeah ferry to South Figaro. You'll be smuggled out of South Figaro in a 
    chest, which has brought a smile to the lips of many a mentally ill person 
    around the world. Head back through the Cave of Figaro and you're at the 
    castle again. Congrats, you just completed:
    *Veldt moment two* 
     [ ] Vermin
     [ ] Sewer Rat
    In the Opera House, Celes will sing and Ultros will annoy. As soon as the
    comical squid is, comically, about to drop the comical anvil on Celes' head
    (the comedy!), open the door to the left with a lever to the right and enter
    the rafters of the Opera. There are rat formations here, and they all contain
    Vermin and Sewer Rat. Although it's said you can get by without fighting a
    single battle, this is pretty darn hard, and you want to battle and clear one 
    group anyway. You foil Ultros' plan, proceed to beat him up and get the 
    Blackjack for your troubles. 
     [ ] Bug
     [ ] ChickenLip
     [ ] WeedFeeder
     [ ] Joker
     [ ] Ralph
     [ ] Wyvern
    A new Overworld location! Next to FossilFang (go clear the Rage if you haven't 
    already), you can encounter Bug in the desert, ChickenLip in the forest, and 
    WeedFeeder, Ralph, Joker and Wyvern on the plains. Go around collecting 
    treasure and enter Vector. 
     [ ] Garm
     [ ] Commando
     [ ] Pipsqueak
     [ ] Flan
     [ ] Trapper
     [ ] General
     [ ] Gobbler 
     [ ] Rhinox
    Sneak into the MagiTek Research Facility. In the first few rooms there's
    nothing but Garm, Commando and Pipsqueak to be found. ProtoArmor as well, but 
    as you are reading this guide I assume you know how this thing has no Rage. 
    When you drop into the pit where Ifrit and Shiva were thrown in, you can fight 
    Flan. Get the new Espers and continue up the stairs. On these stairs you can 
    clear Trapper and General. In the room on the top of the stairs, there's 
    Gobbler and Rhinox. Clear them and continue to watch some cutscenes.
     [ ] Mag Roader (purple)
     [ ] Mag Roader (red)
    When you've ridden the elevator, go use the Save Point.  Talk to Cid and he'll
    push you into a mine cart. Several battles will pop up. If they're all big, 
    purple Mag Roader go reset the game and change the leader of your party. Try 
    until you also find a small red Mag Roader. Do the boss battle and you're 
    outside again. 
     [ ] Chaser
    Fight Chaser before Setzer picks you up, and you get another shot at Trapper 
    as well. You flee and Kefka tries to stop you using Cranes, which turns out to
    be a complete waste of everybody's time. Tragic daddy issues rule the day when
    you have a chat with Terra, but you're rewarded with control over the 
     [ ] Intangir
     [ ] Grenade
     [ ] Baskervor
     [ ] Cephaler
     [ ] Chimera
    Go to the triangle-shaped island. You will sometimes, among the Leafers and
    Dark Wind birds, meet an Intangir here, an invisible monster. If you want to
    kill it, use Gau's Rhodox Rage (Snare kills it without allowing its omni-counter
    Meteo). If you lack the Rhodox Rage, simply run from the vanished fiend.
    In a forest west of the Veldt, only two monsters appear: Bomb (en masse) and
    Grenade. The latter is basically a black Bomb which Rage you'll want to clear
    for purposes which include the word 'complete'. 
    Travel to the last continent you haven't been on. On this piece of the 
    Overworld Map, clear Baskervor on the plains and Cephaler and Chimera in the 
    forests. And just like that, it's time for yet another...
    *Veldt moment three*
     [ ] Apparite
     [ ] Coelecite
     [ ] Lich
     [ ] Zombone
     [ ] Ing
    Dive head-first into the Cave of the Sealed Gate. It's near the Sealed Gate.
    In the very first room, you can fight Apparite, Coelecite and Lich monsters. 
    Be sure to equip Wall Rings in this stage of the game as Lich will burn you 
    badly otherwise. In the other rooms there's just Zombone and Ing. You can 
    push a button to fight a Ninja, but this won't clear the Rage as it's not a 
    valid monster formation for the Veldt. 
     [ ] Sp Forces
    Esper Rampage and Imperial Apologies: The diplomacy-related part of the game
    now. Be sure to answer like a polite young man would, and be sure to pick a 
    fight with the Imperial Officers like a complete idiot would. They're Sp Force
    enemies, and you clear their Rage. Not much else going on after that, so get 
    Terra and Locke on their boat-ride. 
     [ ] Balloon
    You do some stuff that's pretty obvious until you sleep at the Inn and a house
    presumably sets itself on fire using fire. Seeing as how you are intelligent,
    sane people, you get into the collapsing house to fight the fire using 
    weapons. You're bound to run into at least one wandering flame which will 
    trigger a battle with Balloons. Even if you somehow manage to elude them all, 
    you'll still open a door which turns out to be filled with four of them, so no
    Boss Battle! While the FlameEater can summon both Balloon monsters and a 
    solitary Grenade, this is not a valid monster formation, and it won't make
    either monster appear on the Veldt. 
     [ ] Slurm
     [ ] Adamanchyt
     [ ] Abolisher
     [ ] Mandrake
     [ ] Insecare
    With Strago, and later with Relm, you explore the spontaneously appeared new
    cave dungeon. There's Slurm and Adamanchyt in the caves, and Abolisher, 
    Mandrake and Insecare on the slopes. Another Ultros fight, you meet the 
    Espers, everything goes exactly how it wasn't planned and a continent is sent
     [ ] Sky Armor
     [ ] Spit Fire
    Obviously, you go into hot pursuit. On the way there you are stalked by men
    in flying armor, and you clear the Rages of Sky Armor and Spit Fire. Another
    Ultros battle, and an Air Force battle, and finally you're where you wanted
    to be.  
     [ ] Dragon
     [ ] Ninja
     [ ] Apokryphos
     [ ] Brainpan
     [ ] Misfit
     [ ] Wirey Drgn
     [ ] Behemoth
     [ ] Gigantos
    The Floating Continent houses a massive array of new monsters, all with their
    own Rage. The monsters here include Dragon, Ninja, Apokryphos, Brainpan, 
    Misfit, Wirey Drgn, Behemoth and the monster-in-a-chest Gigantos (chests on
    the Floating Continent are blue orbs in the wall). When you are asked if you
    want to exit the Continent and jump down on the Blackjack, please do. The
    reward is a
    *Veldt moment four*
    Now travel back again. Like most storyline events, you are completely unable
    to do anything even remotely useful and the world is destroyed. 
     [ ] Peeper
     [ ] EarthGuard
     [ ] Black Drgn
    Celes wakes up on a solitary island. You control the life of Cid for a while,
    but what's more: you can clear your first WoR Rages! Peepers on the main land,
    and EarthGuard and Black Drgn in the desert. The last requires an Amulet or 
    Ribbon from Celes' side to prevent a Game Over. Take the raft to the main 
    land and you've done the WoR prologue.
     [ ] Lunaris
     [ ] Osprey
     [ ] Gigan Toad
     [ ] Chitonid
     [ ] Mesosaur
     [ ] Gilomantis
    On the main land, there are Lunaris and Osprey on the green patches, and Gigan
    Toad and Chitonid on the grey ones. Mesosaur lives in the forests (although
    you might see some outside of it) and Gilomantis lives more to the north-east
    of this continent. Enter Tzen. 
     [ ] Scorpion
     [ ] HermitCrab
     [ ] Pm Stalker
    Sabin is holding up a house and can barely last for much longer, so you go in. 
    Inside there are Scorpion and HermitCrab to be fought, and very rarely a Pm
    Stalker. It's better to open chests until you fight a formation of four Pm
    Stalker, though. To be sure, and all. Get the kid, get out, get Sabin, and get
    Jiggy with it.
     [ ] Delta Bug
     [ ] Lizard
     [ ] Buffalax
     [ ] Bloompire
    Crossing the bridge to the east of Tzen, you're now walking on the Serpent 
    Trench. On it there are new monsters. There's Delta Bug, Lizard and Buffalax,
    and in the forests you have a good shot at finding Bloompire monsters. Take
    a look in Mobliz, do your stuff, and leave again. On to Nikeah, the city of
    your hopes and dreams.
     [ ] Nohrabbit
     [ ] Sand Horse
     [ ] Maliga
     [ ] Latimeria
    You get a ferry to a new continent (yet again). On it there are Nohrabbit on
    the fields, Sand Horse and Maliga in the desert, and Latimeria in the forests.
    Clear them all, talk to Gerad in South Figaro and enter the Cave of Figaro 
    which has had its final makeover in this game.
     [ ] Humpty
     [ ] NeckHunter
     [ ] Cruller
     [ ] Dante
     [ ] Drop
    Inside you can clear Humpty, NeckHunter, Cruller and Dante. Proceed to and
    through the castle until you reach the engine room. Linger before you talk to
    Gerad, there are Drop monsters here which are rare and elusive and all. After
    you've found those, do battle and ship Figaro Castle to the Kohlingen 
     [ ] Muus
     [ ] Bogy
     [ ] Harpiai
     [ ] Deep Eye
    Get Setzer from the Kohlingen Pub and explore the new continent with a new
    four-headed team. There are Muus on the plains, Bogy to the north (this is
    also where the Colloseum is), Harpiai and Deep Eye in the forests and Black
    Drgn in the desert. You already could fight the last one, but you were just
    plain single Celes then who might've been afraid. Now's your chance if you
    didn't fight him earlier. 
     [ ] Orog
     [ ] Osteosaur
     [ ] Exoray
     [ ] Mad Oscar
     [ ] PowerDemon
    Enter the Tomb! In the first room there's Orog and Osteosaur, and in this room
    only. When you've fought them, proceed. From here onwards you'll meet nothing
    but Exoray, Mad Oscar and PowerDemon. Finish the Tomb quest and you're
    airborne now.
     [ ] Cactrot
     [ ] Hoover
     [ ] Crawler
     [ ] Reach Frog
     [ ] Geckorex
     [ ] Sprinter
     [ ] Spek Tor
     [ ] Mantodea
    You automatically fly to Maranda. Land here and go fight. In the desert there
    are two monsters: Cactrot and Hoover. Kill the Cactrot using Dice and run away
    from the Hoover for now (you just cleared the Rage). On the plains, there are
    Crawler for a while until you reach Jidoor. There's Reach Frog, Geckorex,
    Sprinter, Spek Tor and Mantodea now. Back to the airship!
     [ ] Harpy
     [ ] GloomShell
     [ ] Prussian
     [ ] TumbleWeed
     [ ] Tyranosaur
     [ ] Brachosaur
    Fly to the continent in the south-east part of the map. Land to fight Harpy, 
    GloomShell and Prussian. Back up in the airship. To the last unvisited 
    continent with new Rage monsters: the one north of the Veldt (you'll 
    recognize the Veldt). Fight TumbleWeed, Sprinter and Spek Tor. Save up and
    go for the forest. Use Smoke Bombs to run. You’ll encounter Tyranosaur and
    very rarely Brachosaur. You may want to come back later to unlock these if
    your level if higher. 
     [ ] NightShade
    Head to Jidoor, then enter the big mansion up north. Examine the flower
    painting to fight NightShade enemies! This detour is just so you’ll easily
    encounter NightShade on the Veldt during the next Veldt moment. 
    Off to recruit Gau! But you're with four characters, right? How can you lose
    a character? Normally you'd just talk to another character, but that's not an 
    option. On the first continent you arrived on, there's a massive mountain 
    formation on the north part. There's a little hole in it. Fly the Falcon over 
    it and have your characters divide. Use either the Crane or a Warp spell/Warp
    Stone to get out again and you'll be just Setzer now, piloting the Falcon. Go
    below deck to get yourself a party of three and go to the Veldt. Find Gau, but
    before you have another Veldt moment, let's take a look in the cave. 
     [ ] Toe Cutter
     [ ] Rhyos
     [ ] SrBehemoth
    To the Veldt now, but hold off getting Gau for now: enter the Cave on the 
    Veldt. You'll fight more Toe Cutter monsters then you'll ever want to, but
    be sure to stick around until you've found yourself a Rhyos. Seeing as how 
    Allo Ver won't clear anything for you, do whatever and find Shadow/Relm. Fight
    the boss battle (which will clear a Rage for you!) and you'll find yourself in 
    Thamasa. Anyway, now you've cleared what just may be the most important Veldt
    monster formation in the game, I guess I can allow...
    *Veldt moment five* 
    Having found Gau, there are multiple side-quests open to you. Each side-quest
    will give you some good Rages I may suggest in other side-quest boss battles. 
    Now that you have a BehemothSuit, I suggest the first thing you do is
    obtaining a Snow Muffler and other items you may pull from the Colloseum. If
    it was Shadow you found in the Cave of the Veldt you should recruit him here
    by betting a Striker. 
     [ ] Borras
     [ ] Punisher
     [ ] Ursus
     [ ] Scrapper
     [ ] Luridan
    Complete the Mt. Zozo quest. Doing so should clear Borras, Punisher, Ursus
    (inside) and Scrapper and Luridan (outside).
     [ ] Dahling
     [ ] SoulDancer
     [ ] Wild Cat
     [ ] Crusher
     [ ] Vindr
     [ ] StillLife
    Go to Owzer's Mansion in Jidoor. I have told you to fight NightShade earlier.
    Other cleared Rages include: Dahling, SoulDancer, Wild Cat, Crusher, Vindr 
    and StillLife.
     [ ] Red Wolf
     [ ] Nastidon
     [ ] Test Rider
     [ ] Wizard
     [ ] Psychot
     [ ] Mag Roader (yellow)
     [ ] Mag Roader (brown)
    Go to Narshe and clear Red Wolf, Nastidon and Test Rider in the town. Take the
    hidden path you took in the Edgar scenario and you'll find Wizard and Psychot
    in the mines (and in the first room two new kinds of Mag Roader). Find Mog and
    pull the Moogle Charm from the place he was standing on. Get out and now enter
    the mines north of Narshe. You'll meet and clear two new kinds of Mag Roader
    here, a big yellow one and a small brown one, but only if you haven't already.
    Proceed to the Ice Dragon and Tritoch. Beat them both and jump down into the
    new Umaro dungeon.
     [ ] Ceritops
     [ ] Poppers
     [ ] Kiwok
     [ ] Pug
     [ ] Tomb Thumb
    You can open a chest for monster-in-a-box fight with three Pugs. While you
    clear their Rage you can never actually get it from the Veldt. Other Rages 
    include Ceritops, Poppers, Kiwok and Pug. The last one is extremely rare, but
    keep trying until you meet him. In the room where you fight Umaro, Tomb Thumb
    can be found. 
     [ ] Magic Urn
     [ ] White Drgn
    Fly to the tower surrounded by mountains you couldn't reach earlier. Bring Mog 
    and Relm. Relm will unlock Strago, and Mog with the Moogle Charm should
    make your life a little easier while climbing this tower. Loot it. In the Air
    Anchor room (hit the invisible switch to the right of the first chest you
    encounter, then go out to see a new door), take the Moogle Charm off; you will
    only meet Magic Urn here, which have a Rage to clear. Do *not* take the Gem Box
    from the chest on the very top. To be more precise, don't stand in front of the
    chest, as even that will trigger a MagiMaster battle which you probably don't
    want right now. Find the White Drgn and defeat it. You just cleared its Rage.
    When you're done, leave.
     [ ] Karkass
     [ ] Tap Dancer
     [ ] Covert
     [ ] Ogor
     [ ] Wart Puck
     [ ] Woolly
    Now it's time to head to the Triangle Island. The Intangir are gone, but Zone
    Eater will be more then willing to annoy you. While they have no Rage (which
    is a sad fact given their respectable elemental properties), they will suck
    you into a new dungeon. Monsters you fight here are Karkass, Tap Dancer,
    Covert, Ogor, Wart Puck and the highly rare yet extremely useful Woolly.
    Get Gogo for his Steal and Rage abilities and get out. 
    It's been a while, so might as well make some room for
    *Veldt moment six* 
     [ ] Critic
     [ ] Pan Dore
     [ ] Allosaurus
     [ ] Parasite
     [ ] Barb-E
     [ ] Suriander
     [ ] Rain Man
     [ ] Samurai
     [ ] PlutoArmor
     [ ] Sky Cap
     [ ] Io
    Take Cyan to Doma and spend the night there with a four-headed party. Cyan 
    won't wake up and you'll leap into his soul. And an LSD-induced experience it
    turns out to be. In the first dungeon, fight Critic, Pan Dora, Allosaurus and 
    Parasite. Fight the brothers and proceed. On the train you'll find Rain Man, 
    Barb-E, Suriander and Samurai. Proceed and you'll find yourself in MagiTek 
    armor! Fight PlutoArmor, Sky Cap and the elusive yet nifty Io here, all to 
    clear those Rages. Fight through the rest of the scenario without any new
     [ ] Enuo
     [ ] Goblin
     [ ] Figaliz
     [ ] Lethal Wpn
     [ ] Boxed Set
    Take Figaro Castle to the other side, and you'll get stuck! Exit and explore.
    In the underwater dungeon, there's Enuo, Goblin and Figaliz to fight. Proceed
    to the Ancient Castle. In here Lethal Wpn and Boxed Set will fight you. Do
    your stuff and leave. 
     [ ] Eland
     [ ] Cluck
     [ ] Warlock
     [ ] Slatter
     [ ] Displayer
     [ ] Hipocampus
     [ ] Opinicus
    Take Strago and Relm to Thamasa and you'll get to see a cutscene which will 
    open a new dungeon. It seems Strago has a tendency to change the Overworld
    Map, not unlike Kekfa. In here, fight until you have cleared Eland, Cluck,
    Warlock, Slatter, Displayer, Hipocampus and Opinicus. Slatter and Cluck will
    appear more often in the first room of this dungeon, so fight some battles
    there if you're having trouble finding them. 
     [ ] Aquila
     [ ] Chaos Drgn
     [ ] Trixter
     [ ] Necromancr
     [ ] Phase
     [ ] Parasoul
     [ ] Sea Flower
     [ ] Uroburos
    Having obtained all characters but Locke, dive into the Phoenix Cave. You can 
    fight a large array of monsters here, and most of them absorb fire. The 
    to-be-cleared Rages are Aquila, Chaos Drgn, Trixter, Necromancr, Phase, 
    Parasoul, Sea Flower and Uroburos. You find Locke and you're all set to go. 
     [ ] Vectaur
     [ ] GtBehemoth
     [ ] Evil Oscar
     [ ] Brontaur
     [ ] Land Worm
     [ ] Doom Drgn
     [ ] Vectagoyle
     [ ] Outsider
     [ ] Didalos
     [ ] Mover
     [ ] Madam
     [ ] Hemophyte
     [ ] Retainer
     [ ] Steroidite
     [ ] IronHitman
     [ ] Veteran
     [ ] Dark Force
     [ ] Dueller
     [ ] Fortis
     [ ] Sky Base
     [ ] Scullion
     [ ] Innoc
     [ ] Junk
    At the end, the Final Dungeon. A lot of strong monsters with generally 
    impressive Rages. Among the rubble, you'll find Vectaur, GtBehemoth, 
    Evil Oscar, Brontaur, Land Worm, Doom Drgn, and Vectagoyle. The Imperial, 
    metal-like parts of the dungeon contain Outsider, Didalos, Mover, Madam, 
    Hemophyte, Retainer, Steroidite, IronHitman, Veteran, Dark Force, Dueller, 
    Fortis, Sky Base, Scullion, Innoc and Junk. Just fight a few battles in 
    every room you come and you'll see them all. When you're almost at Kefka's, 
    warp out and take your final Veldt moment:
    *Veldt moment seven* 
    You now have cleared all Rages excluding Siegfried, Chupon and Allo Ver, and
    can meet all of them on the Veldt. Complete your Rage list and smash the game.
      7.2     Rage walkthrough notes for an LLG
    All Rages that can normally be acquired can also be acquired in a Low Level
    Game, but it may require some out-of-the-box thinking. 
    Pick a fight with one of the stationary MagiTek Armors in South Figaro during
    Locke’s scenario. If you lose the fight, you’ll respawn without a Game Over.
      Fidor, Bounty Man, Rider, Trooper & HeavyArmor
    Engage a soldier while trying to protect Banon in the corresponding battle 
    sequence. Die. You'll have cleared the monster formation, but you won't receive 
    a Game Over since your team will respawn near Banon with 1 HP across the board. 
    Brown soldiers may spawn Fidor, Trooper and HeavyArmor, green soldiers may spawn
    Bounty Man and Trooper, and the brown soldier racing in front of Kefka will 
    always spawn Rider. 
      Sewer Rat, Vermin
    Engage in a battle on the rafters of the Opera House and lose on purpose. You'll
    be kicked out of the Opera House but won't receive a Game Over; it's not until 
    you mess up four times you'll get one of those. 
      Mag Roader (red)
    Consult Novalia Spirit's excellent Mag Roader guide for more information on 
    this one. Find it at:
    For the lowest amount of exp, you'll want to meet purple Mag Roaders only, 
    so in a perfect LLG, no red Mag Roaders for you.
      Sp Forces
    Engage in a battle during the Imperial Banquet. Let the timer run out; you'll 
    have cleared the Rage but you won't gain any experience points. Also, you get no
    props for battling them like you usually do, so no Charm Bangle for you in this 
    You spawn this guy from a Floating Continent orb, and once the battle starts
    you can’t run. You must cast Muddle on a character about to use a Magicite item 
    or Setzer about to execute the random summon effect from the BAR-BAR-BAR Slot 
    combination when Gigantos is about to die from the Poison status ailment. If 
    Palidor is summoned by the confused character, and Gigantos dies while in the 
    air, you won't gain Exp. Good luck!
    Encounter the Ninja, Ninja, Wirey Drgn monster formation on the Floating 
    Continent, a mere 1/64 chance. Kill the Ninjas, then run before killing the 
    Wirey Drgn. 
    Set Poison on it. Seizure also works, but Poison is the easiest. Now, make sure 
    it has very little HP and dies on the next turn (from the ailment). Have someone
    cast Palidor and muddle the caster so he makes Rhyos jump. If it dies in 
    mid-air, you won't get any experience and you'll have cleared the Rage.
    Encounter the Phase, Parasoul, Necromancr, Necromancr monster formation, kill
    the Phase, run.
    Will always be encountered with another monster, either Ogor or Tap Dancer.
    Kill the Covert, then run. 
    Kill it and run, as it can only be encountered with Vectaur and Evil Oscar.
      Land Worm
    Utilize the same bug as used by Rhyos. Condemned also works in this case.
      8.0 Unobtainable Rages and other oddities
    Table of Contents:
     8.1	Allo Ver
     8.2	Siegfried
     8.3	Chupon
     8.4	Marshal
     8.5	White Drgn
     8.6	Pugs
     8.7	ProtoArmor
    There are three Rages that Gau has a place for in his Rage list that you can 
    never obtain. These three are Allo Ver, Siegfried and Chupon. The causes are
    explained below. There are other oddities as well: White Drgn and Marshal are
    two bosses that appear on the Veldt and have a Rage. Pugs and ProtoArmor appear
    on the Veldt, but have no Rage. 
    Not all enemies that appear randomly in dungeons or on the World Map appear 
    on the Veldt. Randomly appearing enemies that have no Rage and do not appear
    on the Veldt are:
    All L. ## Magic enemies from the Fanatics Tower
    Mega Armor
    Zone Eater
      8.1     Allo Ver
    All that's wrong here is a formation mix-up; formation 515 was used instead of 
    126.  So what's the problem here?  Well, 515 is not a formation that can
    appear on the Veldt, and you can only encounter Allo Ver once, which means 
    Allo Ver is never an available Rage. Also, #515 doesn't give Magic Points, as 
    it is incapable of doing so, so the bug also keeps you from your much 
    lusted-after Magic Point. Allo Ver, being undead, would have given you the 
    usual Undead attribute, weakness against Fire and Pearl and absorbing of 
    Poison-elemental attacks. The listed second move was Quake. 
      8.2     Siegfried
    First off, there are two Siegfried monsters. The one in formation # 479 is the 
    one you fight in the Phantom Train. This battle formation doesn't show up on 
    the Veldt, as it only contains the weak Siegfried which does not have a Rage. 
    However, there is also another Siegfried. The strong version which appears on 
    the Colloseum and one of the only true challenges there. You never fight this 
    monster outside of the Coliseum, so even though this Siegfried has a Rage you 
    can never get it as Colloseum battles don't count as far as the Veldt concerns. 
    There's evidence the game designers definitely wanted you to fight him at some 
    point in the game (battle text was programmed already), but it was never 
    completed and this Rage isn't accessible. Death protection and a Flare spell 
    aside, this monster has eight elemental weaknesses and wouldn't have been that 
    good anyway, unless paired with a Paladin Shld. 
      8.3     Chupon
    Almost the same story as with Siegfried. There is a weaker Chupon out there 
    which you fight in a normal battle (he's together with Ultros, as you should 
    know). There's a stronger version in the Colloseum which you fight there and 
    there alone. There isn't anything in the game which indicates that this 
    Chupon would have ever appeared in a normal battle (his job is at the 
    Coliseum, preventing you from betting cheap items), so if anything this would
    probably be a mix-up not unlike what happened to White Drgn. The Rage would
    have included W Wind. People often wonder if it's perhaps Sneeze, but that 
    would simply have been too cheap (it wouldn't have worked in boss battles, by
    the way, as you can not set 'Hide' on a monster in a monster formation which
    doesn't allow you to run yourself). 
      8.4     Marshal
    Together with White Drgn and SrBehemoth, this is the only boss that appears on 
    the Veldt. The Marshal is the leader of the Narshe Guards, and you kill him in 
    the very start of the game. Unlike White Drgn nobody goes around claiming this 
    guy shouldn't be on the Veldt period, but it doesn't make sense from a story-
    line point of view, and it's still one of the three bosses in the game that 
    appears on the Veldt, so I list it here. And Wind Slash is still the best 
    multi-target spell Gau can produce in a WoB Rage, so no whining has been 
    detected so far. 
      8.5     White Drgn
    White Drgn is Rage # 37. Its existence in that specific place in the list has 
    been debated quite a lot. That's because unlike his seven partners in crime, 
    the White Drgn can appear on the Veldt and has a Rage. There is no logical 
    explanation for this whatsoever. You cannot partly break the Dragon Seal 
    without killing the unique White Drgn, so there is no narrative excuse for 
    this baby to appear on the Veldt. Yes, measures have been taken to minimize 
    the damage here. White Drgn doesn't just drop his special item like the other 
    dragons, but it's given to you after the battle in the Fanatics Tower. But 
    quite a few people, including me, are convinced this dragon has no business 
    on the Veldt. Regardless, you can get this Rage, and since it's a rather good 
    one - Death protection, Pearl, Pearl-element absorption - nobody's complaining 
    all too loudly.
      8.6     Pugs
    Ah, Pugs. Monster # 255, thus the 256th monster (00 counts as one, you work it 
    out). While this monster in fact has a Rage, the menu needs an 'Empty' slot
    for the game to work properly and this 256th slot remains empty. You can meet
    the Pugs monster formation on the Veldt, and you actually *do* get their Rage
    once you have Leapt them, but as it is unselectable under any circumstance 
    (including Muddle/Charm or Berserk) these guys have no reason to be on the 
    Veldt but to provide you with a potentially unlimited amount of Minerva 
    armors, even though you'll never need more than two. 
      8.7     ProtoArmor
    ProtoArmor, like Pugs, appears on the Veldt. The monster formation with two 
    ProtoArmors doesn't, but there is a monster formation where it is paired up 
    with two Pipsqueak monsters. ProtoArmor does not have a Rage, and no matter 
    how many times you try to Leap on it and learn its Rage, Gau will always come 
    back without a ProtoArmor Rage. It simply doesn't belong on the Veldt. Take 
    comfort in the fact that seeing as how all other machine-related Rages suck, 
    it probably wouldn't have given you anything but Schiller or Tek Laser had it 
    made the final cut :)
      9.0 Gogo
    It's tempting to think about Gau only when doing a Rage Guide. After all, he's 
    the embodiment of Rage, he's the only one who can Leap, has no other skills 
    besides that, etc. But there's another character who can use Rage, and if you 
    didn't know that is Gogo then you need to be smacked over the head with a 
    rolled up New York Times. 
    Differences between Gau and Gogo are statistic-wise or equipment wise:
    Statistic:    Gau    Gogo    Gau, n.u.e.*  Gogo, n.u.e.**
    Vigor         44     25       48             32
    Speed         38     30       41             37
    Stamina       36     20       38             27
    Magic Power   34     26       34             45
    Battle Power  99     13       99            181
    Defense       44     39      250            202
    Magic Defense 34     25      191            172
    MBlock        18      6       36             86
    *   Normally Ultimate Equipment: Genji Shld, Red Cap, Snow Muffler
    **  Normally Ultimate Equipment: Magus Rod, Paladin Shld, Genji Hlmt, Tao Robe
    As you can see , I put the Paladin Shld on Gogo to make up for the lack of any 
    kind of worthwhile stats. The reason of this is to see where Gogo could 
    possibly outshine Gau when it comes to Rage. Vigor is still severely lacking, 
    and with Gau easily reaching 255 in Battle Power with the Merit Award, it's 
    obvious that Gogo will never quite use the !Catscratch like Gau will. Speed is 
    comparable yet slightly less with Gogo. Stamina, for all what that's worth, 
    is much less. But then we reach the statistic Magic Power. 
    Magic Power is naturally higher on Gau, but he develops himself physically
    with his equipment, where Gogo is compatible with all sorts of magic-boosting
    armor. Even without the Paladin Shld he'll outshine Gau here, and I chose the 
    Genji Hlmt over the Magus Hat here (the latter could've added 5 more to the 
    Magic Power stat, bringing it to a very respectable 50, which is higher than 
    equipment-less Relm). 
    Battle Power is much higher here, because Gogo can equip weapons where Gau 
    cannot. However, this is easily remedied with a Merit Award. In the Anthology 
    version, Gogo beats Gau when it comes to physical hits (see the Anthology 
    Defenses, both physical and magical are lacking compared to Gau. Gogo is the 
    defensive WORST in this game, where Gau is the best because of the Snow 
    Muffler. You see that Gau wants a Merit Award for offensive; Gogo needs one 
    for defense.
    But Mblock...even with as many non-Merit Award Mblock-boosting equipment as 
    possible, Gau will never equal Gogo in that aspect; Gau has the tank-ability 
    going for him. He has 255 Defense, and physical hits are one of those things a 
    Rage can't really protect you against. A strategy that relies on that 255 
    Defense will be wasted on Gogo as he'll take massive poundings from Honed
    Tusk, Crush and Havoc Wing. On the other hand, Gogo beats Gau with evasive
    maneuvers. Gau stands fairly powerless against a Charm spell; Gogo can simply 
    avoid it in most cases. Also, strong spells such as Land Slide, Meteo and
    Shock will hurt a lot more coming from Gogo in this set-up.
    As far as physical attacks go, it depends on the version you're playing. A 
    SNES game favors Gau over Gogo because of the Merit Award, an Anthology
    version will favor Gogo over Gau. Remember, Gogo can attach six elements 
    (Fire, Ice, Bolt, Poison, Pearl, Earth) with corresponding random spell 
    casting to his Battle attack, and do twice the amount of damage to human 
    targets with the Man Eater, all without the Merit Award. Granted, the Air 
    Lancer has the Wind element, but even doubled it won't reach the power of a 
    non-super effective Pearl Rod. 
      10.0 Best practices; cheaper than off-brand Sabor de Soledad cheese puffs
    Table of Contents:
    10.1	Wind Gods
    10.2	Rage and Run
    10.3	Best Rages in the World of Balance
    10.4	Best Rages in the World of Ruin
      10.1     Wind Gods
    Wind God Gau is the demon child of a simple overlook from Square. The Wind God
    is unique to the SNES game because it requires equipping the Tempest weapon
    in tandem with the Merit Award on Gau. Here’s how it works. 
    The Tempest has a 50% chance of nullifying the damage done by a physical strike
    and casting a Wind Slash attack on all opponents. This can even happen if the
    physical strike misses. Normally, Wind Slash is a humble 48 Base Power magical
    attack. However, the 50% Wind Slash may also appear when Gau or Gogo uses a
    Special Attack through Rage, and damage bonuses applied normally to physical
    damage instead applies to Wind Slash. The strongest Special a Rager can use is
    !Catscratch, which quadruples the power of the attack, making Wind Slash a 192 
    Base Power attack. When teamed up with the Offering, this will produce four 
    attacks of that 192 Base Power Wind Slash 50 % of the time. That's pretty 
    close to four times Crusader at the enemy party only at NO MP cost whatsoever. 
    The only downside of the Wind God is that it is, in fact, a Wind God.
    Monsters that are immune to Wind include Flan, Ifrit, Io, Muus, Naughty, Nerapa,
    Shiva, Tritoch and Zone Eater; monsters who absorbs this element include Atma,
    Evil Oscar, Girl (The angel head from Tier 3), Hidonite (Bottom left), 
    Intangir, L.90 Magic, Larry, Magic Urn, Poltrgeist, Storm Drgn and Woolly.
    Final note: During a Wind God Wind Slash with the Offering, don't be surprised
    if the all-targets hitting Wind Slash suddenly skips some targets. After the 
    physical strike has been rendered ineffective, the Wind Slash will only target 
    those monsters that haven't been defeated yet. The monsters won't go until you 
    completed all four hits, so should you use the Wind Slash against a group of 
    four monsters, and the first hit kills one already, the next Wind Slash will 
    only target the other three. When all monsters are dead the Wind Slash
    animation won't show up at all, only the ineffective physical strike. 
      10.2     Rage & Run
    Rage & Run is a technique that might not be the most fun way of dealing with 
    some bosses, but rather essential when playing self-imposed rule games such as 
    a Single Character Challenge or a Low Level Game. Rage & Run means exactly
    that what it says: you pick a Rage and start running. Why will this help you?
    Some bosses will cast spells you can protect against when they are at maximum
    HP, but start using Meteor or something along those lines when they reach 
    certain low amounts of HP. In a game where Gau is only level 10, this is both
    unavoidable and deadly. After picking a Rage, for instance Magic Urn, you gain
    status protection and elemental attributes of that Rage...but you don't
    actually damage the opponent as you are running as opposed to attacking. After
    the boss has drained its own MP so he cannot cast the feared spells, you can 
    stop running and start hurting. 
      10.3     Best Rages in the World of Balance
    The following Rages are presented in Chronological order. 
      Casts Stone, inherent Berserk
    Auto-Berserk is a good thing, but Stone is equally awesome. Not only is it 
    the only non-elemental magical attack Gau will perform until after the 
    Floating Continent, it muddles everything it hits (unless protected against 
    said status) and will do 7.5 times the damage (!) when the caster's level and 
    target's level are identical. Note that due to the equal amounts of Magic Power
    they possess, Gau will make as good a Stoner as Strago ever was. Which reminds
    me about that time Gau and Strago went to White Castle. 
      Casts Bolt 2, weakness against Pearl
    Hazer is not Undead, contrary to popular belief. It doesn't make sense, I
    know. It just makes this Rage a little better. Bolt2 hits hard throughout the
    WoB, and it hits significantly hard before everybody else can touch it. Gets
    bonus points for being extremely useful in an LLG. Hazer becomes mostly
    obsolete by the time you obtain Aspik, but it’s a nice Rage to utilize until
    then, especially against a Veldt-roaming Telstar.
      Casts Wind Slash, weakness against Poison
    Wind Slash is a strong multi-target attack throughout the WoB, is the strongest
    multi-target attack when you get Gau right away and is simply illegally 
    effective against the Imperial Air Force. 
      Casts Snare
    While Bleary uses Doom and Commander uses Break, there's no instant-death 
    spell quite like Snare. It looks pretty nifty (especially when used on a 
    large creature), checks fewer immunities than Break, stalls final spells for
    one turn, and it's more accurate than Doom. Generally hailed as the ultimate
    Intangir-Slayer, and not without reason. 
      Stray Cat
      Uses !Catscratch
    No Death protection. No elemental absorbing. No status protection worthy of 
    mention. No positive statuses whatsoever. What the hell is a normal Battle and
    Special WoB critter doing in the Legendary Tactics section? Stray Cat has a 
    Special for a Rage, you see. The Special is called !Catscratch, and it's the 
    strongest Special you'll see in the game performed by Gau. Many an
    inexperienced player clings to this Rage as he can remember at least a single 
    Rage and what it does, and it seems to work brilliantly. You'll even find it 
    here fairly often, as combined with the Merit Award and the right choice for 
    weapon; it can exceed any magical attack. It's also a vital part of the Wind 
    God, as it will make the Wind Slash attack reach 192 as opposed to the 
    second-best from Gold Bear, which would make for a 120 one. That's an
    Alexander as opposed to a focused Crusader.
    The Stray Cat Rage is what you’ll want to use in tandem with the Merit Award
    to gain both the Wind God and other weapon-based shenanigans. 
      Casts Fire 2, inherent Safe, weakness to Poison
    Alternate Hazer/SlamDancer here, with a Fire-element this time. Are you a
    man? Do you have man’s needs, such as hiking and beer? Do you buy body wash
    for men as opposed to unisex body wash? Then Templar is the Rage for you.
    It burns your enemies to a crisp with Fire 2 and features inherent Safe for
    your sensitive skin. 
      Casts Bio, weakness to Fire, absorbs Water
    Trilium can be picked up when you first encounter Gau, and features the
    Bio spell that deals super-effective damage to everything in Zozo. If you
    plan on taking Gau sight-seeing in the rainy city, Trilium is the Rage4You.
      Uses !Numblade, weakness against Lightning
    This Rage becomes obsolete once you learn the Stop spell, but several bosses
    are vulnerable to this status before you do so. Rider, Narshe Kefka, Dadaluma,
    and Opera House Ultros are all vulnerable to the ailment, which makes 
    Primordite a valuable asset in those fights. 
      Vector Pup
      Uses !Bite, inherent Haste, weakness against Fire
    When your level is decent !Catscratch may be overkill, and while !Bite won't hit
    nearly as hard, there's still an auto-Haste to consider. So if you're sick of 
    that !Catscratch graphic you can...do something entirely non-Vector Pup as !Bite
    shares the graphic :(
      Casts Aqua Rake, weakness to Lightning, absorbs Water
    For the price of traveling back to the Veldt prior to the Opera House sequence,
    Gau can pick up Anguiform so he has a 50% chance of performing Aqua Rake on
    the Southern Continent. Aqua Rake completely destroys anything in the MagiTek
    Facility and is a superior offensive Rage in other situations as well. 
      Casts Giga Volt, inherent Float, weakness to Fire, absorbs Water
    Aspik is one of the first enemies you see after you leave the Veldt for the 
    first time, which makes it necessary to make a special Veldt Trip for this 
    Rage. It's all worth it, though. Giga Volt is the strongest single-target 
    magical ability usable through a Rage in the World of Balance, and it's 
    pretty impressive. Giga Volt can target both all targets and a single one. 
    Has inherent Dark status but due to Dark immunity you'll never notice. 
      Casts Magnitude8, weakness to Poison, absorbs Earth
    Magnitude8 is a more powerful MT attack than Aqua Rake when cast versus
    suitable targets, but beware Floating monsters since they’re immune. 
      Casts Quake, weakness to Ice
    The ChickenLip Rage and its Quake spell can be an extremely powerful addition
    to your team, but you’ll have to be careful. Quake is a barrier-piercing Earth-
    elemental spell that hits both opponents and allies alike. All non-Floating
    targets on the battlefield are hit. Make sure your characters are either 
    Floating or clad in Gaia Gear. Gaia Gear characters are even healed by Quake, 
    probably to da max. 
      Casts Cyclonic, Death protection 
    Cyclonic may not be the most accurate of spells, but it destroys 93.50 % of 
    your opponents current HP. ALL the targets. As long as you make sure the 
    enemies aren't immune to instant-death attacks and you have a good follow-
    up move you'll be more than fine. 
       Casts Aqua Rake, Death protection
    Basically does the same as Anguiform, only has superior elemental attributes
    and status immunities. You can encounter this guy as soon as you get the 
    Blackjack airship.
      Casts Life3, inherent Safe, absorbs Lightning, Death protection
    Normally speaking there is no real reason to use Life3 in the World of Balance
    but Rhinox provides it anyway. It’s a unique feature and can be important in 
    certain challenge games. In a No Magic Game, this is the only way to get the
    Life 3 status. 
      Casts Pep Up, inherent Clear, Float, Haste, Safe & Shell, absorbs all 
      elements, Death protection*
    Intangir was a massive disappointment for many, I suppose. A monster that is 
    inherently invisible, has Float, Haste, Safe, Shell and Death protection, is
    immune to all status ailments and absorbs all elements. The ultimate defense 
    Rage in the game. Too bad it casts Pep Up half the time, not only killing but
    also removing Gau or Gogo from the battlefield. 
    Aside from having Gau teach Strago the Pep Up Lore, there is a way to use the
    Intangir Rage successfully. Mute Gau prior to Raging. Intangir is immune to the
    ailment, but if you cast Mute beforehand the Muted Intangir Rager cannot cast
    Pep Up. Note that due to a bug, the positive statuses won't be set if the first
    turn is the muted Pep Up attack. If the attack is the normal physical one, 
    you'll have an almost invulnerable Rager on your hands.
      Casts Meteor, weakness against Ice
    Behemoth always was a physical juggernaut in the Final Fantasy series, so why
    this Rage doesn't include the Take Down Special we'll never know. Meteor is 
    multi-target, non-elemental, barrier-piercing and you won't see it beyond the 
    Rage ability for well into the WoR. To use it in the World of Balance, you’ll
    have to leave the Floating Continent though, and it’s not particularly effective
    on the Floating Continent or against AtmaWeapon.
      Casts Water Edge, inherent Float, absorbs Poison, weakness against Lightning
      and Pearl
    The strongest multi-target Water-elemental attack in the game, inherent Float, 
    and just being a kick-ass monster; it all comes together in the Ninja Rage. 
    It's not specifically useful for anything in particular, mainly because
    there's a shortage of powerful opponents weak against Water, but it's still
    the only Item used in a Rage and I like that. It’s probably not worth leaving
    the Floating Continent. It’s slightly weaker than Aspik’s Giga Volt versus the
      10.4     Best Rages in the World of Ruin
    The following Rages are described in something of a chronological order. Since
    the World of Ruin lacks a strict order, I chose to use the order I use in my
    walkthrough, carefully selected for narrative logic and gameplay ease. 
      Deep Eye
      Casts Dread, weakness to Fire
    The Dread attack is a unique Stone-setting attack that is the only Stone-
    setting attack that does not check for Instant Death immunity. This means that 
    Dread can one-hit KO certain monsters which you can't one-hit KO in any other 
    way. The monsters in question:
    Hazer, Baskervor, Suriander, Gilomantis, Pug, Wart Puck, Vectaur, Brontaur, 
    Cephaler, Gigan Toad, Spek Tor, Latimeria, Lunaris, Nastidon, Karkass, Borras
    Trixter, Dadaluma, Tentacle x3, Hidonite, Naughty
    Brontaur, Borras and Karkass are nice, but especially Pug is a great moment
    to pick a Deep Eye Rage. Dread will instantly slay the beast, though you’ll
    still have to deal with the inevitable Step Mine counter. 
      Casts Aero, weakness to Wind, Death protection
    Aero is the second-strongest guaranteed multi-target attack Gau'll get in
    this game, not counting the Merton spell which needs some items to make it
    work. Unfortunately no special attributes which make this Rage more
    interesting, but if you're still feeling sympathetic towards the old-school
    WoB Gau who sparkled because of heavy-hitting multi-target attacks, then
    you'll want to go with Harpiai, a Rage that can be unlocked as soon as you
    recruit Gau in the World of Ruin. Harpiai’s the one near Kohlingen!
      Casts Step Mine, weakness to Ice
    In a normal game Step Mine’s travel-based damage formula won’t outperform
    other powerful attacks, but in an LLG Rage provides an MP-free spell of which
    the damage is calculated independent of the caster’s level. Crawler and
    Tomb Thumb also cast Step Mine, but Mesosaur is encountered the earliest and
    has the best defensive properties. 
      Casts Land Slide
    A lot of people prance around with the PowerDemon Rage because Flare is 
    supposedly everything you'll ever want. Land Slide is unblockable where Flare
    isn't, is stronger, non-reflective and not vulnerable to Runic. It's simply
    better in every possible way, and Prussian and Luridan both use it. Luridan
    has some elemental weaknesses where Prussian hasn't, but either one is just 
      Casts Meteo, weakness against Ice, Death protection
    Meteo provides barrier-piercing non-elemental damage to multiple targets,
    making it a Rage-induced destruction option somewhere between GrandTrain and
    Ultima in damage potential. Sadly, Meteo’s iffy Hit Rate makes it miss 20% of
    the time versus targets without Mblock. Meteo is to be used versus multiple
    targets only, since versus a single target it’s outperformed by Land Slide
    and likely Aero as well.
      Casts Bolt 3, inherent Haste, weakness against Poison
    Punisher is Hazer on crack, checking in with Bolt3 as opposed to Bolt2 and
    an inherent Haste status. There are quite a few Rages that use Bolt3,
    including the undead Floating Karkass with Death Protection (a rarity, an
    undead with that property), but I'm in love with auto-Haste and that's what
    you'll have to live with here. Also, it's an awesome property, so it's what is
    best for YOU.
      Casts Surge, Death protection
    Where Gau was a multi-target spell killing machine in the WoB, worthwhile
    spells of this kind are rare in the WoR. Rhyos' Surge is one of them still,
    a multi-target Ice-elemental spell. It’s slightly weaker, but Rhyos’ Death
    protection and Ribbon-like status immunities provide additional reasons to
    use it. 
      Toe Cutter
      Casts Shrapnel, absorbs Ice, weakness against Fire and Wind, Death protection
    Shrapnel is like a level 3 elemental spell, but without the element. Randomly
    switching from multi-target and single-target, you never know what you're going
    to hit with Shrapnel. But it looks cool and Toe Cutter has Death Protection and
    inherent Ice absorption, so it deserves its place in this list. Note that while
    Shrapnel looks like and seems to imply it's physical, it's as magical as Harry 
    Potter's Magical Spell of Magic.
      Casts Charm, absorbs Water, weakness against Fire, Death protection
    The NightShade Rage is so blindingly cheap, easily accessible and downside-
    free you can seriously wonder if there never was supposed to be some kind of 
    defense against it...which the game obviously lacks now. Charm has been 
    discussed before in other FAQs - Assassin’s Lore FAQ, to name one - but for 
    purposes of completeness I will explain it here yet again. Charm sets a 
    specific kind of 'status' in which the affected targets acts like it's been 
    confused by something like Muddle or Stray's Cat Rain. This effect does *not*
    go away when the target is struck by a physical attack, but while terribly 
    convenient in its own right, this isn't why Charm is such a game-destroyer. 
    Since it’s not an actual status, there can be no defense: Charm works
    *always*. On every boss, from the undead Hidon to the invincible Guardian, 
    from the final Kefka to whatever part of the last battle. This could have been
    fun had it been extremely rare, such as Joker Doom. However, the NightShade
    Rage has a 50 % chance of using Charm, and with a Hit Rate of 80 (which indeed 
    means a 4/5 chance of hitting the target) you'll be able to eliminate 
    every challenge this game has with ease. 
    Charm, to elaborate a little more, creates a 'bond' between the target and the 
    caster. If either one dies the effects of the spell are over. If Gau or Gogo 
    has Charmed one target he cannot Charm another one until the first target 
    dies. If Gau has Charmed a monster which is then Charmed by Gogo, Gogo will 
    successfully 'steal' this target from Gau, creating a new bond between them. 
    Gau would then have a new capability of successfully Charming another target. 
    Or steal that thing right back :) Finally, Charm can co-exist with Muddle, 
    allowing both monsters and characters to use random moves out of their list 
    against the proper party, as the spells are re-directed twice. 
      Casts Flare Star, nullified Poison, Wind and Earth, weakness against
      Lightning, Pearl and Water
    Flare Star is a multi-target Fire-elemental attack that deals damage based
    on the target’s level, then divides calculated damage by the number of enemy
    targets. This makes it relatively weak versus multiple monsters, but it shines
    versus bosses since they tend to have high levels and operate alone. 
    Here's a small list of the better boss battles to deploy Io in and the amount
    of damage Flare Star will do every time Gau casts it. Note that the + symbol
    indicates the target is weak to Fire and damage cannot be doubled with the
     - Doom Gaze           9999 +
     - Ice Drgn            9999 +
     - Tritoch             9920 +
     - Umaro               5280 + 
     - Storm Drgn          5920  
     - SrBehemoth (Undead) 7840 +
     - SrBehemoth (Living) 6880 +
     - Chadarnook (Demon)  6560 + 
     - Master Pug          5840  
     - KatanaSoul          4880 
     - Goddess             5440  
     - Atma                5360  
     - Guardian            5360  
     - Gold Drgn           4960  
     - Skull Drgn          9920 +
     - Kefka               5680  
      Casts Ice3, inherent Float, absorbs Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Earth,
      Water, weakness against Fire
    While not the best defensive Rage in the game, Woolly absorbs a striking
    number of elements while still rocking something of a dangerous spell in Ice 3.
    Woolly can be tough to track down, both inside the Zone Eater and on the
    Veldt, but once you have it, you have it. Sadly lacking the Death protection,
    but you can plug that Fire weakness with a Snow Muffler. 
      Magic Urn
      Casts Cure3, absorbs all elements, Death protection 
    Magic Urn is as tankish as you get without having to resort to the madness that
    is Intangir. With eight kinds of elemental absorption (all of 'em), status
    protection to everything that can be protected including from including Death
    and Cure 3 for attack, it's unlikely anything will be able to take down a
    Magic Urn Rager, especially when he's wearing a Snow Muffler.
    Magic Urn is simply the best Rage & Run Rage you'll be able to find. If Magic
    Urn doesn't protect you, nothing will. 
    There's not really a lot to say about Magic Urn. It works like a charm, it can
    be obtained as soon as you get your hands on the Falcon (if you do so, you'll
    single out the Magic Urn monster formation in its pack, so you're bound to run
    into it on the Veldt in a short time) and Cure 3 is just nice to have, even if
    it does have to deal with uncontrollable healing issues (never the right one,
       White Drgn
       Casts Pearl, absorbs Pearl, Death protection
    Pearl isn’t as powerful as Bolt3 coming from Punisher or Aero coming from
    Harpiai, but White Drgn has more status immunities and Death protection on the
    defensive side. Also, should the Rager encounter the Muddle status or a 
    Reflective enemy, he’ll just heal himself with the spell. 
      Casts Fire3, weakness to Ice, Death protection
    Death Protection and Fire3. If you need a Fire-element this Rage is your best
    bet unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences of a Merton spell. 
    Just plain a very solid contender without any gross downsides and a very
    respectable attack. 
      Doom Drgn
      Casts N. Cross, inherent Float, Death protection
    Not quite as cheap as NightShade, Doom Drgn nevertheless gives us a move that 
    will be of great help in every battle, having the power to stop every enemy in 
    its tracks by giving it the Freeze status using N. Cross. Unlike Charm, Freeze 
    wears off after a period of time (34 intervals using the same intervals as 
    Condemned), and it's instantly dispelled when the target is struck by a fire-
    elemental move (If the Final Fantasy series have thought us anything, it's 
    that Fire melts Ice). N. Cross has a Hit Rate of 90, which sounds a bit better 
    that the Hit Rate of Charm. However, there is one major thing keeping us from 
    adoring N. Cross, which is it's special effect. With 0% Mblock, there's a 10 % 
    chance it will miss, which will give you that perky 'miss' message. But after 
    the game has decided in your favor that the move *did* land, there's still a 
    50 % chance that it will not do anything. Even when the move doesn't do 
    anything due to that there will be no such notification as a 'miss' message, 
    and as Freeze has no visual effects on monster you can never be for sure it 
    worked until you sit around and watch the target do nothing for a good while. 
    Which you shouldn't be doing in a tough battle as there's still a 50 % chance 
    he's about to pummel your asses all the way back to Switzerland :)
    NightShade can be encountered fairly quickly, Doom Drgn appears only in 
    Kekfa's fortress. NightShade has, all in all, a 80 % chance of working, Doom
    Drgn only a 45 % one. And the results of Charm are better than that of N. Cross.
    I'll admit NightShade is the cheaper trick out of the two, but let me tell you 
    something: had it not been for NightShade, this baby would have gotten all the
    glory. The glory it so rightfully deserves. Despite killing the challenge of
    the game, that is!
      Evil Oscar
      Casts Bio, absorbs Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth and Water,
      weakness to Fire
    If you have both Woolly and Magic Urn, Evil Oscar is somewhere in between.
    It absorbs Pearl-elemental attacks while Woolly does not and casts Bio,
    providing more offence than Magic Urn. It’s easier to encounter than Woolly
    as well. A primarily defensive Rage if you need one. 
      Casts Merton, inherent Float, absorbs Poison
    Merton is a barrier-piercing Fire/Wind-elemental spell. It's only inferior to
    Ultima in sheer damage and it's unblockable. The big-ass downside is the fact 
    it hits every target on the screen, including your own party members. If this 
    is something you prepared for using Flame Shlds and the like this will be a 
    Ultima/full-party Cure3 all rolled into one wonderful move. If you haven't 
    prepared, you die.
      Casts Shock, weakness against Poison, Death protection
    Stray Cat may be popular, but there is no Rage that has so many fans for a 
    reason that's not necessary strategy-related as the Retainer Rage. From 
    Martin Luther King to JFK, everybody likes dead people, and the late
    Imperial General Leo Christophe is no exception to that rule. His special skill
    was Shock, and that's exactly what Gau will do when using this Rage with
    Death protection. It’s like Harpiai’s Aero, only non-elemental. 
      Casts Pearl Wind, weakness against Ice and Water, Death protection
    If you need a regular healer then Vectaur is the Rage for you. Less competent
    Healing spells such as Cure2 tend to hit the wrong target(s), and with Pearl
    Wind you’re guaranteed to hit all your characters. Pearl Wind will heal the 
    entire party with the amount of the caster's current HP, and with Gau's
    inherent tank abilities in the WoR I dare say it's a rare occasion that Gau's
    HP will be too low to make the Pearl Wind turn a wasted effort. 
      Casts Roulette, Death protection
    Roulette is an oddball move that will, most likely, appear to you as yet
    another Lore which usefulness is in the gutter. On a Veteran Rager, however,
    it's pretty brilliant. Because Roulette is carried out differently when used
    by a character with auto-aiming (Sketch, Rage, etc.) Roulette simply transforms
    into an unblockable Doom spell. Heck, it's capable of killing a Cactrot! 
      11.0 Boss strategies
    Table of Contents:
     11.1	 Air Force, Laser Gun, MissileBay, Speck
     11.2	 Allo Ver
     11.3	 Atma
     11.4	 AtmaWeapon
     11.5	 Blue Drgn
     11.6	 Chadarnook
     11.7	 Chupon, Ultros
     11.8	 Cranes
     11.9	 Curley, Larry, Moe
     11.10	 Dadaluma
     11.11	 Dirt Drgn
     11.12	 Doom
     11.13	 Doom Gaze
     11.14	 Face, Long Arm, Short Arm (final battle, tier 1)
     11.15	 Gigantos
     11.16	 Girl, Sleep (final battle, tier 3)
     11.17	 Goddess
     11.18	 Gold Drgn
     11.19	 Guardian
     11.20	 Hidon
     11.21	 Hit, Tools, Magic, Tiger (final battle, tier 2)
     11.22	 Ice Drgn
     11.23	 Ifrit, Shiva
     11.24	 Inferno
     11.25	 KatanaSoul
     11.26	 Kefka (Narshe)
     11.27	 Kefka (final battle, final tier)
     11.28	 Master Pug
     11.29	 Number 024
     11.30	 Number 128
     11.31	 Poltrgeist
     11.32	 Presenter
     11.33	 Pugs
     11.34	 Red Dragon
     11.35	 Rider
     11.36	 Skull Drgn
     11.37	 SrBehemoth & SrBehemoth
     11.38	 Storm Drgn
     11.39	 Telstar
     11.40	 Tritoch
     11.41	 Ultros (Opera House)
     11.42	 Umaro
     11.43	 White Drgn
     11.44	 Wrexsoul
      11.1     Air Force, Laser Gun, MissileBay, Speck
    Enemies: Air Force, Laser Gun, MissileBay, Speck
    Attacks      : Tek Laser, Diffuser, Atomic Ray, Missile, Launcher, WaveCannon
    Enemy: Air Force
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning, Water 
    Status ailment weaknesses: None
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Laser Gun
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning, Water 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Slow, Stop
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: MissileBay
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning, Water 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Slow, Stop
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Speck
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning, Water 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Slow, Stop
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Runic
    Weapon: Not available
    This is one of the tougher battles in the game, and because this battle is all 
    about being hit hard and hitting hard to answer the threat, many a Low Level 
    Gamer or Single Character Gamer has been tormented by its very existence. The 
    battle will start with Air Force and its two little helpers, Laser Gun (Tek 
    Laser, Atomic Ray) and MissileBay (Missile and Launcher). As soon as one of 
    the small guns dies, a Speck will be created that absorbs all spells 
    vulnerable to Runic and the Air Force will gain Haste status and switch from
    its normal attack pattern to a countdown of 5, performing WaveCannon when it 
    hits zero. WaveCannon is not your friend!
    Rhinox       Life3
    Rhinox is a tank in this battle, either being immune (Missile, Launcher) or 
    absorbing (Tek Laser, Diffuser, WaveCannon) all spells directed at him. There 
    are two downsides. First, this Rage has pathetic offense, so this will be a 
    long battle for a Gau SCC. Also, Atomic Ray can still hurt Gau. Focus all your
    offenses where possible on Laser Gun. As soon as he's down, the battle is 
    yours. You might want to grab a snack and discover the meaning of life while 
    he's busy. Plenty of time. 
    Intangir     Pep Up
    Just a quick note on this awesome beast: if you have a character which can
    use Mute, do so on Gau and engage Intangir. Pep Up, while Muted, won't do
    anything for your fellow party members, but Intangir does everything Rhinox
    does *and* absorbs Atomic Ray. While technically protected against Missile
    and Launcher, the inherent Clear status makes sure they will still hit and
    damage. Not to worry, though: Intangir is immune to Seizure, so he won't
    die from it unless your HP ever reaches 1. Which it won't due to crazy
    constant healing from Tek Laser, Diffuser and Atomic Ray.
    Chimera      Aqua Rake
    Chimera doesn't absorb anything, but he does have Death protection for the 
    Missile and Launcher attacks, and has an offense which is far superior to 
    Rhinox. Aqua Rake will do massive damage due to the Water weakness of all 
    four monsters and can't be absorbed by Speck. Probably your best in a normal,
    functional team.
      11.2     Allo Ver
    Enemies: Allo Ver
    Attacks      : Doom, Condemned, Atomic Ray
    Absorbs      : Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Pearl
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Petrify, Death, Condemned, Confuse, 
                               Seizure, Slow
    Special: !Dead End (sets Wound)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Fire Rod, Scimitar, Pearl Lance
    If there ever was a monster which is most likely to be fought with Gau, it's
    Allo Ver. You meet him right after you start exploring the Cave of the Veldt,
    guarding the Tiger Fangs. Allo Ver would have given you a nice Rage which I
    definitely would have advised against foes such as Hidon, but as a challenge
    he is laughable. 
    Lich         Fire2
    Move the cursor over the Rage command. Press whatever action button of your
    choice. Find the Lich Rage, it's all the way at the bottom. Use the action
    button again using downward pressure of one of your fingers (which you had
    previously placed on the button). You just won this battle. Lich is healed
    by every single one of the moves Allo Ver uses. I can safely say that after
    engaging a Lich Rager, this monster's smoldering remains will be All oVer 
    the place ;)
    Dark Wind    Break
    Instant-death attack, lack of Death protection and Petrify protection, Hit
    Rage, etc. Dark Wind gets the job done. Atomic Ray shouldn't show its ugly
    face unless you're astronomically unlucky and you could always equip a Wall
    Ring if you're frightened about Doom. It'll heal and revive Allo Ver, but
    this Rage doesn't depend on the damage you're doing anyway, so it's no issue.
      11.3     Atma
    Enemies: Atma
    Attacks      : Battle, Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, S. Cross, N. Cross, Cleansweep, 
                   Quake, Meteor, Flare Star, Ultima
    Absorbs      : Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Seizure, Slow
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Ragnarok, Wing Edge, Fire Rod/Ice Rod/Thunder Rod
    Atma is a totally optional boss, and I think it's sad there really isn't any 
    point in fighting him whatsoever. Not even a rare item you couldn't get in 
    another way than fighting this thing. But the sprite is neat, and so is the 
    music, so we'll bother with him anyway. Atma absorbs any of the non-basic 
    elements, so you're only bet is non-elemental damage and Fire/Ice/Lightning. 
    There's little to say as the attacks he performs are great in number and 
    versatility. Ultima stands out here. After he has been damaged 12 times he'll 
    start pumping himself up for Ultima, so it's best to take him out as quickly 
    as possible. Note that Atma, unlike AtmaWeapon, is *not* Floating. 
    Woolly       Ice3
    Woolly is a Rage I'll be repeating a lot, as it's basically a lesser version 
    of Magic Pot with a more offensive perspective on life. He'll absorb anything 
    for you but Pearl (no special reaction) and Fire, which is the weakness. With 
    the Fire element being Atma's favorite, this is *not* an option if you don't 
    have a Flame Shld for Gau to equip. If so, then this is preferable over Magic 
    Urn by miles. 
    Magic Urn    Cure3
    Defensively, only Magic Urn comes close to full protection. Granted, you won't
    like Meteor, but you'll survive. If you get really unlucky, he might even use 
    a Meteor and another Meteor on the next turn, but you should even survive that
    and you'll absorb the next attack no matter what. This Rage goes nicely with a
    Wall Ring as everything that can be reflected will hurt Atma. The Battle 
    attacks might not be strong enough to finish Atma in 12 hits, so you could eat
    an Ultima with this Rage if you lack other characters. Thankfully, reflected 
    spells don't add to the "12-hits to Ultima" thing, so combine this with the 
    Rage & Run strategy for optimum results. 
      11.4     AtmaWeapon
    Enemies: AtmaWeapon
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Flare, Blaze, Bio, Quake, Meteo, Fire2, Mind 
                   Blast, Quartr, Rasp, W Wind, Flare Star
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Seizure, Slow
    Special: !Full Power (Battle x 2)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Weapon: Not available
    AtmaWeapon is the sum of all your troubles you met in the WoB. Gather ye the 
    powers you gained over the first half of the game and display them here to 
    take on your worst nightmare, my friends. AtmaWeapon has several nasty tricks 
    in his arsenal, of which Death-based attacks, Flare and Fire-elemental spells 
    are his favorite. Also, there's Mind Blast, an AtmaWeapon-exclusive move that
    can set a wide variety of status ailments, of which Zombie, Poison, Imp, 
    Petrify, Condemned, Mute, Berserk, Muddle, and Stop are the worst. There's 
    really no protection short of a Ribbon, so cross your fingers and hope you 
    won't meet it. No such thing as Magic Urn yet, and no such thing as 
    NightShade, or Doom Drgn. We'll have to *think* here. Or I have to do so, you 
    can just read the bloody Guide, you lazy bastard. When HP is low enough he'll 
    get flashy, self-apply Safe, Shell and Haste and use Flare Star and Mind
    Blast and the like. Rage & Run will protect you from these spells, but it's a 
    tedious strategy. Finally, do note that Atma and AtmaWeapon share an exact 
    same set of status protections :)
    Chimera      Aqua Rake
    Aqua Rake is still a strong spell, especially when targeted on a single 
    monster. Chimera has Death protection going for it, which should help against 
    Quartr and W Wind. Not much to say, really. If you have Edgar there's a 25 % 
    shot at nailing a weakness for this move, so give that a shot if you will. 
    Wall Ring is a must here for Flare, Bio, Fire2 and Rasp. 
    Ing          Lifeshaver
    Ing hails from the Cave of the Sealed Gate, and  absorb Fire rather than being 
    weak to it. With inherent Float and Poison absorption, that takes care of five
    spells of Atma, including Flare Star. Lifeshaver sucks back any HP loss you 
    might have when you cast it (it's insanely strong). A combo of Quartr and a 
    physical attack can still do Ing Gau in, but together with a Wall Ring this Rage
    is a very good way of winning this fight. 
      11.5     Blue Drgn
    Enemies: Blue Drgn
    Attacks      : Battle, Acid Rain, Aqua Rake, Flash Rain, CleanSweep, Rippler
    Absorbs      : Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Slow
    Special: !Hit (drains MP)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Thunder Rod
    One of the eight Elemental Dragons, the Blue Drgn is obviously the dragon of 
    water. By far one of the easier dragons around, its attacks are all blockable 
    and Water-elemental, save for Rippler which you don't have to worry about. 
    Just avoid having the Haste status and it won't show up to steal your Rage 
    from you, which it can due to a bug. Anyway, if you're playing a LLG get 128% 
    Mblock and it won't matter what Rage you pick as long as it's not self-
    destructive or Water-elemental.
    Aspik        Giga Volt
    Pick this Rage and you're set. It absorbs Water-elemental attacks and uses 
    Giga Volt to inflict insane amounts of Lightning-elemental damage to wreak 
    havoc upon Lightning-hater Blue Drgn. There's really nothing to it. 
    Trilium      Bio
    The ticket in a LLG, Trilium's Bio will poison Blue Drgn. With Water-absorbing
    evildom, you can just sit back and relax while seeing Blue Drgn engage his 
    final battle with green goop. 
      11.6     Chadarnook
    Enemies: Chadarnook, Chadarnook (Starlet form)
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Bolt2, Bolt3, Flash Rain, Charm, Lullaby, 
    Enemy: Chadarnook
    Absorbs      : Lightning
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Pearl
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Slow
    Special: !Hit (sets Condemned, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Chadarnook (Starlet form)
    Absorbs      : Lightning
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Pearl
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Slow
    Special: !Doom Kiss(sets Condemned, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Pearl Lance
    Chararnook is a fiendish fiend who has taken over a picture of Starlet. The 
    mission objective is simple. Capture the Radar Dome! But in the meantime, you 
    still have a boss battle on your hands which can turn sour on those who don't 
    quite know what to do when. If it isn't clear (it wasn't to me for some time), 
    Chadarnook lives in the Starlet painting, which has also been given life like 
    the other paintings in Owzer's Mansion. Now Starlet, while beating the crap
    out of you with sneaky spells such as Charm and Phantasm, is an expensive
    painting which you don't want to kill (ruin). So only attack when the
    Chadarnook demon comes out to inflict pain upon you. That should stop the
    Starlet painting from being alive and Charming! If you can't smell Rage & Run
    in the air, you haven't been paying attention. :D
    White Drgn   Pearl
    This is quite possibly the best choice you have, provided you can back this up 
    with a Thunder Shld. He'll absorb anything but Flash Rain (and either the 
    Titanium or the Snow Muffler helps there). Lullaby will just put the Rager to 
    sleep which is only dangerous if he can also hurt you while you're snoozing, 
    and Charm...well, White Drgn absorbs its own attack. The physical attack will 
    hurt the Rager, but not with a Pearl Lance or Pearl Rod equipped. On the 
    offensive, any Pearl-elemental attack will heal Chadarnook (Starlet) and do 
    massive amounts of damage against the demon. In an SCC, a Wall Ring makes 
    sure that even while Gau is Charmed, he will be damaging Chardarnook.
    SrBehemoth   Fire3
    The alternative Rage. Being undead, this baby will eat Condemned for breakfast 
    and will gain maximum HP from it again. Just like a real breakfast. Fire3
    hurts both Chadarnook monsters, but that's not too bad. Caveat! There's Charm
    which will turn Fire3 against the Rager. And he'll be weak against it if he
    doesn't have protective gear of some kind! There's a Wall Ring for times like
    these, my friend. Fire3 will bounce off to inflict hurt upon the monster. I
    told you about Rage & Run...when the Starlet painting shows her pretty face,
    hold those buttons until the demon comes back. This one needs a Thunder Shld
    as well. 
    Vaporite     Blaze
    The same as the SrBehemoth, but it doesn't need that Wall Ring. Playing a 
    "don't buy Wall Rings" game that is so shockingly popular these days? Might 
    try this one. Do equip a Flame Shld should you find yourself in Blazes due to 
    Charm. Rage & Run for Starlet, should you have forgotten it.  
      11.7     Chupon, Ultros
    Enemies: Chupon, Ultros
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Fire Ball, Sneeze, Tentacle
    Enemy: Chupon
    Absorbs      : Fire
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Ice, Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Mute, Berserk, Sleep, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Imp Goo (sets Poison, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Ultros
    Absorbs      : Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Slow
    Special: !OctopusInk (sets Dark)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    This is the last battle which features Ultros. Trust him. He's pathetic in 
    this battle, both stat-wise and attack-wise. Chupon and Ultros complement each 
    other nicely: Chupon absorbs Fire where Ultros is weak against it, and Chupon 
    is weak against Water where Ultros is healed by it. Also note the sudden
    Poison-elemental weakness coming from Ultros, which he for no particularly good
    reason now has rather than a Lightning weakness. Not very logical. A mistake?
    Shmaybe, but it's not the point of this Guide so I won't address it after
    this. Except for taking advantage of it. >:)
    Mag Roader   Bio
    This is the Purple one we're talking about, mind you, not the ever-elusive red 
    one. Bio feeds off the poison weakness Ultros has, and this Rage also protects 
    against the physical attacks with the Inherent Safe. However, there is a 
    weakness against Fire to consider, and Fire Ball can take vicious advantage of
    that with you lacking any kind of Flame Shld or other goodies. 
    Stray Cat    !Catscratch (Battle x 4)
    PATHETIC defenses, these guys have. And Stray Cat is just the ticket to take 
    advantage of that. A Stray Cat is pretty much always a good enough option, but 
    with physical defenses like these, you'll be doing a lot of damage very
    quickly. No Safe, no absorbing going on, but it's !Catscratch and you love
    Coelecite    Magnitude8
    Should you have this Rage, it'll be nice to you. You'd think that at least 
    Chupon would be Floating, but he isn't so Coelecite's Magnitude8, the
    strongest multi-target spell Gau can use at this point, will hit both for
    heavy damage. Also, Coelecite will absorb Chupon's Fire Ball. 
    ChickenLip   Quake 
    Last suggestion, I promise. As neither Chupon nor Ultros is floating, Quake 
    will connect and it will *hurt*. It will also hurt you, by the way, so unless 
    you have Gaia Gear on everybody I'm not recommending this Rage. If you do have 
    it, this is the best thing you can do as Fire protection is nice, but 600 HP 
    worth of healing 50 % of the time Gau attacks beats Fire Ball-healing, and 
    that's the way it is.
      11.8     Cranes
    Enemies: Crane, Crane
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Fire, Bolt, Fire2, Bolt2, TekBarrier, 
                   Magnitude8, Fire3, Giga Volt
    Enemy: Crane (left)
    Absorbs      : Lightning
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Slow
    Special: !Iron Ball (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Crane (right)
    Absorbs      : Fire
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning, Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Slow
    Special: !Iron Ball (Battle x 2)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    Caught in a nasty pincer, these two mechanical wenches show that yes indeed, 
    machines can be powerful opponents. Not only do they pound you with fairly 
    impressive attacks, they also charge each other to unleash attacks you 
    *really* don't want to have directed at your party right now, being Fire3 
    and Giga Volt. Plus, there's Magnitude8, an attack that will connect when 
    you don't have the Float status once the battle has reached 60 seconds of 
    time. And finally there's TekBarrier, a self-targeted attack which sets 
    both Reflect and Safe. It all sounds nasty enough, so can Gau help us out 
    in this battle involving ....(drum roll)....Double Trouble?
    Anguiform    Aqua Rake
    Risky yet AWEsome. I really wish I would have Chimera here for you, but you 
    can't get that Rage until after you got your airship, and this battle is all 
    about getting it in the first place. Anguiform will have to do. There's only 
    one reason why you should want this Rage, and it's called Aqua Rake. Single-
    targeted and super-effective against both Cranes, it's a massive attack which
     - provided your level is decent - will kill a single Crane in one hit.
    But with this Rage comes a great weakness, and that's Anguiform's weakness 
    against Lightning. The left Crane can target Gau with a Bolt2 and kill him in 
    a single hit. Choosing this Rage will make sure the battle is over soon, at 
    least that much is true. :P
    HadesGigas   Magnitude8 
    The Cranes are not Floating, so this spell works wonders here. It'll hit for 
    100 Base Power where only Giga Volt surpasses that at this point, a Rage 
    that's not very practical with the left Crane absorbing that spell and using 
    it to charge up for its own Giga Volt. So yeah, it's not quite as strong as 
    Anguiform, but quite a lot safer, especially if your level isn't that 
      11.9     Curley, Larry, Moe
    Enemies: Curley, Larry, Moe 
    Attacks      : Battle, Fire2, Fire3, Ice2, Ice3, Bolt2, Bolt3, Slow, Mute,
    Stop, Delta Hit, Cure2, Rflect, Safe, Shell, Haste, Pearl Wind, Life2
    Enemy: Curley
    Absorbs      : Fire
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Ice, Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Sleep
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Enemy: Larry 
    Absorbs      : Ice, Wind
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Death, Condemned, Mute, Muddle, Slow
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Enemy: Moe
    Absorbs      : Lightning
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Berserk, Stop
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Weapon: Sniper
    A very fun fight indeed, this is. All three little incubus rascals live their 
    lives with the Float status, so the Sniper is the perfect weapon to take 
    horrible amounts of advantage out of that. There are two things to consider 
    in this battle. If Curley is still alive and spots a brother biting the dust, 
    he'll use Life2. If Larry takes more than 6 Magic hits and isn't in a
    formation of three (one is down), he'll flee. If he's the last monster, the
    battle is over; else he'll reappear after a while. 
    Enuo         CleanSweep
    If you look at the above stats, you'll see that the strongest of the three is 
    Curley, who also happens to be the one you want down first. He has a weakness 
    against Water-elemental attacks. Aqua Rake is not an option as it's both Water 
    and Wind-elemental and Larry would absorb it. CleanSweep is the best bet, but 
    there's more to Enuo: inherent Reflect takes care of the majority of the enemy 
    offenses. Sadly Enuo is not protected against Petrify, so you might want to 
    equip a Jewel Ring, Ribbon or Safety Bit for Delta hit.  
      11.10     Dadaluma
    Enemies: Dadaluma, Iron Fist x2 
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Item (Tonic, Potion), Throw (Dirk, 
    MithrilKnife), Jump, Safe, Shock Wave, Steal
    Enemy: Dadaluma
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Imp, Mute, Sleep, Slow and Stop
    Special: !Sweep (sets Seizure, Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Iron Fist
    Absorbs      : Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Zombie, Poison, Clear, Imp, Petrify, Wound, 
                               Condemned, Mute, Berserk, Muddle, Seizure, Sleep, 
                               Slow and Stop
    Special: !Knee Kick (Battle x 2)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    Dadaluma is supposedly the leader of the Zozo gang of thieves and erotic 
    dancers, and is a cross between a martial artist and a thief when you look at
    his moves. If you try to Steal from him, he'll try to steal right back 
    (like the Harvester monsters), and with mainly physical attacks, Shock Wave 
    and the ability to whistle for two Iron Fist buddies he seems like a Duncan
    student gone to the Dark Side. Taunt him enough and he'll slip three healing 
    potions down his throat and cast Safe on himself, pumping himself up a little.
    But the real threat comes after either three Fight commands or two Magic 
    spells, as he'll Throw two daggers your way which WILL kill you if you're not
    under the influence of Clear. 
    One tip about the Dadaluma: assuming you have either Edgar or Gau in your
    party (and if you don't have the latter, why are you reading this?), try
    confusing some Gabbldegak monsters on your way to the final battle. They
    will cast Vanish on you, which is a great help as it will make you immune
    to everything but Shock Wave (which will get rid of the immunity, CLEARly).
    It'll be hard to get all four party members under Clear as Vanish on a Cleared
    target will lift the status again and you can't control what target the 
    Gabblegak will pick. Be happy with three, that's not entirely out of reach :)
    Trilium      Bio
    Bio is the second-best Poison-elemental spell in the game, and as the 
    strongest one, Pois. Frog, is too elusive to make good use of, Bio will aid
    you throughout the game. And guess what: this spell is accessibly this early
    by Gau the Wonderchild. With Dadaluma's glaring weakness against Poison and
    it obviously ignoring Safe, Bio will destroy Dadaluma very quickly. It will 
    heal Iron Fist monsters, agreed, but who cares about those zeroes?
    Areneid      !Numb (sets Stop)
    You have no idea how disgustingly cheap Gau's Stop Specials appear to me
    while I'm writing this. Seriously, how much more Primordite and Areneid
    descriptions can I give? Either of them will Stop Dadaluma in his tracks,
    preventing any kind of dangerous moves from his side. It's a little iffy
    if you don't have strong characters to back Gau up on this one, but either
    Rage will prevent a Game Over. 
      11.11     Dirt Drgn
    Enemies: Dirt Drgn
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Quake, Magnitude8, Slide, 50 GS
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Wind, Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Sleep, Slow
    Special: !Honed Tusk (Battle x 5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Weapon: Sniper, Poison Claw (LLG), Blossom
    That Opera Stage background simply was too cool to only use for a single
    fight, don't you think? Square apparently did, as they stashed a dragon here
    for no apparent reason. Heck, what does it matter? You can win a Magus Rod,
    and Dirt Drgn is actually one of the tougher battles if you don't know what
    you're doing. If you *do* know what you're doing, this guy's easy. Let's get
    Harpiai      Aero
    Aero is simply the strongest wind-elemental attack you're going to get on a 
    Rage with inherent Float. Hornet comes to mind as a possible puny Wind God,
    but it's really not a fair match between the two. With inherent Float, 50 GS
    can't bring you down and Aero will hurt a bundle. The only thing standing
    between Gau and ultimate and guaranteed victory are Battle and Special attacks.
    Dirt Drgn has quite the devastating Special, but 255 Defense, something you'll
    have for this fight, will make sure it won't harm Gau whatsoever. LLG, NMG, you
    name it: Harpiai with a 255 Defense Gau is a strategy that's infallible in this
    Ninja        Water Edge
    If you happen to have missed Harpiai and you just can't find him on the Veldt,
    Ninja will do the trick just as nicely. Water Edge won't deliver as hard a
    blow as Aero will, but invulnerable is invulnerable and time isn't of the
    essence. If you hadn't figured it out already, Ninja has inherent Float, so
    with that 255 Defense you win. Water Edge still takes advantage of an
    elemental weakness.
    Mind Candy   !SleepSting (sets Sleep, no physical damage)
    If you're keen on keeping your other characters alive as well, Mind Candy is
    a good option. Inherent Float = Yay, but it's Mind Candy's attack which will
    rule the day: It will use its Special, !SleepSting. Dirt Drgn will doze off,
    giving plenty of opportunity to kick in with your miscellaneous Bum Rush/etc.
      11.12    Doom
    Enemies: Doom
    Attacks      : Special, Ice3, N. Cross, Absolute0, R. Polarity, Targetting, 
    Absorbs      : Ice, Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Pearl 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Slow
    Special: !Demon Rage (Battle x 4, unblockable)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Wing Edge
    Doom is one of the three goddesses, and under normal circumstances the easiest
    opponent out of the three in my opinion. Her battle style is simple. She will
    start off by using two strong Ice-elemental attacks and N. Cross. When her HP
    is low enough, she will gain Haste, Image and Reflect status and will start
    nullifying random elements while Targetting a single character and following
    by releasing an unblockable physical attack. Ice-elemental and physical
    attacks, where's the challenge for a Snow Muffler Gau?
    Prussian     Land Slide
    While you may want to take horrible advantage of the weakness against Pearl,
    keep in mind that not only will she give herself the Reflect status, she'll
    also try to nullify the element. Land Slide is a non-elemental, magical attack
    which'll push straight through both Image and Reflect. Combine it with the
    Snow Muffler you should be wearing and increase that defense to 255 and you
    cannot lose. 
    Luridan      Land Slide
    This Rage will perform like Prussian in every slightly relevant way in this 
    battle. Land Slide, needs a Snow Muffler, etcetera. 
    Toe Cutter   Shrapnel
    Should you be pro-animal rights and/or simply thinking furries are disgusting, 
    Toe Cutter will make for an Ice-element absorbing Rage which doesn't need the
    Snow Muffler. Shrapnel is weaker, yet non-elemental and magical. Too bad that 
    Doom has a filthy high magical defense, but you'll survive long enough to see 
    Shrapnel bringing her down.
      11.13     Doom Gaze
    Enemies: Doom Gaze
    Attacks      : Battle, Ice3, Doom, L. 5 Doom, Aero, Escape         
    Absorbs      : Ice, Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Pearl 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Clear
    Special: !Bane Claw (sets Poison, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: Float, Shell, Safe
    Weapon: Sniper, Pearl Lance, Valiantknife
    Doom Gaze soars through the sky and attacks you. It's your job to attack it 
    right back. Attack it right in the eye! His battle pattern is very short, very
    easy to understand and very solid. He starts off with L. 5 Doom, uses two 
    rounds in which he can use Doom, Aero or Ice3, and then he'll have a 66% at
    using Escape. If not, he'll do two more rounds, another chance at escaping,
    etcetera. As he has permanent inherent Safe, Shell and Float, he'll be hard
    to hit with a lot of force....but Gau can handle him. 
    Io           Flare Star
    Io is one of more popular Rages, but no matter how flashy Flare Star looks
    it's still not your best bet in practically any fight. Here, however, Io
    stands firm. Flare Star is a fire-elemental move of which the damage depends
    on the target's level. Then, the total damage is split between the number of
    targets, like GPRain. With Doom Gaze, the damage would be always 5440. Factor
    on his weakness against fire, and you'll have a 9999-damage attack at ANY level
    Gau casts it. Io nullifies Wind-elemental attacks as well. Combine with a Wall
    Ring for Doom and Ice3 and you're invincible. As long as L. 5 Doom doesn't
    kill you.
    Cephaler     !Husk (Battle x 1.5)
    Cephaler doesn't have any elemental attributes which are relevant in this 
    fight, nor does he have something that would really pin Doom Gaze down. But
    with Death Protection, the possibility opens to combine this Rage with a 
    Thunder Shld and a Snow Muffler, making him immune to all of Doom Gaze's 
    attack. Both of these items will make him unstoppable when combined with any 
    Rage with Death protection, but should you have a Merit Award this might just
    be the most powerful one. The Sniper will take advantage of Float, the Pearl
    Lance will take advantage of the elemental weakness, and the Valiantknife
    will piece through the Safe which Doom Gaze has. Take your pick. Note that Red
    Wolf will work just as well here (Cephaler and Red Wolf are the only Rages who
    combine a Special with Death protection). 
      11.14     Face, Long Arm, Short Arm (final battle, tier 1)
    Enemies: Face, Long Arm, Short Arm
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Safe, Haste, Quake, Shock Wave, Dread, 
                   R.Polariy, Magnitude8  
    Enemy: Face   
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : Earth
    Weak against : Fire 
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark
    Special: !Slip Hit (sets Seizure, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Long Arm
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Wind
    Status ailment weaknesses: Petrify, Wound, Berserk
    Special: !Red Claw (drains HP, Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Short Arm
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Mute, Berserk, Seizure
    Special: !VacuumWave (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Tempest, Wing Edge
    This is the first tier of the final battle, and while it looks like one
    massive demon you will actually battle with three targets. Face is obviously
    the head of the creature which is visible, Long Arm is the lower-left target
    and Short Arm is the lower-right target. Long Arm will just attack using
    physical attacks and the occasional Shock Wave, Short Arm will attack
    physically only, and the Face is where the brain is located: it will be mostly
    non-offensive for the first part of the battle, using R. Polarity and some
    Safe and Haste-casting on the Arms. At lower HP he will start using Dread and
    Magnitude8, and when he's the last one to fall he'll say goodbye with a Quake
    Stray Cat    !Catscratch (Battle x 4)
    A very quick mentioning of the Wind God possibility is deserved here, also
    because the next battle will suit a Wind God equally well. Three targets, of
    which one is weak against Wind-elemental attacks. Should you want to go for
    this option, you'll want to equip a Ribbon (also given the next battle). 
    A Stray Cat Rage can also feature an Offering and Wing Edge combination, and
    given the fact that one part is susceptible to instant-death will make for one
    happy Stray Cat. Inferior to the Wind God, though. By miles. Use Float to
    avoid being killed by Earth-elemental violence. 
    Woolly       Ice3
    Provided you're all Snow Muffler'd up, the physical attacks won't be a
    problem. Even without, they remain physical attacks that can be easily
    defended against (unless your name is Gogo and your handicap is not having
    a Merit Award). Shock Wave is simply too weak to worry about, so it comes down
    to Dread and the Earth-elemental attacks. Woolly has Petrify protection and
    absorbs Earth-based attacks, and Ice3 is a nice enough offense. More on the
    defense then Stray Cat is, but preferable on low levels. 
    Vectagoyle   Aqua Rake
    One hand is weak against Water, the other against Wind. If you have a strong
    Fire-elemental magic caster to back you up on Face Aqua Rake will put the
    hurt on this monster party. Vectagoyle, on the defense, is immune against
    Petrify. Cast Float to protect from Magnitude8 and Quake. 
      11.15     Gigantos
    Enemies: Gigantos
    Attacks      : Battle, Special
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Imp, Petrify, Death,
                               Condemned, Mute, Berserk, Confuse, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Throat Jab (Battle x 5)
    Inherent Status: Safe
    Weapon: Not available
    You'd think that a monster with just two attacks up his sleeve, both physical,
    can hardly be a challenge. And you'd be right! Summoning Phantom before the
    battle renders you invisible and invincible, he dies instantly from every
    death-based attack including L. 5 Doom and he lacks any kind of worthwhile
    status immunities. What can Gau do?
    Dark Wind    Break
    I've recommended it Allo Ver, and I'll recommend it on Rider. Break is the
    most accurate instant-death attack Gau can perform at the moment (and ever,
    actually), and because Gigantos both lacks Death protection and Petrify
    protection, Gigantos will quickly resemble the Colossus of Rhodos. 
    Which lies in ruins, mind you.
    Mag Roader   Bio
    This Rage has everything you can possibly ask from a WoB Rage against a
    monster such as Gigantos. Inherent Safe to absorb those physical attacks
    should you have forgotten to summon Phantom before the battle, an extremely
    strong Bio spell against a foe who is weak against the element, has exactly
    1 Magic Defense and is vulnerable to the Poison status. With these kinds
    of defenses, Gigantos will quickly resemble Goliath.
    *After* he was slain, that is.
      11.16     Girl, Sleep (final battle, tier 3)
    Enemies: Girl, Sleep
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, W Wind, Condemned, Merton, Meteo, Pearl Wind,
    Enemy: Girl 
    Absorbs      : Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: None
    Special: !Calmness (sets Sleep, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Enemy: Sleep
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: None
    Special: !Calmness (sets Wound, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Weapon: Sniper
    This is the third tier of the Final Battle. Girl is the angelic head, Sleep
    the blue guy who'd do well in the era of Baroque. Girl absorbs all elements
    and can be very hard to kill provided you don't have the right stuff, Sleep
    pummels the party with spells such as W Wind, Merton and Train, an unblockable
    move which sets Dark and Mute. Girl will continue to heal the enemy party with
    Pearl Wind. If she's still alive when Sleep dies, she'll just cast Life2 on
    him. If you're confused by the fact that Girl is both absorbing as well as
    weak against all elements, that's to protect her from the Debilitator,
    which'll have no effect on her. 
    Red Wolf     !Rush (Battle x 1.5)
    I advised Cephaler earlier while mentioning that Red Wolf was just as good; 
    Red Wolf is immune to Mute and Sleep and has Death protection. Combine with
    a Flame Shld for Merton, and you're aptly protected against most of the
    attacks sent your way. Use a Merit Award and combine with a Sniper to take
    advantage of both the targets their Floating nature. Sleep won't start using
    Meteo until he reaches 10240 HP, so Rage & Run is a godly tip for LLG players
    out there.
    Tyranosaur   Meteo
    Like Red Wolf, only with Meteo rather then a devastating physical attack you
    can combine with the Offering. Meteo, on the other hand, will always target
    the entire enemy party and will target Girl more often. Girl has got to go 
    first, so that's definitely a plus for this fight. Needs a Flame Shld just
    like Red Wolf does. 
    NightShade   Charm
    While being ALWAYS cheap, this Rage gets bonus points here for turning an
    instant-death Special against the enemy party. And it has all the required
    status protections and Death protection, only needing a Flame Shld to complete
      11.17     Goddess
    Enemies: Goddess
    Attacks      : Battle, Bolt2, Bolt3, Flash Rain, Quasar, Charm, Love Token,
                   Lullaby, Overcast
    Absorbs      : Lightning, Pearl
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Clear
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Haste, Shell
    Weapon: Wing Edge, Valiantknife, Fire Rod, Ice, Rod
    Goddess is one of the most clever fighters out there. She knows that she can
    try and smother you in powerful attacks, but you'll just be absorbing them.
    Instead, she realizes the horrific potential of Charm and Love Token, not to
    mention the horror that is Overcast. All in all not a great problem if you
    can smack her very hard and very fast, but if you can't you're in for some
    major trouble. What can Gau do to relieve your misery? Note that R & R is
    very advisable in an LLG here; Rage and Run will outlive Quasar until she has
    no energy to cast it. 
    Didalos      Merton
    Combined with a Flame Shld, Merit Award, Wall Ring and Snow Muffler, the 
    Didalos Rager knows no enemies in this battle. Quasar, while painful, will
    be outhealed right away. Didalos uses Merton, which hits all target on-screen.
    Also, it's barrier-piercing. It laughs in the face of Goddess her Shell, and
    even Charm cannot hinder it in hitting Goddess. Equip a Fire Rod on 
    Gau so he will heal himself when he strikes himself. Finally, Didalos is
    immune to Sleep, so Lullaby won't be a problem. Note that because Goddess
    won't use physical attacks, the Imp's Armor grants superior defense in this
    battle. I debated a long time between Mover and Didalos, but in the end
    Overcast would heal Didalos and cripple Mover while there really isn't any
    reason to use curative magic in this battle. 
    PowerDemon   Flare
    PowerDemon with a Wall Ring and a Thundr Shld. That's all there is to it; this
    Rage will turn Gau immune to Overcast, will be reflecting Bolt2 and Bolt3
    spells, will absorb Flash Rain due to the obvious Snow Muffler, Quasar can
    be outran if you want to and as long as you equip a Poison Rod and that Wall
    Ring you'll be healing yourself or hurting Goddess when Charmed. This Rage
    is inferior to Didalos yet more easily accessible. 
      11.18     Gold Drgn
    Enemies: Gold Drgn
    Attacks      : Battle, Bolt, Bolt2, Bolt3, Giga Volt, Reflect
    Absorbs      : Lightning
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Berserk
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 4)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Trident
    This is a horrible, horrible battle. Gold Drgn's attacks are completely
    one-dimensional and Lightning may very well be one of the easiest elements
    to absorb, given the fact you can receive unlimited amounts of shields which
    will make you absorb the element and the possibility to equip these shields on
    everybody. Hell, even Umaro's Rage Ring will nullify the element. On the other
    hand there are multiple techniques for you to follow, which are all very slow 
    and most likely painful. 
    Evil Oscar   Bio
    It inherently absorbs each and every one of Gold Drgn's attacks, and it makes 
    the Rage user cast Bio. It's vulnerable against the Poison status, so this is 
    the ideal Rage for a LLG player. There's little more to say. 
    Woolly       Ice3
    If the slow HP-reducing Poison status is nothing compared to your sheer power
    and level, you might as well go with Woolly. It also absorbs the Lightning-
    element, but Ice3 hits quite a lot harder then Bio does, and that's a good
    thing. Note that this Rage will be just as effective, only slower, than Evil
    Oscar in an LLG. 
      11.19     Guardian
    Enemies: Guardian
    Attacks      : Tek Laser, Missile, Atomic Ray, Diffuser, Launcher, WaveCannon,
                   Entwine, Tentacle, Stone, Shock Wave, Throw (MithrilKnife), 
                   Throw (Ashura), Item (Tonic), Item (Potion), TekBarrier, Flare, 
                   Meteo, Flare Star
    Absorbs      : Lightning
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Slow
    Special: !Ink (sets Dark, Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Thunder Rod
    There's no monster who comes as close to Gau as Guardian. Practically 
    unbeatable (in the WoB) and the ability to completely switch to another style
    of attack. Guardian has five battle programs. The basic program (Tek Laser, 
    Missile, Atomic Ray), Ultros' program (Tentacle, Special, Entwine, Ink),
    Atma's battle program (Flare, Meteo, Flare Star), Dadaluma's battle program
    (Shock Wave, Throw, Item, TekBarrier) and Air Force's battle program (Tek
    Laser, Diffuser, Launcher, WaveCannon). Note that Dadaluma's battle program
    is simply called 'Battle program', but the pattern is recognizable. Such a
    great list of versatile moves...what Rage to pick?
    Ceritops     Giga Volt
    This Rage scores very high indeed. It's immune to Missile and Launcher, will
    absorb Tek Laser, Diffuser and WaveCannon, will take less damage from Tentacle
    and the physical attacks due to inherent Safe and is protected from Stone's 
    evil tendency to set the Muddle status. Combine with a Flame Shld for
    Atomic Ray and Flare Star, and use a Wall Ring for a possible Flare and your
    only worry is Meteo, which will hardly ever be used and even then will be 
    quickly recovered from. And next to all that defensive goodness, Ceritops
    casts Giga Volt, a strong move which will feed off of the weakness against
    Lightning so many machines, Guardian included, have. 
      11.20     Hidon
    Enemies: Hidon, Hidonite, Hidonite, Hidonite, Hidonite
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Poison, Bio, Virite, Raid, ChokeSmoke, 
    Enemy: Hidon
    Absorbs      : Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Pearl, Earth
    Status ailment weaknesses: Clear, Slow
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Hidonite
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Wound, Condemned, Mute, 
                               Muddle, Seizure, Sleep, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Mega Claw (Battle x 4)
    Inherent Status: Safe
    Enemy: Hidonite
    Absorbs      : Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Earth
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Petrify, Wound, Condemned, 
                               Mute, Seizure, Slow, Stop
    Special: !PoisonClaw (sets Poison, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Hidonite
    Absorbs      : Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Berserk, Seizure
    Special: !Confuclaw (sets Confuse, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: Reflect
    Enemy: Hidonite
    Absorbs      : Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Pearl
    Status ailment weaknesses: Clear, Wound, Condemned, Muddle, Seizure, Slow,
    Special: !Zombi Claw (sets Zombie, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Scimitar
    You came here to get Strago's ultimate Lore. Did I just say that? I meant to
    soothe his troubled soul. But obviously you also came here to clear some new 
    Rages and to test Gau's strength against this guy. Hidon's a pushover, so no
    worries. But what's best? The lower right Hidonite absorbs all elements but
    Earth, and is reflective on top of that. Ouch. Hidon revives any fallen 
    character and turns them into Zombies. And when he's alone, he'll use 
    GrandTrain, a painful unblockable non-elemental barrier-piercing attack that
    you won't like until Strago starts using it. 
    Cluck        Quake
    Practically the only downside to this Rage is that you can only clear it in
    Hidon's own dungeon, meaning you'd have to meet it, visit the Veldt, get it,
    and return (which might take a good while). But that aside, the Cluck Rage
    is perfect for this battle. Quake hits all the little Hidonites and the big 
    Hidon, nobody is healed, and as long as you combine this with the Float status
    you won't be troubled with it's tendency to hit you as well. Cluck absorbs 
    Poison and is immune to the status, so next to GrandTrain there really isn't
    anything that can hurt you. 
    Magic Urn    Cure3
    What the hell? What's Magic Urn doing here, for from the Legendary Tactics
    section where it's supposed to be? Quite simple: There's something extremely
    nifty about Magic Urn in this battle. Combine this with a Wall Ring. Hidon
    is Undead. With 255 Defense and Poison absorbing, Gau is only vulnerable to
    Raid and GrandTrain. And get this: not all of the Hidonites are Undead, so
    even though the battle may last for a long while in an LLG, Gau will never
    kill all Hidonites. Gau can't die = Victory. 
    Brawler      Stone
    Stone is a nice move that won't heal any monster in this battle, and can 
    confuse up to two Hidonites. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy auto-Berserk and both
    absorbing of the Poison element and immunity to the Poison status. Combine
    with a nice weapon from the Merit Award for some icing on this cake and you're
    practically done before the battle starts. Not the fastest option but very
    sneaky. A tip for a Low Level Game. 
      11.21     Hit, Tools, Magic, Tiger (final battle, tier 2)
    Enemies: Hit, Tools, Magic, Tiger
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Haste, Haste2, Imp, Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3,
                   Muddle, Poison, Drain, Bio, Dispel, Quartr, Rflect, Stop,
                   Life3, Pearl, Flare, Rasp, Ice2, Sleep, Slow2, Flare Star,
                   N. Cross, S. Cross, Tek Laser, Diffuser, Atomic Ray, Grav Bomb,
                   Missile, Absoulte0, Delta Hit
    Enemy: Hit
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Berserk
    Special: !10 Hits (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Enemy: Tools
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning
    Status ailment weaknesses: Wound, Condemned, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Enemy: Magic
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Earth
    Status ailment weaknesses: Mute
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Enemy: Tiger
    Absorbs      : Earth
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Ice
    Status ailment weaknesses: Poison, Seizure
    Special: !Doom Tusk (sets Zombie, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Sniper
    The second tier is obviously the most versatile of the four stages of the 
    Final Battle, and that's partly because there are four parts to this fight.
    Tiger is the tiger head, Hit is the humanoid in to the far right, Magic is
    the humanoid to the far left and Tools is the faerie-like girl in the red
    ribbon in the middle. Their names teach you their fighting styles so I won't
    elaborate; what I will mention is that all targets but Tiger have auto-Float
    which you can take advantage of. 
    Stray Cat    !Catscratch (Battle x 4)
    None of these targets absorb wind, they're all strong opponents and it's tough
    VS tough. Why not call in the divine help of the Wind God to aid you in these
    struggles? You could combine this with a Wall Ring for instant retaliation for
    Magic casting. 
    Evil Oscar   Bio
    When combined with a Flame Shld, this Rage will take care of every elemental
    attack that's sent your way. On top of that, Tiger can be poisoned and Hit 
    is weak the Poison-elemental Bio spell. The downside of this Rage lies in
    Evil Oscar lacking Death protection, and since moves like Launcher and Grav
    Bomb will be directed at your party, you'll kinda miss it. Goes nice with 
    a Wall Ring. 
    Magic Urn    Cure3
    Has the defensive power of Evil Oscar as well as inherent Fire-elemental
    absorption, protection from Tiger's Special Doom Tusk (causes Zombie) and 
    Death protection. The usual suspect for the downside is the suck-ass 
    offense. With a Sniper and either a Black Belt or an Offering, this
    offensive might not be so terribly bad. And with three other party members
    enjoying Cure3 in action, this might be a good choice. Don't do this if
    you have a Wall Ring, you don't want to heal the opponents, right?
    Chaos Drgn   Disaster
    When combined with a Thundr Shld (and you still have the Snow Muffler), this
    Rage protect you from the basic three elements, nullify Wind (which isn't
    an issue in this fight) and provide Death protection. Its major quirk is
    the move it uses, though. While Disaster may be only half-way decent in most
    battles, it's Gau's best shot at taking advantage of the numerous status 
    weaknesses of these monsters. Disaster sets Condemned on Tools and Mute on
    Magic, turning the latter one into a harmless kitten and making sure the
    first one goes bye-bye in, at a decent level, 20 seconds. The downside is,
    obviously, you're stuck with Disaster for the rest of the battle while it's
    completely useless, so should you want to do this you'll have to make a Magic
    Urn-esque leap of faith with the Battle attack. Renders a Wall Ring useless
    as there's nothing to reflect anymore. 
      11.22     Ice Dragon
    Enemies: Ice Dragon
    Attacks      : Battle, N. Cross, Absolute0, Surge
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Mute, Berserk, Muddle,
                               Seizure, Slow
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 2)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Fire Rod
    Remember Gold Drgn? This is the Ice-elemental version, and it has nothing on 
    Gau. With the obvious Snow Muffler, all attacks will be absorbed and the 
    physical strike will be a waste of this dragon's time. Even without the
    Snow Muffler, there are several Rages which'll make life easy enough to laugh
    to your reflection in the mirror. 
    Leafer       !Incisor (Battle x 1.5)
    Bunny VS Dragon, and I won't have to tell you that this game is more then 
    capable of letting the bunny win. Leafer absorbs Ice-elemental attacks and
    uses a boring 1.5 Special. Combine with a Merit Award and Fire Rod for
    improved (read: faster) results, but you'll win even without. This dragon
    has nothing on a Leafer. 
    Mad Oscar    Sour Mouth
    With a Snow Muffler, this is the LLG pick you'll want. Sour Mouth will set 
    Dark, Poison, Mute and Muddle on him. He'll start hitting himself, take damage 
    from Poison and can't turn N. Cross and Absolute0 on you anymore (Surge is a 
    Dance attack so he'll still be able to do that). Combine with an Ice Shld, a 
    Fire Rod and the Back Row and I'll guarantee you a victory at any level. 
      11.23     Ifrit, Shiva
    Enemies: Ifrit, Shiva
    Attacks      : Fire, Fire2, Fire3, Blaze, Ice, Ice2, Rflect, Blizzard
    Enemy: Ifrit
    Absorbs      : Fire
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    Weak against : Ice
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Slow
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Shiva
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    Weak against : Fire
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Slow
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    This is a pretty tough fight. Both Ifrit and Shiva have defenses through
    the roof and will only take damage from those elements they are respectively
    weak against. So how does the Wild Child handle his first Esper fight, being
    stuck in one?
    Brawler      Stone
    Stone may very well be your best bet. It won't confuse anybody in this fight,
    but it's non-elemental magical damage that's otherwise pretty hard to come by. 
    While the auto-Berserk isn't a very important issue when the target's Defense 
    is higher then 200 anyway, Brawler's punches still hit a little harder than 
    other physical attacks will. Stone may miss sometimes, but it's the only 
    non-elemental attack that's worth your time. Should your level be 21, 
    definitely take this Rage as Stone will do 7.5 times the damage if the
    target's level and caster's level is the same (and obviously both Shiva's and
    Ifrit's level are 21). 
    Bomb         Blaze
    This may confuse you. Doesn't Ifrit absorb the Fire-elemental Blaze? Here's
    the thing. You'll have won the battle if either one of the Espers is killed.
    You can spread the damage a little and go for Brawler, but you can take a hard
    turn for one out of two. The Espers will switch after you have damaged them
    five times. Bomb will absorb Ifrit's spells but heal him while dealing monster 
    damage to Shiva. Note that Shiva's attacks, in turn, will cripple Gau very 
    quickly, so unless you have a Wall Ring to avoid any danger besides Blizzard 
    (which is a weak attack anyway), this is not a very smart option. Templar is 
    worse on the offense and will have troubles with Celes' Runic (Blaze isn't 
    vulnerable to the Runic blade while Fire2 is) yet is an option if you don't
    have Wall Rings. 
      11.24     Inferno
    Enemies: Inferno, Rough, Striker
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Shrapnel, Delta Hit, TekBarrier, Bolt2, Atomic 
                   Ray, Shock Wave, Bolt3, Giga Volt, Meteor, 
    Enemy: Inferno
    Absorbs      : Fire
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Slow
    Special: !Sobat (Battle x 3)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Rough
    Absorbs      : Lightning
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Ice
    Status ailment weaknesses: Petrify, Wound, Condemned, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Rapier (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Striker
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire
    Status ailment weaknesses: Petrify, Wound, Condemned, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Slash (Battle x 2)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Wing Edge, Tempest, Stunner
    The main baddy in this fight is Inferno, a Number 128 palette swap who is not
    to be toyed with. All parts will continue to be a pain with nasty attacks, 
    while the element one part is weak against the other absorbs, making it very
    hard to find a good offensive Rage for this fight. But I'm the Guru here, I'll
    find a way ;)
    Osteosaur    X-Zone
    An alternate Spek Tor with three great changes (making it, actually, not quite
    an alternate Spek Tor). Instead of Blaster, there's X-Zone. This move is not 
    only more accurate, but also always multi-target, where Blaster may or may not
    try to take out one target. Also, Osteosaur is Undead. In an LLG you can NOT 
    risk a Meteor and will have to go with this Rage. Combine with a Thunder Shld
    to absorb Lightning and turn the Osteosaur Fire-weakness into a 50 % reduction
    from said element. 
    Spek Tor     Blaster
    Blaster will continue to take out Rough and Striker should they
    be revived, leaving only the main body at your mercy. Equipping a Thunder Rod
    in combination with this Rage is grand as you won't have to worry about the
    elemental properties of the arms and can just focus on the nice weakness of
    the main body against this element. And it gets bonus points for being a Stray
    Cat palette swap without actually being Stray Cat. Have to be original once
    in a while. You'll try to use Blaster one on the body now and again but it's
    really not too bad with other people helping you out with the violence thing. 
    Primordite   !Numblade (sets Stop, no physical damage)
    The death-based arsenal of status ailments on the arms seems tempting, but 
    know that Inferno will get pissy once you've destroyed his arms and will use
    TekBarrier, which might not bode well for the Relms among your party. Also, 
    poor Blasting may get you in a situation of one Inferno and one arm, 
    allowing Meteor spells to happen (LLG slayer move). Remember the Number 128 
    battle? I said that because the blades grow back, you might as well Stop 
    them using your Stop inflicters. Exactly the same scenario here. However, 
    this time you can combo your Primordite or Areneid with a Merit Award and a 
    Tempest to have a 50 % shot at inflicting Stop at all targets (Obviously 
    Inferno is immune, but Rough and Striker will stop attacking). You'll hardly 
    see Shrapnel in this battle. Or, to quote assassin,:
    "I hardly saw Shrapnel in this battle"
      11.25     KatanaSoul
    Enemies: KatanaSoul
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Gale Cut, Fire Skean, Bolt Edge, Water Edge,
                   Shock Wave, Blow Fish, Item (Imperial), Item (Ashura), GP Rain
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Muddle, Seizure
    Special: !SlayerEdge (sets Death, no physical damage)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Poison Claw
    Let's all agree on this one: if you ever want to become some kind of cool,
    not-bound-to-the-story demi-boss, you have to get your priorities straight.
    Muddle protection is a must, *especially* when you have an instant-death
    Special that you use when you're confused. KatanaSoul wasn't paying attention,
    apparently. It's a real damn shame, as KatanaSoul is by far the most awesome,
    interesting monster-in-a-box and even ranks, in my opinion, pretty high
    into the list of good battles. Had it not been for the glaring Muddle
    vulnerability, of course.
    Mad Oscar  Sour Mouth
    Sour Mouth will set Muddle as nicely as Muddle itself will, and give Dark
    and Poison as an added benefit. Mad Oscar will also absorb any Water Edges
    thrown your way, should KatanaSoul be reluctant to kill himself (I'd be). 
    Drop         Muddle
    Drop is an elusive monster which you'll only find if you know what you're 
    doing. That makes it all the more interesting to use it here, don't you
    think? Drop is the only Rage which will use the simple normal Muddle spell. 
    Its weakness against Lightning won't like Bolt Edge, and inherent Seizure
    is not to be proud of, but Muddle will probably get the job done before
    either one can become a concern. 
      11.26     Kefka (Narshe)
    Enemies: Kefka
    Attacks      : Battle, Poison, Ice, Ice2, Bolt, Drain, Muddle, Escape
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Slow, Stop
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    Narshe Kefka is the first boss fight you engage with Gau, and it's from a
    story-line point of view one of the most important battles in the game. Kefka,
    being a Magic-infused soldier, knows several spells and he will be directing
    this fabled power at you. What can Gau do?
    Areneid      !Numb (sets Stop, no physical damage)
    You could have done Locke's scenario after Sabin's scenario and miss the shot
    for Primordite. Do not worry; Areneid will suffice as it's basically the same
    Rage when looking at offense. Areneid's Special attack, !Numb, will take
    advantage of Kefka's only significant status ailment opening and will halt
    Kefka in its tracks. While keeping Kekfa paralyzed you'll be frustrated 
    with the many times Gau will attempt to use !Numb again and fail, but Kefka
    will snap out of the paralysis if you're not fast enough with destroying him
    so Gau's repetitive efforts won't be completely wasted. Note that sadly,
    Areneid is weak against the Ice and Ice 2 attack so pray that Gau won't take a
    massive one-hit KO beating from the latter. Still, this option is quite simply 
    the best one if you don't have Primordite. Primordite is better, as it will
    only take double damage from Bolt which is far less life-threatening then Ice2.
    Should you lack both Areneid and Primordite, you still have an alternative in:
    Vaporite     Blaze
    Blaze is one of the strongest magical attack you have at the moment. Since
    Vaporite is undead and has a nifty elemental absorption in Lightning, Vaporite
    will deal out respectable damage while absorbing Drain and Bolt. Blaze flies
    right past Runic so should you have Celes in your team, you can combine both
    strategies. Vaporite is undead, so be careful with your Cure spells and Potions.
    Over-Mind    Elf Fire
    Over-Mind will absorb Drain and Poison, and Elf Fire is slightly stronger
    than Blaze. The undead nature of Over-Mind might prove annoying in this
    battle, but it's otherwise great, especially seeing how Elf Fire isn't
    vulnerable to Runic. 
      11.27     Kefka (final battle, final tier)
    Enemies: Kefka
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, Train, Goner, Revenger, 
                   Ultima, HyperDrive, Meteor, Fallen One
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : Poison
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: None
    Special: !Havoc Wing (Battle x 4)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Weapon: Sniper, Wing Edge, Man Eater
    The final Kefka, a glorious incubus, a devastating tenshi/akuma whose double
    creation strives to erase all creation whatsoever. A living paradox in all 
    aspects, this is a Fallen Angel which fell upwards, tumbling from human to god,
    soaring upwards to full control of all that he despises. Final Kefka has
    smelled the aroma of complete power and is the Omega of this Epilogue, this
    dying world....a world which deserves preservation according to a small
    group of unlikely heroes.
    Kefka uses a large array of spells which cannot be protected against (or not
    by Rage anyway) including Battle, Special, Goner, Ultima, HyperDrive, Meteor
    and Fallen One. This makes this a tough battle to pick one Rage over the
    other, as all options will take considerable damage under the wrong
    Magic Urn    Cure3
    This is the ultimate accomplishment the Rage skill. Defeat the final boss
    with a single character, no matter what level you're at! Magic Urn is the only
    strategy for all versions. These are the steps you'll need to follow.
    1) Engage Magic Urn. Make sure you have 255 Defense. Every attack that
    Kefka will throw at you will be nullified or absorbed. However, because
    nastier attacks will be triggered in the future, run for now. Tape down the
    buttons and do something important while Kefka drains his own 38000 MP (!).
    2) When he can't cast anything and has depleted his own MP, you can let go
    of those buttons and start using your violence to hurt him. Track the damage.
    3) As soon as Kefka reaches 32640 HP, he will start using Goner, which is no
    big deal as he doesn't have MP to cast it. However, after he has less then
    30080 HP, you'll be in trouble as now Kefka has a possibility of countering
    with the only attack that can hurt you now: HyperDrive. This will hurt for
    over 3000 damage and you will not survive it unless your level is very high.
    The chance of a HyperDrive counter is 1/3. Then how will we avoid this horror?
    Kefka will only counter when bit 0 of variable 0 is clear. And during the
    32640-7680 period, variable 0 will be treated as follows:
    "The end comes beyond chaos" message
    Set bit 0 of variable 0
    Display nasty face
    Wait a turn
    Wait a turn
    Clear bit 0 of variable 0
    Randomly use Havoc Wing, Train or Revenger
    Randomly use Havoc Wing, Nothing or Nothing
    Wait a turn
    Randomly use Train, Havoc Wing or Revenger
    Randomly use Havoc Wing, Havoc Wing or Nothing
    [Another turn will elapse before start of the loop is executed]
    In short, you're safe as long as you run while Kefka is casting 'normal'
    spells and attack when Kefka is charging for Goner/just tried to use it. Now 
    keep this up for a disgustingly long time!
    4) As soon as Kefka hits 10240 HP, Ultima will replace HyperDrive as a
    possible counter, and because Ultima costs MP he won't be able to use it. You
    cannot be killed now. I suggest you dance around like a little girl now, as
    you have been victorious.
    **Side Note**:
    128% Mblock will do for you here what 255 Defense and Magic Urn will do for
    you, so if this is an option for you I suggest you try that. Your damage will
    be generally higher, and it's practically the only option for Gogo to do this.
    Woolly       Ice3
    Ironically, the fight to preserve the very essence of Life is one of the few
    battles in which Death protection isn't a significant factor as final Kefka
    doesn't use any Death-based attacks. Knowing this,  Woolly springs to mind. 
    Ice3 is a decent enough offensive without being overly spectacular, but when 
    combined with a Flame Shld and a White Cape/Ribbon, Woolly is protected 
    against everything he can be protected against. Train will make an Ice3-
    casting Rage without Mute protection miserable, so make sure that you have an 
    appropriate status protection Relic for this Rage. 
    Prussian     Land Slide
    Provided you have Runic in action to protect against Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, 
    Ultima and HyperDrive (yes, they're all vulnerable), a Rage which is Runic-
    vulnerable by itself isn't your best option. Land Slide is a stronger
    attack against a foe like Kefka whose Magic Defense is very respectable, 
    and Land Slide ignores the existence of Runic. Snow Muffler and Thundr
    Shld minimize the defensive holes. 
    Stray Cat    !Catscratch (Battle x 4)
    'Tis a rare occasion I want to specifically name Stray Cat again. You cannot
    exploit any status ailment non-protections or elemental weaknesses. Kefka's
    attack pattern is simple and destructive to every Rage as it's mostly non-
    elemental of nature. Only offense really counts in this battle, and as said
    before: Stray Cat is the most offensive you get. With Kefka's Float status,
    the Merit Award and a Sniper (Offering?) you can kick so much ass it far 
    exceeds a magical attack. Snow Muffler and Thundr Shld for protection where
      11.28     Master Pug
    Enemies: Master Pug
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, Bio, Pearl, Quake, W Wind,
                   CleanSweep, Step Mine
    Absorbs      : Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Sleep, Slow
    Special: !Cleaver (Battle x 5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Drainer
    Gigantos fell to freaking L. 5 Doom, Allo Ver could be instantly killed using
    Break, KatanaSoul can be easily led to kill itself....oh, great. Another
    monster-in-a-box. I'll use Mblock and W Wind to lower his amount of HP so I
    can be victorious.
    Wait, I died. 
    With a devastating Special, strong spells of every element but Wind and a
    common Step Mine counter to any kind of damage (including MP damage and his
    own spells reflected back at him), this monster rises far and high beyond
    any other monster-in-a-box you'll see. That, and actual Death protection and
    immunity to all status ailments but a few minor ones. This battle is one of
    the tougher ones out there. 
    Actaneon     !Clamp (Battle x 1.5)
    Actaneon? We're going for the battle of the century and Djibriel, who is 
    supposed to be this kind of guru on the subject, advises Actaneon? Hold on!
    I've given you Actaneon for a reason. We need some pieces of equipment here,
    as well as a respectable level (beyond 40). First, equip a Wall Ring. That
    takes care of Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, Bio and Pearl. Now, engage in a random
    encounter and Rage a Float-inducing Rage. Hornet is one you'll definitely 
    have. That takes care of Quake (Master Pug won't bother removing it). Actaneon
    absorbs CleanSweep; that leaves us with Battle, Special, W Wind and Step Mine. 
    255 Defense and/or 128 % Mblock takes care of the first two. W Wind is a rare
    oddity which you likely won't see (and will have a poor Hit Rate, even on
    a character with such poor Mblock as Gau). Now, equip that Drainer you have.
    Now any hit will drain back quite some HP. Vigor boosts from Espers are a huge
    plus, as is Berserking of Gau. This battle might take a while, but provided
    your levels are high enough the damage Step Mine will won't exceed that of the
    average of a !Clamp attack and a Battle attack. If your levels are low or you
    are extremely unlucky, a series of Step Mine counters combined with Battle
    attacks from Gau will cause death. Still, at high levels this is the best
    strategy I've found. 
    Mad Oscar    Sour Mouth
    Wall Ring, pre-battle Float Rage, Drainer...equipment choices should be the
    same with Mad Oscar as they were with Actaneon. The difference here is that
    while Actaneon went full-out offensive, Mad Oscar will bother with status
    ailments. Sour Mouth will set Dark, Sleep and Poison, of which only the
    latter two are important. Dual-Raging (for those not blessed by coherent 
    thought: that means Gau and Gogo) is advised at low levels. The strategy is
    simple. Pray for a Sour Mouth. If it appeared, RUN! Don't hold back on the L
    and R buttons. Watch how Master Pug will roughly take two times damage from
    the Poison status before he wakes up. Release the buttons. Pray for another
    Sour Mouth to set the Sleep status again. Continue until Master Pug has died.
    If he manages to get in a WallChange, the chances you'll win this battle are
    extremely reduced (there's a 87.5 % shot he won't take damage from Poison 
    anymore), so reset if this is the case in your SCC meets LLG. 
    Stray Cat    !Catscratch (Battle x 4)
    If you act in a normal party, have a decent enough level, have Wall Rings
    equipped, have everything poured into offense (Genji Glove + two non-elemental
    weapons), this Rage might just be the best. Don't give this asshole enough
    time to inflict pain upon your party. Defeat him, laugh in the face of the
    first, non-fatal Step Mine and know that he won't be able to use another one
    on that character before he has died. 
    Magic Urn   Cure3
    If all else fails, Magic Urn out. Apply Rage & Run until he's out of his
    thankfully rather small stack of MP. If this happens, release the buttons and
    defeat the monster using your violence. Yes, it'll take a long time, but
    I'm only recommending this fool-proof strategy if the previous three don't
    work for you, in which case you must be playing a Low Level Gau Only Game.
    Meaning you have plenty of time. 
      11.29     Number 024
    Enemies: Number 024
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Fire, Fire 2, Ice, Ice 2, Bolt, Bolt 2, Scan,
                   Cure, Cure 2, Aqua Rake, Sun Bath, Cave In, Snow Rabbit,
                   Acid Rain, Fire Ball, Magnitude8, WallChange, R. Polarity,
                   Gale Cut
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Imp, Sleep
    Special: !Overflow (sets Confuse)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    The pain in the ass that is Number 024 isn't because he's very hard; in a normal
    game you can simply cast Imp and Sleep on him, in which case it's wisest to have
    Gau napping off somewhere as you'll just want to stick to magical attacks 
    without having a chance of waking him up. Also, he uses WallChange, which
    randomly selects both an elemental weakness and an elemental absorption every
    time he uses it, so any kind of elemental Rage is out of the question. So how
    should we treat this bad boy?
    Aspik       Giga Volt
    Yeah...after saying elemental Rages are out of the question, I advise Aspik.
    Isn't that nice. This one only goes for a Gau SCC, mind you. As several tests
    have proven to me, Stray Cat or any other non-elemental attack simply isn't
    going to get the job done before Number 024 gets HIS job done (killing. You.).
    Giga Volt is a gamble; if he WallChanges, there's a 87.5 % chance you'll 
    pretty much have lost the battle. But if Gau gets in quite a few of these
    attacks (Earrings are a plus!), you can cripple the guy before he can cripple
    you. Aspiks inherent Float for Magnitude8, protection against Overflow and
    absorbing of Aqua Rake and Acid Rain are minor fringe benefits (after Acid Rain,
    Seizure will be set, though). 
    Mind Candy  !SleepSting (causes Sleep) 
    When playing a normal game you're likely to have Sleep as a spell on you, so
    that makes Mind Candy more than redundant. However, in a normal NMG game,
    you don't, so here's Mind Candy for you. There will be times that Gau will
    punch # 024 out of the Sleep he himself has procured, but there's not a lot that
    can be done about that. Rage Mind Candy, and have all other character go with
    magical attacks. Mind Candy's inherent Float is a very minor thing which it
    has going for it (Magnitude8). 
      11.30     Number 128
    Enemies: Number 128, Left Blade, RightBlade
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Shimsham, Ice, Net, Atomic Ray, Gale Cut, 
                   Blaster, Shock Wave, Haste 
    Enemy: Left Blade
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Petrify, Wound, Condemned, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Slash (Battle x 2)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Number 128
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Berserk, Slow
    Special: !Red Feast (drains HP, Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: RightBlade
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Petrify, Wound, Condemned, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Rapier (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    Number 128 is one of those boss battles in which you fight more than one 
    opponent, and most of these battles are hard. This may be the hardest of
    them: physical attacks are usually very hard to protect from, and Number 
    128 will get significantly meaner when he's be himself, so be prepared. 
    Templar      Fire2
    Most attacks, especially when the two arms are still there, will consist
    out of physical attacks. Templar has inherent Safe to protect against these
    attacks, and while Fire2 is an unreliable attack in this battle, it's
    strong and solid against these foes. It's very simple and mostly devoid of
    real strategy, but this battle's moves which can be protected against (Ice, 
    Atomic Ray, Blaster) all require a Rage dedicated specially to them and
    physical attacks are simply much more often seen than Atomic Ray or Blaster
    are, dangerous as they may be.
    Primordite   !Numblade (sets Stop, no physical damage)
    I had once listed Commander here, but I realized that even if you Petrify
    the arms, they will be regenerated later after a while where # 128 went into
    a frenzy because his arms were gone. Stop will also stop the attacks of the
    blades, and while they may make auto-aiming attacks sometimes hit the blades
    while that's hardly necessary, they won't make # 128 start to use the more
    dangerous moves. 
    Commander    Break
    It depends on your party, really. If you have Edgar next to Locke and Gau,
    he won't ever accidentally hit the blades and Primordite will definitely be
    your best option. If you have Sabin or Cyan, however, you have a character
    with you who'll hit a random target with their stronger skills. In which case
    it may be more beneficial to take out those targets which aren't as important.
    Break is the most accurate instant-death attack you have at the moment and
    while Gau will be wasting a few turns casting Break on the main body, at least
    Sabin and Cyan will be dishing out obscene amounts of damage. 
    HadesGigas   Magnitude8
    You know the battle is mean if I bother listing more then two Rages for it,
    and four is the highest I'll get in this guide. Magnitude8 is a guaranteed
    multi-target hit for pretty high damage, and while HadesGigas lacks inherent
    positive statuses or provide status ailments helpful to the entire party,
    this attack will hit stuff and it'll hit hard. 
      11.31     Poltrgeist
    Enemies: Poltrgeist
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Shrapnel, Stop, Blaster, Fire3, Aero, Flare 
                   Star, WaveCannon, S. Cross, Meteo
    Absorbs      : Fire, Wind
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Psygrip (Battle x 2)
    Inherent Status: Float, Haste, Safe
    Weapon: Poison Claw, Stunner, Sniper
    Poltrgeist may very well be the toughest of the three goddesses. A wide array
    of elemental spells, an instant-death attack in Blaster which follows a Stop
    spell, etc. Three beneficial statuses, absorbing of the most favorite element 
    (Fire)...this girl is one though wench to do battle with. But hey, a Rager can 
    do battle with anybody. 
    Evil Oscar  Bio
    Evil Oscar will absorb Wave Cannon and Aero, and you're a fool if you don't
    smell a Flame Shld coming here. That leaves Battle, Special, Shrapnel, Stop,
    Blaster and Meteo to hurt the Rager. Battle and Special are not worth your
    worries: if you're playing an LLG, go for 255 Defense. Equip a Wall Ring!
    Evil Oscar doesn't have Death Protection, and with Gau's usual poor Mblock %, 
    he's almost sure to fall for a Stop/Blaster combo Poltrgeist often uses. Also,
    Stop works on Poltrgeist itself, so that's an added benefit. The occasional
    Shrapnel can hardly be avoided unless you totally go for an 128 Mblock 
    strategy. The same goes for Meteo, unless you want to apply Rage & Run to 
    avoid it from showing it's ugly barrier-piercing face. Finally, Bio will 
    benefit from the elemental weakness Poltrgeist has, but the difference in 
    damage with an Ice3 spell will be minimal, and in the advantage of the Ice3
    spell. Which means that Woolly can be just as good. I was growing tired of
    advising him, is all.
    Areneid      !Numb (causes Stop) 
    Poltrgeist is vulnerable to Stop. Areneid inflicts just that. The sheer lack 
    of any kind of inherent defensive points in this is less important in a 
    battle where Poltrgeist simply won't attack. Requires a little luck to 
    work, and I wouldn't recommend it in any kind of Gau SCC as it will take too
    long and there are simply too much spells which are close to lethal to Gau
    when luck is bad. Note that Primordite, while an option, is inferior due to
    Lightning weakness (WaveCannon). 
    Retainer     Shock
    "What the hell?", you say. As I'm writing this, the Guide hasn't been 
    officially released and I've already taken some criticism from ignoring the
    Retainer Rage. I'll admit that I tend to do that: it uses the attack of the
    late General Leo Christope and for that it receives the love of all that is
    newbie. Shock is still a very decent attack and it even exceeds Land Slide
    in power in this fight. Thing is, it has nothing on defense. This is a Rage
    you can pick if you have 128 % Mblock or higher. Magus Rod (30), Force Shld
    (50), Bard's Hat (10), Force Armor (30) and you've reached 120. Gau is done
    by then, Gogo needs an extra White Cape to reach 136. Now, you avoid
    *everything* but Flare Star. Force Shld will give you only 1/2 of the normal
    damage, but if you're playing an LLG, that might be too much as well. In that
    case, Rages such as Parasoul and especially Phase (Blow Fish) might save you. 
    Now, let's ignore the fact I didn't *really* recommend Retainer but I promoted 
    Phase. I satisfied a lot of people who aren't reading bodies of text yet feel
    an undying love for Shock just now :)
      11.32     Presenter
    Enemies: Presenter, Whelk Head
    Attacks      : Battle, Special (PetriBlast only, not Hit), Mega Volt, El Nino,
                   Magnitude8, Giga Volt, Blow Fish
    Enemy: Whelk Head
    Absorbs      : Ice, Lightning, Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : Poison
    Weak against : Fire
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Petrify, Wound, Condemned, Mute, Sleep, Slow,
    Special: !PetriBlast (sets Petrify)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: Presenter
    Absorbs      : Ice, Lightning, Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire
    Status ailment weaknesses: Clear, Petrify, Wound, Condemned
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Weapon: None
    I'll admit it's highly likely you won't have a Rager when you fight this
    guy, but you *can* have a Rager there so I'll give strategies. A horrible
    Whelk rip-off, Presenter is not nearly as consistent in his don't-hit-the-
    shell program. He compensates with some strong spells though, so he still
    pretends he can harm you. Allow me to counter previously described piece of 
    false information. Note that while the 'shell' part of the monster if 
    Floating, the slug's head is not. That's some crazy stuff right there, sonny. 
    Osteosaur    X-Zone
    Osteosaur doesn't have any special protection against this dual-monster's
    attacks save for Petrify protection (which, admittedly, is a good one). 
    However, the fringe benefit of this Rage is the spell it will cast. Kill
    either one of the two and you'll get a Dragon Claw. However, when you kill
    both at the same time, you'll get two of them. Seeing as how the Pearl
    element is often a weakness on monsters and hardly ever absorbed/nullified,
    the Dragon Claw is arguably the best Claw in the game. X-Zone will make
    sure that Gau will try to take both out at the same time. Use the Save Point
    if X-Zone misses one of them and takes out the other. Don't equip weapons or 
    you might find yourself killing the slug too quickly. 
    Lizard       Break
    If you couldn't care less about those silly Dragons Claws and you just
    want to beat this guy, Lizard will be your ticket. Break is the most accurate
    instant-death spell you have at your easy disposal (don't get me started
    on Sabre Soul, Star Prism and Joker Doom there), and even when your Rager
    refuses to use it for some time, if you have a Titanium, you can protect your-
    self from El Nino and Lizard's immune to Petrification. Factor in a Cherub 
    Down and a Thundr Shld, and this guy can't touch you. Bah, what am I saying 
    anyway: Break will kill him before he has the chance to begin using any of 
    these spells ;) You can equip any kind of instant-death weapon if you choose 
    to do this. Break Blade, Scimitar, Assassin, Striker, Soul Sabre, take your 
      11.33     Pugs
    Enemies: Pugs, Pugs, Pugs
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Pearl
    Absorbs      : Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Imp, Mute, Seizure, Slow
    Special: !Knife (Battle x 8)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Sniper, Fire Rod
    If you think Master Pug and the normal Pug were bad, then you just might have
    bundles less trouble with these knuckleheads :) They will attack physically
    only (nearing you to execute a !Knife attack when they reach you), and will
    use Pearl as a counter to your Magic. Sounds like we can toy a little with
    these guys.
    Scrapper     Elf Fire
    Really, any Rage works as you long as you have 255 Defense and/or are under
    the effects of Clear. I just happen like Scrapper because of Elf Fire and
    auto-Haste. Rage-triggered magical attacks will not be counted as Magic, so
    Pugs won't counter.
    Mag Roader   Bio
    For any decent LLG, this is the ticket. 255 Defense or summon Phantom just
    before the battle and you're set. All you have to do is watch the Poison
    status slowly cripple these three modern-day fantasy creatures and you've
    won the day. 
      11.34     Red Dragon
    Enemies: Red Dragon
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Fire2, Fire3, Fire Ball, S. Cross, Flare, 
                   Flare Star, L. 4 Flare
    Absorbs      : Fire
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Ice, Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Muddle, Seizure, Slow
    Special: !Eraser (Unblockable, removes 'Reflect', Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Ice Rod
    Red Dragon ain't got it easy. He represents the Fire element, the element
    most easily protected against by equipment. Red Jacket, Flame Shld are 
    both easily available, and that goes without mentioning Minerva, Paladin
    Shld, Rage Ring/Blizzard Orb and the countless pieces of equipment which
    take only half damage from the element. Luckily for Red Dragon, Flare 
    looks kinda Fire-elemental. At least the poor sap has that much going for
    Coelecite  Magnitude8
    Coelecite absorbs Fire and, unlike other Fire-absorbing monsters, actually
    has a non-Fire-elemental attack to dish out. Throwing its tempests of howling
    laughter straight in the face of its own wings, Red Dragon isn't Floating,
    so it should connect. There are four moves which Red Dragon can use to hurt 
    you: L. 4 Flare, Flare, Battle and Special. The last two are weak and 
    shouldn't pose a threat, especially with 255 Defense. L. 4 Flare can be 
    easily avoided (If you're at a vulnerable level, just gain one) and Flare
    is Reflectable. Merit Award, Wall Ring, Ice Rod: Victory.
    Chaos Drgn   Disaster
    Chaos Drgn will use Disaster, a move which sets Dark, Muddle and Float on
    this specific target. Using the infallible strategy from Coelecite (Chaos
    Drgn absorbs Fire), you can just wait until Gau causes Red Dragon to kill
    itself. An LLG tip. The downside of this is that Chaos Drgn appears in the
    very cave Red Dragon is located, so you might not want to collect it. 
    Phase        Blow Fish
    Another LLG tip: Blow Fish will deal 1000 damage regardless, and Coelecite's
    defensive strategy can be applied to Phase as well. Phase also appears in the
    Phoenix Cave, so it's up to you. 
      11.35     Rider
    Enemies: Rider
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Virite, R. Polarity
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Clear, Petrify, Wound, Condemned, 
    Mute, Berserk, Seizure, Sleep, Slow, Stop
    Special: !SilverPike (Battle x 3)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    Rider is Kefka's sub-commander, and he can be a surprising pain before you 
    take him down. His Special, !SilverPike, kills people in the front row. Luckily
    there's a number of ways to dispose of him quickly and efficiently with Gau
    in your party.
    Dark Wind    Break
    Of all the instant-death attacks Gau can use at this stage of the game, it 
    gives me great pleasure to announce that Break has the best odds of doing
    the trick. Petrification is often over-looked because Break and Shoat's Demon
    Eye both check for instant Death protection next to Petrify protection, making
    it simply inferior to Doom in a normal game. It still has the best Hit Rate, 
    though, and while Commander can do it too (you must have completed Locke's 
    scenario before Sabin's if you want to obtain this Rage this early), Dark 
    Wind is on the Veldt regardless of the order you completed the scenario's. 
    Rhodox (Snare) and Bleary (Doom) are the next-best options for instant 
    Trilium      Bio
    If you can't be bothered with instant-death attacks (they're for sissies
    anyway), try going all-out offensive with Bio. There's a glaring elemental 
    weakness and Bio is one of the strongest attack you have at that point. Two
    Bio spells coming from a decent level should be more then enough to defeat
      11.36     Skull Drgn
    Enemies: Skull Drgn
    Attacks      : Battle, Condemned, Elf Fire, Specter, Disaster
    Absorbs      : Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Pearl
    Status ailment weaknesses: Clear
    Special: !Hit (Removes 'Reflect')
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Pearl Lance, Fire Rod
    Lich         Fire2
    Lich is protected against every status ailment Skull Drgn can throw at you 
    with Disaster...every status except Condemned (which will heal you) and
    Muddle. You could opt to get yourself a Peace Ring or Ribbon to counter this
    problem, but equip Merit Award/Fire Rod and a Wall Ring and you'll just be
    either healing yourself or reflecting Fire2 at him. Lich absorbs, needless to
    say, Elf Fire so the only thing that can hurt Gau is Battle. The distant call
    of 255 Defense is heard among the foggy hills and you're truly invincible.
    It's just a curiosity, still, as with Elf Fire, Condemned and Specter all
    helping to keep you alive, Battle damage is quickly cured. 
    SrBehemoth   Fire3
    Lich, for all its strategic niftiness, can be tedious. If you slap a Flame
    Shld on a SrBehemoth Raging character, you're done. He can't be Muddled,
    and all that Disaster will do is set Dark and Float on him. Fire3 hurts as
    much as it looks like it hurts and feeds off elemental weakness. And it's 
    a boss monster, you kids these days think that's all cool and stuff. Right?
      11.37     SrBehemoth & SrBehemoth
    SrBehemoth (living), SrBehemoth (undead)
    Enemies: SrBehemoth, SrBehemoth
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Imp, Ice2, Ice3, Pearl, Doom, Meteo
    Enemy: SrBehemoth (living)
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Imp, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Evil Claw (Unblockable, removes 'Reflect', Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: SrBehemoth (undead)
    Absorbs      : Poison
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Pearl
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Wound, Condemned
    Special: !Hypno Gas (sets Sleep)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Scimitar, Fire Rod, Stunner, Scimitar
    This is a simple battle with a difficult obstacle to overcome for the best
    Rage. First, you meet the living SrBehemoth. Imp and Stop are its weaknesses.
    Then, when you defeat it, the undead SrBehemoth pops up to slaughter you.
    Note that Gau's Row does NOT change, even though it looks like it. However, Gau
    will now be stuck in a Rage meant for the living SrBehemoth. Neither Imp nor
    Stop work, and your Rage will turn from fantastic to crap in a matter of
    seconds, so we need to prepare for both brawlers. Let's rumble. 
    Fidor        Special: Pounce (Battle x 2.5)
    This is heavily equipment-dependant, but you'll still have major fun with it
    so that shouldn't be a concern. Combine this with a Merit Award, a Genji 
    Glove, a Stunner and a Scimitar. The Stunner will randomly cast 'Stop', 
    securing a very good shot at victory. Both weapons will obviously do monster 
    damage. When the switch comes, Scimitar has a 25 % chance at total 
    annihilation of the undead SrBehemoth. Note that any other instant-death 
    weapon will heal it. Start in the Front Row, as the living monster is more 
    dangerous than the undead one is. Sadly, you can't combine with Wall Ring
    against the Ice-elemental attacks, Pearl and Doom; if you have Fidor's Sleep
    protection will help in the second fight.
    Areneid      Special: !Numb (sets Stop, no physical damage)
    Rhodox       Snare
    What's this, TWO Rages? It's your choice and it's depending on the situation.
    If you have both Gau and Gogo at this point (which is unlikely but possible),
    I suggest you pick both. Areneid rocks the first battle, Rhodox can instantly
    end the second one. If it's just Gau (or just Gogo), use Areneid until
    the undead SrBehemoth comes around, kill him using your characters and 
    commence Rhodox. Obviously not an option in an SCC, but this'll work very
    well in any other kind of game. 
    Scrapper     Elf Fire
    You're playing Anthology, so no Merit Award. And you don't feel like killing
    Gau in the middle of a battle. Then, a Rage for both must be found. Scrapper
    can do respectable damage with Elf Fire, there's inherent Haste, he's
    immune to the undead's Doom spell and he has elemental advantage on both
    targets. It sadly lacks elemental absorption of any kind and isn't immune to
    Sleep, but you can't have everything. 
      11.38     Storm Drgn
    Enemies: Storm Drgn
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Wind Slash, Rage, Aero, Cyclonic
    Absorbs      : Wind
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Seizure
    Special: !Wing Sabre (Battle x 3)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Weapon: Thunder Rod, Sniper
    The Storm Drgn is more or less regarded as the strongest dragon of the bunch,
    and the fact that this is the first one you meet seems kind of backwards. 
    Storm Drgn owes his difficulty to the Rage attack, which is both unblockable
    and non-elemental. It kills most LLG players if they're not prepared. That,
    and the Wind element can be difficult to protect against: only Thundr Shlds 
    and Paladin Shlds will do that for you. And Rages, of course.
    Woolly       Ice3
    Woolly absorbs the Wind element, and Ice3 will take care of the offense
    nicely. Dual-Raging from Gau and Gogo is advised as he will stop using Rage
    when his HP reaches lower grounds. While Woolly is not a guaranteed LLG
    victory, it's the best LLG bet there is and in a normal game, Storm Drgn 
    doesn't stand a credible chance. 
    Io           Flare Star
    Io nullifies the powers of the Wind element, so that's one character with
    Thundr Shld-esque effects without having to waste one on it. Flare Star 
    doesn't benefit from elemental properties like as was the case with Doom Gaze,
    but Flare Star will still inflict 5920 due to Storm Drgn's impressive level. 
    Punisher     Bolt3
    Punisher has inherent Haste, and Bolt3 will destroy Storm Drgn very quickly.
    The downside is the lack of elemental protection against Storm Drgn's
    attacks. Equip a Thundr Shld and you're set. This Rage knows neither mercy
    nor sophistication, only the crudest of violence and defense is combined
    here. Don't you love it?
      11.39     Telstar
    Enemies: Telstar, Soldier, Soldier, Soldier, Soldier
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Schiller, Tek Laser, Missile, Dischord, 
    Enemy: Telstar
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Lightning, Water
    Status ailment weaknesses: Slow, Stop
    Special: !SonicBlast (sets Muddle)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Enemy: Soldier
    Absorbs      : None
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Poison
    Status ailment weaknesses: Zombie, Poison, Clear, Imp, Petrify, Wound, 
                               Condemned, Mute, Berserk, Muddle, Seizure, Slow, 
    Special: !Counter (Attack x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    While technically you won't encounter it with a Rager, you'll see it terrorize
    the Veldt only moments later, where it can still be a threat. You're bound to
    see it a lot, which isn't all bad (Green Berets are great at that point), so
    you'd best learn how to deal with it. Know that I initially didn't want to
    include this thing, but since I had the entire Guide finished and felt like
    doing one more, I did so anyway. The Rages here assume you're on your first
    Veldt trip, as after that your levels and available Rages will be so high
    this monster wouldn't deserve its own separate listing.
    Also, did you know that the "real" Telstar was the first satellite launched
    into space for communication purposes? The "real" Telstar was the first 
    satellite launched into space for communication purposes.
    Hazer        Bolt2
    Bolt2 is the nastiest attack you can throw at Telstar for this part of the
    game, feeding off its weakness against Lightning. Hazer comes with Death
    Protection for Missile, which is also a good thing; just make sure that
    this Rager doesn't become the target of a SonicBlast, in which case you have
    a problem. 
    M-TekArmor   Tek Laser
    Yes, Tek Laser is a weak attack, but it takes advantage of a weakness here
    and the defensive properties are pretty good. Death protection against
    Missile and inherent Save for physical attacks sent your way by Telstar
    itself or any of the Soldiers it may call on you. And besides, having Gau
    use Tek Laser is neat, and this is really the only battle in which it's
    even remotely wise to do so.
    Areneid      !Numb (sets Stop)
    Maybe Square just kinda forgot setting Stop is actually possible between this
    baby and the moment you obtain Phantom? Everything falls to it, including
    Telstar. A tad to boring for my tastes, but you can go right ahead and win the
    battle with Areneid. Primordite has a weakness to Tek Laser, by the way, so
    Areneid is the slight victor in this contest. 
      11.40     Tritoch
    Enemies: Tritoch
    Attacks      : Ice3, Rasp, Cold Dust, 
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : Lightning, Poison, Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water
    Weak against : Fire
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Seizure
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: Float
    Weapon: Valiantknife, Fire Rod
    "Ragers laugh at your Rasp and outdated helmet, perpetually frozen Serpent!"
    This is what assassin had to say on the subject, and he's really quite 
    right. As you can see, Tritoch has an incredibly simple set of attacks, of
    which Ice3 can be easily absorbed, Rasp is entirely wasted on a Rage user and
    Cold Dust will just make the battle longer. While this battle is laughable
    from the start, Rage will make it even more so. Also note that this sucker is
    *Floating*. While taking advantage of it with the Sniper would be stupid with
    its 254 Defense, it's quite remarkable for a massive block of ice. 
    Io           Flare Star
    The ticket to a LLG, Flare Star enjoys elemental superiority over Tritoch and
    because it's based on the opponent's level rather then your own, it'll do
    monster damage. A constant 9920, to be exact. Snow Muffler should take care
    of Tritoch's entire offensive arsenal, so you're set. While Flare Star is 
    probably the strongest even at normal levels (save perhaps Fire3-using ones),
    all flame-adoring Rages work with the Snow Muffler. Vaporite, Over-Mind, 
    Scrapper, it'll work. 
    Toe Cutter   Shrapnel
    If you lack the Snow Muffler, the Toe Cutter Rage will absorb the Ice element
    for you. Shrapnel is magical and non-elemental, so while it by no means will 
    do overly impressive amounts of damage, you have all the time in the world so
    it doesn't matter anyway. 
      11.40     Ultros (Opera House)
    Enemies: Ultros
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Fire, Drain, Mega Volt, L. 3 Muddle, Imp Song, 
                   Tentacle, Acid Rain
    Absorbs      : Water
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Lightning
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Ink (sets Dark)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Not available
    Ultros is probably at the peak of its glory in this battle: not only does he
    know some fairly respectable spells at this point, he's rewarded with a 
    special Grand Finale tune for his performance so far. He's still a pushover,
    mind you, but he's the hardest one to push over you'll meet.
    Aspik	     Giga Volt
    Aspik will absorb Acid Rain, is protected from L. 3 Muddle even when the
    level is suitable and is immune to Imp Song. That's all nice and well, but
    the real glory of this Rage is Giga Volt. Giga Volt is already insanely 
    strong at this point of the game, but it will *hammer* on Ultros' weakness
    against the element and won't take long to complete the battle, leaving you
    with plenty of time to come up with all sorts of lame jokes about the name 
    of the Rage. :P
    Primordite   !Numblade (sets Stop)
    It's said that even in an LLG, Giga Volt will be superior to messing with Stop.
    That might be true, but if you brought Edgar and Sabin you'll be doing
    quite a lot of damage so the Stop status ailment should come in handy. The
    main objective of this battle is for Ultros to move around, having its own
    amount of HP for every location on the battlefield. If he's Stopped, he 
    can't move, and he'll appear to have far less HP than he seems to have in
    a normal game. 
      11.42     Umaro
    Enemies: Umaro
    Attacks      : Battle, Special, Jump, Blizzard, Snowball, Surge, Lode Stone,
                   Item (Green Cherry)
    Absorbs      : Ice
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Fire, Lightning
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Poison, Berserk, Sleep, Slow
    Special: !Tackle (Battle x 3)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Fire Rod, Poison Claw
    Umaro is a soon-to-be party member who's generally considered the weakest 
    character around. And with good reason. At least the monster version looks
    cool and has some attacks that could've been nice. But monster Umaro is as
    worthless a challenge as he is a character, so I'll give you some quick 
    tips on how to defeat him and you can continue.
    Insecare     !Wing Whisp (sets Berserk, no physical damage)
    With 255 Defense and Umaro vulnerable to the Berserk status, is there anything
    this Rage isn't good for? He'll make Umaro pound away, futile, while Gau
    slowly punches him to pulp. Sky Cap is a suitable replacement. Megazerk looks
    cooler anyway.
    Scrapper     Elf Fire
    You know I'm a sucker for inherent Haste, and when an Elf Fire using Rage
    comes along with Death protection, I'll be damned if I don't put it under
    Umaro's battle. You'll need a Snow Muffler and preferably 255 Defense for
    optimal protection, but that's it. There's nothing strategic about this Rage,
    actually, but it's very well suited for a normal game where you don't really
    need to bother with status ailments. Brontaur has Fire3 and Death protection
    yet lacks the inherent Haste and you probably haven't met it yet. 
    Mag Roader   Bio
    Bio will take advantage of Umaro's elemental weakness, the Rage absorbs Ice,
    Inherent Safe is nice if you don't have 255 Defense (and that yellow aura
    is even nifty when it's useless). There's really not a lot to say about
    this Rage other then the fact it works. The Poison status is set so any LLG
    player will be happy to have this Rage. 
      11.43     White Drgn
    Enemies: White Drgn
    Attacks      : Pearl, Dispel
    Absorbs      : Pearl
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : None
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Mute, Slow, Stop
    Special: !Hit (Battle x 1.5)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Wing Edge, Stunner
    You won't be fighting him with a Rage the first time you meet him, but he'll
    appear on the Veldt later on and can still put the hurt on you. No, setting
    Confuse on Gau won't suddenly make him use a Rage on the Fanatics Tower. 
    That's not to say that White Drgn isn't easily one of less intelligent dragons,
    so you should not have any trouble whatsoever. White Drgn uses only one
    offensive spell, it's called Pearl, it's reflectable (so ANY non-suicidal Rage
    wins the day), and White Drgn can be muted. 
    Mag Roader   Mute
    In an LLG, the reflected Pearl spells might heal more than you want it to. Mag
    Roader (red) will cast Mute to stop the Pearl spells. That's it, you're 
    invulnerable. Inherent Haste to speed up the killing, that much is true, but
    there isn't anything else to say. 
    Evil Oscar   Bio
    Absorbs Pearl, winning the battle. Bio doesn't set any status, but it's 
    more offensive than Magic Urn is and the Pearl element is the only element
    Woolly isn't protected from and which can't be absorbed with easily obtainable
    items (aka the Flame Shld). 
    Goblin       Bolt3
    Inherent Reflect wins the day. Bolt3 will hurt quite a lot and unlike Enuo, 
    there isn't any Seizure status to worry about. While on the subject of
    inherently reflective Rages: Enuo, Boxed Set and Figaliz are all inherently
    reflective and invulnerable in this fight. Enuo will take Seizure damage, 
    Boxed Set's Meteor is inferior to Bolt3 in power and Figaliz' Dischord will
    simply be a wasted turn. If you have any of these yet didn't pick Goblin,
    by all means though: invulnerable is invulnerable.
      11.44     Wrexsoul
    Enemies: Wrexsoul, SoulSaver, SoulSaver
    Attacks      : Cure, Reflect, Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, Zinger
    Enemy: SoulSaver
    Absorbs      : Fire, Pearl
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Ice
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark, Clear, Petrify, Wound, Condemned, Berserk, 
    Muddle, Slow
    Special: !MagicDrain (drains MP)
    Inherent Status: None
    Enemy: WrexSoul
    Absorbs      : Fire, Pearl
    50 % damage  : None
    Nullifies    : None
    Weak against : Ice
    Status ailment weaknesses: Dark
    Special: !KarmicBlow (sets Condemned)
    Inherent Status: None
    Weapon: Ice Rod
    When the blind, naked newborns first arrive to the game and witness Gau, their
    fragile minds explode in a vortex of questions. Overwhelmed by the choices,
    they ditch him in favor of Edgar's constant Chainsaw action. When they beat
    the game they take a look at the forums and see that Gau is carried on
    shoulders. They play the game again, using Gau. They remember the monsters
    this time, and learn from their experiences. But they haven't quite mastered
    the Rage command, and cry in the darkness because Rage can't be controlled. 
    That's actually never a big issue. Except in this battle, where the Rage
    command *really* isn't all that helpful. It's not that you can't decide
    what attack you pick, but it's fairly worthless because you can't snap
    out of a Rage by yourself. WrexSoul can only be hit when the character he 
    was 'possessing' receives the Wound status, and Raging characters can't
    hit themselves. That, and as soon as WrexSoul appears, you want to focus your
    attacks on him while you still can. Having your Ragers pound on the SoulSavers 
    is something you don't want to see. There's still a number of ways to fight
    this battle, for various circumstances.
    Osteosaur    X-Zone
    The ticket for a Gau SCC. X-Zone, if it kills both targets, prevents them from
    reviving each other and you'll have won the battle. Note that it's very
    obvious Square didn't want it to be this way, and while it's not branded as
    cheating as often as Vanish/Doom is, it's not very legal. 
    Black Drgn   Storm
    The ticket for a normal battle. You can immediately kill Gau with a Revivify 
    if you want, and he'll be practically untouchable with a Wall Ring. Storm 
    will kill SoulSavers when Gau's on a decent level (this helps in preventing
    attacks in the direction of people which aren't naturally superior, such as 
    Shadow) and significantly hurt WrexSoul when he pops out. 
      12.0 Rage accoutrements
    Table of Contents:
     12.1   Merit Award
     12.1	DragoonBoots
     12.2	Gauntlet
     12.3	Genji Glove
     12.4	Gem Box
     12.5	Offering
     12.6	Safety Bit
     12.7	Marvel Shoes/Cure Ring/RunningShoes/Cherub Down/Guard Ring
     12.8	Relic Ring
      12.10    Merit Award
    Gau can, due to an oversight from Square, equip the Merit Award. The Merit 
    Award is a Relic that allows the wearer to equip almost any piece of Armor, 
    and almost any weapon with these exceptions:
     Atma Weapon (in FF3us) & Bone Club
     Girl hats and crowns:
     Hair Band, Tiara, Mystery Veil, Regal Crown, Oath Vail, Cat Hood
     Dresses and bustiers:
     White Dress, Czarina Gown, Minerva
     Animal suits:
     Tabby Suit, Chocobo Suit, Moogle Suit, Nutkin Suit, BehemothSuit
    Defensively, the Merit Award has little to offer Gau since his Snow Muffler
    already provides extremely potent defence. Combined with a Genji Shield and
    Genji Helmet he can reach 255 Defense, nullifying physical attack entirely.
    However the Merit Award does provide Gau with the option of 128% Mblock,
    giving him perfect evasion to both physical and magical attacks. 
    Much more interesting however is the fact the Merit Award gives Gau weapons.
    With Gau having the astronomical base Battle Power of 99, strength of the 
    weapon equipped only means so much. Once a weapon adds 156 to the Battle Power 
    or more, the maximum amount of 255 has been reached and it won't matter if you 
    equip a store-bought Falchion or the legendary Aura Lance...speaking of Battle 
    Power, that is. No, you could buy a normal sword in the WoR and reach 255 in 
    Battle Power, increasing the physical damage Gau does by 150 %. That's awesome 
    in its own right, but we want the weapons for the special treatment it gives 
    us, and for the warm feeling inside we experience when we equip a smart weapon 
    on Gau. 
    There's a close bond between spells used by weapons and the weapon attack 
    itself. Spells used through weapons benefit from damage multipliers arguably
    only meant for the weapon itself. It will receive a 50 % boost from Jump,
    will only do 50 % damage when in the back row and it will do double damage
    when the weapon inflicts a critical hit. Special attacks caused by Gau 
    inflict more damage than they do by using these same damage multipliers.
    This means that when Gau holds a Fire Rod, and he should use Fire2 after
    a !Catscratch, the Fire2 attack will be four times as powerful as it 
    normally would be. The exception to this rule is Flare; barrier-piercing
    attacks don't benefit from damage multipliers and Flare is the only
    weapon-inflicted barrier-piercing spell out there. 
    Out of the instant-death weapons, the Scimitar is arguably the best one. Where 
    all other instant-death weapons have massive trouble with the undead, this 
    legendary weapon (don't let Ted Woolsey fool you, this is Odin's sword, the 
    Zantetsuken) will slice and dice regardless of gender, color and the physical 
    state of the opponents body, whether long since dead or alive and kicking 
    (your ass). A very boring choice otherwise, though.
    I very much doubt you don't have anything better to do with this thing, but as 
    both of these swords go disgustingly well with whatever you do with them, I 
    thought I should mention them briefly. The former grants 50 % Mblock, a +7 on 
    all stats, a perfect Hit Rate of 255 (you'll be able to kill Cactrots with 
    this!), same damage from the back row, MP-inflicted criticals and a random 
    Pearl. IF you decided to stick with the latter for old time's sake, expect the 
    same without the back row powers, 4 less points added to your Speed, only 30 % 
    Mblock and a random Flare. These swords on Gau are a waste, to be honest. 
    He'll use nothing but the added Mblock % and perhaps the MP-boosted Pearl 
    attacks of the Illumina while somebody like Celes enjoys the whole thing. 
    Don't be greedy and pass this sword up. It's too good for either Gau or 
    Gogo :P
      Pearl Lance
    Should you want to attach a Pearl element to your physical strikes, this is 
    the weapon to do it with. The Pearl Lance isn't the strongest Pearl-elemental 
    weapon, but it's the best one which combines its Pearl-elemental nature with 
    a random Pearl spell thrown in here and there. Should you lack this weapon, 
    the Pearl Rod is not quite as good but good enough. 
      Magus Rod
    Of all the weapons so far, the Magus Rod seems the most misplaced on Gau. And 
    yes, you'll want to use it on Strago and Relm, bless their inferior hearts. 
    But with quite a lot of Gau's Rages being magical half the time, that +7 on 
    Magic Power doesn't hurt at all. And with Gau's Mblock% never coming even 
    remotely close to the standard without the Merit Award, a 30 % Mblock is a 
    blessing. Gogo can even equip it without a Merit Award, but that guy needs one 
    anyway, so it's a non-issue. Note that if you feel they are better spent on 
    somebody who's from Thamasa, the Enhancer is a very good alternative, giving 
    the same + 7 and 20 % Mblock. 
    A very boring store-bought weapon. But that's part of its charm! I highly
    doubt you'll have a Merit Award on a time when you don't have anything better
    to put on Gau then this Special weapon. However, next to the inferior Falchion 
    it's the only store-bought weapon which effectively grants Gau his maximum in
    Battle Power. If you don't have anything better, smack this one on. And
    remember, it will randomly do 50 % more damage on non-floating target and
    200 % more damage on floating targets. That's nice. Finally, same damage
    from the back row. Floating boss? Use Sniper. 
    There's one oddity with the Sniper on a Rager. The game loads the graphic 
    data of the shown weapon when it shows you the Hawk Eye/Sniper flying through
    the air, not the graphic of the equipped weapon. While this is normally the
    same, a Rager will take it's own weapon which belongs to the Rage. You will
    throw the Ice Rods and Tridents you were attacking with. Some Rages will make
    Gau attack with Fists or Claws, which have no Throw graphic. The same goes
    for Specials. For these things, the game just gives you Throw graphic # 00,
    which is that of a small dagger. 
      Wing Edge
    The Wing Edge is an alternate Scimitar. The disadvantage over the Scimitar is 
    that Gau will revive any undead monster he touches following normal procedure. 
    But the fact it won't decrease in power when thrown from the back row is nice, 
    let alone those stat boosts containing, among others, a +7 in Speed. And you 
    probably won't be using it anyway. 
    This thing won't give Gau his precious 255 on Battle Power, but that's okay. 
    The Valiantknife is still a barrier-piercing weapon which includes the power 
    of Revenge for every single strike. It's nice, but like with the Illumina and 
    Ragnarok, this weapon is better used somewhere else. You know Locke needs it 
    desperately to make up for the rest of the game, so why not give it to him? 
    There are other options. In a Gau SCC, though, this weapon will rock your 
    See the Wind Gods section for what exactly this blade can do to your Gau.
    He'll be a boy no more. 
      Fixed Dice
    Seeing as how Setzer can bloody well go without these, contrary to popular 
    belief, Gau could equip these for massive damage when paired with !Catscratch. 
    It *will* receive the damage upgrade for every Special. At level 1, a 6/6/6 
    roll combined with !Catscratch would do 9999 damage. Level 1. Ponder. At a 
    decent level other weapons will have a much higher damage average, though. 
    Note that the Dice graphic will *replace* the monster weapon graphic you were
      Drainer/Soul Sabre
    Both of them could have been a MONSTER in Gau's hands where it not for this 
    one fact: The damage they do is restricted to that a amount the wielder can 
    effectively replenish on itself. If Gau is 200 HP short of his maximum, the 
    Drainer will do nothing but 200 damage. Now where the latter is useless 
    (except perhaps for that random Doom, but there are countless better ways), 
    the Drainer will ensure Gau reaching full HP at the end of every round, unless 
    facing the undead. On a Rager this is overdone. You don't need the Drainer no 
    more unless you know you are going to be hurting a lot, of which the battle 
    against Master Pug is an example. 
      Fire Rod/Ice Rod/Lightning Rod/Poison Rod/Gravity Rod/Pearl Rod
    Finally, the elemental Rods. I include the Pearl Rod and Poison Rod for the 
    sake of completeness, but know that the Pearl Lance and Poison Claw are better 
    if you have that choice to make. Is there really that much to say? Short of
    the Gravity Rod (which is here for its wacky earth-element anyway) each of
    these Rods randomly cast a spell of their appropriate element. This should
    provide 9999-topping damage if you're wise in you're choices. Gau can equip
    any kind of element, so pick the weakness of your opponent if you know what
    is coming. 
      Man Eater
    Now it's fairly ridiculous to think that you weren't doing 9999 anyway, but 
    let's assume you're level twenty or are Raging Red Wolf rather than Stray Cat. 
    The Man Eater doubles the power of your physical attacks against all human 
    targets, of which Kefka is one. And there's a nifty 10 % added to your Mblock
    to boot :)
    Useful in a Gau SCC, I imagine. Although self-inflicted torture isn't
    necessarily taken in consideration in the Guide, I want to name this Dirk for
    this special effect. And hey, its never hurts to have an additional stealer,
    right? Factor in an additional 10 % on Mblock and you'll realize it's quite a
    nifty weapon.
      12.1     DragoonBoots
    The DragoonBoots change the Fight command into Jump. While it may seem logical 
    to think that all of Gau's normal physical attacks now become a Jump attack, 
    guess again. Unlike with the Offering, the DragoonBoots doesn't change the 
    nature of the attack, it changes the command. DragoonBoots, in short, have no 
    effect on Gau whatsoever. Note that the Dragon Horn has effect: should
    Palidor's Sonic Dive be cast on Gau, he'll Jump multiple times. 
      12.2     Gauntlet
    The Gauntlet is meant to hold a weapon in two hands, thus increasing the power
    of it be 50 % while disabling the ability to hold anything else in the other 
    hand. Gau does not have a weapon, unless he’s with the Merit Award. You can 
    boost the power of a Merit Award weapon on Gau with the Gauntlet, but even in 
    the WoR when you lack any kind of Merit Award there’s use for this Relic, and 
    that’s in combination with the Imp Halberd. This combination will increase Gau
    his physical attacks by 50 %. Sweet. On Gogo, obviously, any weapon will work.
      12.3     Genji Glove
    The Genji Glove is practically the same story as the Gauntlet, as even with
    the Genji Glove, the game will not consider Gau’s empty Left Hand a weapon
    when he's unequipped in the Right Hand. You’ll need Two Imp Halberds for
    this. While this will decrease the power of the physical strike, you'll now
    get two of them. That means you can top the 9999 pro strike limit that any
    other physical strike will give Gau. In combination with the Merit Award,
    this works wonders. A Genji Glove/Offering/double Imp Halberd is the only
    ticket to a octaple !Catscratch. And while I'm not sure if 'octaple' is a
    word, it's too damn cool to delete :P
      12.4     Gem Box
    As with the DragoonBoots, the Gem Box doesn't change the nature of any spell, 
    it just makes it so that you can select two of them in a row. Equipping this 
    on Gau will have results for his Magic command (obviously), but his Rage will 
    not be affected, and he won't cast two Bolt2 while Raging Hazer, let alone a 
    double Acid Rain or Meteo, sweet as that may have been. 
      12.5     Offering
    Yes! This is a brilliant Relic to put on Gau. Obviously you already reserved 
    this for Locke or the Fixed Dice/Offering on Setzer, and I can't disagree with 
    either as you'll have to resort to the Dragon Horn for both should you want to 
    deploy them in a significantly useful way. However, the Offering is great on 
    Gau and should definitely be considered for a SCC or the like. Will it make 
    his normal physical attack hit four times? Yes! Will it make his Special 
    attack hit four times? Yes! The Offering will make the Wind God strategy 
    exactly four times as cheap (that's four focused Crusaders), and it works 
    brilliantly with the Sniper. 
      12.6     Safety Bit
    This Relic protects against instant-Death attacks. You'd say it's not directly 
    the most useful Relic for Gau as he can give himself Death protection whenever 
    he wants, but there's more to it than that and it gets nastier as well. The 
    Rage Gau picks overrides the Death protection check. In other words, while 
    wearing a Safety Bit and picking a Rage without Death protection, PowerDemon 
    for example, Gau will *not* have Death protection. The Safety Bit isn't 
    entirely useless, but it only lasts until Gau picks a Rage at which point it's 
    overruled to the negative or becomes useless. 
      12.7     Marvel Shoes/Cure Ring/Runningshoes/Cherub Down/Guard Ring
    Inherent statuses are added to your self-applied amount of Rage-inflicted 
    statuses, so any of these five will work. Obviously the Cure Ring, RunningShoes
    and Guard Ring are there for those moments you don't have the Marvel Shoes yet.
    In any boss battle, should I not have given you two Relic slots to fill, you
    could add one of two of these. There's only one thing to consider, and that's
    that Regen, which is inflicted by Cure Ring and Marvel Shoes, will hurt Gau if
    he's Undead. 
      12.8     Relic Ring
    Same as with the Safety Bit, I'm afraid. The Relic Ring will make the wearer 
    Undead, a property that Gau can get himself at any given moment. Gau will be 
    undead when his Rage allows him to be (Whisper, Over-Mind, etc.) but will lack 
    the Undead property, even with the Relic Ring, should he Rage a monster who 
    lacks this property. The Relic Ring is, like the Safety Bit, useful until he 
    picks a Rage. 
      13.0 Rage and Status ailments
    Table of Contents:
     13.1	Rage and Status ailments
     13.2	Berserk
     13.3	Clear
     13.4	Mute
     13.5	Petrify
     13.6	Imp
     13.7	Zombie
     13.8	Poison
     13.9	Near Fatal
      13.1     Rage and Status ailments
    Rage and Statuses...that's more difficult combination than you might expect. 
    Not only will some statuses have effects you hadn't really expected on a 
    Rager, Rage-induced statuses may or may not be permanent. 
    These inherent statuses are permanent from the moment you select a Rage with
    the status: Mute, Berserk, Muddle, Seizure, Regen, Slow, Haste, Shell, Safe, 
    Reflect, and Float. Seems logical enough, right? Now, for the list of status
    ailments which are *not* permanent:
    Dark, Zombie, Poison, Clear, Imp, Petrify, Death, Condemned, Near Fatal, 
    Image, Sleep, Dance
    You'll see that this is mostly hypothetical: only Dark, Poison and Clear are
    used as monster-inherent statuses and the rest is purely for trivia knowledge.
    Provided that the monsters don't have immunity to it, you can actually remove
    these statuses. You can lift Anguiform's Dark with a Remedy, you can cast 
    Cure on Intangir to remove Clear and you could remove Buffalax' Poison with
    an Antidote. It won't really matter, however: while not permanent, these
    statuses are re-inflicted every time the Rager takes a turn. Clear will be
    re-applied, Dark is set again, Poison will proceed to take damage. 
    Also note that it is possible to set a status which the Rager is protected
    against on the Rager by inflicting it and *then* select the Rage. Due to how
    immunities are treated, this status will also become unremovable by any
      13.2     Berserk
    Contrary to popular belief, the Berserk status does more than just make the
    affected use Fight over and over again. Next to fight, Capture, Jump and Rage 
    are allowed, as are MagiTek attacks and Umaro's rampage moves. So what happens 
    when Gau/Gogo is affected with the Berserk status?
    If it happens before a Rage is selected, there's a 50 % chance that a normal
    Fight attack is carried out (this is for Gau; for Gogo there's an equal chance 
    for every command of which the extra Fight command is one, and an equal chance 
    for the moves listed under those commands). The other 50 % will have Rage 
    being used. A completely random Rage is selected, and will be carried out 
    normally. The second attack, be it !Catscratch, Shock, Acid Rain or Bolt3, it 
    will be carried out 50 % of the time. Any physical attack will receive the 
    Berserk Boost, including Special attacks.
    If it happens during a Rage, the Rage will just continue, but with the Berserk
    Boost on every physical hit. In other words, the Berserk status is just a 
    positive thing on a Rager. Unfortunately some monsters, and thus some Rages,
    are immune to it.
      13.3     Clear
    This is largely a positive status, but possible to prevent a combo such as
    Vanish/Stone or Vanish/Meteo, some monsters were given Vanish immunity. I have
    not listed status protections as I consider them too much and too trivial to
    defend the space it will take. 
    There's one monster with inherent Clear status: Intangir. There's something
    funky about it: have Gau execute Intangir. Assuming he doesn't take team
    spirit too far and destroys himself for the greater good, hit Gau with a magic
    spell. The Clear status will be lifted. However, as soon as Gau executes a new
    attack, the Clear status will be set again. 
      13.4     Mute
    Even when Gau does not actually chant for his spells, and he does not use any
    MP either, the Mute status will still prevent Gau from carrying out normal
    spells. The only exceptions are those spells which would normally cost 
    0 MP. These spells are:
    *All spells available through Dance (Wind Slash, etc.)
    *Commands (Only Shock in a normal game)
    *Items (only Water Edge in a normal game)
    Some odd-ball attacks such as BabaBreath, Bomblet, Charm, Discard, Engulf, 
    Escape, Gale Cut, HyperDrive, Revenger, Seize, Sneeze, Targetting, Tentacle, 
    Train, WallChange and Zinger.
    Note that only Charm is used under Rage. The rest is for trivia knowledge :P
      13.5     Petrify
    When under Petrify, the character is considered dead and the Rage status is
    lifted. You can select a new Rage when you are free to move again due to a
    Soft potion or the like. 
      13.6     Imp
    When cast before the Rage is selected, the Rage command is grayed out, and you
    cannot select a Rage until you are freed from your water-spirit Kappa body.
    Get that Green Cherry over here and feed it to your Rage user. 
    Assuming you're in a Rage which isn't immune to the Imp status, such as Guard,
    the Imp status will get the Rage user stuck inside the Rage status and will
    perform uncontrollabe Fight commands until he is either cured from the 
    ailment or the battle ends. 
      13.7     Zombie
    Unlike Petrify and Wound, a Zombified Rager will continue with the Rage which
    was selected. He'll randomly switch targets between the enemy party and your
    own, so it's best to cure quickly. You really don't want Land Slide, Charm
    or a Wind God against you.
      13.8     Poison
    A Rage user will take damage from it just like any other character, but there
    is a nifty strategy with the Poison status involved. After you have been 
    poisoned, Rage any monster which absorbs the Poison-element. As damage dealt
    by the Poison status is Poison-elemental by nature, the Rage user will start
    being healed by the increasingly high damage that the Poison status will 
    inflict. It beats the Regen status by miles, and you can even combine them to 
    make the Rage user an unholy tank of continuous restoration.
      13.9     Near Fatal
    If the Rage user is Near Fatal before he selects his Rage, and selects the
    Rage of a monster immune to this status, he will remain Near Fatal even when
    his HP is brought back to the maximum. This means he'll always be guarded by
    a fellow party member with the True Knight. Sweet. Obviously this won't help
    a 255 Defense Gau, but in the WoB and on Gogo this can give you full-time
    physical protection by somebody else. Think of it as an alternate Golem.
    Consequently, Gau has no Desperation Attack and cannot benefit from it.
    Gogo, however, will have a 1/16 shot at a DA when he’s Near Fatal, and when
    he’s locked in that situation there’s a chance you’ll have him trigger
    X-Meteo even at full HP.
      14.0 SNES/PSX version differences
    Three versions have been released so far. One in Japan for the Super Famicom
    called Final Fantasy 6 (often called Final Fantasy 6j to indicate it's the 
    original thing), an American release called Final Fantasy 3 (often referred to 
    as just Final Fantasy 6) and a recent release on the Anthology disc for
    America (the Europe version featured IV and V). 
    There are two differences between the releases that concern Rage. In FF6j and 
    The Atma Weapon is now compatible with the Merit Award. I don't know what the 
    hell they were thinking; as it was wise they left it out in the original game: 
    as you can see in Master ZED’s Bugs & Glitches document, a damaging Special with
    the Atma Weapon in either hand will produce graphic glitches because it can't 
    decide what length to choose, so it'll just take garbage from some foreign 
    location. This can potentially crash the emulator if you play on one, so I'm 
    guessing it could abort a PS game. Nothing as evil as Save State destruction has
    been reported, though. While the Atma Weapon wouldn't have been half bad on a 
    Rager, the graphic glitches aren't worth it. Should you be playing the Anthology
    version, DON'T EQUIP IT ON GOGO.
    I say Gogo because Gau can no longer equip the Merit Award in the Anthology 
    release. Bye bye Wind God Gau, we'll have to go with Wind God Gogo now. 
    While Gogo can do in Anthology what he also could in the SNES releases, his 
    Vigor is significantly worse than Gau's Vigor, not to mention his Battle Power 
    wasn't meant to be a stand-alone weapon like Gau's Fists. Gau's massive 
    potential with the Merit Award is but a dream, a vague memory of better times 
    in Anthology.
      15.0 Conclusion
    Question: So what's the conclusion?
    Answer: Conclusion? You want a conclusion? You want me sum up over 290 kB of 
    info? I wouldn't know where to begin. I could start by giving you a couple of
    surprises I encountered while writing this Guide. I knew about Woolly, yet
    hadn't realized his potential. Red Wolf and Cephaler are two Rages I would
    not have thought would even allow the faintest shimmer of attention from my
    side, yet are very much represented here. The Sniper, for all it's simplicity, 
    for it's lack of stat boosts and the fact it's store-bought, turned out to be
    perhaps the best weapon for Gau and Gogo to equip overall. 
    Question: Did you have fun writing this thing?
    Answer: An absolute blast. FF VI is a great game due to its versatility...Gau
    is extreme in that aspect. In a way, the difference between a FF V Berserker
    and FF VI's Gau is a good example of the difference between this game and a
    lot of other ones. 
    Question: Have you spent a lot of time fighting and testing these battles?
    Boy, you listed a *lot* of Rage recommendations for these boss battles, you
    must've spent hours and hours on even a few of them.
    Answer: Truth is, most Rage recommendations were given totally in theory. Very
    few have been actually play-tested. But don't think that decreases the
    credibility of this guide by one bit; both I and the various people I worked
    with have had years of experience with this game. If it's in the game, we saw
    it coming. And if Vaporite absorbs Lightning on paper, he'll absorb lightning
    in the game. 
    Question: The toughest boss from an SCC Rager point of view?
    Answer: Master Pug. If a move cannot be protected against by any Rage, you can
    always drain its MP before it starts using these powerful spells. With Step
    Mine not only being available for the entire battle, but actually being a
    counter to everything Gau can do to Master Pug, I think this is about the only
    battle I don't have an almost fool-proof LLG and/or SCC strategy for. 
    Question: Why did you start writing this Guide anyway?
    Answer: Multiple reasons. I enjoy writing in general. It's an exercise in the 
    English language (which isn't my native one). I wanted a Guide with my
    name out there. But most of all, I think I thought I would learn in the
    process. And learning I did. 
    Question: So?
    Answer: So what?
    Question: Is Gau the best character in this game?
    Answer: No, I don't think so. I think it's Gogo who is the best character in
    the game. But as far as Low Level Game strategies go, as far as Single
    Character Challenge strategies go, I dare say a *lot* of Gogo's merit can be
    explained by the Rage command. It's simply the best command there is.
    Question: I hear this game is popular among hackers...any patches on this
    Answer: Quite a few, actually. 
    Think it's a waste of time trying to find Lich in the Rage menu? Are you sick
    and tired of always having to scroll down endlessly only to discover that
    Templar is on the top of the list? Assassin's Alphabetic Rage Patch sorts 'em
    out so you can find Dark Wind just under Dark Force. Find it at
    Do you miss the Allo Ver Rage as much as I do? Think that for all it's flaws,
    the Siegfried Rage and the Chupon Rage would really help out this time?
    Terii's Patch clears a monster formation of a Siegfried monster and a monster
    formation of a Chupon monster after you fight them in the Colloseum. The patch
    also fixes the bug where Allo Ver is in the wrong monster formations, so you
    can now have a complete list of Rages. Currently available for half the price
    at www.rpglegion.com
    Question: So this is it?
    Answer: I'm afraid it is. I hope you had as much fun reading this thing as I
    had writing it...although I very much doubt it took you as long. Comments,
    feedback questions, a hot date; if you have something for me, don't hesitate
    to let me know. I can be reached a Djibriel at gmail dot com or make a topic
    at either www.gamefaqs.com or www.cavesofnarshe.com. This was written in the
    winter of 2004/2005, so if you're living in 2009 and robot overlords rule
    the lands with an iron (literally!) fist, the forums may pose a better
    solution as those tend to last longer. And even if I disappeared into the
    glorious orange sunset, there'll be someone there to tell you :)
    You know how to reach me, making our relationship a dual one. We'll meet in the
    future, maybe.
      16.0 Credits
    Credits in alphabetical order:
    Galbalan and Novalia Spirit for the corrections that made the 1.3 version.
    Galbalan especially prompted me to actually bother with the 1.3 release, which
    quickly turned out to be more of an overhaul than I originally planned :/
    i90east for proofreading, and hosting the document on a website which isn't
    butchered by horrible, horrible hosting. 
    Imzogelmo for some good, yet not always very clean, fun while writing this 
    Guide, proofreading, and some random bits and pieces of feedback that are 
    probably in this document somewhere. 
    Master ZED for the countless times I checked up on his Monster Stats Guide and 
    Attack Guide, not to mention the Bugs and Glitches Guide he allowed me to copy
    contents from for this document. Also, let's not forget he inspired me way
    back when even FF3ME was still a mystery to me. Imagine, I might've lived this
    life thinking Flare was Fire-elemental ;)
    Mnrogar for the delightful forums on which especially the Boss strategy section
    was debated quite a lot. Consider it the grounds on which this Guide was
    Novalia Spirit for proofreading this thing about nine months after is was
    released :D It was this guy who finally actually prompted me to give the update,
    so you can all be thankful.
    But most of all, it is assassin (yes, even defying the alphabetical order 
    here) who deserves most credit 'mongst these people. He wrote the Monster
    Elemental Reaction document. He has passed countless bits of feedback, has
    helped out by multiple proofreadings and even had some tips concerning
    GameFAQs uploading up his sleeve. He was the best side-kick one could ever
    wish for. My hat goes to you, oh fellow traveler. You're brilliant.
    Further thanks to people with various tips and suggestions, including Hearn,
      Disclaimer and legal necessities
    This was written in 2004/2005, by Djibriel, and is copyrighted by me. You can
    contact me by sending some kind of electronic letter to djibriel at gmail dot
    You are unauthorized to present this document, partly or whole, as written
    by somebody else as the authors of the respective bodies of text. You are
    unauthorized to change anything in this document for any other purpose
    then personal use without my explicit permission. 
    You are unauthorized to set me on fire without my explicit permission.
    All rights reserved.

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