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    Lore Guide by Skoobouy

    Version: 3.7 | Updated: 10/12/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Condensed Lore Guide 3.7
    By Skoobouy <skoobouy at hotmail dot com>
    Compiled and useful
    for Final Fantasy III for the Super the Super Nintendo
    or Final Fantasy VI for the Sony Playstation.
    *** Introduction
    Strago comes within a hair's breadth of not being cool. Thankfully, he has a 
    few saving graces, like Pearl Wind, L.? Pearl, Aero, Big Guard, Aqua Rake, 
    Quasar and GrandTrain. However, the quest to collect all of Strago's Lores is 
    an end in itself, rather than actually being useful. This guide should help 
    you get all of the Lores in the fastest time, and save you a lot of paper to
    boot ('cuz I'm just efficient like that, yo).
    *** Revision History
    3.7, October 10th, '06 - Reformatted Section I into a step-by-step list, and
                             incorporated Assassin17's and Ebmid2's advice. Also,
                             reformatted Section II for readability.
    3.6, July 17th, '06 -    Section II now indicates when monsters are immune to
                             Muddle, and other small corrections and notes.
    3.5, March 5th, '05 -    Added the Chart of Lores by Skill (kick ass, IMO), as
                             well as a dozen of Assassin's "ninja-star" corrections
                             (as in, small but deadly)
    3.4, March 3rd, '05 -    Various corrections and additions. (Thanks to
                             Assassin's super-human editting skills).
    3.3, March 1st, '05 -    Revived Lore material as a separate guide (hence the
                             new version number). Made several corrections based
                             on Assassin's advice.
    3.2, February 1st, '05 - Removed all Lore material. Cleaner, nicer guide to
    3.1, January 31st, '05 - Added information on some Rages and modified
                             formatting and rewrote some paragraphs.
    3.0, January 30th, '05 - It returns! I FINALLY filled in the status effects of
                             Rages, and redid the tables. Also, modified 
                             formatting, and other minor changes.
    2.5.5, May 5th, '03 -    I skipped a number. Rewrote the Lores guide and chart.
                             Made lots of minor corrections.
    2.3, April 25th, '03 -   More niceties, rearranged the order of the guide.
    2.2, April 24th, '03 -   Added to Rage skill descriptions, and a brief 
                             explanation of column titles, and changed Gau's
                             "Minimum of Fuss" guide.
    2.1, April 22nd, '03 -   Filled in gaps, corrected some mistakes.
    2.0, April 20th, '03 -   Complete rewrite, added Strago section.
    1.0, April 9th, '03 -    Added to "Important Rages" section, updated
                             Introduction, and modified Strategy section.
    0.9, April 8th, '03 –    Microsoft Word version.
    0.8, April 7th, '03 -    The first draft! Lists Rages in a few ways; not easy
                             to read and not convenient to print.
    *** Other Lore Resources (and their specific contributions)
    Lores Acquisition Guide 1.4 by Assassin:
    Assassin (Assassin17 to yous thugs) has shown a huge enthusiasm for this guide,
    and has provided lots of data and filled many potholes. So remember kids: 
    Assassin = free labor. Good.
    (In)Complete List of Monsters 3.0 by Garry Dobson:
    A very thorough Monster by Order of Apppearance list. Helpful!
    FF3us Monster Stats Guide 1.1 and
    FF3us Attack Guide v1.1 by Master ZED (cytekzed at aol dot com):
    Correct spellings of monster names, accurate locations, filled in nasty gaps
    of information and immense help for the Lore Locations Chart. Also special
    thanks for suggestions for improvement.
    Algorithms FAQ by Terii Senshi (teriisenshi at aol dot com):
    Accurate information on the effects of Lores.
    Lord J's FF3usME v. 6.2 (lord_j at hotmail dot com):
    Accurate information about enemy scripts, which I scanned for hours looking
    for Lores.
    *** Table of Contents
    CHAPTER I: All of the Lores with a Minimum of Fuss
        B. WORLD OF RUIN
    CHAPTER II: Chart of Lores by Monster Order of Appearance
        B. WORLD OF RUIN
    CHAPTER III: Chart of Lores by Skill
    APPENDIX: On Dark Force
    I. All of the Lores with a Minimum of Fuss Walkthrough
    Once you have control of Strago, you're already at the end of the World of 
    Balance. That means that you can get gobs of Lores right away. The following
    guide is a barebones step-by-step guide that should allow you to have collect
    each of the Lores in each "World" within just a few minutes. How's that for
    efficiency? Just be sure to have Strago (a) in your party and (b) alive at all 
    Lores to Collect:
    Aqua Rake   Stone       Revenge     Exploder    Pearl Wind
    Condemned   Pep Up      Step Mine   Dischord    L.3 Muddle
    L.4 Flare   L.5 Doom    Roulette    Blow Fish
    1. Strago begins with Aqua Rake, Stone, and Revenge.
    2. In the burning house in Thamasa, cast any fire-elemental spells on Balloons
       until one of them uses Exploder.
    3. Go to Esper Mountain (northwest of the Thamasa peninsula, past the forest)
       and fight an Abolisher. After fighting for three turns, it will use Pearl 
    4. When you regain control of the airship, switch Gau into your party along 
       with Strago. Have Gau perform the Zombone|Condemned and Intangir|Pep Up 
       Rages, and Stago will learn them. Also, if Gau happens to have the 
       Trapper|L.3 Muddle Rage, he can 'teach' it to Strago, too (but not 
       dreadfully necessary, since we will need to find real Trappers again soon).
    5. Fly in the airship to the plains outside of South Figaro, and fight 
       Greasemonks. Use Muddle, Cait Sith (sorry, "Stray"), or Edgar's NoiseBlaster
       until the Greasemonks use Step Mine.
    6. Now, fly to the Veldt and walk around until you find either Telstar or 
       Chaser (they are both flying saucers with arms). Do not kill Telstar for ten 
       turns, and it will use Dischord. Chaser may use it sooner. Also, Trappers on
       the Veldt will eventually use all of L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, and L.5 Doom if
       you wait long enough--just make sure you can survive them! Finally, with
       Relm in your party, scour the Veldt for Pipsqueaks. Sketch a Pipsqueak for
    7. Now, go to the Floating Continent. When you see Brainpan, kill all the
       monsters except for the Brainpan. It will use Blow Fish.
    Lores to Collect:
    Big Guard   Rippler     Aero        Sour Mouth  CleanSweep
    L.? Pearl   GrandTrain  Quasar      Reflect???  ForceField
    1. After you use Relm to rescue Strago, fly all the way back to the Solitary
       Island (where you began the World of Ruin) and Sketch an EarthGuard for Big
    2. Zip over to the land outside Maranda and fight a Reach Frog until you learn 
    3. Fly to the plains outside Kohlingen and fight a Harpiai until you learn 
    4. Run into Daryl's Tomb, just south of Kohlingen, and fight Mad Oscar until 
       you learn Sour Mouth.
    5. Fly to Figaro Castle, and use it to burrow down to the Ancient Castle. In 
       the underground pathway, an Enuo will use CleanSweep when you kill its 
    6. L.? Pearl gives you a couple of options. If you haven't done the Phoenix 
       Cave, I recommend going there and letting Relm Sketch the Red Dragon. 
       Otherwise, take Strago into Cyan's Dream and fight some Critics until you
       learn it. If both events are gone, you can look for Critics in the Veldt, or
       fight Innoc in Kefka's Tower. Finding Critics will probably be easier, 
       depending on your party's strength.
    7. For GrandTrain, go complete Strago's side quest by talking to his friend in 
       Thamasa. When you reach Hidon, make sure to kill all the little Hidonites 
       first, and Hidon will use it.
    8. On Kefka's Tower, Dark Force has a one-in-three chance, every seven turns of
       casting Quasar and Reflect??? (along with several other Lores you might have 
       missed--see below), so be patient. As an alternative for Reflect???, Didalos
       will cast it if any of your characters have the Rflect status (e.g., wearing
       Wall Rings).
    9. Sadly, the only way to learn ForceField is to fight (and win against--duh)
       Doom - the first statue. Make sure Strago is in Team #1 when you enter 
       Kefka's tower.
    II. Chart of Lores by Monster Order of Appearance
    This chart is very simple. It is organized in rough chronological order by 
    monster. However, there are many variables which I will describe in the 
    'Situation' column for each monster's Lore skill. They are as follows:
    Rg - Obtain Lore by performing the Rage of this monster.
    Sk - Obtain Lore by targetting this monster with Sketch.
    Ct - Obtain Lore by targetting this monster with Control (or the 
         "Nightshade|Charm" Rage).
    Md - Obtain Lore by targetting this monster with Muddle.
    Bt - Obtain Lore by Battle--no special strategy necessary.
    Nt - See note below for a special strategy needed to obtain Lore.
    Vd - One-time-only monster; look for it on the Veldt.
    ! - Best/earliest monster to learn from.
    Locale             Monster      Lore        Obtain With
    Narshe             Repo Man     Exploder    Rg
    Outside S. Figaro  Greasemonk   Step Mine         Ct Md          !
    Imperial Camp      Telstar      Dischord                   Nt Vd !
    Phantom Forest     Bomb         Exploder       Sk Ct Md    Nt  
    Vector/MagitechRF  Chaser       Dischord          Ct Md Bt    Vd
                       Trapper      L.3 Muddle  Rg Sk Ct Md Bt    Vd !
                                    L.4 Flare         Ct Md Bt    Vd !
                                    L.5 Doom       Sk Ct Md Bt    Vd !
                       Pipsqueak    Roulette       Sk             Vd !
                                    Exploder                   Nt Vd
    Forest w/of Veldt  Grenade      Exploder                   Nt
    Sealed Gate        Zombone      Condemned   Rg                Vd !
    Burning House      Balloon      Exploder    Rg Sk Ct Md    Nt Vd !
    Esper Mountain     Abolisher    Pearl Wind                 Nt    !
    Triangle Island    Intangir     Pep Up      Rg    Ct*            !
                                    Step Mine      Sk
    Floating Contnt    Brainpan     Blow Fish   Rg Sk Ct Md    Nt    !
                       Apokryphos   L.3 Muddle  Rg Sk Ct*      Nt
                                    L.4 Flare   Rg Sk Ct*      Nt  
                                    L.5 Doom                   Nt  
                       Nerapa       Condemned               Bt
                                    Roulette                   Nt
    * These skills can technically be acquired using Control/Charm/Muddle; but 
      since their monsters are immune to Muddle, and there is no way to Control or 
      Charm in the WoB, it is a moot point.
    Strategy for Obtaining Lore (alphabetical by monster name):
    -Abolisher casts Pearl Wind on its third turn.
    -Apokryphos may cast L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, or L.5 Doom, only when attacked, 
     when alone.
    -Balloon may cast Exploder every third turn, or when attacked with Fire Magic.
    -Bomb may cast Exploder after any attack.
    -Brainpan may cast Blow Fish only when alone.
    -Grenade may cast Exploder when hit with 'Fight'.
    -Nerapa casts Roulette when hit with 'Fight' six times.
    -Phase may cast Blow Fish when attacked or when alone.
    -Pipsqueak may cast Exploder when hit with 'Fight'.
    -Telstar casts Dischord on its tenth turn.
    Locale             Monster      Lore        Obtain With
    Solitary Island    EarthGuard   Big Guard   Rg Sk                !
                       Peepers      Pearl Wind  Rg Sk
    Southern Contint   Mesosaur     Step Mine   Rg Sk Ct Md
    Serpent Trench     Lizard       Dischord          Ct Md
    Figaro Cave        Dante        L.3 Muddle  Rg Sk Ct Md    Nt
    Outside Kohlingen  Harpiai      Aero        Rg Sk Ct    Bt       !
                                    Pearl Wind              Bt
                       Muus         Pep Up      Rg Sk Ct    Bt
    Daryl's Tomb       Mad Oscar    Sour Mouth  Rg Sk Ct Md Bt       !
                       Presenter    Blow Fish               Bt
    Airship            Doom Gaze    L.5 Doom                Bt
                                    Aero                    Bt
    Outside Maranda    Cactrot      Blow Fish   Rg Sk Ct    Bt  
                       Reach Frog   Rippler                 Bt       !
    Mt. Zozo           Storm Drgn   Aero           Sk       Bt
                                    Pearl Wind     Sk
    Cave in Veldt      Rhyos        Aero              Ct
                       Allo Ver     Condemned               Bt
    Outside Thamasa    Harpy        Aero              Ct Md Bt  
    Owzer's House      Still Life   Condemned         Ct       Nt  
    Phoenix Cave       Phase        Blow Fish   Rg Sk Ct Md
                       Red Dragon   L.? Pearl      Sk                !
                                    L.4 Flare               Bt
    Narshe             Mag Roader   L.4 Flare   Rg
    Umaro's Cave       Tomb Thumb   Step Mine   Rg Sk Ct Md
                       Pug          Step Mine               Bt  
    Triangle Island    Wart Puck    Exploder    Rg Sk Ct    
                       Ogor         Pearl Wind        Ct Md
    Mobliz             Phunbaba     Blow Fish               Bt
    Outside Doma       Sprinter     Aero        Rg Sk
                                    Pearl Wind              Bt  
                       Crawler      Step Mine   Rg Sk Ct Md
                                    Dischord                   Nt
    Cyan's Dream       Critic       Condemned   Rg Sk Ct Md Bt    Vd
                                    Roulette                Bt    Vd
                                    L.? Pearl               Bt    Vd !
                       Curley       Pearl Wind              Bt
    Ancient Castle     Enuo         CleanSweep  Rg Sk Ct       Nt    !
                       Figaliz      Dischord    Rg Sk Ct Md    Nt  
                       Goblin       L.3 Muddle                 Nt
                                    L.4 Flare                  Nt
                                    L.5 Doom                   Nt
                       Master Pug   Step Mine                  Nt
                                    CleanSweep                 Nt
                       Blue Drgn    CleanSweep              Bt
                                    Rippler                 Bt
                       KatanaSoul   Blow Fish                  Nt
    Ebot's Rock        Hidon        GrandTrain                 Nt    !
    'Jurassic Park'    Tyranosaur   Aero           Sk
                       Brachosaur   Step Mine      Sk
    Kefka's Tower      Mover        Big Guard         Ct       Nt
                                    Blow Fish                  Nt
                       Guardian     Big Guard      Sk
                       Dark Force   CleanSweep  Rg Sk Ct  
                                    L.5 Doom       Sk Ct    Bt
                                    Pearl Wind        Ct    Bt
                                    Condemned               Bt  
                                    Roulette                Bt  
                                    L? Pearl                Bt  
                                    Step Mine               Bt  
                                    Dischord                Bt  
                                    Sour Mouth              Bt  
                                    Aero                    Bt  
                                    Blow Fish               Bt  
                                    Exploder                Bt  
                                    Rippler                 Bt  
                                    Quasar                  Bt       !
                                    L.4 Flare               Bt
                                    L.3 Muddle              Bt
                                    Reflect???              Bt       !
                       Retainer     Condemned         Ct
                       Veteran      Condemned      Sk       Bt
                                    Roulette    Rg Sk Ct Md    Nt
                       Scullion     Dischord    Rg
                                    Exploder       Sk
                       IronHitman   Dischord    Rg Sk Ct Md Bt
                       Sky Base     L.5 Doom                Bt
                       Junk         Exploder          Ct Md Bt
                                    Pep Up      Rg    Ct Md Bt
                       Innoc        L.? Pearl      Sk Ct Md Bt
                       Vectaur      Pearl Wind  Rg Sk Ct
                       Evil Oscar   Sour Mouth     Sk Ct Md    Nt
                       Dueller      L.4 Flare               Bt
                                    L.5 Doom                Bt
                       Didalos      L.5 Doom                Bt
                                    Reflect???                 Nt
                       Atma         CleanSweep              Bt
                       Skull Drgn   Condemned               Bt
                       Doom         ForceField              Bt       !
                       Poltrgeist   Aero                    Bt
                       Goddess      Quasar                  Bt
    Strategy for Obtaining Lore (alphabetical by monster name):
    -Crawler may cast Dischord only when alone.
    -Dante may cast L.3 Muddle when attacked with Magic.
    -Didalos casts Reflect??? if your character(s) are 'Rflect'ed
    -Enuo may cast CleanSweep only when alone.
    -Evil Oscar may cast Sour Mouth only when alone.
    -Figaliz may cast Dischord only when alone.
    -Goblin may cast L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, or L.5 Doom, only when alone.
    -KatanaSoul may cast Blow Fish only if not attacked long enough.
    -Hidon casts GrandTrain when all Hidonites are dead.
    -Master Pug may cast Step Mine when attacked.
    -Master Pug may cast CleanSweep if it assigns itself weakness against 'earth'.
    -Mover casts Big Guard or Blow Fish only when alone.
    -Still Life casts Condemned when attacked.
    -Veteran may cast Roulette when attacked with Magic.
    III. Chart of Lores by Skill
    What would a Lore guide be without a chart of the Lores themselves? Here they
    are in all their alphabetical glory. Pay close attention to the KEY if you want
    to have any idea what the heck's going on. I had to do a lot of funky things to
    save space, but look ma: no footnotes! This is one of the densest charts I've
    ever done; I'll tackle anyone who don't appreciate it!
    MP -  Magic Points necessary to cast the spell.
    Pwr - Power; Non-damage-dealing spells and spells whose "Pwr" does not reflect
          their actual strength are n/a.
    Hit - Hit Rate; unblockable skills are n/a.
    El -  Element of attack, as follows:
          f - Fire            p - Poison          e - Earth
          i - Ice             a - Air/Wind        w - Water
          b - Bolt/Lightning  h - Holy/Pearl      - - Non-elemental or n/a
    I -   Ignores Defense; sometimes means that a skill is very powerful, but
          sometimes refers to healing or to a special mode of damage
          calculation. Non-damage-dealing spells are n/a ("/").
    U -   Unblockable; these skills won't miss except in cases of enemy immunity.
          Untargetted spells are n/a ("/").
    N -   No Split Damage; these spells do not become less effective when cast on
          multiple enemies at once. Single target and non-damage-dealing spells are
          n/a ("/").
    Unless stated otherwise, all Lores target one enemy.
    Skill       MP  Pwr  Hit  El  I  U  N    Monster Sources
    Aero        41  125  150  a   N  N  N  Targets all enemies
                                             Harpiai, Doom Gaze, Storm Drgn, Rhyos,
                                             Harpy, Sprinter, Tyranosaur,
                                             Dark Force, Poltrgeist
    Aqua Rake   22  71   150  aw  N  N  N  Targets all enemies
    Big Guard   80  n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Safe and Shell on all allies
                                             Earthguard, Mover, Guardian
    Blow Fish   50  n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Damage is 1000
                                             Brainpan, Presenter, Cactrot, Phase, 
                                             Phunbaba, KatanaSoul, Mover,
                                             Dark Force
    Cleansweep  30  50   150  w   N  N  Y  Targets all enemies
                                             Enuo, Master Pug, Blue Drgn,
                                             Dark Force, Atma
    Condemned   20  n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Condemned/Countdown
                                             Zombone, Nerapa, Allo Ver, Still Life,
                                             Critic, Dark Force, Retainer,
                                             Veteran, Skull Drgn, Sleep
    Dischord    68  n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Reduces target to 50% its prior level
                                             Telstar, Chaser, Lizard, Crawler,
                                             Figaliz, Dark Force, Scullion,
    Exploder    1   n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Damage is caster HP; kills caster
                                             Repo Man, Bomb, Pipsqueak, Grenade,
                                             Balloon, Wart Puck, Dark Force,
                                             Scullion, Junk
    ForceField  24  n/a  n/a  -   /  /  /  Nullifies all spells of a random element
    GrandTrain  64  66   n/a  -   Y  Y  N  Targets all enemies
    L.? Pearl   50  120  n/a  h   N  Y  Y  Targets enemies of level divisible by
                                           last digit of GP total
                                             Red Drgn, Critic, Dark Force, Innoc
    L.3 Muddle  28  n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Targets enemies of level divisible by
                                           3; causes Muddle
                                             Trapper, Apokryphos, Dante, Goblin,
                                             Dark Force
    L.4 Flare   42  n/a  66   -   Y  Y  Y  Targets enemies of level divisible by 4
                                             Trapper, Apokryphos, Red Drgn,
                                             Mag Roader, Goblin, Dark Force,
    L.5 Doom    22  n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Targets enemies of level divisible by
                                           5; causes Death
                                             Trapper, Apokryphos, Doom Gaze,
                                             Goblin, Dark Force, Sky Base, Dueller,
    Pearl Wind  45  n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  Y  Heals all allies; amount is caster HP
                                             Abolisher, Peepers, Harpiai,
                                             Storm Drgn, Ogor, Sprinter, Curley,
                                             Dark Force, Vectaur, Girl
    Pep Up      1   n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Heals one ally; amount is caster HP;
                                           removes caster from battle
                                             Intangir, Muus, Junk
    Quasar      50  57   n/a  -   Y  Y  N  Targets all enemies
                                             Dark Force, Goddess
    Reflect???  0   n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Targets Rflect'd enemies; causes
                                           Dark, Mute, Slow
                                             Dark Force, Didalos
    Revenge     31  n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Damage is caster max HP - current HP
    Rippler     66  n/a  111  -   /  N  /  Trades caster status and target status
                                             Reach Frog, Blue Drgn, Dark Force
    Roulette    10  n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Death to random target
                                             Pipsqueak, Nerapa, Critic, Dark Force,
    Sour Mouth  32  n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Causes Dark, Poison, Imp, Mute, Sleep
                                             Mad Oscar, Dark Force, Evil Oscar
    Step Mine   /   n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  MP is minutes played divided by 30;
                                           Damage is steps divided by 32
                                             Greasemonk, Intangir, Mesosaur,
                                             Tomb Thumb, Pug, Crawler, Master Pug,
                                             Brachosaur, Dark Force
    Stone       22  40   75   -   N  N  N  Targets one or all enemies; causes
                                           Muddle; multiplies damage by 14x if
                                           caster and monster at same level
    APPENDIX: On Dark Force
    Dark Force is an enemy in Kefka's Tower that uses 19 of Strago's 24 Lores, 
    *excluding* Big Guard, CleanSweep, ForceField, Pep Up, and GrandTrain (but he 
    can still teach CleanSweep using Rage, Sketch, or Control). He has a cycle of 
    seven turns, each of which selects randomly from a pool of three skills. 
    Launcher and Imp Song, sadly, are not Lores. Here is the Dark Force battle 
    script, dumped from Lord J's FF3usME:
    Turn           Chooses from one of these three
    First turn:   Condemned | Roulette   | Aqua Rake
    Second turn:  Revenge   | Pearl Wind | L.5 Doom
    Third turn:   L.4 Flare | L.3 Muddle | Reflect???
    Fourth turn:  L? Pearl  | Step Mine  | Launcher
    Fifth turn:   Dischord  | Sour Mouth | Imp Song
    Sixth turn:   Aero      | Blow Fish  | Exploder
    Seventh turn: Rippler   | Stone      | Quasar
    If you liked this guide, write me at (skoobouy at hotmail dot com) and let me
    know--I won't feel like such a yutz for wasting so much time. My thanks
    again for the hard work of so many FF fans. Bye!
    Copyright 2006 Jeffrey Zimmerman

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