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    Monster List by GDobson

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    _____ (FF III: (In)Complete list of monsters)
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     TITLE ARTWORK: Garry Dobson________
     FAQ: Garry Dobson   /___________  /
     ORIGINAL VERSION: David McGrath  /
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    FF III: (In)Complete list of monsters/FF3 faq v3.0
    Changes in versions:
    2.0- A very basic list, was missing a lot of monsters
    2.5.1- Better list. Added Monsters. Numbered Rage Monsters. Easier to understan
    3.0- Thanks section improved, Game genie code section made, walkthru
    The monster list is becoming pretty popular considering all the mail I've
    So now I'm gonna add more sections. Really the only thing I know that I have
    that no
    other FF3 faq has is some unknown Game genie codes.
    I. Monster list
    II. Game genie codes
    III. Walkthru
    IV. Charts
    V. Thanks
    I.       MONSTER LIST
    >>>>>  Now I know there are 255 monsters that Gau can learn a rage from. So
    I am gonna
    number the monsters that you can get a rage from. The monsters with a * by
    them are the
    ones he can't learn from!
    --- ----- -- -----
            While entering Narshe:
              Inside the mines of Narshe:
    5)Repo Man
            Mine boss monster:
             Three-Party battle boss monster:
             Grass/Forest outside of Narshe:
    9)Dark Wind
             Desert outside of Narshe:
    10)Sand Ray
             Battle while fleeing Figaro Castle:
             Monsters in Figaro Cave, first time through:
             Grass/Forest near South Figaro:
             Caves of Mt. Kolts:
             Ledges of Mt. Kolts:
             Mt. Kolts boss monsters:
            On Lete River:
             Lete River boss:
             In South Figaro:
             Under South Figaro:
    28)Vector Pup
            Figaro Cave, second time through:
    31)Gold Bear
             Figaro Cave boss:
             Inside SW mines:
    32)1st Class
    33)Wild Rat
             Inside SW mines in the follow the light maze:
    34)Dark Side
             Monsters by Aged Man's house:
    40)Stray Cat
             Monsters in Imperial Base:
            Monsters-in-a-Box in Imperial Base:
    43)Doberman            ( kick the box instead of hitting it to get this guy)
            Monsters in Phantom Forest:
             Monsters on Ghost Train:
            Monster-in-a-box on ghost train/Monsters in boxcars on train
    52)Seigfried                   (Yes...He is rumored to have a rage)
             Down Baren Falls:
             The Veldt:
    This is where you get the rages for the monsters you've already fought!
            Serpent Trench:
             Three-Party battle monsters:
    56)Bounty Man
             Boss of the Three-Party battle:
             Grass near Kohlingen:
    60)Red Fang
             Forest near Kohlingen:
    62)Over Grunk
    63)Mind Candy
    64)Iron Fist
             In Zozo, outside:
             In Zozo, inside:
              Zozo boss monster:
              In Opera House rafters:
    71)Sewer Rat
             Opera House boss monster:
            Most of southern continent, in the grass:
             Most of southern continent, in the sand:
             In Vector:
    *)ProtoArmor            (appears on Veldt, but apparently has no Rage)
             In Magitek Research:
             Magitek Research, junk heap:
            Magitek Research, back stairs:
             Magitek Research, top of stairs:
             Magitek Research sub-boss:
    *)Number 034
             Railcar monster:
    86)Mag Roader    (Big Blue)
    87)Mag Roader    (Small Red)
             Railcar boss:
    *)Number 128
             Leaving Vector:
             On Triangle Island, NE of the map:
              Far north, middle of map:
             Before Sealed Gate, before lava:
             Before Sealed Gate, after lava:
            Vector, banquet time:
    *)Mega Armor
    99)Sp Forces
             Inside burning house in Thamasa:
              Boss of house:
    101)Grenade            (Randomly gets released by FlameEater)
              Esper Cave, inside:
            Esper Cave, outside:
             Esper Cave boss:
             Flying to the Floating Continent:
    107)Sky Armor
    108)Spit Fire
    109)Chupon           (Like Seigfried, he is rumored to have a rage)
             On Floating Continent:
    115)Wirey Dragon
             Monster-in-a-box on Floating Continent:
             Floating Continent boss monster:
             Escaping from Continent:
            Final Boss monster before the World of Ruin:
    --- ----- -- ----
            On Solitary Island, on gravel and sand:
              On Solitary Island, on sand:
    119)Black Drgn
             Near Albrook, on gravel:
    123)Gigan Toad
    125)Gigan Toad
             Near Albrook, in forest:
             The house in Tzen:
    128)Pm Stalker
            Gravel on Serpent Trench:
    131)Delta Bug
            Boss of Mobliz:
             By Figaro Cave, in desert:
            By Figaro Cave, in forest:
            By Figaro Cave, in desert:
    137)Sand Horse
             In Figaro Cave, and basement of Castle:
            Area where Tentacle is fought
             Boss of Castle basement:
             By Kohlingen, in grass:
             By Kohlingen, in forest:
             By Kohlingen in Desert:
    146)Deep Eye
             In Daryl's Tomb:
    148)Mad Oscar
             Boss of Daryl's Tomb:
              By Maranda, in grass:
    154)Spek Tor
             By Maranda, in forest:
    155)Reach Frog
             By Maranda, in desert:
             Mt. Zozo, in the caves:
             Mt. Zozo, on the ledges:
             Cave in Veldt:
    163)Toe Cutter
    165)Allo Ver
              Boss of the Cave in the Veldt:
             by 'Jurrasic Park' NW of the Veldt:
             in 'Jurrasic Park'
              Near Thamasa, in grass:
               Near Thamasa, in forest:
              In Owzer's mansion, top floor/Monster-in-a-painting's:
             In Owzer's mansion, basement:
    176)Wild Cat
    178)Soul Dancer)Still Life
             Somewhere in the skies:
    *)Doom Gaze
             In Phoenix Cave, before lava:
    181)Chaos Drgn
    *)Red Dragon
             In Phoenix Cave, around lava:
    187)Sea Flower
            By Narshe:
             In Narshe, before mines:
    189)Red Wolf
    191)Test Rider
             In Narshe, in north mines:
    192)Mag Roader            (Big Yellow)
    193)Mag Roader            (Small Brown)
             In Narshe, in snow:
    *)Ice Dragon
             Boss of the snow:
             Umaro's Cave:
    198)Tomb Thumb
             Umaro's Cave 'boss':
              Triangle Island:
    *)Zone Eater
             In Zone Eater:
    203)Tap Dancer
    206)Wart Puck
             Fanatic's Tower
    *)L.10 Magic
    *)L.20 Magic
    *)L.30 Magic
    *)L.40 Magic
    *)L.50 Magic
    *)L.60 Magic
    *)L.70 Magic
    *)L.80 Magic
    *)L.90 Magic
    208)Magic Urn
    209)White Drgn
            Boss of Fanatics Tower:
             In Cyan's nightmare, train section
             In Cyan's Nightmare, stairway section:
    212)Pan Dora
            The stairway section bosses:
             In Cyan's Nightmare, train section:
    217)Rain Man
             In Cyan's Nightmare, mine section:
    220)Sky Cap
             The bosses of the nightmare:
             Cave to Ancient Castle
            Monster-in-a-box in Ancient Castle:
    *)Master Pug
            By and in Ancient Castle:
    224)Lethal Wpn
            Monster-in-a-box in Ancient Castle
             In Throne Room:
    225)Boxed Set
              In hidden basement:
    *)Blue Drgn
              In Ebot's Rock:
             Boss of Ebot's Rock:
            Outside of Kefka's Tower:
    235)Evil Oscar
    236)Land Worm
             Inside Kefka's Tower, wall background:
    243)Dark Force
            In red carpeted area:
    *)Skull Drgn
    247)Didalos             (May only be in the Gold Drgn's room)
    *)Gold Drgn
             Inside Kefka's Tower, railing background:
    252)Sky Base
            In a small red room passed a room that looks like magitek factory
    254)Doom Drgn
            Sub-bosses of Kefka's Tower:
             Statues in Kefka's Tower:
             Final the End Boss-Heck, He's easier than the Whelk:
    There are apparantly 3 things wrong with this list
    1) Chupon is rumored to have a rage "W. Wind"
    2) Siegfried is also rumored to have a rage "False"
    3) I didn't list every monster in the game. I concentrated
    on the ones that give you rages!
    II.           GAME GENIE CODES
    These are some unknown codes and my personal favorites. You will be
    Happy with this section.
    NOTE: Enter these codes before starting a new game
    Change Terra's HP
    Change Terra's MP
    Change Terra's First Menu Command
    Change Terra's Second Menu Command
    Change Terra's Third Menu Command
    Change Terra's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Terra's Vigor
    Change Terra's Speed
    Change Terra's Stamina
    Change Terra's Magic Power
    Change Terra's Battle Power
    Change Terra's Defense
    Change Terra's Magic Defense
    Change Terra's Evade
    Change Terra's Magic Block
    Change Terra's Weapon
    Change Terra's Shield
    Change Terra's Helm
    Change Terra's Armor
    Change Terra's Relic 1
    Change Terra's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes from the save point after the old man's house
    Change Locke's HP
    Change Locke's MP
    Change Locke's First Menu Command
    Change Locke's Second Menu Command
    Change Locke's Third Menu Command
    Change Locke's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Locke's Vigor
    Change Locke's Speed
    Change Locke's Stamina
    Change Locke's Magic Power
    Change Locke's Battle Power
    Change Locke's Defense
    Change Locke's Magic Defense
    Change Locke's Evade
    Change Locke's Magic Block
    Change Locke's Weapon
    Change Locke's Shield
    Change Locke's Helm
    Change Locke's Armor
    Change Locke's Relic 1
    Change Locke's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes anytime after getting Locke, but before Kefka shows up
    Change Edgar's HP
    Change Edgar's MP
    Change Edgar's First Menu Command
    Change Edgar's Second Menu Command
    Change Edgar's Third Menu Command
    Change Edgar's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Edgar's Vigor
    Change Edgar's Speed
    Change Edgar's Stamina
    Change Edgar's Magic Power
    Change Edgar's Battle Power
    Change Edgar's Defense
    Change Edgar's Magic Defense
    Change Edgar's Evade
    Change Edgar's Magic Block
    Change Edgar's Weapon
    Change Edgar's Shield
    Change Edgar's Helm
    Change Edgar's Armor
    Change Edgar's Relic 1
    Change Edgar's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes from the save point in Mt. Kolts
    Change Sabin's HP
    Change Sabin's MP
    Change Sabin's First Menu Command
    Change Sabin's Second Menu Command
    Change Sabin's Third Menu Command
    Change Sabin's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Sabin's Vigor
    Change Sabin's Speed
    Change Sabin's Stamina
    Change Sabin's Magic Power
    Change Sabin's Battle Power
    Change Sabin's Defense
    Change Sabin's Magic Defense
    Change Sabin's Evade
    Change Sabin's Magic Block
    Change Sabin's Weapon
    Change Sabin's Shield
    Change Sabin's Helm
    Change Sabin's Armor
    Change Sabin's Relic 1
    Change Sabin's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes at the save point in the returners' hideout
    Change Bannon's HP
    Change Bannon's MP
    Change Bannon's First Menu Command
    Change Bannon's Second Menu Command
    Change Bannon's Third Menu Command
    Change Bannon's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Bannon's Vigor
    Change Bannon's Speed
    Change Bannon's Stamina
    Change Bannon's Magic Power
    Change Bannon's Battle Power
    Change Bannon's Defense
    Change Bannon's Magic Defense
    Change Bannon's Evade
    Change Bannon's Magic Block
    Change Bannon's Weapon
    Change Bannon's Shield
    Change Bannon's Helm
    Change Bannon's Armor
    Change Bannon's Relic 1
    Change Bannon's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes from the save point under Duncan's house; codes must
    be in before you see her
    Change Celes's HP
    Change Celes's MP
    Change Celes's First Menu Command
    Change Celes's Second Menu Command
    Change Celes's Third Menu Command
    Change Celes's Fourth Menu Commmand
    Change Celes's Vigor
    Change Celes's Speed
    Change Celes's Stamina
    Change Celes's Magic Power
    Change Celes's Battle Power
    Change Celes's Defense
    Change Celes's Magic Defense
    Change Celes's Evade
    Change Celes's Magic Block
    Change Celes's Weapon
    Change Celes's Shield
    Change Celes's Helm
    Change Celes's Armor
    Change Celes's Relic 1
    Change Celes's Relic 2
    II.           GAME GENIE CODES
    These are some unknown codes and my personal favorites. You will be
    Happy with this section.
    NOTE: Enter these codes before starting a new game
    Change Terra's HP
    Change Terra's MP
    Change Terra's First Menu Command
    Change Terra's Second Menu Command
    Change Terra's Third Menu Command
    Change Terra's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Terra's Vigor
    Change Terra's Speed
    Change Terra's Stamina
    Change Terra's Magic Power
    Change Terra's Battle Power
    Change Terra's Defense
    Change Terra's Magic Defense
    Change Terra's Evade
    Change Terra's Magic Block
    Change Terra's Weapon
    Change Terra's Shield
    Change Terra's Helm
    Change Terra's Armor
    Change Terra's Relic 1
    Change Terra's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes from the save point after the old man's house
    Change Locke's HP
    Change Locke's MP
    Change Locke's First Menu Command
    Change Locke's Second Menu Command
    Change Locke's Third Menu Command
    Change Locke's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Locke's Vigor
    Change Locke's Speed
    Change Locke's Stamina
    Change Locke's Magic Power
    Change Locke's Battle Power
    Change Locke's Defense
    Change Locke's Magic Defense
    Change Locke's Evade
    Change Locke's Magic Block
    Change Locke's Weapon
    Change Locke's Shield
    Change Locke's Helm
    Change Locke's Armor
    Change Locke's Relic 1
    Change Locke's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes anytime after getting Locke, but before Kefka shows up
    Change Edgar's HP
    Change Edgar's MP
    Change Edgar's First Menu Command
    Change Edgar's Second Menu Command
    Change Edgar's Third Menu Command
    Change Edgar's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Edgar's Vigor
    Change Edgar's Speed
    Change Edgar's Stamina
    Change Edgar's Magic Power
    Change Edgar's Battle Power
    Change Edgar's Defense
    Change Edgar's Magic Defense
    Change Edgar's Evade
    Change Edgar's Magic Block
    Change Edgar's Weapon
    Change Edgar's Shield
    Change Edgar's Helm
    Change Edgar's Armor
    Change Edgar's Relic 1
    Change Edgar's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes from the save point in Mt. Kolts
    Change Sabin's HP
    Change Sabin's MP
    Change Sabin's First Menu Command
    Change Sabin's Second Menu Command
    Change Sabin's Third Menu Command
    Change Sabin's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Sabin's Vigor
    Change Sabin's Speed
    Change Sabin's Stamina
    Change Sabin's Magic Power
    Change Sabin's Battle Power
    Change Sabin's Defense
    Change Sabin's Magic Defense
    Change Sabin's Evade
    Change Sabin's Magic Block
    Change Sabin's Weapon
    Change Sabin's Shield
    Change Sabin's Helm
    Change Sabin's Armor
    Change Sabin's Relic 1
    Change Sabin's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes at the save point in the returners' hideout
    Change Bannon's HP
    Change Bannon's MP
    Change Bannon's First Menu Command
    Change Bannon's Second Menu Command
    Change Bannon's Third Menu Command
    Change Bannon's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Bannon's Vigor
    Change Bannon's Speed
    Change Bannon's Stamina
    Change Bannon's Magic Power
    Change Bannon's Battle Power
    Change Bannon's Defense
    Change Bannon's Magic Defense
    Change Bannon's Evade
    Change Bannon's Magic Block
    Change Bannon's Weapon
    Change Bannon's Shield
    Change Bannon's Helm
    Change Bannon's Armor
    Change Bannon's Relic 1
    Change Bannon's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes from the save point under Duncan's house; codes must
    be in before you see her
    Change Celes's HP
    Change Celes's MP
    Change Celes's First Menu Command
    Change Celes's Second Menu Command
    Change Celes's Third Menu Command
    Change Celes's Fourth Menu Commmand
    Change Celes's Vigor
    Change Celes's Speed
    Change Celes's Stamina
    Change Celes's Magic Power
    Change Celes's Battle Power
    Change Celes's Defense
    Change Celes's Magic Defense
    Change Celes's Evade
    Change Celes's Magic Block
    Change Celes's Weapon
    Change Celes's Shield
    Change Celes's Helm
    Change Celes's Armor
    Change Celes's Relic 1
    Change Celes's Relic 2
    NOTE: Save before the Imperial Base
    Change Cyan's HP
    Change Cyan's MP
    Change Cyan's First Menu Command
    Change Cyan's Second Menu Command
    Change Cyan's Third Menu Command
    Change Cyan's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Cyan's Vigor
    Change Cyan's Speed
    Change Cyan's Stamina
    ·**52-7B55Cyan's Magic Power
    Change Cyan's Battle Power
    Change Cyan's Defense
    Change Cyan's Magic Defense
    Change Cyan's Evade
    Change Cyan's Magic Block
    Change Cyan's Weapon
    Change Cyan's Shield
    Change Cyan's Helm
    Change Cyan's Armor
    Change Cyan's Relic 1
    Change Cyan's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes before you feed him
    Change Gau's HP
    Change Gau's MP
    Change Gau's First Menu Command
    Change Gau's Second Menu Command
    Change Gau's Third Menu Command
    Change Gau's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Gau's Vigor
    Change Gau's Speed
    Change Gau's Stamina
    Change Gau's Magic Power
    Change Gau's Battle Power
    Change Gau's Defense
    Change Gau's Magic Defense
    Change Gau's Evade
    Change Gau's Magic Block
    Change Gau's Weapon
    Change Gau's Shield
    Change Gau's Helm
    Change Gau's Armor
    Change Gau's Relic 1
    Change Gau's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes before getting the first ghost
    Change Ghost 1's HP
    Change Ghost 1's MP
    Change Ghost 1's First Menu Command
    Change Ghost 1's Second Menu Command
    Change Ghost 1's Third Menu Command
    Change Ghost 1's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Ghost 1's Vigor
    Change Ghost 1's Speed
    Change Ghost 1's Stamina
    Change Ghost 1's Magic Power
    Change Ghost 1's Battle Power
    Change Ghost 1's Defense
    Change Ghost 1's Magic Defense
    Change Ghost 1's Evade
    Change Ghost 1's Magic Block
    Change Ghost 1's Weapon
    Change Ghost 1's Shield
    Change Ghost 1's Helm
    Change Ghost 1's Armor
    Change Ghost 1's Relic 1
    Change Ghost 1's Relic 2
    NOTE: If Shadow bails, you can get a second ghost. Enter these codes before
    getting it
    Change Ghost 2's HP
    Change Ghost 2's MP
    Change Ghost 2's First Menu Command
    Change Ghost 2's Second Menu Command
    Change Ghost 2's Third Menu Command
    Change Ghost 2's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Ghost 2's Vigor
    Change Ghost 2's Speed
    Change Ghost 2's Stamina
    Change Ghost 2's Magic Power
    Change Ghost 2's Battle Power
    Change Ghost 2's Defense
    Change Ghost 2's Magic Defense
    Change Ghost 2's Evade
    Change Ghost 2's Magic Block
    Change Ghost 2's Weapon
    Change Ghost 2's Shield
    Change Ghost 2's Helm
    Change Ghost 2's Armor
    Change Ghost 2's Relic 1
    Change Ghost 2's Relic 2
    NOTE: Don't talk to him in South Figaro. Enter these codes before Sabin's
    Change Shadow's HP
    Change Shadow's MP
    Change Shadow's First Menu Command
    Change Shadow's Second Menu Command
    Change Shadow's Third Menu Command
    Change Shadow's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Shadow's Vigor
    Change Shadow's Speed
    Change Shadow's Stamina
    Change Shadow's Magic Power
    Change Shadow's Battle Power
    Change Shadow's Defense
    Change Shadow's Magic Defense
    Change Shadow's Evade
    Change Shadow's Magic Block
    Change Shadow's Weapon
    Change Shadow's Shield
    Change Shadow's Helm
    Change Shadow's Armor
    Change Shadow's Relic 1
    Change Shadow's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes after saving on the snow field in Narshe, before
    entering the hole behind the Esper
    Change Umaro's HP
    Change Umaro's MP
    Change Umaro's First Menu Command
    Change Umaro's Second Menu Command
    Change Umaro's Third Menu Command
    Change Umaro's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Umaro's Vigor
    Change Umaro's Speed
    Change Umaro's Stamina
    Change Umaro's Magic Power
    Change Umaro's Battle Power
    Change Umaro's Defense
    Change Umaro's Magic Defense
    Change Umaro's Evade
    Change Umaro's Magic Block
    Change Umaro's Weapon
    Change Umaro's Shield
    Change Umaro's Helm
    Change Umaro's Armor
    Change Umaro's Relic 1
    Change Umaro's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes after saving outside Thamasa
    Change Strago's HP
    Change Strago's MP
    Change Strago's First Menu Command
    Change Strago's Second Menu Command
    Change Strago's Third Menu Command
    Change Strago's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Strago's Vigor
    Change Strago's Speed
    Change Strago's Stamina
    Change Strago's Magic Power
    Change Strago's Battle Power
    Change Strago's Defense
    Change Strago's Magic Defense
    Change Strago's Evade
    Change Strago's Magic Block
    Change Strago's Weapon
    Change Strago's Shield
    Change Strago's Helm
    Change Strago's Armor
    Change Strago's Relic 1
    Change Strago's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes before the Opera House (?) and until after the
    Imperial Base
    Change Setzer's HP
    Change Setzer's MP
    Change Setzer's First Menu Command
    Change Setzer's Second Menu Command
    Change Setzer's Third Menu Command
    Change Setzer's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Setzer's Vigor
    Change Setzer's Speed
    Change Setzer's Stamina
    Change Setzer's Magic Power
    Change Setzer's Battle Power
    Change Setzer's Defense
    Change Setzer's Magic Defense
    Change Setzer's Evade
    Change Setzer's Magic Block
    Change Setzer's Weapon
    Change Setzer's Shield
    Change Setzer's Helm
    Change Setzer's Armor
    Change Setzer's Relic 1
    Change Setzer's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes after saving outside the Esper Cave
    Change Relm's HP
    Change Relm's MP
    Change Relm's First Menu Command
    Change Relm's Second Menu Command
    Change Relm's Third Menu Command
    Change Relm's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Relm's Vigor
    Change Relm's Speed
    Change Relm's Stamina
    Change Relm's Magic Power
    Change Relm's Battle Power
    Change Relm's Defense
    Change Relm's Magic Defense
    Change Relm's Evade
    Change Relm's Magic Block
    Change Relm's Weapon
    Change Relm's Shield
    Change Relm's Helm
    Change Relm's Armor
    Change Relm's Relic 1
    Change Relm's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes after saving outside of Narshe
    Change Mog's HP
    Change Mog's MP
    Change Mog's First Menu Command
    Change Mog's Second Menu Command
    Change Mog's Third Menu Command
    Change Mog's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Mog's Vigor
    Change Mog's Speed
    Change Mog's Stamina
    Change Mog's Magic Power
    Change Mog's Battle Power
    Change Mog's Defense
    Change Mog's Magic Defense
    Change Mog's Evade
    Change Mog's Magic Block
    Change Mog's Weapon
    Change Mog's Shield
    Change Mog's Helm
    Change Mog's Armor
    Change Mog's Relic 1
    Change Mog's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes from the save point in the Esper Cave
    Change Leo's HP
    Change Leo's MP
    Change Leo's First Menu Command
    Change Leo's Second Menu Command
    Change Leo's Third Menu Command
    Change Leo's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Leo's Vigor
    Change Leo's Speed
    Change Leo's Stamina
    Change Leo's Magic Power
    Change Leo's Battle Power
    Change Leo's Defense
    Change Leo's Magic Defense
    Change Leo's Evade
    Change Leo's Magic Block
    Change Leo's Weapon
    Change Leo's Shield
    Change Leo's Helm
    Change Leo's Armor
    Change Leo's Relic 1
    Change Leo's Relic 2
    NOTE: Enter these codes from the save point in Zone Eater
    Change Gogo's HP
    Change Gogo's MP
    Change Gogo's First Menu Command
    Change Gogo's Second Menu Command
    Change Gogo's Third Menu Command
    Change Gogo's Fourth Menu Command
    Change Gogo's Vigor
    Change Gogo's Speed
    Change Gogo's Stamina
    Change Gogo's Magic Power
    Change Gogo's Battle Power
    Change Gogo's Defense
    Change Gogo's Magic Defense
    Change Gogo's Evade
    Change Gogo's Magic Block
    Change Gogo's Weapon
    Change Gogo's Shield
    Change Gogo's Helm
    Change Gogo's Armor
    Change Gogo's Relic 1
    Change Gogo's Relic 2
    DD = 0       FD = 16      4D = 32      7D = 48      0D = 64      9D = 80
    DF = 1       FF = 17      4F = 33      7F = 49      0F = 65      9F = 81
    D4 = 2       F4 = 18      44 = 34      74 = 50      04 = 66      94 = 82
    D7 = 3       F7 = 19      47 = 35      77 = 51      07 = 67      97 = 83
    D0 = 4       F0 = 20      40 = 36      70 = 52      00 = 68      90 = 84
    D9 = 5       F9 = 21      49 = 37      79 = 53      09 = 69      99 = 85
    D1 = 6       F1 = 22      41 = 38      71 = 54      01 = 70      91 = 86
    D5 = 7       F5 = 23      45 = 39      75 = 55      05 = 71      95 = 87
    D6 = 8       F6 = 24      46 = 40      76 = 56      06 = 72      96 = 88
    DB = 9       FB = 25      4B = 41      7B = 57      0B = 73      9B = 89
    DC = 10      FC = 26      4C = 42      7C = 58      0C = 74      9C = 90
    D8 = 11      F8 = 27      48 = 43      78 = 59      08 = 75      98 = 91
    DA = 12      FA = 28      4A = 44      7A = 60      0A = 76      9A = 92
    D2 = 13      F2 = 29      42 = 45      72 = 61      02 = 77      92 = 93
    D3 = 14      F3 = 30      43 = 46      73 = 62      03 = 78      93 = 94
    DE = 15      FE = 31      4E = 47      7E = 63      0E = 79      9E = 95
    1D = 96    5D = 113      6D = 129     BD = 145     CD = 161     8D = 177
    1F = 97    5F = 114      6F = 130     BF = 146     CF = 162     8F = 178
    14 = 98    54 = 115      64 = 131     B4 = 147     C4 = 163     84 = 179
    17 = 99    57 = 116      67 = 132     B7 = 148     C7 = 164     87 = 180
    10 = 101   50 = 117      60 = 133     B0 = 149     C0 = 165     80 = 181
    19 = 102   59 = 118      69 = 134     B9 = 150     C9 = 166     89 = 182
    11 = 103   51 = 119      61 = 135     B1 = 151     C1 = 167     81 = 183
    15 = 104   55 = 120      65 = 136     B5 = 152     C5 = 168     85 = 184
    16 = 105   56 = 121      66 = 137     B6 = 153     C6 = 169     86 = 185
    1B = 106   5B = 122      6B = 138     BB = 154     CB = 170     8B = 186
    1C = 107   5C = 123      6C = 139     BC = 155     CC = 171     8C = 187
    18 = 108   58 = 124      68 = 140     B8 = 156     C8 = 172     88 = 188
    1A = 109   5A = 125      6A = 141     BA = 157     CA = 173     8A = 189
    12 = 110   52 = 126      62 = 142     B2 = 158     C2 = 174     82 = 190
    13 = 111   53 = 127      63 = 143     B3 = 159     C3 = 175     83 = 191
    1E = 112   5E = 128      6E = 144     BE = 160     CE = 176     8E = 192
    AD = 193       2D = 209      3D = 225       ED = 240
    AF = 194       2F = 210      3F = 226       EF = 241
    A4 = 195       24 = 211      34 = 227       E4 = 242
    A7 = 196       27 = 212      37 = 228       E7 = 243
    A0 = 197       20 = 213      30 = 229       E0 = 244
    A9 = 198       29 = 214      39 = 230       E9 = 245
    A1 = 199       21 = 215      31 = 231       E1 = 246
    A5 = 200       25 = 216      35 = 232       E5 = 247
    A6 = 201       26 = 217      36 = 233       E6 = 248
    AB = 202       2B = 218      3B = 234       EB = 249
    AC = 203       2C = 219      3C = 235       EC = 250
    A8 = 204       28 = 220      38 = 236       E8 = 251
    AA = 205       2A = 221      3A = 236       EA = 252
    A2 = 206       22 = 222      32 = 237       E2 = 253
    A3 = 207       23 = 223      33 = 238       E3 = 254
    AE = 208       2E = 224      3E = 239       EE = 255
    DD  Fight
    DF  Item
    D4  Magic
    D7  Morph (blank until Terra gets Morph)
    D0  Revert
    D9  Steal
    D1  Capture
    D5  SwdTech (only the swdtechs Cyan knows when the new character starts)
    D6  Throw
    DB  Tools
    DC  Blitz
    D8  Runic
    DA  Lore
    D2  Sketch
    D3  Control
    DE  Slot
    FD  Rage
    FF  Leap (only on the veldt)
    F4  Mimic
    F7  Dance (character gains dances only when Mog gains them)
    F0  Row
    F9  Def
    F1  Jump
    F5  X-Magic (no spells at the start)
    F6  GP Rain
    FB  Summon (???)
    FC  Health
    F8  Shock
    FA  Possess (erases character if successful)
    F2  Magitek ( best to give it to Terra so she has them all. All other
    characters are missing some)
    F3  Blank (???)
    DD: Dirk        FD: Epee        4D: Partisan    7D:Aura
    DF: MthrlKnife  FF: BreakBlade  4F: Pearl Lance 7F: Strato
    D4: Guardian    F4: Drainer     44: Gold Lance  74:Sky Render
    D7: Air Lancet  F7: Enhancer    47: Aura Lance  77: Heal Rod
    D0: ThiefKnife  F0: Crystal     40: Imp Halberd 70: Mithril Rod
    D9: Assassin    F9: Falchion    49: Imperial    79: Fire Rod
    D1: ManEater    F1: Soul Sabre  41: Kodachi     71: Ice Rod
    D5: SwdBreaker  F5: Ogre Nix    45: Blossom     75: Thunder Rod
    D6: Gradeus     F6: Excalibur   46: Hardened    76: Posion Rod
    DB: ValiantKnif FB: Scimitar    4B: Striker     7B: Pearl Rod
    DC: MithrilBlad FC: Illumina    4C: Stunner     7C: Gravity Rod
    D8: ReglCutlass F8: Ragnarok    48: Ashura      78: Punisher
    DA: Rune Edge   FA: Atma Weapon 4A: Kotetsu     7A: Magus Rod
    D2: Flame Sabre F2: MithrilPike 42: Forged      72: ChocoboBrush
    D3: Blizzard    F3: Trident     43: Tempest     73: DaVinci Brush
    DE: ThundrBlade FE: Stout Spear 4E: Murasame    7E: Magical Brush
    0D: RainbowBrsh 9D: Trump       1D: Fire Shield 5D: Coronet
    0F: Shuriken    9F: Dice        1F: Ice Shield  5F: Bard's Hat
    04: Ninja Star  94: Fixed Dice  14: ThunderShld 54: Green Beret
    07: Tack Star   97: MetalKnuckl 17: CrystalShld 57: Head Band
    00: Flail       90: MithrilClaw 10: Genji Shld  50: Mithril Helm
    09: Full Moon   99: Kaiser      19: TortoiseShd 59: Tiara
    01: MorningStar 91: Poison Claw 11: Cursed Shld 51: Gold Helm
    05: Boomerang   95: FireKnuckle 15: PaladinShld 55: Tiger Mask
    06: Rising Sun  96: Dragon Claw 16: Force Shld  56: Red Cap
    0B: Hawk Eye    9B: Tiger Fangs 1B: LeatherHat  5B: Mystery Veil
    0C: Bone Club   9C: Buckler     1C: Hair Band   5C: Circlet
    08: Sniper      98: Heavy Shld  18: Plumed Hat  58: Regal Crown
    0A: Wing Edge   9A: MithrilShld 1A: Beret       5A: Diamond Helm
    02: Cards       92: Gold Shld   12: Magus Hat   52: Dark Hood
    03: Darts       93: Aegis Shld  13: Bandana     53: Crystal Helm
    0E: Doom Darts  9E: DiamondShld 1E: Iron Helmet 5E: Oath Veil
    6D: Cat Hood    BD: Power Sash  CD: Nutkin Suit 8D: Goggles
    6F: Genji Helm  BF: Light Robe  CF: BehemthSuit 8F: Star Pendant
    64: Thornlet    B4: DiamondVest C4: SnowMuffler 84: Peace Ring
    67: Titanium    B7: Red Jacket  C7: NoiseBlastr 87: Amulet
    60: LeatherArmr B0: Force Armor C0: Bio Blaster 80: White Cape
    69: Cotton Robe B9: DiamondArmr C9: Flash       89: Jewel Ring
    61: KungFu Suit B1: Dark Gear   C1: Chain Saw   81: Fairy Ring
    65: Iron Armor  B5: Tao Robe    C5: Debilitator 85: Barrier Ring
    66: Silk Robe   B6: CrystalMail C6: Drill       86: Mithril Glove
    6B: MithrilVest BB: CzarinaGown CB: Air Anchor  8B: Guard Ring
    6C: Ninja Gear  BC: Genji Armor CC: AutoCrossbw 8C: Running Shoes
    68: White Dress B8: Imp's Armor C8: Fire Skean  88: Wall Ring
    6A: MithrilMail BA: Minerva     CA: Water Edge  8A: Cherub Down
    62: Gaia Gear   B2: Tabby Suit  C2: Bolt Edge   82: Cure Ring
    63: Mirage Vest B3: ChocoboSuit C3: Inviz Edge  83: True Knight
    6E: Gold Armor  BE: Moogle Suit CE: Shadow Edge 8E: DragoonBoots
    AD: Zephr Cape  2D: Gauntlet    3D: MarvelShoes ED: Fenix Down
    AF: CzarinaRing 2F: Genji Glove 3F: Back Guard  EF: Revivify
    A4: Cursed Ring 24: Hyper Wrist 34: GaleHairpin E4: Antidote
    A7: Earring     27: Offering    37: SniperSight E7: Eyedrop
    A0: AtlasArmlet 20: Beads       30: Exp. Egg    E0: Soft
    A9: BlizzardOrb 29: Black Belt  39: Tintinabar  E9: Remedy
    A1: Rage Ring   21: Coin Toss   31: SprintShoes E1: Sleeping Bag
    A5: Sneak Ring  25: FakMustache 35: Rename Card E5: Tent
    A6: PodBracelet 26: Gem Box     36: Tonic       E6: Green Cherry
    AB: Hero Ring   2B: Dragon Horn 3B: Potion      EB: Magicite
    AC: Ribbon      2C: Merit Award 3C: X-Potion    EC: Super Ball
    A8: Muscle Belt 28: MementoRing 38: Tincture    E8: Echo Screen
    AA: Crystal Orb 2A: Safety Bit  3A: Ether       EA: Smoke Bomb
    A2: GoldHairpin 22: Relic Ring  32: X-Ether     E2: Warp Stone
    A3: Economizer  23: MoogleCharm 33: Elixir      E3: Dried Meat
    AE: Thief Glove 2E: CharmBangle 3E: Megalixir   EE: UNEQUIPPED
    *Some of these may not work on your game
    *Some may have alternates. so if one doesn't work, try the other
    AA23-54D8      Level 99 in 1 battle
    alternate: AA93-54D8
    AA24-E7D8      Each monster gives a particular item
    alternate: AA94-E7D8
    DC2C-E4D8      Get the maximum amount of gold
    alternate: DC9C-E4D8
    D493-54D8      Over 16000 exp. per battle
    alternate: 0493-54D8
    D793-54D8      Almost 1000000 exp per battle
    alternate: 0793-54D8
    AA9E-E4D8      All equipped items become Paladin Shlds after a battle.
    EE2C-5DD8      Receive no MPS after a battle.
    DF22-54D8      Receive no GP after a battle.
    DF26-EF08      Receive 100 GP after a battle.
    AA95-EFA8      Randomly selects number of items gained after a battle.
    EE98-EF08+6724-E708     Get tons of Gem Boxes and Dragon Horns
    AA94-E7D8      Random item code 1.
    AA94-EF08      Random item code 2.
    D794-E708      Random item code 3.
    AA94-E7E8      Random item code 4.
    AA94-E768      Random item code 5.
    AA94-E4D8      Random item code 6.
    3CB8-5DAE     After you have two of an item keep equipping it
    alternate: 3CBC-5DAE
    EEB8-5D0E      Creates multiples of items when used.
    108C-EF03 + 108C-E4A3   All items in shops are free
    ED30-E944      Tonics gives 240 HP
    ED3B-E5C4      Tincture give 240 mps
    AA9B-E768      All relics equipped.  May freeze up.  DO NOT SAVE.
    DDA4-8767      Party always has sprint shoes
    AA6C-EF08      Instant sprint shoes and moogle charm.
    alternate: AADC-EF08
    AAD8-EF08      All members Float, are Stopped, and are Reflective
    alternate: DED8-EF68
    DFD8-EF68      All members Float
    D0D8-EF68      All members have Slow on them
    D6D8-EF68      All members have Haste on them
    D8D8-EF68      All members have Haste, Float, and Regen on them
    AA68-EF08      All members are frozen and float.
    D4D8-EF68      All members are Reflective.
    D7D8-EF68      All members have Regen on them.
    D9D8-EF68      All members have Slow and Float on them.
    D1D8-EF68      All members have Slow and Regen on them.
    DBD8-EF68      All members have Haste and Float on them.
    DCD8-EF68      All members have Haste and Regen on them.
    3DD8-EF68      All members have Float and Safe on them.
    BDD8-EFD8      All members have Reflect and Stop on them.
    DD27-E7DB      Everyone has hidden Gold Hairpin in BATTLE MODE ONLY
    alternate: DD97-E7DB
    DD20-EFDB      Everyone has hidden Econimizer in BATTLE MODE ONLY
    alternate: DD90-EFDB
    DD27-5FDA      Everyone has hidden Econimizer (NOT IN BATTLE)
    alternate: DD97-5FDA
    DD20-5DDA      Everyone has hidden Golden Hairpin (NOT IN BATTLE)
    alternate: DD90-5DDA
    AADB-EDA8      All members have increased number of HPS and MPS.
    AADC-EDA8      All chars have hidden Moogle Charm.
    D762-EF68      Vigor/Speed/Stamina/MagPwr becomes 255.
    F462-EF68      Vigor/Speed/Stamina/MagPwr becomes 0.
    EEDB-EDA8      Brings mp/hp to max
    D0A7-8DD7      Super sprint shoes.  Only works with sprint shoes
    alternate: D007-8DD7
    0F9F-E708      Erases saved games (not sure why you'd want to but...)
    AA90-74DD      Walk thru some walls
    A29D-54D8      Party leader randomly attacks out of turn
    DFC7-E4D8      Clone Terra x4 during battle (
    AA2A-5708      Text is displayed on a clear background in battle.
    CE37-77D6      Spells are learned at a rate of 10%
    EE37-7DD6      All spells are learned after 1 battle with any Esper
    EE39-7DD6      Learn the spells of equipped Esper after 1 battle.
    III.        WALKTHRU
    The numbers before each location corresponds to the numbers on the maps that
    come with the game.
                              - The World of Balance -
    (1) Mines of Narshe
        Party: Vicks, Wedge, ????? (Terra)
        BOSS: Whelk
            After fighting Whelk you come to the frozen Esper.  You'll go into
            a fight sequence where Vicks and Wedge get blown away leaving   Terra.
    (1) Arvis' House
        Items: Search the clock for an Elixir
            Terra wakes up back in Narshe where a man removes the slave crown.
            Terra can't remember anything.  The Imperial guards come and Terra
            is forced to escape thru the back door of the house and run back
          to the mines.
    (1) Mines
        Party: Terra, Locke
        Chests: Fenix Down, Sleeping Bag
                (if you wait until the World of Ruin to get these, they'll
                 have changed to a Pod Bracelet and an Elixir)
        BOSS: Marshal
        Additional items: You can take Mog's Mithril Shld and Mithril Pike
            After entering the mines, Terra walks a little ways and is spotted
            by the guards.  She is cornered and the floor gives out and she
            falls.  There is a flashback where Terra remembers some stuff.
    The scene shifts back to Arvis' House where Locke is introduced.        Locke
    finds Terra and the guards find them both.  Moogles come and    offer to help.
    Three Moogles (Kupek, Kupop, Kumama) form a group       with Locke plus there a
    two other groups with four Moogles each                 (Mog, Kuku, Kutan, Kupa
    and Kushu, Kurin, Kuru, Kamog).  You can        control each of the groups, the
    object is to stop the guards from       reaching Terra and defeating the
    commander.  Before defeating the        commander switch to the party Mog is in
    and remove his shield and       pike (Locke can use the shield and the pike can
    be used by Edgar        who you'll get shortly), after all Mog won't be needing
    them for        quite a while and by then you'll be able to equip him with othe
    stuff.  After defeating the commander, Locke grabs Terra and takes      off
    through the mines.  He comes to a switch and pulls it, opening  a secret
    passage.  Remember where this passage is, you'll need it        later.  You are
    now outside Narshe.  You can't enter the main part      of town but you can
    enter the classroom.
    (1) Classroom
        Party: Terra, Locke
        Points of interest:  bucket of recovery water (recovers hps and mps)
            A save spot
        Chests: Monster-in-a-box, Sleeping Bag, Tonic
        Items: Search a pot for Tincture
            Besides getting the stuff in the chests and the pot, the classroom
            is basically there to tell you stuff about the game: how to do  this an
    where to do that, most of which is in the instruction   book.
    (2) Figaro
        Party: Terra, Locke, Edgar
        Points of interest: Item shop, Tool Shop
        Chests: Fenix Down, Soft, Tonic, Antidote
        BOSS: M-TekArmor
            After heading south from Narshe, you come to the desert castle of
            Figaro.  Upon entering the castle go straight ahead to the throne
            room.  Here Edgar is introduced.  You are now free to explore the
            castle.  If you talk to the Matron (in the left tower) she will
    tell you
    about Sabin, who you'll meet later.  After talking the  Matron return to the
    throne room and talk to Edgar again.  One of    Edgar's guards comes in and
    informs him that Kefka is approaching   the castle.  As Edgar, talk to
    Kefka's guards and then Kefka   himself. After they're done talking walk up
    to where Locke is       waiting.  Edgar decides to protect Terra.  Now, as Terr
    follow  Locke to 'your' room.  Kefka comes back and sets fire to Figaro.
    Talk to the guards (Beavis and Butthead ?) and then talk to Kefka.      Go up
    and talk to the guard there.  Your party escapes and Figaro     enters submerge
    mode.  After fighting the M-TekArmor, go south to       the Cave of Figaro.  If
    Terra uses magic during the fight with the      M-TekArmor you'll see a little
    (3) Cave of Figaro
        Party: Terra, Locke, Edgar
        Points of interest: the pond with the turtle is a recovery spring
        Chests: 2 tinctures, Fenix Down (Before you get Celes)
                Thunder Rod, Tincture, X-Potion (After you get Celes)
                Hero Ring, Ether, X-Potion (In the World of Ruin)
                Wait until after you get Celes, or until the World of Ruin to
    get the treasures for different stuff.
    (4) South Figaro
        Chests: 500 GP, 1000 GP, 1500 GP
        Items: search barrel to left of Chocobo stable for Tonic
               search barrel to right of Chocobo stable for Green Cherry
                 search barrel to right of rich guy's house for Fenix Down
                 search barrel above and behind Chocobo stable for Warp Stone
                            (or Fenix Down if you wait until World of Ruin)
                 search box in lower left section of town for Eyedrop
                            (or Elixir if you wait until World of Ruin)
                 search barrel in lower left section of town for Antidote
                            (or Tent if you wait until World of Ruin)
                 search box in lower left section of town for Soft
                            (or Remedy if you wait until World of Ruin)
                 search barrel between Armor & Weapon shops for Tonic
                            (or X-Potion if you wait until World of Ruin)
            At the Cafe, Shadow is introduced, you'll be seeing him later.  At
            the Relic Shop, buy a pair of Sprint Shoes (unless you like going
            slow), one pair is enough for the entire party.  At the house   north o
    f the
    Inn check behind the bookcase in the room with a        draft to find a secret
    passage.  Nothing but money down there  right now but later you'll need to
    know about it.  After getting   equipped go to the Chocobo Stables and pay
    the 80 GP (unless you   want to fight to your next location).  It's not very
    far but         riding the Chocobo is fun
    (5) Sabin's Cabin
        Items: search the bucket next to the stove for a Tonic
        Points of interest: you can catch some Z's in any of the beds
    (6) Mt. Kolts
        Chests: Guardian, Atlas Armlet,2 Tents
        BOSS: Vargas
            The path is straight forward.  At the end you reach Vargas.  After
            a bit of fighting with Vargas, Sabin will come.  Vargas will blow
    others away and Sabin will have to fight alone.  Sabin joins    you after
    Vargas is finished.
    (7) Returner's Hideout
        Party: Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin
        Chests: Fenix Down (x2), Air Lancet, True Knight, Potion, White Cape
        Items: search a bucket for Antidote
               search a pot for Tincture
                 search a pot for Green Cherry
                 search the top of the table for a piece of paper (purpose ?)
        Additional items: You can either get a Genji Glove or a Gauntlet
            After entering, follow the guard to Banon's room.  After talking
    to Banon
    talk to everyone and get everything (including the White        Cape that is in
    secret passage on the right side of the 'storage        room'),then go out of t
    hideout where Banon will be waiting.    First, tell him "no" then go back
    inside and the man in the       'storage room' will give you a Genji Glove.  If
    you say "no" to         Banon 3 times and you'll skip the part where everyone's
    the     table and one of the guards will give you a Genji Glove (if you
    already get the one from the guy in the store room).  If        you go to Banon
    and tell him you will become there last ray of  hope he will give you
    Gauntlet (if you haven't already gotten the     Genji   Glove from the guy in t
    store room). Locke will split to        scope out South Figaro after the Empire
    invades.  Banon joins you       and you head for the raft on the Lete River.
        Lete River
        BOSS: Ultros
            If Banon dies the game is over, so protect him.  There are several
            save spots along the way, these spots are also the only places you
            can access the sub screen.  Do whatever you need to before jumping
            back on the raft.  Toward the end of the raft ride you reach swept
    river. The game now gives you a choice of three scenarios.      One with Terra,
    Edgar and Banon, one with Locke, and the last one       with Sabin.  You can do
    these in any order you want, it doesn't         matter what order you pick.
    However, if you do Terra, Edgar, and    Banon's before Sabin's then Shadow
    will stay longer.
            --TERRA, EDGAR, and BANON scenario--
        Lete River continued
        Party: Terra, Edgar, Banon
            The trio continue the raft ride on the Lete River.  Again, make
    sure Banon
    doesn't kick the bucket or your game is over. At the    end of the ride you
    find yourself a little east of Narshe, which    is where you want to go.
    (1) Narshe/Mines
        Chest: Rune Edge [in mines] (if you don't get this chest until the
    World of Ruin it'll become a Ribbon)
            The guards won't let you in thru the main entrance so you'll have
    to find
    another way in.  Remember the secret entrance Locke showed      you? That's the
    way in.  You're now in the mines.  Go a little  ways and you come to a
    follow-the-light-maze.  If you make a   mistake all you need to do is press
    the A button when the yellow    light is in front of you.  If you miss it
    you'll have to fight    some enemies and then you'll have to start at the
    beginning of the        maze again.
            The correct way thru is:
                                   E---|                  * = rocks
                                   *   |   *              S = Start
                                 |---| |------|           E = Exit
                               * | * |     *  |       | & - = Correct path
                             |---|   |        |
                             | *   * |     *  |
                             |-----S |--------|
            Once you get past this maze you can reach a cave of Moogles (and a
            chest containing a Rune Edge or Ribbon if you wait) by going    slightl
    y out
    of your way. Remember where this cave is because        later in the game Mog w
    join you here).  Once you get out of    the mines you will be back in Arvis'
    House where you started.  You   will talk a bit with Arvis and then the
    scenario will end.
                            --LOCKE's scenario--
    (4) South Figaro
        Party: Locke
        Chest: Hyperwrist, RunningShoes
        Items: Check the clock you see when you first come out of the secret
    passage for an Elixir
                 Check a pail in the old man-who-wants-cider's house for Tonic
        Additional items: Cider is located here (Rare item)
                          Old Clock-Key is located here (Rare item)
            First of all, DO NOT talk the guards in MagiTek armor (unless of
            course you have a death wish :)  Oh, and don't forget to equip  your st
    Go to the Item shop and talk to the merchant next to    the clock. This will
    start a fight.  Use Locke's Steal command and   you'll steal the clothes
    right off him.  Dressed as a merchant,  enter the house to the south of the
    Item Shop and go down stairs.   The kid will only allow you to pass if your
    dresses as a merchant.          Now go up onto the perimeter wall and talk to t
    green suited    guard.  Steal his clothes. Go towards the center of town where
    you'll find three guards (one guarding the door to the rich guy's       house,
    one in MagiTek armor, and one guarding the path to the rest     of the town).
    Talk to the bottom guards.  Enter the Cafe and go       downstairs.  Steal the
    merchant's clothes. You'll also get Cider.      Go back to the house with the
    kid and go upstairs.  Talk to the       old man at the desk.  Go back downstair
    and give the password   ("Courage") to the kid.  He'll open up a secret
    passage for you.        Go to the upstairs of the house and into the first room
    Walk    behind the bookcase to find a stairway.  Go all the way down and
    follow the hall.  After you are asked about changing clothes    (doesn't
    matter if you do), go straight down into the wall (there        is a stairway t
                    ----------------|                    | & - = wall
                    --------------| |                 / = door
                    |-------------| |--/--/--/-|      ^ = walk into the
                    |                          |       wall here to
                    |--------------------------|       find a room with a
                                   ^                   Hyper-wrist
                                                       Running Shoes
            If you are wearing the merchant's clothes or your normal clothes
    hide in the rafters.  If you're wearing the soldier's   uniform you stand
    next to the door and salute, and then when you  rescue Celes she says
    something close to what Princess Liea said      in Star Wars whenLuke rescued
    her on the Death Star (replace  soldier with Stormtrooper).After dropping
    from the rafters, enter         the open door.  Remove Celes'chains.  Talk to t
    sleeping guard  and take you want to go.Go to the clock in the far back and
    check   it.  Wind the clock to open a secret passage.
    (4) Secret Passage
        Party: Locke, Celes
        Chests: Iron Armor, Heavy Shld, RegalCutlass, X-Potion, Ribbon,
                    Ether, Earrings
        BOSS: TunnlArmr
            In the secret passage there is a spot that you can push on the  leftwal
    l to
    reach a stairway leading down to a X-Potion, a Ribbon,  and an Ether.  Once
    you make it out of the secret passage you'll    be in a spot where all you
    need to do is leave the town.  Go west  to the Cave of Figaro.  You've been
    here before, just go back out   the way you came in.  Don't forget the pond
    with the turtle is a    recovery spring.  As you are about to exit the cave,
    TunnelArmr      attacks.  Defeating TunnelArmr will end this scenario.
                            --SABIN's scenario--
    (*) Hut (Gau's father's house)
        Party: Sabin, Shadow
            Enter the hut just east of where you start.  Quickly talk to the
    guy on
    the Chocobo.  He sells lots of stuff.  Next talk to Shadow      and he'll join
    you.  Go east a bit then south until you come to a      bridge. This is the
    Imperial camp.
    (9) Imperial Camp
        Party: Sabin, Shadow
            Your group hides and overhears the plans to storm Doma Castle.
    (10)Doma Castle
        Party: Cyan
        BOSS: Leader
            You can kill the soldiers on either side of the leader pretty   easily
    just kill the leader and get it over with.
    (9) Imperial Camp
        Party: Sabin, Shadow
        Chest: Star Pendant, Monster-in-a-box(Telstar),             MithrilGlove, B
            In the left tent there is a chest.  Kicking it brings the       dogs,
    which you
    have to fight, and hitting it brings a sentry which you         fool by meowing
    Inside is a Star Pendant.  There's a little bit         of story about Kefka
    poisoning Doma and you decide to try and stop   him.  After the first time
    you chase him, instead of talking to    him, explore the camp for more
    treasures.  You fight and chase him     around for a bit but are stopped by
    some soldiers.  While fighting  them, Kefka poisons Doma. After showing a
    bunch of soldiers die of        poison in Doma Castle you control Cyan.  Go to
    throne room.    After the King dies go to the room east of the throne room.
    Cyan's family dies.  Scene cuts back to the Imperial Camp where         Cyan jo
    Sabin and Shadow.  Escape the camp. After leaving the   camp go south to the
    (11) Phantom Forest
         Party: Sabin, Shadow, Cyan
         Points of interest: after the first stretch of forest you go up,
    the pond
            right in front of you is a recovery spring.  At the end of the  forest
    you'll come to the Phantom Train.  If you haven't done  Terra, Edgar, and
    Banon's scenario yet, then Shadow will leave you        somewhere in the Forest
    (11) Phantom Train
         Chests: Earrings, Monster-in-a-box(Specter), 2 Fenix Downs, Sniper
         BOSS: Ghost Train
            Upon enter the train go right to find the caboose. Talk to
            the ghost and you can have him join you (if you use its
            POSSESS command, and it works, you'll lose it).  Also in the
            caboose is a guy who'll tell you about the train, and a save
            Car 1 & 2:
            In the first two cars there are a bunch of ghosts. These
            ghosts will either try to join you, attack you, or sell
            you stuff (Item Shop).  The rest of the ghosts in the
            train will do the same things.
            Car 3:
            Upon entering a ghost comes and blocks the door behind you.
            You have to kill the ghost to leave.  Once back out, climb
            to the top of the car and you'll jump across to the next car
            and then again to car 5.
            Car 5:
            Enter the car and pull the switch to detach the rear cars.
            Pull it again to open the wall up so you can continue.
            Car 6:
            Sit at the center table and the ghost will serve you (this
            replenishes your stats).  After sitting down the first time
            sit down again with different members at the head of your
            party to see different sequences (For instance, Shadow will
            get up and feed Interceptor).
            Car 7: 1st room:
            Siegfried attacks as you approach the chest.  After
            defeating him, he grabs the contents of the chest and runs.
            Car 8: 2nd room:
            four chests.  After car 8 your ghost companion leaves.
            Car 9:
            save spot
            Pull the 1st and 3rd switches on the inside then go out and     pull
    switch on the smoke stack.  The Ghost Train now
            attacks.  After showing the people of Doma enter the train
            you are on the other side of the Phantom Forest.  Go to the
            mountain pass to the east.
    (12)Barren Falls
            Here Shadow leaves the party (if he hasn't already).  Jump off the
            edge of the cliff.  You have to fight Piranha and a Rizopas as you
    (13)The Veldt
        Party: Sabin, Cyan
          After landing you awake to find Gau standing next to you. He runs
    when you speak to him.  Until you have Dried Meat just attack Gau       if you
    meet him.  Go east to the town of Mobliz.
        Items: search the clock in the messenger's house for Elixir
        Additional items: You can get a Tintinabar here
            Buy at least one Dried Meat at the item shop.  Talk to the injured
            lad from Maranda.  After talking to him you can send a message to
    girlfriend at the messenger's house.  It costs 500 GP. You can  sleep in the
    bed at the back of the Relic Shop so no need to spend   money at the Inn.
    After talking to the Relic Shop keeper go back  to the injured lad, another
    letter has arrived.  For another 500 G  you can send a record for the
    injured lad.  Talk to the Relic Shop    keeper again, return to the lad for
    another letter, send a Tonic    for another 500 GP, talk to the Relic Shop
    keeper, etc.  Keep      doing this and eventually the injured lad will reward
    you with a      Tintinabar for all your help.  Now leave town and go find Gau.
    (13)The Veldt
            When you see Gau use Dried Meat on him and he'll join you.  Once
    you have
    Gau and have advance his Rage skills as much as you want,       go to the cave
    Crescent Mountain.
    (15)Crescent Mountain
        Party: Sabin, Cyan, Gau
        Additional items: Exploring the cave Gau will find a Tonic for you
            By taking Gau around inside the cave he'll find stuff.  On the  little
    platform to the left of the entrance he'll find Tonic.  On      the platform at
    the top left part of the cave Gau will pretend to       have found something.
    Sabin will walk over and Gau will scare him,    causing him to lose his pouch
    with 500 GP in it.  Finally at the      end of the cave he'll find his treasure
    a diving suit helmet.   After you jump in you'll be in the "Serpent's Trench."
    (*) Serpent's Trench
        Chests: X-Potion, Green Beret
            There are spots in the trench where you can pick a direction.  The
            following table shows what directions do what:
                            /          \
                    LEFT                   RIGHT
                   /    \                    |
                LEFT   RIGHT               CAVE 1
                 |       |                /      \
                OUT    CAVE 2          LEFT     RIGHT
                         |              |         |
                        OUT            OUT      CAVE 2
            As you can see taking two lefts is the fastest way out but taking
    rights will get you all the treasure.  Anyway you go you come   out of the
    trench at Nikeah.
        Items: check the clock in the Inn for Elixir
            Besides the Elixir in the Inn, there really isn't much here.  Go
    back to
    the guy on the boat and hop aboard.  End of Scenario.
    (1) Hills of Narshe
        Party: Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Gau, Celes, Cyan
        BOSS: Kefka
            You'll fight in 3 groups.  You have to defeat Kefka before his  troops
    reach Banon.  Your best bet is probably to take out all the     soldiers then
    you can keep trying Kefka until you beat him. Or you    can make a party of
    four characters (with 2 and 1 in the other      ones) and go straight for Kefka
    If done right you can dodge all         the soldiers and get to Kefka before th
    are even halfway to     Banon.  After the fight Terra will Morph because of the
    Esper and       fly away.
                            --IN SEARCH OF TERRA--
    (1) Narshe
        Party: Pick four (3 if you want Shadow to join you a bit later) out
    Locke, Cyan, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, or Gau
        Items: Check the clock in the Elder's house for Elixir
        Chests: Wall Ring, Sneak Ring, Hyperwrist, ThiefKnife, Earrings,
    5000 GP
            You can sleep in the bed in the back room of the Weapon Shop.  If
            you go north to the mines and look at the little black hole to the
            upper right of the entrance you'll see Umaro the sasquatch (he'll
            join you later). Upon exiting go to Figaro (its in the same spot
    it was
    (2) Figaro
            Enter the castle and go down the stairs to you left.  Talk to the
    guy and
    he'll take you (and the rest of Figaro Castle) past the         mountains to a
    point near Kohlingen (your next destination). Just      exit Figaro and go
    north.  If you have both Edgar and Sabin in     your party you'll learn more
    about their past if you go to the       spot where you can sleep. If you enter
    the main part of Figaro and     shop put Edgar at the head of your party and
    the shopkeepers will    give you a 50% discount.
        Chests: Green Beret
        Items: Check the clock in Rachel's house for Elixir
                    Check a pot in the hut northwest of Kohlingen for Hero Ring
            Shadow is in the Cafe.  If you have less than 4 in you party he'll
            join you for 3000 GP.  If you have 4 and you want him to join you
            go back to Figaro and have the guy in the basement return Figaro
    back  to
    where it was.  Then go back to Narshe and talk to one of        your companions
    Change your party so it only has three members.         Now come back to Kohlin
    the way you did before.  If you have    Locke and go to the house in the top
    left corner you'll see a        flashback telling why Locke is so keen on keepi
    his word about  protecting Terra and Celes.  The house on the top right will
    also    show a flashback if you  have Locke and if you go behind the house
    and push down you'll find a back entrance to this house which   leads to a
    chest.  From Kohlingen go south to Jidoor or you can go         northwest to a
    where you'll find a Hero Ring in a pot then go  south to Jidoor.
        Items: in the very top house check a pot for Tincture
            From here head north (on the right side of the mountains) to Zozo.
            Take a Chocobo for a faster trip.  Just follow the light green  strip o
    f grass.
        Chests: Tincture, Chain Saw, Tonic, ThiefGlove, FireKnuckle,
    RunningShoes, X-Potion
        Items: check a pot in the far left building for Tincture and another
    pot for Potion
        BOSS: Dadaluma
        Espers: Ramuh, Stray, Siren, Kirin
            In the building marked Inn there is a clock you are supposed to
    reset. The
    correct time is 6:10:50.  Setting the clock open a      secret passage where a
    chest containing a Chain Saw is.  The   building marked as Armor Shop has a
    chest with a Tonic.  Go to the  building marked as the Relic Shop.  Go up as
    far as you can and      you'll find a chest with the ThiefGlove.  From there go
    back down       to the floor with the doorless doorway (just below the guy
    jumping         from window to window).  Pushover against the window and you'll
    jump across.  Keep going up, jumping from building to building  where need
    be, and eventually you'll reach Terra.  Before you      reach Terra you'll have
    to near Dadaluma.  After reaching Terra         you'll get 4 Espers: Ramuh, Str
    Siren, and Kirin.
            There are also two chests on each side of this room.  Once your
    done go
    down and talk to one of your other three companions that        just arrived.
    Everyone goes back down the building and you find       yourself back at the
    entrance of Zozo where your party will break    up into two groups: one
    consists of Celes, Locke, and two others        of your choice. Shadow splits
    again so you can't choose him.  This    group is the one you'll control to get
    to your next destination.  The other two companions will return to Narshe.
    Next stop: Jidoor again.
            Go to the big house at the far north of town.  Here you'll find
    director of the Opera.  As he leaves he drops a letter.  Read   it and you
    find out about Setzer, the wandering gambler who owns   an airship(which you
    need).  From Jidoor go south to the Opera       House (taking a Chocobo makes t
    trip much faster).
    (20)Opera House
        BOSS: Ultros
            Celes looks like the opera singer Maria, so she takes her place in
            order to get to Setzer.  As Celes you have to sing the right parts
            of the song (the full song is printed in the book in Celes'     dressin
    room).  The correct parts are:
                            Oh, my hero...
                            I'm the darkness...
                            Must I...
            If you sing the wrong part you'll get kicked out of the opera   house.
    Re-enter and the director will let you try again.  You only     get four tries
    to get it right before it's game over. Once you get     it right, keep talking
    to the guy who comes out.  Then when he         disappears grab the flowers the
    n go
    up to the platform on the top   floor.  If you take too much time doing any
    of this you'll get      kicked out again and will have to start over from the
    beginning of    the singing part again. Take Locke and read the letter in the
    dressing room.  Now return to  the balcony and talk to Impresario.      Once
    Ultros shows himself on the girders with a 4 ton weight         poised over Cel
    head, you'll have5 minutes to get to him. First         you have to go northeas
    where you'll find a guy who tells you to        pull the far right switch, do t
    then return to Impresario and   go to the northwest side of the balcony where
    you'll find your way    onto the girders.  Navigate the girder sand make it to
    Ultros.         When you're done Setzer will come and grab Celes.  After some
    convincing (with a nice double-headed coin)Setzer will take you to      your
    next destination in his airship.(For more about the airship,    see ON THE
        Items: Search the clock in the Cafe for Elixir
               Pot in weapon shop has Tincture
               Search barrel next to the Inn for Potion
            From Albrook head north past Vector and on up to the town of Tzen.
            (Going to Tzen and Maranda is not mandatory, you can go directly
    to Vector).
            Nothing here but some info and some decent weapons and armor.   From he
    go southwest to Maranda.
        Items: Search box to left of entrance of town for Revivify
                    Search box on right side of town for Remedy
            The house in the top right corner is the house of the girl you  were
    sending stuff to for that injured lad.  Next stop Vector.
            The Inn says it free but sometimes when you're sleeping the keeper
            will steal 1000 GP.  In the skinny house there is an old woman  asking
    you pledge allegiance to the Empire.  Answer "no" and   two guards attack
    you. When you beat them and talk to the woman   again she'll heal you.  Don't
    talk to any of the guards or you'll     be attacked and sent back to the
    entrance.  If you go north to the       Imperial Castle you'll get attacked by
    Guardian.  Run from it.  To     the right of the Inn there is a guy hiding
    behind a box.  Talk to  him.  Notice where he moves to.  When he distracts
    the guards go   to that spot and push on the box.  Now go north and you'll be
    at      the MagiTek Factory.
    (24)MagiTek Factory
        Chests: Flame Sabre, Tincture, X-Potion, ThunderBlade, Remedy,
    Cape, Blizzard, DragoonBoots, Tent, Gold Helmet, Gold           Shld, Gold Armo
    Break Blade
        BOSS: Ifrit, Shiva, Number 024, Number 128, Cranes
        Espers: Ifrit, Shiva, Unicorn, Maduin, Shoat, Phantom, Carbunkl,
            Go down the stairs and go to where the little hook is moving back
    forth.  Push A to jump onto it.  Get the chest and the jump     back across.
    Now go right and enter the second little pipe that      is to the right of the
    stairs.  Grab the chest then climb back         thru    the pipe and enter the
    pipe.  Grab the treasure and go         across the conveyer belt for another tw
    treasures.  Now get on  the conveyer belt to go down a level.  Down here
    you'll find 5   chests: one on the left side, one on the right side, one
    through a       door just to the left of where you entered, one at the bottom
    (you    can see it when you go down on from where you entered but you have
    go around and underneath to get it), and one in a small room to         the eas
    t of
    the room with the gold helmet in it.  On the right      wall there is a spot
    where you can go between two walls to enter a   pipe which leads to 2 more
    chests. When you're ready step onto the         conveyer belt to the right of w
    the last belt dropped you off.          You'll see Kefka push a couple of Esper
    onto a conveyer belt.   When you can move, follow the Espers.  Go over and
    talk to the     Esper on the left.  You'll now have to fight Ifrit and Shiva.
    They'll give you their powers as magicite when you defeat them.
          Now, entering the left door you'll find a save spot.  The right
            door is the way out.  After you go up a bunch of stairs you'll  come to
    hall with the Esper holding tanks in them.  There is a  hidden chest in this
    room.  Go to the far left end of the hall.      Now go down next to the holding
    tank and search around.  You'll         find the Break Blade. After the hall yo
    reach the exit with     Number 024 blocking it. After you beat Number 024
    you'll enter a  room with Espers floating in tanks.  Go to the far north
    wall and        press the switch.  You'll get the Espers: Unicorn, Maduin, Shoa
    Phantom, Carbunkl, and Bismark.  Kefka comes out and Celes zaps         herself
    Kefka, and his guards away.  Follow Cid. Talk to Cid.   Ride the rails.  At
    the end of the mine cart ride you'll have to    fight Number 128.  You'll now
    be back in town.  Follow the rails      and you'll be back in the main part of
    town where Setzer will come     and get you.  As you attempt to get away in the
    airship you'll be       attacked by 2 Cranes.  Once you defeat the cranes, you'
    go back         to Zozo automatically.
            You'll automatically be in Terra's room.  A magicite will glow and
            Terra will remember.  You now control Maduin, the Esper and     Terra's
    father, in the Esper's world.  This part is fairly      straightforward. After
    the flashback you'll be in control of the       airship.  You can go where ever
    you want now.  Narshe is your next      destination.
    (1) Narshe
        Items: Gold Hairpin (if you don't get Mog)
        Points of interest: New stuff in the weapon  and armor shops
            As you enter a guard will appear and take you to Banon.  From here
            go to the house with the locked treasure chest.  You'll find Lone
    Wolf the
    pickpocket.  He escapes and the chest is empty.  Follow         him north to th
    mines.  If you keep following you'll eventually         reach him up where the
    Esper in ice is.  He's holding a Moogle         hostage.  Just hold still for a
    and the Moogle will escape.     Now you have a choice:
            go over and talk to the Moogle and he joins your party and Lone
    Wolf drops
    over the cliff, Or talk to Lone Wolf and you'll get     Gold Hairpin and then
    both Lone Wolf and Mog drops over the cliff.    Now return to town, do
    whatever shopping you want and go to the        airship.
     (*) Getting Mog's Water Rondo Dance
         Espers: Golem, Zoneseek
            There are 3 different ways to get Mog's water rondo.  For all of
    them you
    need Mog in your party (DUH! :). So, add Mog to your    party  and...
            METHOD 1:
            return to Crescent Mountain.  Enter and jump into
            the "Serpent Trench".  When you get out of the trench you'll
            be in Nikeah.  Exit Nikeah (DO NOT GET ON THE SHIP!!) and go
            north (to make the long trip back to the airship a lot faster
          grab a Chocobo inside Nikeah).  Keep going and you'll eventually
    reach the hut where Sabin's scenario started. From here go back         thru wh
    the Imperial Base was, thru the Phantom Forest, jump    off at Barren Falls,
    and finally you're back on the Veldt.  Go get   your airship and continue the
            METHOD 2:
            This way is the longest but you can get almost all of Mog's
            dances doing it this way.  Land your airship at the entrance
            to the Returner's hideout and jump on the raft on the Lete
            River.  This time the raft will go the way Sabin went the
            first time and you'll end up near Gau's father's house. From here
    you have
    to go thru Sabin's scenario and hop on  the boat To South       Figaro in Nikea
    Once in South Figaro it's kinda cool:  the      captain of the ship smuggles yo
    into town in a treasure chest :)        Now you have to go all the way thru Mt.
    Kolts again and you'll  finally be to the point  where you can retrieve the
            METHOD 3:
            This was is short and fast.  Land the airship at Nikeah.
            Take a Chocobo from here and go to Baren Falls.  Jump in
            and then go to the Serpent's Trench which will take you
            back to Nikeah where the airship is waiting. Once you have Mog's
    rondo go to the Imperial Base next to the bridge to the east    of Vector.
    The Auction House in Jidoor is now open making it       possible to get Golem a
    Zoneseek now
     (*) Imperial Base
            If you enter without Terra you'll be kicked out.  So if you don't
    Terra return to the airship and change party members.  In the   building is a
    treasure room with a locked door.  Make your way        thru to the other side
    the base and exit.  Head east and you'll        enter the Cave to the Sealed Ga
    (25)Cave to the Sealed Gate
        Chests: Assassin, Tempest, Coin Toss, X-Potion, 3 Ethers, Genji
    Tent, Inviz Edge, Water Skean, Remedy, 2000 GP,                 Elixir, 3 Magic
    ites, Atma
            In the room after the one with the moving bridges, pull the switch
            on the bridge.  Now follow the left path to reach a chest with  GenjiGl
    Now go back and take the right path.  Go up and pull    the left switch.
    Enter the doorway that appears, get the chest,  and save your game.  Pulling
    the right switch makes you fight        Ninja.  Pull the switch on the next bri
    and go down to the      stairway it makes.  Search the ground in the area that
    is below        the     stairway, there are 4 hidden treasures: 1 to the left o
    f the
    stairs, 1 a couple steps above the hole going right, 1 a couple         steps t
    the left of the slope that leads up to the chest, and 1 a       few steps above
    the chests.  This is the treasure that the Ninja        refers to when you defe
    him. Go thru the  hole after you get the        chest and hidden stuff.  Step o
    both switches you can see. Go   down    and then left.  Step on that switch and
    enter the door that     appears.  After getting the treasure leave the room and
    go right        to the far bridge and then up.  Pull the switch, cross the
            bridge, and pull another switch.  Go up and left across the     brides.
    the switch inside the chest and return back to your     right.  Grab the chest
    up the stairs then go down and exit the         room.  Go up the stairs in the
    room and your at the Sealed     Gate.  Now you  have to fight Kefka again
    (kinda).  To get back to        the airship all you need to do is go down and o
    and then go     back thru the Imperial Base. On the airship the Espers attack
    and     you lose control of the ship, crashing just south of Maranda.   From
    here go northeast to Vector.
    (24)Vector revisited - The Imperial Palace
        Chests: Back Guard, X-Potion, Tincture, Gale Hairpin, Revivify
        Points of interest: if you examine a toilet, you'll jump on it,
    and flush :)
        Additional items: It's possible to get a Tintinabar and Charm Bangle
            Go north to the Imperial Castle (the Guardian isn't here now).
    Follow the
    guy who comes out to greet you on the stairs.  Talk to  Gestahl. He'll
    invite you to a banquet, but before dinner you have     four minutes to talk to
    as many of the 24 soldiers in the castle        as you can. The more you talk t
    the better your reward.  Don't  waste time getting treasures (you can get
    them later) and don't   talk to Kefka (he rambles on forever).
            At the banquet:
            During the banquet you'll be given choices.  Each choice is worth
    certain amount of points.  The point system is as follows:
                    Each guard talked to         : 1 pt each (24 pts total)
                    Each guard fought            : 4 pts each (20 pts total)
                    Who to toast?
                        To the Empire            : 2 pts
                        To the Returners         : 1 pt
                        To our hometowns         : 5 pts
                    About Kefka?
                        Leave him in jail        : 5 pts
                        Let him go               : 1 pt
                        Execute him              : 3 pts
                    About Doma?
                        What's done is done      : 1 pt
                        That was inexcusable     : 5 pts
                        Apologize again!!        : 3 pts
                    About Celes?
                        Was she a spy?           : 1 pt
                        Celes is one of us       : 5 pts
                        We trust Celes           : 3 pts
                    Any questions?               : 2 pts each
                                    (-10 pts if a question is asked twice)
                    About the Espers?
                        They've gone to far      : 5 pts
                        You unleashed their power: 2 pts
                    Which question asked first?  : 5 pts
                    Take a break                 : 5 pts
                    Anything you'd like me to say?
                        All I want is peace      : 3 pts
                        The war is over          : 5 pts
                        I'm sorry                : 1 pt
                    Do me a favor?
                        Say yes the first time   : 3pts
            Towards the middle of the banquet Cid will ask if you want to take
    break.  If you answer yes you can walk around the room.  The    four sentries
    at Gestahl's sides will 'test your strength' if you     talk to them.  Return
    to the center seat when you're ready to         continue the meal.  Terra and L
    decide to head to Albrook.      Before you      go remember to go back for all
    treasure you saw        while talking to the soldiers.  As you leave the banque
    hall a  sentry will approach you and reward you for talking the soldiers.
    You will now be rewarded based on the above point system as     follows:
    0-49 pts: Imperial troops withdraw from South Figaro
    50-66 pts: Imperial troops withdraw from Doma
    67-76 pts: The locked door in the house in the Imperial Base will be
    77-89 pts: You get Tintinabar.
    90-93 pts: You get Charm Bangle.
            When you're done in Vector, return to the Imperial Base if you got
            the reward that unlocks the treasure room.  If not go to Tzen.
    (*) Imperial Base Again
        Chests: Cherub Down, X-Potion, 8000 GP, Ether, Cure Ring, Back
    2 Elixirs, RunningShoes, 20000 GP, Wall Ring, 13000 G
        Items: Check the stove for Flame Sabre
            Go the house and down the stairs.  The door is now unlocked if you
            got that reward in Vector.  Grab all the treasure (there is a   hidden
    in the bottom right hand corner of the room).  Now      leave the base and go
    west to Tzen.
        Espers: Sraphim
            Talk to the guy hiding in the trees behind the Relic Shop.  He'll
    sell you
    the Esper Sraphim for 3000 GP.  If you get Sraphim now  you'll be out 3000
    GP but you'll have more time to have it         equipped.  If, however, you wai
    until the World of Ruin you can         buy it from the same guy for a measly 1
    0 GP.
        Items: search box on right side of docks for Warp Stone
        Party: Locke, Terra
            Go the dock and get on the boat.  Talk to General Leo.  After   you're
    there, go to the Inn and take a nap.  When you wake up  return to the ship
    and talk to Leo and your on your way.
        Party: Locke, Terra, Shadow
        Items: Check the middle barrel by the item shop for Eyedrop
               Check a barrel by the Relic shop for Soft
               Check a barrel by the Elder's house for Echo Screen
               Check a barrel by Strago's house for Green Cherry
               Check left wall in the upstairs of Strago's house for Memento
            Once your ship lands, follow the light green path and then go out
    onto the
    peninsula to get to Thamasa.  Notice the Inn costs a lot
            (1500 GP !!), after you talk to Strago, it'll only cost 1 GP (cool
            beans :).  After talking to Strago, go to the Inn and take a nap.
            In the middle of the night Strago will come in and wake you up.
    grand-daughter Relm is in a house that's on fire.  Talk to      Strago outside
    the burning house.  He'll join you and you'll have      to go in to save Relm.
    (27)Inside the Burning House
        Party: Locke, Terra, Strago
        Chests: Fire Rod, Ice Rod
        BOSS: FlameEater
            If you touch any of the roaming flames you'll be attacked by    Balloon
    s. I
    suggest you equip someone with Shiva. When you come to  a choice of two
    doors pick the right one.  You'll get attacked if       you enter the left one.
    You'll now have a choice of two more    doors.  The right one has a chest in
    it.  The left one leads you     to two more doors. The right one has an Ice
    Rod, and the left       leads upstairs.  Once upstairs you'll meet the source o
    the     flames - FlameEater.  After you defeat FlameEater you'll find   Relm.
    After saving you, Shadow will split (yet again).  Now, with     Strago, go
    west along the mountains and you'll find your next      destination - a
    (28)Gathering Place of the Espers
        Party: Locke, Terra, Strago
        Chests: Heal Rod, X-Potion, Tabby Suit, Chocobo Suit
        BOSS: Ultros
            In the first room there are 3 exits.  The left one and the top one
            lead to one another so the right one is the correct way to go.
    After a
    bit you'll reach three statues, the source of all magic.        As you walk awa
    from the statues your pal Ultros attacks.  If you       kill Ultros with the
    Vanish/Doom technique Relm will still take      credit for helping defeat him
    even though she had nothing to do       with it :)  When you get to  the room
    with the save spot step onto    one of the squares on the floor. You'll fall
    down a level.  The      rightmost hole leads to a chest, the top left hole lead
    to      another two chests, and the bottom left hole leads to the Espers.
    (27)Back in Thamasa
        BOSS: Kefka (you fight against him with General Leo)
            This is almost like a fake ending: the Espers and the humans have
            reached an agreement and everyone is happy.... then Kefka shows
    up. You
    now have control of General Leo.  If you try to leave town      you'll be
    attacked by the invincible Guardian.  Go talk to Kefka,         you'll have to
    fight him. It doesn't matter how you fight him,         you're going to win (or
    you think).  You now have control of    the airship again. If you re-enter
    Thamasa you'll find Strago's    friend Gungho and you'll  learn more about
    Hidon (who you can      defeat later).  When you're ready enter the airship.
    The island      with the Sealed Gate on it will break off and float up into the
    sky.  When you're ready go and find the floating continent. Pick a      party o
    3       and you're on your way.
     (*)On the way to the Floating Island
        BOSS: Ultros, Chupon, Air Force
            Before reaching the Floating Island you'll have to fight a whole
            bunch of Sky Armors and Spit Fires, and then when you're almost
    there you
    get to fight you good buddy Ultros, but this time he's  brought his friend
    Chupon.  After Chupon sneezes you away (if you  kill Ultros before Chupon
    appears using the Vanish/Doom trick     Chupon won't show up and instead of
    being sneezed off you'll just   kinda jump off :), you'll fall off the
    airship and have to fight       Air Force.  After defeating it you'll land on t
    Floating Island.
    (*) Floating Island
        Chests (Blue orbs): Murasame, Monster-in-a-box(Gigantos), Beret,
        Additional items: Gigantos gives you Hardened
        BOSS: AtmaWeapon, Nerapa
            You'll land near a save spot.  And just a little below that you'll
            see Shadow.  He'll join you when you talk to him.  Go right and
    come to a stairway leading to a seemingly solid wall. Just      press up agains
    the wall and it'll open up.  When you come to a         blue orb, examine it an
    you'll get Murasame. Go as far as you can       to the right and push down alon
    the wall until you find a path  leading to another blue orb.  This one has a
    monster-in-a-box,       namely Gigantos.  When  you beat it you get the Hardene
    Now go  back to your left a little until you see a indentation on the   upper
    wall.  Press you here and a passage will open up.  Go up and    step into the
    center of the square.  When you reappear go down as     far as you can and then
    press up into the indentation on your   right.  Now go right and down and
    right again. Follow this path   and enter the transporter.  Now enter the
    bottom left transporter.        Go down and step on the switch and then go up a
    step on another         switch.  Now go down and left until you come to stairs
    going down.     Go down as far as you can and then go right.  Follow this path
    until you have a choice of going left or right.  Go right and step      on the
    switch.  Before entering the path that opens, go to your        far     right a
    nd get
    a Beret from the blue orb.  Now go back to      the transporter and go down to
    another transporter which leads to      a save spot.  Save your game and then g
    back up and enter the   other transporter.  When you go down the stairs you
    have a choice   of returning to the airship (if you do return to the airship,
    Shadow will leave the party, but he'll be waiting for you in the        same sp
    he was before, so when you come back to the Floating    Island you can get him
    again).  Go left and up where you'll meet       AtmaWeapon. After defeating it,
    Shadow splits again.  Go up and         you'll  find Kefka and Gestahl.  Celes
    comes and join you.  Kefka      moves the Goddesses out of alignment.  When
    Shadow comes back run   like crazy. You have 6 minutes to get away.  To get
    the blue orb    containing an Elixir go around to the right side and then go
    up to   it (approaching it from the left side will cause the floor to fall
    away).  Once you reach something that looks like a save spot,   examine it
    and you'll fight Nerapa.  After you beat Nerapa run to  the edge and choose
    'wait' twice then just sit there. When there    is 5 seconds left Shadow will
    come and jump with you.  This is the    end of the World of Balance.
                            --World of Ruin - One Year Later--
    (1) Solitary Island
            You wake up as Celes on a small island.  It seems you and Cid are
    the only
    ones there.  Leave the house and go south to the beach.         Catch the fish
    return to Cid.  You can save Cid from dying by  feeding him the fast-moving
    fish or kill him by feeding him the     slow-moving fish (or just not feeding
    him). If Cid dies then Celes    will go throw herself off a cliff, else Cid
    will just show her the  raft and the following about the seagull won't
    happen.  The    seagull will nurse her back to health.  Return to the house
    and     read the letter next to the bed.  Follow its instructions by going
    down the stairway hidden in the left hand wall.  There you'll find      a raft.
    Examine it and you're on your way to Albrook. Note: Don't       forget to equip
    (2) Albrook
        Party: Celes
            A man was here looking for his friends.  He said he was going   north,
    Tzen.  Ok, so go to Tzen.
    (3) Tzen
        Party: Celes
        Chests (in house): 2 Monster-in-a-box(Pm Stalker), Magicite,
    HyperWrist, Tincture, Pearl Rod, Heal Rod
        Espers: Sraphim (if you didn't buy it in the World of Balance)
            As you walk up the stairs to enter the town, the "Light of      Judgmen
    t hits
    the town.  Go to the back of town to where Sabin is     holding up a house.  If
    you don't have a Jewel Ring go to the   Relic Shop and buy one.  Equip it and
    enter the house.  You have 6    minutes to save the kid and get out.  So save
    the kid and the get     as many treasures as you can leaving yourself enough
    time to get     out.  Avoid two chests: the one next to the stairs going down
    and     the one to the left of the kid.  When you get out safely, Sabin
    join you.  If you didn't buy the Sraphim Esper in the World     of Balance, you
    can now for 10 GP. Leave town and go to the far         east    to Mobliz.
    (4) Mobliz
        Party: Celes, Sabin
        Items: Check barrel next to far left house for Fenix Down
        BOSS: Phunbaba
        Espers: Fenrir
            Go into the house the kid enters and then down stairs.  Here you
    Terra.  After the flashback, leave the cave and Phunbaba        attacks the
    village.  Terra tries fighting it but is defeated       easily.  It's up to Cel
    and Sabin. After scaring it away Terra  won't go with you but a kid will
    give you the Esper Fenrir.  Now         leave town and head northwest to Nikeah
    (5) Nikeah
            Enter the Cafe and talk to everyone.  Go out and follow the     thieves
    the ship.  Now go back into town and talk to Gerad      (across from the Armor
    Shop).  Follow him.  You're now on your way     to South Figaro.
    (6) South Figaro
        Items: if you didn't get the items in the barrels and boxes in the
    World of Balance, then search them now to get: Fenix Down,              Elixir,
    Remedy, X-Potion
            Go to the Cafe. Go into the door marked Inn and straight through
    Gerad's room.  After talking to Gerad (AKA Edgar) the thieves   will leave
    town.  When you're done shopping head west to the Cave  of Figaro.
    (7) Cave of Figaro
        Chests: Hero Ring, Ether, X-Potion (if you haven't gotten them yet)
            As you enter you'll find Seigfried.  He says to wait there but  don't
    listen to him. There is nothing new in this part of the cave    since the lst
    time you were here so just keep going until you         reach the thieves. Foll
    their example and jump onto the turtle.         This part of the cave is new to
    you but all the chests have been        looted already, however in the second
    section you can go up to        where you'll find Siegfried messing around with
    chest and when  you approach he runs off.  If you continue going you'll
    reach the       basement of Figaro Castle.
    (8) Basement of Figaro Castle
        Chests: Gravity Rod, Crystal Helm, Ether, X-Potion, Regal Crown
        Item: Search statue in treasure room for Soul Sabre
        BOSS: Tentacles
            Go up the stairs and then continue straight down the other stairs.
            Keep going down.  Eventually you'll reach a room with 3 doors and
    The right door is where you enter this room.  The left  door leads upstairs
    to a chest and the middles door leads to Edgar  (er...Gerad).  Talk to Gerad
    and he'll finally admit he's Edgar.     He then joins your party, just in time
    to fight 4 Tentacles.  When     you've beat it, go into the back room and
    search the statue in the        center of the room for Soul Sabre.  Now turn
    around and back track   your way out of the castle.  As you're going up the
    stairs the old  guy near the exit will bring the castle to the surface.  You
    can     go upstairs and do some shopping.  When you're ready to go return
    the old man and have him take you to Kohlingen.
    (9) Kohlingen
        Party: Celes, Sabin, Edgar
            Enter the Inn/Cafe.  Here you'll find Setzer, who'll join your  party.
    you're ready, head west to Darill's Tomb.
    (10)Darill's Tomb
        Party: Celes, Sabin, Edgar, Setzer
        Chests: Crystal Mail, Czarina Gown, Exp. Egg, Genji Helmet, Man
        Additional items: Presenter gives you Dragon Claw
        BOSS: Dullahan
            Go down to Basement 2.  First go left and down.  Grab the chest
    and  go
    north thru the doorway.  Press the switch in the turtle         pond. Then go b
    to the room with the stairs going up and the    chest in the middle.  Walk
    down until all you can see is your      head, then walk right, through the wall
    Go up to the treasure   chest when you can't go any further and you can get
    Exp.  Egg.      Return the way you came, go up the stairs, and then go north
    through the door and then east as far as you can.  Go up thru the       door an
    examine the gravestone.  Go up and press the switch and         then go south a
    grab the treasure.  Return north and then go    west and south thru the
    indentation.  Jump on the turtle and it'll      take you across the water.  Whe
    you get off press the switch then       go south.  Examine the four gravestones
                    ERAU    QSSI
                    DLRO    WHET
            Now go north past the room with the turtle on your right and into
    the big
    room where you started Basement 2.  Go west and north thru      the door.
    Examine the gravestone and carve in the following       order:
                    WEHT DLRO QSSI ERAU
            "The World Is Square" backwards.  This tells you where the Exp.
    Egg is
    (just in case you didn't read above ;)  Now return to the       room with the
    turtle on your right and hop on it.  You're now in a    room with a save spot
    and 2 chests.  The left one is a monster-in-    a-box. Defeat the Presenter and
    you get Dragon Claw.  Once you get      the treasures go up and examine the big
    statue.  This will cause
            Dullahan to attack.  After you defeat it a passage will open up in
            the back, enter it and you've got yourself a new airship.  Now you
            can go get Sabin his most powerful Blitz at Duncan's House (it's
    trees make a plus (+) sign just below some mountains.  His      house is the
    center tree).
    (22)Duncan's House
        Party: Include Sabin
            Make sure you have Sabin in your party.  As you enter the house
            Duncan will come out and teach Sabin the Bum Rush blitz.
        Items: Lola's Letter (Rare item)
            Go to Lola's house and talk to her.  Read the letter she places on
            the desk.  Now go out and talk to the carrier pigeon.  Go outside
            and go where the pigeon went (which is Zozo).
        Items: Rust-Rid is here (Rare item)
            Go over and talk to the guy in front of the building marked Inn.
    Buy the
    Rust-Rid from him for 1000 GP.  Now enter the building  marked Cafe and
    climb until you reach the door that is rusted   shut. You can now enter it
    and go to Mt. Zozo.
    (12)Mt. Zozo
        Chests: Red Cap, Ice Shld, Thunder Shld, Aegis Shld, GoldHairpin,
    Machinery Manual, Book of Secrets
        Additional items: Storm Drgn gives you Force Armor
        BOSS: Storm Drgn (**DRAGON #1**)
            The 1st section is straight forward, just walk around getting   treasur
    e. At
    the end of the 1st section you'll find two exits.       The left one gets you
    more treasure and the right one continues       onward. Eventually you'll find
    Cyan.  After you have control again     return to where you found Cyan and get
    the key to the locked   chest.  Now return to the save spot and then go over
    and step on     the switch.  This will release the Storm Drgn.  After you beat
    it      you'll get Force Armor.  Only 7more dragons to go.  Now back track
    way out of the cave (or use the warp stone/spell).  Once        you're out
    to the airship and head towards the cave in the         Veldt.
    (13)Cave in the Veldt
        Chests: Rage Ring, Monster-in-a-box(Allo Ver), Striker
        Additional items: Allo Ver gives you Tiger Fangs
        BOSS: SrBehemoth (Gray and Pink)
            When you defeat Allo Ver you get Tiger Fangs.  In that wall you
            walked thru to get to the monster-in-a-box, you can also go down
            in a spot to reach another section of the cave.  Follow the path
            and eventually you'll reach a door with a switch to the right of
    it. Pull
    the switch and go through the path it opens.  Continue
            following this path and eventually you'll find Shadow (or Relm if
    abandoned Shadow back on the Floating Island).  As you're       examining his
    wounds you're attacked by a SrBehemoth.  After  defeating the SrBehemoths
    you'll take Shadow (or Relm) to Thamasa.
            Go to the Inn and rest.  When you wake up return to Shadow and  check u
    p on
    him.  How return to the airship, reduce your party to   3 members, and go
    back to the Veldt.  You'll see more of Shadow   (or     Relm) later.
    (*) Veldt
        Party: 3 members
            Wander around until Gau joins you.  Now return to the small island
            you started at.  If you return to Thamasa you'll find out that
            Shadow has gone to the Coliseum (that is if Shadow is still     alive).
    If you
    take Sabin and Gau to the shack located on the big      island north of the
    Veldt, you'll learn more about Gau's past.
    (1) Solitary Island
        Espers: Palidor
            Go to the beach where you caught the fish for Cid.  Here you'll
    find the
    Esper Palidor.  Return to the airship and go to the     Coliseum.
            Here you'll find some information.  You can also fight monsters
            one-on-one for prizes.  Bet the Striker (found in the cave in the
            Veldt) and you'll fight Shadow.  He'll join you after the fight.
            When you're done playing around in the Coliseum return to the
            airship and go to Jidoor.
        Chests [in the house]: Moogle Suit, Relic Ring, 2000 GP, Potion,
    Ether, Remedy
        Additional items: search Gestahl's portrait twice = Royal Letter
        BOSS: Chadarnook
        Esper: Starlet
            You can bid in the auction house if you didn't before going to the
            Floating Island (see section called The Auction House for more).
    the big house at the north part of town.  Try going up the      stairs.  You'll
    be pushed back and a book will appear on the desk.      Read it.  Go to the
    light next to the stairs and push A to turn it  on.  Examine the picture of
    Emperor Gestahl twice and you'll        receive information.  Examine the pictu
    of the flowers and      you'll be attacked by some Nightshade.  Now examine the
    picture of      a lovely lady. This time you'll be attacked by Dahlings.  Kill
    them and enter the door that appears.  Examine the picture of a         chair a
    you'll be attacked by Souldancer and some Wild Cats.    The left door leads
    to a chest.  After getting the chest go         through the right door.  You'll
    come to some "revolving doors".         In the little pathway behind the doors
    there is a hidden chest.        The middle and right doors take you back to the
    room with a
            picture of a chair.  Obviously the left door is the right way to
    go :)
    Keep going and you'll come to a room with some floating         chests.  Walk
    underneath them and they'll fall (and you'll get        attacked).  Examine the
    picture of armor and you'll have to fight       Still Life. Enter the door that
    appears when you defeat it.     You're now in a room with a save spot and 2
    doors.  The left one    takes you back a few rooms.  The right one leads to a
    big room        where you find Owzer and Relm.  Talk to Owzer and you'll find o
    what happened and will be asked to defeat Chadarnook, the monster       in the
    painting.  After you defeat it you can get the Esper    Starlet by examining
    the book case and Relm will join you. Now       exit the town and add Cyan to
    your party (if he's not already in      it).  Go back to        Maranda and tal
    k to
    Lola.  Examine the letter on    the desk and Cyan will switch it with another
    one.  Now return to     Mobliz.
    (4) Mobliz
        Items: Examine the pot in the cave where Terra & Katarin are for
        BOSS: Phunbaba
            Go down to the cave where you first found Terra.  All the kids say
            Katarin is missing.  Exit the house and go to the house to the  leftof
    Here you'll find Duane.  Notice where the dog went.     There'sa secret
    passage behind the bookshelf.  Here you'll find         Terra andKatarin.  Whil
    you're down there, Phunbaba will return.        You'llhave to defeat him again.
    Return to the surface and you'll        face it.After defeating it, Terra is ba
    in your party.  The     characters thatPhunbaba blew away are on the airship.
    Return to       the airship and goeither fight Doom Gaze or go to the Fanatics'
    (*) Fight Doom Gaze
        BOSS: Doom Gaze
        Esper: Bahamut
            At this point it may be a good idea to fight Doom Gaze.  Fly    aroundt
    he map
    and eventually he'll attack you.  He escapes after a    whilebut the next time
    you meet with it, its hps will not have         regenerated.So if you continue
    run into it, eventually you'll  kill it.  Andwhen you do the Esper Bahamut
    is yours.  You may want         to fly arounduntil you defeat it.  It's worth i
    t to
    get Bahamut.
    (20)Fanatics' Tower
            Before you enter put Relm in your party.  Now enter the tower.
    Relm will
    get Strago's attention and he'll join you.  Don't       actually try going up t
    tower yet, you'll have your chance      later.  For now return to the airship
    and go to the center of         where the mountains form a star (north of Tzen)
    Push B to       descend.
    (17) Phoenix Cave
         Party: 2 groups with 4 members each
         Chests: Wing Edge, Warp Stone, Ribbon, Dragon Horn
         BOSS: Red Dragon (**DRAGON #2**)
            Have your first group (G1) enter the cave and step on the switch.
            Now switch to your other group (G2) and have them enter the path
    opened.  At the top of the stairs go left and try to get the    chest. You'll
    fall down a level.  Go south and up the stairs. Step    on the switch and get
    the chest.  Go east past the stairs and down    to a switch. Change to G1 and
    enter the passage that opens when G2    stepped on the  switch.  Step on the
    switch that you come to as      you go north.  Switch back to G2 and go north
    past where the  spikes were, and then right until you come to another
    switch.         Step on it and switch back to G1 again. The chest is empty but
    down and you should find a hidden room thru the wall containing a       chest
    with a warp stone in it.  After you get it return to where      you were and go
    down the stairs. Go left and step on the switch         (the chest is empty).
    turn around and go the opposite way.    Keep going past the chest (this one's
    empty too).When you come to     a dead end      switch to G2.  Go left, past th
    spikes, and down the    stairs.  Go right onto the bridge and jump across on
    the little      stones.  Turn around and go back on the top set of stones. Don'
    worry about the chest (it's empty).  Press the switch and change        to G1.
    Have G1 go up thru the spot that just opened and then   around and back down
    to a switch.  Step on the switch and then       change to G2.Go up and step on
    the switch you find.  Switch back       to G1 again and go up, across the spike
    from stone to stone.    Keep doing this and eventually you'll reach a spot
    where the       spikes were, and the down.  Jump
            stairway leading up.  Go up it and pull the switch you find.  Now
    go down
    as far as you can a switch back to G2.  Go left and step        on the switch.
    Switch back to G1 and go down where you'll find         the Red Dragon. You can
    fight it now or wait until later.  Take G2      and go down and left.  Follow
    this path and you'll come to where      the lava was cooled off.  Walk out and
    get the chest in the center     (this one isn't empty :) then go over to the
    left side and go up.    Follow this path until you can't go any farther and
    switch to G1.   Go and step on the top switch.  Now have G2 jump across the
    stones  that appeared and then have them go down and step on one of the
    switches then switch groups and have them step on the other     switch.  Take
    you strongest group and  go fight the Red Dragon (if    you haven't already)
    and then after you kill it have the other       group go down and you'll find
    Locke.  You'll now automatically        return to Kohlingen.
            NOTE: If for some reason you return to the Phoenix Cave you can
            instantly return to the airship by going to where you found Locke.
            Here you can press to the right and you'll hop over some rocks to
    platform where you'll find the transporter (it looks like a red         save sp
    (9) Kohlingen
        Items: X-Potion, Fenix Down, X-Ether, Elixir, Flame Shld,           Valiant
        Espers: Phoenix
            Here you'll receive the Esper Phoenix plus all the stuff that was
    in the
    chests that you found empty: X-Potion, Fenix Down, X-Ether,     Elixir, Flame
    Shld, and ValiantKnife.  Now it's on to Narshe.
        Chests: Gauntlet, X-Ether, Monster-in-a-box(Pugs)
        Additional items: Cursed Shld, Moogle Charm,
                          Pugs may leave Minerva, possibly the
                          Ragnarok sword (depends on your choice), and possibly
                          a Ribbon, a Pod Bracelet, and an Elixir (depends on if
                          you already got the chests or not previously)
        BOSS: Ice Dragon (**DRAGON #3**), Tritoch, Umaro
        Espers: Ragnarok, Tritoch, Terrato
            As you enter Lone Wolf come out and tell you some stuff.  Almost
    all the
    buildings are locked.  If you have Locke he can open them.      Go to the house
    with no markings and have Locke get you in. Inside
            you'll find a man in bed who'll give you Cursed Shld.  Equip this
            shield to someone.  It may be a pain for a while, but in 255    battles
    all be worth it.  (Being equipped for 255 fights        removes the curse and
    changes the shield into the Paladin Shld        which teaches the Ultima spell
    Ribbon must be equipped to the  person using the shield in order to uncurse
    it. It would make       sense to have it equipped anyway because it counteracts
    all the         bad effects of the Cursed Shld --except Condemned, but, hey, yo
    can't have everything :) ].  Go to the Weapon Shop and have Locke       get you
    in.  In the back room you'll find and old man.  Talk to         him.  He'll giv
    you a choice of either getting the Esper Ragnarok       or making it into a
    sword.  Tough choice: the sword is VERY         powerful (and can be bet in the
    Coliseum for an even more powerful      sword) but the Esper teaches you the
    most powerful spell in the      game - Ultima.  Once you've decided (I'd go for
    the Esper) enter        the mines thru the secret passage Locke showed you or t
    the     entrance behind Arvis' house, and then go to the Moogle Cave
            where you'll find Mog waiting to join you.  Once he's out of the
    search the wall behind him for the Moogle Charm [also in this   cave is a
    chest that may contain a Ribbon if you didn't get the   Rune Sword that was
    in it in the World of Balance].  If you         explore the cave some more you'
    find two other chests (the 1st  two chests that Terra found in the beginning
    of the game).  If you   haven't gotten them yet, they'll contain a Pod
    Bracelet and an         Elixir. Return to the airship and add Mog to your party
    Now go  back into Narshe and go north to the mines where you first saw
    Umaro (straight back from the entrance of town).  Once inside the       mines
    take a right, and continue following that path until you        reach the Ice
    Dragon.  You may want to go past  the dragon to the     save spot before
    fighting it.  After defeating it continue north         to the frozen Esper
    Tritoch.  You'll have to fight it before you    can have it.  Now go to the
    edge of the cliff and jump off. You'll  land in a new area of the mines.
    Wander around and you'll be able        to find 3 chests.  The monster-in-a-box
    sometimes leaves Minerva        armor. When you come to a switch, pass it up,
    cross the bridge and    pull that switch.  When you fall down search the skull
    carving and     you'll get the Esper Terrato.  Then Umaro will come down and
    attack you.  When you defeat him and if Mog is in your party,   he'll join
    you.  If you follow him out you'll end up just below    the spot where you
    first saw Umaro.  Enter the mines to your left.         Follow that path and
    you're on your way out.  Once you're out of     Narshe go to Triangle Island.
    (19)Triangle Island
            Wander around until you get attacked.  The only monster on the  island
    the ZoneEater.  If you kill it it's worth 1000 exp, but         in order to
    continue you must have all four of your characters get  engulfed, so just
    sit there.  Once you get engulfed you'll be in a        cave.
    (19)Cave in Triangle Island
        Chests: Ether, Red Jacket, Genji Armor, Magical Brsh, FakeMustache,
                    Zephyr Cape, Hero Ring, Tack Star, Thunder Shld
            To get out go north and step into the light.  To get Gogo go down
    left.  Push A to jump from bridge to bridge but try not to      touch the littl
    green guys because they'll knock you down (get  knocked down at least once
    for some treasure).  Once past the save         spot you'll come to a room with
    moving wall.  If you get caught         by the wall you die.  To get past it, s
    behind the first chest  and go as soon as you can move.  Do the same for the
    second chest.   For the third chest go down from it and then when you can
    move go         up and get the chest then quickly come back down again.  After
    that spot you come to a room with open chests.  Press A to jump         onto a
    chest and then across.  When you can, jump across to the        switch, now you
    can reach a treasure on the left side of the room.      When you're ready go
    thru the door.  Here you'll find Gogo the       copycat. He'll join you.  To ge
    out you can either backtrack or         use a warp      stone/spell.  Next
    stop...Fanatics' Tower.
    (20)Fanatic's Tower
        Party: I suggest taking Umaro, Gogo and your two best magic users.
        Chests: Safety Bit, Air Anchor, Genji Shld, Stunner, Force Armor,
    Gem Box
        Additional items: Pearl Lance
        BOSS: White Dragon (**DRAGON #4**), MagiMaster
            If you use Gogo make sure to add the Fight (yes Fight, not Magic)
            command to his list.  If you use Mog you can equip him with the
            Moogle Charm and put him in the lead for an easy time getting up
            the tower.  If you cast Bserk on your party they'll attack with
    and you can save your mps for healing and stuff.  If you        don't haveLife3
    then equip the Esper that teaches it and keep   fighting until you learn it
    (you can beat the boss of the tower     without Life3 but it takes a LONG time
    or a shit load of hps).         Each level has a doorway (there are four levels
    plus the roof).         In the first level door go to the right of the chest an
    press A.        When you leave you'll see another door below you.  Inside is an
    Air Anchor.  The third level door leads to the White Dragon.  You       get Pea
    Lance when you defeat it.  Once on the roof get the Gem         Box and equip i
    t to
    someone (the one with the best spells).  Now,   if you have Life3 (or Rasp,
    Bserk, and the Fenrir Epser equipped    to do it the long way) then exit the
    room, if not wander around      the room and battle monsters until you get it
    (make sure the Esper    equipped teaches it).  When you've got Life3 exit the
    room and try    to leave.  You'll be stopped by the MagiMaster. After you
    defeat  him you have to climb back down the tower (this is the time you'll
    want Mog in the lead with the Moogle Charm). Now go to Doma     Castle.
    (21)Doma Castle
        Party: Cyan and 3 others
        Chest: X-Potion, Fenix Down, Beads, Ether
        Items: Search a pot near the sleeping room for Remedy
                    Search the clock in the room next to the sleeping room for
            Make sure you have Cyan in your party.  Go to the room to the   right o
    f the
    throne room for treasure.  Enter the door south of      this room and follow th
    path until you reach a door which leads         to a couple more chests.  Now
    return to the hall leading to the       throne room.  Go south from the throne
    room door and then into the     right door.  Search the pot then go left  and
    enter the second        door you come to.  Get the chest and then go back and
    enter the       door you passed up.  Take a nap. You will now enter Cyan's Soul
    (21)Cyan's Soul
        Party: the party you took to Doma Castle minus Cyan
        Chests: Genji Glove, Lump of metal, Flame Shld, X-Potion, Ice Shld
        BOSS: The 3 Dream Stooges, Wrexsoul
        Espers: Alexandr
            You start out with one of the 3 characters in a weird dream world.
            Head left and enter the right door and then the next right door.
    Now you
    can go down and get another of your characters back.  Now       enter   the doo
    go right and enter that door.  Now go left again        and this time enter the
    left door.  Go down and get your remaining      character. Enter the door.  Now
    enter the top door, then the door       on the right, and then the only door
    there.  Now go right and        enter the door.  Go  down and try entering the
    door.  Larry,   Curly, and Moe will attack. Enter the door and you'll find
    yourself on a train.  Go left into the train car.  In the second        car pul
    the switch twice as you enter and get the treasure.  Now        go to the far l
    of the car and get the Lump of Metal from the   chest.  Return right, to the
    open chest that moves.  Push A and      you'll put the Metal into the chest
    allowing you to get by it and   get the chest in the back. Now go left and
    pull the switch, notice         which chests close.  Continue left into the nex
    car.  Notice    there is a chest just to the left of the entrance on the other
    side of the couch.  There are 4 switches. To continue use them in       the
    following order (they are numbered 1 to 4, from right to        left): 1, 2, 1,
    Now you can reach switch #4. Before pulling     it, close the chests so they
    match the set-up in the previous car:
                    open            open            closed
                    closed  closed  open
            Once you have the chests set up like above, pull the switch and
    the wall
    will open allowing you to go on to the next car.  Enter         the engine room
    then attempt to exit.  You'll find yourself in  some mines.  Go down and
    follow the path until you re-enter the  cave.  As soon as you enter the cave
    turn around and exit.  You'll   end up in a new spot.  Trying to cross the
    bridge you'll fall and  end up in the sleeping chambers of Doma Castle.
    Before going to         the throne room where Wrexsoul awaits take some time to
    explore.        There are 3 little scenes that deal with Cyan's life that you c
    see: one in the room to the right of the throne room ('I loveth         thee'),
    on left side of the castle (fencing lesson), and one    on the right side of
    the castle (fishing).  Go to the throne room    where you'll find Wrexsoul.
    After defeating Wrexsoul Cyan will      rejoin your party capable of using all
    SwdTechs and you'll wake        up back in the sleeping chambers.  Go to the
    throne room and         you'll find the Esper Alexandr.
    (7) Figaro Castle
        Party: who ever you want
            Enter the castle and go down the stairs to you left.  Talk to the
    have him take you back to Figaro.  On the way you'll get        stuck. Stop and
    explore.  Go up the stairs and then down the other      ones. In the back of th
    far right jail cell is a doorway.  Enter        it and you'll be on your way to
    the Ancient Castle.
    (23)Cave to Ancient Castle
        Chests: Ether, Wing Edge, Doom Darts, monster-in-a-box(Master Pug),
                Magicite, X-Potion
        Additional items: Gradeus
            When you defeat the Master Pug (monster-in-a-box) you'll receive
            Gradeus.  Once you reach a room with a stairway going down into a
            hole, get the two chests in that room then go down the stairs,  past
    save spot and up some stairs.  You're now at the        Ancient Castle.
    (23)Ancient Castle
        Chests: Blizzard Orb, Gold Hairpin, Punisher, Monster-in-a box
        Items: search a bucket for X-Ether
        Additional items: Offering, Scimitar
        BOSS: Blue Dragon (**DRAGON #5**)
        Espers: Odin, Raiden
            Go straight into the castle until you reach the statue of Odin.
            Examine it and you'll get the Esper Odin.  Stand on the right   throne
    walk five steps down.  Press A and a secret passage     will open. In the
    secret room you'll find a statue of a girl and  the Blue Dragon. Defeat the
    dragon then examine the statue.  This   will change the Esper Odin into the
    Esper Raiden.  Once you've      visited all four rooms that go off from the
    throne room (one on     the left, one on the right, one to the north, plus the
    secret one)     then    return outside.  A couple steps to the right of the
    stairs  is a    door.  Enter and get the chest.  Now enter one of the doors
    to the left of the stairs.  When you defeat the monster-in-a-
    box(KatanaSoul) you get Offering.  Now return to Figaro castle by       going
    back the way you came and have the guy continue your journey    to Figaro.
    Once you get there talk to him again and have him take  you back to
    Kohlingen so you can get your airship.  Now go to       Thamasa.
        Party: include Strago and Relm
            As you enter you'll find out that Gungho is hurt.  You find out
    that Hidon
    did it and that Gungho wants you to avenge him.  Now go         to Ebot's Rock
    (called Eboshi Rock on the map).
    (24)Ebot's Rock
        Chests: all the chests contain Coral
        BOSS: Hidon
            As you enter step on the switch to be transported.  North of where
            you appear is a Coral eating treasure chest.  Wander around the
    stepping on switches to get around, and pick up coral from      the chests. If
    you end up back at the coral eating chest, feed it.     If you've fed it
    enough he'll let you thru.  If not go get more  coral.  Once it lets you
    thru go straight north and you'll find  Hidon.  Kill the Hidonites and Hidon
    will cast Grand Train   (Strago's most powerful Lore). After you beat Hidon
    you'll return   to Thamasa to brag to Gungho.  Now go to the Opera House.
            NOTE: To make Hidon reset all you have to do is talk to Gungho a
    few times.
    (25)Opera House
        BOSS: Dirt Drgn (**DRAGON #6**)
        Additional Items:  Dirt Drgn may leave a Magus Rod
            Equip as many characters in your party as you can with Gaia stuff.
            If you have some on each character it'll make life much easier for
            you.  Go to the balcony and talk to Impresario.  You'll learn
            there is a dragon on the stage.  Go northeast to where the stage
            master and 4 switches are.  The rightmost switch won't do       anythin
    g.  The
    leftmost switch barks and the one right next to         that turns the lights o
    Pulling the only one left will cause    you to fall to the stage where you'll
    have to fight the Dirt Drgn.    To see your character jump on the heads of
    the audience go back to         the switches after you defeat the dragon and pu
    the one that    drops you to the stage. Next and final stop -- Kefka's Tower.
    (26)Kefka's Tower
        Party: 3 groups of 4
        Chests: Coronet, Fixed Dice, Minerva, 2 Tack Stars, Force Shld,
                    Ribbon (x2), Red Cap, Nutkin Suit, Gauntlet, Hero Ring,
                    Aegis Shld, Megalixir, Rainbow Brsh
        Additional items: Crystal Orb, Muscle Belt, Sky Render, Excalibur,
        BOSS: Atma, Gold Dragon (**DRAGON #7**), Inferno, Skull Drgn
                    Doom, Goddess, Guardian, Poltrgiest, Kefka
        Espers: If you killed all 8 dragons you get Crusader
            Note: When you find the chest with the Hero Ring in it search the
    wall to find a secret passage to a room where a chest is        that contains a
    Aegis Shld.
            Your 3 groups will land in 3 different areas of the tower.  Each
            group will be designated as follows:  G1 will be the group that
    landed on
    the left side of the tower, G2 will be the group in the         middle, and G3
    be the group on the right.  You start as G1.
            G1: Go around to your right and get the chest then enter the    little
    hatchway to your left.  Continue on this path until you         come to a dead
    You should see a switch and a chest on the      other side of the room.G2: When
    you have to choose between going        up and down, go up first and get the
    treasure then go down.  Going   down will lead to a prison.  In the far left
    cell you'll find        Atma. Defeat it and it'll change into a save spot.  Now
    down    out of the prison and continue on that path until you have to   choose
    between two pipes.  Don't go in the rightmost pipe, it'll       just take you
    back before the prison.  Enter the left pipe.   Before you enter the
    hatchway that you find, go to your far left     to get a chest. Enter the
    hatchway, step on the switch and get the        chest, then go back up and ente
    the door to you right.  Keep    going straight and you'll reach the Gold
    Dragon.  After defeating        it you get  the Crystal Orb.  Now continue you
    journey.  When you      reach a room with a switch, stand on it and switch
    groups.G3:      First enter the hatchway that is next to the chest to get two
    more    chests then come back and enter the other hatchway.  Continue on
    path and you'll eventually reach a save spot.  A few more       steps and you'l
    get attacked by Inferno, Striker, and Rough(a big       ol' monster and it
    claws).  Once you've defeated them continue on  your journey.  When you get
    to a chest with a glowing thing on it,  examine it to open up a passage that
    your other group will need to   get past.  Then keep going and you'll reach
    the Skull Drgn.  When   you defeat it you'll get the Muscle Belt.  If you've
    killed the      other 7 dragons, you'll also receive the Esper Crusader.  Keep
    going and you'll end up on the other side of the  room you left G2      in.
    Stand on the switch.G1: You are no longer at a dead end.        Follow the path
    and you'll eventually reach the room your other         two groups are in. Cont
    straight and then, after you reach the  switch, pick a side to go on (it
    doesn't matter which).  For     illustrative purposes I'm gonna say go left.
    Now go down.  Move      G2 off the switch and then push the weight off the edge
    Now go  back inside and stand on the switch.G2: Enter the main doorway and
    do what G1      did, except on the right side. G3: Go in through the    main do
    and step on the switch.  This will open up a pathway.   Go south and step on
    the platform to open up a couple other  pathways.
          G1: Go down and out to where you pushed the weight off.  To your  left
    there is a door.  Enter the door and go straight where you'll   find Doom.
    When you beat it you'll get Sky Render and there will   be a save spot there.
    Now enter the pipe to the north and stand
          on the switch.G2: Go down and out to where you pushed the weight  off.
    To your right is a door.  Enter the door and go straight        where you'll fi
    Goddess.  When you beat it you'll get Excalibur         and there will be a sav
    spot there.  Enter the door and step on         the switch.G3: Go north and you
    be attacked by Guardian         (remember it? this  time you can beat it though
    t :)
    When you        defeat it a save spot will be there. Go north through the door,
    then to the left and down through another door.  Search the wall        below a
    to the right of you to find a Ribbon.  Now go up and    battle Poltrgeist.
    Defeating it will get you the AuraLance.  Go    north and drop down the hole.
    Step on the switch and it's time        for the final multi-battle showdown. Pu
    your characters in the  order you want them to fight.  The first4 in your
    list will fight         1st.  If anyone of those 4 are dead at the end of any o
    the     stages of the last fight the next characters in line will replace
    them.  This goes on until all 4 fighting members die or you beat        the gam
    IV.           CHARTS
    CHART A)Coliseum Graph
    Bet This.                    Fight This.                 Win This.
    Regal Crown                  Opinicus                    Genji Glove
    Red Jacket                   Vectagoyle                  Red Jacket
    Red Cap                      Rhyos                       Coronet
    Rainbow Brush                Test Rider                  Gravity Rod
    Ribbon                       Dark Force                  Gold Hairpin
    Rename Card                  Doom Dragon                 Marvel Shoes
    Megalixer                    Siegfried                   Tintinabar
    Ragnarok                     Didalos                     Illumina
    Illumina                     Scullion                    Scimitar
    Thunder Shield               Outsider                    Genji Shield
    Rising Sun                   Allosaurus                  Bone Club
    Moogle Charm                 Outsider                    Charm Bangle
    Moogle Suit                  Madam                       Nutkin Suit
    Murasame                     Borras                      Aura
    Sky Render                   Scullion                    Aura Lance
    Marval Shoes                 Tyranosaur                  Tintinabar
    Mirage Vest                  Vectagoyle                  Red Jacket
    Minerva                      Pug                         Czarina Gown
    Pod Braclet                  Hemophyte                   Hero Ring
    Muscle Belt                  Allosaurus                  Crystal Orb
    Aura                         Rhyos                       Strato
    Bone Club                    Test Rider                  Red Jacket
    Pearl Lance                  Sky Base                    Strato
    Behemoth Suit                Outsider                    Snow Muffler
    Flame Sabre                  Evil Oscar                  Ogre Nix
    Flame Shield                 Iron Hitman                 Ice Shield
    Hero Ring                    Rhyos                       Pod Bracelet
    Break Blade                  Lethal Weapon               Break Blade
    Czarina Gown                 Sky Base                    Minerva
    Drainer                      Enou                        Drainer
    Blizzard Orb                 Allosaurus                  Rage Ring
    Force Shield                 Dark Force                  Thornlet
    Force Armor                  SrBehemoth                  Force Armor
    Fenix Down                   Cactrot                     Magicite!
    Ninja Star                   Chaos Dragon                Tack Star
    Falchion                     Outsider                    Flame Shield
    Dragon Horn                  Rhyos                       Gold Hairpin
    Coronet                      Evil Oscar                  Regal Crown
    Heal Rod                     Pug                         Magus Rod
    Valiant Knife                Woolly                      Assassin
    Punisher                     Opinicus                    Gravity Rod
    Fire Knuckle                 Tumbleweed                  Fire Knuckle
    Cursed Ring                  Steriodite                  Air Anchor
    Cat Hood                     Hoover                      Merit Award
    Nutkin Suit                  Opinicus                    Genji Armor
    Dragon Claw                  Test Rider                  Sniper
    Thief's Knife                Wart Puck                   Thief's Glove
    Thief's Glove                Harpy                       Dirk
    Sneak Ring                   Tap Dancer                  Thief's Glove
    Tao Robe                     Test Rider                  Tao Robe
    Chocobo Suit                 Veteran                     Moogle Suit
    Cursed Shield                Didalos                     Cursed Ring
    Tintinabar                   Dark Force                  Exp. Egg
    Charm Bangle                 Retainer                    Dragon Horn
    Tigar Fangs                  Mantodea                    Fire Knuckle
    Soul Saber                   Opinicus                    Falchion
    Gem Box                      SrBehemoth                  Economizer
    Safety Bit                   Pug                         Dragon Horn
    Economizer                   Vectagoyle                  Dragon Horn
    Snow Muffler                 Retainer                    Charm Bangle
    Sniper                       Borras                      Bone Club
    Doom Darts                   Opinicus                    Bone Club
    Relic Ring                   Sky Base                    Charm Bangle
    Scimitar                     Covert                      Ogre Nix
    Thunder Blade                Steriodite                  Ogre Nix
    Titanium                     Brachosaur                  Cat Hood
    Hardened                     Phase                       Murasame
    Imp Halberd                  Allosaur                    Cat Hood
    Tabby Suit                   Vectaur                     Chocobo Suit
    Tortise Shield               Steriodite                  Titanium
    Genji Armor                  Borras                      Air Anchor
    Genji Shield                 Retainer                    Thunder Shield
    Genji Glove                  Hemophyte                   Thunder Shield
    Genji Helmet                 Fortis                      Crystal Helm
    Merit Award                  Covert                      Rename Card
    Aura Lance                   Land Worm                   Sky Render
    Exp. Egg                     Steriodite                  Tintinabar
    Crystal Mail                 Covert                      Ice Shield
    Crystal Helm                 Dueller                     Diamond Helm
    Crystal                      Borras                      Enhancer
    Crystal Orb                  Borras                      Gold Hairpin
    Graedus                      Karkass                     Dirk
    Gold Hairpin                 Evil Oscar                  Dragon Horn
    Gauntlet                     Vectagoyle                  Thunder Shield
    Memento Ring                 Chupon                      Memento Ring
    Tack Star                    Opinicus                    Rising Sun
    Stunner                      Test Rider                  Strato
    Ogre Nix                     SrBehemoth                  Soul Sabre
    Elixir                       Cactrot                     Rename Card
    Paladin Shield               Hemophyte                   Force Shield
    Air Anchor                   Bronotaur                   Zephyr Cape
    Wing Edge                    Rhyos                       Sniper
    Magus Rod                    Allosaur                    Strato
    Thornlet                     Opinicus                    Mirage Vest
    Striker                      Chupon/Shadow               ???(Striker)
    Trump                        Allosaur                    Trump
    Rage Ring                    Allosaur                    Blizzard Orb
    Fixed Dice                   Trixter                     Fire Knuckle
    Aegis Shield                 Borras                      Tortise Shield
    Atma Weapon                  GtBehemoth                  Graedus
    Strato                       Aquila                      Pearl Lance
    Assassin                     Test Rider                  Swordbreaker
    Blizzard                     Scullion                    Ogre Nix
    Ice Shield                   Innoc                       Flame Shield
    Imp's Armor                  Rhyos                       Tortise Shield
    CHART B)
    Lore Spell          MP Cost      Learned From These Enemies
    Condemned           20           Veteran, Critic, Still Life
    Roulette            10           Dark Force, Veteran, Critic
    Clean Sweep         30           Enou, Blue Dragon, Dark Force
    Aqua Rake           22           Chimera, Rhyos, Vectagoyle
    Aero                41           Doom Gaze, Sprinter, Tyranosaur
    Blow Fish           50           Brain Pan, Phase, Cactrot, Presenter, Mover
    Big Guard           80           Mover, Dark Force, Earth Guard
    Revenge             31           Dragon, Pan Dora, Dark Force
    Pearl Wind          45           Peeper, Vectaur, Dark Force
    Level 5 Doom        22           Sky Base, Didalos, Dark Force
    Level 4 Flare       42           Apokryphos, Goblin, Dueller
    Level 3 Muddle      28           Apokryphos, Goblin, Dark Force
    Reflect              0           Dark Force
    Level ? Pearl       50           Dullahan, Critic, Dark Force
    Step Mine           22           Pug, Mesosaur, Greasemonk
    Force Field         24           Doom
    Dischord            68           Pipsqueak, Figaliz, Iron Hitman
    Sour Mouth          32           Mad Oscar, Evil Oscar
    Pep Up               1           Flan, Muus, Junk
    Rippler             66           Dark Force
    Stone               22           Brawler, Iron Fist
    Quasar              50           Goddess, Dark Force
    Grandtrain          64           Hidon
    Exploder             1           Bomb, Grenade, Balloon, Junk
    V.         SPECIAL THANKS
    *Thanks to David McGrath, Amateur Writer for leasing his list over to me
    *Thanks to darkstar@iglou.com for help on monsters in the imperial base
    *Thanks to King Kung for the info on Chupon and Seigfried's rages
    *Thanks to The Mynock-Your faq is great, and as you can see I've used it
    *To the people at Washington EFC-you were great friends.....I'll be back
    *Green Day... A lot of your songs got me through my rough times
    *John Redmond and Josh Smith for being good friends
    *Squaresoft, for making this a great game
    *Lydia Lachmann
    *Erin McKeny
    *The rest of the gang
    *zach <zachary@azstarnet.com> for some GG codes
    *Russell, Zack, Jeff, Greg, and Justin- My Punk friends
            Well okay, maybe I do like Video Games- A little
    *A Very special thanks to Andy Eddie, for posting my faq on the internet. It
    can be found at ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/vi/vidgames/faqs
    The files name is mnster.txt. Do not get mixed up with the monst.txt, which
    is another file there. Well, thanks
    *This faq can also be found at http://rat.org/vidgames/
            In Memory of Heather Linden, the girl I love so much

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