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    Omake Mode FAQ by DGreene

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    		Final Fantasy Anthology "Omake/Extra Mode" Faq Ver. 1.0
    			System: Playstation (Japan/USA)
    			By: D'Ary Greene
    About this FAQ
    This faq is intended to tell all about what exactly is in the omake mode in Final 
    Fantasy 6 for the Playstation. Why would you want that? Well, FF6 is a 20+
    hour game and this will help you decide if playing through it again is really worth 
    it just for the extras if you already have beaten the old  Super Famicom game a 
    million times. Also, it might save you a few pennies on a strategy guide once you 
    see what's there...of course, if you don't want to spoil anything then what are 
    you doing reading the "omake/extras" faq in the first place @_@
    Omake Mode
    Final Fantasy 6 has a special "extras" mode included that was not in the original
    Super Famicom version. Here is a list of what is in this mode (Note: If the word 
    "unlock" appears next to an item then you need to beat the game to unlock these 
    features). This faq is based on the Japanese version of "Final Fantasy Anthology".
    Bonus Section 1
    - Movies 
    		[FF6 Opening] - The opening CG intro for the game.
    "unlock"	[FF6 Ending] - Predictably enough...the ending CG for the game.
    "unlock"	[FF6 Pilot] - Promotional video for the game (mostly the same as the
    			          ending with no new footage -_-)
    - Artwork 
    		[Artwork Gallery 1] - CG still shots and character designs used in the 
    	                                   opening movie for the game.
    		[Artwork Gallery 2] - The storyboards for the opening movie.
    "unlock"	[Artwork Gallery 3] - CG still shots from the ending CG movie.
    "unlock"	[Artwork Gallery 4] - The storyboards for the ending movie.
    "unlock"	[Artwork Gallery 5] - CG and handdrawn character art from Final
    				           Fantasy V remake...it looks like Mogiri came
    				           from the Ewoks ^_^
    Bonus Section 2 "unlock"
    - Game Stats 
    		An in depth breakdown of how close you got to mastering your characters
    		in your FF6 end game save.
    Bonus Section 3
    - Monster Stats
    		[World of Balance] - A detailed breakdown of all the monsters from the first
    "unlock"	[World of Ruin] - A detailed breakdown of all the monsters from the second 
    - Espers "unlock"
    		A (surprise!) detailed breakdown of all the espers you can find in the game.
    - Stragus Lore/Learing Magic Enemy List "unlock"
    		A detailed list of which enemies you can learn spells from and what spells they 
    		carry...very useful if you want to master the game.
    - Colloseum List "unlock"
    		The complete listing of what enemies you can fight and what items you can 
    		get for other items in the colloseum...again, very useful.
    Other Anthology Secrets
    - Keep an eye on the characters walking back and forth on the bottom of the 
    "new game/loading" screen in Final Fantasy 6...each time a different FF6 
    character is walking on there and every so often Squall (from Final Fantasy 8)
    shows up completely redrawn like a FF6 character...let him walk around for 
    awhile and he will fall asleep. 
    - In Final Fantasy 5, there are a few new random events that weren't in the 
    original. The map of the overworld appears in a new random location each time you 
    play and the puzzle order for the Phoenix Tower is random each time as well.
    - Not really a secret...but nobody seems to understand it so I'll explain Gau's
    "Rage" system. Basically, what you need to do is beat a regular enemy in the 
    game and then that enemy "appears" on the velt...which means that enemies 
    won't just "appear" on the velt until you beat them in the regular game. Then, 
    when you go on the Velt to fight each battle will "cycle" through the enemies 
    that you have beaten in the normal game...knowing this, you can just keep on 
    fighting enemies until  you get the one you need to learn from and then jump to 
    get it's rare attack. It's actually pretty easy to get all the rage attacks...just remember 
    that once you leave the world of balance the Velt "starts over" with the world of
    ruin enemies and you can't go back to get the attacks you missed. 
    This faq was written by D'Ary Greene (1999) and is intended for the privite 
    home use of our audience. Any rebroadcast, retransmission or any other use is 
    strictly prohibited...you can freely distribute this faq just don't change anything 
    including correcting my spelling (ESPECIALLY correcting my spelling!), and 
    if you want to use it for a website or something just make sure my name and email 
    address are used so that I can get credit/complaints for writing the faq. Ripping me 
    off is not a nice thing to do...so be cool and give credit where it is due. If you have 
    any questions/corrections just email me at: fibers@pacbell.net . All corrections and 
    gameplay tips that go into any of my faqs will be given full credit to the person that 
    tells me.

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