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Reviewed: 10/04/06

Final fantasy 6

In my honest opinion, I have to say that yes, this is a good game but I think much like ff7 it is indeed overrated. The storyline was good but I’ve definitely seen better storylines. This game has some very cool concepts but I think that some could have been better. The game's music is good along with the graphics for it's time. However, when they ported it over to the play station I noticed that the music isn't loud enough to be you can hear it. Sometimes you actually have to turn up the TV to hear the music.

Alright here it goes. The game play plays pretty much like any other final fantasy RPG. You push the menu button and you have all sorts of lists and stuff. The move ability of the character is smooth and so is the combat system. In combat, you can only summon summons one time and after that, you can't. I thought that you should be able to summon more than once but to me that didn't matter much because I’m more of a guy who likes strength and defense to beat things. The battles as many people should know by now are random and sometimes in my opinion, it can be over random. This may get very annoying but people will get
used to it.

The sound is done very well for the game. While there are times in the play station version that you have to turn it up to hear in the sins version there really isn't. The composer is more credited for the work on this final fantasy game more so than any of the others. The sound effects and stuff are great too. However just for fun, the music made me feel sleepy a lot of the time.

For its time the game pushed the snes to its limits in graphical power. Much the things that I like about this game are its graphics. The surroundings are real and crisp and the battle screens are somewhat innovative. The spells for this game are done nicely also so there aren't any complaints about the graphics here. The play station version, which I played first, kind of made the graphics choppy because of the information going into the play stations ram.

The storyline deals with this guy name Kefka who wants to take over the world with the power of some statues that balance the world. Too many people told me that this game had the best storyline out of all the final fantasy games to date but from what I see that isn't true. From what I see there isn't really anything special about this storyline other than the main character is half espier. I’ve played final fantasy 5 and its storyline line was a hell of a lot better than final fantasy six's. its was just like what people said about final fantasy seven that it was the best and that another one before that was terrible. Then I played final fantasy eight, which was better in my opinion than seven will ever be. The only reason why people like seven is because of the wonderful overrated villain, Sephiroth.

People ask me why I think that it isn't that great, the answer is simple. Final fantasy six's storyline was just not original to me it was more of the same old things just different people and characters to play with. Someone wants to take over the world and you along with the help of your friends are the only ones who can destroy him. Any way that's what most rpgs are like nowadays. I enjoyed final fantasy five's storyline a lot better than six is because it kept my interest and I wanted to beat the heck out of EXDEATH at the end of the game. In addition, you can be any class and still use a white, black blue, samurai, and etc. skills regardless what class you are as long as you earned them.
Going off topic, sorry, in my opinion this game is good but compared to final fantasy five's storyline it isn't that great. However, don't get me wrong. Like I said this game is indeed a good game regardless what version you play I highly recommend it to any RPG fan, but the things that people say about it you shouldn't take too seriously. If you want an honest opinion of the game play it on room or emulator before you buy the playstation version and as for five do the same but watch out for which type of translation you get because a lot of people like to use chartroom talk for the text in the game, which in my opinion is stupid. I think if a person is going to translate a game then translate it right instead of doing this sixth grade chartroom talk, after a while that just gets annoying.

This game gets a 10/10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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