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"A somewhat enjoyable RPG from Squaresoft"

The Final Fantasy series is fairly well known for it's high standards of quality. The release of Final Fantasy VII with it's amazing 32 bit graphics have made RPGs extremely popular in the United States and other countries as well. While many people swear by Final Fantasy VII, we simply can't forget to mention Final Fantasy VI.
The goal in this review is to provide a good understanding of what Final Fantasy VI is all about, and why you may want to rent it or buy it.


Many centuries have passed after the formidable war of the magi. Civilization has recreated itself with irons, machines, and technology. The Espers which are masters of magic are only remembered as legends, but now things are about to change with the apparition of a mysterious girl known as Terra.
The storyline is not as good as what it could have been. I think the storyline had lots of potentials, but it didn't turn out that good. In this game we will find many characters, but most of the characters aren't interesting. The main vilain Kefka has an extremely despicable way of laughing which is very annoying.

In short, I never got hooked into the story like I did in other RPG such as Final Fantasy VII, Xenogears, Chrono Cross and so on.


Some of the music are really enjoyable, but for the most part they never come close to the quality of Final Fantasy VII classic music such as Cosmo Canyon, Aeris Theme and so on.


In the early 1990s it might have been ''ok'' to play a game with poor graphics, but now a day it is just unforgivable.
Here are some of problems with the graphics:
*Hard to see what you are suposed to do in certain dungeon which doesn't make your quest easy.
*Your party characters are ultra deformed while the enemy has the better looking characters. As an illustration, Vargas (a martial artist rival of Sabin) is pretty well designed and he is much better to look at than your own characters.
*The train escape from Vector is beyond ugly. I have never uglier sprite than this. This was a true nightmare just to look at it.
*The characters don't really make contact in the fighting sequence which is disapointing.


The gameplay is not exactly balanced. A certain time in the game you will find your self struggling. For example, I hard a time in area such as Zozo, while the final Boss was a breeze.

The esper system get frustrating and stressful really quick. The esper level bonus plays a crucial part in this game, so everytime your characters level up you have to reassign esper which is time consuming.
What makes matter worse is the playstation loading time. Everytime you open up a menu you have to wait and this exacerbate the problem of switching esper all the time.

Also, random battles pop up beyond imagination. You can't even do a step without a battle which is not fun.

There is also some weird stuff going on in the realism area. For example, the airship crashed and you end up extremely far from where it should have crashed. It's like a plane goes out of control around New York City, but the plane actually in florida.


Final Fantasy VI is a good RPG, and I think if you are a new comer to the saga, you may want to play some of older version in order to get a better understanding of this epic saga.

The bad things:

*Ugly graphics
*Bad loading time
*Average storyline
*Few interesting characters
*Kefka is really lacking against the like of Sephiroth
*Random battles happens too often
*The esper system could have been better

The good things:

*Many cities and towns which gives a sense of realism.
*Lots of freedom with the characters. They are all the heroes so it makes perfect sense not to have ''one'' hero as opposed to other games.
*Lots of extra things to do.
*Fun to see the little connection between each Final fantasy

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/28/01, Updated 03/28/01

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