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"A Final Fantasy of its own style"

This game is actually a playstation copy of the original SNES version, Final Fantasy III. The only real addition to VI that makes it special is the FMVs, artwork, bestiary and other special sections. Since a remake of Final Fantasy III is not very original, I would say Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy III are almost the same game. Final Fantasy VI is excellent in terms of graphics, style and storyline.

In its time, back in the time of SNES, the graphics were excellent. The background scenes are very pretty and have a 3-D perspective at certain places. The style of the graphics have a different feel to them than other RPGs, in that it has a medieval/industry theme melded together unlike any other RPG. Even the artwork is nice, though I am not a huge fan of Yoshitaka Amano. I like it for its originality. The new addition of FMVs is no bogus either. They match the style of the game and add to the graphics. The sound effects are what you would expect. They do not sound corny like some games do, but they do not sound special; they just sound right. However, background sound, such as a wind blowing or trickling water is apparent and sets up the right mood and setting for the occasion. The background music is awesome. The music really sets the mood and has the same style as the graphics to get an effective atmosphere.
Graphics and Sound: 10

Though Final Fantasy VI is very creative in graphics and sound, most of what is gameplay is very typical as an RPG, in that you choose characters' actions, characters grow stronger through levels and have HP and MP. The special part is that characters can use espers to enhance or learn abilities. Even if each individual character has his own special ability, most of them are typical of Squaresoft's past Final Fantasies. However, Final Fantasy VI is still fun and interesting, except that it may be difficult near the beginning of the game because of the availability of abilities you can have.
Gameplay: 7 (I would give it 8, but the RPG style lacks originality.)

The wonderful part about Final Fantasy VI: Its good plot. Most of it revolves around Terra, who has magical powers, but fails to understand her existance when others do not have magic, but want it so badly that they use her. She gains the support of friends who help her to realize why she is what she is. There are a lot of very good quotes in this game and some parts contain humor. The other good thing about it, which goes with the game's unique style are the events, which are creative and add to the net effect of the plot, such as a stylish theater and opera. Squaresoft even did lyrics for the opera and a mini sub-plot for it.
Storyline: 10

This game is enjoyable to play the first time around, and even the second time would still be entertaining. This game does have secrets, and it would not hurt to play the game again to find them. And the storyline is so interesting, including the side humor, that watching it again is still enjoyable.
Replay Value: 10

I liked this game for its original style and unique characters. The gameplay, though typical was not annoying, so I found it enjoyable and it had an interesting storyline. Definitely, RPG gamers should buy it, but I recommend getting VI instead of III for the additional options.
Overall: 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/29/03, Updated 03/29/03

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