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"A legend for life."

My first thoughts

When if I first saw this game I thought that it looked fun, but not really fun(boy, was I ever wrong!).I've been a fan of Final Fantasy for quite some time now and this FF is one of my favorites.

Main Story

In my opinion this is your traditional ''old school'' RPG storyline. The gang of thieves, treasure hunters, kings, ninjas, and imaginary creatures working together to stop the evil empire. However, it goes much deeper than that. It always does. Some think that these stories are somewhat cliche and not all that good, I think that if they're done right, then they're absolute genius. Final Fantasy 6 is no exception.
In the beginning you're given this unclear idea of who you are and what your place is in the world. The main character I guess to a degree is Terra. She's being controlled by this empire because of her abilities with Magic. Yes, the fabled magic, OOooooOOooOoo. Then she breaks away from the Empires' control and wakes up in a bed. She doesn't know who she is or what she's doing there. Then she hooks up with Locke. Our trusty treasure hunter. From that moment on the adventure begins! Then like most RPG's the story gets extremely deep and extremely interesting. There's many plot twists and new characters, and secrets about the world and secret pasts about the characters themselves that just keep you addicted to find out what the final outcome will be.

As I said earlier this is an ''old school'' RPG. Which means all that basic elements are in there. Your traditional battle system: good guys on one side and your bad guys on the other. Then they fight it out. You've got your magic, special abilities, weapons, and your Summons(in this game they call them espers). Which is pretty much a mystical creature that you call upon to do a powerful spell to help you out

As you can see the battle system isn't all that complicated, you press a button, the guy that you selected does what you told him to do then he does it. A university degree in astrophysics or engineering is not needed for playing this game. That being said if you've never played a Final Fantasy before you'll still pick up on this game in no time at all.

The gameplay when played on the Psx at times tends to be choppy(from what I hear) and the load times are harsh as well. So that's why I think that it's a good idea that this game is played on the PS2, that's what I did and it worked like a dream.

There is one downfall to the gameplay, although it's amazing, it's famous for one thing: RANDOM ENCOUNTERS! This game has many, many, many random encounters which at time can get annoying, but there's always the flee option to save we lazy ones from unwanted battles.

Lastly about the gameplay: it's fun. It's that simple and addictive that you'll be able to play for hours just running around and getting into battles and visiting all the places and watching the story develop.

The Characters

This game has a huge variety of characters. Ranging from a girl suffering from memory loss that needs to find out about herself, to a king, to a ninja and to a furby-like fuzzball.
The thing that I like most about the characters is that each has their own background and they all work together to get past many obstacles and various other things that are in their way preventing them to succeed in their mission. Another thing that I like about the characters is that no matter who they are or what they are they all work as a team but at the same time maintaining their own uniqueness. Which if you may can be reflected in a real life situation. Another thing that I like is that during the game you get to play each character as an individual and play their own little side quest all by themselves.
The characters are anywhere from very wise and full of life lessons, to confused and lost on their way and trying to find out their own path. The characters(next to storyline) is what makes a good game. Final Fantasy 6 has some of the most unique and memorable characters. Then again Squaresoft(now SquareEnix) has always had memorable characters.

The Graphics

Although this game was originally on the SNES and was ported to this here Playstation, the graphics, obviously are going to look like SNES graphics. I like SNES graphics though. Looking back on a game like this makes you wonder of the starting visions that the designers had but couldn't animate them to the extreme level of detail and beauty like they have today. These graphics were the building blocks of what we see in modern games. I also happen like to sprites. Then again, who doesn't? Even though they're SNES graphics there is quite a level of detail in them. Especially in the spells, and in certain areas of the game. Like for example, in one area of the game you're in a forest and the background looks very creative and mysterious. Lest we forget the FMV's! The smart thing that they did is that when they ported this they added a few new FMV's. Now they look cool. Especially the opening one where it shows a few of the characters and what they look like in detail in an FMV and just giving you a taste of certain moments in the game put into a cinematic vision. To end this section with an alliteration : The graphics are great.

The Sound/Music
The thing that I love about old games is the sound. Even though most of it's the same door shutting or chest opening, I love it. There's really not a lot to talk about in the sound department in the game. If you've played one SNES RPG the sounds in every other are the same as that one. However the music in the game is fantastic as well. I'm a huge fan of ole game music and FF6 has a variety of different catchy,sad,heroic and suspenseful tunes. I remember listening to the soundtrack that came with the game as I was playing the game. So if you're a lover of old game music you'll love what it has to offer. If you're not, well there's always the mute button on your TV.


There's nothing that I dislike about this game it has it all: mystical story and characters and music. Although it's best played on the PS2 to avoid all those loading times that occur when being played on the PSX. I think that this game is a legend that will forever remain in my mind, along with many other Final Fantasies. It's definitely worth playing, I can safely say that this is a game that I did not regret playing, not even for minute.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/10/03, Updated 04/10/03

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