Review by Dark Templar

"You know whats sad, Loke is my best friend"

It has been a while since I have written a review, so I thought I would give my opinion on my favorite RPG of all time. Well as you know my opinion is the same as the average opinion.

If these were on the snes it would have gotten a 10, these are the BEST snes graphics (well maybe Chrono Trigger) but the Psx version seems more pixelated. But I don't care since when have graphics made a gameplay difference.

This is probably the best sound track EVER. Now that it's on the Psx with it's CD sound the music sounds better than ever. Now as far as sound effects go they have been both improved and made worse. Cyan's swd Tech and Edgars's tools sound more realistic than ever, but don't forget about the annoying little ''DING'' noise at the beginning of EACH of your characters turn.

This is where the game shines and shines the brighten. The story is FANTASTIC one of the best story lines for a game EVER. But it goes deeper each character has incredible depth (except for some...). Like Lake with his TRAGIC past of losing a loved one and how he will try never to lose another person dear to him, and the tragic brotherhood relation between Sabin (not the one who reviews games) and his brother Edgar.

Did I say the story was the best part well I change that it's the gameplay. The gameplay is fun and challenging. The system is great the equiption method is great (TWO relics)every thing. The esper system is very similar to the way guardian forces learn abilities. When you have the esper equipped and obtain a certain amount of magic points you learn a certain spell. Also most espers have a level up bonus allowing you to customize all your characters so you never beat the game with the same characters twice. Also during the game you have many choices that add to the way you bring up your characters and the replay (or the game shark sales).

How could a games control be any easier but with all the menus and vehicals it has to be.

If you hav'nt played this before I pity you, you are missing out on playing one of the funest games ever and probably the BEST RPG ever. If you see it used I recommend buying it no matter what the price is.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/23/00, Updated 01/17/01

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