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""There's no such thing as a perfect game" Yeah? I'll converse that statement with this review."

Final Fantasy VI, a game which you can't ask for anything better. A tale of love, humor, and a man who destroys the world. A game that contains one of the most beautiful, and organized storyline. A game that has diverse characters that have something special about each and every one of them and in fact a game that has 'Perfect' written all over it.


In the beginning, you're in control of a mysterious young woman named Terra who is accompanied by Biggs and Wedge. Little does she know, she has little control of her body and mind. It turns out she's wearing a crown that the evil, wicked second in command Kefka installed on her so that she has no control or remembrance or what she's doing. As the story progresses, Terra finds out she was being controlled for the espers. Later on, she meets up with a cast of characters that have their own special abilities to your likings. They also have a set of strength and weaknesses that you should be aware of. What's so great about the story is that this game doesn't revolve around only one character. It focuses on one character at a time at different occasions to tell their backround of who they are and what goal they try to accomplish. There is no main character in this game. Keep in mind that every character are equal in terms of importance. But, it gets more complicated than just this. As you play as the different characters, you have choices to play in scenarios and they all lead to different paths. Squaresoft really outworked themselves in this department. But, who says that's a bad thing?


Play a game for everything but its graphics. The graphics in this game are decently drawn out for a game in the Playstation era. Each character has his/her own design and it's well mannerly detailed to the point where you can easily tell them apart. As you walk in the world map, the graphics are based on pixels and 2d effect. Some people prefer these type of graphics over others. The magic and attack features are fluent in this game. Fire looks like fire, Ice looks like ice, etc. The battles look realistic to the point that you're actually there battling it out to no limits. This game features 14 characters. Some in which are unlockable and unobtainable if you misfollow any directions. The characters include Terra, the half esper and half human. Locke, the thief(treasure hunter). Edgar, the King of Figaro. Sabin, a bodybuilder and brother of Edgar. Shadow, a mysterious man with an even more mysterious past with his trustworthy dog, Interceptor. Cyan, a man who strives to avenge his family along with Doma castle. Gau, a wild being of the Veldt. Celes, one of the generals of the empire. Strago, a magemaster who uses Lore magic. Relm, a natural artist that uses art to kill. Setzer, the gambler who owns his own airship. Mog, a carefree dancing moogle. Umaro, a fierce yeti who throws allies into the enemies, and Gogo, a mimic that returns from Final Fantasy V. Each of these characters have their own abilities in battle and some you can favor over others depending on your styles of killing.


This game has excellent music. Good enough that you'll buy the soundtrack and will go crazy. The music is very inspirational and will make you want to play even more. Some themes are cheerful, gloomy, and some are wacky. The music fits the atmosphere perfectly. Each character has his/her own theme and their theme music reflects on their personality. The battle theme is original, that's what makes is so spicy. The boss and other important battle themes are out of full seriousness and sound good. The sounds and music are unique enough to say Squaresoft made it. The overworld theme (WoB-World of Balance aka Terra's theme) is simply beautiful and you can actually take a break playing this game by just listening to it. The chocobo theme remains the same which is a rememorable tune. Anyways, the music/sounds in this game can actually compete for the top.


This game has unique gameplay and creative ideas. You build your character by leveling up (The average Role Playing Game) and in conjunction of that, you gain espers(summons in this game) in which contain magic spells that can be useful. This means that most of your characters can use magic and attack physically in addition to their own ability. Also, there are Relics that give you side effects in battle such as being resistant to certain status effects, or attacking twice. This is extremely useful in this type of game. There's also a two-player mode. It's nothing special because all you do is control one of the four characters in battle and merely set up their attacks. The gameplay is just like your old-school Final Fantasy games but with added features.

Extras/Replay Value

You can perfect your file by gaining all the spells and looking for the secret characters. There are also various amounts of equipment scattered in this Final Fantasy world in which Squaresoft is waiting for you to find. There's also all of Mog's dances, Gau's Rages, and Strago's Lores to obtain. There is even a Colosseum to exchange in battle items for even better ones. The Replay Value has distance than most RPG's. But, this is a game that you will definitely play more than once because of everything it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

If you're in general a fan of Final Fantasy games and RPG's, then this game is definitely one you won't want to miss out on. Perfect story, Excellent music, fantastic design/graphics and good replay value. You can't ask for more, honestly. With 100% based opinion, this is my favorite game.

"There's no such thing as a perfect game"

If you believe that there exists a perfect game, then you get a cookie. If not, it's now your turn to prove it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/16/06

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