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    FAQ/Hints and Tips by Tyler_

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    Board Game Top Shop Complete Strategy
    Tyler Wright
    c. Copyright, 2001, Tyler Wright. All rights reserved.
    If I find this document duplicated without my permission, I will sue.
    I. Introduction
    II. Characters
    III. Shops
    IV. Gameplay/Directions/Strategies
    V. Secrets
    VI. My Thoughts
    VII. Credits
    I. Introduction
    Board Game Top Shop has to be one of my favorite games, and I wanted to share 
    some of the game's basics with all of you. Board Game Top Shop is a game 
    where you control very strange characters against each other to reach a 
    certain amount of money by making business, and when reaching the amount 
    needed to win, it ends. It sounds easy, but truely, it can be a challenge. At 
    the same time your opponents give you money, buying things from your shops, 
    so are you, so watch out. The game plays similar to Monopoly, or Dice De 
    Chocobo, and has many memorable characters.
    II. Characters
    There are a total of 11 characters you can start out with, and 3 secret 
    characters. I will first state the information on each character found 
    directly from the manual, then my view of them, or, a more specific 
    1. Meower
     Gender- Male
    Personality- Friendly
    2. Gummi
    Gender- Male
    Personality- Cool-looking amphibian
    3. Maiko
    Gender- Female
    Personality- Modern Teenager
    4. Merlin
    Gender- Male
    Personality- Portrays himself as a migician
    5. Rob
    Gender- Male
    Personality- Reckless
    6. Ryoko
    Gender- Female
    Personality- Pleasent and energetic
    7. Bro
    Gender- Male
    Personality- Mature Surfer dude
    8. Oilow
    Gender- Unknown
    Personality- Gentle and shy
    9. Dona
    Gender- Unknown
    Personality- Unusual and peculiar
    10. Cindy
    Gender- Female
    Personality- A modern younglady
    11. Chat
    Gender- Unknown
    Personality- Talkative and lively
    (The three secret characters Santa, Squosh, and Colin aren't in the manual.)
    1. Meower
    Meower is a cat that is the complete opposite of friendly, in my opinion. He 
    is rude, and you play as him throughout the story mode. He is greedy, and 
    loves money. Makes a striking resemblence to Nicollo from Legend of Mana. 
    2. Gummi
    Gummi looks like a little boy (More like a girl) in a frog suit, but is 
    really a frog himself, or so I am told. He is the "Frog" Prince, and wants to 
    make the king, his "father" proud. He wears a crown, and ribbits. That's 
    about it...
    3. Maiko
    Maiko is a tennage girl, that loves cute things. She is just a standard 
    sophmore, and wears a flower in her hair, and hates rudeness, thus explaining 
    why she challenged Meower.
    4. Merlin
    Merlin is a little boy that has a runny nose constantly, and thinks of 
    himself as a magician. He wears a cape, and gets insulted easily. His hat has 
    a little squirrel face on it, that moves its mouth in a mimicking manner 
    while Merlin speaks. I estimate he is 3 years old.
    5. Rob
    Rob is a boy with a beanie, headphones, and a skateboard. He goes nowhere 
    without his skateboard. Not much is known about him because he and Cindy are 
    the two default characters that are not a role in story mode, but rather just 
    competitors on each level.
    6. Ryoko/Patty
    I am assuming her real name is Patty, because in the game her name is Patty, 
    in the manual its Ryoko, or vice-versa. That, or it was a mistake, intending 
    her name to be Patty, but forgot to scratch the name out in the manual. 
    Anyways, Ryoko is a blue-haired average girl that looks to be a movie star, 
    and is very energetic and childish. I wouldn't be surprised if you see her 
    squirting pedestrians with a squirt gun, or ding-dong -ditching.
    7. Bro
    Bro is supposed to be a surfer with a beard, lowered eyes, a medallion, and 
    into throwing his fist around. My first impression was him being a Kung-Fu 
    man, or a disco dancer, but what the manual and game says, goes. A rather 
    dull character, I don't like Bro much. He is even shown always doing karate 
    chops. His part of the story is confusing, and I don't understand one bit of 
    8. Oilow
    My favorite character along with Colin, the little alien Oilow. He is a 
    small, flabby, black-eyed "jellybean" carrying an umbrella, and wearing a 
    bow-tie. He is a bit shy, and speaks little, and if so, he speaks properly, 
    and doesn't make a fool of himself. He has a little white ghost doll dangling 
    off his umbrella that mimicks his speaking, in a manner resembling Merlin's 
    hat. He works for his boss, along with others just like him, in a futuristic 
    shopping mall.
    9. Dona
    Dona is a little cactus in a pot-on-wheels. A flower blossoming on his/her 
    head, and he/she can roll quite fast. "It" seems to be annoying, and bears a 
    weird name. That is all I know about Dona.
    10. Cindy
    A female with brown hair, Cindy is one of the two default characters, along 
    with Rob, that has no real story behind her, because she is not encountered 
    in story mode, but rather as an appearence in stages, like Rob. She loves her 
    hair and beauty, and makes that seem to be her life. She is quite pretty, and 
    enjoys showing it off. She has been known to be a challenging character, so 
    do not underestimate her.
    11. Chat
    Chat is a TV with small legs, and loves to chat, thus explaining why he is 
    named "Chat". He is a salesman, and is an annoyence when it comes to 
    speaking. Why doesn't somebody change the channel?
    12. Santa
    A robot that has steam coming out from pipes located on his back, and red, 
    glowing eyes, Santa is the only character in the game that looks threatening. 
    And, for that matter, the only robot, if you don't consider Chat a robot. 
    Santa is one of three secret characters, and, to obtain him, refer to the 
    "Secrets" section of this document.When playing as Santa in 1 Player mode, 
    all characters get a little tougher.
    13. Squosh
    Squosh appears to be a green rock that lives in the sea. She says she was 
    ridded from her lake, and forced to live in the sea, and wishes to go back to 
    freshwater life. She wears a bow on her head, and has a smaller companion, 
    identical to her, that does the same as Merlin's hat, and Oilow's doll. She 
    is another secret character. When playing as Squosh in 1 Player mode, all 
    characters get a little tougher.
    14. Colin
    One of my favorite characters, Colin is a snowman with a small smile, a coned 
    hat, and a fishing pole, or a candy cane sticking out of his back! Play as 
    him for a challenge, because he is hard mode, and I call that an 
    understatement. When playing as him in 1 Player mode, all the characters are 
    tougher than usual, and can murdalize you easily, unless you have much 
    experience. Colin is a secret character.
    III. Shops
    This is a list of all the shops you are able to open in Top Shop, there are 
    Candy Store
    Burger Shop
    Johnston Books
    Cookin' Fun
    Flower Heart
    Meat Land
    Corner Deli Cafe
    Comic Boy
    Pancake House
    Camera Shop
    Office Needs
    George Video
    Tokyo Resturaunt
    Curry India
    Fruits Market
    Men's Clothes
    Noodle House
    Fish Market
    Star Coffee
    Sports Shop
    Saving Groceries
    Juice Pub
    Aesthetics Julia
    Arcade Games
    Fun Toys
    Home Needs
    Fishing Gear
    Electrical Goods
    BBQ House
    Fancy Dress
    Auto Parts
    Animal World
    Tour Tours
    Movie Theater
    Golden Jewelry
    Fresh Estate
    VI. Gameplay/Directions/Strategies
    At the start you are to pick the amount of money one needs to acheive victory 
    before everyone else, unless in story mode, it is give to you.
    The Basic directions are to reach that goal first.
    When it is your turn, you have 5 options...
    1. Picture of Hand and Pencil- This is the Di. You roll it to see how many 
    steps you advance, or if you must pull a card.
    2. Picture of a Line Graph- This shows the statistics of assets in the past 
    year for each player.
    3. Picture of Text, "Map"- This allows you to look around the stage with the 
    directional buttons ahead of time, to see where players are located, or where 
    you are about to land.
    4. Picture of PSX controller- This changes the general settings.
    5. Picture of Magnifying glass- This shows you the statistics of players such 
    as their stores, and items for sale.
    When you begin, you roll the di, and land on a lot. If this lot is open, you 
    may purchase it, and open a store. The store prices vary. 
    If you land on a person's store, you are forced to choose an item to buy from 
    the store. It is a good Idea to buy the cheapest item available. 
    If you land on your store, you are givin the option to ship an item to other 
    stores out of stock, or unfilled. The more money opponents must spend on an 
    item, the more you pay to ship it, yet it is cheaper than the opponents' 
    money spent, because otherwise you will lose money. 
    If you land on an elevator, you may use it, but the floor you landon is 
    random, you may land on the same floor. 
    If you land on the bank, you get bonus money, and options to exchange for 
    points later explained. If you land on it, but have other steps to take 
    after, you will gain your standard amount, and given different options in 
    exchange for points you previously received. You gain points when buying 
    items. The more the points, the better the options. It is possible to have a 
    quick voctory if you gain 99 points, and use the option to claim victory.
    If your di lands on an "E", that means to pull a card. You have three cards 
    placed upside-down, and you are to choose one of them. Some cards may be 
    good, some bad. Just to name a few...
    Gives you money
    Makes every step go "Chirp-Chirp"
    Allows you to sell a store for 2-3 times as much as bought
    Have everyone take 100-300 dollars away from you
    Have elevators closed 1 turn
    Have shops closed 2 turns
    Have all stores except Cindy's open
    Have 50% discount on all stores
    Lose a store
    Have everyone have the same amount of money as you
    Flip another card
    Go up 7 steps
    Open a store
    There are many more, but those are the most common.
    You may also run if you wish to move quicker. Just hold R1 while your 
    character moves.
    Also, if you land on an open lot next to one of your stores, you will be 
    asked if you wish to use that lot as a continuation of the store next to it. 
    It is highly recommended you increase the sizes of your stores, because the 
    bigger, the more items you have each lot, and the more of a chance an 
    opponent will land on it. It may be pricey, but it turns out to be worth it.
    Try opening as many stores as you can, but try not to go too overboard, you 
    can go bankrupt, and be forced to sell one of your stores.
    Also, in some cases, you or an opponent will randomly have a refund when 
    buying items, most commonly meats, and this will increase the buyer's money a 
    bit, and decrease the seller's money a bit.
    If you wish to be able to have the option next turn to switch any direction 
    you please, you can try risking the elevator. If it manages to keep you on 
    the same floor, you can move any direction. If it takes you to another floor, 
    you may do the same, but you might not enjoy being on that floor to begin 
    V. Secrets
    I have found a few secrets that most would think of as important...
    1. To play as Squosh and Santa, beat story mode once.
    2. To play as Colin, beat story mode a second time.
    I have tried to get another secret third time, but have found nothing new...
    VI. My Thoughts
    The game was great, but there are a few things I would add/change...
    1. I would add some more secrets, such as different modes.
    2. I would take out alot of the glitches in the game.
    3. I would add more levels, and more... stuff...
    4. I would have a closing movie cinema.
    Favorites (A list of my favorites)
    Oilow and Colin
    Oilow's stage and Patty's
    Least Favorites-
    Bro, Dona and Squosh
    Squosh's and Santa's
    VII. Credits
    I Give thanks to my bro for help in the game, me, for writing the FAQ, and A1 
    games for creating this great game!

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