• Save Lucca's Mother

    In the event where Lucca's mother gets caught in the machine, walk to the lower rightmost accessible portion of the machine, press X, and you will be prompted to enter a code to stop it.

    L1, Circle, R1, CircleSaves Lucca's mother

    Contributed By: Melchior.


  • Infinite Power Tabs

    When on the black omen, you will come across a Tubster (Which at first looks like a tornado on the ground) Attack it and have Ayla use Charm, then escape, and go back through the door you came in and repeat.

    Contributed By: Menji.


  • Game Endings

    There are 13 Endings possible in this game, depending on when you choose to fight Lavos.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ending01 Beyond TimeBeat Lavos at the end of the game
    Ending02 ReunionBeat Lavos while Chrono is 'dead'
    Ending03 The Dream ProjectBeat Lavos in the Ocean Palace OR right after Marle joins your party (New Game+ only)
    Ending04 The Successor of GuardiaBeat Lavos as soon as you return from 600 AD [right telepod, again - only new game +]
    Ending05 Good NightBeat Lavos as soon as you get to the End of Time [use bucket]
    Ending06 Legendary HeroBeat Lavos before you get the Hero Medal, but after you hear Tata is the hero
    Ending07 The Unknown PastBeat Lavos after getting the Hero Medal, but before the Masamune is fixed
    Ending08 People of the TimesBeat Lavos after you get the gate key back in 65,000,000 BC
    Ending09 The OathBeat Lavos after getting the Masamune fixed, but before opening the magic cave
    Ending10 Dino AgeBeat Lavos after defeating Magus, but before defeating Azala
    Ending11 What the Prophet SeeksBeat Lavos after defeating Azala
    Ending12 A Slide ShowBeat Lavos after Schala uses her pendant, but before yours is powered
    Ending13 Day of LavosFight Lavos and lose

    Contributed By: BountyHunterSAx.


  • Infinite 'Shelters'

    This the trick to getting infinite shelters (heals all HP and MP at save point) early in the game. When you are in the Middle Ages, go to the forest outside Guardia Castle. Go south from the end nearest the castle and go right for a second or two. You should see a shaking bush. Approach it and talk to it. A monster runs off and leaves a shelter. This works each time you go back, so you can also make tons of money by selling them.

    Contributed By: Payzmaykr.

  • New Game +

    If you beat Lavos in the game, press whatever slot your Memory Card is in, and move up past the first file and you will see the new option ''New Game +''. The diffrence between this mode is that you can get diffrent endings only by selecting this option, and you start off with your weapons, armors, head gears, and accesories, but not your characters.

    Contributed By: FAQ Man.

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