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"Simply put: use the disc for a frisbee instead."

Oh, God, where to begin? Well, to start out, the movie was great! Too bad the game's not. It looks like this game was made in all of 2 weeks. The crappiness begins the second you pop the disc into your Playstation. So, kiddies, let us begin.

I've seen better animation on the side of my math workbook!

Darn tootin'. The graphics are INCREDIBLY crappy. There are little to no textures on the level graphics, and the animations for Scooby/Shaggy and the enemies are extremely choppy. For example, one second an alligator will be above the water. You go to jump on it, only to find it underwater now. You wonder ''When did that get down there?'' 'Nufff said, for better detail, check out this game. You'll be disgusted.

Sound? What sound?

The music is incredibly crappy, and none of it is memorable. In fact, if you dare to venture into the digitized world of this game, you'll be fumbling for the Mute button on your remote before you enter the first level. The sound effects are downright annoying. The only good thing is that the voice acting is decent, but this alone does not save this category from dismal failure.


The gameplay is downright awful. First off, Scooby and Shaggy move slower than snails, while the enemies (who act like they don't even know you're there; the vast majority simply run back and forth) move at lightning speed. The controls are shoddy, and unresponsive. You'll mash X to jump, and Scooby/Shaggy will simply run into that bottomless pit like an idiot. The Scooby Snacks you collect are pointless, and I personally don't get the multiplier thing.

The level designs are the product of what would seem to be a small troop of chimpanzees loaded with beer, high from pot and cocaine, and left alone to do what they wished. The platforms in some levels are almost microscopic, and some of the most important ones are A. already taken up by a gigantic enemy, or B. too far away for sluggish Scooby/Shaggy to reach, or possibly both.

You kill your enemies with pies that rarely hit. If you run out, you're screwed. It would have been nice to add an alternate method of attacking, but the chimps aren't that advanced, y'know.

Boss battles are fought like this: you get 5 pies, and the enemy has 3 hit points. The boss charges at you, while some randomized effects happen along with it. If you get LUCKY, you MIGHT be able to use your slug speed to outrun the enemy's lightning-fast attack, but this rarely happens. And like mentioned above, if you run out of pies, you're screwed. Boss battles are thus mainly luck-based, monotonous, and have no skill involved whatsoever.

So, to sum it all up, this game sucks. Really bad. The people who made this didn't even try.

Oh, and one more piece of advice: ignore the walkie-talkie messages. 99.99999999999% of them are pointless, and are merely big wastes of time. Example: Fred: Good job, Scooby! You dodged those ninjas good! Scooby: Ranks, Red!

I rest my case.

Buy or Rent: Neither. If you happen to get this as a gift, say to the person generous enough to try and please you ''Thanks for the frisbee!'' and play catch with your friend/brother/other person of interest. If this cannot be done for any reason, circular objects make great targets for BB gun practice, and CD's smash real good.


Decent voice acting
It's Scooby (I think)
Makes a nice frisbee of BB gun target

*pulls out triple roll of toilet paper filled with bad things about this crappy game*


Graphics suck
Anime has better animation than this
Annoying, repetitive, headache-inducing music
What sound effects?
Shoddy controls
Scooby and Shaggy would lose in a race against Gary the Snail.
I think drunk, high chimps made these levels.
Enemies move at lightning-speed.
Monotonous boss battles
Limited attack method; run out, you're screwed.
This game is mainly luck-based.
Too many pointless things (scooby snacks, walkie talkie messages... you get the picture)
No fun at all, more frustration than anything.
Will most likely result in you needing a new TV, controller, Playstation, or all of the above.

Final Word: I'd give this game a 0 if at all possible. Avoid this like the black plague (unless you want it for it's two decent uses described above). Playing this game is simply a waste of your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/18/03

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