Review by Millers C

"Why pay Thirty quid when you can get Mastermind for a Fiver down at your local car boot?"

What! A Gameshow converted into a PSX game!? You've got to be joking. Indeed I'm not. For the uninitiated, Who wants to be a millionaire is an Internationally acclaimed Game show, where one lucky contestant gets to answer random General Trivia in order to get to the fabled one million pounds. Mess up once and you'll go home with nothing. As the Money tallys up, the Pitfalls get steeper. The British version, was a revealation, usually beating BBC in the Ratings war. But now it is tedious and old hat. When you've seen it once, You've seen it all. And that sets the scene.

Visually the game is average. It looks just like an Episode..Feels just like an Episode. Heck it may as well be an episode. But it is sure worse than that. The developers didn't seem to care what the game turned out with. They simply, Borrowed Mr.Tarrant's Voice, scratched together a few answers and slapped 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' on the front cover in a blatant attempt to fool the gamer into a false reality, that the game has the essential components of the TV Show. Indeed, it does mostly, but it is soon irritating, you'll soon be switching off. The Multiple choice questions are average enough, so there you go, You Mensa boffs will be quite at home here! But why pay Thirty quid when you can get Mastermind for a Fiver down at your local car boot? Simply don't. The 'Lifelines' you are given are embarassingly stupid. The Result is usually a random percentage on each answer rather than a real hint at the answer.

The worst point is Chris Tarrant. It's been said before and I'm going to say it again. He never bloody shuts up!!! from the title screen he gives you instructions on how to select difficulty. Wer'e not stupid Mr.Tarrant! By now you will be overcome by the Novelty of it. But when you want him to give you the answer to the 62,000 pounds question, and he blabbers on with such Painfully Irritating quips as 'Is that you're final answer?' 'Are you sure?' Shut up! This results in Frantic button bashing in a vain attempt to continue. The Lifespan. It soon loses it's novelty after a few tries, let alone when you get a Million of the 'Fake' Bank notes.

You're parents will probably lap this up, but any normal gamer will keel over after a few tries.

Buy/Rent? You must be joking!!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/23/01, Updated 03/05/02

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