Review by jan otto

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Not me if it means playing this game"

Look,if you really want a mind-boggling game go down a local car boot sale and get Mastermind or Trivial Pursuit instead of playing this piece of Chris Tarrant ised piece of garbage. Do not play it,don't even think about playing it. Don't buy it because old fogies (e.g. parents) will want you to control it for them why they try do remember who is the President of Brazil.

STORY:You've got on to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while Chris Tarrant spouts Viagra tised rubbish at you.Oh yeah,where's the story?

GRAPHICS:Where are you? Or Tarrant? Or the audience which have got nothing better to do? How come the question only shows when you're looking right at the Millionaire computer-screeny thing?This is why it only came out on the PSone. Because they could say the bad graphics were down to the 32 bit engine.

GAMEPLAY:What gameplay? You have to control it with just basic buttons. X to decide, D-Pad to go round and CIRCLE to go to the lifelines. There is no gameplay. And when you get a question right you have to listen to Tarrant go on about the obvious. And another thing, on somwething like the £300 questions why does Tarrant have to go, "is that your final answer?", shoot me now.

AUDIO/SOUND:Be better if there weren't the annoying Millionaire music or you could shut Tarrant up.

RENT OR BUY?:Don't rent it. Don't buy it. Not even give it a passing glance. Have it in about 10 years time if the PS4 plays PSone games (which it probably will) or you still have your old PSone then buy it so it will be about £2 (about $5) at a local car boot sale. Actually the game's so crap(it probably sold about 2 copies. Damn me for buying it and damn the poor other guy. I will rot in gaming hell) they would have put it next to the ET (remember ET on the Atari that no-one bought so they put in a Mexican landfill) games.If you want the excitement go on the actual show.


Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 06/08/04

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