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    TTT         A    N    D     O    M
                       V   O   L  .   1  
    				    VERSION 12
    Welcome to my "Tales of Fandom" walkthrough!
    Okay just some extra stuff: as always, in walkthroughs,
    there are some little spoilers, so, just, keep that in mind.
    If you see any "Insert Here Later’s", that means, I’ll be 
    describing whatever it is in later editions. And if you 
    see any "(Something)"s, it means it's in Japanese, and I'll
    try to translate it in later editions, but it probably won't
    be very good.
    If you need to contact me do any/either of these things,
    because I don't give out my e-mail adress:
    1. Go to www.gamefaqs.com and ask for "ClesStahn" 
    at the "Tales of Fandom Vol. 1" Playstation Message Board.
    2. Go to Tales Central , located at http://www.tales-central.com,
    and post a message on the Message Board.
    Version 12 - Updated some contact info and links in this guide.
    Version 11 - Gave my chatroom info, added some info on
    Klarth's Kaoventure, added a tips on how to make good chains,
    and gave my other, NEW site URL.
    Version 10 - Told who you face, and what you're supposed to do
    against them in every character's scenario mode.
    Version 9 - Added some accurate "choices" during Lilith's
    Kaoventure for you non-Japanese Speakers/Readers, and detailed
    it a litle more.
    Version 8 - Added Rutee's, Stahn's, and Rid's complete
    Scenario Mode Stories.
    Version 7 - Added a bunch of "Gallery" info. Added "How
    to summon Sekundes or Maxwell".
    Version 6 - Added some "Online" info. Added "how to 
    beat Farah" in Lilith's Kaoventure. Added some "Gallery" info.
    Version 5 - Corected two spelling errors, and put in an
    "<insert here later>".
    Version 4 - I corrected some spacing errors, so I can
    put this on GameFAQs.com now. I described all of the
    "Tales of..." characters; and I corrected a couple of 
    spelling errors.
    Version 3 - Spruced up, made things a little easier
    to get around, corrected a couple of errors. Started 
    on Amy's "Kaoventure" story.
    Version 2 - Got rid of the old layout of the characters,
    I will describe them more in later editions. More characters
    later, too. I Added a reference guide to different sections
    of the Walkthrough.
    Version 1 - Okay THIS IS THE FIRST EDITION, today I put up
    some basic info, and I WILL update this thing more, don’t 
    1. Characters
    2. Tales Central URL
    3. What Future editions hold
    4. Main Menu in Game
    5. Kaoventure Mode
        (a) (Something)
        (b) Lilith's Story
        (c) Keel's Story
    6. Kaodora Mode
        (a) Play
        (b) Edit
        (c) Online
        (d) Top Menu
    7. Craymel Lab Mode
        (a) Scenario Mode
        (b) Two Player Mode
        (c) Score Attack Mode
        (d) Ranking
        (e) Online
    8.  Options
    9. Gallery
    10. Special Thanks
    You may need to know some of the characters in this game:
    All characters from "Tales of Phantasia":
    Cless Alvein- The main character from Tales of Phantasia, he's
    17 years old, uses Swords, Knives, and Axes as weapons, and is
    from the town of "Totus". He's pretty calm most of the time, but
    when he loses someone close to him, he gets really mad.
    Mint Adnade- Mint has a calm, quiet attitude ALWAYS. She never
    jumps to conclusions or makes assumptions, she's 18 years old,
    learns many healing spells, and uses Rods as weapons.
    Klarth F. Lester- Klarth is a long-time studier of magic. He
    is 29 years old, and is from Euclid Past. Klarth uses books
    for his weapon, and summons magic spirits to deal damage.
    Chester Barklight- Chester is Cless' childhood friend, they
    grew up together in the same town, and hunted together for
    years. Chester is 17, and uses Bow and Arrows for weapons.
    Arche Klaine- Arche is a Witch from the past, she is un-shy
    and learns many magic spells to attack enemies with. She is
    17 years old.
    Amy Barklight- This is Chester's little sister, it's not
    known EXACTLY what her age is, but probably somewhere from
    9-12 years old.
    Suzu Fujibayashi- Suzu is a ninja from the town of Japon.
    She's 11 years old, and is an un-playable character in
    the Super Famicom Version of Tales of Phantasia, but
    can join your party and fight with you in the Playstation
    version. She learns all kinds of cool special skills, and uses
    classic Samurai-Style swords as weapons.
    Mirald- Mirald is a woman that lives with Klarth in
    Past Euclid, it's not certain if they are married or
    not, and their relationship is similar to Cid from FF7,
    and that woman HE lives with.
    All characters from "Tales of Destiny":
    Stahn Aileron- Stahn is a simple-minded Country boy from
    the town of "Lienea". He has lived with his younger
    sister Lilith and his Grandpa Thomas for most of his
    life, because his parents died when he was young. He
    is 19 years old, uses the same kind of weapons as Cless,
    and learns many fighting skills.
    Rutee Katrea- Rutee is a Lens Hunter, who finds tiny pices
    of energy particles inside of monsters, and trades them
    in for Money. She is 18 years old, and learns many healing
    spells, but is the opposite person of Mint.
    Mary Argent- Mary is a mysterious woman who travels with
    Rutee. She can't remember anything about her past, except
    she has a sword which she knows she used to carry before
    she lost her memory. She is 24 Years old. NOT IN FANDOM
    Garr/Woodrow Kelvin- Garr, (his Japanese name is "Woodrow")
    is an Archer/Swordsman from Heidleburg in Phandaria. His
    father is King, so that makes HIM Prince. He learns many
    Sword and Bow and Arrow skills throughout the quest. He is
    23 years old, and has an attitude/disposition similar to
    Mint Adnade's. NOT IN FANDOM
    Chelsea Torn- Chelsea is 14 years old, and lives with her
    Grandfather, Alba, in the woods east of Janos. She always
    has to do chores for him, and gets sick and tired of it.
    She likes Garr and wants to travel with him. She uses a
    Bow and Arrow, because that's what her Grandfather
    specialized in teaching. NOT IN FANDOM
    Leon Magnus- Leon is only 16 years old, but is a well-
    known soldier of the Continent of Seingald. He is very rude,
    mysterious, and pushy, but, ya gotta love 'im. He learns
    various sword attacks, some similar to Stahn's.
    Philia Felice- Philia is almost exactly like Mint. She is
    a Priestess from the Straylize Temple in Seingald. She
    does not learn healing spells like Mint, though. Oh yeah,
    and she's 19.
    Karyl/Johnny Sheeden- Karyl (Johnny is his Japanese Name)
    is the Prince of Aquaveil, and does not like being rich,
    though. He is 26 years old, and wanders around calling
    himself the "Wandering Troubador" and "Blue Lightning".
    He uses various Musical Instruments as weapons, and learns
    different attacks by finding Musical Scores around the World.
    Bruiser Khang/Mighty Kongman- Bruiser, (His Japanese name is
    "Mighty Kongman) is an arrogant, chauvannistic, bald Neustadt
    Arena Champion. He talks real big until you beat him, then 
    he acts like a little wuss. Anyway, he's pretty strong for 
    a 39 year old, and learns many attacks that are physical. 
    He uses Knuckles/Fists/Gloves as weapons. NOT IN FANDOM
    Lilith Aileron- Lilith's age is not certain, but she's
    lived with Stahn and Grandpa Thomas all her life. She cooks
    cleans, HAS TO WAKE STAHN UP, makes beds, and does chores,
    while Stahn hunts and stuff. She is a secret character in
    Tales of Destiny, and learns many attacks that Stahn 
    learns, plus a few that only she learns. She uses Rods 
    as weapons.
    Dymlos- Dymlos is a Fire-Elemental Swordian. He was once a
    man in the A'ether Wars, but after many years was turned
    into a talking Sword, or, "Swordian". Stahn finds him, and
    uses him throughout Tales of Destiny. Dymlos is anywhere 
    from 100-3000 years old, plus the 20 or 30 years of his
    human age.
    All characters from "Tales of Eternia/Destiny II":
    Rid Herschel- Rid is like Stahn, a simple country boy with
    a love for food from the village of Rasheans. He hunts, 
    and uses the same many skills as Cless and Stahn do. He is
    18 years old.
    Farah Oerstead- Farah grew up with Rid in Rasheans, and
    works the fields for her wages. She took Martial Arts 
    classes, and has extensive knowledge of them, and learns 
    many Physical Skills. She is 17 years old.
    Keel Zeibel- Keel is a snotty "genius" that GREW UP with
    Rid and Farah, but left Rasheans to join Mintche academy.
    He learns many spells throughout the game, and he is 17
    years old, but Rid has always called him a coward/baby.
    Meredy- Meredy is a mysterious girl, and talks 
    unintelligbly, maybe YOU can figure out who she is???
    (I've beaten the game, but I just don't want to spoil it
    for people who haven't). 
    Quickie- a cute little blue animal that is Meredy's pet.
    Ras/Reis- Ras (Reis is his Japanese name) is a soldier
    from, <insert here later>.
    Max/Fog- Max (Fog is his Japanese name) is the leader of
    an army that is trying to stop Balir. He uses a big cannon
    as a weapon, and learns many skills that are basically 
    powers he shoots out. He also has a cute little animal
    called a "Miacis" that travles around with him named "Dede".
    Chat- Chat is a descendant of a famous pirate named Aifread,
    and has a big ship that was his. She is very young, and
    attacks with <insert here later>.
    Gnome- Gnome is a "Craymel" which is a spirit that can be
    called to fight with you. Gnome is Earth Elemental, and
    he's very lazy.
    Sylph- Sylph is a wind elemental spirit. He's very 
    small, and flies around, and has an attitude of initial
    Undine- Undine is a water elemental spirit. She is pretty
    calm most of the time, and seems to keep the other Craymels
    in order.
    Efreet- Efreet is a seemlingly always angry Fire-Elemental
    Craymel, but he's my favorite. He is like Sylph, and doesn't
    trust other beings very well, if they are not Craymels.
    Luna- <insert here later>
    Shadow- Shadow is a darkness elemental Craymel, that is very
    quiet most of the time.
    Celsius- Celsius is an ice-elemental Craymel, and she <insert
    here later>
    Volt- Volt is Lightning elemental, and <insert here later>
    Be sure to visit "Tales Central" at:
    and the Tales Central forums at:
    and other locations to find Tales Central:
    What Future editions will have:
    1. I’ll go in depth more on describing the "Craymel"
    2. I’ll fix the "Insert Here Later"s.
    3. Other bits and pieces.
    4. I’ll put in who is in which "Kaodora" story.
    5. I'll describe the characters, like, when they’re in this 
    game, etc.
    6. I'll tell what each Craymel does in "Two-Player Craymel
    Lab" mode.
    All right, on the main menu, there are five choices:
    "Craymel Lab"
    The "Kaoventure" is this thing where you pick out of "Lilith", 
    "Keel", and this other option at the top, and it does a little
    story mode. During the story, you answer questions, and there's
    this little bar at the bottom that either goes up or down. 
    When I type the story out, I'm gonna type out whichever version
    it is where you pick the top choices ONLY. Hey, I don't have time
    to explore EACH and EVERY little aspect of the story. At least, 
    not until I get, like, EVERY other part of this Walkthrough done.
    And pressing "Start" during the Venture at any time will bring
    up a menu where you choose out of "Continue game", "Save", or "Quit".
    (a) (Something): Choosing this option brings you to a screen, 
    and you pick the name "Amy", which is Chester's little sister.
    Other choices may show up later, I dunno, I'll of course put
    them in here if they do. Then, you choose out of "Load old game",
    "or "New game". The story starts at the "Barklight" house, Amy and
    Chester talk for a a while, about what seems to be Cless, Amy and
    Chester's Parents, and the town they live in, which is called "Totus".
    Next, it cuts to the town, and it's in the past, because it's Chester
    and Amy reminiscing. There's two men talking, and I think the one 
    on the right MAY be Amy and Chester's Dad. Anyways, Chester and 
    Amy show up after the two men get done talking, and they're 
    little kids! The elderly fellow asks a question, and there are 
    four answers to choose from. Cless shows up ater a  few minutes 
    later (as a little kid too, of course) they talk for a little bit,
    then it cuts back to the Barklight's house, and the old man is there
    with young Chester and Amy. He leaves after a while, and it goes 
    back to normal age Chester and Amy talking to each other. Later, 
    it cuts to young Cless and Amy on a bridge, and you pick out of 
    three choices, but I don't know what they say. After that, Amy 
    apparently has a fish, and it slips away. Cless goes after it,
    and finally catches it, but falls in the river and gets a lobster
    on his head ^_^. Cless finally gets it off, and Amy and Cless start 
    laughing. Chester comes along, and is (I think) trying to protect 
    Amy, and you get a choice of three statements again.....(FINISH LATER!)
    (b) From what I can tell, Lilith:
    Knows everybody in town.
    it's after ***SPOILER FOR TALES OF DESTINY*** the Eye of Atamoni,
    blows up, Dymlos gets thrown, and she finds him, and is trying to
    find a way to repair him.
    When you're at the first part; trying to wake up Stahn, it doesn't
    matter which choices you choose. Just keep choosing differet ones.
    First of all to win Farah, you have to answer correctly to the 
    three questions of the maid. 
    The answers are: 
    1) Tamanegi / 2nd choice
    2) Rice / 3rd choice
    3) Tamago/ 2nd choice 
    After that, you have to choose "Tomato" in the shop (1st choice) 
    and tell Dymlos to come back home (3rd choice) in order to take 
    Grandfather Bob's tomatoes. If you chose to search special tomatoes
    all around the world you *won't* be able to beat Farah. 
    The cooking contest ingredients are: 
    1) Tamanegi / 2nd choice
    2) Grandfather Bob's Tomato / 2nd choice
    3) Pasta / 1st choice
    4) Ika  / 3rd choice
    After this cooking contest you will have to fight Cless. 
    To evade Kuhazan you have to jump (3rd choice). 
    When Cless tries to hit you in the air, you have to defend 
    yourself by choosing "down" (1st choice).
    When Cless attacks you frontally, defend yourself by using the
    2nd choice. 
    Every one of Lilith's skills are good. Even if Cless misses you in
    an attack, at the end of the battle Dymlos will help you in fight.
    You will have to choose the special super skill: "Thunder-sword" which 
    is the fourth choice. Congratulations, You won! Dymlos will
    become a real sword once again. Lilith will give it as a
    birthday present to her brother Stahn and Stahn will give
    him a new name: S.D.; that stands for "Stahn Dymlos". 
    (c) (Insert Keele's Story Here)
    The "Kaodora" is where you watch a bunch of scenes with the
    "Tales of Eternia" characters on a stage talking. You choose
    out of:
    Top Menu
    (a) "Play Mode", is where you choose out of "Skit Allstars",
    and you pick out of Mint, Klarth, Arche, Leon, Rutee, and 
    Chelsea. I haven’t un-locked these yet, so I don’t know 
    what they do. "Play Mode" ALSO has something called 
    "Tales Wave", where you pick out of  "(something) Keel!",
    "Farah Heroin", (Insert Here Later), (Insert Here Later), 
    "(something) Keel (little song-note here)", and "Van
     (b) "Edit Mode" is where you can make a little scene with
    a character. you have to play around with it a bit, and 
    it helps if you know one of the Japanese Alphabets called 
     (c) "Online", Essentially there is a device lets games that 
    support it be played online via an iMode compatible cell 
    phone. The pictures showed one end of the device plugged 
    into controller port 2 and the other end plugged into the
    bottom of a cell phone. It looks like this device can only 
    be used with Japanese cell phone services and is therefore 
    unavailable to importers even if they import the device. 
    A site also mentioned that use of the device would result in
    a fee per certain amount of data that is transferred
    over the connection.
    (d) "Top Menu" means return to the menu before this.
    The "Craymel Lab" is the Tetris-like game, and you can
    pick out of:
    (a) "Scenario Mode" where you choose a character,
    (you pick out of Rid, Farah, Rutee, Stahn, Cless, Mint,
    and Two hidden characters, (***spoiler*** the secret 
    characters are Leon and Klarth) and they go around, and
    talk to different characters, (usually from their own game)
    and you beat them doing their own puzzles. Some are hard, 
    and some are easy! A good tip (thanks to "bungiefan" is:
    1 for color 1 and 2 for color 2. * means anything.
    Then clear color 1 at the bottom of the pile and all of the
    same numbered colors will line up. All you have to do is
    make sure that they are the right pieces to cause a reaction
    for all of the colors at once. Just make it so that for the
    pieces, except for the 1s at the bottom, that the pieces on
    the right are hollow circles and the pieces on the left are 
    solid circles or something like that.
    Rutee's Scenario Mode:
       1. Rutee Vs. Stahn / Make a 5-piece suction
       2. Rutee Vs. Lilith / Fill the spaces enclosed by flashing
    lines with green pieces without making a suction
       3. Rutee Vs. Chelsea / Make a green suction, a blue suction,
    and a white suction in that order, and you can use more than one
       4. Rutee Vs. Leon / Fill the spaces enclosed by flashing
    lines with green pieces without making a suction
       5. Rutee Vs. Marian / Make a two-part chain in one turn,
    and a 10-piece suction. Or do the 10-piece suction first 
    (I recommend) it doesn't matter
    Mint's Scenario Mode (Easiest Scenario of all):
        1. Mint Vs. Mirald / Make a green suction, then a blue
    suction. (Doesn't have to be in the same turn)
        2. Mint Vs. Klarth / Make a two-part chain in one turn
        3. Mint Vs. Arche / Make ten suctions
        4. Mint Vs.  Suzu / Make a ten-piece suction
        5. Mint Vs. Chester / Make a Green suction, and a blue suction
    at the same time
    Farah's Scenario Mode:
        1. Farah Vs. Keel / Make a yellow suction, then a red suction
    (Doesn't have to be in the same turn)
        2. Farah Vs. Max/Fog / Make 10 suctions (Doesn't have to be in the
    same turn)
        3. Farah Vs. Roin / Make a red suction, yellow suction, and a white
    suction (Doesn't have to be in the same turn)
        4. Farah Vs. Ras/Reis / Make a three-part chain in one turn
        5. Farah Vs. Rid / Fill the area enclosed with flashing lines with
    red pieces.
    Stahn's Scenario Mode:
        1. Stahn Vs. Quickie / Make a 15-piece suction
        2. Stahn Vs. Efreet / Do not make a red suction for 50 turns
        3. Stahn Vs. Celsius / Make a four part chain in one turn
        4. Stahn Vs. Leon / Fill the spaces enclosed by flashing
    lines with red pieces without making a suction
        4. Stahn Vs. Rutee / Fill the spaces enclosed by flashing
    lines with red pieces without making a suction
    Cless' Scenario Mode:
        1. Cless Vs. Arche / Keep every piece below flashing lines for
    30 times.
        2. Cless Vs. Suzu / Make a 10-pice suction
        3. Cless Vs. Klarth / Fill the spaces enclosed by flashing
    lines with red pieces
        4. Cless Vs. Mirald / Keep pieces under the flashing line for
    50 turns
        5. Cless Vs. Mint / Make a red suction, a green suction, and a
    white suction at the same time.
    Rid's Scenario Mode:
        1. Rid Vs. Keel / Do not make a blue suction for 50 turns.
        2. Rid Vs. Meredy / Make a 20-piece suction, and then make
    a three- part chain in one turn. Or, do the chain first, it
    doesn't matter.
        3. Rid Vs. Max/Fog / Make a blue suction, a yellow suction,
    and a green suction in one turn.
        4. Rid Vs. Ras/Reis / Make a 30-piece suction
        5. Rid Vs. Farah / Make a 5-part chain in one turn.
    Klarth's Scenario Mode:
        1. Klarth Vs. Arche / Fill the spaces enclosed by the flashing 
    lines with green pieces.
        2. Klarth Vs. Chester / Make a suction consisting of all the
    fours colors at once. (I've never, ever, EVER beaten this, so I can't
    possibly know the rest of his scenario's)
        3. Klarth Vs. (Insert here later)
        4. Klarth Vs. (I don't know who you face, and "bungiefan" can't
    remember, but thanks to him for the info) Has the time limit and 
    wants you to link 30 pieces of the same color together and then clear
    them in addition to doing a 4 step reaction. You don't have to do 
    both at the same time.
        5. Klarth Vs. (Insert Here Later)
    Leon's Scenario Mode:
        1. Leon Vs. Stahn / Keep pieces under the flashing line for 
    30 turns.
        2. Leon Vs. Chelsea / Fill the spaces enclosed by the flashing
    lines with yellow pieces
        3. Leon Vs. Philia / Make a yellow suction, a pink suction, and 
    a blue suction in one turn
        4. Leon Vs. Rutee / Make a 25-piece chain
        5. Leon Vs. Lilith / Go 5 turns without making a yellow suction
    (b) In "Two-Player" mode, you and your friend pick a 
    character, and go head-to-head. Different characters have
    different Craymels. Say, I got rid of a LOT of red blocks,
    (it counts them on the side) once I get enough, Efreet will
    come out, and do some stuff to my opponent. Different Craymels
    do different things, and different characters have different
    Craymels, which do different things:
    Efreet:  \
    Sylph:    \
    Gnome:     \
    Undine:     \
    Shadow:      > (Insert Here Later)
    Celsius:    /
    Volt:      / 
    Shadow:   /
    Luna :   /
    (c) Then, there's "Score Attack Mode" where you play one 
    player, and you pick out of the usual characters, and 
    then, you pick out of
    "1 Minute Mode"
    "3 Minute Mode"
    "10 Minute Mode"
    "10 minute Mode where the blocks come down REALLY fast."
    And, on THIS one whenever you summon a Craymel from getting
    rid of blocks, you get 3000 Points. And you just keep trying
    to beat your old scores. and if you figure out how to play
    online at www.talesweb.com , TELL ME, lol.
    (d) There's "Ranking" where you choose out of which minute
    game, and look at the scores.
    (e) Lastly, there's "Online", Essentially there is a device
    lets games that support it be played online via an iMode
    compatible cell phone. The pictures showed one end of the
    device plugged into controller port 2 and the other end 
    plugged into the bottom of a cell phone. It looks like this
    device can only be used with Japanese cell phone services 
    and is therefore unavailable to importers even if they 
    import the device. A site also mentioned that use of the 
    device would result in a fee per certain amount of data 
    that is transferred over the connection.
    The "Options" has <insert here later>
    "Gallery" has some SWEET pictures of "Tales of.." characters,
    and stuff. It's got some Orginal designs, aw man, it's cool! 
    Some of the characters look really DIFFERENT! To unlock all
    the pictures (This is for "Score Attack Mode", not 
    "Scenario Mode"):
    1st box- It's on the beginning of the game, you don't have to do
    2nd box- Play and win 1 minute mode 
    3rd box- Play and win 3 minutes mode 
    4th box- Play and win 10 minutes mode 
    5th box- Play and win 10 minutes with extra-speed mode 
    6th box- Make 2 or more chains 
    7th box- Make 3 or more chains 
    8th box- Make 4 or more chains 
    9th box- Make 5 or more chains 
    10th box- Make 6 or more chains 
    11th box- Make 7 or more chains
    12th box- Make 10 or more simultaneous suctions 
    13th box- Make 20 or more simultaneous suctions 
    14th box- Make 30 or more simultaneous suctions 
    15th box- Make 40 or more simultaneous suctions 
    16th box- Summon Sekundes or Maxwell during the game. 
    Remember that some characters have Secondos and other Maxwell
    (Rid, Stahn and Leon can only summon Maxwell). To summon Maxwell
    or Sekundes, you have to fill every "Craymel Cage" in one time. 
    To do this, I suggest you to fill cage nearly to the maximum of
    every element and, after that, make a chain with 4 colors. You
    will sure to be able to summon Sekundes or Maxwell, depending
    on who you chose.
    Special Thanks to:
    1. Namco, for making this SWEET game.
    2. My friends at the www.gamefaqs.com Message Boards, 
    for telling me a little about this game before it came out.
    3. All the sites I’m gonna put this Walkthrough on!
    4. "bungiefan", for giving me the "Online" info, for the
    Klarth Kaoventure Info, and for the chain-making hint.
    5. "Marylain", for the info on how to beat Farah in Lilth's
    Kaoventure,  and for the info on how to unlock pictures in
    the "Gallery" section. 
    E-mail address: mary.lain@libero.it
    Website: http://www.geocities.com/lain_sprite

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