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"One of the better Army Men games, but it still has some problem"

Army Men: World War had a great concept that was ruined by poor game mechanics. Army Men: World War- Team Assault also has a great concept that was executed a lot better than World War.

camera. The camera in this game is pretty good. However, once again, you get no camera controls, but at least this time aiming at an enemy is easier thanks to the fact that you more than enough rocks and boxes to hide behind while aiming at the enemy.

Music. This game has only one song. That song only plays during the cut scene before the main menu. All you get during the game play is sound effects. This is great because it actually helps establish a good atmosphere. The only song in this game is not that bad.

graphics. The graphics in this game are good. The frame rate is good, too. The only really problem is in the few desert levels. Tan soldiers camouflage really good with the sand and sometimes spotting the soldiers can be quite tough. Some times you might not see a soldier and rush forward only to be shot at by two tan soldiers. This is not a big problem in the levels where you are on foot, but however in level 10 this is a big problem.

Controls. The controls are good and very responsive, but the main problem with the controls is the vehicle controls. The vehicle controls are so awkward especially the tank controls. To go forward with the tank you have to press and hold L1+R1, and to go backwards you have to press L2+R2. But if you press L1 then the tank will go forward to the left, and if you press R1 you will go forward to the right. The same is for backing up. When you are just driving through an open field with no enemies around the controls are fine, but when you get ambushed is pretty easy to hit the wrong buttons and move in the wrong direction. Also the patrol boats have some awkward controls. The boat controls is UP for forward and DOWN is for reverse. However, if you need to move the boat to the right or left then you have to press UP or DOWN and Right/Left, which means you have to go forward or backwards to turn to the sides. This is a huge problem when you are in combat because turning around is so slow and the enemies can easily take you down in no time.

game play. The story goes that the war is at a stand still. The tan has discovered how to create long range missiles. A green intelligence agent has uncovered information about a tan secret base. But the green agent has been captured by the tan. So a team of green soldiers have been seen in to free the green agent and to destroy the missile base.

The biggest change in this game is that you are no longer alone. In each mission you will have control of two soldiers. This helps a lot and helps make the game a little easier, but the game is still a challenge. Each soldier has different skills which come in handy a lot. Some of the soldiers are good with explosives, sniping, heavy weapons, mechanic, and so on. These skills are very important because some of the levels can only be played with characters that have certain skills.

In level 6, you have to sneak into a tan base and free the capture green agent. However, there are snipers at the base. So you have to take care of them first. But there is a big problem with the snipers. The first problem is that if you even aim your scope in the general vicinity of the sniper, the sniper will immediately detect you. In fact you can have your scope aimed ten feet below the sniper and he will still detect you. Also the snipers can wipe out all your health with only two shots. What makes this level frustrating is the fact you have to stand in the open, while trying to shot the snipers. For some strange reason, if you shoot your sniper rifle at least three inches near a tree it will hit the tree. Also when you lay down flat on the ground and fire, your bullets hit the ground. They do not fire straight forward, but they fire straight downward, which makes this level really frustrating.

This game also still has two on rail levels. The first level is not that bad because it is extremely short, however the second on rail level is down right frustrating. The level is long and the tan throw their entire army at you and hitting them is hard. Not only that, but there is only one health pack in the entire level. In this level, you have to shoot planes, helicopters, tank, jeeps, tan soldiers, and even a transport truck. What makes this level hard is that spotting and hitting the tan soldiers is way too hard. They camouflage way to good. Also the planes and jeep are hard to hit because they come in at you shortly after each other especially the planes which come in groups of two.

But just like in Army Men: World War, this game is hard. Some of the levels are actually easy, but the rest of the levels are real challenge.

Replay. This game has little replay value. You can replay the game and beat the levels with every character. Or you can go and play multiplayer. The multiplayer has been fixed a little. This time there are six soldiers that you can choose from. However they are all green. There are three types of multiplayer: capture the flag and grudge match. Under grudge match you can either play one-on-one or tank vs. tank. Each mode has a problem and that is the lack of levels. Each mode has only one level. And only capture the flag allows you to play as tan soldiers.

Army Men: World War- Team Assault is a good game. If you want a good Army Men game, then check this one out, but be forewarned this game is tough. This is not a game where you can just jump in and go run and gun tan soldiers. You have to use shelter and strategy to beat this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/10/07

Game Release: Army Men World War: Team Assault (US, 11/28/01)

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