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    Speed Walkthrough by sweetjenn8202

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    Alone In The Dark: One-eyed Jack's Revenge
    An I*Motion/Infogrames game
    Part of the THQ family of games
    Distributed by KOKOPEL
    Jennifer Blackburn
    Copyright Law: This faq is protected by the US Copyright Law.
    You may not reproduce inwhole or part or sell  this faq. You
    cannot post this faq anywhere unless you get permission
    from the owner. You may print this document as long as it is
    not sold. If you make reference to anything in this faq,
    please get permission and give credit.This faq was written
    by Jennifer Blackburn: sweetjenn8202@hotmail.com.
    I will give credit where it is due.
    Copyrighted 2003-2004, Jennifer Blackburn.
    Table of Contents:
    1) Introduction
    2) How to play
    Places in the game:
    3) The Gardens
    4) Underground Cave
    5) Back to the Garden
    6) Down in the basement
    7) In the House
    8) Grace Saunders
    9) Carnby, REVENGE!
    10) Final Battle
    1) Introduction:  This game is the second from the series and the
    only one I found to get my hands on to play.  These games are
    the first horror-genre games to come out that paved the way for
    the Resident Evil series and more.  This is my first faq
    that I have written on the internet, I had the notes for this
    game for a while just no time to type it out.  I have been
    an avid gamefaq.commer.
    It honestly beats paying 10.00  or more for one that hardly seems
    worth it. I just would like to thank all those people who do take
    time to produce these wonderful faqs that have helped me
    soooo much.
    In this game you play Detective Edward Carnby, who
    investigates a kidnapping of a little girl called Grace Saunders.
    You wind up at Hell's Kitchen to scope out a band of pirates with
    their leader One-eyed Jack.  The gameplay is somewhat based upon
    Resident evil: you walk, push, mix, etc. Some of the actions
    you do is on the menu. Your main action is to fight or push and you
    set it on whatever needs to be done.  This game is sort of short
    but falls in the categoryof difficult, so it will take you a while
    to play. Unlike Resident Evil, it has a plus of save anywhere,
    but the downfall is that you need to find every key item
    in the game if not, you have to redo or cheat.
    I would like to note, the gaming company released a mini game before
    this one came out to get everyone hyped up. I believe the game is called
    Jack in the Box,you can find it on my favorite game downloading
    web site, www.the-underdogs.org, it is the greatest
    (they are a freeware/abandonware site, no illegal games).
    Please helpthese guys keep the site up!!!  This faq is a quick
    walk through meaning I don't give out a lot of information about
    what goes on in the game, virtually spoiler-free.  This means do not
    email me unless you know some secrets or if I made a mistake.
    I have had these notes for a couple of years and haven't played the
    game since I beat it back then, so excuse me if something is wrong.
    Use CTRL-F to find a specific word.
    2) How to play:  The controls are simple.  In menu: Directional moves
    to different options, X to configure selected item and select to exit out.
    In game: Directional moves player, select displays saving and option
    screen, start pauses and displays selection screen, R1 places player
    in action stance (fight or push), X to fire gun, and square to run in
    the direction you're moving in.  There are 3 ways to play: Easy,
    average, and difficult, but I still think that it is on the difficult
    side do to some things you have to do in the game.
    In game, everything gets easy as in controlling and fighting enemies,
    some puzzles and items can be tedious to solve or find.  You also
    acquire food and flasks in the game to help with those hurtful wounds.
    Do try to keep from getting hurt, you rarely get these helpful items.
    Try to kill all the enemies, a lot of them hold key items
    or helpful items.  There are signs of when running into Jack's men.
    They will say HEY YOU or something else.
                                   {Starting Out}
    3) **In the Garden**
    ==Key items: Rope, hook, picture, and book.==
    You are dropped off at Hell's Kitchen, home to One-eyed Jacks band of
    pirates. Kill the first guy with bare hands and take his thompson.
    Run down the alley to the anchor, push it and enter the garden.
    Move fast to avoid the guys with thompsons. Kill the guy behind the corner
    and take the picture.  Turn right, kill the guy. Go to where the guy was
    and take the rope.  Go back to where you found the picture,
    walk to the crossroad.  Walk past it, kill another guy and some more.
    Get the stuff that they drop. Go back to the crossroad to the bottom of the
    screen. Kill all the guys as you go.  Step on diamond card only.
    4) **Underground cave**
    ==Key items: Jack==
    Go straight forward and get rid of the guy. Get the stuff.  Go to the other
    part of the cave, go left.  Push the chest.Get jack and use it on the alter.
    Go through exit.
    5) **Back to the Garden**
    ==Key items: newspaper and sword==
    Go to 3-way section, take left path.  Turn left and get the sword.
    Use it on the branches.  Kill the fat guy.  Find the newspaper,
    should be in a corner.  Use rope and hook on statue.
    NOTE: Make sure you have everything before going in the statue or
    you will have to restart.
    6) **Down in the basement**
    ==Key items: Nickel, crank, paper bag, note, pick, book, beater,
    hook, bottle, tokens, and bag.==
    After cut scene, take nickel, crank, and paper bag.  Go on and be careful
    not to fall off.  Take note and pick from body.  Use newspaper on door then
    pick.  Get rid of guy inside.  Take gun, book, and flask.  Go to clock and use
    crank.  Get shells.  To get rid of the music man, rip up the paper(music)
    andtake the hook.  Then get beater and go through the door not the stairs.
    Kill the guy at the door then go backward for the other to show up, kill him.
    Align the 4 diamonds, 90 degree rotations are possible.  Kill the guy
    and go to the cellar. Get flask and bottle.  (If you want to drink
    what's in the bottle, save first.) Use nickel in slots for tokens.
    Take book in the back room.  Kill the guy in the gallery and
    get bag.(You can also use bottle instead of killing.) Open bag
    and put on suit.
    7) **In the House**
    ==Key items: frying pan, eggs, wine, poison, doubloons, bullet
    proof vest, crown, sword, scroll(2), book, amulet, note, grenade,
    key, pompom, and red ball.==
    Make way to kitchen.  Get frying pan and eggs.  Take wine from the stove and
    poison from the dumbwaiter.  Mix it all together and put the mixture in front
    of the door where the statue is. (To get rid of the little boy, let him
    walk nearthe statue, run to set it off, and head to the kitchen.)  Go
    through the door you opened with wine and use the tokens in the jukebox
    in front of statue for doubloons. Go in the other room and take all the
    items: bulletproof vest, clip, and thompson.
    Take crown from statue.  Go upstairs, go through door, then open door
    in middle of the hallway.  Take derringer and use it.  Take the sword.
    There is a scrool and book in shelf.  Open hall door closest to you and
    kill arms with the sword. Get scrool.
    Use crown on white statue.  Go to magic room and get amulet. Get note
    and flask then leave. Go left and use bulletproof vest.  Kill the karateka.
    Take grenade and key. Don't open door yet.  Go to open room and
    use dobloon on jack in the box, takepom pom. Open door and go inside room.
    Throw pom pom through archway.  Use grenade in chimeny.
    Save.  Go down and take red ball from christmas tree.
    Go to billiard room.  Use the ball on the box with holes.
    Use key on door. DON'T PANIC!! Use hook to get out.
    8) **Grace Saunders** ==Key items: ball and hook==
    Kick the trunk of the car.  You'll get in.  Take ball from trunk.
    Walk carefully to the hook, where the gazebo is.  Take it and again
    walk carefully to the car.  Go left of the screen to find golf hole.
    Put the ball in and then use hook on statue.
    NOTE:  You'll return to be Carnby, just only walk to the kitchen
    to be captured.
    Grace Saunders- ==
    Key items: seeds, token, sandwhich, pepper, flint, steel, cannon,
    vase, stick, key, and book.==
    Push the plank.  Go near parrot, take seeds, sandwhich, and pepper.
    Give seeds to parrot and get out immediately to your left.  Hide
    in the small niche until the pirate stops.  Go to the ladder at the end of
    the hall fast.  Don't tease the pirate.  Climb the other ladder.
    Play hide and seek with the crew.  Go behind sitting pirate.
    Make your way to the end of the ship and get behind boxes.
    Directions: Walk behind sitting pirate.  Walk to rail of ship.
    Walk right until your character is across from the hatch.  Walk towards
    the barrel that is next to the hatch.  Move carefully to tenderbox on
    deck in between barrels and pirates.
    You go past it, you're caught.  Tap walk- go down hatch.
    Make sure to get flint and steel before leaving here.  Take small
    cannon from chest and vase from shelf  and stick next to bed.
    Position self in front of door, put down cannon and use pepper.
    Throw vase.  Wait til pirate gets close and use flint and steel
    on cannon.
    Take bell and get out.  Go through front door.  Take chicken foot.
    Get near blue plate and ring bell.  Get inside dumbwaiter.
    Take key on locker in kitchen, listen for "hey you".
    Get back in kitchen or use molasses in doorway.  Go up and do the
    same with freezer or molasses.  Go to billiard room.  Get token.
    Go to room withcell and use stick behind desk with broken plate in
    corner.  You get a keyand a book.  The door to the chamber and magic
    room open upon using that token. Go to magic room use stick on plate.
    Go next to dumbwaiter and ring bell.
    Captured again!!
    9) **Carnby's Revenge** ==Key items: Key(2), sword, fuse, fire iron,
    pliers, chain mail, book, gun powder barrel, gold pieces, and metal
    diamond card.==
    Get the key to free yourself.  Kill pirate with bare hands.  Take
    sword and use it, follow Grace.  Kill everyone you see.  Guy outside
    will leave a fuse,get it and go through the door in front.  Kill more
    and get fire iron, pliers, and key in the corner of the room.  Get out.
    Go through the door where Gracehid in the niche.  Kill the guy and
    take his stuff.  Push barrel to the left and get chain mail.
    Go through door at the end of the hallway.  Close in on
    pirate with sword.  Take stuff.  Don't let anyone get in your way
    to the locked door on deck.  Use key to gun powder room, use sword.
    Kill the guy, get thebook and gunpowder barrel.  Go to upper deck.
    Open all the doors, 2 of them can actually open. 1 is the sleeping
    room (don't stay long) and 2 is the cannon room, kill guy next to cannon,
    use pliers to free cannon and push it to the left.  Drop the barrel
    anywhere in the sleeping room.  Use fuse on cannon and then fire iron.
    Take flask and gold pieces.  Use gold pieces on the locked doors.
    Kill dwarves.  Go to where they came from, take flask.
    Kill cook, take metal diamond card.  Use it on last locked door.
    Enter it.
    Grace for last time:  Use stick on statue.  Go to room and use chickens
    10) **Final Battle**:
    Flee that ghost, it is too hard to fight.  Climb ladder to main
    Kill everything.  Wait for guy to hit with sword one time.
    Use hook on rope.  Kill karateka.  Jump down, take Nichol's sword.
    Free Grace with pliers.  Run to cannon to stop fuse. Kill Jack with sword.
    THE END!!
    This is the final and only version of this faq. Please don't email
    me with any questions about the game or the faq.
    Copyrighted 2003-2004 Jennifer Blackburn

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