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"Well, they tried."

In 1997, GT Interactive released Bugriders. The main idea of this game is you race on bugs. Sounds easy, right? Not really. You could kill your bug, get shot by an ice beam or be stuck and not able to turn.
This is one of the hardest racing games I've played. In order to go fast, you had to ''whip'' your bug. But I found that all the whipping in the world didn't make your bug go faster. It just made a horrible, high pitched scream come from your bug. If you whipped the bug too much, it died. Another bad part of the gameplay was turning. I found it impossible to turn. And if you did turn, you only went a little bit down the track before you were stuck again. But one cool feture is you can shoot power ups at other bugs, which make them die faster. You get points for killing other bugs.

Yes, there is a story. But it dosen't really fit in. The reason that you are racing around on giant bugsis because a king, King Leptus, is dying. So you and other possible future kings race your bugs in a tournament to see who will suceed Leptus. There are 8 charaters in all, and they all have different titles. There is a evil jester, a farmer and a, believe it or not, a Bugboy.

Well, the best part of this game is its graphics. The bugs all look different, and the levels are pretty good looking. The other riders look...okay, and the frame rate is very very smooth. Overall, the graphics are good. Sound on the other hand...well. The songs in the game are very smooth and chestile. But racing on the other hand. First, you hear a really loud buzzing. Then the race starts and all you hear is...buzzing and loud slaps. Then, if you run out of time, you hear a REALLY loud dining, topped off with a buzzer. Scary.

Play Time/Replayability
This game takes about 3 hours to beat. There are 8 charaters in all. So that means there is about a days worth of gameplay. There are also some shortcuts. You have differnt times on different levels. Some levels give you
Play Time/Replayability=4/10

I think that this game is alright. If you can find it used, pick it up and try it. But you have to remember that it is for PS1. So don't expect much.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/20/04

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