Review by KasketDarkfyre

"Alright....I'm gonna hurt someone..."

One of my earlier games, I started playing this again the other night, and quickly realized, that it was up on the shelf collecting dust for a reason...a very very good reason.

-Graphics 4/10-

Okay, I have to give it to the game, it's got the backgrounds, and the introductions look neat, but everything else just runs downhill. A camera scrolling out, will turn your already polygoned out characters, into small versions that look like blobs of ink and color. It's not impressive. The characters, even though they're unique in their own way, they don't stand out, and in they're not all that detailed. Some of the moves look neat, but that doesn't save it from break-down, and slow down.

-Sound 3/10-

The voices overs are mechincal and the music is just kind of disgusting. It makes me wonder why this happened on the PSX, and why they didn't take the time to do better. You'll shut the volume off a few minutes after playing, to get into some Rob Zombie, or something, anything, that will make the pain in your ears go away. Megadeth anyone?

-Control 2/10-

This isn't good. Pulling off the different moves for each character takes expert skill, and if you're a novice player to this game, you can't get it down in the first couple of hours of playing. Even after playing it, trying to get the moves to come off when you want them to, doesn't really work out that well. It's a sloppy fighting format at best. Jumping takes you too far into the air, and you float, so there isn't alot of precision needed, nor is it easy to pull off combination moves against your opponent.

-Gameplay 2/10-

You fight, and fight...or at least attempt to. You can gain skill throughout your battles, and even gain new moves, but that takes time, and patience, both of which you don't have after playing the first couple of fights. The AI is cheap, way cheap. You'll have the round almost won, and the computer will come back and annihilate you. It doesn't make this fun, not one bit.

-Overall 3/10-

It doesn't have anything going for it, and it wouldn't make you want to play it. The graphics are choppy, the sound is distant and isn't put very well together, and the control absolutely makes me want to wretch. It's one of those first attempts at a 3d-fighter that didn't do all that well, and was a mistake I think...perhaps a test run, but that's what a program tester is for, to make sure that games like this doesn't come across the gaming platforms. Just avoid it, it's not worth the time, or the energy to play or purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/15/00, Updated 02/15/00

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