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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RVallant

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 04/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game Information:
    Title: Warhammer: Dark Omen
    Type: Real Time Strategy
    Format: Playstation
    Game's Age Limits: 11+  
    Author: Robert "Robbie B" Blowes
    Contact: thefollower44@hotmail.com
    FAQ Version number: 2.1
    Last Update: 5th April 2003 -Completion of mission 11 done, special 
    items list updated all that usual stuff. Updated enemy list breezing 
    through the FAQ in good pace, Merc Ogres added to allies list.
    FAQ Version 1.0 - 10th DEC 2001: Introduction - Section 1.0 updated
    FAQ Version 1.1 - 11th DEC 2001: Started Section 2 added List of 
    FAQ Version 1.8 - Mission 7 completed with no casualties.
    FAQ Version 1.9 - Added +/- on allied units section. Control FAQ 
    section started due to popular demand. Redesign and redrafting of FAQ 
    results in complete deletion of walkthrough.
    FAQ Version 2.0 - Added +/- on temporary unit section. Control FAQ 
    for controller just about finished. Missions 1 through 4 now re-
    written with much more simpler and easier battle tactics than ever 
    before! *Cough* ok can't get carried away. Lots more re-written and 
    re-drafted, missions 5a, b and c* to be completed soon (battle 
    planning being done again).
    FAQ Version 2.1 - Missions 1 through 11 completed, enemy list ever 
    growing. Any contributions to what to add to the +/- section send my 
    way, I'll probably change them a bit though since it all depends how 
    lucky you are in the game (i.e. Greatswords demolishing an entire 
    army of Orcs and undead when they usually flee sort of thing).
     Ogres added to allied list, please note that I haven't done the 
    missions that gain them yet.
    This FAQ is copyright 2001-2002, Robert Blowes.
    Welcome to Robbie B's FAQ. This FAQ aims to cover everything on the 
    game: Warhammer: Dark Omen. If I have missed anything please do not 
    hesitate to contact me and I will check to put whatever I have missed 
    into this FAQ. The Basic content of this FAQ starts off with unit 
    information and basic information, which you may need to know to gain 
    a clearer view of the story. The general walkthrough is here and 
    covers all decisions you as the player makes. Thank you for reading 
    this FAQ I hope to hear from you soon.
    Special Note: Dark Omen is based on the tabletop Warhammer: Fantasy 
    Battles. If you are an owner of the game then ALL enemy stats based 
    in the game (exception to bosses) will be found in the respective 
    Battle books of Warhammer: Fantasy Battles. I have used my knowledge 
    of Warhammer FB to try and help clear up the battle system, however 
    if anyone possesses the ENTIRE collection of books of the tabletop 
    game WHEN Dark Omen was released I'd be very happy if you could send 
    all information about the units including their stats. 
    Table of contents:
    1.0)	Story and basic information
    1.1)	Definition of Terms
    1.2)	Skull and Shield rating explanation
    2.0)	Details of units (allies)
    2.1)  Details of units that join for a short time
    3.0)	Bestiary
    4.0)	F.A.Q'S
    5.0)	Walkthrough
    6.0)	Special Items/Weapons List
    7.0)	Magic Book
    8.0)	Control FAQ
    9.0)	Secrets/Codes
    10.0)	Legal disclaimer
    11.0) Credits and How to contribute.
    *Section 1.0*
    Story and Basic Information
     If Warhammer: Dark Omen is your first Warhammer game then you will 
    more than likely not understand why you the main character is out in 
    the wilds of the Empire fighting goblins and Orcs. 
     The story actually starts in Warhammer: Shadow of the horned Rat in 
    which you the player was the commander of the young Grudgebringer 
    Mercenary army famed in the north but trying to make a career in the 
    southern areas known as the Border Princes.
     In the game you of course come across a huge enemy plotting to 
    destroy the world and so on. Of course a feat which has rarely been 
    done is YOU went and defeated the Skaven warlord along with his 
    puppet Orc Boss Urgat Rip-eye. 
     Now, several years later you end up in the Empire back to being a 
    small mercenary army once again. This time though a new threat 
    arrives and it's up to you to defend the world from the terror of 
    *Basic Information*
     Basic information you just need to know about this game and what all 
    the rest of this guide will tell you about.
     This guide is SPOILER free and if there is any possible spoilers it 
    will be marked clearly. You also should know how to play the game 
    which I hope you do, if not please refer to the Game Control FAQ.
     As you are a commander of the army I should hope you know what a 
    commander has to do! The main things a commander should understand is 
    defence is much better than attack. 
     The reason for this is that it's simply a LOT easier when defending 
    to get the upper hand. For example when defending you have the 
    advantage of firing off artillery and narrowing down enemy numbers in 
    your solid fortified positions that if planned right allow for 
    flanking attacks. When you attack you lose the advantage of sitting 
    back and allowing the enemy to fall into your trap, and in most cases 
    you will have to send several orders (quickly mind) to get your 
    troops into a solid attacking position. Personally I feel it's easier 
    and on the whole a LOT safer to just sit back and defend as opposed 
    to running into ambushes as you attempt to attack. (As a rule of 
    thumb attacking plans are easily broken up i.e. ambushed as opposed 
    to defending plans, which generally can adapt to anything the enemy 
    throws at you) 
    |Section 1.1|
    *Definition of terms*
     Flanking: This means getting your units around the enemy and 
    attacking from the sides or behind.
     Flanks: This is the left and right sides of your army.
     Centre: This is obviously in between the flanks
     Rearguard: This is the back of the army.
     Vanguard: Not to be confused with Rearguard. The vanguard is the 
    front of the army.
     Cavalry: Soldiers on horses, beasts and mostly anything that is big 
    enough to allow a mount. Powerful and vital for your cause, they are 
    generally the fastest units you can deploy and as such are BEST used 
    for flanking. Keep them out of battle so if you encounter trouble you 
    will have a fast and strong unit to reinforce collapsing lines. Or 
    you can choose to use them as crack troops (as they generally are 
     Infantry: Foot soldiers. Treat them as cannon fodder if you wish, 
    however Infantry troops are the best for close range fighting and 
    should ALWAYS be in the front line.
     Archers: Wield longbows, firing rate is pretty good range varies. 
    They can fire over allied units so as a general rule of thumb you 
    would like to have archers over crossbowmen in battle (unless you use 
    the Kamikaze tactics explained later)
     Crossbowmen: These use the more powerful crossbows, long range but 
    slow to reload they cannot fire over allied units (if they can they 
    do a great job of shredding through the rear ranks :\) *Robbie B's 
    note: Crossbowmen are GREAT kamikaze guys. Just sit them halfway up 
    the battlefield and pepper the enemy with crossbows. When the enemy 
    gets into charge range fire one last round of arrows. Now point and 
    laugh as the leader flees, his comrades dead around him... (you might 
    want to start crying if it doesn't work though :D)*
     Artillery: War machines, cannons, mortars and so on usually stupidly 
    powerful but immobile. Mortars are the only artillery unit that can 
    fire OVER allied troops so try not to get a unit in front of a cannon 
    when it starts firing yea?
     Skull Rating: This is shown in the troop roster and on the battle 
    map (press select then highlight a unit). The number of skulls shows 
    the rank or "threat" of a unit. Needless to say a unit with 1 skull 
    is hardly going to hurt your mighty three skull elite's! Always think 
    about this before sending that Infantry unit to attack a little group 
    of enemies since you could be sending a 2 skull infantry into a 4 
    skull bunch of elite's... Needless to say your butt will be handed back 
    to you on a plate. 
    Shield rating: This is also in the troop roster but NOT viewable on 
    the battle map (so no chance of seeing enemy armouring). This is how 
    well protected your units are. Generally put this can be vital in the 
    later stages of the game.
    Melee: Hand to hand combat!
    Flee: Not to be confused with melee! It means: RUN!!!!!
    Attack: An attack is basically and attack of some sorts whenever by 
    missile or by swords.
    Re-enforcement: This is the term I use in attacking missions. In 
    attacking missions when you practically wipe out the enemy a bigger 
    stronger unit appears, these are reinforcements sent basically to 
    help them out and you aren't going to let that happen!
    Wave: A wave is the battle phrase during defensive battles. When you 
    are defending something, the enemy will attack in waves. Basically a 
    group of 4 or more units attack one particular area of your defences 
    and when they fall or are in trouble another four units or comes to 
    back them up and keep up the assault... In other words the second batch 
    of enemies is the "second wave of attack".
    Waves: Waves is the battle phrase used when more than one attacking 
    wave is launched at your units. For example in mission 1 there are 
    two waves of attacks by 2 units while in mission 3 there are SIX 
    waves of attacks by 1 unit. It's easy to learn!
    |Section 1.2|
    Skull and Shield explanation:
    Skull and Shield is the way a unit is rated in terms of both strength 
    and defence. 
     Skulls are the way troops are determined to be a threat. How much 
    experience they have, how many kills they have made and how much of a 
    threat they are on the battlefield. This was employed in Warhammer: 
    Shadow of the Horned rat to limited success but is the heart of 
    Warhammer: Dark Omen
    1 Skull: Recruits.
     This is the rate given to people who come fresh out of the barracks! 
    It's also given to troops who have no experience. These troops have 
    little skill in using their weapons; they are unorganised and not 
    exactly brilliant in combat. They flee a lot, make rash decisions and 
    get into the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Examples include Night Goblins, Brigands (thugs) and Zombies (Normal 
    people brought back to life). Villagers can be included here although 
    some would be a 0-skull threat as opposed to 1 but hey that's the 
    2 Skulls: Regular Troops
     This is the rate given to "normal" troops. Troops you would find in 
    almost every army. They have the average skill in combat; they use 
    their weapons with good skill, are organised and flee only when 
    losing a battle. They have average leadership are an experienced 
    bunch of soldiers. In reality men who go into battle a lot but aren't 
    exactly top of the art soldiers.
    Examples include: Helmgart Bowmen (poor shots), countess Guards (flee 
    at fear!), Orc Boyz (organised and strong)
    3 Skulls: Elite Troops (Veterans)
     This is usually given to troops who are the core of the army. They 
    are powerful troops who utilise their weapons with amazing skill! 
    They never flee unless faced with certain defeat or are overwhelmed. 
     They have brilliant leaders, are very organised and loyal men. They 
    are top of the art fighters in reality the best troops you can find 
    strong and resilient. They usually lead the front line.
    Examples include: Grudgebringer Cavalry (class pure class), Orc Boar 
    Boyz (nasty), Carlsson's Cavalry (class) and Necromancers (nasty)
    4 skulls: Rare troops (Total Veterans)
     This is given to troops who are totally rare. You will be hard 
    pressed to find them anywhere in the world. They wield their weapons 
    with unbelievable skill, are led by inspirational leaders, rarely 
    flee unless face with utmost defeat and are total specialists in what 
    they do. 
     In reality these are state of the art soldiers who you should beg to 
    have on your team. They are the best units you can have specialising 
    in a certain area of battle.
    Examples include: Grudgebringer Cannon (state of the art cannoners), 
    Grudgebringer Cavalry (it's easy to level them up).
    Shields basically give you an idea of how well protected your men 
    are. Gold Shield is the minimum amount of armour you can have.
    Shields for infantry:
    1 Shield: Basically normal clothes.
    2 Shields: This is a troop with normal armour. Basically light armour 
    or a shield.
    3 Shields: This means the troops have heavy armour or light armour 
    with a shield.
    4 Shields: Given to troops who have heavy armour and a shield. Strong 
    protection but they will be slower than normal.
    (The above changes depending on weapons e.g. countess guards can't 
    have shields because they require two hands to use their weapons 1 
    shield is light armour and 2 shields is heavy armour)
    Shield for Cavalries:
    2 shields: The minimum, 1 shield for being mounted (hard to hit) and 
    1 shield for light armour.
    3 shields: Heavy armour, or light armour and shield plus being 
    4 shields: Heavy armour, or barded horse.
    5 shields: Heavy armour, shield and barded horse.
    |Section 2.0|
    This section gives you all the information required on YOUR units. 
    This is PLAYER controlled units and not NPC'S or enemies. This 
    section also contains, background information, information on how to 
    use the unit to best effect and loads of other stuff.
    *Allied units*
    Permanent Units (Units which NEVER leave your army or units which 
    rejoin your army later)
    Name: Grudgebringer Cavalry
    Led by: Commander Bernhardt.
    Background: Taking their name from their commander's powerful sword 
    'Grudgebringer' these mercenaries form the core of the army known as 
    the Grudgebriners. They are skilled in combat and ride to battle on 
    mighty war-horses.
    How to use:
    As the background says they are the CORE of your army. Lose these 
    guys and the game is over. However these guys are the toughest unit 
    in the game period especially at the start.
     This cavalry unit has 16 men and horses and since it is war-horses 
    you get an extra attack for the horse! 
     They start off with potent three skulls and three shields of a 
    possible five. At the start of the game they can easily wipe out any 
    unit for no casualties!
     Although you may like I be tempted to storm them through the main 
    enemy units which is a dangerous thing at times, the best tactics to 
    use with these boys is to keep them in the flanks and once your 
    archers and cannon crew has cut the enemy down as much as they can 
    send in these guys. 
     I tend to get them to attack enemy units of skull skill two or three 
    rather than 1 since the less experienced fighters should take out 
    those pesky 1 skull boys!
    + You're the LEADER!
    + Fast and reliable
    + Overly powerful can hold their own against insane odds.
    + Starts out with a nice magic weapon "Grudgebringer Sword"
    + Can upgrade to FIVE armour slots, very nice!
    - You're the LEADER! (In other words die and it's all over)
    Name: Grudgebringer Infantry
    Led by: Sergeant Gunther Schepke
    Background: These warriors are highly experienced and proficient 
    fighters led by Sergeant Gunther Schepke, Bernhardt's second in 
    command. As part of the respected mercenary army known as the 
    Grudgebringers they are completely loyal to their commander.
    How to use:
     I recommend you try and keep these boys alive for as LONG as 
    possible. They are the biggest Infantry unit in the game having a 
    total of 20 men max! 
     They start the game with a skull rate of two, which is basically 
    what I would consider an "average" rate. Also they start with 2 
    shields of a possible 3. 
     I recommend upgrading their shield to three at the start of the game 
    so they will stay alive long enough to get more lethal! 
     With a skull rate of two these boys are capable of taking on most 
    enemy units. If you see a two-skull enemy or even better a 1-skull 
    enemy send these guys in to attack they should be able to handle 
    them. However I suggest you don't send them in to face elite units 
    (skull: 3+) unless you have serious backup with them just in case 
    things go wrong. (The Cavalry is a good backup unit here) 
     The best tactics to use here is to send these guys into the enemy 
    front rank then circle the cavalry to attack the enemy flanks or 
    rearguard. Don't expect the cavalry to save their butts all the time 
    though, train them up and don't worry about losing them you shouldn't 
    lose them unless you are THAT bad or just plain unlucky (They can run 
    pretty fast for humans you know ;)).
    + BIGGEST Infantry unit in the game
    + More than able to defeat ANY enemy
    + Solid front line troops.
    - Not always reliable. They flee quite a bit, which is a shame.
    - Is it just me or does the green/white banner scream "Fire the 
    arrows here please!"?
    Name: Grudgebringer Crossbows
    Led by: Unknown
    Background: As part of the respected Grudgebringer mercenary army 
    these troops are skilled in their art and loyal to their commander. 
    They are armed with powerful crossbows, which have long range but 
    require line of sight to their target. Although they wield their 
    crossbows with considerable skill they are not particularly effective 
    in hand to hand combat. ONLY the front rank of the unit may fire.
    How to use:
     Simple here, DON'T get them in hand to hand combat unless you really 
    are desperate however I applaud you if you sacrifice them for the 
    cannon crew! 
     Line of sight basically means they can't stand in front of a 
    building and shoot the enemy like longbow archers can! But these guys 
    can be very useful _sometimes_! They aren't entirely good most of the 
    time (in my case) getting 4 kills in the entire battle! However in 
    missions where you can't take your cannons these boys become VITAL!
     They have a ton of weaknesses and will become useless when you get 
    some archers. As they can't fire UP in the air I suggest you do NOT 
    put them directly behind your own men because you'll end up killing 
    your soldiers and have the enemy laughing at you! (Keep your men 
    about 1 regimant size away from the crossbows as they can still get 
    hit at the sides sometimes.)
     Put them on a hill or even better put them in the middle of two 
    units of infantry fire away then when the enemy get too close pull 
    them back and get the infantry to close in.
    They have 16 men MAX and a skull rate of 2! Another 'average' unit. 
    Shields though are 1 of a maximum of three at the start of the game 
    and should remain so unless you seriously intend to send them into a 
    + Powerful crossbow troops
    + Great for the Crossbow Kamikaze tactic
    + Are decently accurate
    - Agonisingly slow at loading
    - Can't fire OVER allied units
    - Are USELESS in hand to hand combat *require protection*
    - Are often important in missions without a cannon (they're your only 
    artillery in some battles and thus you need to know how they are, how 
    fast they reload and such so you can get the covering fire in time.)
    - Can go through the entire game without picking up a kill!
    Name: Grudgebringer Cannon
    Led by: Unknown
    Background: This machine fires heavy cannonballs which, can tear 
    through enemy regiments and light buildings with ease, but is 
    progressively more inaccurate the further it fires. Its enormously 
    long range is only matched by Orc Rock Lobbers, but it requires line 
    of sight to its target as the cannonball is fired in a very shallow 
    arc. Armour is USELESS against hits from a cannon.
    How to use:
     Now I'm presuming you don't intend to get these men into a fight 
    with a bunch of skeletons am I right? I do hope so! The cannon is 
    gained from the start of the game and has 4 men; a MINIMUM of three 
    is required to even shoot! Remember that!
     However this is the MOST LETHAL unit you have at the start of the 
    game oh yes. Guess how many skulls? That's right! FOUR the max 
    possible! However it's shield rate is 1 of a possible 3 not that it 
    accounts to much since you won't want to get them in hand to hand 
     How do you use them then? Sit them down and shoot like mad. However 
    they have the exact same weaknesses the Grudgebringer crossbows have. 
    They still shoot your own men and believe me one shot through the 
    rear of your men will simply be enough to get them fleeing well off 
    the battle map unless you are LUCKY and if you're unlucky you'll wipe 
    your own men out. Congratulations dude you just hit a game over!
     Putting them on a hill helps, putting them behind a hill doesn't! 
    Just get them in a place with good line of sight and make sure they 
    can't blow your own men up and you'll be fine with these guys. 
     PLEASE PLEASE don't get them killed. They are very much VITAL for 
    all missions.
    + It's a CANNON!
    + Cannon shots bypass armour. GREAT against bosses and tough enemies.
    + Decent reload time
    + Insanely long range.
    - PATHETIC accuracy at times. (Although they can hit wizards in one 
    - Can't fire over allies
    - Insanely long range (are you sure that none of your allies are in 
    the way *hint hint*)
    - Couldn't even kill a chicken in hand to hand combat. *Requires 
    Name: Bright wizard
    Background: Having spent years studying his art at the Bright college 
    in Altdorf, a bright wizard is able to control magical energy to 
    produce spells of flame and heat. Although extremely powerful in 
    battle, wizards do not fare well in hand to hand combat. A wizard may 
    NEVER wear armour.
    How to use: 
     The bright wizard is one of the most powerful wizards in the whole 
    game! Since most of the enemy in the mid-final parts of the game are 
    undead you'll have a lot of fun just burning them to death since 
    Undead units are weak against fire!
     Note when the background information says: NEVER wear armour and DO 
    NOT FARE WELL IN HAND TO HAND COMBAT? Well unless you are like me 
    (crazy as hell) do NOT ever put him in hand to hand combat since the 
    poor fool will more than likely have his head chopped off.
     Although I have got him in battle with a whole unit which he somehow 
    managed to hold out until the cavalry saved him (very funny too) I 
    don't recommend doing this. And yes he only killed 4 in that battle 
     Basically with this guy combined with the Grudgebringer Cavalry unit 
    the two can be an unstoppable force for the undead units. Use him 
    wisely and check out the spell book in section 7.0 for more tips.
    *Danny's tip: Back in the days when I used to play with Danny on 
    Warhammer he gave me quite an impressive display of power in Dark 
    Omen. In several of the missions you can win with ONLY the Bright 
    Wizard... Although I wouldn't suggest people try it, it does show you 
    how powerful the wizard can be. The way to do it is simple, mass cast 
    fire wall spells (the one where fire erupts out of the ground and 
    burns for a while) in areas where you KNOW the enemy reinforcements 
    will appear... Anything undead that walks into this will be nothing but 
    charred ashes and yes you're abusing the game but it works with 
    practice (you have to be precise on your timing and positioning to 
    eliminate entire armies with just the wizard and cavalry here)*
    + FIRE Spells (A LOT of undead enemies are weak against fire and you 
    fight like... A LOT OF UNDEAD ENEMIES!)
    + Can teleport out of danger situations
    + Stupidly overly lethal
    + Can teleport RIGHT next to enemy mages for battle purposes (or 
    scouting whatever)
    - Has no armour
    - OH MY GOD! He CAN kill a chicken in hand to hand combat! That 
    doesn't mean he can kill Elite units though, KEEP HIM OUT of hand to 
    hand combat.
    - Is an idiot at times refusing to do the thing you want correctly.
    - Lack of variety... This guy's obsessed with FIRE!
    Name: Dwarf Warriors
    Led by: Unknown
    Background: Determined and confident, Dwarfs are immensely strong and 
    resilient although slow on their feet. They will flee in only the 
    most desperate circumstances and their hatred for Orcs and Goblins 
    makes them even less likely to rout when fighting them.
    How to Use:
    They are slow really so don't try and get them into a fight with 
    archers. They are powerful though and the second largest Infantry 
    unit in the game with 19 Dwarfs and 2 of three shields filled. They 
    start out with a two skull rating as do most infantry! 
     When fighting Orcs and Goblins these guys practically fight to the 
    death and so are very useful in fights against the greenskins! 
    However against other units they are also pretty good if a bit slow.
     The best way to use them is to simply keep them back until an enemy 
    gets close then charge them in. Because they are slow it is hard to 
    send them out to attack and so it's best to keep them close by to 
    defend a cannon or the archers. 
     The Dwarf warriors first join you after you re-take or defend 
    Helmgart. If you choose to help them they will join you then leave 
    you and later in the game they will re-join you. However don't help 
    them and they "die" or "refuse to help" you. 
    (As it is... if you have cash to spend max out the Dwarves armour. 
    Dwarves suffer no penalty on movement in this game so no matter how 
    much armour you put on or remove they will always move the SAME speed 
    (unlike humans who will generally go painstakingly slow if packed up 
    with armour)
    + Cuddly little guys!
    + Have beards
    + Are powerful front line troops
    + WILL rarely flee from battle against Orcs and Goblins.
    + Are the BEST defending the cannon and archers.
    - Slow...
    - Prone to running away
    - Flee a lot more if fighting with elves.
    - Are sitting ducks against archers.
    - Not very good attacking units.
    Name: Imperial Greatswords
    Led by: Unknown
    Background: Imperial Greatswords, like all swordsmen of the Empire, 
    are highly trained and proficient fighters. The swords they wield are 
    so large they must be swung with both hands and therefore strike with 
    great force. Due to this fact these troops are limited in the amount 
    of armour they can utilise.
    How to use: 
     They use two hand swords so basically because of the sheer force 
    they hit plus the sheer weight of the swords they use, they attack 
    LAST. Doesn't matter who they fight they attack last. Therefore 
    please don't even THINK about getting them into a fight with cavalry 
    or Orc Boar Boyz and Goblin Wolf Riders because they'll be 
    slaughtered more often than not.
     They can't use much armour so I would recommend buying one more 
    piece of armour so they can live longer! Although you might not use 
    them that much they can be useful. They tend to retreat a lot so I've 
    heard and seen. 
     Basically don't get them into fights against cavalry. Keep them 
    against infantry units and they should be alright. They only have 15 
    men though so you may want to keep them back to protect a cannon. On 
    the other hand as well as attacking last they are annoyingly slow. 
    Trust me on this but don't even THINK of getting them into a fight 
    with archers... SHOT DOWN is what will happen to them if you do so.
     As with most other infantry units they start with a 2 skull rating 
    and 1 of 2 shield slots filled. Sucks eh? 
    *Robbie B's research tip: These guys are not worth being on the field 
    of battle. Unless you were careless and wasted units then these boys 
    are in the most extreme cases going to be nothing more than "mop up" 
    troops. Only use them if you don't have any other decent infantry 
    units. *
    - They attack last.
    - They don't have brilliant armour
    - They attack last and in general get slaughtered before they hit a 
    - Slow
    - Runs away from battle quicker than Homer Simpson does when he sees 
    a free doughnut sale. 
    Name: Flagellants
    Led by: Unknown
    Background: Flagellants are men who have been driven over the edge of 
    sanity by some personal disaster or catastrophe, causing them to 
    travel the Empire preaching their vision of doom. Their madness gives 
    them superhuman strength and resilience and they fight with 
    outstanding fury. Flagellants wear only tattered robes and will not 
    wear armour.
    How to Use:
    Ok so, as you should know by now. Infantry unit... 2 skull. The catch? 
    They can wear no armour meaning they are defenceless as well... imagine 
    a hedgehog on a highway and you get my point.
     Only 9 men in a unit and basically mad as anything. They use flails, 
    which are quite nasty, especially since they can break your jaw in 
    one blow! Right now if I haven't put you off using this unit then I 
    know you aren't a guy who believes loads of armour and hitting power 
    = instant win!
     Although they may look frail they are excellent fighters. Send them 
    to fight a unit of 20 goblins and they probably WILL win! Small in 
    numbers, weak in armour yet their hitting power, their insanity makes 
    them unbeatable. Because they are "mad" they refuse to even retreat 
    unless either half-dead or just about getting wiped out!
     The other interesting fact of this madness is that it grants them so 
    much power they can easily smash through units like a knife through 
    butter. A unique unit so don't waste them. They are pretty good at 
    times better than the Imperial Greatswords anyhow! 
     Try not to send them headlong into archers (have I stressed this 
    enough?) because they'll be easily shot to pieces. Basically have 
    them attack either infantry or small units of cavalry. Try not to 
    lose them either because they can be a nice part of your plans!
    + Religious fanatics (They make the BEST troops;))
    + Only retreats when they've lost a leg.
    + Nicely powerful
    + Can be the trump card in battle if used right.
    - No armour
    - Small unit (9 men)
    - Can be wiped out if you aren't careful.
    - Tend to fight to the death.
    Name: Imperial Cannon*
    Background: : This machine fires heavy cannonballs which, can tear 
    through enemy regiments and light buildings with ease, but is 
    progressively more inaccurate the further it fires. Its enormously 
    long range is only matched by Orc Rock Lobbers, but it requires line 
    of sight to its target as the cannonball is fired in a very shallow 
    arc. Armour is USELESS against hits from a cannon.
    How to Use: Just like the Grudgebringer Cannon enough said really.
    Advantages and Disadvantages: Same as Grudgebringer Cannon
    *Note: After mission 9 you have the choice of choosing the Imperial 
    Cannon or Mortar. If you choose the Cannon then you get this... Skip 
    ahead and read the Mortar section for more information.
    Name: Imperial Mortar*
    Background: This machine fires explosive shells high into the air, 
    sending them crashing down into enemy ranks. It has an extremely long 
    range and can shoot over obstacles and terrain as the shell is fired 
    in an arc, but it is progressively more inaccurate the further it 
    fires. Armour provides no protection against hits from a mortar.
    How to Use: This 4-skull machine is just like your Grudgebringer 
    Cannon in experience, armour and lethality. However unlike the cannon 
    it has the advantage of firing OVER allies and does NOT require a 
    line of sight to bombard enemies. The mortar has the ability to fire 
    over a hill to bombard enemy ranks and that gives it a significant 
    advantage over the cannon as your first choice artillery unit
    + Long range
    + Can shoot over allied units and obstacles
    + Gives you an extra attacking option
    + Extremely vital in missions where you can't use the cannon (because 
    buildings prevent you from shooting the enemy for example)
    - Requires protection
    - Fires up into the air, enemies can easily move out of the way 
    especially cavalry units.
    - Can't fight in hand to hand combat
    - The cannon is better when firing at close range as the cannonball 
    goes straight into the enemy as opposed to UP then back DOWN.
    - The Mortar is obviously not too accurate at long range
    *Note: You must choose between the mortar or the cannon. I personally 
    vouch for the mortar as you really don't require two cannons and the 
    mortar is something different
    Name: Mercenary Ogres _FEAR_ (see note)
    Background: These massive creatures stand at twice as tall as a man 
    and are far more strongly built. Although they are not particularly 
    intelligent they are strong and tough and fight ferociously. They are 
    notoriously indiscriminate about who they fight for as long as they 
    are rewarded. Due to their large and threatening appearance Ogres 
    provoke fear.
    How to Use: An infantry unit that for once is THREE skull. The catch 
    is the max size of this unit is limited to THREE men. The Mercenary 
    Ogre unit of three also can only wear ONE shield of armour. This may 
    sound like it makes them a useless bunch of troops and potetionally 
    they are. However these troops tend to be better than even the 
    Imperial Greatswords and as a bonus they cause fear, which is great 
    when facing either Orcs or undead. Orcs and goblins will flee from 
    the Ogres most times and the fact that Ogres cause fear makes them 
    immune to fear that undead units cause! 
     Be careful how you use them as they are a small unit it would be 
    wasted to get them killed. Against any one skull troop they can 
    usually hold their own but in the case of large 2skull units or any 
    3skull unit you should always have a backup unit help them out. The 
    Ogres may benefit most with the special item "Enchanted Shield" so 
    give that to them if you want.
    NOTE: The Ogres will only join you if you agree to help them attack 
    the Orc and Goblin Army.
    + Cause fear
    + Are stronger and tougher than humans
    + Unit of three ogres counts to about 6-9 humans.
    + Start at three skulls!
    - Small unit, easily wiped out if you aren't careful
    - Flee if the odds are against them
    - Low armour
    - Are only really effective as a backup unit unless you're lucky 
    enough to get the enemy to flee straight away!
    *Section 2.1*
    |Units, which join then, leave your army |
    Units, which join and then leave your army, are indicated with a 
    green arrow on their emblem in the troop roster. SOME units will re-
    join you later in the game and become permanent units; these units 
    are listed in Section 2.0.
    Units here will NEVER join you permanently at all during the game and 
    will only stay for a brief time.
    Name: Carlsson's Cavalry
    Led by: Unknown
    Background: These warriors form part of the militia commanded by the 
    Border Prince and former mercenary Sven Carlsson, a personal friend 
    of Bernhardt. They ride into battle on mighty war-horses and are 
    proficient in combat.
    How to use:
    Carlsson's Cavalry are much better than in the first game where they 
    were two useless units of infantry! The Cavalry is given to you for a 
    few battles at the start of the game and should be used to good 
     Use them to attack and support the Grudgebringers most of the time 
    since they are equal in skill to the Grudgebringers and MORE heavily 
    armoured! A 3 skulled unit with 4 of 5 shields covered! Don't buy 
    them additional armour since they WILL leave. 
     Basically these guys won't get wiped out unless you are that 
    unlucky! They are tougher than nails and although only have 14 men 
    compared to the Grudgebringer cavalry's 16 they never do get many 
     Use them for support, and if you don't care about experience points 
    send them in as a main attack force.
    + As strong as the Grudgebringer Cavalry
    + Have MORE armour than your cavalry and are thus less likely to die.
    + Reliable in the midst of battle!
    - Flee more than the Grudgebringer Cavalry.
    - Only stick around for 2 missions.
    Name: Helmgart Bowmen
    Led by: Unknown
    Background: Like all warriors of the Empire these bowmen are highly 
    trained in their art. They are aimed with standard bows, which have a 
    medium range. Although they wield their bows with skill they are not 
    particularly effective in hand to hand combat. Only the front two 
    ranks of archers may fire. 
    How to use: These guys are utter crap. I could shout 50 rude words 
    and you could get the picture of how BAD these archers are! Believe 
    me if you were moaning about the Grudgebringer Crossbows being crap 
    shots these guys excel in being totally utterly useless at shooting! 
    The Crossbowmen are the BEST crossbow unit in the game and although 
    I've been saying that ARCHERS or BOWMEN are better don't even bother 
    with the Helmgart Bowmen because they pale in comparison.
     A 2 skull, 1 of three shields filled, these boys are "average" 
    bowmen the same as the Grudgebringer Crossbowmen except worst shots! 
    If you are going to use them then do as they walkthrough says, they 
    have good range and don't really need line of sight however though if 
    you get them in a firefight with another enemy unit of archers they 
    will much like the did in the first game lose and die! They do 
    however have huge numbers, 20 in all but that means nothing for 
    + Are bowmen thus can fire OVER allies.
    + Above average rate of fire.
    - Awful shots, even your own crossbow unit is better.
    - Easily wiped out in a firefight with enemy archers.
    - Slow and unreliable.
    Name: Countess Guards
    Led by: Unknown
    Background: These fighters like all the Empire's infantry, are highly 
    trained and proficient fighters. They are skilled in combat and the 
    halberds they wield are heavy weapons, which hit with great force. 
    These weapons must be wielded with both hands, so these troops are 
    limited in the amount of armour they can utilise.
    How to Use: The countess Guard come with the Helmgart Bowmen and are 
    basically the guys who protect the countess. After seeing the 
    Helmgart Bowmen and these guys in action I will assure you, you'll 
    understand just why the Empire needs men like you to do the dirty 
     The Countess Guards aren't that bad in all honesty but because of 
    the two handed weapons they use they hit LAST all the time no matter 
    what. And when you are facing a unit of 20 zombies this is not 
    something useful! They also tend to flee about three times more than 
    your own units would which makes me laugh sometimes.
     They are as usual an average unit of 2 skull rating and have 1 
    shield of a possible two! Because of the lack of armour it's no 
    surprise the ranks of these sturdy 10 men seem to get demolished all 
    the time. (Low armour + always hit last + 10 men = Death)
     You won't use them much so can't really offer any tactics!
    + Bodyguards!
    + Aren't too shabby in battle compared to most units.
    + Are likely to cause havoc if they are charged.
    - Have low armour and generally get slaughtered
    - Small Unit (10 men)
    - Hit last in battle
    - Hit last, small unit, low armour = bye bye.
    - Are a "guard" unit... In other words they're the LAST line of defence
    - As a guard unit they are worthless holding the front line
    - Retreat a LOT.
    Name: Imperial Steam Tank:
    Background: This machine is in effect a mobile cannon and is very 
    heavily armoured. In battle it cannot be engaged in hand to hand 
    combat as it would simply run over any troops in its path. The 
    cannon, which has a very long range but is progressively more 
    inaccurate the further it fires, launches heavy cannonballs, which 
    can tear through an enemy regiment with ease. Armour provides no 
    protection against hits from  cannonballs.
    How to Use: The Steam Tank is an impressive 4 skull unit operated by 
    1 man. Like the Grudgebringer cannon it's a great artillery the added 
    bonus being you can move this thing and it can simply not be 
    destroyed via any means but other cannons/archers. There's not much 
    advice I can give since I don't really use this mainly because I've 
    never required to.
    + It's a cannon that can move
    + Is immune to hand to hand combat
    - You probably won't ever need to use it.
    *Section 3.0*
    Advance notice: The following bestiary can be used to plan or make up 
    your own battle tactics and complete the game without the use of the 
    walkthrough. This is very useful if you do not wish to be forced to 
    use my own tactics and methods to win the game. 
     You can though use the bestiary and the walkthrough to see what to 
    do if you feel up to it. However for those who wish to get STRAIGHT 
    to the game then go to the walkthrough section. The bestiary is here 
    to give you additional information and options of taking on the game. 
    - Robbie
    |Bestiary: All enemy units and how to deal with them. |
    Note: This is listed in the order you will find them. If the same 
    unit re-appears but with the same strength then they will not be 
    "Name of Enemy:" Threat Rating out of ten (1=laughable, 10=RUN!!!). 
    Recommended Unit to be used taking them on. Lowest-biggest unit (if 
    one number all units have same amount of men). "flee rating" out of 
    ten 1= Runs all the time, 10= never flees. 
    Any special notes will be highlighted like this:
    _FEAR_ This unit causes fear. Depending on your unit's leadership 
    rating (hidden in game) your unit will either flee or fight. If you 
    told your unit to attack they will either not attack or they will 
    Night Goblins: 1/10, Grudgebringer Infantry, 15-21, 2.
    The 1 skull variant of night goblins appears in mission 1. They will 
    reappear to be slaughtered in mission 7. Your Grudgebringer Infantry 
    unit should easily slaughter them. Remember against all types of 
    goblins you should send LARGE infantry units (like the 
    Grudgebringers) because goblin units tend to be large enough to win 
    by sheer numbers rather than skill so be careful.
    Orc Boyz: 6/10, Grudgebringer Infantry/Cavalry, 9-14, 5.
    2 skull troops appear in mission 2 and 9. They are easily taken out 
    with the Infantry however Orcs tend to be harder to kill than most 
    creatures plus they hit harder so make sure the Infantry has the 
    advantage of numbers. (Example don't send the infantry in again a 
    unit of 15 or more because the odds of winning will then turn 50-50 
    and you'd rather be guaranteed a win.) In events of large numbers 
    send in the Cavalry.
    Zombies: 1/10, Grudgebringer Infantry, 12-19, 3.
    One-skull zombies appear in mission 3, 5a-b and 11. They really 
    aren't any harder than Night Goblins but LIKE night goblins they have 
    the advantage in numbers. Always send a strong and sturdy unit to 
    eliminate them, the Infantry will do fine but the Cavalry will slice 
    them down if you're in a rush. Remember that Zombie units are 
    destroyed when they flee as their master's control over them weakens 
    enough for them to return to the grave. 
     Two-skull zombies appear in mission 6, you'll require a little more 
    strength to win. The Infantry should easily win against these too. 
    Ghouls: 4/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 12-18, 4.
    Two skull troops, Ghouls appear in mission three and are easily 
    thwarted by the Cavalry. You may want to use the Infantry though 
    however the Cavalry slices through these like a hot knife through 
    butter. Nothing to worry about here move along now!
    Ghouls reappear later in large numbers in mission 10 and 11.
    Brigand Swordsmen: 2/10, Any infantry unit, 14, 5-7
    One skull troops that appear in Mission 4. They aren't good fighters 
    so you should easily eliminate them, however you may notice they have 
    a "5-7" rating on leadership. This is because they are fighting for a 
    LOT of money and thus you can say they are "Determined". In other 
    words they'll take an ass of a time to flee from melee combat but 
    they'll usually always flee if you damage them a LOT with your cannon 
    and archers. Unless it's safe to do so bombard them before engaging 
    them in hand to hand combat.
    Skeleton Warriors: 9/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 15-16, 10
    Two-skull troops that appear in mission 5a-c, 6 and 11. Skeleton 
    Warriors are solid units that _NEVER_ flee from melee combat no 
    matter how bad you hurt them. Even if you shoot them to 1 man they 
    will never run away, instead opting to fight to the death. For this 
    reason send in strong units preferably ELITES like the Cavalry 
    against weakened skeleton units. If the enemy is at FULL strength 
    you'd be well advised to outnumber then 2-1 in order to reduce 
    casualties and as a safeguard from your own units fleeing. Never 
    underestimate these units.
    Wights: 9/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 7-10, 8-10 _FEAR_
    Two-skull infantry that make their appearance in mission 5c or 6 if 
    you skipped the optional mission. They appear again in mission 
    11.Wights rarely retreat from battle and cause fear. Be careful when 
    entering battle with them as although a small unit they are 
    incredibly hard to break down, they can last longer than a 16 man 
    strong skeleton warrior unit if you need to know their full 
    Mummies: 6/10, any strong infantry unit, 4, 7 _FEAR_ 
    Three-skull crack troops of the undead horde that make their 
    wonderful appearance in mission 6. They take double damage from fire 
    attacks so the Grudgebringer sword's fireball attack and the bright 
    wizard are usually well suited to combat these. Provided you don't 
    flee and you get a decent unit in battle with them they shouldn't 
    give you too much trouble. Don't underestimate them though they can 
    force the whole army to retreat as I learnt the hard way.
    Orc Big Uns: 7/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry or Flagellants, 9-12, 7
    These 2 skull infantry troops appear in mission 8. They are easily 
    dispatched by any good infantry but the Flagellants who are around 
    the same size as a Big Un unit should be used to make it harder to 
    win! Haha!
    Wraiths: 9/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 4-5, 8 _FEAR_
    Wraiths make their unwelcome appearance in mission 10 and continue to 
    appear in mission 11. They are 3skull troops and come in small 
    manageable numbers for 16 strong Cavalries. Do not send in even the 
    Flagellants alone against these as they are easily one of the 
    toughest units to break down.
    Night Goblin Archers: 2/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry and Cannon, 14-15, 
    The 1 skull variant of Night Goblin Archers appears in mission 1. 
    They reappear to be slaughtered in mission 7. A direct hit from your 
    cannon should easily send them packing but if they get too close the 
    Cavalry should quickly wipe them out. 
    Orc Arrer Boyz: 8/10, Carlsson Cavalry or Grudgebringer Cavalry, 9-
    15, 4
    2-skull variants of the arrer boyz appear in mission 2 and show up in 
    huge numbers in missions 8 and 9. In mission 2 these guys tend to 
    make a beeline for your cannon crew, as of such because of the 
    positioning the best placed troops to take them on would be the 
    Carlsson Cavalry. An attack from behind by these will send them 
    running easily. Arrer Boyz should be treated with respect, they may 
    seem pathetic but they have a NASTY bite. 
    Brigand Archers: 0-10/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 14, 6
    One skull troops that appear in mission four. Like all archers when 
    they are not fighting they are a HUGE threat, do your BEST to 
    eliminate them with the Cavalry. In hand to hand combat these are no 
    problem, outside of it they can be a major threat. Take note that 
    these men are not afraid of shooting their own units to kill you so 
    don't get into a fight anywhere near them unless you're fighting 
    them! Unlike most archers they'll take a longer time to flee.
    Skeleton Archers: 9/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 11-18, 10
    Two-skull archers, these skeletons are very good shots. These appear 
    in mission 5a-c and 6! They also appear in mission 10 and 11
     You could probably survive a fire fight against these on even ground 
    but it's pretty unlikely. Send your Cavalry if they're free to 
    demolish them although you might want to send in your Infantry 
    instead (pepper them with arrows to distract them). Like all 
    skeletons these units fight to the death and _never_ flee from 
    combat. Always make sure you've covered your flanks _before_ engaging 
    these units in hand to hand combat.
    Orc Boar Boyz: 8/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 6-8, 8
    These are elite Orc Troops and have a three skull rating. They appear 
    in mission 2 and re-appear in missions 8 and 9. They are pretty 
    lethal to the point that they can easily overwhelm units. The 
    Grudgebringer Cavalry is most suited to taking these boys on although 
    the Infantry DOES stand a chance. Keep in mind that the Boar Boyz 
    have TWO attacks compared to the normal one.
    Skeleton Horsemen: 10/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry and other unit, 12-
    16, 10 _FEAR_
    Skeletons... on skeleton horses, they appear in mission 5a2 and b. 
    These are the kind of troops you really want to run away from. They 
    are an UTTER pain in the butt. They cause fear, are quicker than your 
    cavalry, will NEVER flee, FIGHT TO THE DEATH, and just about love to 
    make your life a misery. They move too fast to "cannon" to death, to 
    fast to "shoot", don't get hurt much by fire spells and the firestorm 
    spell takes too long to start up to be effective. Your CAVALRY will 
    flee from these! Now to take them out always use TWO units due to the 
    "fear" and "fight to the death" rules. The easiest way to take them 
    down is to use the "Banner of defiance" which will cause your unit to 
    be immune to fear and likewise you'll be able to fight without fear 
    of EVERY unit running away!
    Necromancer: 10/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, Bright Wizard, 1, 7
    The Necromancer makes it's appearance in mission 4 where it will flee 
    when approached by your units. In mission 5a1 and 5b you will easily 
    be able to dispatch the necromancer in one shot generally, they also 
    make an appearance in 5a2. An example of the necromancer's power is 
    shown in mission 5c where he will do teleport raids on your cavalry 
    or any frontline unit.  Necromancers are generally more dangerous in 
    the later missions as you will find out the hard way. When charging 
    them have your wizard cast dispel on whichever unit you send to fight 
    them to nullify all spells cast against them.
    Night Goblin Shaman: 4/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 1, 5
    Night Goblin Shaman have a habit of killing themselves by casting 
    spells. They make their first appearance in mission 7 and should 
    easily be dispatched by the Cavalry. Be warned they can cause a weak 
    unit (greatswords *hint*) to flee.
    Orc Shaman: 7/10, anyone, 1, 9
    They appear in mission 8 and 9 but are easily wiped out before they 
    get a chance to move.
    Vampire Lord: 10/10, EVERYONE, 1, 4
    The Vampire Lord makes his appearance in mission 10. In mission 10 he 
    comes with a wand of jet that obviously doubles his capability of 
    destroying your units in one shot. A 4-skull unit, treat him with 
    respect and fear, shoot him down if possible.
    Mannfred von Carstein: 10/10, EVERYONE, 1, 10, _BOSS_
    The first boss of the game is a vampire lord named Mannfred Von 
    Carstein. A 4 skull guy who is not to be messed with, Carstein loves 
    to fight dirty sniping your men off with teleport raids. What's more 
    he'll fire blast spells into your ranks WHILE you are fighting the 
    enemy just to annoy you. When you wipe him out laugh and spit at his 
    dead... er... twice-dead body!
    Boars: 4-10/10.
    Boars are pretty nasty creatures to fight. The Orcs tend to use them 
    as Cavalry mounts and for a good reason too! Boars like Orcs are 
    slimy and gruesome and in general aren't exactly good looking. Boars 
    can outrun even War-horses (Grudgebringer Cav's) and they can attack 
    in battle (giving the entire unit TWO attacks per men). Units who 
    ride Boars also gain the advantage of gaining more attack strength 
    and power AND attacks when they charge, simply crushing the enemy.
    *Robbie's note: DO NOT Ever let anything on boars charge. In most 
    cases you'll see your men slaughtered. When mounts on boars charge 
    the rider has 1 attack, the BOAR gets an attack and due to the boar's 
    tusks counting as lance gets double strength. If the rider has a 
    spear or lance double the strength again. That means the enemy gets a 
    grand total of 2 extra attacks at four times its strength. Charge 
    them... or pay for it.* 
    Skeleton Horse: 0/10
    Fast but I don't believe they have an extra attack (anyone of W:FB 
    correct me here). They're fast though so NEVER try to outrun them.
    Giant Scorpion: 7/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 1, 6, _FEAR_
    Giant Scorpions appear in mission 7. They cause fear but can usually 
    easily be dispatched by anyone really as they don't have great 
    courage in battle.
    Gigantic Spider: 8/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 1, 8, _FEAR_
    These also appear in mission 7. They cause fear and are slightly more 
    lethal than scorpions. They can be ridden as mounts by goblins but 
    provided your men don't flee you should easily wipe them out in melee 
    even with your Crossbow unit. Just be careful when handling enemies 
    that cause fear.
    Orc Rock Lobber: 10/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 4, 8.
    This war machine is the Orc army's answer to your Grudgebringer 
    cannon. Same range but crap accuracy even so still a dangerous weapon 
    that you should aim to take out quickly. They don't mind shooting 
    their own troops (who said Orc's were smart?) in order to get you. 
    (Example: Mission 9 the Rock Lobber fired at my infantry completely 
    missed and hit their own Arrer Boyz sending them fleeing. What a 
    whacky case of "friendly fire"!) 
    Orc Rock Lobbers appear in mission 9 as a 1 skull war machine.
    Orc Bolt Thrower: 7/10, Grudgebringer Cavalry, 4, 7
    This war machine is kind of like an arbalast (however you spell it 
    lol). The bolts have short range and tend to sail up over your units 
    especially fast cavalry units. Don't underestimate them though as 
    they have the ability to shred a row of your men to their deaths.
    They appear in mission 9 as 1 skull war machines. 
    |Section 4.0|
    1)	Are there any hidden units I can find?
    A) Yes there are but they aren't exactly hidden. In fact most units 
    that are "hidden" are those that leave and re-join later. The Dwarfs 
    for example join you if you choose to help them get home. All hidden 
    units are listed in the Allied Units area and the walkthrough.
    *Section 5.0*
    Quick Mission Name Guide: (optional missions marked with a * while A 
    and B are missions you can take by choosing one path i.e. you cannot 
    take mission 5a1 and 5b. You can however take optional missions after 
    any choice i.e. mission 5a1 and 5c or mission 5b and 5c)
    1)	Trading Post 
    2) Border Princes 
    3) Grissburg (Defence at)
    4) Brigands Attack 
    5a1) Bogenhafen
    5a2) Assault on Helmgart
    5b) Defence at Helmgart
    5c*) Axebite Pass (Encounter at)
    6) Ambush at the Great Forest
    7) The night goblin ambush
    8) Conflict at the great forest
    9) Siege of the Blighted Towers (The,)
    10) Skirmish at Sylvania
    11) The tunnels of Darkenhof Castle
     Starting a new campaign takes you to the unit selection screen. 
    First off enter the troop roster to view your units and buy some more 
    armour for the Grudgebringer Infantry, the largest and best infantry 
    unit in the game. (1,200G)
    Back on the unit select screen choose all available units for battle, 
    the cavalry, infantry, crossbows and cannon.
    Mission 1: Trading Post 1
    Objective: Protect the village and defeat all enemies
    Enemies: Night Goblins x2, Night Goblin Archers x2.
    A rather simple battle here. There's simply no way you can lose 
    unless you're unlucky so try out some risky tactics and such to 
    figure out the AI. If you wish however for a comfortable victory you 
    shouldn't need too much help.
    Place the Cavalry and Infantry to the right of the battlefield (put 
    the Cavalry closer to the forest so it's "hidden") Set it so that the 
    infantry will move up to the forest below the road (move up then 
    right). The Cannon should be placed just below the cliff face away 
    from the forest where it can fire it's long range cannonballs far at 
    the Archers and Infantry units up ahead. The Crossbow unit is pretty 
    much useless in this battle because you start at the bottom of a hill 
    meaning if you engage the enemy archers they'll be shot to pieces 
    (and they'll have to get closer) and if you shoot the enemy infantry 
    you'll only get one or two rounds off. However if you take the 
    Crossbowmen place them to the right of the cannon and set them to 
    move away from the cliff (preferably beside the Cavalry where the 
    Infantry were).
    If you're feeling risky and don't mind wasting a few lives move the 
    crossbows to the bottom of the cliff where they can shoot. Order the 
    cannon (and crossbows) to fire at the Night Goblin Archers while you 
    set up the Infantry for battle. When in range have your infantry 
    intercept the Night Goblins and if possible charge the enemy in the 
    flanks or rear with your Cavalry. Once finished send the Cavalry to 
    finish off the archers if they're still alive.
    A second batch of archers and infantry will approach. Take them out 
    the same way, charging their rear will cause them to flee almost 9 
    times out of 10 so you'd be smart to try pincer attacks. (If the 
    archers flee then come back you can easily pincer attack the archers 
    by sending the cavalry one way and the infantry the other, I'll let 
    you figure out the rest)
    Don't forget to grab the chest of gold in the village at the end of 
    the fight.
    Expected amount of Casualties: 4 (It's possible to only lose 3 men 
    and most likely possible to lose NO men in this battle but it really 
    doesn't matter too much unless you want to save money. You should 
    only ever lose 4 men no more than that.)
    Expected defeated units: None. The Infantry will take the most damage 
    as will the crossbows if you were unlucky. The Cavalry should NEVER 
    have a single death by this stage!
    *Robbie's notes: Try and have the Infantry do most the fighting since 
    you really want to "beef" them up quickly*
    Mission 2: The Border Princes
    Objective: Ambush the retreating Orc Army and slaughter them.
    Enemies: Orc Boyz x2, Orc Arrer Boyz x1, Orc Boar Boyz x1.
    Another fun battle that this time sees you attacking instead of 
    defending. Fans of the original game will be laughing in delight as 
    you for once actually get to AMBUSH the orcs on LEVEL terms. The 
    Carlsson Cavalry (infantry in the original game) join you here and 
    are just about as strong as the Grudgebringer Cavalry. If you failed 
    to do so earlier you should upgrade the Infantry's armour.
    All you have to do is simply "trap" the enemy in a flank attack. You 
    are strong enough to take them on head on however doing so is rather 
    risky as it leaves you open for attack. If you decide to fight head 
    on try to keep a cavalry unit free to attack the archers who really 
    can make short work of your cannon crew.
    For those who want to flank and slaughter the enemy read on. For 
    deployment notice where the cannon is placed? Surprisingly the cannon 
    is in a PERECT shooting position. Place the Grudgebringer Cavalry 
    just to the bottom left of the cannon and place the Grudgebringer 
    Infantry just to the top right (not in the firing line please!) Now 
    you've got two units flanking the cannon that is going to prove vital 
    in this attack, time to sort out the other flank!
     Move the archers as FAR right as possible on the hilltop (they can 
    stand right on the edge) until you get an arrow with an eye on it 
    when you choose to fire at an Orc unit. Place the Carlsson Cavalry 
    RIGHT up to the bottom of the hill and leave them there.
    When you start the battle it is VITAL you keep an eye on the enemy 
    units. Straight away if you hadn't done so in the deployment stage 
    get the cannon to shoot at the regiment of 9 Orc Boyz, the cannon 
    will usually miss however the shots that miss will sail into the 
    regiment of archers behind!
    Have your own crossbowmen fire at the other Orc Unit and quickly 
    order the Carlsson Cavalry to attack the Orc Archers. Now wait and 
    keep you eye on the Orc Infantry units. As soon as they get too close 
    (which they will since your cannon and crossbows will miss a lot) 
    send the Grudgebringer Cavalry over to the forest to intercept the 
    regiment of 14 orc boyz. Have the Infantry on stand by to intercept 
    the regiment of 9 Orc Boyz if the cannon doesn't finish them off 
    (timing is everything, just remember to tell the cannon to hold fire 
    or you'll blow your own Infantry away as they cross over).
    By now you should tell the crossbows to stop firing as you will be 
    laughing at the massacre. Your cavalry should be slaughtering the 
    regiment of 14 orc boyz, the Carlsson Cavalry should be chasing down 
    the Arrer boyz (who should be by now well and truly DEAD) and your 
    Infantry will be chopping away at the nine Orc Boyz (who have a 
    potion of strength although that's impossible to gain). 
    Prime your cannon up for firing duty. As soon as you eliminate two 
    units (or just the archers I believe) a regiment of Orc Boar Boyz 
    will come into view. Fire with the cannon and crossbows and 
    Immediately get your cavalry units on stand by to intercept. The Boar 
    Boyz are ORC ELITE troops so you might want to send both cavalry 
    units or if you want to take a risk and gain some experience have 
    your infantry charge and have the Cavalry attack the rear if things 
    go wrong (or just use your own troops and not the Carlsson guards for 
    the exp!)
    Once you kill the boar boyz they will usually drop a chest, grab it 
    and search for other chests before leaving the battle.
    Expected amount of Casualties: None! I'm being serious here you can 
    complete this battle with NO losses. I lost 2 men once by friendly 
    fire (and you can lose a lot of men if you don't attack, the archers 
    act as a decoy and fire if you don't take them out) but in general 
    you can complete this with no defeats.
    Expected defeated units: None, the Cannon is most likely to get 
    slaughtered if you do a "frontal assault" and not my flanking attack 
    so be careful either way.
    *Robbie's notes: Try not to use the Carlsson Cavalry in this battle. 
    Use them to take out the Arrer Boyz but then dump them you really 
    need experience for YOUR own cavalry and infantry units. Once again 
    you can safely leave the crossbows behind in this battle too 'cos 
    they do practically NOTHING (that or they miss a helluva lot!)*
    Mission 3: Grissburg
    Objective: Defend the town and eliminate the undead threat. 
    Enemies: Zombies x4, Ghouls x2.
    The Bright Wizard joins you for this mission. You can safely leave 
    behind the cannon and Carlsson's Cavalry for this mission as your 
    Grudgebringer Cavalry, Infantry and Crossbowmen along with the wizard 
    are more than well equipped to take out zombies and Ghouls.
    The cannon will find it impossible to attack the graveyard as 
    buildings are in the way so I wouldn't bother (You aren't going to 
    sit back and wait now are you?) 
    Place your units to the LEFT of the building on the FAR right of the 
    deployment zone. You want it in this order: Infantry-Wizard-Cavalry 
    followed with the Crossbows from behind. Order them to move up the 
    road to the top of the village where the Zombie unit was facing.
    When you start the mission your aim is to create an ambush situation. 
    You will want to use a "bowl" formation kind of like |_| where the 
    enemy is lured into the centre and surrounded thus slaughtered. To 
    start off with when you get to the turn in the road you should be 
    seeing the zombie unit again. You want the Cavalry to the north of 
    the road (scroll up on the map in other words), the infantry south 
    and the crossbows in the centre. Have the wizard remain by the 
    Cavalry. Now simply make all units face the enemy that advances. By 
    this time the second zombie unit should have appeared. Wait patiently 
    and order your crossbows to fire (they might be a little slow so you 
    may want to wait) and order your mage to fire a "Blast" spell or any 
    other decent fire spell that is quick to cast at the NEAREST Zombie 
    Now depending on which way the zombie unit goes intercept them with 
    your Cavalry or Infantry (example: Zombies go south attack with 
    infantry) and provided that the other zombie unit isn't too close 
    send the Cavalry charging into the rear. However if the other unit is 
    too close for your liking attack them instead. Remember to tell your 
    archers to stop firing!
    Once you slaughter the two zombie units another unit of zombies and a 
    unit of Ghouls will appear. Get your men back into the 'bowl' 
    formation and wait patiently. Use Blast spells with the wizard (these 
    work great) and have your crossbows fire like crazy at the Ghouls. 
    Intercept the ghouls with your cavalry and send the Infantry to mop 
    up the zombies, when the Cavalry is done quickly aid the Infantry and 
    move back into position. Another unit of Ghouls and Zombies appear, 
    just pepper them with blast spells and arrows and send the Cavalry on 
    the Ghouls and the Infantry on the Zombies. All in all this should 
    end the mission easily for you, after the battle why don't you reward 
    yourself by upgrading the Cavalry's armour if you think you're taking 
    too many losses.
    Expected amount of Casualties: Three. Less is possible I suppose but 
    with the above tactic you'll use the Cavalry quite a lot (they 
    slaughtered 45 compared to like 5 or so by the infantry proving that 
    they are quicker killers too! (note: and they fought LESS!))
    Expected defeated units: None whatsoever.
    *Robbie's notes: The Carlsson Cavalry will be leaving soon so why use 
    them? Second... the cannon takes too much to "hit" enemies in this 
    level so why bother there either? If your crossbows are as bad hits 
    as mine then leave them behind too! Even better! Leave EVERYONE 
    behind and murder the bloody mission with the Cavalry! Although I 
    think it's probably safer to take the Infantry but it's quite easy to 
    win with just the Cavalry... Unless I took drugs again and saw 
    hallucination's there? *
    Mission 4: Brigand's Attack
    Objective: Eliminate all ambushing units.
    Enemies: Brigand Swordsmen x3, Brigand Archers x2, Necromancer x1.
    A rather simple fight here if you know how to win. If you don't know 
    where the enemies are which unless this isn't your first playthrough 
    you won't then it will usually be a massacre resulting on your 
    defeat. The overall problem with this battle is you are in the centre 
    flanked by trees with openings to the left, right and top (east, west 
    and north or in other words BOTH flanks exposed and your vanguard.)
    The Carlsson Cavalry leave (boo!) and in their place you have the 
    Helmgart Bowmen and Countess Guards. I'd rather keep the Carlsson 
    Cavalry but I suppose we'll have to make do with a few rubbish units 
    for once.
     In order to win this battle with little casualties you will have to 
    be quick and in most cases lucky. To the FAR left just under the 
    forest place your Cavalry and have them march to the hilltop. To the 
    "north" where the Brigand Swordsmen are place your cannon-infantry 
    and then crossbows in that order just to the left of the bunch of 
    trees on your right. Place the wizard in a "safespot" behind the 
    cannon. (You may wish to put the Countess guards here in place of the 
    infantry but it's fine either way.)
    Place the Helmgart Bowmen and the Countess Guards facing the East 
    flank with the Guards CLOSER to the southern forests. 
    Make sure you've ordered your cannon and crossbows to fire for fun at 
    the only visible enemy on the map... and let hell freeze over. 
    Follow the cavalry, they will find a bunch of archers firing at your 
    cannon by now. The archers should only get enough time to fire off 
    one round before you manually CHARGE your cavalry into their flanks. 
    Quickly select and move to the Helmgart Bowmen and order them to fire 
    on the Swordsmen that have emerged from the forest. The hard part 
    comes now, you must be quick on the controller to switch between the 
    Grudgebringer Infantry and the Countess Guard. In most cases the 
    enemy approaching from the North will flee right off the battlefield 
    due to your "crossfire" situation of the cannon and crossbows. If so 
    laugh and switch to whichever infantry unit you have guarding the 
    East flank. Also in most cases if you're lucky the Helmgart Bowmen 
    will cause the unit there to flee (they fire faster than the 
    crossbows being the reason we've put them there) if however they 
    don't wait until the last possible second before you dare to charge 
    the enemy. The reason I've suggested putting the countess guards to 
    the East rather than the North is because if the enemy on the north 
    doesn't retreat you can easily charge them while not having to worry 
    about charging the other unit (Countess Guards get an extra strength 
    attack if they get charged), plus the unit at the north could very 
    well go for your cannon and crossbows while the one on the East 
    _always_ attacks the southern unit being your infantry!
     With both Infantry units fleeing re-arrange your formation. The 
    Cavalry being on a hill and most likely STILL fighting the archers 
    should see another unit of Swordsmen approaching from the North-East. 
    The countess guard will spot a unit of archers and a Necromancer to 
    the hill on the East. Now The archers _can_ attack you from here so 
    you might want to pull back (don't get in a firefight with them 
    please). Re-arrange your army so that your infantry are now on the 
    East and not to the north (the enemy will come down and attack the 
    East flank and your Infantry are more reliable than the guard unit). 
    You will need to be quick if you fail though... then just send every 
    unit into battle to rescue whomever got attacked.
    By now your Cavalry should be free, send them AROUND the forest(s) 
    and if you are lucky you will be able to trap the swordsmen in a 
    pincer attack! Be careful though any units that retreated may turn 
    back and attack so if there are any of those get the Cavalry to hunt 
    them down. (The north should be easily covered by your cannon and 
    archers.) if you wish send the Cavalry in to charge the Archers 
    however QUICKLY use the Wizard's teleport spell to appear behind the 
    Necormancer and BLAST him with whatever attack spells you have. Most 
    of the time however the Necromancer will flee as soon as the Cavalry 
    or Wizard appear in attack range.
    Wipe out the last remaining archer units with whoever you have left 
    and rest easy, you just slaughtered everyone.
    Expected amount of Casualties: Three again, you might get sniped by 
    archers though so probably a little more losses especially if this is 
    your first playthrough or you're not fast on the controls. In general 
    though three men lost should be the exception. (Enemy archers don't 
    care about firing on their own men so just be careful)
    Expected defeated units: None at all, the Cannon, Wizard and the two 
    newer units that joined you are all easily wiped out though so be 
    careful with them. The wizard has a habit of getting sniped as does 
    the cannon so be quick on the Cavalry wiping out the enemy archers.
    *Robbie's notes: In most cases your wizard will never see any action. 
    He'll be shot if he moves West or East and he'll be blocking your 
    infantry if he moves North so you might want to leave him behind. 
    Everyone though should get a few experience points from this fight.*
    You will be coming up to one of many path selections soon. I strongly 
    suggest you always take optional battles as they give you more 
    experience points and could have special items. They also give good 
    money if you're greedy! I will tell you the advantages and 
    disadvantages of each path as they come up, the end choice is up to 
    you however I strongly suggest you take optional missions for they 
    make the game a lot easier later on... (easier as in you'll have a hard 
    time as opposed to you'll get slaughtered!)
    Choice selection:
    1) Stay and Fight (Go to Mission 5a1)
    2)	Continue to Helmgart (Go to Mission 5b)
    The countess guard requires you to "defend" her however the tower of 
    Helmgart is under siege and is unlikely to hold out much longer. If 
    you stay and fight you will defend the Countess and retain the 
    services of the Countess guard for one more fight. You also get a 
    special item for it although it's not much. Also the Helmgart Bowmen 
    will stay with you as they can't fight alone now can they? However 
    should you stay and fight it is likely the Tower of Helmgart will 
     If you choose to stay and fight you will go through two tough 
    battles and gain TWO special item, you will also come out with triple 
    the amount of experience as opposed to fighting one normal fight. I 
    personally strongly suggest you choose path one "stay and fight" as 
    the experienced gained by going through two tough battles are a lot 
    more benefiting in the long run than one simple fight. However like I 
    said the choice is yours.
    Mission 5a1: Bogenhafen
    Objective: Destroy the undead attack.
    Enemies: Zombies x4, Skeleton Archers x1, Skeleton Warriors x2, 
    Necromancer x1.
    I congratulate you here for your bravery. This battle takes place 
    inside Bogenhafen... The countess will hide in a church so your main 
    aim is to defend the church from attack, luck will play a slight role 
    in this battle.
    Set your Cavalry to the top left with the Wizard behind them. Put the 
    Crossbows in the middle of the northern area slightly south a little 
    and the cannon to it's right. You want the crossbows slightly south 
    so when you order them to fire to the north-west they won't move into 
    the firing line of the Cannon.
    Now place your Infantry to the southeast, the countess guard to the 
    southwest and the Helmgart Bowmen to the south.
    Start the battle. Straight away a unit of zombies approach from the 
    northwest, here is where you need your luck, send your cavalry to 
    intercept them. Now get your crossbows, wizard and cannon to fire at 
    the unit of zombies that appear (they WILL in all cases surround the 
    cavalry but by now your cavalry should be strong enough to take both 
    of them on.) Remember to order them to hold their fire when the 
    zombies get into battle (if you're lucky they should flee as soon as 
    they charge).
    Now to the southern front. Get the bowmen to fire at the approaching 
    zombie unit. They alone should easily wipe them out however if they 
    fail the zombie unit will charge your Infantry so no need to worry 
    (if they go for your archers get the countess guard to help NOT your 
    infantry). If you wipe them out then immediately order your Countess 
    guards to move north and get your cavalry back into position. Order 
    the Grudgebringer infantry to face the next unit of zombies and 
    CHARGE when in range (do NOT move to intercept them as you want to 
    allow the Bowmen to fire as MUCH as possible.)
    Once they have been eliminated have the bowmen fire at the skeleton 
    archers when they come into range and send the Infantry to charge the 
    bowmen. The countess guard and Cavalry should charge the Skeleton 
    Warriors quickly. Now focus to the North and have your cannon, 
    archers and wizard throw EVERYTHING at the Necromancer to slaughter 
    him and then have all three fire at the approaching Skeleton 
    Warriors. IF you FAIL to kill the Skeleton warriors then CHARGE them 
    with your crossbows, wizard (if you're sure) and then the Cavalry 
    when they're free. Send the countess guard south to help your 
    infantry. Congratulations the mission is over but before you finish 
    up here send the wizard south and blast a few fireballs at one of the 
    buildings there (if you remember where you placed the countess guards 
    when the battle started just trace their position and HEAD SOUTH, 
    it's that building there I believe). As a reward you should get the 
    Book of Ashur (pick it up before you leave).
    Expected amount of Casualties: Three again excluding the Countess 
    Guards and Helmgart Bowmen who don't really matter. But if it's a 
    grand total then you should go anywhere over about 5 or 6 casulties.
    Expected defeated units: None, the cannon can be wiped out if you 
    aren't too careful but overall no one should be wiped out.
    *Robbie's notes: Everyone should get kills here especially the 
    cannon. Remember that Skeletons _Never_ retreat and they're plentiful 
    here so be careful. *
    Mission 5a2: Assault on Helmgart
    Objective: Destroy the undead forces and retake Helmgart.
    Enemies: Zombies x3, Skeleton Archers x2, Skeleton Horsemen x1, 
    Skeleton Warriors x1, Necromancer x1.
    Defending the Countess has predictably delayed you enough that the 
    tower/fort (whatever I say Tower!) of Helmgart has fallen into enemy 
    hands. It's now your business and your job to retake Helmgart in the 
    name of the Empire! (And the name of the living of course!)
    The main thing any up and coming strategist will see here is this 
    battle is an awful attacking front but an excellent defensive 
    fortress. HOW the Empire lost is beyond believable. To start with you 
    will be at the bottom of the map the only possible entrance to 
    Helmgart is up north through a narrow canyon surrounded by mountains. 
    As you'll see there are TWO units of skeleton Archers on the first 
    cliff face meaning... if you go into that canyon not only will you be 
    most likely trapped by enemy soldiers but shot to death! It's a 
    massacre to even try and re-take this fort but you must...
    Notice the deployment zone's row of white flags, well your aim is to 
    place units around a "unit length" from the line of white flags on 
    the "north" of the deployment zone. The reason being if you are 
    anywhere near those flags when the battle starts you'll be shot to 
    Set the cannon bottom right not too far though, make sure they can 
    shoot the archers and position them just right so you can see the 
    Zombie unit behind them. In the following order from right to left 
    place these units down next to the cannon... The Cavalry, Infantry, 
    Wizard, Crossbows and finally Helmgart Bowmen. Leave enough space so 
    your wizard doesn't get shot.
    Order your archers (all of them) to attack the zombie unit with 
    arrows, get the cannon to fire on the archers. Now sit down and wait, 
    and wait... and wait!
    By the time the zombies get in range of your cavalry they'll flee... 
    Reason being you've shot them to pieces. Now you'll have to wait 
    until the Skeleton archers are destroyed by your cannons (or they 
    pull back) before you bait the enemy. Send the Cavalry up through the 
    narrow canyon just enough to spot the two zombie units. Now run back 
    get all archers and cannons to fire, wizard to spell cast too! 
    (remember Line OF SIGHT, as a rule of thumb DO NOT SHOOT unless the 
    path is clear. In general fire with your bowmen first then cannon 
    when you know the path is clear and finally crossbows)
    The zombies should retreat giving your archers and cannons a MASSIVE 
    experience gain but your cavalry and infantry may need to finish them 
    off. Once again send the Cavalry out and "bait" the enemy. You'll 
    lure a unit of Skeleton horsemen (these usually cause you to retreat 
    so be careful), a unit of Skeleton warriors, the archers and a 
    Use all archers and fire at the necromancer, get the wizard to shoot 
    too! Use the cannon to fire against the horsemen and CHARGE them with 
    the infantry and cavalry. One they're done go and slaughter the 
    warriors then the necromancer if he's still alive and finally the 
    If the cannon gets charged FLEE, the rest is up to luck and how well 
    you've trained your men.
    Now that you've retaken Helmgart move on to mission six! Or just skip 
    the next part and read the SECOND path selection of the game which 
    will take you to either mission 5c or mission 6.
    Expected amount of Casualties: Four this time really. Three is 
    possible however if you fail to kill the Necromancer (bad luck maybe) 
    then you can expect up to 10-20 defeats. On a bad day my Infantry 
    lost 10 men and killed none!
    Expected defeated units: None, the cannon can be wiped out if you 
    aren't too careful but overall no one should be wiped out.
    *Robbie's notes: Everyone should get kills here especially the cannon 
    and crossbows. Remember that Skeletons _Never_ retreat and they're 
    plentiful here so be careful. In ALL cases your archers and cannon 
    will be laughing. The cavalry should now be a 4 skull troop if they 
    aren't already and as you've "levelled" buy them some armour. The 
    only weak spot _might_ be the Infantry who may not even get a kill 
    even if they have been in combat (like in my case!) *
    If you chose to continue onto Helmgart you will now fight this 
    mission. However if you chose to stay and fight at the last choice 
    selection skip this part.
    Mission 5b: Defence at Helmgart
    Objective: Defend Helmgart from the undead attack.
    Enemies: Skeleton Archers x2, Skeleton Warriors x2, Necromancer x1, 
    Zombies x3, Skeleton Horsemen x1.
    A rather simple battle here compared to the two you would have had 
    had you chosen the other path. Personally I find this battle great 
    for sharing out the experience points for everyone although the 
    cannon and wizard may not get anything on an unlucky day, however 
    it's a great exp. booster for the infantry.
    You start on top of a hill with a narrow canyon being the only way to 
    attack you. Even a blind man who dropped out of high school should 
    realise how easy it is to win this. Put the Cavalry at the far right 
    end of the deployment zone where they can face the canyon, place the 
    infantry shortly up and right from their position as a backup unit.
    The crossbows should be placed on the hill just by the Cavalry but 
    not anywhere too close. You may want to buy them armour before this 
    battle, as they'll be entering a "firefight" with enemy archers. The 
    cannon should be to it's left the wizard behind the cannon out of 
    range and the Helmgart Bowmen FAR left where they can see the 
    Have the bowmen fire at the necromancer, the cannon and crossbow fire 
    at the visible archer unit (or skeleton warrior unit) and then hit 
    the START button. Get the wizard to cast Dispel on the Helmgart 
    Bowmen so they don't get slaughter by the Necromancer's spells and 
    just from this point on be quick with the halt, fire and charge 
    Two zombie units will usually be the first to get close, charge them 
    with the Cavalry AND Infantry. The Skeleton Warriors will enter the 
    battle as usual. Have your archers and cannons fire at the enemy 
    archers (have you killed the necromancer? Everything will flee 
    quicker if you did). As soon as you eliminate all ground troops 
    provided your crossbows aren't dead yet (they shouldn't be don't 
    worry) then hold fire and charge in with your Cavalry and Infantry.
    With the archers dead you now have two choices. You can "bait" more 
    of the enemy out or you can go wild and get into a clusternut of a 
    fight. If you bait the enemy with you Cavalry you'll draw out a bunch 
    of Skeleton horsemen followed by Zombies and Skeleton Warriors! 
    Baiting them will allow you to take them out one on one. However the 
    Skeleton Horsemen can practically outrun you so you might not want 
    to. If you choose the fun way and the risky way throw the Cavalry and 
    Infantry down at the Horsemen, the Zombies and Warriors will charge 
    you from behind after you pepper them with arrows and cannonballs (if 
    they even HIT!) and of course if you had a bit of crap luck like me 
    one of the units will run (in my case the Cavalry but they'll stop 
    and turn back right into a unit of skeleton warriors they just 
    'lured' haha)
    In any case your Infantry should be well equipped to take on both the 
    Skeleton horsemen AND zombies if you took out the necromancer and as 
    Zombies instantly get destroyed as soon as they flee you've really 
    got no excuse for losing with the Infantry (except perhaps.. bad 
    Expected amount of Casualties: 14 is generally a decent estimate 
    mainly from the Cavalry and archers who will be in firefights and 
    stupid odds of fighting! You can of course get less but does it 
    really matter in this battle? It's not like you'll lose unless you're 
    that bad... (Think mission 1 kind of easiness here)
    Expected defeated units: None.
    *Robbie's notes: If the cannon is having a bad day you can expect it 
    to be shooting forever and it still wouldn't hit a thing (like it did 
    with me once). Overall though you should have good kill totals for 
    each of your units. *
    Choice selection:
    1) Help fight the undead (Go to mission 5c*)
    2)	Return to Altdorf
    Well, another choice selection here. Helping to fight the undead 
    takes you to an optional battle (more experience points!) gains you a 
    potion of strength and of course gains you the services of the Dwarf 
    Warriors later in the game (the second biggest infantry unit).
    Returning to Altdorf however does nothing but starts mission 6 after 
    an FMV so it's up to you really. Skip this and continue to mission 6 
    or take this optional mission, gain a little item, the services of 
    another infantry unit and a nice amount of experience points. Totally 
    up to you. If you choose to help fight the undead read the next part 
    of the walkthrough, however if you decide not to help your old 
    friends out then skip ahead to mission 6.
    Mission 5c: Axebite Pass
    Objective: Break through the undead forces. 
    Enemies: Skeleton Archers x3, Zombies x2, Wights x2, Skeleton 
    Warriors x1, Necromancer x1
    A rather easy battle that luck plays a rather heavy part in. Wights 
    appear in this mission and cause _FEAR_ they are also rather tough 
    cookies to break. You must be utterly careful in this mission as the 
    majority of the fighting will be taking place right next to your 
    cannon and archers, meaning that a lot of your own men will be killed 
    to friendly fire. 
    The Dwarf Warriors will join you here and the Helmgart Bowmen 
    predictably leave. You will be in a long winding path called Axebite 
    Pass and it's a brilliant spot for ambushes.
    Place your cannon on the far right followed with the crossbows, 
    wizard, cavalry, infantry and finally dwarf warrior unit. (Make sure 
    they're out of range of the enemy archers!)
    Now first off have the cannon fire away for fun against the archers 
    until they pull back. When they pull back it's pretty much a waste of 
    time trying to hit them (you can however hit them) so it's up to you 
    whenever to wait or use the Cavalry as bait. If you bait you will 
    draw out a unit of 8 zombies who between your cannon, archers and 
    wizard should easily be dispatched. Now have your wizard move up 
    ahead on his own, cast dispel on the Cavalry and order your cannon 
    and archers to FIRE like crazy at the teleporting Necromancer. Your 
    wizard should use whatever spell he has fireball and the burning head 
    are good spells. Keep firing until the Necromancer drops dead (pardon 
    the pun) and then laugh at the fact that it's usually your cannon 
    that manages to blow the Necromancer away!
    Bait again with the Cavalry (move the wizard just a little north of 
    where your dwarves are. You'll lure out a unit of wights and Skeleton 
    warriors. The wights can instantly end the battle here so bombard 
    them with flamestorm, cannonballs and arrows. When they get too close 
    CHARGE with the cavalry and get everyone to fire at the skeleton 
    archers (I was unfortunate enough to mistime my charge and get hit in 
    the rear with a cannonball... Friendly fire indeed, luckily they didn't 
    Charge all your men into battle hold fire and watch as the Wights and 
    Skeleton Warriors fall. Once they've fallen a unit of Zombies should 
    appear, a well-timed flamestorm will cut them in half and your 
    archers followed by the cavalry and all infantry units should wipe 
    them out in a hit.
    There's nothing to do now but send ALL infantry units and the Cavalry 
    up to charge whatever archers remained alive from your cannon 
    bombing. Send the wizard and crossbows up as you will spot another 
    unit of Skeleton archers (they will shoot their own unit to kill 
    you). Distract the new batch of archers with your own (you should 
    force them to pull back) and once your infantry units get free (The 
    dwarfs should be heading towards these archers by now anyway) send 
    the Cavalry in and slaughter them. KEEP your Grudgebringer Infantry 
    free as a unit of wights will appear from the north. The infantry 
    should win easily here if they don't retreat and you've won the 
    The Skeleton archers drop a chest of gold so pick it up before you 
    leave the battlefield.
    Expected amount of Casualties: Never more than THREE on a good day. 
    Including friendly fire and retreats and you should have over 20 
    defeats. The worst I've ever had is 11 with 8 of those being to that 
    cannon shot from behind!
    Expected defeated units: None.
    *Robbie's notes: This battle seems tough for the fact you're fighting 
    dangerously close to the artillery units. By now you should have 
    enough money to cover for any losses but do try to keep them to a 
    minimum. Remember every time you level up buy the unit new armour, by 
    this time your cannon should have levelled. In reality don't worry 
    about levels too much as it's completely random how good the unit 
    does in battle. (My infantry got no kills once despite being in 
    combat more than my Cavalry and yet got more kills than my cavalry 
    when they weren't even in combat!) On another note, you don't have to 
    follow that general rule but I figured the stronger that unit gets 
    the more you'd like to keep them alive and armour plays a heavy part 
    in that role! *
    Mission 6: Ambush at the Great Forest
    Objective: Break through the undead ambush.
    Enemies: Zombies x2, Skeleton Warriors x2, Skeleton Archers x2, 
    Mummies x1, Wights x1
    A rather easy battle for most the part at least until the end. This 
    undead ambush is lead by a unit of wights that hold the sacred banner 
    of defiance. This banner causes fear, makes the bearer immune to fear 
    and makes the wear stubborn to the point of fighting to death. This 
    makes for rather difficult dispatching of such a strong unit anyway!
     This unit of wights are deployed at the top of the screen as a decoy 
    next to a rather tempting treasure chest (which the wights will pick 
    up when you're busy fighting later so forget about it for now). Now 
    deployment; place the cannon smartly in the centre of the battlefield 
    in line with the wights (as in opposite the wights). Place the wizard 
    next to it on the right as a "guard" the Infantry next to the wizard. 
    The Cavalry should be on the cannons left hand side with the 
    crossbows to the Cavalry's left. In this battle the Cavalry will do 
    the most fighting.
    Fire a hit or miss shot with your cannon at the wights (most of the 
    times you'll miss but you never know) and wait until the wights 
    retreat before baiting the enemy with your Cavalry. You will lure out 
    two units of zombies (who are now 2-skull troops) for your crossbows 
    and cannons to pepper to death. Get the wizard to cast a flamestorm 
    at the zombie unit closest to the Cavalry as you REALLY need to be 
    quick killing them here.
    Charge the left zombie unit with the cavalry and the right hand unit 
    with the Infantry (use flamestorm there if need be) and get the 
    Crossbows ready for a surprise attack on it's left flank. A unit of 
    Skeleton Warriors will appear use the kamikaze tactic (wait until the 
    last possible second and SHOOT!) if the Cavalry aren't quick enough 
    with the Zombies. In most cases you'll wipe out the zombies easily 
    enough so get the Cavalry to intercept the Skeleton warriors (use the 
    last second shot here too just before the Cavalry charge in!)
    A bunch of skeleton archers now appear and make their way down to 
    you. The general idea is to enter a firefight with them, so like any 
    bad officer you will order your men to death by shooting them yep? Of 
    course! Get the crossbows and cannon to fire away, the catch here is 
    you'll get a LOT less casulties in the long run. Why? Because you're 
    going to order your wizard to cast flamestorm on the stupid Skeleton 
    archers who will sit there all day long trigger happy until you end 
    up with a... pile of burnt bones really. (I believe that's a glitch but 
    it's too funny to laugh at the pathetic AI there!)
     When everyone is done get them back into positions. Cancel the 
    flamestorm spell when you've slaughtered the enemy and then bait the 
    enemy again. This time you'll draw out a bunch of Skeleton warriors 
    and a unit of 3-skull mummies. Fire away at the skeletons and get 
    your wizard pompey to use flamestorm on the mummies who just happen 
    to be drench in some substance called oil!
    Charge in and wipe out the mummies and skeleton warriors, all the 
    while have fun laughing as another skeleton archer unit appears (you 
    know the drill... FIRE away literally with a flamestorm spell on their 
    position AS WELL as cannons and arrows for fun!)
     Once done the hard part comes. Your cannon will be generally useless 
    around now so arrange your army into a bowl formation. Cavalry on the 
    left, infantry on the right and crossbows in the centre with the 
    wizard shortly behind. Shift the Crossbows so they "trail" behind the 
    cavalry as you move upwards (this allows you a DIRECT shot on the 
    wights when they come down). Unfortunatly the wights aren't the only 
    unit up north. A bunch of Skeleton warriors appear, shoot with your 
    arrows and focus the cannon on the wights. CHARGE with the cavalry, 
    now once the wights charge your own cavalry PRAY that they don't run 
    away and then charge the Infantry into the rear. Order everyone to 
    hold fire! You might want to charge in the crossbows too since this 
    is practically all up to luck.
    If anyone retreats the whole army will fall back. Fire away with your 
    cannon and cast BLAST spells with your wizard. Retreat if the wizard 
    gets charged continue blasting away with the cannon and charge the 
    wights in the rear with whatever units decide to turn around (usually 
    all of them will so relax don't panic so much if they do run.)
    When you beat the wights pick up their magic banner and the chest of 
    Expected amount of Casualties: 10 last time I played through. There's 
    no MINIMUM or MAX amount of casualties I can suggest here because of 
    the wights' magic banner.
    Expected defeated units: None.
    *Robbie's notes: Such a tedious battle but one where your crossbows, 
    cavalry, cannon and most likely your wizard will benefit. The 
    infantry may not do anything special here. You gain the banner of 
    defiance for your troubles here! *
    Mission 7: The night goblin ambush.
    Objective: Break through the goblin ambush
    Enemies: Night Goblin Archers x2, Night Goblins x2, Night goblin 
    Shaman x1, Gigantic spider x2, Giant Scorpion x2
    The Imperial Greatswords and Flagellants join you here.
    A surprisingly easy battle if you know how. A lot of people have 
    emailed me about losing the flagellants on this battle but this 
    tactic should ensure you never lose a unit.
    Place the cannon at the top by the road (next to the cavalry) where 
    it will be firing at most monster units in this battle. Move the 
    wizard to just below and to the right of the cannon as a backup in 
    case the cannon fails to hit the enemy.
    Move the cavalry to the left a little south facing west and put the 
    Imperial Greatswords to the left of the cannon as a "guard" unit. Now 
    move the flagellants below the Cavalry as they're a small infantry 
    unit and are surprisingly quick due to no armour. Have them face west 
    too. Now, have the Infantry down the bottom right corner facing East 
    and the Crossbows above them as artillery.
    The battle starts with a unit of Night Goblin archers approaching on 
    the right (East) flank fire at them with the cannon and crossbows, 
    they should flee straight away due to the cannon's shot. On the west 
    flank a unit of goblin archers appear, charge them with the Cavalry 
    AND flagellants for a quick rout then immediately charge the shaman 
    with the cavalry and have the flagellants collect the dropped chest. 
    Have the cannon fire at the oncoming Giant scorpion and use BLAST 
    spells with the wizard to finish the job once it moves in range. 
    During this time send the Cavalry and Flagellants back into 
    Get the archers to fire at the spider approaching on the east and 
    have the Cavalry charge the scorpion approaching from the southwest, 
    the scorpion should flee quickly enough.
    Immediately send the Infantry to intercept the Goblin unit and if the 
    spider isn't dead get the Cavalry to help the Crossbows (if they 
    aren't fleeing by now).
    Get the Imperial Greatswords and Flagellants up to fight the Goblins 
    in the north west and then fire at the spider that approaches in the 
    same area with the cannon. Quickly get the cavalry to charge the 
    spider when they're free. Pick up all 4 treasure chests the night 
    goblins drop and pat yourself on the back for a rather easy win.
    Expected amount of Casualties: 17 is my lowest total so far, aim for 
    the same number.
    Expected defeated units: None but a lot of people lose the 
    *Robbie's notes: A simple battle, everyone should gain good exp. The 
    cannon and wizard will have the lowest number of kills but overall 
    this mission is a good all round experience gain for the troops. *
    Mission 8: Conflict at the Great Forest.
    Objective: Defeat the Orc army. 
    Enemies: Orc Arrer Boyz x3, Orc Big Uns x3, Orc Boar Boyz x1, Orc 
    Shaman x1.
    Dunno if I was lucky here but I found this stupidly easy. Leave the 
    cannon and wizard behind you only need all infantry units for this 
    battle as well as the crossbows. 
    Place the cavalry to the left of the hill (facing north) and the 
    infantry on the right of the hill facing north. The crossbows should 
    be behind the infantry by quite a bit. Have the Imperial Steam Cannon 
    that joined you just now in the centre of the map and the flagellants 
    and Imperial Swordsmen opposite. Send these two units south to the 
    hill and have the Cavalry and Infantry along with the crossbows move 
    UP the cliff.
    You will unveil three units of Orc Big Uns and a unit of Orc Arrer 
    Boys that carry the Banner of Wrath. Charge the Cavalry into the two 
    units of Big Uns on the left and have the crossbows fire away while 
    charging the other unit of big uns with the infantry. Have the 
    crossbows get in hand to hand combat (or have them fight the Arrer 
    boys in a shoot out not suggested though). Now once finished with the 
    big uns send the Cavalry and Infantry to wipe out the Arrer boys to 
    gain their banner (it is STRONGLY suggested for this mission you have 
    the Cavalry use the banner of defiance to prevent any sob stories of 
    how they flee!)
    Once you wipe them out a unit of Boar Boyz, two units of arrer Boyz 
    and a Orc Shaman will appear far south where your Imperial 
    Greatswords and Flagellants will be waiting. Send the Flagellants 
    spiralling into the Orc Boars and get the Greatswords to ambush the 
    Shaman. If things go the right way the arrer Boyz will be suckered 
    into melee combat and between your flagellants and Greatswords you 
    should wipe the entire southern attack out before your cavalry even 
    gets down to help them. Pick up the banner of wrath dropped by an 
    arrer boy unit and rejoice!
    Expected amount of Casualties: 16 due to the banner of wrath!
    Expected defeated units: None of course!
    *Robbie's notes: No point bringing anything but fighters here. You 
    shouldn't have any trouble really just focus on the north then the 
    south area if you want to do it in a more "reliable" way! *
    Mission 9: Siege of the Blighted Towers!
    Objective: Retake the Blighted Towers
    Enemies: Orc Rock Lobber x1, Orc Bolt thrower x2, Orc Boar Boyz x4, 
    Orc Boyz x2, Orc Arrer Boyz x3, Orc Shaman x1
    The Imperial Mortar and Cannon join you for this mission and MUST be 
    taken. Because of this leave the Grudgebringer Cannon and the Steam 
    Tank behind.
    First things first, notice that the enemy now has artillery. This 
    makes the game twice as annoying in terms of difficulity. Before it 
    was easy simply because you could bomb the enemy down to manageable 
    numbers. Now the enemy can do the same to you. 
    The Orc Rock Lobber has the same range as your cannon so you need to 
    be careful when positioning your troops. Firstly leave the mortar in 
    place as it's well out of combat range and can hit anything on the 
    hill ahead. Now place all your units to the right of the mortar in 
    the following order; Greatswords, Infantry, Cavalry, Cannon and 
    crossbows. Put the wizard to the left of the cannon it's unlikely 
    he'll see any action so you may want to leave him behind. The 
    flagellants should be behind the crossbows and should move to the 
    crossbow's right at the start of the battle.
     Have the mortar target the arrer boyz and the cannon and Crossbows 
    target ALL and ANY troops that come down the hill. The first should 
    be a bunch of Boar Boyz. The cannon and archers should lessen their 
    numbers to the point that your Infantry with the Banner of Wrath 
    should be able to take them out. Fire against the Orc Boyz unit 
    coming up and charge them with the flagellants. DESTROY them because 
    they contain the Shield of Ptolos. Don't pick it up just yet just 
    fire at the other oncoming unit of Orc Boyz, charge in with the 
    cavalry if they don't retreat. 
     Two units of arrer boyz should now make their way down the hill with 
    a shaman in their ranks. Fire away unit you slaughter them or make 
    them flee get the mortar to help too. Pick up the Shield with the 
    crossbows or whoeever you want to have it with and then prepare to go 
     The Cavalry with the banner of defiance and the infantry with the 
    banner of wrath should be enough. Send those two up for a massacre. 
    The Cavalry should target the bolt thrower to the right while the 
    Infantry should go for the arrer boyz. Send the Greatswords and 
    Flagellants up with the Cavalry as you will spring a wave of attack 
    by THREE Orc Boar Boyz. Your Cavalry should easily take them on since 
    they have the banner of defiance but even so send in your flagellants 
    and Greatswords in attempt to lessen the defeats. If the Boar Boyz 
    flee then send the Greatswords to help the Infantry and keep the 
    flagellant on hold in case any of the Boar Boyz turn and fight again.
     Charge the Rock lobber with the cavalry and the Bolt thrower with 
    the Infantry to end the mission. It shouldn't be too much of a fight 
    and you get a nice magic item.
    Expected amount of Casualties: 14 in all and only the Cavalry and 
    Infantry should be harmed in any way since they're your main attack 
    Expected defeated units: None of course!
    *Robbie's notes: This battle sucks really. I mean why does this game 
    LOVE making you have to retake towers and forts on HILLS. Much less 
    with artillery it's just a waste of lives. *
    You now get a choice of whenever to hire the Mortar or Cannon. Choose 
    mortar since you already have a cannon.
    Mission 10: Skirmish at Sylvania
    Objective: Destroy all enemies
    Enemies: Ghouls x5, Skeleton Archers x2, Wraiths x2, Vampire Lord x1
    An annoying mission that takes a lot of guts to win though rather 
    easy at the end of it anyway. You will start this mission on the 
    opposite end of the river where the wonderful 4 skull Vampire Lord 
    resides. The Vampire Lord can wipe out enemies in one hit because he 
    has the magic item "Wand Of Jet" which you shall pick up after you 
    kill him with your Bright Wizard so make sure he has a slot free.
    Make sure one of your infantry units for this battle has a magic item 
    slot free as there are TWO magic items to be gained in this level.
    Notice the amount of buildings facing to the west? Well if you chose 
    the cannon and not the mortar earlier then you've lost a bombardment 
    In the deployment zone is one building, your aim is to deploy your 
    troops under that building (anywhere NORTH of that building puts you 
    in range of the enemy archers). From where the mortar is positioned 
    place below them the Cavalry, Infantry and Crossbows with the wizard 
    slightly in front of the infantry. Place the Greatswords and 
    Flagellants behind the Cavalry and Infantry as backup troops. The 
    cannon should be pulled back under the building where it can STILL 
    hit the enemy archers but yet remains out of range.
    Start the battle and with the cannon and mortar fire away at the 
    archers (don't worry about the Vampire lord the idiot teleports all 
    over the place and you can't hit him yet anyway). Have your own 
    crossbow unit fire at the unit of Ghouls that will be marching 
    towards you. The wizard should use blast spells on the Ghouls be 
    careful not to hit your cavalry in the process. Use the Banner of 
    Wrath and Grudgebringer swords while you're at it for fun as they'll 
    flee soon enough. 
    Fire away at the archers continously because they being dead don't 
    have brains and thus walk back into your line of sight every so often 
    (in other words bad AI). If you want more fighting send the wizard to 
    the back where the cannon is and then bait the enemy with the 
    Cavalry. You'll draw out a unit of Ghouls and Wraiths. Shell the 
    Ghouls with the mortar and have the archers take pot shots at the 
    Wraiths. When they get too close (the ghouls should flee use banner 
    of wrath and grudgebringer sword while you're at it) charge them with 
    in no specific order... The Cavalry, Infantry and Greatswords. Don't 
    waste your Flagellants you need them full strength for later anyway.
    Mortar and cannon fire any remaining archers and once they've been 
    wiped out spend the next few minutes attempting to kill the Vampire 
    Lord (shouldn't be too hard). Once he's out the rest is rather easy. 
    Send ALL your units to the west in a line formation like so: | with 
    the Cavalry and Flagellants up top with the crossbows behind them, 
    the Greatswords and Infantry down south. The wizard should follow 
    from behind as well.
    When you uncover the Wraiths and Ghouls fire away with the archers, 
    banner of wrath and Grudgebringer sword. The Greatswords should 
    instantly send the Ghouls fleeing if not charge with the Infantry and 
    have the Flagellants and Cavalry dismantle the Wraiths.
    Move everyone up in a line formation like so: ---- With the Cavalry-
    Infantry-Flagellants-Greatswords in that order with the Crossbows and 
    Wizard behind them. Move up and then charge the Ghouls on the west 
    with the Cavalry (banner of wrath while you're at it) Have the 
    crossbows attempt to fire at the other unit of Ghouls and Wraiths on 
    the East (if they can't then don't bother) and charge in with the 
    infantry against the Ghouls and Flagellants and Wraiths against the 
    Charge in the cavalry to help whoever needs help and have the Wizard 
    and Crossbows shoot down anyone who flees in case they turn around 
    and fight.
    When you're done send the wizard to get the wand of jet (book icon) 
    wherever you killed the Vampire Lord and then have both the cannon 
    and mortar blow up the Tower on the north river. The tower will 
    "drop" the Hellfire sword so go pick it up and relax for another 
    mission well done!
    Expected amount of Casualties: 22 preferably anything UNDER 20 would 
    be better.
    Expected defeated units: None.
    *Robbie's notes: A bit of an annoying mission where everyone should 
    get nice experience gains. Two magic items that you can now use 
    although if your wizard isn't levelled up yet then you won't be able 
    to use both wizard items yet. If you're lucky enough you should now 
    have levelled up the Cavalry again although if unlucky like me you'll 
    be 1xp away from a level! *
    Mission 11: The tunnels of Drakenhof Castle
    Objective: Destroy the undead army.
    Enemies: Skeleton Warriors x3, Zombies x1, Wraiths x1, Skeleton 
    Archers x3, Ghouls x1, Wights x1, Count Von Carstein.
    Note: Make sure the Crossbows have the Shield of Ptolos for this 
    Annoying mission here, fans of the original will be able to relate to 
    this as it's tunnel fighting. Tunnel fighting is basically fighting 
    underground in mines or tunnels. Basically any regiment without one 
    shield rating is screwed and mortars and cannons are not deployed 
    because they'd bring the entire tunnel down! In this battle you are 
    severely outnumbered and have the masterful Count Von Carstein as the 
    "boss" fight so to speak. You will suffer a LOT of losses here but 
    you can't really sit back and wait and you can't attack one area and 
    then go onto the next. This battle requires you to fight on TWO 
    fronts with a bloody wizard shooting bolts up your backside!
    You can leave the wizard behind here unless you don't mind getting 
    him into a one on one match with the Count, either way it's up to 
    Line up your men in this order; Wizard(if you took him), Cavalry, 
    Crossbows, Greatswords, Infantry. Have the Flagellants BEHIND the 
    Cavalry as a backup for the Cavalry.
    Sit and wait for the first few units, 9 skeleton warriors a unit of 
    1skull zombies and another unit of skeletons. Fire at the unit of 9 
    warriors and have the wizard conjure up flamestorm for the zombies. 
    The zombies should flee but if not the Greatswords and Infantry 
    should take BOTH them and the Skeleton warriors on. Have the Cavalry 
    charge the other unit of Skeletons and have the Flagellants charge in 
    too. Immediately cast Dispel on the Greatswords because the Count 
    loves doing teleport raids.
    Now that's sorted! Send the crossbows up and East and send EVERYONE 
    else to the west. The Crossbows provided you gave them the Shield of 
    Ptolos will be entering a firefight with skeleton archers, your men 
    with the magic shield should win hands down. Charge the Cavalry and 
    Flagellants into the Skeleton Archers on the west but get the 
    Infantry and Greatswords to charge the Count and if he flees then 
    charge the Wraiths before they do any damage.
    The wizard if you brought him should fire away all his spells at the 
    Count in hope of killing him.
    Archers down, charge the unit of Skeleton warriors from the west. 
    When the Wraiths are dead charge the wights up from the North, your 
    own crossbows should have won by now keep them there because another 
    unit of Archers (9 men though) will approach fire away.
    Finally with everything dead and buried you can now laugh evily as 
    you charge everyone in on the Count or if you kept a unit free charge 
    away (I charged my flagellants who had 2 men left because that Count 
    fired a couple of bolts when they were in battle so, revenge indeed.)
    Expected amount of Casualties: 28... You can probably get less but it 
    depends how the count is... Usually he snipes you while you're in 
    combat... See he likes fighting dirty (ok that's enough excuses from me 
    I guess)
    Expected defeated units: None.
    *Robbie's notes: I hate this battle. Ah well without the artillery 
    it's kind of harder isn't it? Just do your best and it should be over 
    in no time at all! The Cavalry should level up by now. *
    Name: Rating, special effects, and unit who should be equipped with 
    Grudgebringer Sword: 9/10, Hits are more accurate plus ONE fireball 
    per magic cycle, Grudgebringer Cavalry.
    This marvellous sword is in your possession from the start of the 
    game! You can shoot fireballs which I recommend you do *just* before 
    you charge an enemy! It *sometimes* makes them flee! It also is a 
    brilliant weapon as it allows whoever uses it to hit more accurately! 
    This should be kept with the Grudgebringer Cavalry at all times. 
    (You have it at the start of the game)
    Potion of Strength: 3/10 increases commander's strength for one turn, 
    anyone in melee combat.
    This potion is found with the Dwarf Warriors once you help them. It 
    can only be used once and basically lets you do more damage in close 
    combat for one round only. Useful if you fight a STRONGER unit than 
    yours or if you're losing the fight and need that little "ooh la la"! 
    Give to the Infantry or anyone really not the wizard! 
    (Found if you help the dwarfs)
    Book of Ashur: 8/10 allows wizards to enter battle with ONE 
    additional spell, any wizard preferably the bright wizard.
    The Book of Ashur can only be used by wizards so you generally NEED 
    to take the bright wizard to pick up this book in battle. It grants 
    an extra spell slot very useful for low level wizards who you haven't 
    managed to level up yet.
    (Found in mission 5a1)
    Enchanted Shield: 4/10, Extra Shield rating (invisible), anyone who 
    needs additional armour.
    This just gives an extra shield rate although it isn't shown. It does 
    not work for wizards. Basically if a unit has NO armour then this 
    shield gives them 1 armour rating. You may want to give this to the 
    Grudgebringer Infantry to beef them up to 4 shield ratings
    (Given to you after mission 5c if you decided to help the dwarves)
    Banner of Defiance: 8/10, Unit causes _FEAR_, is immune to _FEAR_ and 
    will _NEVER_ flee from melee combat, Grudgebringer Cavalry or any 
    MELEE unit.
    This makes your unit fight to the utter death. Useful indeed however 
    giving it to the cavalry has its downsides though. If they die since 
    they NEVER flee the games over. Give it to your wonderful Infantry or 
    a unit that flees a lot.
    (The unit of Wights in mission 6: Ambush at the Great Forest, have 
    this banner. Destroy their unit for them to drop the banner, this 
    shouldn't be too hard as they'll never retreat.)
    Banner of Wrath: 9/10, Can attack enemy units with SIX bolts of 
    lightning per magic cycle, Infantry or any other melee unit.
    This banner has the power to fire lightning bolts at any enemy within 
    range and does NOT hit allied troops. A very nice banner to have.
    (Mission 8 destroy the unit of Orc Arrer Boyz to the north for the 
    banner. Note: If they flee you won't be able to get it.)
    Shield of Ptolos: 8/10, grants the unit a certain immunity to arrows, 
    bolts and cannon attacks also provides the unit with a BASIC level of 
    armour if they have none, Grudgebringer Crossbows or any melee unit 
    you want to be your "archer stomper".
    The Shield of Ptolos grants a certain immunity to archers and war 
    machines. Given to your archers pretty much gaurentees they will 
    never get destroyed in a firefight with enemy archers.
    (Mission 9 the first Orc Boyz unit carries this, their destruction 
    obviously ensures you win the shield)
    Wand Of Jet: 10/10, All spells cost 1mp, Bright Wizard.
    The Wand of Jet reduces all spell costs to 1 magic point. This really 
    allows you to abuse how many spells you cast, repeated flamestorms 
    (Mission 10, kill the Vampire Lord for the wand.)
    Hellfire Sword: 6/10, magic sword that can cast fire magic, any melee 
    unit you will send into battle ALONE.
    I am not sure whenever the hellfire sword like the Grudgebringer 
    Sword grants the user more accuracy when attacking. However the sword 
    does grant a magic fire attack that can be used ONCE per magic phase 
    that goes out in a circle in melee combat. It has been said that this 
    attack hurts other ALLIED units in the same battle but I'll test this 
    (Mission 10, destroy the tower on the north shore of the river with 
    your cannons)
    Heart of Woe: 3/10, pendent that explodes if the wearer dies, anyone 
    you plan to kill LOL. Seriously give this to a unit that is easily 
    killed like the Imperial Greatswords or Flagellants. 
    The Heart of Woe explodes if the owner dies. This causes wonderful 
    amounts of damage to your enemies so it's useful as a kamikaze tactic 
    probably in the later levels when the odds are against you. Combine 
    the Heart of Woe with the Banner of Defiance and you have a unit that 
    will fight to the death and when slain will take the enemy with it! 
    Preferably you wouldn't do this with the Cavalry now would you?
    (After successful completion of mission 10 (or before mission 11 take 
    your pick) you will be given this by the Countess.)
    *Section 7.0*
    Spell book:
    Bright Wizard spells:
    1.	Dispel Magic: Costs 1 magic point: 10/10
    Description: Dispel Magic creates an aura of Anti-magic around the 
    chosen friendly regiment, and any offensive magic entering this zone 
    of protection may be neutralised. It may also be casted on a unit, 
    which is currently engulfed with magic. Dispel magic is more 
    effective when more magic is channelling into it, but its potency is 
    reduced after each attempt to dispel.
    Effectiveness: Against those Necromancers you'll need this every day 
    of the week. It's handy against every spell that the enemy uses. Use 
    it on a unit that you know will face an enemy wizard beforehand and 
    they'll be safe!
    2.	Fireball: costs 1 magic point: 9/10
    Description: A fiery ball of energy blasts forth from the mage's 
    hands and hurtles towards its target wounding any troops in the blast 
    area. The spell has a medium range and armour offers NO protection 
    from the searing blast. By channelling more magic into the spell, the 
    mage can produce multiple fireballs
    Effectiveness: Use against zombies and an on target fireball will 
    wreck the unit. Effective against some other units especially heavily 
    armoured Orcs and Necromancers I suggest using these as a missile 
    option. Shoot them into the enemy right before a charge from the 
    cavalry and you'll have them running away! This is a simple but 
    effective spell.
    3.	Sanguine Sword: costs 3 magic points: 7/10
    Description: Magical flaming swords will materialise around the mage 
    and will attack enemy units on behalf of their invoker. The swords 
    fly towards any nearby enemies, each dealing a powerful blow before 
    returning once more to the caster's side. The spell lasts for a short 
    while before the sword's fade away.
    Effectiveness: Use when close to enemy units or in hand to hand. I've 
    never seen this really and I've never got the spell in a battle 
    before! Although I have seen the one in the first game. Anyone 
    willing to send in a personal rating send to my email please.
    4.	Blast: costs 2 magic points: 9/10
    Description: A powerful attack, blast launches a lethal volley of 
    burning energy at the target. The range is of a medium distance, but 
    the flames deal a lethal blow to all but the hardiest of targets.
    Effectiveness: This should wipe out some zombies or skeletons. If 
    you're lucky enough you'll blast through 3 or 4 lines of enemies. 
    ABUSE IT! I prefer this over the fireball spell when up against 
    multiple units. It's slightly more accurate too and very effective.
    5.	The Burning Head: costs 2 magic points: 7/10
    Description: A phantasmal flaming skull flies from the mage's hands 
    and travels a short distance until the spell expires or hits a solid 
    object. The disembodied head causes a good amount of damage to any 
    target it passes through, and its unearthly laughter can cause units 
    to flee in fear.
    Effectiveness: Used against Orc's and Goblins this can be handy. 
    Against the undead though I wouldn't really know. It effects allies 
    as well so use caution when deploying this spell!
    6.	Conflagration of Doom: Costs 3 magic points: 8/10
    Description: This powerful spell creates a flaming meteor, suspended 
    in the air high above the heads of enemy troops. The meteor crashes 
    to the ground delivering an awesome blast to anything onto which it 
    falls. The mere sight of the flames descending from the sky is often 
    enough to make the enemy flee in fear.
    Effectiveness: Undead forces don't fear anything because they cause 
    fear. In effect though a successful hit from this spell will wipe 
    them out!
    7.	Flamestorm (fire wall): costs 2 magic points: 10/10
    Description: A fierce column of fire erupts from the ground spewing 
    forth flame and ash. All troops who are caught in the blast are 
    burned and attempt to back away from the flames. The spell stays in 
    effect for a short time unless dispelled or cancelled by the casting 
    mage. Only one flamestorm can be in effect at any one time.
    Effectiveness: Oh hell yeah! This is an awesome babe of attacks when 
    placed in front of your troops causing the enemy to walk into a wall 
    of fire to BURN! The thing that comes to my mind when thinking of 
    this spell is "burn baby burn!" Use against zombies and skeletons of 
    course seeing as skeletons will just stand in the flames and die! 
    (This spell is easy to abuse in several missions but I'm leaving this 
    to you to find out since I don't want to make the game too easy now 
    8.	Crimson Bands: Costs 3 magic points: 9/10 if you ever get it.
    Description: Twisting bands of energy entwine the enemy unit, 
    entangling them and rendering them unable to move, fight shoot or 
    cast spells. It remains in effect for a short time until dispelled or 
    cancelled by the caster.
    Effectiveness: Sweet spell. I hadn't thought of using this against a 
    mage I MUST try that! Of course use it against an enemy unit and 
    shoot at them and laugh as they die die die! Mwahaha.
    9.	Wings of fire: 2 magic points: 10/10
    Description: The mage is lifted up on ethereal fiery wings and is 
    transported to another part of the battlefield. This can take the 
    mage into close combat with the usual advantages, but not into any 
    areas that are normally inaccessible.
    Effectiveness: Handy to get the hell out of a nasty situation and to 
    appear next to a necromancer.
    Section 8.0 Control FAQ.
    Notes: After being emailed several times from readers I realised that 
    I had forgotten completely about the CONTROLS section of the FAQ. 
    While this may be quite strange that this section is right down the 
    end there is a general point to it. This section of the FAQ was 
    intended as a separate FAQ to be written by me. However given that it 
    is unlikely some sites will accept a "control" FAQ given this 
    information comes direct out of the manual book, I have decided not 
    to bother and instead put all information into this FAQ where chances 
    are the control FAQ will remain viewable for all, especially those 
    without a manual who have been kind enough to persuade me into 
    writing this here. 
     For those who have sent emails about it I trust you have a copy of 
    this section of the FAQ.
    START Button: Deploys Troops (on Map), pauses game (AFTER Deployment)
    SELECT Button: When paused triggers in-game options menu. 
                   (unpaused:) Triggers overhead map (press select to                           
                   leave map). 
                   (in menus/at camp) toggle in game options menu.
    Directional buttons: Moves on screen cursor
    X Button: When placed over regiment's flag, selects regiment. 
              When regiment selected: move regiment to cursor's location
              When cursor over enemy: Attack/fire at enemy
    X Button and Directional button: Moves camera around the battlefield
    X button and L1 or L2 button: Rotates camera clockwise
    X button and R1 or R2 button: Rotates camera anticlockwise
    X button and L1 + R1 buttons: Zooms out
    X button and L2 + R2 buttons: Zooms in
    Square Button: Switches between fire/hand to hand attacks (only for 
    certain units)
    Square Button: In combat boosts the unit's HERO power.
    Triangle Button: Halt or if in combat RETREAT (unit must be selected)
    O button: Opens and closes Spell menu.
    X button: Selects spells and changes cursor to wand (place over enemy 
    or ally unit and press X to cast spell)
    L1 or R1: Cycle through Allied Units
    L2 or R2: Cycle through enemy units
    Legal Disclaimer: 
    This FAQ is copyright 2001-2003; Robert Blowes (Robbie B). This FAQ 
    may not be used, copied or modified without permission of the author. 
    Use of this FAQ in anyway without written permission of the author is 
    a criminal offence.
    Use of this FAQ for financial gain no matter how small is not 
    Permission to host this FAQ has been granted to these sites listed 
    Gamefaqs: www.gamefaqs.com 
    Psxcodez: www.psxcodez.com 
    Neoseeker: www.neoseeker.com
    Gamesover: www.gamesover.com
    Cheat Happens: www.cheathappens.com
    Section 11: Credits and how to contribute.
    How to Contribute: 
    Simply send an email tagged "Dark Omen info" to my email address 
    found at the top of this FAQ. All information will go directly onto 
    the FAQ and your name printed here. Keep in mind that I will test 
    your information to prove credibility, anyone sending in false 
    information will be ignored.
    Paulo from Gamefaqs for allowing me to use his Magic Items guide to 
    find items I haven't been able to find on my own yet and also for 
    confirming what some of the items do.
    Thanks to all the guys on the Warhammer: Dark Omen board who 
    encouraged me to write this FAQ, and who constantly humour me with 
    discussion of Warhammer 40K!
    CJC for being the first to post this guide.
    ALL of you who read this FAQ, and to those who email me with much 
    needed feedback about this FAQ.

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