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    FAQ by WMartin

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                                  Hi-Octane FAQ 1.1
                                  by Wendell Martin
                                   Revised 8/18/96
     Hi-Octane is a hovercraft racing/combat game by Bullfrog.  While there are
     also PC and Sega Saturn versions, this FAQ currently focuses on the Sony
     PlayStation version (for the simple reason that it's the one I have <g>).
     Gamers' feelings about this game vary greatly (it came out around the same
     time as WipeOut, and WipeOut is stiff competition indeed).  Searching
     newsgroup archives, it's possible to find posts from some who love the game,
     from some who hate it, and every position in-between.  As for me, I bought a
     used copy for $30, and I'm happy with what I got for my money.
     There is no background information given on the game's universe, or your
     place in it.  There's also no FMV introduction; the game just starts.
     The goal of the game varies depending on how you configure it.  You can go
     for the best combination of finishing position and kills in a single race,
     race against your own best times in Clone Mode, race a Championship season,
     or go into Death Match mode and simply try to blow the other vehicles away.
     There's a choice of two control setups, the volume of the music and sound
     effects are separately adjustable, and the skill and number of AI drivers
     is selectable (0-7 opponents at skill 0-3).  Up to eight can play, using a
     Hot Seat option where players hand off the controller to each other when
     prompted.  More realistically, two can play head-to-head via a split-screen
     view (it's somewhat jerky and cramped, but playable with a bit of effort).
     There is no link-cable support.
     While racing, you may fire at your opponents with a minigun (which has
     infinite ammo, though it needs to cool off after prolonged firing), or with
     a limited supply of missiles.  You can increase your speed by charging your
     booster, but this uses up lots of fuel.
     You may choose an in-cockpit view, or an external, above-and-behind view
     (at one of three ranges).  The HUD is a bit complex-looking at first, but is
     easily learned.  There is an active map in the bottom corner of the screen,
     so you may keep track of your location and where your opponents are.  The
     graphics are extensively texture-mapped and are usually pretty smooth,
     though the pop-up/draw-in is somewhat greater than in other PlayStation
     racing games.
     There are nine tracks in the game, and you can choose the number of laps for
     single races (1-50).  The tracks range from simple ovals to complex affairs
     with alternate branches and hidden areas.  Some sections are "alive" and
     morph in real-time.  It's generally worthwhile and enjoyable to make a
     low-speed exploration of each track.
     Placed about the tracks are "pit stops" with one or more of refueling,
     rearming, and reshielding/repair stations.  Various power-ups are scattered
     around the tracks, some of which upgrade your minigun, rockets, and boost
     ability or provide invincibility, and others which refuel, rearm, or
     reshield you (these are also released when a vehicle is destroyed).  Repair
     craft roam the track, refueling vehicles that run out of fuel and placing
     "killed" craft back on the track (these operations take a fair amount of
     time, though).
     The Tracks (with default/championship number of laps)
      1. Amazon Delta Turnpike (11)         6. Thrak City (5)
      2. Trans-Asia Interstate (8)          7. Ancient Mine Town (6)
      3. Shanghai Dragon (9)                8. Arctic Land (6)
      4. New Chernobyl Center (8)           9. Death Match Arena (10)
      5. Slam Canyon (9)
     There are six types of racing craft with different characteristics, and you
     may choose the color (depending on which of eight teams you race for).  The
     vehicle designs are quite varied, and range from the sleek to the boxy.
     The Vehicles and Their Characteristics
      KD-1 Speeder  Speed: 6  Weight: 5  Armor: 4  Firepower: 5
      Berserker     Speed: 3  Weight: 6  Armor: 6  Firepower: 6
      Jugga         Speed: 4  Weight: 6  Armor: 5  Firepower: 5
      Vampyr        Speed: 6  Weight: 6  Armor: 4  Firepower: 4
      Outrider      Speed: 8  Weight: 4  Armor: 3  Firepower: 5
      Flexwing      Speed: 8  Weight: 4  Armor: 4  Firepower: 4
     The Teams (with their colors)
      Mad Medicine (white)          DethFest (blue)
      Bullfrog (green)              Foo Fighters (yellow)
      Storm Riders (purple)         Gorehounds (red)
      Fire Phreaks (orange)         Assassins (black)
     Computer Players and Their Vehicles
      1. Barnsy   Berserker         5. McLalin  Flexwing
      2. Shuntly  Jugga             6. Mad      KD-1
      3. Copse    Vampyr            7. Atrow    Berserker
      4. Manny    Outrider
     I know of no built-in codes.  David Smith's <saturn@airmail.net> PlayStation
     Monster Secrets <http://www.webcom.com/autownet/monster.html> contains the
     following Game Shark codes (I haven't verified them, since I don't have a
     Game Shark):
     Infinite fuel          Infinite shield         Infinite ammo
     80160EEA 27FF          80160EEE 27FF           80160EEC 27FF
     801614BA 27FF          801614BE 27FF           801614BC 27FF
     801616AA 27FF          801616AE 27FF           801616AC 27FF
     801610DA 27FF          801610DE 27FF           801610DC 27FF
     80160CFA 27FF          80160CFE 27FF           80160CFC 27FF
     Max minigun            Max missiles            Maximum boost
     8015CDCE 0003          8015CD6A 0003           8015CD06 0003
     80158FB2 0003          80158F4E 0003           80158EEA 0003
     8015958E 0003          8015952A 0003           801594C6 0003
     8015719E 0003          8015713A 0003           801594C6 0003
     8015790A 0003          801578A6 0003           80157842 0003
     80158B02 0003          80158A9E 0003           80158A3A 0003
     801596BA 0003          80159656 0003           801595F2 0003
     80159142 0003          801590DE 0003           8015907A 0003
     Minigun coolant        No on-screen damage
     8015CDAE 0000          80160EA0 0000
     80159F92 0000          80161470 0000
     8015956E 0000          80161660 0000
     8015717E 0000          80161090 0000
     801578EA 0000          80160CB0 0000
     80158AE2 0000
     8015969A 0000
     80159122 0000
    If you have corrections or additions to this FAQ, please e-mail me and I'll
    implement them with credit.  The latest version of this FAQ can be found via
    my home page.

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