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    Strategy Guide by TSinclair

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 12/23/94 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          PRIMAL RAGE STRATEGY GUIDE
                             (for PR version 1.7)
                               v 0.9  12-23-94
                By: Todd Sinclair (Todd.Sinclair@Castles.com)
                           or (Ace@community.net)
    ************************  Primal Rage 2.3  *******************************
    Well, Primal Rage version 2.3 is out... and man, did they change it.
    The whole game is slower, all characters do about half damage (the slower
    game, combined with the 1/2 damage, make Talon the weakest character.  His
    Pounce & Flip move does NOTHING.).  Almost all of the old combos do not
    work anymore, due to the changes in move speed, and in the moves
    themselves.  Talon's Brain Basher, for example, works differently...
    He bounces off your head instead of leaping off it, enabling it to be
    used in combos.  The computer also fights COMPLETELY differently.
    Talon almost NEVER jumps in the new version.  Anyway, if you're playing
    version 2.3, ignore this Guide completely... it'll get you killed.  This
    is how different it is.  In 1.7, I could beat the game with anyone without
    continuing, on the hardest level.  Now, I can't get past 4 people in a row.
    But don't let that stop you from playing!  It's slower, but it looks to be
    better when playing against another person.  No more super-mega combos that
    kill them in 10 seconds... you actually have to FIGHT now.  Glad to see
    they didn't go the way of Killer Instinct and make the combo system worse.
    So... keep sending me cheats for the game, new or old version (especially
    the new, of course).  Looks like we have a whole new Guide to write!
    i  Revision History
    1  What is...
         1.1 What is Primal Rage?
         1.2 What is the Primal Rage Strategy Guide?
    2  Strategies
         2.1  Playing Strategies
         2.2  General Computer Strategies
         2.3  Specific Computer Strategies
    3  Other Cool Stuff
    4  Where to get the lastest copy of the FAQ and Strategy Guide.
    5  I want your Cheeze!
    6  Credits
    i.  Revision History (hey, everyone else has one)
    v0.9 - Some more stuff, mostly great cheezes for Diablo...
           Now that PR 2.3 is out, I might have to split the Guide into
           2 seperate FAQs... one for 1.7, and one for 2.3.
    v0.5 - More patterns, couple new bugs, and the new Chip info/rumors.
    v0.3 - Added some more stuff for Vertigo, Chaos, Sauron, and Blizzard.
           Took out Character Descriptions, added Playing Strategies instead
    v0.2 - nothing... first release.
    1.1  Intro : What is Primal Rage?
    One of the newest fighting games out, using stop-motion animation of
    real models for the characters.  If you don't know what it is, though,
    you shouldn't be reading this.  Go read the FAQ by Zargon and Pericom,
    or check out the WWW Primal Rage FAQ (see section 4 for info on
    obtaining them)
    1.2  What is the Primal Rage Strategy Guide?
    The Guide is an effort to make the game playable for new players.  The
    computer is extremely pattern-based, so it is quite easy to defeat once
    you master the patterns (cheezes?) with a certain character.  This
    usually results in the difficulty being set at the highest level, where
    you make one mistake and the computer will pummel you with combos taking
    half your energy in less than a couple seconds.  By listing out all the
    strategies against the computer, and the computer's general playing
    style, the Guide should make it possible for even a new player to at
    least put up a fight, and let the rest of us see those endings without
    knowing someone who works at the arcade. And remember... it's only
    Cheezy if it's against a human!
    2.1  General Playing Strategies
    This section describes the general fighting style of each character,
    what buttons do what kind of regular attack, and ways to beat other
    When playing as....
         Armadon's Rushing Uppercut/Spinning Death is probably his most
    useful move. It will go under all projectile attacks and will hit
    your opponent before he recovers. Add it to the end of any combo for
    extra damage, and to knock them down (again).  The Spinning Death is
    faster and can't be hit by projectiles at all due to the recovery
    time, but leaves you vulnerable longer if it is blocked. The Rushing
    Uppercut doesn't leave you as vulnerable when blocked, is easier for
    some people to get off, but has the disadvantage of not lasting
    too long... this can result in you getting hit in the back of the
    head by whatever projectile you tried to go under.  Choose one, and
    learn it well.
         The Hornication Uppercut isn't all that great. Just doing a
    standing horn (buttons 2 or 1+2), or even a jumping horn, is enough to
    hit someone out of the air. It's also faster to pull off. Down + 3+4
    will do a tail-trip, and you can tack on a Spinning Death if you're
    quick enough. His main strong point is his ability to easily bounce
    opponents in the air with his horn. When jumping, if you do a strong
    horn (button 2) and hit, tap buttons 1+2 right away and you can pull off
    a quick 2-hit combo in the air.
         Don't just sit there and do Cold Breaths.  That will get you
    killed.  If you want to have fun, use the Punching Bag a lot.  Also, if
    your opponent does nothing when you do that move, keep hitting button
    1... you can keep punching him until you get tired or your opponent
    wiggles the joystick (it does have a max of 50% damage and... *60*
    hits! Yes, there IS a 60-hit combo!! No, you get nothing special... just
    10 lightning bolts.).  Another note about the Punching Bag... sure, it
    looks cool, but doesn't do any damage, right?  Wrong.  Do it, and finish
    with a high-arcing uppercut (button 4).  Then jump forward (normal jump,
    NOT a power jump) with some aerial attack, followed by an air throw.
    Now THAT hurts...
         Another good tactic is to do an Ice Geyser whenever you trip
    your opponent (his trip is down + 3+4).  If you're fast enough, you
    catch him as he's falling down, and can hit and air throw him also. A
    standing 4 or down + 2 will do a single and a double uppercut,
    respectively, hitting jumping opponents out of the air (usually).  The
    Ice Geyser is better, but takes longer to pull off.
         Don't really know... I don't care for him much, and no one I've
    talked to has much experience playing him.  A nasty trick the computer
    does is a Fart of Fury, then either a Flying Butt Slam or a Ground
    Shaker, forcing you to move out the way, resulting in not only damage,
    but being stunned by the Fart cloud.
         As with Blizzard, Down + 2 is a double uppercut, and a standing 4
    is a normal uppercut. Whenever you trip your opponent, do a Batterin Ram
    to hit them before they land.  Then if you're lucky, do a double
    uppercut to hit them again for that little bit extra damage.
         Again, I haven't played him enough to know too much.
    Down + 2 will do a lunging bite upwards, much like Talon.  Down + 3+4
    will do a tail trip, and you can usually hit with a Rushing Uppercut
    after the trip if you're fast enough.  If you're fighting some guy who
    keeps throwing projectiles at you, time the Pulverizer (aka the Velcro..
    try it on Blizzard and you'll see why) and stomp on them until they
    learn and stop (some people require more... ummm.. training than
    others. Be prepared to be called a cheezer ;).
         He's pretty slow... I have trouble getting off most of his moves
    that involve moving the joystick up and down, except in combos.  His
    Primal Scream (force shield) is good, but NEVER use it when your
    opponent isn't jumping.  In case you hadn't noticed, it doesn't extend
    all the way to the ground, and it leaves you vulnerable to rushing or
    low attacks.
         The Stun Roar is pretty useless, the Earthquake Stomp is good with
    an inexperienced player or if you just get lucky.  Whenever you trip
    your opponent, try and get a Cranium Crusher off... like Blizzard, you
    can usually hit them before they hit the ground, and it does a sizeable
    amount of damage.
         The Primal Scream works great against jumping opponents (takes off
    50% brain), as does a well-timed fierce bite (1+2).  And of course, we
    can't forget the Cranium Crusher's ability to wipe out jumping
    TALON (the Cheeze God)
         Easiest player to master (and the most annoying).  If you're new,
    pick him.  His Pounce & Flip is the ONLY move you need to know.
    Whenever you hit someone on the ground, you can add that move in real
    quick for an extra 3 hits.  Down + 4 is a short slide, and Down + 3+4 is
    a long slide.  If your opponent is in the corner when you do this, or
    you're very fast, do a Pounce & Flip and you can hit them with it before
    the land.
         His Pounce & Flip will go under Sauron's Stun Roar, Blizzard's Cold
    Breath, and Vertigo's Venom and hit them before they recover.
         Most new players that play you will either ONLY use the Pounce &
    Flip, or ONLY use his Frantic Fury.  In the case of the former, just
    block it, then do it right back at them.  They will be unable to block
    and will take full damage.  Usually they stop after a round or two.  In
    the case of the repeated-Frantic-Fury-in-the-corner-cheeze, just do a
    slide. If you're trapped in the corner, try quick jabs (button 1).
         A standing 2 will do a quick bite upwards,  and a Down + 2 will be
    a slower, but more powerful lunging bite upwards, both great for taking
    out jumping opponents.  An annoying trick to do with Talon when someone
    jumps at you is to just hold down and do jabs (button 1).  Usually their
    jumping move will miss, and you'll hit them a couple times with a jab,
    followed by a Pounce & Flip for an unblockable 5-hit combo.  Of course,
    this labels you as a cheezer, and can get you beat up in some rougher
    arcades.  Be warned!
         Her tail is your best weapon.  Even when blocked, it does enormous
    damage to your opponents brain guage.  When jumping, always jump with
    button 4.  It's a low tail swipe that will hit opponents below you with
    ease.  This means that, with the possible exception of Armadon, if your
    opponent jumps too late, they'll be hit by the tail.  If it hits, tap
    3+4 quickly for a 2-hit tail combo. She has no upper attacks, meaning
    she has no way to hit opponents out of the air easily. Although if you
    jump backwards and hit 1+2, you might hit, and if you do a VooDoo Spell,
    the might land in front and be dizzied, or land behind and trip you.
    2.2  General Strategies and Computer Fighting Styles
         Armadon is quite deadly, especially at higher difficulty levels.
    Jumping is not a good idea, he has too many air defenses.  The only real
    way to fight him is to play very defensively.  If you just walk
    backwards, he'll probably do a Spinning Death or Iron Maiden.  On the
    Spinning Death, just block, bite him, back up, and wait.  For the Iron
    Maiden, jump and hit him in the air.  If you're too close, he'll try a
    Rushing Uppercut, just block and hit him.  If you're REALLY too close,
    he'll try to trip you, then follow up with an unblockable Spinning Death
    for a large chunk of health.
         Blizzard is really only dangerous if he freezes you or you get too
    close.  Again, don't jump at him unless he's doing his Cold Breath, or
    you'll most likely get caught by an Ice Geyser.  If you just wait on the
    ground, he'll either do a Cold Breath or a Long Mega Punch, both of
    which can be blocked and countered. He may walk up to you first, but I
    have yet to see him just walk up and trip me.
         If you do jump at him, always power jump and wait until the last
    second to attack.  If Blizzard freezes you in an Ice Geyser, but you're
    too high for him to hit (computer never does power jumps at close
    range), if you were attacking as you were jumping, you'll finish your
    move as soon as you unfreeze. This means that you try a jumping attack
    and get frozen, if you're high enough you still stand a good chance of
    unfreezing and hitting Blizzard anyway.
         This guy is just plain deadly at higher levels.  If you jump,
    you'll probably be hit by a Batterng Ram.  If you get knocked down, you
    should bock low or jump right away... he starts his combos before you
    even stand up again.  One of his favorite tricks is to do the Fart of
    Fury, then while you're backing up to block, do a Ground Shaker, sending
    you up into the cloud.  If you just stand there, he'll simply walk up
    and trip you, followed by a battering ram in most cases.  The only time
    he's really vulnerable is when he's farting or puking.  Also, if you
    wait until the very last possible second to attack when you jump at him,
    he usually won't do the battering ram in time to hit you.
         Not exactly hard, Diablo gets a little tough at high levels.  He
    can time his Mega Lunge perfectly so that it hits you whenever you jump
    at him.  The best time to get him is when he spits a fireball.. his head
    is such a nice, big target. Also, try jumping at him, but attacking at
    the last possible second. This usually delays his Mega Lunge long enough
    so that you either hit him first, or you land behind him and he lunges
    away from you.  This leaves him vulnerable for a tail-trip or some
    other such move.  You need to be just far enough away so that you would
    land ON him, not behind him, for this to work.
         Sauron's pretty simple, unless you get unlucky or don't know how to
    play your character.  If you jump, you'll probably get hit by his Primal
    Scream force shield, which knocks you down and takes half your brain.
    The time to panic is when Sauron jumps at you... he has this 4-hit combo
    that you'll learn to recognize the instant it's started, as it's really
    the only one he has... jumping tail, low bite, low tail, Cranium Crusher
    uppercut.  Unless you have a full brain gauge when he does this, you'll
    be dizzy... and he usually will do it again... and then you're dead.
    Best time to get him is when he does his Stun Roar, just like Diablo.
    To make him do the Stun Roar, take a step or two forward, then walk
    backwards.  99% of the time he'll do it.  So obediant, so.... stupid...
         This guy is death with large, pointy claws.  Do NOT stay on the
    ground... he does combos no human could ever hope to pull off.  The best
    idea is to stay far away on the ground, or better yet, keep jumping at
    him, attacking the instant you leave the ground.  If done properly,
    Talon will jump and have his head bashed in by whatever extremity you
    chose to extend.  He seems to jump more if, after you knock him down,
    you take 1 or 2 steps backwards, then power jump at him again.
         She's actually pretty weak, unless you get too close.  Her combos
    are blindingly fast, but don't do a massive amount of damage.  She has
    the habit of almost always spitting venom twice in a row, rarely just
    once, even if she hits you with the first one (only if you stay on the
    ground though... if you jump, she won't do it).  Jumping is the way to
    go, although you MUST hit your buttons before the gets off her
    attacks... She'll jump up, and try a 2, 1+2 bite combo.  You pretty much
    beat her the way you do Talon.
    2.3  Specific Strategies
    'Charging', in this Guide at least, refers to holding down the buttons
    for a move, while either standing still or walking (usually) backwards.
    Say you want to do Armadon's Spinning Death.  That's buttons 1+4, then
    back, half-circle back.  If you hold down the buttons then press back on
    the joystick, you're charging it... you need only flick the joystick in
    a fireball motion backwards to complete the move.  However, if you push
    back on the joystick first, THEN press the buttons, you're charging the
    move AND walking backwards (I'll refer to the direction in brackets...
    ex. 'charging [back]').  It makes the moves much easier to time, and
    you're still blocking while doing it (for the moves starting with the
    back direction, anyway).
    The following is a list of ways to beat each of the computer players
    using any of the characters.  These almost always work better than the
    general strategies.  A lot of them are unknown at this point... just try
    using the general strategies and do the best you can.
    ARMADON vs.
    **   ARMADON - Pretty simple, if you get the timing right.  Keep about a
    screen's length apart, then do the Rushing Uppercut.  Usually, the
    computer Armadon will try to do a Hornication Uppercut, which results in
    you sticking your horn up his butt.  Back up a screen length away, do it
    again after he stands up.  The Rushing Uppercut, if done right, will
    also knock Armadon out of a Spinning Death and a Rushing Uppercut of his
    own.  If you happen to time it wrong, and he blocks, he'll do 1 of two
    things : try to hit you with his horn. I this case, just back up and
    start over.  Otherwise, he'll try to hit you with his tail twice.
    Unless you're really close, the first swing will miss.  Do the Rushing
    Uppercut again quickly, or he'll knock you upside the head with a spiked
         Also, you can play defensively and charge [back] the Spinning
    Death.  When Armadon gets far away from you, he'll do his own Spinning
    Death.  Block it, then return the favor.  Just don't stay too close or
    he'll tail-trip/Spinning Death you.
    **   BLIZZARD - Again, pretty easy.  Similar to Talon, you just get a
    screen length away, charging [back] either the Rushing Uppercut or
    the Spinning Death, and wait for a Long Mega Punch or a Cold Breath.
    As soon as he does either of those, do the Rushing Uppercut or Spinning
    Death (the latter is better, but leaves you more vulnerable if Blizzard
    blocks in time), and repeat.  If you're good, you can finish him off
    faster by doing a jumping combo as soon as he does the Cold Breath.
    **   CHAOS - If you wait until the very last possible second before the
    round starts, and do a Spinning Death, it will USUALLY hit his Battering
    Ram (which he loves to start out with) before he gets a chance to move.
    **   DIABLO - Unknown.  Just wait for a fireball and pound his head in.
    **   SAURON - Make Sauron do a Stun Roar, then do a Rushing Uppercut or
    a Spinning Death. Take 2 steps forward, then walk backwards, charging
    [back] the Rushing Uppercut or Spinning Death.  That usually makes him
    do it again as soon as he stands up.  Repeat as needed.
    **   TALON - He can be annoying at times, but usually isn't too
    difficult.  The basic idea is to hit him with a strong horn (button 2)
    in the air.  If the horn hits, immediately hit 1+2, for a quick
    2-hit air combo.  Just jump at him, and hit the buttons the instant you
    leave the ground.  It works best if you're standing right next to him,
    as he'll take at least blocking damage if he doesn't jump.  If you find
    he's hitting you in the air, try button 4 instead (wide tail swing,
    longer range).  Don't just jump around at random though.  When you knock
    him down, jump the instant he stands back up, not a second earlier.  If
    you can time it right, do a jumping 2 instead.  If it hits, immediately
    push buttons 1 and 2 for a quick 2-hit combo in the air.
    **   VERTIGO - Easy.  Same idea as fighting Talon.  Just get right next
    to her, and either do a jumping 2, 1+2 combo or a jumping 3+4.
    BLIZZARD vs.
    **   ARMADON - Same principle as fighting as Armadon vs. Armadon.  You
    must get as close as you can to him ASAP.  Usually, starting off with a
    Long Mega Punch works.  The instant you finish the punch (you can start
    hitting the buttons early), do ducking jabs (down, button 1) until a jab
    misses from you being pushed back (usually the 2nd or 3rd).  Then
    immediately do another Long Mega Punch, then start jabbing again.  It
    actually works well, although he will occasionally hit you with a horn
    if he blocks your punch.
    **   BLIZZARD - Get as far back as you can, out of Mega Punch range.
    Then, just keep doing Cold Breaths.  He'll usually respond with one of
    his own, cancelling it in the air.  Eventually, though, he'll try and
    Mega Punch you.  He'll be frozen, and you won't be hit unless you're too
    close.  He looks like he's off the ground, but it's still possible to
    hit him with a nice jumping combo.
         Another trick is to just power jump at him with a 3+4 attack,
    but not actually attacking until you are directly over him.  The only
    way he can hit you is to do an Ice Geyser, but you should be in the
    position that he'll jump up, miss you, and you'll unfreeze and land
    behind him, sometimes hitting him on the way down.  The real trick to
    this is learning to anticipate his Cold Breath and do jump at him
    then... just remember this little trick with the Ice Geyser so if he
    recovers too fast, he won't be able to freeze and hit you.
    **   CHAOS - Stay as far away as you can, and Cold Breath him.  He'll
    usually puke or something instead of blocking.  If you have time, jump
    over the puke and combo him (remember, you can't do 2 freezes in 1 combo
    [ie, freeze, trip, ice geyser]... it's an auto-cheeze and will let Chaos
    out of the combo-stun early).  Then back up as far as you can, and
    freeze him as soon as he gets back up.
    **   DIABLO - Unknown.  Just bash his head in when he fireballs you.
    **   SAURON -  The Cold Breath will usually cause Sauron to try a
    Leaping Bone Bash.... hopefully, he'll be frozen on the way up.  If
    Sauron's cooperating and throwing a lot of Stun Roars, stya close and
    sweep him whenever he does.  You'll duck the Stun Roar and trip him at
    the same time.
    **   TALON - Annoying little sucker, Talon is.  As when playing as
    Armadon, you want to get close, then jump over him, attacking as soon as
    you leave the ground (button 2 or 3+4 works best).  If it hits, or even
    if it doesn't, follow with an Air Throw.  Usually taking 2 steps forward
    then jumping with an air throw seems to work pretty good.
         Talon will usually try and slide under any projectiles you throw at
    him, and follow up with a Pounce & Flip.  If you can time it right, it
    is possible to do a Cold Breath right before he gets back up, catching
    him as he tries to slide under it.  Walk up to him, do a Punching Bag
    with a high arcing uppercut, then do a normal jumping aerial attack,
    followed by an air throw.  Then freeze him again, and repeat.  Works
    well as long as you never miss with the Cold Breath...  this isn't the
    way to beat him unless you are really good, or really bored (or both),
    but it looks good and is fun.
    **   VERTIGO - As with Talon, just jump at her (buttons 3 & 4 seem to
    work best on her).  Don't forget your Air Throw.
    CHAOS vs.
    **   ARMADON - Back up, as far as you can, even into a corner.  Armadon
    will almost always do a Spinning Death.  The instant you block it, do a
    Battering Ram.  You'll hit him before he recovers, and be on the other
    side.  Back up again, and repeat.
    **   BLIZZARD - Unknown.
    **   CHAOS - Unknown.
    **   DIABLO - The opposite of fighting Armadon.  Keep doing Battering
    Rams into Diablo as fast as you can.  He'll block the first one, try to
    bite you, but get hit by his second one instead.  Wait until he stands up,
    then do it again.
    **   SAURON - Unknown.
    **   TALON - Unknown.
    **   VERTIGO - Unknown.
    DIABLO vs.
    **   ARMADON - This one works GREAT.  First off, do an Inferno Flash
    (teleport).  If you don't appear close to Armadon or he jumps away,
    teleport again until you appear right next to him.  As soon as you do, do
    low 1 - low 1 - low 3+4 - Hot Foot (low bite, low bite, trip, hot foot)
    Unless you're really slow, he won't be able to block it.  Then wait for
    him to stand up, and do it again!  It works on players, too, though not
    as well.  (If you can't get the Hot Foot off fast enough, just leave it out.
    The cheeze still works without it, just takes longer)
    **   BLIZZARD - This is a little tricky, but works pretty well.  Stand a
    screen length away, wait for a Cold Breath.  Immediately, do a
    Pulverizer.  If you did it fast enough, you'll hit Blizzard before he
    recovers from his Cold Breath (and you'll see why we call the Pulverizer
    'the Velcro' ;).  Then walk backwards... he'll usually try a Cold Breath
    again.  If he does a Long Mega Punch, you might be able to get
    off a Mega Lunge before he recovers.
    **   CHAOS - Exact same as Armadon.  Teleport until you're close, then 2
    low bites, trip, Hot Foot.  Works GREAT!
    **   DIABLO - Try doing the Pulverizer as he spits fireballs at you.  Hard
    to time, but effective if it hits.
    **   SAURON - Not totally effective, but will definately make you look
    really cheezy.... just keep teleporting (Inferno Flash) really, really
    fast.  Usually Sauron will block, but if you're doing it fast enough,
    you'll toast him when he does try to attack.  This works best in the
    corner.  It also has the side effect of wearing out your wrist, and the
    joystick.  Use at your own risk!  (it's also an auto-cheeze if it hits 3
    times in a row)
    You can also try to do a Pulverizer as he Stun Roars.  See the General
    Computer Patterns on how to make him Stun Roar.
    **   TALON - Pretty much just jump over him and whack him with your tail.
    If you're about 3/4 of the screen away (or more), and you knock him down,
    throw a fast fireball.  He'll try to slide under it but get hit instead.
    If you're too close, though, expect a trip - Pounce & Flip combo.
    **   VERTIGO - Unknown.
    SAURON vs.
    * quick note - Sauron's Air Throw will work as long as your opponent is
    off the gound, and is touching ANY part of your body.  That means you
    can get some NASTY air combos off, followed by an air throw.  Sauron is
    so big, if you're off the ground, you're touching at least his feet,
    which is enough for the throw.
    **   ARMADON - Back up.  If he does any kind of rushing move (Rushing
    Uppercut, Spinning Death, etc), do a fierce bite (1+2).  If you're close
    to the corner, do a power jump over him before he gets up... you have to
    do this when he's down - Sauron is so big, he'll never make it over
    Armadon's Bed-O-Nails.  Also, if you're about a screen length apart, do
    a fierce bite (1+2) then keep walking backwards.  He'll try to horn you,
    but you'll bite him in the face first.  If you're too close when you do
    it, you'll be hit.
    **   BLIZZARD - If you're really fast, do a Leaping Bone Bash when he
    tries to freeze you with a Cold Breath.  Otherwise, trying to hit him
    with a jumping combo works pretty good.
    **   CHAOS - If you're desperate, get back as far as you can and do Stun
    Roars.  He'll usually do a Power Puke.  You can block the puke, but
    he'll be hit by the Stun Roar.  This will make him dizzy quickly, but
    you probably will have difficulty killing him in time with this
    strategy, as the Stun Roar does very little damage.
    **   DIABLO - If you jump over him, but don't attack until the last
    moment, you'll usually make him do a Mega Lunge that misses.  You'll
    land behind him... do a tail-trip (low 3+4), followed by a Cranium
    Crusher before he hits the ground.
    **   SAURON - Unknown.
    **   TALON - Like being Blizzard.  Jump at him with button 3 or 4, and
    do an air throw if it hits.
    **   VERTIGO - Just like playing as Blizzard.  Jump at her (button 3 or
    4 works fine), and do an air throw if it hits.
    TALON vs.
    **   ARMADON - Suprisingly, this is one of the easier people to beat
    with Talon.  Simply block any inital attack in the round, then do quick
    jabs (button 1).  If he blocks, only do 2.  If they hit, do 3 jabs.
    Then take 1 step forward, and repeat.  If you do it quick enough (not
    too hard), you'll hit him before he can hit you.  You can even hit him
    out of a Spinning Death this way.
    If you really want to impress that large crowd watching you in awe, try
    this combo... it's a little difficult to pull off consistently, though.
    Be sure to start pushing the jab (button 1) button before you finish the
    double slash, or it'll count as 2 small combos instead.
    Using the above rules (ie, if he blocks, 2 jabs then step forward), do
    this (assuming you hit on the first jab):
    jab - jab - jab - Double Slash - jab - jab - Pounce & Flip
    9 hits, 50% damage, and lightning bolts up the kazoo.
    **   BLIZZARD - Again, quite easy.  Stand where you are at the
    beginning, and when Blizzard does the Cold Breath or Long Mega Punch, do
    the Pounce and Flip.  When you land, charge [standing] the Pounce and
    Flip, and repeat.  Then there's always the 'Snapping Jaws Cheeze'. See
    section 4 below.
    **   CHAOS - If you time it just right, you can get a Pounce & Flip off
    as he's puking, but before the puke actually gets animated.  The best
    way I've found is to knock him down some way, then wait.  The instant
    you can see his head through the dust as he's getting up, do a Double
    Slash (doesn't matter where you are), the immediately do a Pounce & Flip
    again.  The Double Slash has the effect of helping you time the P & F
    perfectly so that you hit Chaos just as he starts to puke.
    Also, when he's in the corner, a Pounce & Flip will usually draw a Fart
    of Fury from Chaos, instead of his usual Battering Ram.
    **   DIABLO - What I usually do is much like fighting Talon.  If he gets
    close, I do 2 jabs (button 1) to push him back, then jump with 3+4.  If
    he jumps you'll hit him.  If he doesn't jump, he'll probably do a Mega
    Lunge, which should miss if you don't push the buttons until you are
    over him.  Then do a long slide (low 3+4), and catch him from behind
    before he finishes his Mega Lunge.  Repeat.
    **   SAURON - Wait for a Stun Roar, do a Pounce and Flip.  When you
    land, walk up to Sauron until you touch him, then immediately walk
    backwards.  This will usually cause Sauron to Stun Roar again.  You know
    what to do from there.
    **   TALON - As with everyone else, keep jumping at him.  Usually, the
    claw rake will work (jumping 1 & 2), although if Talon hits you a lot,
    switch to buttons 3 & 4.  If you hit, push down on the joystick and hit
    button 2 (the 'Snapping Jaws') for that extra hit.  If you jump, but
    find the computer Talon didn't, do 2 jabs (button 2), then jump again.
    It'll push him away from you, and will keep him from comboing you as you
    **   VERTIGO - Just beat the crap outta her with jumpkicks.  As with
    veryone else, get close, and jump over her with buttons 3+4. And
    there's always the 'Snapping Jaws Cheeze'. See section 3 below.
    VERTIGO vs.
    **   ARMADON - Back up.  As long as you stay out of tail-sweep range,
    you should be ok.  If he does the Spinning Death or a Rushing Uppercut,
    block it and Fierce Bite (1+2) or do a Scorpion Sting.  If he jumps, do
    a Fierce Bite and you should hit him before he lands on the ground.  If
    he backs you into a corner, go into a defensive crouch (back+down), and
    wait until you can hit him (if you just hold back he'll tail-sweep you).
    Once you knock him down and you're near a corner, teleport, and repeat.
    It's also possible, but difficult, to block his Spinning Death, then
    do a trip (low 3+4) - Scorpion Sting combo.
    **   BLIZZARD - Unknown, except for the 'Snapping Jaws Cheeze'. See
    section 4 below.
    **   CHAOS - If you can time it right, and you're lucky, jump at him,
    and at the last possible second, hit button 4.  That particular tail
    move is very low, and will probably hit him in the head as he tries to
    Battering Ram you.
    **   DIABLO - Unknown.
    **   SAURON - Unknown.
    **   TALON - Just like everyone else, jump at him (preferably when
    you're close to him).  Hit button 4 as soon as you leave the gound.  If
    it hits, quickly hit buttons 3+4 for an extra hit, then button 1 to
    bounce him again.
    **   VERTIGO - Just like fighting Talon above.
    3  Other Cool Stuff
    This section is other various Cheezes, bugs, and other interesting stuff
    that doesn't fit anywhere else, or I forgot to mention above.
    **  The 'Snapping Jaws Cheeze'  **
    This interesting AI glitch only seems to work with Talon and Vertigo,
    and has only been verified against Vertigo and Blizzard.  Diablo seems
    like it should be possible to use it with, and Chaos and Armadon might
    fall for it, also.  For Talon, it's a centered joystick and button 2.
    For Vertigo, it's a centered joystick and button 1.
    Basically what it is is getting just far enough away so your 'magic'
    bite doesn't quite hit.  Then you just keep tapping the appropriate
    button.  When not done right, you get your head bashed in.  When done
    right, this happens:  The first hit misses, the computer just stares at
    you.  As you start the second bite, the computer tries to hit you.  Your
    bite is too fast though, and you hit the computer instead.  The next hit
    misses, and so on. Miss, bite, miss, bite, etc.  So, in short... you
    just keep tapping the button, and they just keep getting hit until
    they're brain-fried. Be warned, though... I did this with Talon on
    Vertigo, and I REALLY pissed her off.... she killed me with some combos
    that were so fast I can't even tell you what she did (once she woke up,
    that is ;).
    **  The Armadon Shredder Bug **
    This only works when you're Talon, and I've only seen it work against
    the computer Armadon on his stage.  If you win and Armadon is all the
    way in the corner (which is usually the case if you use the Armadon
    Cheeze listed in Talon's section), do the shredder fatality.  What will
    happen is Talon will spin around, drift over to Armadon, but that's it.
    He'll spin and spin for like 10-15 seconds, no blood, then drift off the
    edge of the screen.  The whole time Armadon just stares at the sky,
    swaying back and forth like he's drunk.  Still counts as a fatality
    **  The Slip-n-Slide Bug  **
    The computer has a part of code built in that pushes the two characters
    apart if they touch, so that the figures don't overlap, making them
    appear more solid (among other things).  However, there is a bug in this
    code, which sometimes results in one character sliding all the way
    across the screen until he reaches the edge, sometimes taking the other
    character with him.  It happens quite frequently with Armadon's Rushing
    Uppercut when it's blocked... he'll hit, then slide all the way across
    the screen.  This is good.  I was playing as Talon once, when it
    happened to me... I slid to the right... my opponent was to the right of
    me.  I pushed him all the way into the corner.  I just sat there, trying
    to back up, hitting the jab button.  All he could do was block.  I
    finally told him it was screwed up, and not to attack.  I stopped doing
    anything, let the joystick center, and got out of it.  Good for me, not
    good for him.
    **  The Rising Body Bug  **
    I have not seen this bug personally, but it's probably related to the
    Slip-n-Slide bug.  It seems that one character had won the match, and
    Diablo was lying lifeless on the ground, when suddenly, his body rose up
    and flew off the screen at about a 60-degree angle.
    **  The Final Battle Bug  **
    This one's nice.  If you can somehow manage, through a glitch in the
    game, to get any character other than Blizzard completely off the
    block any move you throw at them until they die.  Since all your moves
    do more damage in the final round, you can work someone down quite fast
    even when the moves are blocked.  Note, however, that any kind of
    grabbing move - Talon's Face Ripper, Chaos's Grab-N-Throw, etc - will
    cancel this bug and make the computer fight again.
    **  The Vertigo 'Bite the Crap Outta Them Forever' Bug  **
    This might work for others, but I've only seen it for Vertigo vs.
    Computer Armadon.  The way the game works, it gives you time to finish
    off any combos even after your opponent's health runs out, so you don't
    mess up the fatality.  Well, it seems Vertigo's bite is sooo quick, you
    can keep doing it theorectically forever.  The guy playing didn't know
    what he was doing, so he was just pushing buttons.  He finished off
    Armadon with a low jab, but didn't realize he had killed him.  He kept
    hitting Armadon a good 10-20 times before he realized what was up and
    stopped.  Armadon promptly fell over and didn't move =)
    --  What's an Auto-Cheeze?  --
    An auto-cheeze is any combination of moves that always brings up the
    game's 'No Cheeze' sign.  Basically, any combo that involves
    freezing/dizzying your opponent twice.  For example, a Voodoo spell to
    dizzy your opponent, then 2 bites, then a Come Slither will set it off,
    resulting in your opponent being released from Combo-Stun (tm).  A Cold
    Breath by Blizzard, followed by a trip-Ice Geyser combo will set it off
    as well.  Repeated unblocked Inferno Flashes by Diablo have the same
    effect, as does a jumpkick/Face Ripper by Talon.  But remember.. no
    sign, no cheeze! (unless the guy you're playing is bigger than you =)
    4  Where can I get the newest version of the Primal Rage FAQ and the
    Primal Rage Strategy Guide?
    Either FTP to netcom.com and look in the directory /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs
    for :
    primalrg.txt  - FAQ
    prsg1_7.faq  - Strategy Guide, PR version 1.7
    prsg2_3.faq  - Strategy Guide, PR version 2.3
    or send an e-mail message to  ftp-request@netcom.com
    with the line:
    send /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/primalrg.txt to your.address@here
    for the FAQ,
    send /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/prsg1_7.faq to your.address@here
    for the Strategy Guide (PR version 1.7)
    or :
    send /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/prsg2_3.faq to your.address@here
    for the Strategy Guide (PR version 2.3)
    (or put all of them!)
    Also, check out the WWW Primal Rage FAQ at:
    5  I want your Cheeze!
    If you have any suggestions or comments, possible ideas or any sure-
    fire ways to beat the computer (especially against Chaos... I really
    HATE Chaos), send them to :
    or Ace@Community.net
    I'll reply to all messages I get... if you send one and don't hear
    anything in a couple days, send another message to the other address.
    My main mail place has problems with e-mail from time to time.
    Anyone out there got any cool Ascii pic I can put in the title? (besides
    the one in the FAQ) Not only will you get my gratitude, but you'll have
    your artwork admired by MILLIONS of people all over the WORLD!!! You'll
    be famous, and get a great job drawing ascii pics for $100,000 a year!
    6  Credits
    ME!..........................................Wasting time on this Thing
    Andy Eddy (vidgames@netcom.com).................Keeping this FAQ around
    Typhoon@netcom.com......................................Blizzard Cheats
    Thoreau@umich.edu....................................Bugs and Chip Info
    Zio@netcom.com...........................................Armadon Cheats
    MINERVA@EMF.Lan.McGill.CA.................................Diablo Cheats
    Cebarton@undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca......Adding this to the WWW PR FAQ
    And a bunch of anonymous people at Solano College who let me try moves
    on them, let me have rounds to try new stuff, and pumping in the
    quarters that keep the college tuition as low as it is =)

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