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    FAQ by McGinley

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    Return Fire is a one or 2 player strategy/military action game. The object of this
    game is to capture the enemies flag.  To do this you must first discover where the 
    flag is located and clear a path for your Jeep to go out and recover your enemy's flag.
    The game has a simple concept,but provides hours of enjoyment and fun.  This is 
    currently one of my favorite games on the 3do.
    The music features a CD quality soundtrack of some of the most well known classical
    tracks,including Flight of the Valkeries when flying the hellicopters. The music 
    not only provides atmosphere, but is also good for a couple of laughs too.
    In Return Fire your objective is to capture your enemy's flag before he captures yours.
    The game contains multiple levels of varied maps and difficulty.
    To capture your enemy's flag you must search out the bunkers in your enemy's 
    territory and destroy them. When you find the flag, you must capture it with your 
    jeep. Be careful! your jeep, while being very fast, is also very weak.
    (Thanks to Marty Chinn)
    Bring your vehicles back to your bunker before they are completely destroyed. The 
    Bunker will repair all damage.
    You can self-destruct by pressing [A]+[B]+[C]. You will sacrifice the vehicle, 
    but it's a quick way to get back to your bunker.
    Never cross bridges with Drones on your tail. Drones will continue to fire at you as
    you move and will destroy the bridge behind you.
    Keep moving to avoid enemy Drones. Drones are launched when you stop moving.
    The submarine is deadly and cannot be destroyed.  Once it fires a heat seeking 
    missile at you, you're dust....unless something else is closer to the missile. 
    The missile really is heat-seeking and if something else - say a drone or 
    even your enemy - is closer to the missile, it will be taken out and 
    not you (even if you're the one that caused the sub to surface!)! With a bit of
    practice, the heat-seeking missile can be used quite creatively.
    Always check the map when you're in the bunker.  It is constantly updated and
    will show you how the terrain has changed.  It will also show your enemy's position 
    on the map as he moves around.
    Learn to play very well.
    If your enemy finds your flag, take your Jeep and go
    retrieve your own flag. Then, either:
    1. Hide it behind a building near turrets.
    2. Move it to the farthest location on the map.
    3. Bring it back to your own Bunker.
       (It will be randomly placed in a new Flag Tower.)
    4. You can take it out to sea, and it will slowly
    5. Float back to shore. (Let your enemy have fun
        trying to find a moving flag!)
    Lay mines on:
    1. The enemy's useful bridges instead of destroying the bridge.  When your
       enemy hits the mine you will have taken out an enemy's vehicle and destroyed
       a useful bridge.
    2. On or near your flag.
    3. On or near your enemy's Bunker.
    (The Helicopter can remove mines by firing rockets (and only rockets) directly at the
    Use radar screens to:
    1. Keep track of where you are located.
    2. See your enemy.
    3. Prepare to fight an approaching Drone.
    4. See mines (You can't see them on the map).
     Use the Jeep Beacon light:
    1. The beacon lights green and chimes when you are headed towards your 
        enemy's exposed flag.
    2. The beacon lights bright red when you are facing your bunker.
    Mines OFFENSE:
    Your Armored Support Vehicle (ASV) can carry 10 mines.
    You can reload mines when you return to the bunker,
    but you get a total of only 30 mines for the entire game.
    If your ASV is destroyed, you lose all of the mines that
    it contained.
    If your oppenent is in the helicopter, go to his bunker
    and lay a mine on it.  If he returns to the bunker without
    any rockets to destroy the mine, he won't be able to refuel
    or reload, so he's dead.  Chances are he won't even notice
    the mine even if he does have rockets.
    However, don't try to lay mines directly on the bunker when
    your oppenent is inside, because they (and you) will blow up
    when the doors open.  Instead, lay a mine slightly in front
    of the bunker.
    When laying mines, try to put them somewhere they won't
    be noticed (for example, on a splotch where you previously blew
    up a tree).
    Try to herd your opponent to your mines:
    lay a mine in an obvious location to make him veer off the road.
    Then put another, better hidden mine in the place you think he'll
    go to avoid mine #1.
    When fighting in your ASV vs. your oponent's land vehicles,
    don't let him get behind you and pin you against a wall.
    If he does, you are dead, so drop a mine and take him with you.
    Try facing him and firing while you reverse.  Drop a mine
    while doing this and he might just keep coming at you, and
    blow up on the mine.  If you are about to die in your ASV,
    go ahead and drop a mine or two, you'll lose them anyway.
    If you are good enough, you can set off a mine with a ground
    vehicle without getting yourself killed.  But you might take
    some damage.
    When using the helicopter, make sure you keep a few rockets
    available if your oppenent knows where your bunker is and is
    driving the ASV.  Also use the rockets to clear out other
    troublesome mines.
    In the jeep, you can lob grenades at a mine.  They will hit the
    mine (making a clanging noise) but they will not destroy it.
    To destroy your opponent's ASV, drive your tank or jeep behind
    and pin him up against a building.  Since he cannot fire backward,
    you can easily gun him down.  Howerver, he'll probably drop a mine
    before he dies to take you with him.  But losing a jeep is well
    worth it to destroy an ASV.
    The Level Select Codes are...
    The Levels select codes for the 2 player mode are:
    Any questions/comments ?E-mail me: mcginley@ll.mit.edu

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