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Reviewed: 08/28/02 | Updated: 08/28/02

Hey it´s war, let´s listen to HipHop

Shell shock is the only tank-action-game on the PSX, I think. You are the tank-driver for a special secret squad of former soldiers who now are called, whenever the government needs an important mission to be done, or so.

Graphics: 4

During the game you see everything from the in-tank-perspective. So you see your huge tank-cannon on the screen, and by turning the turret you can look around. All the levels are quite simple designed. Houses are square buildings with always the same texture, from time to time there are wooden boxes, fences, trees, and some other simple items. Everything is very pixelated and not very nice coloured. Your enemies are always either tanks like yours, or smaller ones with a machine gun. From time to time you´ll ancouter battleships, or transportation-trucks, but usually you´ll only fight against the two different types of tanks. They are quite good designed, but it soon gets boring to see the same tanks all the time.

Sound: 2

Music: 1
„Yeah bro´, put in some HipHop in the tape desk of my tank“. Oh man, your ''mates'', are all HipHop-freaks, and they urge you to select some of their ''cool'' tracks before every mission ! This music drove me totally crazy. Well, I must confess that I don´t listen to HipHop and that I really don´t like the music, but THIS was totally annoying. What the hell drove the programmers to play HipHop music in a tank-game. It´s war, thousands of shells are flying towards your tank, and you are forced to listen to HipHop-music. Insane !
SFX: 3
Machine guns and cannons firing. Apart from these two effects there´s nothing else. But it´s not that bad, because you have already turned off the volume because of the horrible ''soundtrack''.

Gameplay: 7

Apart from the ugly graphics and the ultra-lame music, the concept of a tank-driving game is quite cool. After your mission briefing you immediately start in the next level. Usually it´s you job to destroy all the enemy-tanks, a certain building, or a convoy. So you have to find the target and eliminate it. But thousands of enemy-tanks will try to shoot you to pieces, so you must be very cautious, because you are alone. So sometimes it´s better to avoid battles, especially in the first levels, because there your tank is quite weak. After each level you get a certain amount of money, depending on your skills, and with this money you can buy shield or weapon upgrades for your tank. Weapon upgrades in the sense of a higher firing-rate of your cannon and machine gun.

Story: 1

Somewhere there´s a huge garage. This is the headquarter of a former military/mercenary unit, consisting of four HipHoppers, where you can select the different rooms before each new mission in order to talk to your ''mates''. These HipHoppers have a bombing-plane, and a ''baby'', their super-tank you are allowed to drive. Strange enough they also get missions from the government, like destroying a weapons factory or a drug-laboratory and stuff like that. The boss of these four idiots is a tiny moron with sunglasses. He always says ''Here´s your next objective'', and then you are looking at a plain screen while a voice (the boss of the tiny moron - a very important person) gives you the details for your next mission. Then there´s the technician who always tells you not to screw up the tank, the DJ, where you can select the newest HipHop-tracks for your next mission (aaaargh!), and not enough, the shopkeeper. Usually the only sentence he knows is something like ''Hey, ya don´t have enough bucks for that'', because all his stuff (the upgrades for your tank or the ultra-expensive air-support, where the tiny sunglass-moron helps you during a mission by bombing the enemy) is so expensive that you will always need a few missions before you have enough money to buy his crap.

Replayability: 1

Oh man, I hated this game. And after I finished the last mission (it took weeks, because some of the missions are so damn difficult), I never put this game in my PSX again, and I never will. The graphics are simply too bad and the stupid story is really annoying.

Final Score: 3

Actually the idea of driving a tank is really cool, but the bad graphics, the high difficulty, the Music, and the story are all factors that make this game to an absolute failure.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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