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"It's not as bad as I originally thought.."

When I used to have a PC back in the day, one of the games I used to play on it all the time was Sim City 2000. Simply put, I loved the game. Building the cities provided hours of fun, and I was hooked by the solid gameplay that the game provided. It was simply one of the most addictive games I had ever played in my entire life, and I played the game seemingly every day. It was simply a fantastic game that I could never get enough of. Sadly, however, I had to get rid of my PC, so I had no way of playing the classic game any more.

Or did I? About seven months ago, I realized that there was a Playstation version of this classic game released. So, being the huge Sim City 2000 fan that I was, I made sure to pick up a copy of it. However, upon playing the game, I experienced a larger letdown than the Kings performance against the Los Angeles Lakers. The game sucked. Enough said. It was a lot like the PC and Macintosh versions of the classic game, but it suffered from several problems, ranging from problematic (loading times) to downright unbearable (the control).

Those of you that are familar with the Sim City series probably know that the Sim series doesn't exactly provide a classic, gripping storyline. Instead, you have to simply build your own city, and control the taxes, etc. that go into making the city. Basically, you are the creator of the city, then you become president/mayor of it. While it isn't a classic storyline in any stretch of the imagination, it is still a decent storyline for the most part.

The graphics in Sim City 2000 were decent enough, although they surprisingly and disappointingly did not live up to the high expectations that I expected after seeing the PC version. One of the cool things about the game was how you can zoom into an individual section of a map and point out all the little details about the place. For instance, let's say you have just built a hospital and want to zoom into the area around it. Zoom in, and you will see the hospital, with little people walking in and out of it, and lights, etc. The graphics are definitely pretty impressive, especially the detail that the developers clearly put into the individual sections.

There is not really any music in Sim City 2000 to speak of, so I will not comment. There were, however, a wide variety of sound effects, that sounded impressive, which is definitely a good thing, because of the fact the game was released on a console known for impressive sound quality. I loved the wide range of sound effects produced in the game, from the sound of a construction machine knocking down a building to the sounds of the various areas being constructed. I am definitely a fan of the sound effects in the game, but it would have been nice to hear a variety of music during gameplay.

The control in Sim City 2000 is single handedly the thing that turned this game from classic into horrific. I am pretty sure that you can get a mouse for this game, but I am not positive. Let me just say that it is pretty much impossible to play this game with the Playstation controller. Enough said. It is truly a challenge to move the mouse cursor around with the controller, then clicking on the various menu buttons is also a pain in the posterior. If there is a mouse available for this game, GET IT, because the game is unplayable with the standard controller.

There is a few basic things to remember about the actual gameplay. You are basically the mayor of your own town, and you have to build the town using a set amount of money. You build roads, hospitals, etc. You just can't build any old town, however, you have to make sure the town functions properly. Therefore, you have to build roads connecting to various places, and you need to make power plants. With the power plants, there are three different kinds. They each have advantages and disadvtantages. After making one, you can then connect the power plant to the other places using power lines. That is pretty much the basis to the game right there, because you can't do anything unless the places have electricity.

Replay value to this game is decent, until you realize that you can't really do much with the basic controller, and the loading times can get to be a pain. Ideally, I'd say this game would be perfect for anyone, but the PC version is far better, and has better replay value.

The game isn't much of a challenge, certain areas are, like handling your funds, and trying to create the ''perfect'' city that won't be destroyed by a hurricane or fire.. but I've come close. Have you ever seen some of the more major cities? Damn, I hope to have a metropolis sooner or later..

Overall, I liked this game, but the loading times and controls bomb it down a notch or two.

I Rate This Game, DaLadiesMan Style!
Storyline - 7.5/10
Graphics - 8.0/10
Music - Not Available
Sound Effects - 8.5/10
Control - 1.0/10
Gameplay - 7.5/10
Replay Value - Average
Challenge - Above Average
Is the game worth a purchase? - Yeah
If so, for how much? - Under 8 bucks.
Overall - 6.5/10

The Last Line
A shoody PC to PSX translation, unless there is a mouse somewhere out there for this game, because controlling the game with a PSX controller is just horrible..

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/15/01, Updated 07/16/01

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