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    FAQ/Walkthrough by threetimes

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/23/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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         ZZ       ZZ  ZZZ  ZZ  ZZ    ZZ ZZ       ZZZ   ZZZ ZZ    ZZ ZZZ   ZZ
              ZZ    ZZZ ZZZ    ZZ    ZZ ZZ    ZZ ZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZ    ZZ ZZ   ZZZ
         ZZZZZZZ     Z   Z     ZZ    ZZ ZZZZZZZ  ZZ  Z  ZZ ZZ    ZZ ZZ    ZZ
                           W A L K T H R O U G H / F A Q 
    Platform    : PS1 and Saturn                            Written by threetimes
    Developer   : Core Design                               May 28th 2007
    Distributor : Eidos Interactive                         Version 1.3
    Released    : 1997 PAL only                             Update August 23rd 2009
    This walkthrough is written for the PS1 version of the game.  The controls for
    the Saturn will be different, but other than that I think that the game is the
    TABLE OF CONTENTS ................................................ SEARCH CODE
    To find a section of the guide select the Edit option on your toolbar and then
    Find and type the code. Or use Ctrl +F, (it's the Apple button for Macs +F) 
    to bring up a box where you can type in the code. Then, select next. 
       1. Introduction.................................................... *INT
       2. Story........................................................... *ST
       3. Controls........................................................ *CON
       4. Saving.......................................................... *SAVE
       5. Enemies......................................................... *ENS
       6. Inventory....................................................... *INV
       7. Hints and Tips.................................................. *HINT
       8. Cheat Codes..................................................... *CODE
       1. The House and Garden............................................ *HOUSE
          Pumpkin Patch Boss.............................................. *PPBOSS
       2. The Basement.................................................... *BASE
          The Glooming Boss............................................... *GLOBOSS
       3. The Dark Tunnels................................................ *TUNN
          The Undertaker Boss............................................. *UNDBOSS
       4. The Swamp....................................................... *SWAMP
       5. Main Street..................................................... *STREET
       6. The Swaghouse................................................... *SWAG
       7. The Final Boss.................................................. *BOSS
    C. CREDITS AND THANKS................................................. *CT
    D. LEGAL BIT AND CONTACT.............................................. *LC
                                 A.  G A M E  B A S I C S 
    1. Introduction ...................................................... *INT
    As for why I bothered with writing a FAQ for this game, well it was cheap
    to buy and initially intriguing, with a great soundtrack and some original
    When I investigated further I found two old reviews on the web, where both
    reviewers said that, although they appreciated the game's quirky charms,
    neither of them was able to complete it as it really was too difficult.  One
    reviewer even begged for a walkthrough, and having completed the game I fully
    understand why they gave up, but spurred on by this challenge I was interested
    enough to give it a try.
    2. Story ............................................................. *ST
    The town of Paradise Falls has a problem.  The Swagman has captured the
    Dreamflight fairies and plunged the town into a world of nightmares.  Hannah
    has been shrunk and confined in a cage and Zack's bug collection has been
    scattered far and wide.  Only her brother can save her, and then these eight
    year old twins can begin their long journey together, to escape the world of
    nightmares, and restore peaceful sleep to Paradise Falls.
    3. Controls .......................................................... *CON
    Game Start: select a language from English, German or French.
    Options:    menu to change sound settings and controls if wished.
    The Real World
    Triangle - holding this button will allow you to move things.
    Square   - will allow you to use whatever item is held in Zack or Hannah's left
    Circle   - uses the item in Zack or Hannah's right hand.
    Cross    - tap it for a small jump and hold it down for a higher jump.
    SELECT   - press once to get to the inventory screen, and again to get out.
    R1/R2    - hold either button together with the directional buttons to slow
               down and walk.
    L1/L2    - allows you to switch between Zack and Hannah.
    START    - pauses and then resumes game.  Also used if you fall in the Abyss.
    The Dream World: this is reached when you go through a mirror.
    Circle   - use this for Zack's Fire-breath attack and Hannah's Laser Eyes.
               Hold it down and you can use the left and right directional buttons
               to turn the head and direct the attack. 
    Square   - use this for Zack's Power Punch and Hannah's Claw Ripper.
    Triangle - this is used for Zack's Mega-butt and for Hannah's Pirouette.
    Cross    - tap it for a small jump and hold it down for a higher jump.  Hannah
               can perform a super-jump if the Cross Button is pressed twice in
    START    - pauses and then resumes game.
    SELECT   - not used
    R1/R2    - not used
    L1/L2    - not used
    4. Saving the Game ................................................... *SAVE
    You have to find and open Scarab Chests in order to save the game.  You can 
    only have one save file.  The game makes an automatic save when you enter a 
    new section of the "level".  If you die during a section, you can press START 
    within 10 seconds, and you will be back at the start of the section, and not 
    the start of the level.
    5. Enemies ........................................................... *ENS
    I am not going to detail exactly where they all are because you can spot them 
    easily enough as they are all on-screen.  However, I have included details of 
    how you can kill or avoid enemies for each level.
    There are some other enemies that the manual does not mention, and I don't
    know what their official names are, but I have included descriptions of them
    and what to do about them when you meet them.
    You can kill some enemies using your torch, cherry bombs or other weapons.
    Some, e.g. Trash Scalllys, cannot be killed at all and have to be avoided.
    Enemies do not re-spawn once they are dead so it is usually a good idea to 
    kill the ones that can be killed as soon as you see them. 
    Green Skallywags:  Green skeletons that throw bones.
    Red Skallywags:    These small enemies will steal your cherry bombs.
    Candle Skallywags: Red skeletons are found in darker areas.  They hold a candle
                       and will blow it out in your direction.
    Pumpkins:          A fire spitting pumpkin.  These are only found in the 
    Steam Demon:       First found in the basement, they float around and spew
    Fire Slug:         They get spewed out from the Abysses and then attack.
    Sheet Thing:       Get too close and they have sharp claws and a tail.  They 
                       cannot be destroyed
    Zombie Kid:        They can burst out from a grave or from an open coffin.
                       Very dangerous and will kill you with one touch. Use bombs 
                       on them for a quick and safe kill. 
    Swag Spikes:       They dart out of walls and floors and block passages.  You
                       often have to find a pressure pad to make them retract and 
                       this is the only way to get past them 
    Trash Scallys:     These hide in the trash and are armed with a pile of bins.  
                       They cannot be destroyed and must be avoided. 
    Cactus Spikes:     These appear to be normal cacti but will attack with cactus
    6. Inventory ......................................................... *INV
    Inside the Inventory Screen you can swop items from one side to the other and
    select the ones you want to use.  Both characters can have two items equipped:
    one in each hand.  Use the directional buttons to select an item and then the X
    button to pick it up.  Move the object to wherever you want it and then press 
    X again to drop it into place.
    Dreamcharged Flashlight:  Both Zack and Hannah use this as their main weapon.
    Cherry Bombs:             Explode on impact to blow holes in walls and to blow
                              up some enemies: both Zack and Hannah can use these.
    Hannah's Yo-yo            Use as a weapon. Also used to grab items that are out
                              of reach and to hit switches.
    Zack's Fantastic Frisbee: Works like a boomerang.
    Dreamdew Equipment
    These two pieces of equipment require Dreamdew in order to use them, and are 
    found later in the game. 
    Zack's Jet Sneakers:      Zack can run fast and jump a long way.
    Hannah's Lightning Glove: Hannah can destroy everything on screen and is
                              protected from the effects of electricity.
    7. Hints and Tips .................................................... *HINT
    01. You can only make one save file for the game while you are playing it, and
        you can only save at the SCARAB chest.  There is usually one to be found at
        the start of each new area, though not always.
    02. Standing on heads is often the way to solve a puzzle.
    03. Both twins can push and pull even large objects.
    04. Some enemies cannot be killed at all, and must be avoided.  Some can kill
        you with one touch, so try to kill them from distance.  Enemies do not re-
        spawn: once dead they stay dead.
    05. Use the shadow cast by the character to help in judging jumps. 
    06. Don't forget to collect plenty of bugs, and try not to let them escape or
        fall into the Abyss before you have captured them.
    07. If you are not sure which twin to take through the mirror the loading 
        screen gives you a hint.  You can exit the same mirror if you need to save 
        before proceeding, or find you have the wrong twin for the stage.
    08. Even if you are a bit short of bugs when you get to Limbo you may still be
        able to reach the Dreamflight fairy.  You can test out the path and it will
        not alter even if you die and have to try again.
    09. The effects of one twin standing on a press square may not appear on the
        same screen.  Swop to the other twin and look around carefully.
    10. If you fall into the Abyss and press Start before the ten seconds is up, 
        you can continue to play. 
    8. Cheat Codes ....................................................... *CODE
    According to GameFAQs, and indeed other sites, there are cheat codes for this
    game that include a level select.  However I could not get this to work, and
    I am a little suspicious of it since there are no levels in the game as such. 
    Since I am not very used to cheats I may well have been doing something wrong!
    There is, however, a potentially useful cheat which grants invincibility, and
    this works easily and well, to an extent.  There are some limits to its
    effectiveness, should you choose to use it.  It will work for ordinary enemies 
    and it will protect the twins from the electricity in the Swagman's House.
    However, (and believe me when I say, this is a BIG however!), it will NOT
    protect you from falling, into anywhere, including the Abyss or lava.  It will
    NOT protect you from the trolls, or from the Pumpkin Patch boss.  So use it if
    you wish, but it will not make the game very much easier.
    Invincibility  Code
    While playing, pause the game and press Circle, Square, X, Square, Circle,
    Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square,
    Triangle, Square.
    The "Paused" word will turn red and you are...well...a little bit invincible.
                            B.  T H E  W A L K T H R O U G H
    The game does not identify the levels, but it is divided by boss fights and
    each Dreamflight fairy rescued.  Each level is quite long with many different
    sections to it, so I thought it might help to split the walkthrough up by
    identifying the different locations where each of the Dreamflight is found.
    Each "level" is divided into sections based on the areas in the game.  Each
    area represents a new loading screen.
    Dreamlife is shown by a number of Zees (Z Z Z Z Z) at the top of the screen.
    You start with 5 and soon get eight and that is it.
    Thanks to Riveller for pointing this out.  I had wondered why the "lives" did
    not increase beyond this number, so if you see a reference to the Zees as
    "lives" this is inaccurate as they are not lives at all, and the healing you
    receive from various jars and sleeping people will just replenish your
                      LEVEL ONE: THE HOUSE AND GARDEN .................... *HOUSE
    This level takes place inside the house and garden.  You will be going back and
    forth between some areas so the subheadings are sometimes repeated.  Don't 
    worry about Hannah, as you can't use her at all during this level, but she is 
    safe enough even though she is not much bigger than a bug!
    1. Inside the Bedroom  7 bugs
    After the initial scene-setting animation, the game begins with Zack in his 
    bedroom, where poor Hannah has been shrunk to a tiny size and locked in a cage.
    The screen is viewed from a strange angle: kind of top down 2 D which might 
    take a bit of getting used to at first.  There is no explanation for what you 
    are supposed to do, however simply walk up the screen and talk to your sister, 
    Hannah who is locked inside the cage.  (To move, just use the directional 
    After this chat, head right and you will see some shimmering light just in 
    front of the doorway.  A figure will appear and introduce the game.
     | "Welcome to the night Zack. It's a creepy, ill-natured place-especially  |
     | now the SWAGMAN lurks in its shadows...But don't fear too much yet...I'm |
     | the SCARAB.  The boss bug from your collection- and a veteran of the     |
     | dark and dank.                                                           |
     |                                                                          |
     | If you need advice about the terrain, this key should help bring me      |
     | scurrying to your aid..."                                                |
    Walk around touching or walking over the bugs in the room and you will 
    collect them automatically.  The bug collection number is at the bottom of 
    the screen, so you can see exactly how many you have found.
    Make sure you pick up the torch, which is the blue thing just below the bed. 
    The door to the right is locked, and you need the key of course!  This is
    inside a blue bell jar on the opposite side of the room, and to pick it up just
    walk over it or jump at it.  You will automatically unlock the door when you
    reach it.
    2. The Landing  8 bugs  (15)
    There are a number of Swagmen here, and you can hit them with the torch, using
    the square button.  First of all make sure the torch is equipped by going to
    the select screen and putting it in the left hand box.  If you fall into the
    gaps you will lose a life but you can press start within 10 seconds to continue
    the game.
    Go down the screen to get the blue item in the corner: this is three cherry 
    bombs, and they will be shown in the menu screen if you press the select 
    Walk to your right and hit the glass cage, which will release the bugs. Make
    sure to get them all before they run off or fall into the Abyss.  Further to
    the right is an entrance to the bedroom, and at the top right of the hall there
    is a door to the bathroom.  Go in here first.
    3. The Bathroom  4 bugs (19)
    There are 4 bugs inside the bath, so collect these first.  Then you need to get
    the key from behind the shower.  Walk to the left of the shower curtain and hit
    it with the torch to make it move.  If you press the L1 or L2 button you will
    get a message reminding you that Hannah is locked in a cage. Obviously you
    would think this is the key you need, only it is not.
    There are another 2 cherry bombs in the bathroom, so pick these up before
    4. The Bedroom  2 bugs (21)
    The bedroom is your next destination.  Go in here and touch the first chest 
    and the SCARAB will appear and give you some more advice.
    | "Our bug runs sometimes lead into waste rooms - dusty, abandoned areas   |
    | within this house.  You should be able to bomb a passageway into them    |
    | through some of the more worn brickwork in the walls."                   |
    There is a ghost in this room that you can stop from attacking you if you bash
    it with the torch, but it will re-appear.  If you die you can still continue
    where you left off so long as you press start in time, otherwise it is back to
    the beginning!
    The two bugs are at the right of the bed and then, after tracking them down,
    edge around to the left of the bed, press circle with a bomb in the right hand
    section of the equip screen, and it will blow a hole in the wall.  The bed will
    shift and the hole is now your next place to go.
    5. The Hallway  1 bug (22)
    This next area has a number of enemies so make sure you have equipped your
    trusty torch after using the bomb.
    There is a bug as you enter the hallway, and the first door is locked, so
    enter the second door.
    6. Room with hole  1 bug (23)
    In here the SCARAB in the chest will give you more advice.
    | "If you are going to stay awake and beat this nightmare Zack, you'll     |
    | need to break into the Swagman's territories (sic) ...MIRRORS knit your  |
    | world with these twisted, bad-dream landscapes."                         |
    Hit the blue cage to pick up some dreamdew, and this will fill up the top bar.
    Go back into the hallway, and if you go to the end of the corridor, dodging the
    fire and navigating the narrow broken part (you can walk here if you like), the
    key will unlock the end door into the Parents' Bedroom.
    7. Parents' Bedroom  4 bugs (27)
    Pick up the three bugs at the bottom of the screen where you enter the room.
    After getting rid of all the enemies, walk up to the parents' bed and jump
    on it, to get a full heal and an extra life.  There is another bug and the key
    is near the bed.
    Go to the left into the wardrobe and bang the clothes out of the way using the
    torch.  You are now in a hidden area behind the wardrobe.
    8. Behind the Wardrobe  8 bugs (35)
    This part is annoying because you cannot kill the ghosts, so the best you can
    do is to hit them to stop them from harming you or run past them.
    Follow the corridor around and get more bombs.  Then jump up the boxes to the
    top, and hit the blue glass cage to release an extra 2 lives and a full heal. 
    Jump down from the top of the wall to the bottom of the screen and go left to
    find another blue cage and release 8 more bugs.  Yay!
    Go right, and jump up the boxes, and then down into the area where you will
    see a key at the top left corner of the boxes.  There are no ghosts in here.
    There is a box with a four squared mark on it, which means that it can be
    pushed.  Press the triangle button to hold it, and then the directional buttons
    to push the box into place at the front of the higher boxes.  Climb up and get
    the key.  Push the box again so you can jump up and get out of this area.
    Then, make your way all the back to the wardrobe and into the bedroom.
    9. The Landing again
    Now, still inside the bedroom, go up and to the right and through the top right
    hand door using the blue key.  You are back at the landing, and the bedroom
    (where Hannah is still shrunk and in the cage) is the top door at the left of
    the screen, but you still don't have the key to release her.
    Backtrack all the way to the right of the landing and back into the bedroom,
    then, go through the hole that you made with the cherry bomb.  Now, use the 
    yellow key on the first door in the corridor, and you can get inside the 
    10. Playroom   0 (35)
    There are some more bombs in this room, near the bottom wall and at the top
    side of the room, but you need to move quickly to avoid the huge snooker cues. 
    Use a bomb on the bottom wall below the snooker table and go through here.
    11. Behind the Playroom  8 bugs (43)
    There are some more of those bothersome ghosts in this room and a full heal at
    the bottom right as you enter.  Go left to hit the blue cage and release 8
    bugs, and then head right and up and out.
    12. Bedroom  (5 bugs)  48
    In this new room get the two bugs on the bed and the three others that are 
    wandering around, and then walk up to the top left and you will find a mirror. 
    Walk into the mirror....
    SHOCK HORROR!!!  You are now a monster!  
    2 bugs (50), and 8 more (58)
    First pick up the two bugs that are close to the mirror.  You can go back
    through the mirror if you need to.
    Walk down the red pathway and kill the green monsters using the triangle button
    to hit them with your claws, or the circle to shoot flames from a distance.  If
    you are getting low on health you can go down the path and jump down to the
    bottom, and hit the cage to the bottom left for a full recovery.  When at the
    lower level also make sure to release the 8 bugs.
    Now, go up the ramp, jumping the gaps and killing the green monsters, until you
    reach the top where you can simply walk through the doorway: in fact this is
    another mirror, and you are back in the real world.
    There is a Scarab chest here where you can save your game, though there is no 
    hint, and then you can go downstairs.
    Watch out for the small Red Scallywags that will steal your cherry bombs.
    1. Entrance Hall  2 bugs (60)
    Walk down the stairs and into the hallway.  The room opposite the stairs is
    locked, so head up the corridor to the couch on far side of the stairs, and get
    two more bugs.  There is another locked door, and no access outside from the
    2. Dining Room  8 bugs  (68)
    Go back to the stairs and go down the screen.  The room to the right is locked,
    so head left and get 8 bugs and a heal.  You can chat to the Scarab chest for
    some more advice, which isn't of much help right now.
    | "Search the garden hard when you're out there...they are always entangled |
    | with nooks and caverns worth exploring."                                  |
    3. Kitchen  2 bugs (70)  8 + 8 (86)
    Head down the screen again to find two more bugs, and enter the kitchen.  You
    can get refreshed by the sleeping cat in the corner if you stand close to it.
    Jump up on the cabinets and get the red key and two lots of 8 more bugs. Then,
    go through the door at the far left to get into the next room.
    4. Utility Room  3 bugs  (89)
    There are three bugs on the floor, and you can jump up on the washing machine
    and get a full heal.  The other door is locked, so return to the entrance hall
    and use the red key on the right hand door, which opens into the lounge.
    5. The Lounge  1  (90)
    There is a heal at the top left corner, and if you edge along the bottom of the
    room you can pick up the single bug.  If you are not fast the bug might fall 
    into the hole.
    Walk around the room and up, to get the blue cage and some more dew.  There are
    also three bombs here, so make sure to get these before going through the door,
    because after you go through the way is closed behind you.
    6. T.V. Room   5   (95)
    There are 5 bugs here and a key in the top blue cage.  If you look closely you
    will see that there is a broken area of wall to the left of the entrance: this
    is why you needed those bombs.  Use one to break the wall and you will emerge
    in the cupboard under the stairs.
    7. Cupboard under the Stairs  1 + 8  (103)
    You will find the green key, more bombs and a single bug running around. 
    Break the cage for 8 more bugs, and then leave the cupboard under the stairs 
    using the green key.  Now you can go back upstairs and save your game again.
    After this, return downstairs and into the utility room. Use the key to open 
    the door into the garden.
    1. The Vegetable Patch  2 bugs  (105)
    The garden is like small maze with holes and strange plants to avoid. These 
    thorny plants will attack you and cannot be killed off.
    Walk right, and follow the path to pick up two bugs.  From here, go left and
    around and down, and then right again, to find another Scarab chest.  At last 
    you will be given some information about how to set Hannah free. 
    | "Mind out for Master Pumpkin at the patio entrance, he has his breath    |
    | fired like an oven burner.  Even I can't creep a trail past him.  You'll |
    | want that warp marble he's guarding over though, as it will enable you   |
    | to release Hannah from her shrunken state."                              |
    2. The Borders  4 bugs + 2 more  (111)
    From the chest go left a couple of steps, and then down the screen, and you
    will be in another part of the garden.  Walk down, and right, to find a
    dustbin. Knock it over and push it up to the window ledge (which leads into a
    small garden shed, I assume), and then climb inside to get some bombs and 4
    Leave this place and walk back down the path, and then, to the far right 
    bottom, to find another SCARAB chest with guidance about your next destination 
    (after freeing Hannah) though there is still a lot to do first.  You don't have
    to bother with this chest right now, but it does give a helpful hint for later.
    | "When you can unlock the garage, find the cellar entrance...then go out |
    | through the tunnels beneath town."                                      |
    3. The Gap
    Walk left, and you will find a swing, and then use the spiders web to jump 
    across the gap.  Use the extra double jump and the directional buttons to move 
    across the wide gap.
    There are two bugs here and there are also some bombs at the bottom edge of the
    gap.  Collect these, and then walk up the screen avoiding the evil plants, for 
    two more bugs.  There is another chest where you can save your game.
    Go back down, and before you reach the evil plant turn left, as there is a way
    through the hedge.  You might notice a small arrow pointing at the well.  This
    means that there is a way through, so use your head... not literally!  Once you
    have blown up the wall go through.
    You can't get into the first small room yet.
    1. Red Switches 4 bugs (123)
    Push the red switch to the right side of the corridor.  This allows the next
    switch to emerge from the wall.  Avoid the ghosts as best you can.
    Then, push the next red switch, at the end of the corridor, into the wall and
    this will change the direction of the rolling spikes.  Follow the path, and
    when you get to the bottom of the screen, keep going left into a small room and
    get 4 bugs.
    Retreat back out of this room, and walk up the screen, then left and down, to
    push in the next red switch.  This changes the direction of the spikes at the
    top of the steps, and will also allow you to go back the way you came.
    Jump up the steps.  Keep avoiding the ghosts, and walk all the way up, and
    right, and then, down, and this will take you outside again. You're not in the
    garden as such, but inside a secret area with the green key.
    2. In the Garden Hidden Area
    BEFORE picking up the key, flip the switch so it is pointing right.  This will
    open the way to get inside the first area of the well which was blocked before.
    Now, pick up the green key and you are magicked into LIMBO!
    | LIMBO |
    Turn to your right and the SCARAB says:
    | "Your jar is brimming with bugs...splendid . I can send them out to    |
    | plot a solid route across this abyss for you..."                       |
    If you go back into the place where you arrived, you will return to the Garden.
    Come back here and things will be as they were.
    Walk forwards and use the path laid out by the bugs.  When you get near the
    purple platform you can walk over to it to release the fairy.  However, with
    all the bugs you have collected, you can follow the path around further, and
    reach another platform where there are 4 bombs and healing dew to fill up your
    bar further. Then, walk back along the bug path to the fairy.  She will thank
    you and give you an update on the Dreamflight still in captivity.
    After this you will be transported to the pumpkin patch.
    T H E  P U M P K I N  P A T C H:   B O S S  B A T T L E .............. *PPBOSS
    The Situation
    Here you fight some small pumpkins and then the big pumpkin boss comes out!  He
    has very nasty claws that can pick you up and kill you in one go!  Small
    pumpkins will come out from the top of his head and you can hit them to fire
    them at the head.
    The Problem
    If you get caught by one of the claws, even if you have invincibility in place,
    you will die, and it is game over.  It that happens, you will be back at the 
    start of limbo again.
    You must stay well away from those claws!  If you stay in the bottom corners he
    can get you.  If you chuck a bomb as soon as the pumpkin shows himself it will
    probably not affect him too much.  If you hit him he will turn bright red.
    Walk around as far away from him as possible.  You can attack the head with
    bombs and then the torch when they run out, and wait until the arms are flat on
    the ground and then run away fast.  But the bombs will run out before you can
    defeat him and the chances are you will get caught by the claws.  This is the 
    problem: how to hit the Pumpkin Boss without getting caught.
    The Solution
    If you stand in the top right or left corner you are just out of his reach.
    But you need to push up to make sure you stay right inside that corner.
    Keep hitting by pressing square, and you will hit the small pumpkins back at
    him from time to time.  Don't worry if you miss some, as more will come your
    way soon enough.  Eventually the claws will be destroyed.
    Once the claws are gone the battle is much easier.  He will fire more small
    pumpkins.  Just hit these back at him, and now it won't take long for him to be
    destroyed.  After defeating the boss you are back at the garden.
    DOWN AND UP THE WELL: Optional
    If you go back into the teleporter after defeating the pumpkin you get
    transported back to the garden area.  You can go back to the well now, if you
    remembered to turn the switch at the last area before limbo (to make sure it is
    pointing right).  If you go back down the well, you'll find that the first 
    blocked off area is now open.
    Pick up the bombs and flip the switch, and now jump up the blocks that appear 
    in the wall.  You have to be fast as they will disappear.  When you get to the 
    far right one, wait for the next to appear.  Then, go on one by one and stop at
    the steady one under the light.
    Go right and jump on the moving block, and jump to the next one when it is
    close.  Jump fast from one to the next, and on the next two to the right, as
    they will disappear.  Stop under the light again.
    From here, go left quickly and onto the moving block.  Then, right and to the
    spider's web. Jump, and go left one by one to the light.  Go right again to the
    next web, and the next, to arrive back in the garden.
    What was the point of that?  I suppose to get more bombs.
                               LEVEL TWO: THE BASEMENT .................... *BASE
    This still feels like level one but you can start to collect more bugs again so
    it really is the start of the next level.  Your task is to find a way out of
    the house, whilst also releasing the second fairy, and at long last restoring 
    Hannah to her rightful proportions.
    1. Back Inside  2 bugs (2)
    There are two fire breathing pumpkins.  Avoid them and go up the path and then
    press X to jump into the next area.  It is not that obvious, but there is in
    fact a path and a step here.
    Dodge the thorns, and if you go right, and down, you can get the two bugs that
    are behind the Scarab.
    Then, go back inside the house. Head through the utility room and up, through
    the next door into the hallway and up the stairs.  You can save the game again
    Now, go downstairs and use the green key on the door at the bottom of the
    stairs.  Remember the hint you were given.  You can explore the garden again, 
    if you want, and go back to the bottom right corner. Here, the Scarab chest
    will remind you that "When you can unlock the garage, find the cellar entrance 
    ...then get out through the tunnels beneath the town..."
    The blue plant close by will drop loads of dew, so fill up the bar.
    2. The Garage  3 bugs  (5 bugs)
    Go straight ahead to get a full heal.  Then, go up the screen to find three 
    bugs and nothing else but ghosts. Think: no walls to blow up so where would a 
    cellar be?  Of course!  The only place you can't see is under the car 
    ...so...push it!
    (As any self-respecting eight-year child would, of course, be able to do.  
    1. The Warp Circles  8 bugs and 2
    Two bugs are wandering around near the press block.  You can explore here and
    go to the top and left to find some bugs, but you can't get far without Hannah.
    Speak to the SCARAB:
    | "These halos of light are warping circles, Zack.  You can use your    |
    | warp marble here to bring your sister safely to you..."               |
    There are two warp circles, so step in one.  Equip the warp marble and press
    circle, and Hannah will appear in the other circle.
    The SCARAB then explains the situation and your task:
    | "You must be relieved to be back together, but the horror doesn't end   |
    | here... The SWAGMAN has captured the DREAMFLIGHT army which protects us |
    | all with their "DREAMDEW"- an antidote to the SWAGMAN"S                 |
    | nightmare-inducing "Dreamash".                                          |
    |                                                                         |
    | Without it, your townsfolk will be forever stuck in an oblivion of      |
    | nightmares.  To bail them out, you will have to free the 12 DREAMFLIES. |
    | To work faster, you might want to separate at times...you can always    |
    | use the warp marble to re-unite yourselves..."                          |
    Now you can use both Hannah and Zack.
    2. Using Hannah  8 bugs
    You have to use L1 or L2 to change characters.
    First move Zack to stand on the grey square, and this opens the top left door. 
    Then, swap to Hannah and go through the door, and jump over the gap to the 
    right.  Break open the blue cage and there are bugs inside.
    Walk up the room and avoid the steam, and then head down, to get more bugs.
    Then, walk to the right and into another room.  Jump across the gap to the 
    upper ledge, to get the yo-yo, which is another weapon for Hannah. 
    Keep going right for now and you can save your game.  You will need to go
    further to the right from here, but you need the other character first.  Return
    back through the doorway and then walk down.
    3. Getting them both to the save point.  32  (8 +8)
    Still using Hannah, jump across the gap to the south and you can move the big 
    stone.  (Yes.  An eight year old can move a huge heavy stone without a 
    problem.  No need for bombs!)
    Push the stone to the left and off the edge.  Now, switch to Zack.  He can move
    the stone onto the press square, and so the door will now be open again. With
    the stone on the press square, the door will stay open so Zack can follow the
    same route as Hannah.  Walk Zack around until he reaches the save scarab.
    From the save point, jump across the gap, and go down to get more bugs.  Go
    back up, and then right, and down, for more bugs.  Then, go to the middle path
    and jump the gap heading down the screen, and finally stand on the press
    square.  Swop to Hannah.
    4. The Platforms
    Continue with Hannah, and go all the way right until you see a platform.  
    Jump on the platform and use her yo-yo to hit the switch, and this will raise 
    the platform.
    Now, go all the way to the left jumping the gaps, and avoiding the steam and 
    the spiders.  The next platform will be moving because Zack is standing on the 
    press square. 
    Still using Hannah, go all the way to the right, jumping when the spiders 
    go down.  If you miss a jump just go back around.  At the end go up into the 
    next room.
    5. Swinging Spiders  8 bugs + 8 more  (48)
    Go right and be careful.  The platform where the spider is swinging will drop
    if you don't keep going, and this time there is no safe place to land.
    After this point other platforms will drop too.  If you fall you will be back
    at the save point, so try to judge your jumps well if you want to avoid having
    to do all this stage again.
    At the end of the platforms, jump down, and walk down the screen to get some
    bugs. Then head to the left avoiding the steam.  Jump left, and down, and get
    more bugs.  Still heading left, continue walking to the far corner and finally,
    jump across the gap down the screen and through to the next room.
    6. Spider's Web  8 bugs (56)
    Use the torch to break the spider's web and get the dew.  Continue on down the 
    stairs, picking up bugs and breaking the webs.
    When you reach another warp circle step inside it, and use the orb to transfer 
    Zack and bring him to the same place.  Just be grateful that you don't have to 
    navigate the whole way again with him. 
    Now, stand one of the twins next to the bottom step and then, use the other to 
    step onto the bottom step, and move onto the head of the other twin.  This 
    means that one twin can reach the platform while the other stays put. 
    There are two transport devices here.  The left one goes back to the point just
    before the save point where you jumped across to move the stone.  Go here first
    and save your game if you want.  Transfer back to the other twin, and bring 
    the second one back to the warp circle area. 
    The right hand transport device takes you to limbo and you can use either twin 
    for this because the subsequent boss battle involves throwing bombs. 
    | LIMBO |
    Turn to your right and speak to the Scarab who will release your bugs. Again, 
    follow the bug path.  56 bugs is sufficient to get to the extra bombs and full 
    heal.  The fairy tells you there are still 10 more in captivity.
    T H E  G L O O M I N G: B O S S  B A T T L E ........................ *GLBOSS
    This boss battle is obvious and fairly easy to complete.
    The Situation
    This guy will be on a small platform in the centre of the area.  He will use
    long arms to try and get you, but it is easy to stay out of the way of these. 
    As the battle continues more of the floor will disappear so that is your main
    concern: not to fall.
    The Solution
    You can throw a bomb at him.  When he jumps off the platform keep away from 
    him and hit the exploding bombs he uses if you need to.
    If you run out of cherry bombs more will appear, and you can pick these up and 
    just keep lobbing bombs at him wherever he stands.
    Extra bombs will appear at all four corners of the room.  Keep on throwing
    bombs at him until his arms are destroyed, and then avoid or hit the cluster
    bombs he throws, and carry on bombing him as he stays on the platform.
    At the end of the the fight you will be transported out and start the next 
    "level" inside the dark tunnels. 
                           LEVEL THREE: THE DARK TUNNELS .................. *TUNN
    In this level you leave the house and garden and explore further afield.  This 
    is a very long level with some tricky jumping and puzzles, and it ends with a 
    boss fight. 
    1. The Blocks  2 bugs
    First, head to the right, and action the switch to make a pathway ahead.  Then 
    walk up, and right, and lob a bomb at the enemy.  Finally, stand on the press 
    Use the other twin, and climb up the blocks that will appear on the wall.  You
    will enter a small room where you can pick up two bugs and all the dew you
    need. Each character fills up half of the dew bar.  The Scarab will give you
    some advice.
    | "The dark tunnel out of here will empty you onto the freshly turned soil |
    | of the Boneyard...But if I remember correctly there's a mirror warp that |
    | may require Hannah's jumping skills to conquer."                         |
    2. The Fire
    Leave this room, and from the blocks in the wall head down, and right, and
    there is a river of fire to cross.  It looks bad but in fact you can walk
    across it without a problem.
    Hannah can use her yo-yo to hit the switch on the other side of the fire, or 
    you can just walk up and hit it.  This gets rid of the green lava on the other 
    Have Zack stand on the square switch to change the direction of the rolling
    spikes.  Now, go up through the spikes with Hannah and enter the mirror.  You 
    MUST use her.
    Jumping  8 bugs (10)
    If you die you will be back at the start of the Dark Tunnels.  First practice 
    this new skill by doing a few jumps before moving right.  Using Hannah, press 
    X twice to do a flying up jump and go right.
    Jump onto the middle of the three stones and then down.  If you try and jump
    down from either of the other stones you will miss and die.  You will see a
    small arrow pointing to the right.
    Go from here and keep jumping forwards using the spin up jump, but don't stop 
    for long on the stones or they will fall, so you must keep jumping from stone 
    to stone. 
    The final jump is a long one up and to the right.  Then, you can stop for a
    moment.  When you have caught your breath walk to the right, and again, use the
    arrow to find the right place to jump.  This time it is easier as the blocks
    are moving up and down and will not collapse, and there are only two of these.
    Stop again on the safe platform and look ahead.  This time the jump is longer
    and the block is moving up and down as well.  Take your time, having lined up
    with the arrow, and jump when the block is moving down and not up.  Then, jump
    to your right.
    Go right to get 8 bugs and then, go up and through the mirror back to the Dark
    1.`More Switches
    Turn right and save your game with the SCARAB.  Go all the way right and get a
    full heal, and kill the candle flame enemy.
    Walk left and around the moving spikes to flip the switch.  Then return, going
    right through the wall.  There is an arrow showing you the way and the switch
    will stop the green lava.
    Walk up the stairs to the right of the Scarab, and continue up to the top.
    Then walk down and jump across the lava.
    2. Even More Switches
    Head through the gap in the wall at the bottom and turn to face up the screen,
    and then hit the switch with your yo-yo to make a bridge appear.  Continue up 
    and over the bridge and then left.  Kill the enemy and use the yo-yo on the
    switch at the bottom of the screen.
    Carry on and then down.  Jump up to the corner and go up the left stairs.
    Head down these stairs and around the corner, killing two candle enemies on 
    the way.  Then down the next set of stairs and you will back in the first 
    area, but above it on a higher floor. 
    Stand on the switch to make a block pathway up the wall for Zack.  Switch to
    3. Zack again
    Using Zack, run back across the lava and climb up the blocks to join Hannah
    again.  Then, head through the door and back to the switch.  Stand on that
    switch and swop to Hannah.  She can then safely walk up the passage past the
    rotating spikes, and you are both in the new area.
    Use Hannah for this next task.  If you die you will be back at the locked gate
    at the start of this stage again.
    1. Getting the Key
    The door to the boneyard is locked.  Did you miss something?
    No actually you didn't.  Control Hannah and head to the right keeping close to
    the fence, and jumping over the gaps to pick up some bombs.  This is not so
    simple, as the gaps get increasingly wider.  Now check out the final gap...a
    bit too wide?  Indeed it is...so.  There is a solution of course: you can get
    the key using Hannah's trusty yo-yo.  But make sure you are lined up directly
    opposite the key, and try not to fall off the edge while you are yo-yoing. 
    Then, jump all the way back to the entrance door, with care.
    2. Inside the Boneyard
    Enter the open gates and head to the right.  There will be two enemies that you
    cannot kill in ordinary ways.  Jump onto a grave and they will try and follow
    you, and turn to stone and be broken into bits.  If they don't at first, try
    jumping off the other side of the grave and as they touch it they are gone.
    At the far right tombstone get the item and let the enemies smash themselves
    against the stone.  You now have the Jet Sneakers for Zack.
    3. Below the Boneyard  17 bugs
    Before going further jump onto the grave that has a skull and crossbones on
    it: it's the one that is to the right of the Dreamdew flower.
    You will hear a tinkling sound and if you stand still the stone will lower.
    Beware though: one touch of these zombies and you will die!  There is a way to
    kill them simply and efficiently!  Stand on the stairs and drop a bomb on each
    side to kill the zombies: if you wait a little until they have gathered around
    the stairs you should be able to kill more than one with each bomb. 
    After getting rid of all the zombies go down into the crypt and collect all the
    bugs!  There are around 17 I think.
    4. Jet Sneakers
    The sneakers make Zack able to run fast and jump a long way.  However there is
    a catch.  He can only use them when he has some dew.  Also if you move with
    them equipped the dew will rapidly decrease, and you can't switch off the 
    sneakers once you have selected to use them: they will simply carry on using 
    up Dreamdew until it is all gone.  
    So, before doing anything else, go up the Boneyard to the top left, and get 
    some dew from the flower that is here.
    You can also then use the long jump to reach the other dew flower and full heal
    that is at the bottom left side of the gate.  After jumping to get to the
    place, make sure you wait until the sneakers' dew has run out before breaking
    the Z box, or you might fall down the hole by mistake.  Also, break the Z box
    from the side or you run the risk of the Z Zs being lost as they drift away up
    into the air or down into the Abyss.  Stock up on dew again and action the
    sneakers to jump back to the gate.  After this, go back to the dew flower
    inside the Boneyard.
    Once you have stocked up on dew go to the top centre of the Boneyard and equip
    the shoes.  Take a running jump using X and the directional button to cross the
    broken paving stones.
    Kill the zombie or just avoid it, and head down to get the gold key.  Allow the
    stone enemy to break itself against a gravestone, and then stand still on the
    grave next to the tree.
    5. Luring Zombies
    The stone goes down into another underground area with more zombies.  There is
    another Dreamdew flower for you to stock up for the next jump, and more bombs
    behind the fence at the top.  The other flower will deplete your dew if you get
    hit by it.
    Lure the zombies, one by one to the steps and then drop a bomb on them from
    above.  Then, get the bombs in here.  Make sure you get the full heal in the 
    bottom right hand corner.  There are no bugs in here so just go out again.
    You cannot get through the top gate or return to the previous area, so now swap
    over to Hannah.
    6. The Gold Key
    Using Hannah, walk all the way to the far right top of the Boneyard following
    the grey path, and open the gate using the gold key.  You have to transfer the
    key to her side of the inventory in order to use it. 
    Jump up on the lower stone grave and then onto the next one.  Let the stone
    enemy break to bits on the stone.  Again, use the yo-yo to get the blue key.  
    Now transfer back to Zack.
    7. The Blue Key and the Second Jump    4 bugs
    If you die from here on, you will return with Zack at the far side of the 
    broken path, and don't have to start from the entrance gate again. 
    Use the blue key on the gate at the top of the left path, and go through the 
    unlocked gate and head right.  You will need to equip the sneakers again for 
    the next jump. 
    Jump the gap and beware of the zombie the other side so try and run past him
    rather than attempt to kill him.
    Now stand on the top one of the two graves and again go down to the underground
    room.  This one is tricky as there are a LOT of zombies and your bombs are 
    limited.  Stand on the steps until they gather around you and then drop a bomb 
    on one side and it should take out the zombie at the bottom of the steps as 
    Now lure the other two zombies that are on the left side of the screen towards
    the steps, and drop another bomb.  If one comes and not the other, you can
    switch to Hannah again and then back to Zack and that will reset their
    positions.  Then you can have another go at luring them both and so save your
    other bombs.
    If you go further left there is yet another zombie.  Do the same thing and get
    him to the steps.  You can also lure out the final one that is behind the fence
    and there is another bomb there to get.
    There is more dew here and some bugs behind the fence to collect before you
    leave.  Before leaving you will see that if you don't have at least three
    bombs the bomb at the far right behind the fence will reappear.  So, don't 
    leave yet, until you have those three bombs.
    8. The Third Jump
    Leave the underground place and go right to make the jump across two platforms
    this time.  Don't just run or you might fall.  Once you are safely across, head
    to the right and up, and Zack will be on the other side of the wall from 
    9. Getting to the Save Point
    Get Zack to pull the fence to his side and then Hannah to do the same on hers.
    At last this means she can get to the save Scarab on the right, and he can
    get to the mirror and into The Red Desert.
    (This sounds so obvious and simple but it literally took me days to figure
    Of course you have to use Zack for this, as there is no choice.
    1. The Moving Blocks
    Kill the green cactus and go around the corner.  Step onto the block and it
    will move forwards.  Stay on the block, and jump off when it reaches the red 
    island.  Kill the cactus there.  (Just use square to hit it three times)
    Now, go to the left of the island and jump across to the left island.  Then, 
    walk up the shaky blocks and jump onto the next island.
    Now get on the block to your right and let it take you across the lava.  Be
    ready to jump soon after you see the shaky blocks ahead, as if you leave it too
    long the block you are on will sink beneath you.
    2. The Cactuses
    Kill the cactus to the right and jump right.  You have to kill the cactus
    without falling.  Haha.  You have your secret weapon: the fire breath.  Press
    circle to use it and destroy the cactus from a distance.
    Jump onto the island and watch the blocks ahead of you as they go down into the
    lava at intervals.  It is best to take your time, so you can judge when to take
    the next jump
    Jump onto the blocks when they are visible, and then quickly jump again onto 
    the next safe island.
    Look to the left and you can see this next bit is going to be tricky.  Jump 
    onto the next block, which will move towards the cactus.  Make sure you are at 
    the lower side of the island or you will miss the block.
    As the block moves, start using the fire breath to make sure you have killed
    the cactus by the time you arrive at the next island.  It takes three hits.
    3. The Final Jumps  8 bugs
    Now, jump on the next block and then turn left so you can jump onto the next
    one.  Stay on this block as it goes down the screen, and jump at an angle to
    reach the island.  Finally, jump across to the right, and down, to reach 
    Break the blue jar to get the bugs: make sure you get them from the left or
    right to prevent them from wandering into the lava.  Then, kill the final
    cactus and go back through the mirror into the Boneyard.
    1. Lots of ZZZs
    You are now on the other side of the fence from Hannah.  First have her save
    again: better to be safe than sorry.  There are two of the stone enemies here 
    so jump around a bit until they have broken themselves on the gravestones.
    Walk down the fence and when you go to the right you will find that the way 
    will close behind you.
    Avoid the zombie and jump across the gap to the south, and then jump again to 
    where you can see some Z Z Z s.  Recover your health and stand on the stone, 
    and you will descend to the underground zombie cave.
    2. Lots of Zombies and the Red Key
    Lure the two zombies to the steps where you can bomb them.  Collect some bugs, 
    and get the red key and more bugs from the middle square.  Lure the third 
    zombie out, and after he is dead collect some more bugs from behind the fence.
    (Sorry, I lost count of the bugs in here.)
    Return to the surface and jump back to the right, and then go up and across 
    the small gap and turn to your left.  Kill the two zombies here and you can 
    replenish your health if you need to.  Transfer the key to Hannah and now save
    again before opening the gate.
    By the way, if you leave the fences half way across the path, Hannah can go 
    back to the previous area, fill up on dew, and check the grave for any 
    remaining bugs.
    3. The Red Key Gate
    Now, go back down through the newly opened red key gate, and pull the fence to
    let Zack through.
    Swop to Zack and he can do the same for Hannah.  Swop back again and have 
    Hannah pull the next fence to let Zack through.
    Hannah now should walk down and left, and then up, to jump across two gaps 
    heading up the screen to the SCARAB chest for a hint and save. (Although there
    will soon be another save Scarab, so you could miss this part out if you like.)
    | "Roaming moonlit boneyards is not the worst of it Hannah....a freakish |
    | gargoyle of a previous enemy waits up ahead - and through it you can   |
    | step down into the crypt and wander within the graves themselves..."   |
    4. The Gargoyle Hint
    Zack now is in an area with 3 very large stone plinths and statues on them.
    First of all, run around, until the three stone enemies have smashed themselves
    to bits.
    Find the one stone platform that does not have a label on it (it's the left
    hand one) and use a bomb at the front of it to break open a doorway, and then 
    go inside into the Dark Tunnels once again.
    Both twins will be here, despite leaving Hannah behind, and you will have to 
    make good use of them both and their standing on heads skill!
    1. Upwards and Onwards
    Go forwards and you can save at the SCARAB chest, and make sure to kill the 
    candle man to the right.
    Stand one twin on the small block in front of the chest and put the other one
    to their left.  Now, jump on their head and across to the raised ledge.
    Go up and kill Mr. Candle and then go right.  Move the other twin to stand in
    front of the blue fire-spewing face on the wall, and then jump across the gap
    using the twin's head as a ledge on the way.  To do this properly, make sure
    the one doing the jumping is at the far side of the walkway, nearest the wall.
    2. The Switches
    Make sure to keep close to the wall, as you don't want to fall off here until
    you have hit the switch.
    Bring the other twin across the bridge.  Stand between the two walls so the
    other one can jump down and use the head again.  If they miss, they can get
    back up to the top of the wall by using the step at the far side, to the right
    of the bridge.  Get the 8 bugs in the jar.  There are two more candle enemies
    to defeat and more bugs on the red stuff.
    Stay on the upper ledge and go right.  The other twin must again let their head
    be used in the gap between the two walls.  Check the positioning.  If the one
    on the ledge stays near the wall, the one on the ground should be just inside
    the gap to the right.  Look at the left side of the gap and stand the twin to
    the right, lined up with the top half of the first blue square tile, but on the
    red part next to the wall facing the green stuff.
    Now, go down the narrow top of the wall and hit the switch to make the green
    stuff disappear.  Walk down here and jump straight up at the end blue step.  
    Go right and stand on the grey square.
    3. The Squares
    Walk the other twin to the same place and jump up on the newly jutting block. 
    Go up and around to stand on the next square.
    Now, switch over again.  There will be another jutting out block just to the 
    right of the first square.  Jump up here and stand on this square.  Swop again.
    Go to the right, and there is another block just before the area where the
    spikes are rolling down.  Jump up here, then, go up, and around to the left, to
    kill the candle scally, and finally step on the square.
    Here, you will also pick up the Frisbee.  This is Zack's distance weapon.
    4. The Spikes
    Now, swop back again to the other twin.  Go up through the spikes which have 
    now changed direction to let you through.
    1. Timed Switches
    First, go down the steps and left, and keep going until you find the SCARAB
    chest where you can save.  Beware of fish that spew lava from the river as this
    can hurt you.  The second bouncing up and down gate has bombs behind it and you
    can get up to three from here at any time you need them.
    The switch to the right of this gate is on a timer, and when pressed, will open
    the locked gate next to the save point.  Use Hannah and her yo-yo to hit the
    switch, or Zack and his frisbee/boomerang.  Then, go left and inside the open
    gate.  You have to be quick.  This is another timed switch, so hit it.
    (I tried using one twin to hit the switch and the other waiting outside the
    gate and then swopping them but there isn't enough time left to get inside.)
    Leave, and go left again where two blocks now allow you to cross the lava. 
    Be careful as a sphinx head will appear from the wall and shoot darts.
    2. The Scarab
    Get a useful hint from the SCARAB here.
    | "Dead ends aren't healthy places to be in a crypt - save yourselves one |
    | by Zack staying this side of the river until the next mirror warp..."   |
    Hit the switch and this will raise the two blocks again for Hannah to get
    across to the same place.  Swop to her and jump across.  Now, have Zack stand 
    on the square to the left and keep him on this side of the river as the Scarab 
    3. Crossing the Red River
    Hannah can jump on the blocks to the middle of the river, and they will stay in
    place as long as Zack is on the square.  At the end block make sure she is at
    the end of it before jumping up.
    Stand on the square and then jump to the blocks that will appear, and go across
    to the far side.  The blocks will stay in place just long enough.
    Go right and wait a moment and a swinging platform will come into view.  Jump
    onto it.
    The next swing has a trap as the underside is spiked and it keeps turning over
    fast.  You have to time your jump to land on the right side and then jump off
    again to the right.  This is really hard to do as the swing is irregular and
    you need to jump so you can land on the platform and not in the river!
    The best way is to jump on the first swing, let the second one do its first
    swing and then jump as your swing goes to the right again.  Wait and jump off
    as soon as you see the next ledge ahead.
    From here use the yo-yo to hit the switch on the far right.  This is also a
    timed switch so as soon as you hit it go forwards up the screen, jump onto
    the blue blocks and go up and onto the next platform.  Save your game at the 
    Scarab here.
    4. Sphinx Darts
    Go right and jump across the platforms and keep going so you avoid the
    darts.  The sphinxes are not visible at first.  There is one to the right of 
    the SCARAB chest and another as you land on the third platform.
    Stand on the square.  It does not appear to have any effect on the submerged
    blocks but ...
    5. Zack again
    Swop back to Zack and go all the way to the right back to the bottom of the
    stairs where you first entered.  (Just hit the switch near the sphinx to get
    the blue blocks to appear, so you can return.)
    Now jump on the new set of blue blocks.  (Don't worry, they will not
    disappear.)  Once Zack is back on land again walk onto the left square and 
    stand still.  Then swop to Hannah.
    6. Hannah  8 bugs
    First take the path down the screen and get 8 more bugs and a full heal.
    SCARAB hint:
    | "When you reach the far end of this river and rot, find the hidden area  |
    | on the bank.  Your twin may be the one to reveal it's whereabouts."      |
    Now go back but be careful jumping back down to the blocks.  Go up the blocks 
    now and join Zack.
    7. Together Again
    Get Hannah to hit the switch opening the third gate.  Make sure that this gate
    stays open!  I was experimenting a bit and forgot that I had hit the switch
    again closing the gate.  I got Hannah to the next SCARAB, saved, and then
    realised that I had left Zack locked up! 
    Zack should stand on the right hand square which will stop the sphinxes from
    firing darts.  Now you can jump across safely to the drawbridge which now 
    blocks the way through. (NOTE: in a little bit you can move him to the LEFT 
    press square and this will enable Hannah to enter a secret area.)
    Use a bomb on the drawbridge and it will fall.  Go right, and there is a mirror
    that is blocked and another swing.  Just do the jump to the swing, wait, and 
    jump again and you should be fine.  Go all the way right and save at the 
    8. Using Bombs
    Bomb the large red thing to your right.  It will fall to make a path down the
    screen.  Look at the wall to the right of the chest and there is a small arrow.
    This indicates the secret area that was mentioned by the Scarab.  A bomb does 
    not work on it, and I tried a number of things, but could not find out how to 
    get inside this area.  Please let me know if you find a way!
    Thanks to a helpful emailer, John, this is the solution to opening that secret 
    area. "Switch over to Zack (who should currently be on a square that stops the 
    spitting Sphinxes), and move him over to the left square.  It will hold the 
    door open for Hannah to get through.  I think all you get are some bugs."
    Jump up onto the bridge and down and hit the switch.  Then, go left, and left 
    again.  Be careful to jump all the way.  Watch out for the fish!
    9. Reaching the Mirror
    Save again at the SCARAB.  Now jump across the river following the blue 
    blocks.  You will end up back at the mirror, and it is now unblocked!  You 
    need Zack for this section.
    If you were silly like me and had locked up Zack, you can now go left and free
    him again!  You can also get more bombs.  Now put Hannah on the square and 
    take Zack back to the right to the mirror.
    Make sure you save your game before going in here.  It is not clear which twin
    you should take inside.  But in fact it should be Zack.  (You can tell from the
    picture of monster Zack that shows on the loading screen.)
    Use the triangle button to hit at the red bits blocking the path, and follow
    the path around until you see flames spurting from a Dragon head.  When they 
    stop, smash the obstacles and take your time so as not to get burned.
    Then go on up to the dragon head and up the path.  Break through the red stuff 
    again, and then jump across the gap and go right.
    There is another dragon spurting flames.  Break the stuff so you can stand in
    the right hand side space, and wait there until the flames have stopped.  
    Then make your way past the head and up the path.  Break a few more bits and 
    you will arrive at another mirror.  Go through.
    I had complained about not being able to save for this next part when Zack is
    in the Crypt, but Hope Havoc emailed me with a solution to this! "If you keep
    Hannah at the scarab chest in the middle of the lava pit and have Zach go in
    through the mirror first, than you can switch to Hannah and save the game.
    Once you get Zach to the mirror, after he comes out on the other side, that's
    when it's a good idea to keep Hannah by the scarab. Because by the time she's
    by the scarab he's already by the mirror. Then, when he goes through the
    mirror, you can keep saving your progress until he's gotten to the limbo zone."
    1. Blue Blocks
    Walk left, and break the blue jar for some more bugs, and then, stand on the 
    square.  Go directly forwards on the blue blocks and stand on the next square.
    Face down the screen and jump on the four blocks, and then, to your left.
    On this small platform is a timed switch and to your left a swing.  You have to
    hit the switch, jump on the swing, then off onto a block and again, jump to the
    left on another block.
    If you want to check this out first and see where you will be going, just jump
    on the swing and take a look first.  Okay, here we go.  Hit the switch just as 
    the swing is coming your way.
    2. More Blue Blocks
    Now, this is where the game is annoying.  There were those two save points 
    close together and now there are none!  Die here and you have to go all the way
    through the fiery footpath again.  Grrr. (See the UPDATED note, as there is a 
    way to save after all!)
    Jump onto the block, and again onto two more, and then, to the platform.  From 
    here, jump to the next platform and then, up to the next one.
    There is another timed switch and a fish spewing flames.  This time you can see
    most of the blocks, and anyway they will stay there for long enough for you to
    jump left, and then up.
    At the top jump right, to the platform.  Go all the way to the right avoiding
    two dart throwing sphinxes, and finally you get to limbo!!
    | Limbo |
    You should have at least 69 bugs for this part, enough to get to the full heal
    at the top right hand corner.  You have 9 more of the Dreamflight to get yet.
    T H E  U N D E R T A K E R : B O S S  B A T T L E .................. *UNDBOSS
    Right, now for some serious action!
    The Situation
    There are three coffins and they will open in turn.  There are skulls at the
    front of each one and they will light up to show which one is about to open.
    On each side of the coffins are grey squares.  Step on one, and if you look
    above the coffins you will see a strange metal thing the appears to point down.
    There are three slots in this metal thing, each indicating one of the coffins. 
    If you jump on the squares it will move the overhead metal thing to the right 
    or left above one of the three coffins.
    The left enemy attacks with bottles that spew blue dew depletes, the middle one
    with electricity, and the right one with blue bottles that explode into little
    dew things if you don't hit them.  If you do hit them they turn into scallywags
    or red scallywags, that steal your bombs.  The left one's bottles will turn
    into scallywags as well, if hit.
    Ok so that is straightforward enough but how to damage the coffin enemies?
    The Solution
    Obviously bombs are the key because when you use them more will appear.  So, 
    get lots of bombs, and drop them over the left hand bottom side of the area.
    They will travel up the red river, and then you can use the square press
    platforms to direct the stream of bombs from the metal thing, into whichever 
    coffin is open.
    This will take a while to destroy all three of them, and the middle one is the
    strongest.  Keep out of the way of the blue things and especially the
    Eventually they will all be destroyed and you are transported out.
                              LEVEL FOUR: THE SWAMP ...................... *SWAMP
    You are now outside the tunnels and in the open.  Pick up whatever stray bugs
    you can as this will save you a headache later in the level.  This section
    includes the tricky Twisty Turny Woods, but fear not!  There is a tried and 
    tested way through and there is no boss fight at the end of the level. 
    The sleeping man will tell you:
    "That river's too strong to cross- if you hop off and find my axe which I lost
    in the woods, I'll sit and mull over the chances of me helping yer out..."
    So your first task is to find his axe.
    From the sleepy man go up the screen.  Follow the arrows that point north and 
    talk to the SCARAB for some good advice.
    | "Don't stray from the lights - it's their glare that keeps the trolls   |
    | frozen...in the trees beyond, mobs of them are always ready, waiting    |
    | hungrily..."                                                            |
    Save your game here before starting the next section, because chances are that 
    you will die!  This is the part that one of those reviewers could not manage, 
    and it is hard if you don't know which way to go. 
    1. Getting into the Woods
    It doesn't matter which twin you use first, but you need them both.  So, first 
    of all, bring the second twin into the woods.  (The screen will load the 
    previous area but that doesn't matter.)
    Stand on the small stone and then, jump onto the head of the other twin to
    get on to the wall at the right.  Place the other twin half way between you
    and the wall to do this.
    Now, the problem here is that once inside the wood the lights will only stay
    lit for a short time, and you have to hit the switches to light them again.
    If you miss a switch or don't get there fast enough, the trolls will come to
    life, throw something at you which will turn you to stone, and then run at
    you and break you into bits!  There is no way to escape the trolls once they 
    start to come alive, so the ONLY way to defeat them is to keep the lights on. 
    2. Finding the Switches
    This is tricky, no doubt about it, but I have drawn a rough map which I hope
    will help a little bit.  Hm.  Well "rough" is an understatement, but the
    general idea is to go north, up the screen, and my words describe the path much
    better than my pathetic attempt at a map.  You start at the bottom of the map
    and work your way up.
    Arrows obviously represent the general direction.
    L = light
    X = switch
    | = wall                                                   _______________
    _ = wall                            WARP CIRCLES  >>>>>>>>>>SCARAB SAVE  X|
                                            ^                                 |
                                         >  >>>>>>
                                      |  ^ |
                                      |  ^ |L
                                      |  ^ |  X7
                                      | L  <<<<<<<
                                      >>>>>> X5  >     L X
                                     ^     BUG    L        L
                                     ^ _____________
                                     ^         X4   |
                                        ^   ^ BENCH |
                                       L            |    L
                                         ^          |
                              L          ^          |
                                      -> X3  BENCH  |
                                  ^           BOMBS |__
                              ^           BUG          |
                     L     ^
                     L     ^       X2                   X1
                            <  <  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                           L         L  ___________       L
                                       | SCARAB    |
                                       |           |
                                       |  block  > |
    From the save point, hop over the wall and hit the first switch.  I found that
    hitting each one in turn starting from the first, seemed to give me longer to
    get to the next, although this might be wishful thinking.  You could just start
    out by walking along the top of the wall and ignoring the first switch
    Anyway from the second switch it is a long way to the next, so ignore the
    actual path, and take the shortest route up, and then right, along the path to
    the third switch.
    If you want to collect bugs and bombs, you can then go right a little, but
    otherwise, after hitting the switch, go up, and get switch four in the corner 
    of the wall next to the bench.
    From here, go left, and around the wall to get the next switch and then, go up.
    Then, get the next switch (number 6), and go left, and up between the two side 
    walls. Once you get past the troll here keep going up, until you get to the 
    warp circles.
    There are no trolls around this part, so use your orb to bring the other twin 
    up, and go right to find a SCARAB AND SAVE!!!
    3. One at a Time
    This is even harder as you have to use both twins and keep switching between 
    them.  There is no map for this bit as it is much simpler to describe.
    While one stays at the switch to the right of the SCARAB the other must venture
    out along the path above the wall and to the right.
    Get Zack ready at the start of the path.  In fact you can move him to just in
    front of the first troll and he is still safe.  Have Hannah at the switch.  (Or
    the other way around if you want, it doesn't matter.)
    Start with Hannah hitting the switch.  Change back to Zack.  Now Zack has to go
    right along the path for a long way, and then down and around a corner where
    there are two trolls waiting.  That means that before he gets to that point,
    you need to swop back to Hannah for her to hit the switch again, or he will be
    I advise getting to the end of the long wall and then go back to Hannah. 
    Hit the switch, and then Zack can safely get around the corner and go down 
    and right, and then there is a switch there for him to hit.
    Now you have to bring Hannah to the same place as Zack, as the next stage
    involves another "stand on the head" wall jump.  This time Zack must hit the
    switch and Hannah moves.  Do the same as before, and when she reaches the end
    of the wall switch again, and hit the switch.
    4. Both Together
    There are a couple of bugs roaming around as you go down the screen, and no
    trolls, so you can pick them up if you want.  Walk down the path until you get
    them both to the small stone, and you will see an arrow on the ground pointing
    Do the "stand on head" jump over the wall.  There is a switch to the right as
    you will see.  Then walk all the way up the path and hit the blue jar for a
    full heal and get the odd bug around here.  The next switch is to your right
    and you will find the SLUMBER JACK'S AXE.
    You are warped back to the start of the level near the Sleepy Man.  The other
    twin is now stuck at the other side of the wall, where you jumped over their
    head, until you get past the next stage.
    (12 bugs by this point)
    The best way, to ensure that you don't lose any bugs, is to hit the jar facing
    up, so the bugs can't run straight into the swamp.  I got a bit forgetful of
    bugs here, but there are a lot of them, so make sure you get all you need for
    Limbo: which is a minimum of 50 to reach the fairy in safety.
    1. The Axe
    If you want, you can go up into the woods again to save your game.  You have a 
    choice of whether or not to give the axe to the woodman, but since you can't 
    progress any further if you keep it, there really isn't an option.  After you 
    agree, he will fell the tree, so you can cross the river.
    2. Crossing the River
    You can't jump on the cut part of the tree, and all you need to do is to jump 
    straight onto the log.  Use the walk command, (press R1 or R2 to walk across 
    the log), and jump off the other side.
    3. The Barrels
    It might help a bit, when jumping, to be aware of the shadow you cast, as this
    helps to see exactly where you are going to land.  First of all, walk to the
    right and save at the SCARAB.
    You are supposed to jump forwards into the floating barrel, but this is not
    that simple to do.  Run and jump, and make sure you stop running, or you will
    go over the edge.
    From the barrel, jump ahead to dry land, and then, go right twice, and down, to
    the next patch of dry land.  Cross the bridge and jump again to the right, and
    then, up to the next barrel.
    Jump again to the next one and then, right, and then there is an awkward 
    diagonal jump to the next barrel, and then, to dry land again, onto a small 
    island.  From here, there is another jump down to the next small island and 
    then, to dry land.
    Go right and jump across the barrel to the next section of dry land.  This is
    a little tricky because the barrel is not where it appears to be.  You need to
    jump from the upper part of the edge, so the twin appears to be between the two
    orange bull-rushes.
    Adjust your position once you are safely on the barrel, and wait until it moves
    down screen a little before jumping again, or make sure you jump at an angle
    going down and not straight ahead.
    Go right and then, up, to the next barrel.  Then, jump onto the moving one when
    you can, and then jump from that one to the left.  Walk around the bottom of 
    the tree and speak to the SCARAB
    4. Hint
    Scarab Hint:
    | "If you are sapped on supplies Zack, I've seen a hoard strewn on one  |
    | of the islands at the edge of this swamp"                             |
    In fact I was using Hannah but he didn't seem to notice that.
    If you go to the far side of the tree, you can jump up to the next island and
    spot a heal jar on the ledge you cannot reach.
    Jump back, onto one of the moving barrels, and let it take you around and up,
    and then, jump from it onto the stationary one near the bank.  If you wait
    until the moving barrel is below the bank one, you can actually jump all the
    way to the bank.  Now, jump up the ledges to the top and save at the SCARAB
    5. The Bridge
    The bridge parts will fall soon after you land on them, so jump quickly to the
    centre plank and then, to the end.  At least if you fall the save point is 
    close by.  Jump across the gap.
    Now, you have a choice.  You can jump down and get all the bugs and other
    things, but you cannot get back up and have to go the long way round to get
    back here, using the barrels again.  Or go straight left, and stay at the top
    of the ledge.  (At least, I couldn't jump back up, although there appears to be
    a step.)
    6. Going Down
    Jump down to get a full heal and get the bugs on the way.  If you jump across 
    the gap from the main land to the centre small island you can pick up some 
    Jump left to the next island and again to the bridge, and then keep going left
    for 2 more sets of bugs.  Make your way back to the centre small island and 
    jump up, back onto the main land.  Walk left again, on the lower level, jumping
    across the gap.  Continue left, and get more bugs.
    Now, go back again.  When you get to the very furthest right, jump down, and 
    this takes you to the island that is above the SCARAB that gave you the hint. 
    Then, retrace your steps across the barrel jumping.
    7. Staying at the Top
    Go left and don't jump down, and keep going left until you get to a small gap.
    Jump across the gap, and continue to the bridge.  From here, head left again 
    and get the bugs.  Now, return to the place where you jumped the very first gap
    after the first bridge.
    Look up and there is another barrel.  Jump into it: be careful because it is a 
    shorter jump than it looks.  From here, jump to the island and then, to the 
    right to the larger island, and right again, to the next one and get the bugs.
    Now, jump into the moving barrel.  Jump off to the small island at the top of
    the screen, and up again, to the land ahead.  First of all, head right to get 
    some bugs and then, return left to get two lots of bombs and more bugs.
    Then, jump down to the island, and down again to the next larger island.  From
    here you must jump onto the moving barrel again.  Jump off to the left large
    island and up, to the main shore.
    Go down the edge of the swamp and up to the platform, and you are in Limbo
    again.  (I had 44 bugs by this point, which is not enough, but you will 
    probably have more.)
    | LIMBO |
    You need a total of 50 bugs to safely cross Limbo.  You have a choice as to
    whether to try or return.
    If you are only a few short, it is worth while just testing out the ground and
    noting the safe steps, as the path is not random. You can have another go if
    you make some of the them fall.  This is easier than going all the way back to
    try and find a few extra bugs.  If you decide to return to the swamp you will 
    be back at the end point.  Die, and you will be back in limbo again.
    Eight fairies left to find!
                               LEVEL FIVE: MAIN STREET .................   *STREET
    There is no boss at the end of that level which is a bit disappointing: maybe 
    the developers decided that the Twisty Turny Woods was hard enough.  Anyway 
    you are now in the town, and this is a fairly long level with some complicated 
    sections, but again, no boss at the end of it all. 
    This section is hard to describe as there are a lot of dustbins, zombies and
    buildings, and it all looks very similar.  Basically you are trying to go to
    the right, and to do that you have to go right, and up, and then down again,
    and up, and right, and down, and right.  All the while avoiding dustbins and
    killing zombies.
    Try to avoid the dustbins, and kill all the zombies if you can as they will
    come after you if you don't get them first.
    You really need Zack for this part as his boomerang has a better chance of
    hitting the zombies than Hannah's yo-yo.
    1. Reunited   (5 bugs)
    Both twins are now here.  First of all, head up the path and to the right, and 
    under the lamp is a SCARAB where you can save before venturing forth.  Behind 
    the scarab chest you can find 5 bugs, but there is no way through here.
    2. Exploring the Town   8 + 8 +3 (25)
    The dustbin men are not a problem as they do not move from their positions so
    avoiding them is easy enough.  The zombies are a different matter as they will
    come after you.  Try to use the boomerang or yo-yo to hit them from a distance.
    Walk all the way to the right, behind the dustbins, along the bottom edge of
    the road.  There is one zombie here and if you can manage it, lure him so he is
    to the left of the dustbin in the road, and then one hit from the yo-yo will
    kill him.
    Go up to the right of the Abyss and between the dustbins, and there are two
    zombies to get.  Go up to the left behind the flower bed and get the bugs (8)
    up here, by the fence.
    Bomb the cellar doors and go down.  There are 3 bugs and another eight in the
    3. More Zombies  2 bugs + 8  (35)
    Head to the right between the fence and the house.  Kill a zombie and pick up 
    a couple of bugs here.
    Walk to the stone wall at the right, and you can lure a zombie on the other 
    side (he will try to get to you), and set off a bomb to kill him.
    Go right again and avoid the dustbins, and then walk up where the zombie was 
    that you just killed with the bomb.  There are two bombs at the top, and to the
    right, more bugs. (8)
    4. On the Pavement
    This is when I realised that using Zack was a better bet than Hannah.
    To get further right you have to get on the pavement at the bottom of the
    screen.   Keep going until you get to the Abyss that blocks your path.  Then, 
    go up onto the pavement, avoid the dustbins, and go right.  From the lamp post,
    walk up, and kill another zombie.
    Approach the shop and get the full heal Z Z Z s.  (Be careful using the
    boomerang though, as it might hit the jar and you lose the Z Z Z s before you
    have a chance to get to them.)  Then, walk right into the next area.
    5. More Bugs   8  (43)
    When you enter this area look up, and to the far top left of the screen on top
    of the wall, you'll find some more bugs.
    First, go down the screen to the bottom, and go all the way right to find some
    more bombs.  Walk up, and right again, and there are three bombs.  These will
    re-spawn if you run out.
    Go up, and use bombs to get the zombies that are on the other side of the wall,
    near the flower beds.  This means that you can kill them without risk to Zack,
    and there are the re-spawning bombs to pick up again, so don't worry about
    running out of them.
    Now go left and all the way to the house that has a path going down and then
    keep heading down and then left along the narrow path to get the bugs you first
    saw when entering this new area.
    After this, make your way back up the path beside the house and kill another 
    zombie.  At the end, go right, and back to the street. (This is easier than the
    other way)
    6. Hint
    Walk up, past the Abyss on your left.  Kill the zombie that will approach, and
    then, turn left, and at the top of the grass you'll find the SCARAB.
    | "Drop through into the Dark Tunnels through a secret exit, the key      |
    | you'll need is kept in the clock tower..."                              |
    7. Even more Zombies
    You might want to use the boomerang for these next zombies as you need a bomb
    for a cellar soon, or go back and get more bombs.
    Walk up, to the very top of the street, and kill one more zombie.  If you walk
    down, to the top of the high wall which encloses the grass, another zombie will
    come to the wall and you can destroy him with a bomb.
    Now, head back to the top and onto the pavement.  Walk all the way to the
    right, jumping over small gaps in the pavement.  After the second gap there
    will be a zombie approaching you.  Use the boomerang on him.
    After that, keep going right, and you can save at the SCARAB chest before
    continuing right a little further.  There are two zombies on the other side
    of the wall to target with a bomb, and you will be able to see a key as well.
    Follow the wall heading down, and then walk up the other side of the wall, to 
    get this silver key.
    Carry on down the screen and kill another wandering zombie, and then, bomb
    another one on the far side of the golden pond.
    8. Cellars 3 + 8 bugs (55)
    From the pond, go left to the flower bed and then, down, and right again.  This
    takes you safely around the Abyss in the middle of the road.
    Again, follow the wall heading down the screen, and kill another zombie at the
    corner of the walls.  Then, dodging the two dustbin scallys, go right, between
    the walls, and there is a cellar that you can bomb open.  The cellar has three 
    bugs and a bug jar.
    Go down again, and right, and you will be in a new area with lots of zombies.
    This is a bit trickier to manage as you will need to be quick to hit them all
    using your trusty boomerang.  If it seems too dangerous, just back away and
    leave the area, and you can recover and then return here later.  Otherwise,
    once they are all dead, go right, and up the path into the front garden to find
    another cellar.  This one is locked and you need a key, so you will have to
    return here later anyway.
    9. Getting through the Gate
    Return from the zombie infested garden to the previous area.  Walk down to the 
    pavement, once again avoiding the Abyss and the dustbins, and keep walking to 
    the left, as far as you can go.
    Then, head up the screen to find the walled enclosure, and the Silver Key will 
    open the gates.
    10. The Walled Enclosure
    Once you are inside the walled enclosure, head to the right, and kill another 
    zombie.  If you don't have any bombs left, there are two more on the far side 
    of the upper wall, though you can't get inside this part yet.
    There is another zombie near the gold pond in front of the main gate, and
    there may be one to the left of the gate, if you have not already killed it.
    11. The Clock Tower
    Walk up the steps, and take a look at the area.  You can see two statues that 
    obviously must be moved, but there seems to be no way inside the door.  Time 
    to call for Hannah.
    From wherever you left her, walk her all the way around to the same place.
    Now, go to the bottom left of the Clock Tower compound, and stand one twin on
    the small step.  The other twin, can get on their head and hop over the wall. 
    Pull the statue all the way to the square.  You can just hop back over the wall
    from the other side without any difficulties.  Then, do the same thing on the
    other side.  .
    Moving the statues will open the door to the clock tower.  Use either twin to
    go inside and up the stairs.  You will find the key at the top, and after that,
    just jump down the stairs and head outside again.
    Leave the Clocktower area and head back, all the way to the right, to the next
    screen, and open the cellar that was locked.  (The area where you had to kill 
    lots of zombies.)
    It is nice to be out of the main street and back to the familiar territory of
    the Dark Tunnels.
    1. Familiar Territory    (67 bugs)
    SAVE SCARAB.  Save here first.
    First of all, get rid of the two candle enemies that are wandering around.  Go
    right, and then, down the steps to the left, and get the switch down here. This
    will move the small ledge that is jutting out from the wall to the right of the
    scarab chest.
    There are a number of bugs running around so get these too.  You will see
    various squares and walls that can only mean one thing: head jumping again!
    2. Jumping Walls
    This isn't hard, but it is annoying as if you misjudge a jump you have to
    start all over again.
    Jump up to the ledge to the right of the scarab, then,  place the other twin
    between you and the ledge and jump across.  Do the same thing again for the 
    next ledge.
    Go to the right and stand near the jutting out square.  Although it doesn't
    appear like it, in fact this moves forwards to the next ledge.  Gently get on 
    it when it is at your side of the gap, and then jump off the other side.
    3. More Walls     1 bug (68)
    Now, go down the steps and jump across the next two ledges.  You don't need to
    use the other twin's head again. Just keep the directional button pressed and
    jump from the edge across.  Stand on the square.
    This will move a small step out, so with the other twin, use this step and get
    up to the other square (that is to the right of the one you are on).  This has
    the effect of making two small steps appear above the head in the wall: the one
    that is running the fire stream.  However now the problem is to get the other
    twin back there.  If you miss a jump you will have to do it all over again. (I
    think I said that already, but since I kept having to do it again and again,
    I'm entitled to repeat this warning!)
    Take your time.  Use the twin that is on the left hand square and jump back, so
    you can get back on the moving platform again, and cross over to the side where
    the new ledges have appeared.  Then, jump to the right, across the two new
    Go down, jump the gap, get the full heal and note the square.  You will use
    this later.
    Continue down to get the bombs, and you can jump down to the right, and kill
    the candle guy.  Then, step on the square in the centre of the right hand room,
    and this reverses the direction of the spikes.  Hit the switch at the bottom
    left of the rolling thorns and this will move the platform that is near the
    spikes. (There is another bug here too)
    Go up the screen from the switch, and there is a strange device and a platform
    you can jump on to.  However it will not move.  It is just put here to
    tantalise you, I think, as none of these devices move.
    Switch to the other twin, and you will see that the platform opposite the 
    square they are on is now moving from right to left.
    4. More Jumping
    Save your progress first, in case of disaster.
    Now, you have to go all through that again so one twin can be on the top wall
    and get to the new moving platform.  Go all the way around again, and this
    time, stop on the first square you come to after the wall, and jump down by the
    red lava.
    The other twin can go down between the rolling spikes and wait by the right
    hand square.  Swop back again and jump across the gap using the platform.
    Go around to the left and past the big dark thing and to the end wall.  Then,
    jump down onto the lower wall that is light blue.  DON'T jump directly into the
    room on the left as this means you will not be able to get the switch you need.
    And DON'T jump down directly.  There is a gap, so you need to press the
    directional button as well as the jump.  This switch lowers a bridge down from 
    that room.
    Jump down, and go across the bridge.  There are four bugs here and a candle
    enemy.  You can jump across to the hoist lift device but it is not moving.
    Stand on the square in the room, and it makes some steps up the far wall.  It
    also makes some steps appear in the wall that is facing you.  The other square
    on the far side of the rolling spikes is where the other twin is waiting.
    Change over to that twin.  Now, that twin can also access this room at the far 
    side.  This now means that, provided a twin is standing on that square, you can
    go back and forth between the areas using the steps.
    5. The Next Stage  8 bugs  (76)
    Now, go down past the switch on top of the wall, and continue going down from
    the switch, and then, right, all the way along the top of the wall.  This takes
    you past the hoist lifts to the end.
    When you cannot go any further, jump down, and get the bugs and then, go
    through the gap in the wall to the right.  There are two squares here and a row
    of rolling spikes coming down the corridor.  Stand on the top square.  This has
    the effect of making the steps appear back where the other twin is waiting.
    Swop back to that twin and go up the steps.  Now, take the same route all the
    way to the right along the top of the wall.  Stand on the lower square and now 
    the other twin can go up the passageway as the rolling spikes have changed 
    direction!  (As expected, of course.)
    Kill the Candle Scally and you end up in a strange place...
    The house looks much more dangerous than before with weird red islands, lots of
    swirls, and the big Abyss.
    1. Red Islands  8 bugs +8  (92)  8 + 8 (108)
    First of all, walk down, and jump across the gap to get to the SCARAB chest and
    save.  Continue to head down to the next island and then, jump left.  Follow 
    the contours of the island and get the bugs at the end.
    Jump to the island above and find that you are blocked, so jump left, to the
    darker red island, and you can find some bugs and full heal.  Then, go back to 
    the dark red island, and head up, and jump, to get around the wall.
    Before going through the door you can jump to the left island.  This is a long
    jump, so be careful.  Get two more bug jars of 8 each.  You have to jump to the
    next island, and then, up the centre to the top one, and then, again jump
    right, to the last one.  Finally, go all the way back, and through the front
    2. The Front Door
    Go up, and you can get a hint about clocks from the Scarab at the right of the
    | "Rumours are rioting that from his Swaghouse, the SWAGMAN is drowning  |
    | all hours of the clock with darkness.  If this is so, we are all       |
    | doomed...unless you get a chance to shift time when you are in there.  |
    | Good luck!"                                                            |
    Enter the door and you are transported to Limbo.
    | LIMBO |
    Get to the end and there is only a full heal, so if you lack the extra bugs for
    any reason, then don't worry too much, as there are plenty more heal jars at 
    the next location.
    Only 7 more of the Dreamflight are in captivity.
                              LEVEL SIX: THE SWAGHOUSE ...................  *SWAG
    This is a huge house that you must explore, with new underfloor enemies that
    cannot be destroyed, and hidden doorways out of which suicidal bomb enemies
    will suddenly emerge.
    It is also very complicated, with many keys to find, doors to open and
    unlock.  My bug count is a bit vague, but there are plenty to find and you will
    have enough to get to the fairy by the end.  You also go in and out of the
    Attic and Swaghouse many times, which is why there are a lot of different
    sections, some with the same title.
    The enemies that appear from the floor cannot be defeated, so you have to try
    and avoid their bombs.  The enemies that appear from the hidden doors can be 
    defeated, but generally it is easier to keep moving and let them blow 
    themselves up.
     A .... Attic
     S .... Scarab
     X .... Locked door
     O .... Open door
     E .... Electric corridor (very long)
     M .... Mirror
    PS .... Press square
     = .... Stairs leading up to the next floor
    >> .... leads to dew for glove
                                               S >> dew
                 =    =                        =
         _______ =    = ____             __X__ =  __X__          A
        | S  M   =    =     |            |     =       |      __||____
        |                   |        A   |             |     |   Glove|
     ___|                   |_______||___|             |_____|        |_______ X_
    | PS                                                                         |
    |                        E E E E                                             |
    1. SCARAB and New Item
    First, go up the screen and up the stairs ahead, and save at the SCARAB.  Then,
    head back down the stairs.
    In the entrance hall there is an underfloor enemy and a full heal at the top
    right corner.  The door next to the heal jar is also locked, and the door next 
    to the heal jar on the other side of the stairs is also locked.
    If you go all the way right from where you first entered you will go to another
    screen and find the new Dew item for Hannah: the Lightning Glove which 
    protects her from the green electricity that shoots out from various places. 
    If you check the door to the far right you'll see that it needs a yellow key.  
    This is as far right as you can go.
    You can enter the door next to where you found the glove and you are in the
    attic.   (There will be a new loading screen.)  There are 2 bugs and one candle
    scally to defeat.  Although there is a green key up above and a yellow one
    below, you can't reach them yet, so head back to the main staircase area. 
    2. Lots of Doors
    On your way back down the very long bottom corridor there is a door that opens
    but there is no way through.  Just an open door and that is all.  As you go to 
    the next screen there is another empty doorway.
    3. Clock Room
    Once you are back in the main hallway go down and there are two hidden doors 
    at the middle of the lower side of the main corridor.  You can see arrows on 
    the floor indicating them. 
    Go in here and there is a large clock on the floor and a mirror.  Get the green
    key from behind the clock.  This green key will open the door to the right of 
    the stairs in the main hall.
    4. The Green Key Room      5 bugs
    Go in here are get some bugs.
    Bring the other twin in and when one is on the higher step and the other on
    the lower, jump on the lower one's head and over the parapet.  This strange
    room has lots of grey blocks and a fireplace with a green fire burning.  I have
    not been able to discover any purpose to this room. 
    Go up the stairs to the right of the scarab and using Hannah.  At the top of
    the stairs an enemy will emerge from a hidden door and try to bomb you.  Keep 
    going and at the right corner is another locked door needing a White key.
    Go all the way to the right and as you go bomb enemies will emerge from behind
    hidden doors.  Continue to the far end and you will find a Dewflower.  Fill up 
    and equip the glove.
    Hannah will be surrounded with sparkles.  There is a green light to her right
    and if you go near this it will send out flashes of electricity.  Only with the
    glove equipped is Hannah safe from this.
    Fill up the dew again and go back to the save scarab.  Don't use the Glove yet,
    and make sure it is not equipped.
    Go left now from the entrance hall and go through the first door on your left. 
    In here are 4 bugs and a candle enemy will drop down.  You can go in here at 
    any time, really, but now is as good a time as any.
    Kill him and go out again.  He will also steal bombs so try not to have any
    equipped.  Above here you can glimpse another key that you can't reach yet. 
    This section explains how to move around in the Swag House and avoid the green
    electricity.  You don't need to do this yet, but it might help you to get
    orientated.  Otherwise just go to the next section.
    1. The Green Lights
    Once out of the attic turn left heading along the bottom corridor, and as soon
    as you go to the next screen the green electricity will start shooting at you. 
    You MUST equip the glove as your only protection, and only Hannah can use it.
    Walk all the way along the electric green corridor, and you will reach a new 
    area.  There are stairs leading up here and an underground bomber.  Continue
    further left and there is a second set of stairs.  To the left is a mirror and
    a Save SCARAB.  Save your game here.
    Finally go to the far left of the corridor where it ends.  There is a press
    square for Hannah to stand on.  However there is another sneaky green light and
    so she needs her glove to be equipped.  BUT you will have run out of Dew by the
    time you get here.
    Standing on this square will turn off all the green things which means that 
    Zack will be protected and able to move around freely.  Next task: find
    more Dew!!
    2. Finding More Dew
    In fact this was so easy I was rather disappointed after the earlier fiendish
    puzzles and wondered if the developers were taking a well deserved nap.
    Just go up the stairs next to the mirror and around the corner and fill up!
    Head back down the stairs, equip the glove and stand on the square.  Now Zack 
    can be protected from the electricity.  When the dew runs out swop back to 
    Zack, but keep Hannah on the square.
    3. Getting Zack  (Yellow Key Door)
    You don't need to do this part just yet, but in case you want to know where
    things are I am leaving it in.  You don't have the key to this door yet.
    From the main hall, controlling Zack, and with Hannah on the far left press 
    square, starting at the save Scarab, go left.  This is along the corridor that
    is on the second floor. 
    Carry down the corridor to the left.  There is a door that leads nowhere, then
    a secret door with a bomber, another nowhere door and a third nowhere door.
    Then you will end up at a Dew flower in the corner, so fill up and then go down
    the stairs and turn left again.  You will back at the same area that Hannah is
    in and so you can say hi and save at the SCARAB.
    Now go up the stairs next to the mirror and this time turn left and then go up.
    There is a bomber in the hidden door at the corner of the stairs.  If you go 
    up the right hand stairs there is a door that requires a yellow key.
    1. Getting the White Key    8 and 8 (20)
    From the main hallway, using Zack, go up the stairs ahead to the save Scarab 
    and turn to your left.  Avoid the bouncing bomber and go inside the first door 
    that is open.  The screen will load as the (green) swag house
    This is a strange place with bugs and a key above a red stage.  First collect
    the bugs that are wandering around before they fall into the Abyss.  There are
    8 of them.  You can get under the stage thing if you jump up when walking under
    Carefully cross the divide to get the bug jar.  You cannot get the key yet.
    Now bring Hannah into the same room.
    Stand one twin on the ledge that is out of sight under the red stage.  Stand
    the other in front and YES, the old jump on the head trick.  Now jump up to the
    steps and get the key.
    2. The White Key Door
    Leave the room and turn right and continue past the scarab staying on the 
    second floor, and right again.  Keep going and just before the next screen 
    starts there is a door.  Use the White Key.
    This is a puzzle room and you will need them both for this.
    1. Moving Steps
    When you first go in go forwards and move the steps in front of you so they
    come forwards.  Kill the candle scally that will be around the left corner.
    Now from the entrance again go right and jump over the spikes to stand on the
    press square which will release the switch to the steps to the left.
    Use the other twin to pull these out.  Go across the gap to the right and there
    is another set of steps that are stuck.  Now there are two sets of steps that 
    will not move just yet.
    Get the other twin and stand on the grey press square.  This will release a
    catch for the left hand steps.  Pull them towards you and go up.  Kill the 
    candle scally and pull out the next set of steps at the top of the screen 
    above you.
    2. Check the spikes
    Before going further, go all the way right and get a couple of stray bugs and
    check out the arrangement of the room.
    There are some bombs and a heal jar on top of some crates and two sets of
    spikes moving in and out of the floor.  Above these you will notice two grey
    press squares, and some shaky looking wooden slats.
    Move one twin up the steps and then jump down avoiding the left set of spikes,
    to stand on the square.  Jump across the shaky slats to the next ledge, and 
    then jump down to the second square.  Go as far up the screen as you can to 
    make sure you miss the spikes.
    You can jump off from the left edge of the second ledge (after the first set of
    spikes) and forwards, to land on the right boxes.  From here you can get the
    bombs and the heal jar.
    Then jump from the bottom edge of the boxes to the final lot of boxes on your
    left to get the remaining bombs.  If the message comes up that it is not safe
    here when you are standing on the square, then move until you are properly on
    it.  Then it will be OK to swop to the other twin.
    3. More Steps and the Yellow Key
    Stand on the second square to release the switch on the upper right steps. 
    Climb up these and kill the scally.  Then jump across to the left.  You have 
    to be careful going over the shaky slats as they are narrow.
    The next steps cannot be moved, so that means it is time to get the other 
    twin.  This time they must stand on the first square of the two.  Now the 
    upper left steps will be released.
    Now that twin must stand on the top left square and the other one goes down and
    then right, jumping the gap to get the now released right hand steps.
    Go up and along and kill a scally and then go down the steps and to the right
    to get the yellow key you saw a long time ago in the attic room.
    4. Getting Out
    Jump down to the lower level and you will emerge from the attic.  Turn right 
    and go up the stairs and you are at the save Scarab again.
    You now have a new yellow key which opens the yellow door at the top of the
    far left stairs.
    1. Getting to the Yellow Door
    To get here you will have to get Hannah back on the far left square so she
    turns off the green electricity again.  Now get Zack to the Scarab near to
    Hannah at the far left.  Then go up the stairs and to the top where you will
    find the Yellow Door.
    2. A New Stairway
    This doorway leads to another stairway.  At the corner there will be another 
    secret door with a bomb enemy.  Continue up the stairs heading to the right. 
    At the top is a mirror leading into the red desert, and as usual you need 
    Zack for this.
    I suggest doing this in two stages.  First get the Blue Key and then leave and 
    use the key to get in the Blue Door.  Also save your game.  The second stage of
    jumping is very tricky so it is best to be careful.
    By the way, if you exit with the blue key and save and then go back in, any
    enemies killed will stay dead, so I think this is a good idea to do before
    going on and trying the jumps.  All you need to do is exit the area and then
    the blue key can be transferred to Hannah if you want and she can save the game
    1. The Blue Key
    First break the spikes to your left and go left.  Destroy the cactus with
    flame.  Walk further left and then right and jump the gap and kill the cactus
    at the corner.  Then go left again breaking the spikes and flaming the cactuses
    as you follow the path up the screen.
    Go right and flame the cactus sitting on top of the pillar and then jump
    across.  Continue to go right and break the spikes and kill another cactus.
    Then go around and left to get the blue key.
    (At this stage you can go back out of the Red Desert, save and use the blue
    key! )
    2. Jumping for Bugs
    Jump down and go up the screen and kill a cactus and go left to where a small
    block is bubbling on the lava.  Line up to this at the bottom half of the
    platform, and jump across to get the bug jar at the far side.  Then jump back.
    Walk up further and left to jump across two bubbling blocks to an island.  Go 
    up and flame the cactus, and then jump across.
    Now you have to jump to the right onto a bobbing block and then another bobbing
    one.  This is hard to judge and if you die you will be back at the save scarab
    again.  Hm.  I did mention to save first before attempting this?  If not, then
    3. Back to the Jumping Part
    Look again at those two bubbling blocks.  I did not notice the first time I
    looked, but their rate of popping up and down changes.  You need to jump on the
    first one when when they both have gone down into the lava, and then they will
    both pop up at the same time.  Also make sure you jump off from the bottom 
    half of the edge.
    Once on the next island flame the cactus and jump down and to the right.  The 
    next jump is up and to the right, and then flame the cactus and jump up.
    Stop here and check out the changing block path ahead.  You have to go up three
    blocks and then left across two that are going up and down.  This is HORRID!
    4. The HORRID Jumping Part
    This is hard...at least I found it to be so.
    Watch the two left hand blocks as they bob up and down.  You need to time your
    move for when they are nearly sychronised.  When they both go down into the
    lava AT THE SAME TIME, then you must move and jump forwards, and then by the 
    time you reach the end of the first four blocks they should be back on the 
    surface.  Jump to each one in turn and you will reach the island.
    Flame the cactus and walk down very carefully as the path is narrow.  At the 
    end jump across to the next island to your left.
    5. Dreamflight Fairies
    Okay, now that was worth it after all, as this final island reveals a trapped
    Dreamflight fairy.  She will tell you that there are 5 more still in captivity,
    (though the number depends on the order in which you have completed the rooms 
    in the Swaghouse). 
    No, you do not have to jump all the way back as you are teleported to a new
    location.  YAY!!! There is another Dreamflight fairy to your right which means 
    there are now only four (more or less) left.  Again you are teleported to a 
    new location.
    6. More Jumps and Cactus Killing
    Kill the cactus and go up the steps to your left.  Then jump over the gap and 
    kill another cactus, and then jump left again and there is yet one more jump.  
    Be careful here as you don't want to fall if you can avoid it.
    Now turn right and go up the path jumping the gaps as you go.  There are four 
    gaps and at the far right another cactus to destroy and a full heal.  Head left
    jumping again, and at the far end is another cactus and the exit mirror.  WHEW.
    (I am sorry, but this took me so long to complete that I really did not have
    the heart to die during this final stage, just so I could tell you that if you
    did fall, you would not have to go through the first stage of all the horrid
    jumping again.  However I am fairly sure that this is so as it was for Hannah's
    stage after she rescued the fairies)
    7. The Clock Room
    Now you will be back in the clock room just the same as Hannah was before, and
    with another clock in your possession.  You can see the two clocks, one on 
    each side of your inventory screen.  There is a third one to find after this 
    although you can use the two you have now if you wish
    Before using them go and save at the Scarab out in the entrance hall at the top
    of the stairs.  Now you can get inside the blue key door.
    You eventually find the yellow/greenish key here.
    1. Blue Key Door
    The blue key opens the door that is to the left of the stairs in the main
    hallway.  This is the Playroom.
    This is an area with lots of red cars, that can be moved and bouncing ball
    enemies that can be attacked using the flashlight.
    However there are also green scallys prowling up and down in protected
    corridors, and they can fire pellets at you, but you cannot hit them.  The
    trick here is to use the red car for protection and when the scallys are moving
    and not firing, you can move the car as well and then stop for a moment.
    2. Going Left and Right 8 bugs
    Go left from the entrance and follow the zig-zagging corridor all the way to
    the top right to get a bug jar.  Go right for a heal.
    3. Going up the middle  4 bugs
    Up here there are a few bugs wandering around and to the far left a red car.
    Move the car to the far right as far as it will go.  Then jump on top of it and
    up to the ledge to your right.
    There are a couple of bugs here and some orange balls to destroy.  Best to use
    the boomerang or yo-yo to avoid getting hurt.  By the way, you will see that 
    once you go up the screen the car will disappear and return to its previous 
    Where the wall goes left behind the prowling scally, you can go left through a 
    not very obvious gap.  Go through here and try to kill the big orange blobs 
    before they break into smaller ones.  There are two of these at the far end to 
    the left.  There are a couple of bugs and a heal jar here too.
    Push the red car all the way to the left and jump up onto the ledge.
    4. More Orange Blobs  1 bug
    Go up and through the opening ahead and encounter two more big blobs to 
    destroy and one bug to collect.  Turn left and go up the stairs and there are 
    two MORE blobs
    Now go down the middle section of the bottom wall and you will find that you
    are in the attic.
    1. The Yellow Key
    Right ahead of you is another key.  It looks green but maybe yellow.  Let's
    see!  After picking up the key just jump down ahead of your position, and then 
    walk to the right to get out of the attic.
    2. Leaving the Attic
    YES!  This is the exit at the far right of the Swaghouse where you first found
    the glove.  If you walk all the way to the right you will find that the yellow 
    key opens the yellow door that is at the far end of the main corridor. 
    You will need Zack for this next part so make sure to swap to him if you have
    been using Hannah.  You don't need to bother about saving again before going in
    here, as there is a new save Scarab behind this door.
    3. The Yellow Door
    This is the door at the furthest right of the long corridor on the ground floor
    of the Swaghouse and it leads to a new part of the house and another save 
    SCARAB ahead.
    There is nothing to the left except a hidden black door with bomb scallys, so 
    carry on up the stairs and around the corner: another hidden door scally is 
    here.  Then you will find A MIRROR.  Go through.
    You need Zack for this!!
    1. Introduction to the Puzzle
    This is fiendish.  I had thought some of the other puzzles were hard, but this
    really is mean.  You have to jump to platforms and ledges...they do strange and
    unexpected things...and...they are all invisible.  Good luck then!
    See first if you can solve the puzzle before checking out the proper way to do
    this.  I will admit that I couldn't solve it, and after many attempts at this I
    asked the expert.
    CLUE ONE:   you can't see where you are going.
    CLUE TWO:   you cannot complete this in the dark.
    CLUE THREE: those little round platforms are there are for a reason.
    This is not my solution at all, but Riveller (who responded to my cries for
    help on the GameFAQs message boards) very kindly took the time and trouble to
    explain it to me.
    This is still a bit tricky to do even with the benefits of Riveller's 
    2. The First Light
    Go the the right and use the triangle attack to break the red spikes.
    Then stand on the ledge of the path above the support strut and press circle
    and use the left directional button to allow your fire-breath to hit the small
    platform...which is in fact a collection of sticks!  This will cause it to 
    light a firs, and now you can see where you are going.
    Now go to the end of the pathway above the fire and when the platform is close,
    jump onto it and then jump off the other end.
    3. The Second Light
    Go up and stand a little way down from the end of the path, and use the same
    technique to light the fire on the platform.  This will reveal four slowly
    turning platforms.  Now jump to the platform from the same position.  When the
    platform is as high up the screen as it will go, jump up to land on the next
    pathway.  (This looks a long way, but in fact it is OK)
    4. The Third Light
    Break the red spikes and go to the end and right top side of the path, and then
    use your fire breath.  Now you can see a platform moving up and down.
    Stay still and use the fire-breath again to light the next visible platform and
    so see the next place to jump.
    Stand still again and the next set of sticks is low down on the screen.  You 
    will need to direct the fire downward using the directional buttons again
    to make sure it lights.  Do not try to jump onto the next platform until you 
    can see it properly.
    Then jump forwards to the next pathway.  There are two fire-breathing shadow
    enemies here...just in case you have not got the message by now, I suppose. You
    cannot kill them, but you can jump over them when they do their sweet little
    fire-breathing run.
    5. The Fourth Light
    For this one to light I had to be right at the edge of the pathway.  Keep
    trying carefully until you manage to light it.
    Once it is lit, jump to one of the moving platforms.  Then jump forwards to a
    stationary one and you are in familiar territory.  To your left down the screen
    is the fire breathing dragon head that you passed by once before.  Don't go
    down here but go up the path.
    6. The Fifth Light   8 bugs
    Go to the end of the path and turn left and shoot those flames.  A platform 
    will appear at the top to the path so jump on. Then jump forwards to the path 
    Walk right and break a jar for 8 bugs.  There are four more fire shadow 
    enemies here.  They are easy to avoid by letting them run and then jumping 
    over them.
    7. The Sixth Light
    Go down the path to the left, and then down again at the junction.
    At the end there is a pile of sticks at a low position.  This is SOOOO devilish
    of those developers.  You are right at the end of a tricky level and the last
    thing you want is to fall, and to have to do it all again.
    But getting the angle right to light this fire is damnably hard.  At least I
    found it so at first.  Then I realised that the best position is to face down
    the screen.  Line up below the last of the grey spikes bordering the path and
    face forwards.  Then do the left directional button and the fire will light.
    Oh no.  I miss judged that jump and fell and just when I thought I had solved
    that one.  *Cries.*   The thing is, you need to jump from where you were when
    you lit the fire.
    Then light the next three fires and jump to the next platforms one by one, and
    finally jump to the path.  Follow it up and around and left to find a fairy!!!
    (Jump the enemies again)
    8. The Dreamflight Fairy
    She will thank you and tell you that there are 3 of the Dreamflight left.
    You are teleported to a place where you get a clock.
    9. Another Fairy   8 bugs
    Head to the right, break the spikes and go down.  Here is the flame head again.
    When you can, go right and all the way to the next flame head.  (You can take
    shelter in the side paths if you break the spikes.)
    From here go up and break the top blue bug jar to get 8 more bugs, and then 
    release the fairy.  ONLY TWO LEFT!!! (though that depends on which order you 
    have completed these sections.)
    You are now whisked out to a new position to the right, so keep going right, 
    jump over two fire shadows, and go out of the mirror.
    Hurrah!!! You have another clock for Zack and can now go up the stairs when you
    exit the clock room, and save your game at the Scarab.
    You MUST use Hannah for this mirror stage.
    This is accessed through the mirror next to the far left save Scarab.  You can
    do this early on if you want, after Hannah has her glove and can get through
    the long corridor with the green electricity.
    There are many nasty dark ghost enemies in here and they cannot be killed, so
    when you can see them (and it is quite dark too) try and avoid them.  You can
    jump over them if you are quick but with the Abyss so close by, avoiding them
    may be the best way.  They are dangerous when they spit fire.
    1. Collecting Bugs   16 bugs
    First go right and get the bugs, and then walk to the left and wend your way 
    down the screen to the very bottom where there is a bug jar.  Then go back 
    around to the right past the green light and you will come to a jumping 
    You will need Hannah for this.  Don't forget to do the double X press for the
    high jumps.
    2. Lots of Jumping
    Jump from the arrow and go forward carefully for three blocks.  On the last one
    stop for a moment and you will see that...well, there is nothing to see ahead 
    of you!  Actually you might just spot the corner of the next low placed and 
    non-moving block.
    This means a long jump so get ready for it.  Jump when at the very top of the
    screen and then do your spin and you will land on the next block which is below
    the level of the fiery stuff.
    Now for the really tricky bit, as you must keep jumping forward.  Wait for a
    second and the block will fall, and another trip to the Abyss.
    There are three of these non-moving blocks in a row, all with small jumps, and
    then you will land on a safe ledge.  Another slightly awkward thing is that you
    must make sure that you set off from the third high safe block in the centre.
    If you are too far up or down you may miss one of the next blocks.
    Once on the ledge go right and up and an impassable fence will form behind you.
    Continue on and there is a blue jar with a Dream flight fairy!  Set her free
    and you will be thanked and reminded that there are 6 (maybe less) left.  Then
    you will be transported to the far side of the wall.
    3. More searching  4 bugs, 8 bugs
    If you die here you will be back at the fence so you can just go back up and
    release the fairy again if that happens.
    Go left and up, and after the yellow light there are two bugs to be found. Then
    go left again where there is more jumping.
    Line up on the arrow and jump to the next safe ledge.  Another bug is here.
    Stop and look and you will see a moving block after the first stationary one.
    The non-moving one will drop beneath you, so jump onto it and jump again, then
    another jump to a small block and then to safety again.  Another bug is here.
    Check the arrow position again and jump to the moving block.  Then jump to the
    next ones slowly but keeping moving forwards.  There is a high one here so make
    sure you have the height to reach it.
    Now there is another safe ledge where you can pick up the bug and get the full
    heal.  To the left is another jar with 8 bugs.  Then go up the screen and you
    are back in the Swag house in the room with the clock.
    Go out and up the stairs to save your game at the SCARAB.  Look at your
    inventory and you will see that you picked up a clock!
    Enter the Clock Room below the main staircase and you will need Zack for this 
    1. The Clock
    Put the three clocks in your equip slot, one by one.  Use them while standing 
    on the clock and it will change the time.  After you use all three clocks, the 
    clock will chime midnight, and the mirror will shatter, to reveal an opening
    2. Into the Broken Mirror
    Walk through the broken mirror (using Zack) and up the stairs.  To do this go
    in the mirror to the left, and then turn to your right, and press X and the 
    right directional button.
    You will emerge on a wooden landing with a nearby Dewflower and the purple
    swirls of the Abyss close by.  Fill up with dew and then, go up, and left,
    behind the staircase.  There is an arrow pointing upward across the gap to
    another platform.
    3. Over the Gap
    Equip the sneakers and action them, using the square or circle button, and jump
    the gap.  Kill the scally with the torch and then get the full heal to your 
    left.  Carry on up the stairs and kill another scally, and, as you reach the 
    corner, there is yet another one to dispatch.
    At the landing there are two bomb scallys, and the best way to deal with them 
    is don't have your bombs equipped, and then they cannot steal them!  Kill them 
    too.  Now, go on up the stairs to your left, and at the next landing there are 
    three more bomb scallys to kill.  After this, head all the way right and kill 
    the green scally.
    4. The Blocks
    Now, this is the hard bit.  If you look at the wall, at the top of the screen,
    you will see many blocks.  You can walk back, and get an idea of what is ahead
    of you: lots of jumping!  You may be good at this sort of thing, but it took me
    awhile to find a good way of doing this, so I will explain it in detail.
    A. Getting to the Top
    You start on the safe low block on the far right.  Get on and face right.  
    Watch the blocks to get the timing right, and then jump to the first one when 
    it comes out of the wall. You have to pause a moment on each one in turn before
    the next appears.  One by one, taking your time, go right two blocks and then, 
    left, for one and then, right again, until you get to the far right safe block 
    (that is to the right of the moving one).
    B. Getting from the Right to the Left
    From the safe block, jump to the moving one when it is at the lowest point.
    To do this easily, turn to face up the wall, and jump forwards, and left a bit.
    Then, turn to the left, and jump to the next moving block when it is close.
    C. Getting Down the Wall
    Turn left on the moving block and jump down, to the furthest left one near the
    clock face.  You have to time this correctly, or you will fall to the bottom 
    and have to go all the way back up.
    Now, this section has a little trick.  Jump onto the top left block and then,
    DON'T JUMP to the next!  If you jump you may get the next block but you won't
    get much further, as these blocks are positioned in such a way that jumping
    makes you miss them.
    So just slip.  Yes.  All you have to do is move the directional buttons to slip
    down from one block to the next, turning to the right, and then, left and then,
    right again as you go, until you reach the final block, that is to the left.
    From here, jump to the safe block that is situated under the clock face.
    D. Getting from the Clock Face to the Left
    You have to judge this, and then move fast, to get across the line of moving
    As soon as you see the first one begin to appear: MOVE.  You can give yourself
    a head start, by edging forwards to the furthest left side of the starting
    block, and a jump or two mid line will help.  The final one will stay a little
    longer, but you can always jump to the next safe block: the sixth one in the
    line, if you include the first safe block.
    E. Getting to the Moving Up and Down Block
    Although the next block appears to be a safe one as it does not move, in fact
    it is not safe.  So now, you have three unsafe blocks to jump, and just out of 
    sight on the screen to the far left is another block, though not a safe one.
    Jump to the apparently fixed block when the next one is inside the wall.  When
    the one you are on starts to move, jump to the next, which should now be in
    position ready for you.  Go on to the next, and then the one at the far left.
    From this one, you can jump to the moving up and down block.  If it is not in
    the right position, and close to you, just go back to the one beneath it and
    then, jump back to the side one again.
    F. Getting to the Top of the Wall
    From the safe block turn, and look right, to see two more unsafe blocks that
    lead to the top of the wall.  Again, you must wait, until you are at the top of
    the moving one and the others are coming out of the wall.  This may take some 
    time, so be patient.  Then, jump to each in turn, and up to the landing above. 
    Be quick this time. 
    5. The Top Landing   8 bugs
    After the jumping section there are more bugs to the left.  After rescuing 
    these, then head to the right and you will be transported to limbo.
    | LIMBO |
    Although I had 80 bugs, it was not enough to get to the extra landing. 
    However, so long as the fairy was rescued that was OK by me.  In fact 70 bugs
    is sufficient to reach the fairy, but not enough to get to the extras.
    The fairy thanks you as usual and now there is only one more of the Dreamflight
    left to rescue!  From here you are transported to the SWAGMAN!
    T H E  F I N A L  B O S S:  T H E  S W A G M A N ...................... *BOSS
    The Final Fight
    "Ah, at last, the little insomniac has arrived!...Time has come to liberate
    that jaunty mind of yours from all its happiness Zack, and let it rest in a
    bedlam of nightmares like your friends here - wouldn't you say?"
    (If you die the fight will start again.  You do not have to go back to your
    last save.)
    The Situation
    The situation is this.  The Swagman is in the centre of a wooden floor standing
    inside a circle, and there are stairs to either side of him.  Above the 
    central landing there is a large jar with the final member of the Dreamflight, 
    who is trapped inside.  
    The Swagman will make green fireballs to throw at you.  Dodge these and go left
    or right to the stairs, but if you try to go up the stairs where the fairy is
    trapped in the jar at the top, he will move and block you, and then, throw
    flames that burn down the stairs.
    John notes that these green volleys come in waves with 8 shots before you can 
    hit him, and that the cycle keeps going even if he's interrupted by the stairs.
    Avoiding his attacks
    If you stand still, at the bottom of the stairs just below the last step, he 
    will stay at the top and continue to throw flames at you, but they cannot reach
    If you want him to attack you from the floor then, move back a bit from the
    stairs, and he will return to the central circle.
    If you move from the ground level to the corner of the stairs it is easy
    to avoid his attacks from the ground, and he will move again.  In fact, you do
    not have to go that far.  Just go onto the first step and he will move, then
    you can go back to the floor and his flame attacks will miss.
    Okay, so that is simple enough to avoid his attacks, but how to defeat him?
    Defeating Him
    Keep jumping back and forth up and down the steps and at some point, when he
    is on the circle, he will use a lightning attack where he stands still and
    raises his arms in the air.  He only does these attacks once every 8 or 9 
    times, so, be patient and watch out for them.
    This is when you should attack.  Bombs will not reappear, so the torch is the
    best weapon.  He will turn red and stay still for a moment, long enough for you
    to get back to your safe place.
    After I had hit him three times a large bell fell!  But I don't think this was
    anything special, except, of course, that it starts to break the floor.
    However this won't be a problem if you keep close to the stairs.  After a while
    the area close to the left hand stairs was getting a bit damaged so I moved to
    the right.
    If you stay secure in your stairs corner you can entice him to do more than one
    attack from the circle, and so speed up the appearance of the electricity
    attack.  For example, if he does the one or two green balls attack it is easy
    to stay out the way.  Keep off the stairs and move around, and he will stay in
    position and keep doing green attacks, and then do your attack when he is
    After about 12-15 hits he will be defeated.  Sorry, I am not exactly sure how
    many as I lost count in the excitement of the battle!
    The Final Fairy
    Go up the stairs and rescue the final member of the Dreamflight.
    "Thank you. you've saved me and my Dreamflight army.  Now we'll be able to
    resurrect this town from its nightmares.  But first we've got to get right out
    of here..."
    I won't spoil this, but be prepared for a surprise. 
                               C. Credits and Thanks ........................ *CT
    This game is much more fun than you might think.  So credits go to the
    developers at CORE for something wildly different from Tomb Raider.
    Many thanks to GameFAQs for being the only place where the discussion of a game
    as old and obscure as this is both possible and likely to get a positive
    response, and for hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to DarkstarRipclaw and the Faq Critic for their respective critiques of 
    this FAQ, which resulted in various improvements.
    Thanks to DarkLazarus for the aforementioned positive response.
    Thanks to Riveller who has played the game and beaten it, and for offering to
    help when I got stuck.  In fact, without Riveller's help I do not think I could
    have completed the game, let alone this FAQ.
    Thanks to Hope Havoc who emailed me with details of how to save your game 
    during a particularly difficult part.
    Thanks to John who told me how to access the secret area in the Crypt and some 
    additional observations for the final boss. 
    Thanks to the ever resourceful Saikyo Mog for coming up with various
    suggestions to help solve the puzzles, even though he really had no idea what I
    was talking about, and for not complaining at all when I went on and on and
    on...and on.
                                D. Legal Bit and Contact .................... *LC
    Revision History
    August 29th 2007: revised to correct some errors.
    April 23rd 2008:  major rewrite.
    August 23rd 2009: another year, another revision! 
    Legal Bit
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than GameFAQs.com or
    otherwise distributed publicly.  Use of this guide on any other web site or as
    a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    This FAQ is copyrighted by threetimes March 23rdth 2008 and again, on 
    August 23rd 2009. 
    Any errors or omissions are all my fault, so if you can help correct them or
    add anything extra that might be useful please let me know.
    Emails must be titled SWAGMAN FAQ and can be sent to me at:
    threetimes.ajh (insert @) googlemail.com

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