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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HawkMasterD

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 12/12/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     WWW                 WWW                                             
      WWW      WWW      WWW                                            
       WWW    WWWWW    WWW  AAA  RRRRR HH  HH AAAAAA  WW          WW KK  KK
          WWWW     WWWW  AA    AA RR RR HH HH AA    AA   WWW  WWW    KK  KK
                            The Red Mercury Missions
     FAQ version .1 by HawkMasterD (Derek Miller) (Email: 
     WARHAWK: The Red Mercury Missions is a registered trademark of its 
    respective designers.  Copyright (c)1995 Sony Interactive Entertainment.  
    Don't sue me; I'm just an author.  Don't distribute or reproduce this 
    FAQ without giving credit to its original author, me.  The same thing 
    goes for the ASCII art.  Please do not sell or attempt to make or 
    generate profit from this FAQ in anyway unless you contact me first.  
    With that said, I don't know what I'm talking about anyways, so on to 
    the FAQ. 
     Well, I was browsing Gamefaqs.com one day, and looked to see if there 
    was a FAQ on this wonderful and highly advanced game for its time.  
    Sadly, there were none!  Since then, I've always thought of writing a 
    FAQ and now the time has come.  
     The following sites have my permission to host this FAQ:
     www.angelfire.com/ny5/hawkmasterd16 (shameless plug)
     Please send any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. to 
    hawkmasterd16@yahoo.com.  I'm new at writing FAQ's so help me out!  
    Also, I don't have the manual to this game, or at least I don't know 
    where it is, so anyone who has it, help me out!
     Version history:
     --|Wednesday, December 12, 2001: (v0.3) Added more ASCII art and
        walkthroughs for stages 3 and 4.  Touched up enemies and other
        things here and there.
     --|Tuesday, December 11, 2001: (v0.2) Fixed menu for .txt format,
        added control information for looking, updated the arsenal.  
        Added the Enemies section, and re-did the walkthroughs for stages
        1 and 2.
     --|Monday, December 10, 2001: (v0.1) Began work on FAQ.  Much to come!
     Table of Contents:
    1. The Story
    2. The Characters
    3. Controlling the Warhawk
        -the IHVL (Inverted Half-Vertical Loop)
    4. Your Arsenal
        -XA-165 Warhawk
        -Machine Guns
        -Swarm Missiles
        -Lock-On Missiles
        -Plasma Cannon
        -Flash Bomb
        -Doomsday Bomb
    5. Enemies
    6. Walkthrough - 
        a) Stage 1 - The Pyramid
        b) Stage 2 - The Canyon
        c) Stage 3 - The Attack Convoy
        d) Stage 4 - The Volcano Level
        e) Stage 5 - The Gauntlet
        f) Stage 6 - Stormland
        g) Stage 7 - Face-off with Kreel
    7. Cheats/Passwords
    8. Tips and Misc.
    9. Special Thanks
    < The Story >
    A madman named Kreel has been mining a material dubbed Red Mercury, for 
    reasons unknown.  The Red Mercury possesses an unknown power, and it is 
    not sure what kind of power Kreel would have if he were to obtain 
    enough.  Kreel's ultra-powerful forces are more than a match for normal 
    aircraft and military forces, so The International Force sends Hatch 
    and Walker, commanded by Commander Jassic to fly Warhawk and lead a 
    series of strategic missions against Kreel and to recover the Red 
    Mercury.  You must stop Kreel at all costs!
    < The Characters >
    The characters only appear in the FMV live actions sequences during the 
    game.  Not much to say about it, but you get a general feel for the 
    characters and realize despite their over-generic ness, this is a video 
    game, not a movie with a great story-but still worth writing about.
    Hatch:  One pilot of the Warhawk.
    Walker:  The other pilot.  You play as these guys.
    Commander Jassic:  Hatch and Walker's commanding officer.  Has a strong 
    sense of duty, and doesn't take Walker's smart mouth and complaints.  
    She won't take no for an answer.
    Kreel:  The madman mining the Red Mercury.  A major threat to the 
    International Force, and must be stopped at all costs!
    < Controlling the Warhawk >
    Controlling the Warhawk can be confusing at first, but once you get the 
    hang of it the Warhawk becomes alive at your fingers.  Here are the 
    basic controls:
    Left/Right: Steers the Warhawk left or right.  At slow speeds and in 
    reverse the Warhawk will strafe left and right, like a helicopter.
    Up/Down: Decreases/Increases altitude, at high speeds the Warhawk will 
    turn downwards or upwards, respectively.
    Select: Pauses the game.
    Start: When held, tapping up or down in game will change the camera 
    view, Start+Down to zoom out, Start+Up to zoom in.
    Square: Fires your machine guns.
    X:  Engages the afterburners, for increasing your speed faster than 
    normal.  Orange jets of flame will fly out the back of the Warhawk.
    O:  Fires selected weapon.
    Triangle:  Switches selected weapon.
    R1: Roll right.  Tap twice to do a barrel roll.
    L1: Roll left.  Tap twice to do a barrel roll.
    R2: Speed up.  
    L2: Brake. 
    EJECT COCKPIT:  Square+Triange+X+0: Be careful!  You have to use this 
    late in the game.  I hate it when I accidentally do this!
    LOOKING: Changes your view.  To look down, hold L2 then R2.  To look 
    left, hold L1+L2.  To look right, hold R1+R2.  I never used it much, 
    but you might.
    VERTICAL LOOP/TURN AROUND:  Use the directions, its easy enough to 
    figure out, using L1 or R1 will make turning around faster.  You can 
    only do a vertical loop up.
    WEAVING:  Use R1 while turning right, then quickly shift to L1 and left 
    turning.  If this technique is done correctly you can "weave" back and 
    forth, keeping your crosshairs on the same general point.  Great when 
    used for those far away bosses and you are firing Rockets or charging 
    Plasma shots.
    INVERTED HALF-VERTICAL LOOP:  This is a GREAT move.  In StarFox64(tm), 
    this move was executed far too easy.  Here it requires a bit of skill, 
    but becomes second nature not after too long.  I'll refer to it from 
    now on as IHVL.  Begin to do a vertical loop, and halfway through stop 
    holding the Down button and hold the Up button.  You should have turned 
    around and be facing your enemy in the same line of fire you left.  
    This is also great for air raiding:  fly straight up and perform one of 
    these, then reduce your speed to the slowest you can while still 
    maintaining the ability to fly downwards.  You should be looking down 
    at your ground target.  Fire away!  NOTE:  in the pseudo-FMV intro, the 
    computer executes one of these, if you need an example.
    < Your Arsenal >
    The Warhawk comes equipped with quite a few weapons, and even more can 
    be picked up.  Here's what you get to fight with - most of this info is 
    taken from the In-game option menu.
    <<XA-165 WARHAWK>>:  The International Force's premier attack aircraft.  
    The WarHawk carries a tremendous amount of firepower, is heavily 
    armored, and yet remains unbelievably nimble.
    <<MACHINE GUNS>>:  Liquid-cooled protonic impulse machine guns 
    delivering 1500 rounds per second.
    Range:  250m
    Strength:  15j0u/sec.
    Loadout:  unlimited
    These are more useful than you think.  Can be upgraded twice, and after 
    <<ROCKETS>>:  Small, unguided missiles for general-purpose destruction.
    Range:  800m
    Strength:  10j0u
    Loadout:  100
    These are my personal favorite.  Rockets require ultimate skill to use 
    on moving targets, as they do not home in on targets.  100 goes quite 
    quick, but when you throw about 8 of these at someone you better make 
    sure you are lined up right or you just wasted 8 rockets!  MAX HOLD:  
    <<SWARM MISSILES>>:  Small Heisenburgium-fueled homing missiles which 
    seek a common target.
    Range:  500m
    Strength:  6j0u each
    Loadout:  24 swarms
    Swarms are pretty good, but not until you upgrade em'.  I classify 
    these buggers with lockons, as they are to be used for moving targets 
    and bosses only.  MAX HOLD:  48.
    <<LOCK-ON MISSILES>>:  Laser-guided missiles which pack a wallop but 
    are not as agile as the Swarmers.
    Range:  500m
    Strength: 50j0u
    Loadout: 8
    The firing rate is not too great, but these babies pack a LOT of power, 
    especially after the upgrade.  Slow, but powerful, these are good to 
    use against bosses.  Don't waste em' on fliers, they will usually out 
    fly them.  MAX HOLD:  16.
    <<PLASMA CANNON>>:  Shoots plasma torpedoes which increase in strength 
    the longer they are charged, but dissipate over distance.
    Range:  variable
    Strength:  variable
    Loadout: 800j0u pool
    Technically, the plasma cannon is the most powerful weapon in the game.  
    Like rockets, shoots forward with no homing abilities, but can be 
    charged to have a variable attack strength and speed.  In the hands of 
    the master, these are truly fearsome.  Charge a boss with a 300 j0u 
    shot (the strongest it goes I think) and let go.  I love it!  I always 
    use these up to conserve my lockons and such.  MAX HOLD:  1200j0u.
    <<FLASH BOMB>>:  Temporarily blinds your enemies and clears the air of 
    all fire.
    Range:  300m
    Strength:  0 j0u
    Loadout:  none
    You have to pick these up.  Never really found much use, I was always 
    dodging the enemy fire.  You get 1 per pickup.  MAX HOLD: unknown.
    <<DOOMSDAY BOMB>>:  The ultimate weapon for killing your enemies, 
    deleterium bomb hammers everything in range.
    Range:  300m
    Strength:  classified (what a crock of s***...)
    Loadout:  none
    This bomb takes out all aircraft in range, and I think it takes out 
    their missiles too.  However, doesn't touch ground and stationary 
    targets.  MAX HOLD: unknown.
    <<CANISTER>>:  The canisters of Red Mercury are often your stage 
    objective.  Collect them to beat levels.
    <<SHIELD RECHARGE>>:  Looks like a black orb with a green shield.  
    Recharges all the Warhawk's shields and repairs all damage.
    <<ENHANCED GUNS>>:  These can be picked up twice.  They enhance your 
    machine guns, making them turn color and become more powerful.
    <<SWARMERS PICKUP>>:  Adds 8 Swarmers to your arsenal.
    <<LOCK-ONS PICKUP>>:  Adds 2 Lock-On missiles to your arsenal.
    <<ROCKETS PICKUP>>:  Adds 20 Rockets to your stock.  Fairly rare.
    <<PLASMA RECHARGE>>:  Even rarer than the Rockets.  Recharges plasma to 
    full/adds 200 to your j0u pool.
    <<FULL WEAPONS REFILL>>:  The rarest pickup.  I only know of one of 
    these.  They do as the name implies, recharges all weapons to max and 
    all weapons higher than max stay the same.
    <<SUPER SWARMERS PICKUP>>:  Only a couple of these, and they're late in 
    the game.  Doubles speed and damage of the missiles.
    <<SUPER LOCK-ONS PICKUP>>:  Same as Super Swarmers, but applies to 
    Lock-On missiles.  With this pickup, the Lock-Ons are the most fearsome 
    weapon you possess.
    < Enemies >
    I'm doing the enemies as I write the Walkthrough, so only expect to 
    find enemy descriptions as the levels progress.  Also, all Armor rating 
    I determine by how many rockets it take to destroy/shoot down the enemy.  
    'Cause I just love rockets, y'know?
    <<AIRCRAFT>>:  Come in 2 flavors, black and grey.  The black fighters 
    are more skilled.  You can usually take these down with 1 or 2 shots, 
    but they aren't worth your time or ammo.  Just avoid the missiles; 
    these are more of a nuisance than anything.  Dangerous in swarms, 
    Stage found in:  1, 3, 4 and 6
    Armor:  2 RKTS
    Threat (alone):  Minimal
    Threat (group):  Medium
    <<SILO>>:  Not really an enemy, but can be blown up for a power-up.  
    Use your machine guns for optimum efficiency. 
    Stage found in:  1
    Armor:  6 RKTS
    Threat:  None
    <<TANK>>:  Small, stationary armored vehicles that shoot AA weapons at 
    you.  Don't waste your time, unless you they have a power-up to give 
    you or the sky has too many projectiles from them.
    Stage found in:  1, 2
    Armor:  1-2 RKTS
    Threat:  Minimal
    <<CANNONS>>:  Stationary cannons.  Can cause a bit of damage if you 
    aren't careful.  These are everywhere, in several different flavors.  I 
    will detail them in the walkthroughs, but here are the basics:
    Stage found in:  All
    Armor:  Varies
    Threat:  Varies, usually Medium
    <<POWER GENERATOR>>:  They power the pyramid in Stage 1.  You have to 
    destroy them to win.
    Stage found in:  1
    Armor:  3 RKTS
    Threat:  None, but must defeat to proceed
    <<PILLAR>>:  Must be destroyed in Stage 1 to advance to Part 2.  They 
    fight back, like cannons.
    Stage found in:  1
    Armor:  6 RKTS
    Threat:  Minimal
    <<STATIONARY MINES>>:  Red and blue mines that float in one position.  
    If you run into them they can seriously damage you, but you can destroy 
    Stage found in:  2
    Armor:  3 RKTS
    Threat:  Medium
    <<FLOATING MINES>>:  Damage isn't as high as Stat. Mines, but often 
    these come in packs, which intensify the damage.  Watch your back, as 
    these are more like projectiles (but nobody shoots them!).  If you can, 
    use your machine guns.  They travel slowly, and usually only hit you if 
    you are farting around and not moving.
    Stage found in:  2
    Armor:  1 RKTS
    Threat:  Medium
    <<BATTLESHIPS>>:  Boats in the water that will shoot at you.  Can 
    contain power-ups.  Don't worry too much about these, another waste of 
    ammo in my opinion.  There is another version of these in the Volcano 
    level, but they are common enemies, and are easily avoided.
    Stage found in:  2, 4
    Armor:  2 RKTS
    Threat:  Minimal
    <<PYRAMID EYE>>:  This is not the Pyramid in stage one.  Rather, it 
    LOOKS like it but is really a pop-up enemy that appears to block your 
    progress in the Gauntlet.  Take them out, but watch out - they 
    regenerate.  Shoot and keep going.
    Stage found in:  5
    Armor:  2 RKTS
    <<AIRSHIP>>:  Ship that carries Red Mercury - heavily armored with two 
    defensive cannons.  Don't make any direct assaults on these guys, or 
    they will tear you up.  It's smart to charge plasma cannon, then weave 
    in from above and blast and fly by.  Repeat to destroy.
    Stage found in:  3
    Armor:  15-20 RKTS
    Threat:  Medium
    < Walkthrough >
    ITEMS-2 Shield Recharges, 16 Swarmers, 6 Lock-Ons, 1 Flash Bomb
    Kreel is supposedly hiding a canister of Red Mercury in the Pyramid.  
    Retrieve it and return to base!
    Basically this stage is a small city in one corner, where you start off, 
    and a giant pyramid in the center with an arch on all 4 sides.  Fighter 
    planes swarm the sky, but are only pests.  Don't waste any weaponry on 
    them!  Instead, just concentrate on your main targets.  The guns on the 
    arches may be shot off to gain 2 Lock-On power-ups, and 2 Shield 
    Recharge power-ups.  Shooting the small hangars on the ground will have 
    the same effect; you get 2 Swarmers, 1 Lock-Ons, and 1 Flash Bomb.  
    Save your Swarmers and Lock-Ons, you really won't need them and it's 
    better to stock up on what you find.  You should be able to take 
    everything out with Rockets and Plasma Cannon, but if you find yourself 
    starved use your Swarmers.  I usually don't have to unless I am playing 
    on Pro difficulty level. 
    Part 1-Really, this isn't all that tough.  You have to shoot down the 4 
    Towers around the pyramid.  Use your Plasma Cannon; high-powered shots 
    coupled with machine gun fire should take these out no problem.  If you 
    run out of ammo, use your rockets.  Once you'd destroyed those, the 
    second part begins.  
    Part 2-A bit trickier.  The targets are awkward to hit.  Take note your 
    target is not the eye on the pyramid shooting at you, but the power 
    generators at the base of the pyramid.  Kreel's aircraft have gotten a 
    little smarter, and faster but not by much.  More often than not if 
    they are following you when you charge the pyramid they will ram right 
    into it and explode.  Use your Rockets and Plasma Cannon on the 
    generators.  To target the generators better, use the IHVL, noted above.  
    If you do it right, you won't even have to dodge the eye that shoots at 
    your.  Keep it up and the pyramid is through, and you're on to the last 
    Part 3-All that's left is to fly through the pyramid and pick up the 
    Red Mercury.  Kreel's air forces will really be on you now, but if you 
    finish off the mission now you should have no problem.  
    ITEMS-2 Shield Recharges, 4 Lock-Ons, 60 Rockets, 1 Plasma Recharge, 24 
    Swarmers, 1 Doomsday Bomb
    The way I see it, there are two ways to take the canyon.  You can speed 
    through it, ignoring enemies and most power-ups, slowing only to shoot 
    mines.  The other way is to go carefully, getting all the power-ups and 
    destroying all the enemies.  However, if you choose the latter red 
    meteor-like projectiles will rain from the sky, and majorly damage your 
    ship.  Also, the floating mines in this level will be more likely to 
    get you.  For that, I choose the former.  Wall cannons in this level 
    can be taken out with one rocket, but you should be past them before 
    they are a problem.  
    Part 1-This is very straightforward.  Along the way, you should find a 
    battleship containing some Rockets.  When you get to the boss, just fly 
    right up and strafe around him, shooting rockets and machine guns at 
    the 5 main plates.  If you need it, there's a shield recharge right 
    behind him.
    Part 2-This section is more of the same.  Partway through the level, if 
    you look to your right you will see an alcove where there is a wall 
    mounted cannon shooting at you.  Blow it up for a Swarmers pickup.  
    When you get to the second boss, use the same strategy you used for the 
    first boss.  After you defeat this one, a Lock-Ons power-up is your 
    Part 3-This section is far trickier than the first two.  After the 
    water, ends, you will come to the land section.  This is too confusing 
    to explain in words, so here is a diagram which might help:
    Part 3 of Canyon
                            -       ---
       Lock-on & Shield>>  |LS\----/   \
                           \         B |  << BOSS
                           /  /---\    |
                           |  |    \--/
                           | A \ <<ARCH
                          /    |
                         /     | 
                       /   /|  L\  <<Lock-On Pickup
          Rockets>>   /R  / |   |
                     /   /  |   |
                    /  /    |   |
      Swarmers>>   |S |    /     \
                  /   |    |       \
                  |   |    |    |\  \-----\
                  |   |/-\ |    | \      S > <<Swarmers Pickup
      Rockets>>   |   | R| |    |  \   \--/
                  |     /  |    |   \   \
               /--/    /    \   |    \   \
      Plasma>><P      |     |   |     \   \  
               \--\    \    |   |      \   \
                   \   |    |    \      \   \
                    \   \   |    |      |   |
                     \   \  |    |      |   |
                      \   \ |    |      |   |
                       \   \|    |      |   |
                        \        |      |   |
                         \       |      |   |
                          \-|    |      /   /
                            |    |     /   /
                           /     |    /   /
                           |     |   /   /
                           |     |  /   /
                           |     | /   /
                           |     |/   /
                           \         /
                            \       /
                            |      /
                            |     /
                            |    |
                            |    |    
    As you can tell, it's somewhat general, but then, it's really all you 
    need.  If you are following the main section (marked by vegetation) 
    then you will arrive at the boss the fastest, but will receive less 
    power-ups.  You know you're on the right track when you fly under the 
    ARCH, marked above.  The stage 3 boss isn't much trickier than the 
    first, just blast away (use your Plasma Cannon if you have some to 
    spare) to destroy the 3 weak points on the boss's front side.  Make hit 
    and run tactics, swaying back and forth to avoid his shots.  If you 
    need to recharge your shields, there is a place to hide off to the side.  
    Your reward:  a Doomsday Bomb.  Continue on to the dark tunnel to get 
    to Part 4.
    Part 4-This part is more or less a narrow canyon littered with mines.  
    A few cannons are attached to the walls, but they are of little 
    nuisance.  Just keep going, taking caution to avoid the mines.  After 
    flying under another small tunnel, you will come out at the boss.  
    There are two places to hide, 1 on either side of him.  Hide behind 
    them to recharge your shields, and use up any Plasma Cannon you may 
    have left.  Pop out from behind the walls to shoot the boss's weak 
    points-there are 3 on each side.  Destroy them all and fly into the 
    nooks he was protecting to retrieve the canisters.
    3. Stage 3 - The Attack Convoy
    ITEMS-1 Flash Bomb, 1 Doomsday Bomb, 1 Ultra Lock-Ons Upgrade, 8 
    Swarmers, 2 Lock-Ons, 3 Shield Recharges
    This stage will probably be your first "real" stage, if not the next 
    one.  You have to find 8 canisters of Red Mercury which can be 
    accomplished by destroying the 4 Airships surrounding the main ship. 
    Here is a diagram of what the stage looks like:
           /\                                                 /\   
          -||-                                               -||-
           ||                                                 ||
          /  \                                               /  \
          |  |                                               |  |
          |RM|                                               |SH|
       <<<|  |>>>                                         <<<|  |>>>
          \  /                                               \  /
           --                     BACK                        --
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                               |        |
                                \      /
           /\                                                 /\   
          -||-                                               -||-
           ||                                                 ||
          /  \                                               /  \
          |  |                                               |  |
          |L |                                               |RM|
       <<<|  |>>>                                         <<<|  |>>>
          \  /                                               \  /
           --                                                 --  
    L - Lock-Ons Pickup
    SH - Shields Recharge
    RM - Red Mercury
    Really, you only need to destroy two of the ships, but as soon as you 
    pickup a canister of Red Mercury, the game cuts to an FMV and the 
    cannons on the main ship open!  Destroy them both, mainly the one on 
    the bottom, as it contains an Ultra Lock-Ons pick-up.  After you 
    destroy one of the cannons, then the last part of the level opens up, 
    and you can fly into the back or front of the main ship and get the 
    last few canisters.  Be careful, the passages are littered with Cannons 
    and doors that open and close.  One side contains a Flash Bomb, and the 
    other a Doomsday Bomb.  The air is more dangerous on this mission, but 
    keep moving.  When attacking the Airships, try an approach from 
    underneath the ship.  Sure, you can waste a couple Swarmers and shoot 
    the cannons on the ship off, but if you approach the ship from 
    underneath then the cannons can't hit you at all.  I advise you use 
    your plasma on the ships; they are big targets, and have a lot of armor.  
    Get the Ultra Lock-Ons pick-up as soon as possible.  There is no real 
    boss to this stage, so be glad.  If you need Shields, you can blow off 
    the top cannon on the ship, and there is a Shield Recharge in one of 
    the Airships, marked above.  Another neat thing about this mission is 
    that there is a very high vertical limit; you can fly into the clouds 
    and beyond.  In the clouds is another Shield Recharge and some Swarmers.  
    The clouds are a perfect place to recharge your shields, because the 
    only threat is aircraft up there, and that should be easy to avoid.  
    Pick up your 8 canisters, and you are done with this mission.  
    4. Stage 4 - The Volcano Level
    ITEMS-Enhanced Guns, Super Swarmers, 40 Rockets, 1 Shield Recharge, 6 
    Red Mercury canisters, 6 Lock-Ons, 16 Swarmers
    Now this is where the game starts to get hard.  I will admit I have a 
    hard time on this level.  The layout for the level is also something 
    new - there are two sections, above the cloud layer and below it.  
    Below it, you have to worry about missile silos hidden in the sea, and 
    Battleships that shoot upwards at you.  The planes are on you again, so 
    keep dodging!  All in all, there are 6 weak towers you can destroy (2 
    RKTS), and about 6 large towers (about 15 RKTS).  The large towers (2 
    above cloud, 2 below) contain Red Mercury, and when you pick up two, 
    the boss appears.  First off, when you start this level, fly to the 
    above level and find the Super Swarmers Upgrade.  Also, look for other 
    power-ups on top of the large towers, including a Lock-Ons pickup.  
    Only 1 Shield Recharge in this stage, so use it wisely.  Destroy every 
    tower, but beware that some of the large towers will launch homing 
    fireballs after destruction.  Also, look for an Enhanced Guns upgrade 
    in this stage.  There is little sanctuary in this stage, but you can 
    still fly to its vertical limit to be somewhat safe.  Just keep moving 
    and NEVER STOP, especially when beneath the cloud cover.
    Boss - Volcano Tower
    Now I mention this boss in his own section because this is when things 
    start to get tough.  When trying to attack him, he will have a few guns 
    shooting at you, combined with the launched missiles from the towers 
    and the aircraft circling.  Keep moving, weave as you approach the boss, 
    always charging your Plasma and releasing it at the last moment.  Use 
    your Super Swarmers or Ultra Lock-Ons after your normal weaponry runs 
    out, because you will more than likely need it.  Enough hits, and the 
    boss will go down.  Make sure you know the weak point on the boss!  Fly 
    into the volcano mouth he was protecting to grab the last two canisters 
    and beat the mission.
    5. Stage 5 - The Gauntlet
    6. Stage 6 - Stormland
    7. Stage 7 - Face-off with Kreel
    < Cheats and Passwords >
    All these cheats and password can be gotten by beating the game, and 
    taking them down at different points of the game.  However, I only use 
    the ones specific for the level, and the cheat codes.  Basically, I am 
    accrediting nobody for these.  In fact, if you just beat the game 
    normally (it's not THAT hard, once you dump a million hours into it :}), 
    you can find these out for yourself.  However, for you cheaters out 
    Stage 2 (Canyon) - O, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Circle, Square, 
    Stage 3 (Convoy) - X, Triangle, X, Square, Square, Triangle, Square, 
    Stage 4 (Volcano) - Square, Triangle, X, X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square
    Stage 5 (Gauntlet) - Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, 
    Square, Square
    Stage 6 (Stormland) - Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Circle, 
    Stage 7 (Kreel) - Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, X, 
    Thor Mode - Square, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, 
    Kali Mode - X, Circle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
    Soon, I plan to get more and re-verify all of these.  I probably will 
    end up getting some codes off Gamefaqs/IGN... Oh well.  I'll also put up 
    some Gameshark codes eventually; I'm not a big fan of the tool even 
    though I own it.  It really detracts from the sheer challenge and fun 
    of Warhawk.
    < Tips and Misc. >
    --Always, always, ALWAYS use your Rockets and Plasma Cannon on 
    stationary targets!  Save Plasma for bosses if possible, especially in 
    the Canyon level and against Kreel.  You won't regret it!
    --Use Lock-Ons and Swarmers to find a bosses' weak point, then use 
    Rockets and Plasma to exploit it.  Fun stuff.
    --Once your guns are enhanced, use them to conserve ammo.  However, if 
    you die you lose them so don't hold back!
    --By saving your Lock-Ons and Swarmers early on, the Super Swarmers and 
    Super Lock-Ons pickups later in the game will have more effect.  But, 
    if you are at the max number anyways, sling a couple around, making 
    sure to pickup all the weapons in each level.
    --Abuse the IHVL.  It is prime for avoiding missiles.  Combine it with 
    the barrel roll and you will have air dominance.  Be careful not to fly 
    too high, because every stage has a vertical boundary, designated by an 
    "electric field" when you run into it.  This doesn't do any damage, but 
    the screen will flash and you will turn back down.
    --FLY HIGH.  If you need to dodge things and recharge you shields, fly 
    at high altitudes at high speeds like a crazy man.  Keep in mind the 
    vertical limit.  Enemies will be hard pressed to hit you, and ground 
    and stationary enemies may not even have the range at all.  Don't 
    forget to keep weaving and barrel rolling!  This only applies in a 
    couple stages.
    --Take it slow.  In stages like the Gauntlet, you will gain nothing by 
    going very fast, except ammo conservation.  Good, but what's the use of 
    fighting the boss at the end of the tunnel if you are severely wrecked 
    up?  If you feel confident in your abilities, speed up.  If you are 
    really reckless (like me) just plow through tunnels and corridors, 
    counting on luck to take you through the doors.
    --Use your afterburners.  The R2 doesn't really do anything a flick of 
    your thumb can't, and when you need to go fast you need afterburners.  
    This is the only way to out fly some weaponry and enemies.  
    **If you get a Lightning Kill, you get Swarmers and a Flash Bomb.
    **If you get a Groundburn Bonus, you get extra Plasma Charge.
    Anyone else know these?
    < Special Thanks >
    Myself.  Help me out here.
    Well, that's all I have for now.  I take no responsibility for anything 
    my tips do to your system, so don't even bother emailing.  However, I 
    do admit some of my info is not 100% accurate, so I do not hold myself 
    to it.  If you can correct me, I will revise the FAQ, especially if you 
    can back up your corrections.  Contact info:
    Derek Miller -------------------------------hawkmasterd16@yahoo.com
    Thanks for checking out my Warhawk FAQ!

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