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                           Worms FAQ V1.0 (13/07/02) by Beefcake9
                          Web Site: http://uk.geocities.com/beefc9
                                  E-Mail: beefc9@yahoo.com 
    1)  Copyright/Distribution
    2)  Introduction
    3)  Weapons
    4)  Equipment
    5)  Defensive Play
    6)  Other Tips
    7)  Game Settings
    8)  Levels
    9)  Worm Quotes
    10) Worms Song Lyrics
    11) Credits
    12) Contact Details
    1) Copyright/Distribution
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 Beefcake9 (John Keane)
    You may post this FAQ to a web site providing that the FAQ is not altered in
    any way and that it is not used to make profit. Distribution of this FAQ by
    any other means including use of this FAQ or any part of it in a magazine, game
    guide or any other publication is forbidden.
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
    Please check there before e-mailing me about anything in the FAQ as the version
    that you've read might not be the latest version.
    Worms is one game that doesn't really need a FAQ but I've decided to write one
    anyway. (Hey, it's my first one and I need something easy.) What you'll find in
    here are mostly tips to help you stomp your friends or the CPU into the ground.
    This FAQ is for the original version of Worms but it could also come in handy
    for its many sequels. Let's proceed shall we?
    Ah yes, probablly the most important of the game. Before I begin though I'd
    like to remind you that (as far as I can see anyway) most wepons will do a
    maximum damage of 50.
    Pick this and an airstrike from above rains bombs down on your chosen area
    damaging any worms within its range
    -I don't think I have to tell you this but this can damage your own worms as
     well as enemy ones so be careful where you let it rip.
    -This is pretty good on its own but for lots of carnage try aiming it at an
     area with a few mines in it.
    A rocket launcher.
    -The wind alters the direction of this slightly so it helps to fire in the same
     direction as the wind is blowing or against the wind with your worm turned 
     away from the one you want to hit, this is pretty tricky though.
    -With the bazooka it's extremley easy to blow yourself to kingdom come by not 
     holding down the spacebar for long enough when firing it so look out for that.
     (This is also true for the homing missile, grenade, cluster bomb and banana 
     bomb but I couldn't be bothered to put this down 5 times)
    Homing Missile:
    This is like the bazooka but allows you to fire a missile at a specific point.
    -Like the bazooka the wind has an efect on this, especially over long distances
     often causing things to go horribly wrong. The tips above may help but here's
     another which I'm not really sure works or not. Here's what I do; aim at a 
     worm that has no obstacles around it or over it, aim the bazooka straight up 
     into the sky (making sure that there are no obstacles over you), and hold down
     the space bar until it shoots. It seems to be a good startegy most of the 
    A kuel machine gun!!! 
    -As the uzi bullets hit an oponent they sometines knock the worm out of range 
     of the gun resulting in hardly any damage being done so for best results use 
     it on a worm that's up against something. 
    -If you fire this when you're up against something yourself you could end up 
     damaging yourself so make sure you're clear of any land close in front or 
     behind before you waste anyone.
    Mini Gun:
    This is a sweet upgraded version of the uzi that does some serious damage.
    -Pretty much same tips apply for this as the uzi so have a look above. 
    This is pretty self-explanitory.
    -For best results place a stick of dynamite as close as you possibly can to an
     enemy, run as far away as possible (as this will do serious damage) and laugh
     as your target is reduced to within an inch of its life.
    -Dynamite can also be used for making large holes in the landscape (just keep 
     well away from it first).
    Proximity mine that detonates when you come within it's range.
    -There is only a slim chance that either a CPU or Human oponent will step on 
     one and often you don't notice these and stand on them yourself (especially 
     in the junk yard levels) so it's probably best to avoid putting them on the 
    -They're good for keeping oponents out of tunnels though and if you are feeling
     particullary evil place one on another worm's head and run.
    -If there are mines around your foes you can use them to your advantage! Hit 
     the worm(s) in question using your bazooka or anything explosive and the 
     chances are that the explosion will knock them straight into the mines or 
     that the mines will be sent hurtling towards them. You could of course try 
     firing at the mines to send them flying towards the worms too.
    -You can move a mine away from you slightly with the dragon punch. I'm not 
     sure if that'll be any use to you thouhgh.
    A lame double barrel shotgun that gives you two shots at your enemies. 
    -This doesn't really do much damage, it's difficult to aim and like the uzi you
     could end up hurting yourself with it. 
    -The only use I can think of for it is to shoot worms out of the level or into
     water or some othet liquid. For this however you need a good aim.
    Yep, you gussed it it's a genade with a few second's worth of a fuse. 
    -This is really hard to aim because you can't tell in what angle to fire the 
     stupid thing or how far to fire it most of the time. If you suck like me I 
     advise to only use it for firing over short distances or into holes with an 
     enemy worm inside.
    -You could also use it for blowing holes in the landscape like it says in the 
     manual. But again the difficult aiming could make this tricky.
    Cluster Bomb:
    A improved version of the grenade that breaks up into mini grenades on impact.
    -The fact that this breaks up into clusters vastly improving your chances of 
     hitting someone and because of this is a lot better than the grenade. 
    -The clusters from this scatter everywhere so be careful not to injure your own
    Banana Bomb:
    A monster upgrade of the cluster bomb that, on impact splits into banana shaped
    explosives that will cause damage like you wouldn't believe! ^_^
    -Um, this causes A LOT of damage over a reasonable sized area so again watch 
     out for your own team and try to hit as many enemies as possible, you might 
     only get one during the entire level use it wisley.
    A sheep that hops around the place until you blow it into pieces and doing 
    serious damage to anyone nearby. Nice.
    -This sheep is pretty dumb and won't make it over most holes and obstacles in 
     the landscape so try to use it on reasonably flat land. If you don't you could
     well see it hopping back in your direction! 
    -A sheep will detonate after a certain period of time if you don't detonate it
    Dragon Ball:
    This is a projectile that your worm fires at your oponents Street Fighter 
    -This isn't that useful but it's better than most things for knocking oponents
     off the level or into water, lava etc because even if you mess it up and miss
     you still do some damage.
    -You can move a mine away from you slightly with the dragon ball.
    Fire Punch:
    Another martial arts inspired move. Your worm jumps into the air punching 
    any worms in front of it in the process.
    -It's useful for the same things as the dragon ball but is also great for 
     making a short tunnel straight up from another tunnel if you need to get out
     into the open or whatever.
    Does what it says. Teleports you to a choosen part of the map. 
    -This is useful for claiming bonus crates, just teleport directly over the 
     crate and you'll get it before anyone else.
    4) Equipment
    A metal girder that comes in various shapes and can be placed at various 
    -These can be used as a bridge, to trap other worms (see section 5) or can be 
     used with other girders to form a stairs. 
    -If the gidrer isn't being put up by pressing the space bar then you probably 
     have to leave a tiny gap between it and any nearby land.
    A blowtorch that can be used as a (useless) wepon or to dig horozontal and 
    diagnol tunnels.
    -When you use a blowtorch stop tunneling when you are coming near the side/
     bottom of the screen because your worm will keep going and get killed.
    -You only have to press fire once to get tunneling. There's no need to hold it
    -To stop tunneling before your worm stops automatically just press the space 
     bar again. 
    Pick this and your worm goes nuts and flies straight through the air for a 
    certain distance sending any worms it meets flying and probably killing 
    itself in the process.
    -Use it to send a large group of worms flying, maybe even off the screen or 
     into water if it's used right or if you're lucky. 
    -Use it on resanobly flat land for best results or else your worm could well 
     end up tunneling underneath your chosen targets rather than hitting them or 
    A bungee rope that lets you drop off heights without loosing your go. 
    -Once you select the bungee it lasts until you select another piece of 
     equipment or a weapon so there is no need to select it for every big fall.
    -This can be used any number of times without costing you a go.
    Ninja Rope:
    Not really a rope but more of a grappling hook.
    -This is really a very useful piece of kit. If you find yourself far away from
     any other worm
     you can use it to pull yourself to vertical sloping pieces of landscape like 
     trees or attatch it to an overhead girder or something and swing to a certain
    -If you find yourself beneath a small ledge you can swing onto it by attaching
     the rope to the edge of the ledge and by swinging back and forth until you are
     at a point slightly over it. Then quickly pull yourself in towards it and let 
     go. With any luck your worm will end up on the edge of the ledge. For best 
     results keep the rope at a decent length when doing this.
    -You can speed up the speed you are swing at by quickly pressing the left and 
     right keys.
    -Like the bungee using this any number of times doesn't cost you a go.
    A pneumatic drill that drills a hole straight into the ground. 
    -This is useful for defensive play (see section 5). 
    -Again like the blow torch if you are nearing the bottom of the screen stop as
     your worm will keep tunneling and kill itself.
    Skip Go:
    This isn't equipment but it's in the same menu as it. If you press this you 
    skip your go. Now why would you wan't to do that?
    Use this and your worms will surrender to the enemies. Wimp.
    5) Defensive Play
    What do you do in Worms when the odds are piled against you and you will be 
    easily killed if you try to attack? Surrender? Nope, you defend yourself from 
    your enemies and plan your attacks carefully and win (Well, you don't have to 
    I'm just saying). Here I'll give you some (hopefully) helpful techniques. 
    -Take cover! Dig yourself a tunnel and get away from your oponents. If you are
     playing against other people leave a mine at the entrance if not don't bother,
     the computer oponents are too dim to think of coming after you.
    -You can dig straight ahead, or diagonally up or down with the blowtorch, 
     straight down with the drill and straight up with the dragon punch.
    -Look out for mines. Even when you're beneeth them they can still damage you 
     and blow a hole in your tunnel if you get too close.
    -As I said before computer oponents are idiots. Position yourself in a tunnel 
     directly unerneath one of them and there's a good chance that he will hit 
     himself or a another oponent will hit him trying to get you.
    -Prividing that there isn't too much ground between you and your opponent you 
     can cause some serious damage by placing dynamite in a tunnel beneath him and
     running away fast. Mind you this will probablly create an easy access 
     entrance to your tunnel for everyone.
    -In a similiular train of thought to the last one if you position yourself 
     directly underneath a worm, providing that there isn't too much space between
     you you can do a dragon punch and damage him. It's  best to do this only whem
     he has a small ammount of life left as you will probably end up with him 
     falling back down into the tunnel with your victim if not.
    -Girder baby yeah! You can use girders to box your oponents in so that they 
     can't move in any direction. This is especially good against ones stuck in 
     holes when one girder at the mouth of the hole will do the job. Try to use as
     little girters as possible and make sure that there's no way for others to 
     get out of your girder trap. Humans will of course probablly tunnel out but 
     computer oponents will just sit there skipping their gos (or teleporting). 
     Providing that they don't/can't teleport you can now do some damage to them. 
     The best way to do this is to go on top of ther girder them they are trapped 
     under or to tunnel underneath and place some dynamite on it. You can also try
     other things like fire punch, sheep and banana bomb. Be creative! You should 
     make sure however that the girder is as close as possible to the 
     worm to ensure max damage.
    -You could also make tunnels so that when the right time comes along you can 
     move out of it with the monkey rope or otherwise and attack an opponent. Make
     sure that the opponent is nearly dead though as otherwise you will be stuck 
     outside the tunnel when you have shot at your target. Unless you only take one
     shot with the shotgun and then retreat, firing the gun in your tunnel in a 
     place where you won't damage yourself.
    6) Other Tips
    Well here's the stuff that didn't go anywhere else.
    -When a worm dies it blows itself up. This damages nearby worms near it so 
     watch out for this when playing, especially in sudden death mode.
    -Happly, ammo crates explode very nicley when shot at. You can shoot them and 
     they will damage any nearby worms or target worms next to these crates with 
     an explosive weapon like the bazooka or grenade for even better results.
    7) Game Settings
    Here I'll look at some of the options in the game and I'll offer some 
    (unhelpful) suggestions on which way to configure the game. 
    Move Time:
    This changes the ammount allowed for each player to make his/her move. The 
    shorter the time the harder the game gets. If you want to be very strategic 
    set this pretty high or turn it off. On the other hand if you have some 
    friends over who are rubbish, taking ages to do anything to annoy you etc. 
    you know what to do.
    Round Time:
    Changes the ammount of time allowed for a round before sudden death mode is 
    activated. If you don't want want a quick game turn it off so that you can 
    battle it out utill the end.
    Mactches To Win:
    Can be set to 1 or 2. This really depends on how long you want the match to be
    and how skilled the players are. 
    Worm Placing:
    This can be set to random or teams. With team placing you are more likley to be
    hit with an airstrike because they are gouped together when you begin the 
    level. Random placing is better but your team can still be put in out of reach
    places or trapped where the other team can easily get them and can even stuck 
    in a certain place that can only be escaped by teleporting.
    Automatic Action Replay:
    This replays any move in the game that resulted in 2 kills or more and the 
    final blow in the round. IMO it's just annoying. Turn it off.
    Sudden Death Mode:
    This reduces all worms energy to 1 when the round time is up. I find that the 
    game tends to be better when this is turned off.
    Land Mines:
    With this you can change the ammount of land mines that are present in each 
    course. They are often annoying but playing without them isn't as much fun. 
    Banzi Mode:
    Makes all explosions in the game the strength of dynamite. I've used this a few
    times but I didn't really notice any difference in the game. 
    Clear League Statitistcs:
    Erm...it clears all league statistics. Not that they're much use anyhow.
    Here you can decide to turn certain weapons on, off or give them a limited use.
    This is great for limiting that stupid weapon you mate is lethal with and 
    insists on using all the time (muhahahaha).
    Sample Set:
    This lets you pick the language/accent the worms use.
    Team Entry:
    If you want to pulverise the Tellytubbies here's your chance. Just pick an 
    existing team and you can change the name of the team and the individual worms
    8) Levels
    Here's the lowdown on each type of level in the game (Tsk, more filler). 
    Oh, remember that you can generate your own levels instead of having them 
    generated by the computer. Just press the space bar when the level's being 
    generated and type any combonation of letters and numbers. Type the same ones 
    in again and you will access the same level again.
    A snow covered level with frozen ground and blue water that's not frozen.
    Snowmen, igloos, piste signs, snowballs, ice blocks.
    The planet, not the choclate. It's pretty much what you would expect with red 
    land, green slime/water and craters in the land beeneath you.
    Beanslalks, flowerbuds (Hm, didn't know martians were into gardening)	
    Mystery Planet:
    It's another(unidentified) planet, this time with green land and red slime/
    water and craters in the backgrond but nowhere else.
    Bombable round glass buildings, odd looking green bridges, green/blue things 
    sticking from the ground, egg shaped things (Marvel at my powers of 
    description!), telescope, rocket.
    Junk Yard
    A big pile of junk metal.
    Wheels, bent exhaust pipes, trashed cars, hub caps, engines, concreate blocks.
    Because of the grey colour of this level it is much more difficult to see mines
    scattered around the level so be careful.
    It's just what you'ld expect, underground with red earth and lots of nice firey
    lava (You can hear a burning noise when a worm falls into it ^_^ )
    Deamon statues, grave stones, hanging things, spikes, skulls impaled on sticks,
    There's probablly more obstacles in this level than in any other one in the 
    game and they're probablly some of the trickiest ones too. That could be a good
    thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view.
    It's a festival of all that is tooth rotting, an entire level made of pink 
    candy covered land that even has choclate water (or else sewage and that's 
    not very likley).
    Choclate bars, liocrice, lollypops, red and white sticks of candy, ice creams/
    ice lollies, M&M-like candies.
    This is your common or garden jungle warzone. As you would expect there's 
    plenty trees, grass, muddy water and also mountains in the background.
    Wells, grass roofed buildings on stilts, tents, crashed helicopters.
    Believe it or not if you have worm placing set to random it's possible for a 
    worm to be trapped in the stilts underneath the buildings. The best way to get
    out is to teleport.
    It's a beach and as with sand and sea water, no people though (killer 
    Rocks, seashells, swimming googles, beer bottles, ice cream cones.
    It's the obligitory desert level complete with sandy ground and erm, water.
    Cactuses (naturally), tents, rocks, sign posts, rock arches, cow skulls.
    9) Worms Quotes
    Here's a list of the stuff the worms say while they are fighting.
    "What the..?"
    "Oi, Nutter"
    "I'll get you"
    "You just wait"
    "Leave me alone"
    "First Blood"
    "Oh, dear"
    "Bye Bye"
    10) Worms Song Lyrics
    I'll probablly add these in later but if someone could e-mail them to me I 
    would be grateful, especially the chipmunkey bits which I can't really 
    11) Credits
    Okay, I'd like to thank;
    Team 17 for making the game
    Ocean for originally publishing it
    Sold-Out Software for putting it on their budget label
    KULP, I got the one of the tips for the Dragon Ball from his FAQ ages ago.
    Myself for wasting my time writing this FAQ
    You for wasting your time reading it
    Hmmm.....that's about it. But you can get your name right here too by sending
    lots of money. Or if you prefer you could just e-mail me if you have anything 
    good to add to this FAQ like tips or levels you've made up etc.
    11)Contact Details:
    You can e-mail me at beefc9@yahoo.com and feel free to do so if you want to 
    contribute to the FAQ, ask questions, correct something etc. I can't gaurentee
    that I'll get back to you quickly though.
    You can also check out my web site at http://uk.geocities.com/beefc9 
    There's not much in the way of FAQs there (for the moment at least) but there's
    wallpaper game reviews and other stuff to have a look at.

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