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    FAQ by wayalla

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/30/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BY: Wayalla (Aaron Baker) Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au         V 1.5
    01: INFORMATION              Information including Version, Author
    02: INTRODUCTION             Opening to the game, and also the guide
    03: CONTROLS                 The buttons to learn to play the game
    04: BASIC THINGS             This you should learn about before playing
    05: WEAPON LISTS             Tips on how to use each weapon effectively
    06: ITEM                     Tips for how to use each item effectively
    07: OTHER COMMANDS           Commands in game that are not a weapon
    08: OPTIONS                  Game variabls and what they all mean
    09: OTHER OPTIONS            Misc options including music tests
    10: TEAM SELECT              Choosing your team, name, health etc.
    11: COPUTER AI               How good the computer is at battling you
    12: LEVEL TYPES              Kind of levels you can have a war in
    13: BASES AND DEFENCE        Building bases tips and defending yourself
    14: GAME TIPS                MUST READ! Game tips that will help you
    15: FUN THINGS               Feeling bored? Have some fun.
    16: LEAGUE STANDINGS         What the abbreviations and all mean
    17: CHEATS                   Description of the game cheats
    18: ENDING STUFF             Notice, Email, About me, Misc. stuff
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    One more thing, this guide is free, so enjoy it!
                       1: VERSIONS AND INFORMATION
    A. Information
    This guide is for Worms on the Playstation (PSX)
    It was made by Wayalla (Aat ron Baker) Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au
    Version 1.0 of document.
    [Version: 1.0] [Date: 02/11/03] [Size: 41kb]
    First version of the guide, released to www.gamefaqs.com, and I'm hoping
    it will get posted. I might still update, but only if this is put as a
    bare-boned walkthrough, since I'm trying to get it to a full dot.
    [Version: 1.5] [Date: 02/13/02] [Size: 51kb]
    Jumped ahead, but I thought I should make this a 0.5 jump is because I
    probably will not update again. I have this time added afew more basic
    game tips, what I have submitted and some more fun things. Thats about
    [Version: 2.0] [Date: 02/15/03] [Size: 52kb]
    Added the descriptions to the table of contents, thats about all. I
    Still might add a Frequently Asked Questions section, and also level
    type techniquies, so I might not be done yet, or I might, I'm not sure
    C. In Depth Information
    /                                                \
    | GAME:               Worms                      |
    | CONSOLE:            PSX                        |
    | MAKERS:             EA Sports                  |
    | GAME VERSION:       European (If applicable)   |
    | CATEGORY:           Strategy                   |
    | GUIDE TYPE:         FAQ                        |
    | CREATED BY:         Wayalla                    |
    | REAL NAME:          Aaron Baker                |
    | E-MAIL:             Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au   |
    | AIM/CHAT:           None                       |
    | GUIDE VERSION:      1.0                        |
    | CREATED:            February 2003              |
    | FIRST POSTED:       ???????                    |
    | LAST UPDTAED:       February 03                |
    | CREATED USING:      WordPad                    |
    | FIRST POSTED ON:    www.GameFAQs.com           |
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    | GUIDES CREATED:     16?                        |
    | FILE SIZE:          ??????                     |
    D. Copyright
    If your saying, "You didn't pay for the copyright, that means that you
    can't copyright it" Then you obviously don't understand the copyright
    rules then do you?
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    This Document Copyright Aaron Baker 2003.
    This Document Copyright Wayalla, (c) 2003.
    It may be used for Personal and private use only, and can't be put in a
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    just generally sold. This guide is sole property of Aaron Baker. Only
    authorized websites can have this FAQ, but must not alter the copyright
    notice at all. This guide is availabe free of cost from sites, and I am
    taking time out of my busy life to write this, so be thankful that I am
    helping you. Do not rip off this guide in Part or Whole, that is illegal
    and the appropriate steps will be taken if nessecary. I didn't wirte
    this guide so that someone could just come and rip it off. This guide
    can only be found at the sites that I have listed below:
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    Thats it, no one else, unless I decide otherwise. Anywhere else will
    have to e-mail me first. I have the right to deny your website use of
    the guide because it is mine. All of the contents in this file were
    written by Aarn Baker, unless stated otherwise in the credits section at
    the end of the guide. Cheat Code Central is forbidden to use this guide.
    If any websites are using this guide without my permission, the
    appropriate steps will be taken to get the guide off the site.
                            _ _ _
    The author of this document can be contacted via e-mail, which is:
    Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au! Monst questions will be asnwered unless the
    question is answered in the guide, the title doens't include the games
    title or something like that, and also no spam and stupid e-mails. You
    are allowed to download this file onto your hard drive, thats the whole
    point of the FAQ really, to print it because I doubt many people have
    the console and computer in the same room and no one will want to stay
    at the computer playing the game.
                        2: INTRODUCTION
    A. Worms Introduction
    Worms, it isn't exactly one of my favourite games in the world but it is
    still great and provides alot of entertainment when I feel bored. The
    game was released ages ago, but I am still occasionally popping in to
    play it. It doesn't have the best of graphics or gameplay, but as I said
    it is still good.
    B. Guide Introduction
    Oh, a FAQ for Worms, just great. I would of made anFAQ for this ages
    ago, but I didn't have a computer or the internet so I didn't knwo about
    gamefaqs. This will be about my 16th? guide that I have made. Please
    enjoy it.
                           3: CONTROLS
    A. The X button
    The X button is the most importent button of the game. This is used to
    fire the weapon you are currenty using or use the current item that you
    have slected. Stop holding down X when you reach the speed that you want
    the weapon to go.
    B. The Square Button
    This has two uses. Press it once and you will be able to look around the
    level. This is good for viewing the positions of all the other worms you
    find out there. If you press Sqaure twice, teh camera will zoom out and
    you can have your shot like this if you wish.
    C. The Circle Button
    Double press this and you can turn action tracking off/on. Action
    tracking means the camera follows the worm or the weapon being fired.
    Default is on, and I prefer to leave it that way, but you choose for
    D. The Triangle Button
    Triangle also has a very good feature. Press this button and your worm
    will jump. Not very far, but still useful. If you want to jump farther,
    maybe use your ninja rope for better results. Watch out you don't jump
    down a cliff or something. If you do that, you will lose your shot.
                              4: BASIC THINGS
    Here is where I list the real basic things of the game. This includes
    things like the weapons crates and the worms. These are just basic
    descriptions, there are probably more sections througout this guide that
    can give you more information on such things, for example: The weapons
    description here can be found in depth afew sections later.
    The worms are the things you play. They have health, but none have
    different atributes to each other. They die instantly if they fall into
    the water or fall off the edge off a cliff (The egde of the game map) or
    if they just lose all of there health.
    Weapons are what you need to kill rival worms with. If you want to
    select a weapon to use, then press the select button and a menu of
    weapons will come up. Then choose which weapon you want to use and then
    use it. Weapons come in different shapes and sizes and all have
    different atributes.
    Weapon Crates
    These things fall all over the place usually after each worm in a team
    has had there shot for the round. They appear in a random spot and drop,
    but they never drop in the water. These contain weapons, and you can
    move around the playing field gathering these up.
    Before you even are playing, you will need to select your land that you
    are going to play at. Press the X button and you can type in a number to
    select the land you want to play at. You could type in your name and see
    what it comes up as. It is usally randon though, and the land just gives
    it a different feel.
                               5: WEAPONS LIST + TIPS
    A good enough weapon. It is powerful, and comes with good use. It just
    soundds abit wierd. "Exploding Sheep." This is what these exactly are.
    Fire one away, and bang, it will fly off and hit whatever it first comes
    to. If it gets stuck, then you will have to detonate it. Make sure yo
    detonate it when it comes across somebody by pressing the X button.
    Defenetly a usefull enough weapon that can cause damage. The only
    problem is that you can only get these in weapon crates. Also, there is
    a cheat, see the cheats section for more information about it.
    This sounds like it is a great weapon, which it would be in alot of
    games. But in Worms, it is absolutely shit. Seriously, being the shooter
    of it isn't a privelige. The wind always takes it off line and you can
    never get a good enough shot on someone from far away. The only time you
    can use it effectively is when you can actually see the opponent in the
    view of the screen. The accuracy is crap, because of the wind. It does
    abit of damage, but that means nothing because you can't even target
    properly to hit someone to take off that damage. Try to only use this if
    you are really desperate for weapons, or the opponent is fairly close to
    Ack, another pretty crap weapon. Want a better alternative to this? Try
    the banana bomb, or even maybe the cluster bomb. They are both way
    better than this piece of shit. There are afew good things about this
    though. The main thing is you have unlimited on the default mode, which
    means you can just fire away and not loose any. Accuracy is good enough.
    Aim it in the air by pressing up and down, and then set the time limit
    and bounce using R1 and then L1. Set the meter and let go at the right
    speed. If you get it on target or good enough, this can be dangerous and
    can take off a fair amount of health. One explosion isn't eoungh though,
    I want more, more, more!
    Banana Bomb
    The most powerful weapon in the game. Seriously, if you get this, use it
    stright away, or save it for a rainy day. Okay, lets prove the
    powerfulness of this weapon. Where you are, first set the bounce and the
    amount of seconds it will go for by pressing the L1 and R1 buttons. Then
    set the speed and let it rip. A bomb will go up in the air., and when it
    lands, it will explode. But thats not it, watch what happens next. More
    bombs appear out of the one that exploded and fall down. There are about
    5 of these banana's, and cause MASSIVE amounts of damage to anything it
    hits. For a full effect, try to get it in a little crevase that is
    narrow and then watch the explosion. Great stuff.
    Meh, I guess you could call this good enough. There is really no point
    in using this though. The only time I can think of using this is when
    you have run out of all the other good weapons to use and are up close
    to the enemy that you want to hit. Make sure you stand back from the
    enemy when you are firing it, because if you are too close and you
    shoot, you will lose health and the rest of your turn. So stand back,
    and pump the worm body with a shotgun shell. Once that is done, the worm
    reloads. What this? Another shot, it's a double barrel shotgun, so you
    get two shots. This weapon can also have a fairly big enough range, but
    aiming people far away is a big problem. The bullets can take off enough
    health though.
    Fire Punch
    Why? I'd say. Why indeed. There is so many punch things around you can
    do, and why you would want to do this is beyond me. The only time I
    could really think you would want to do this is if the enemy is close to
    the edge off the map, and if you go past there, then you die. Just go up
    close to the enemy you want to knock, and press the X button. You will
    wind up for the punch, and then hit the player. If you get the hit good
    enough, the worm will go sailing through the air into the water or
    whatever you want to do with them. I guess this is kind of useful, but
    not as much as some of the other weapons can do. Stillgood in my book
    I absolutely love this. Just because it resembles something used in real
    life. Dynomite is an explosive if you didn't know. Okay, the only time
    you will ever want to use this is if you are close to an enemy, or find
    a big bundle of worms (Even if they are your own :P) and want to have
    some fun. The dynomite works different from all the other weapon in the
    game, as once you press X, you still get the change to move. So once you
    lay the dynamite stick, haul ass out of there. Run for your life, as
    it's going to blow, and I can assure you that you don't want to be in
    the explosive path of it. This does alot of damage and can hurt people
    to the fullest.
    This is one of my favourite weapons in the game as well. Not due to the
    damage, but due to that you can use it anywhere. The airstrick calls in
    like a pack of grenades to be dropped somewhere in the level. This is
    best used for packs of worms you find anywhere in the level. This will
    drop greandes over them, only they arn't as powerful as grenades. The
    thing I like about this is that you can be hiding to call one of these
    in. You don't need to throw it, so you can be in your trenches and call
    one of these, the only weapon that works like this in the game. The
    bombs that drop from the sky are powerful, as a perfect hit takes off
    about 50 of a worms health, and when you drop 5 of them, they can take
    off more, but because they are sread out, most of them wont hit that
    worm, thats why I say save for a big pack or if you are hiding.
    Homing Missiles
    50/50. These are good, but have flaws if you know what I mean. The
    homing missiles are just bazooka bullets, but they are homing. In case
    you don't know what homing means, it means it seeks out the place you
    clicked on and hits that place or worm you focussed on. Most games have
    something like this. First of all, aim where you want the missile to go
    in the air. This part really doesn't matter, but just don't aim it in
    the air. When you press the X button, it will give you a location to
    home the missile on. Once the missile is aimed at the target you want to
    hit, set the power. Once again, the power doesn't matter. Then watch the
    show as it locks on and hurts the enemy. Sometimes this will miss the
    target due to the fact is has too much speed or can't turn enough to hit
    the target.
    Cluster Bombs
    Now we move onto these. These are just normal grenade type bombs, but
    come with an extra suprise when it explodes. You will know when you fire
    them. These are a common weapon preffered by the computer and will
    always use them against you. When you pick one of these up, use them
    straight away. They are one of the best weapons in the game, but not as
    good as the banana bomb. Aim at where in the air you want it to go, and
    then set the speed and the bounce and try to get it so that it will land
    right next to a pack of worms or nearby. When the bomb first hits the
    ground it will cause of massive explosion, yes thats goo, but there is
    another hidden bonus. More bombs will come out of that one bomb and fly
    up in the air and land and explode once again, so the one bomb fast
    becomes 4 or 5 bombs.
    Yahaha, an alright weapon, but not too good. You whould all know what an
    Uzi is, if you are that stupid, it is a machine-gun that is used in many
    games including this. This weapon isn't very powerful each shot, but
    because it fires like a machine-gun, it can cause abit more damage. Just
    aim it at the enemy you want to kill, and make sure they are close. If
    they are abit farther away, but not too far, adjust the screen abit by
    pressing and holding the square button and look at the enemy. Then fire
    away. The worm will fire one whole round of uzi bullets and the aim may
    be off because of the recoil. Overall, this isn't a great weapon, but
    not too bad either. Use only when you run out of good weapons to use.
    Hmm, this really reminds me of a cartoon, and all fighting cartoons use
    these kind of things. This is just a basi fireball that you like throw
    out of you. Aim first, and then press the X button and it will fire this
    dragonball and hit any enemy in the way of it. Do not be to close to the
    enemy though, or you will get some of the damage back on yourself.
    Overall, there are better alternatives to this, and I hardly ever use
    this weapon. It is quite weak, and just pure crap, in my opinion. But
    feel free to experiment.
    Well, you should all know what this is as well. Mines are things that
    when you step on them or come fairly close to them, then explode on you
    and you lose damage. These are also commonly found across each level and
    you can preset how many you want in the level by going to options. You
    get different mines though. Maybe you are beind chased or something, put
    these down and the enemy on his next shot wont bother coming for you.
    Also, they can be used for protecting your base. Once you put the mine
    down, don't go back into the mine, but run away and when you are out of
    the range, the mine will kick in effect and your turn will be over.
    This, I guess could be called a secret weapon. If you want one of these,
    then you have to find them in weapon crates or use a special cheat. Look
    in the cheats section for them if you want the cheat. Anyway, the mini
    gun is like the uzi, but more powerful and can cause more damage to the
    worms. Once you get this, then use it because you have unlimited. Aim it
    at a pack of the group, and then fire away at them. This is best used
    when people are below you, because the recoil can cause the bullets to
    go sideward, and you can still get some of the worms.
                        6: ITEMS LIST AND TIPS
    Ever wanted to act like it's a war or something and dig trenches where
    you can hide in and call upon sirstrikes to finsih the enemy? They this
    weapon is your to use. This will dig trenches in the ground and all. Aim
    the blowtorch to the direction you want to dig in and press X and watch
    it dig down in that direction. You can also dig peoples heads if it
    comes to that, but it takes off hardly any health at all if you do do
    that. But remember, trenches can just be dug out more with a dynamite,
    and if you are going to hide, use your airstrikes to get people.
    Ninja Rope
    This is a very useful item, probably one of the most useful items in the
    game. This allows you to swing to reach different place. You have
    unlimited of this as well, and you can use it an unlimited amount of
    times in one go. Just aim somewhere, at like a cliff or something and
    then swing up to there and bounce of the walls to the top. If you still
    can't get up, on the ground aim it into the ground and then try. It also
    looks fun to act like a ninja as well. Use the skills of this
    effectively and you can get out of a potentional area you think is a
    prime spot for attacks or get out of enemy territory. There is 1 fault
    to using this though, it is that if you try using a banana bomb or
    something like that after just using this, you cannot change any of the
    settings like the sconds amount and the bounce. Overall a good item to
    use and needed.
    Ahh yes, this is like portection from strikes and all those sort of
    things. A girder is just like something solid that acts like a roof that
    is powerful, but can be blasted through with afew goes. I hardly ever
    see the computer using these, but if you are playing a friend, you might
    want to protect your base or something with these, they can prove useful
    and save your worms life. Another use for this is repairing a bridge
    that has been broken in the middle, but I can assure you your girder
    will just be blown away again. Wise to use in the right situation.
    Hah, a very useful item. Sometimes weapon crates are scattered all of
    the level, and you want to get these, then you can transport right on
    top of them and get useful goods before someone else gets them in there
    shots. use the cursor to choose where you want to teleport to and then
    click there. Make sure you are clicking fairly close to the ground,
    otherwise you will fall from the teleport location to the ground and
    lose alot of health that could easily be avoided. The cpmputer on crap
    mode always uses this as well, and hardly ever attack, but they are just
    plain stupid!
    Absolutely useless. There really is no use to this, or there is a main
    use, but anoter tool can do the job better than this. The drill just
    digs down into the game, and if you wish, you can drill peoples heads.
    What something better? Try the blowtorch. The drill works fast, and
    lasts for a little more time than the blowtorch, which I guees is the
    only + for this thing. This can be used for making trenches up, but once
    again can only be used for digging straight down into the ground, and
    pretty much nothing else.
    I'm not suprised if you don't know what this is. Kamikaze means that you
    are going to kill yourself, but try to take other worms with you as
    well. I'm not sure if it fully kills all the worms you hit, but the only
    time I could see you want to use this is either if you are
    1) Having some fun and want to die. 2) See a very big pack of enemy
    worms lined up in the perfect position for a Kamikaze attack. You equip
    some special bandanna to your head, and then fly off. You end up
    exploding at the end, but usually for a good cause.
                         7: EXTRA COMMANDS
    These are just some extra commands to use, if you feel like doing
    something really stupid. These didn't quite fit in the section labelled
    "Weapons and Items" because they really serve no purpose.
    Skip Go
    The name really explains it. Maybe you are stuck ina crevase or
    something, and you can't dig any farther and have no airstrikes left,
    then I guess you could use this to have your go. You don't get your shot
    back though, once you skip your go, then you can't have it again when
    you want to, you have to wait for the other worms to have all of their
    This, too, really explains itself. Maybe you have done something wrong
    in this game and want to surrender to quit the game quickly. Or, a trick
    you could play on one of your friends is that you select surrender on
    there items/weapons list and say when they look back something like I
    killed the rest of your worms with my last go. great for a quick win,
    but sadly, the computer never does it.
                        7: OPTIONS
    Worms, suprisingly is a small game, but it has so many options to choose
    from. Most of them are to do with the main game, but still it has a
    friggin lot to choose from.
    Rounds to win the match
    You can make worms more interesting by making it that you have to win so
    many matches before you actually win the whole match. When all worms on
    one team are dead, that is counted as 1 round. Unfortunately, you can
    only choose between 1 and 2. They should of made it more, in my opinion,
    but it was them making the game, and not me.
    Round time in minutes
    Basically explains itself. This can be used for straitegy as well. This
    means that the round is played to a certain amount of minutes, and when
    that time is up, the round ends and I'm guessing the team with the more
    health left wins. As I said, this can be used for straitegy. If you are
    winning, you can have your shot at the end of the "Move time in
    seconds." to waste some time, but only if you are winning.
    Move time in seconds
    This is how much time you have before your shot ends. This can make the
    game funner, but also if you want more freedom to explore, then you can
    set this to unlimited.
    Maaximum number of mines
    This means how many mines are placed in the level when you first start
    on the land. Select the amount of mines you want to have on your land.
    This is the maximum amount though, sometimes it will be less than the
    desired amount of what you wanted by selecting in here.
    Automatic action replay
    Action replays only happen when either 1) Two worms are killed in the
    one shot by a worm. 2) When a team wins, the last shot that killed the
    last worm is replayed to see the winning shot. Leave it on, otherwise
    I'm not sure if you see those two things.
    Round time displayed
    Okay, this is simple. 1st select the amount of time in the round from
    above, and then here you can choose if the round time is displayed on
    the screen or not. If you don't want any pressure, then press no. IF you
    want to see how far into the level you are time wsie, then select yes.
    This isn't apllicable if you have the Round time on N/A.
    Extra time at timeout
    I really have no clue of what the hell this is. You can't call any
    "Time-outs" because this isn't friggin boxing or basketball. The only
    thing I can think of it to be is that when you press start, the time for
    your round will keep on going.
    Banzai mode
    Heh, in my friends instruction booklet, ages ago it mentioned something
    about this, apparently if I remember stright, it is something to do with
    Dynamite, and it turns all other weapons off and you can only use this.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Action Tracking
    Action tracking is when the camera actually follows the moves of the
    worms or the bomb that is being sent into the air. This can also be
    turned off during the game as well, so you don't really need to worry
    about this.
                  9: TESTS AND AUDIO
    Music Volume/Test Music
    Here, you can view the music in the game, and set the volume of it as
    well. Pretty simple stuff.
    Effects Volume/Test Effects
    here, you can view the sound effects in the game, and set the volume of
    it as well. Pretty simple stuff.
    Memory Card
    Basically just known as Load, Save and defualt settings. Pretty self
    explanitary stuff, but incase you don't know, default means set all
    settings to what they origanlly were.
    Full Motion Video
    No idea, I guess this is those movies that re always showing up from
    time to time throughout the game.
                          10: TEAM SELECT
    This section describes about the teams in worms, and how to edit them
    and all that crap. I will not list all of the teams with there players,
    unless I am really bored, but I wil list how to edit the teams and all
    those sort of things.
    When you first play the game, go to what says Team Select or whatever.
    Here, you can view all the different teams to play as. Cycle through the
    teams to see all the players in the team and the team names.
    Selecting your team
    If you want a team to be you, then click up on the top section. It
    should already say human, so leave it as that. But if it doesn't for
    some reason, then change it to human. You can also choose the computer
    teams as well. Note that the teams here are not the ones playing a big
    game, this is just for the leage, so select the teams you want to be in
    the league, it can only be 1 if you wish, or it can be all of them, it
    is up to you.
    CPU Intelligence
    What are the differnence is the good, ok and bad commands here, these
    next sections will tell you abit about the Artificial intelligence and
    how it affects your game and which one is the best to use. Note that
    this is for how dumb the computer acts. Please read the section after
    this one, labelled: "11: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE"
    Changing the name
    You can also edit your team if you wish. You can change the name, and
    put the names of your friends, family and all of that in the team and
    the name. To change a name, press X on the name and then rename it by
    choosing the letters you want.
    Human and Computer
    Every single team will be in the league. It doesn't matter if they are
    ones you have selected to be human, or ones you have left alone or the
    ones that are controlled by the computer, every single team will be in
    the league. Make sure you choose at least one human team to play in the
    league, otherwise you will be watching.
    Final Note
    Lets just say you are already half way through the career mode, and you
    decide to change the team and the names of your team memebers in it. If
    you do this, all your settings will be back to normal, for example,
    WINS: will be set back to 0 PLAYED: Will be set back to zero, etcetra.
                       11: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
    I'm only 14, so I can't spell big words like that, especially on the
    computer, where I seem to have so many spelling mistakes, but hand
    writing seems so simple in terms of spelling. Anyway, you will notice
    that when you team select, you can choose the difficulty of the
    computer. Here I will list come of the things the computer does with
    these settings on.
    CPU Poor
    They are absolutely shit! You cannot get worse than this, they are bad.
    There main move is the teleport. They always teleport, and if you turn
    that off, they mainly use crappy airstrikes and the odd bazooka that
    will miss you by a mile. You should easily win this match, if not, then
    you suck too.
    CPU Okay
    Okay, now we are getting slightly better. The computer starts to use
    some grenades, but usally nothing more powerful except for the odd
    cluster bomb that goes off target. They use bazookas and other
    explosives and homing missiles that can usally hit you, but are
    sometimes off line. This
    CPU Good
    They are excellent. They have good aim, and use best damage weapons and
    get them on target, and if it is a powerful weapon, then it can cause
    major damage on you. Beware, and hide in crevases.
                    12: LEVEL TYPES
    This place includes picutres on the devil and a background of all flames
    and hot liquid lava when you fall into it. Everythig can be blown up.
    Set in somewhere like antartica. The land is ice, but it doesn't act
    like it, for example, you do not slip around all of the place.
    All, the fair. Err, candy all around. Mostly canycanes and all are
    around the place, and also the land looks like chocolate and smarties,
    although, it is not edible. *Puts hand through TV*
    Yeah, I have seen this afew times. It consists of sand and all that
    Misc Places
    These are a mixture of land types and all that and come in different
    size and shapes.
                   13: BUILDING A BASE
    Sometimes it is better to hide and use defensive tactics, so you may
    want to buld a base, here is some advice on how to build a good, solid
    base where you wont get ratted out with dynamite.
    Move time
    Select a number, weather it is 10 seconds or 30 seconds, it doesn't
    matter. If you set it to none, your friend can get down in your base and
    blow you out and has all the time in the worl to do it, so elect a time
    limit for this.
    Basically known as trenches. Trenches are great for going underground,
    which is probably what you want to do. Use the blowtorch to drill
    diagonal down. Make sure it tis diagonal down, if it is straight down,
    and enemy could easily drop a dynamite in there from the top.
    You will need to protect yourself. A great way to do this is to put
    girders. Girders are like barricades, use them and they will block
    attacks when they hit them. They lose life very quickly though, so you
    might want to replace them often.
    If you want to attack while you are defending, a great way to do it is
    by calling in airstrikes all over the place. If you have unlimited
    airstrikes, then good, use them all. If not, then just watch the action
    above you and stay quiet.
                             14: GAME TIPS
    I'm sorry this had to come this late in the guide, but these are just
    miscellaneous tips, and the real tips are in the weapons section as
    those are what you use to win and all.
    Weapon Crate Snatching
    Grab these crates when you very first see them. Teleport onto them and
    then snatch them as soon as you can. Make sure your guys get them first,
    or they could fall into the wrong hands of people.
    Exploding Worms
    Once your worm is dead, you can still get back at the person who did the
    attackm but only if they are close, really close. When your worm dies,
    he will explode into a RIP sign. Use this to your advantage if you are
    in a pack of worms and this is even good for destroying a bridge if you
    are on it with the dead worm.
    The Wind
    The wind can be annoying at times, and it will knock your bazooka bullet
    off course. Try to use the wind to your advantage and hit the enemy
    worms using the wind. If the colour is over to the right, then the wind
    is going to the right, and how far of the bar is covered is how much
    wind. The wind doesn't affect things like the banana bomb and such.
    This can prove very useful as well. This cannot really be purposely
    done, as it is usually accidental. If you hit another worm on your
    landing from being up in the air, then you will hit the worm if you bump
    into them and maybe knock them down a cliff or into the water.
    Explosion Range
    Sometimes a worm is sitting near the edge of a cliff, or near a cliff
    but not real close enough to do a prod or dragonball/fire punch. If you
    want to put dynamite there to blow him off, it is best not to put the
    dynamite on him, instead, if you want the worm to sial all the way to
    the left of screen, put the dyanmite on the right of the guy. Same goes
    for any other weapon like that.
    Quick Kills
    If you are playing matches with things like 500 health, getting them
    down to 0 is a pain in the ass, because it will take awhile. Instead of
    getting them all the way down to 0 from 500 health, the best way is to
    kncok someone into the water, or off the edge of the screen. If a womr
    has 500 health and falls into the water, he is dead straight away, no
    matter how much health. So that is the best way to go about killing
    These are bad, very bad. Actually it depends on who you are, the one on
    the bridge, or the one about to fire to the bridge. If you find yourself
    on a little bridge, then get off of there as soon as possible, or put a
    girder underneath to stop you falling. Bridges are death traps, and 1
    airstrike can take it all out, as well as all the worms on there as
    well. Be careful, very careful!
    Missed Anything?
    There is still more basic game tips to be added, but I can't think of
    them now. Feel free to email them to me, and I will update this as soon
    as possible when I think of a tip, or get a tip.
                          15: LEAGUE STANDINGS
    The game is basically based on a league system, unless you choose
    friendly. Here are what the abbreviations mean and all that sort of
    stuff, here you will find it.
    Game Mode
    Down the bottom is something called a coice select. It will say League
    at first, and this means that the worm teams are all competing in a
    competiton against each other in a league for points and all that. Click
    again to change it to friendly. Here you don't have to worry about the
    league and just have some fun with friends and all that sort of stuff.
    Choose wahtever game modes you want.
    Next / Last
    This option is down the bottom of the screen, and is simple to tell you.
    If you click this, it will go down to the next page of the league
    standings. If you click again while you are on this page, it will bring
    you back to the top page of the worm rankings. Simple enough.
    Teams Playing
    You have to select afew teams before you can actually play the game. In
    case you don't know, the minimum amount of teams you can play in one
    match is four, because that is all the colours of the teams that can fit
    in the game. Select your teams by clicking on them.
    This option will not be available to you at first, because you cannot
    play a game with no teams selected, silly! Select your teams (See Above
    for more information) and then click on this to start gameplay. Whee,
    your on your way.
    This thing at the top shows you how many games your team has played on
    the chart.
    Basically, tells you how many games you have won. To win, be the last
    team standing with at least 1 worm and everyone else is erradicated.
    'nuff said.
    The little 'F' up the top. This stands for 'for'. To get a point on the
    for category, you must kill a worm. If your team kills a worm, you get a
    point towards you. Simple as that.
    Basically the same as above, but each time you lose a worm, you get a
    point here, which is bad, of course. Try to get a point on the for
    instead of against, if possible.
    I am not sure what this really stands for, but I am guessing difference.
    Lets just say that:
    You have 50 points in the for section
    You have 25 points in the against section
    Then you will be + 25 points. If you are plus, it will just be a normal
    number shown. If you get into the - category, it will show a minus next
    to the number.
    Unfair Play
    The title says it all. Sometimes the table / chart isn't really
    effective and fair. This is because sometimes you choose a 2 team match,
    and other times you choose a 4 team match, then obviously it is easier
    to win a 2 team macth than a 4 team macth, so this can affect the
    ratings seriosuly.
    This is what the rankings table looks like:
    Your Mum        4        4         12      1        11
    Billy and Bob   2        2         8       3        5
    John Smith's    2        2         8       4        4
    Bo Peep         2        2         8       4        4
    Larry Doodle    2        2         8       4        4
    Some Team       3        2         8       7        1
    Best Losers     3        2         8       8        0
    **** off        3        2         8       9       -1
    Cool Guide      3        2         8       9       -1
                           16: FUN THINGS
    Worms is full of fun things to do. Here are just several things to do to
    make the game have better lifespan and also for you to just have some
    extra fun.
    Bases are a great thing. Make it you cannot attack for your first 4
    goes, and then start digging around all over the place and disable the
    airstrike so the worms have to actually infiltrate the base, and
    probably get killed.
    Go to the weapons menu, and select only afew weapons to play with. Here
    are some combinations to use.
    NO girders, blowtorch or drill, so you can't be defensive.
    NO airstrikes, cluster/banana bombs grenades or homing missiles
    ONLY dynamite and homing missiles
    ONLY the ninja rope, girders and the shotgun
    Try more combinations yourself for maximum effect.
    Massive Explosion
    Okay, first of all,
                        16: CHEATS
    For all you cheat seekers out there, here is a list of cheats thatare in
    the game. there are more, but they are yours to try and find. I will
    only list one cheat, the reast you can go scampering for.
    Different Weapons
    Select the weapons options from the options menu, and then move to the
    keft or right so you are not highlighting anything. Then, continuously
    press: Square, X. Keep doing that and afew commands will change on the
    options menu.
                       17: MY REVIEW
    Hello, this is my review of worm, for the playstation system. Worms is a
    great game, really great.
    Well, this game was made awhile ago, so you guessed it, they really
    ain't that good. You can get a whole stream of place to fight at.
    Now, this is what really matters, the gameplay. This is excellent,
    bloody excellent. Couldn't ask for better, well you could, but this is
    still excellent. The game is nice and smooth to do and the worms react
    to situations by saying things and stuff like the weather kick into play
                       18: ENDING STUFF
    The ending of the FAQ, it's been fun, but I now have other importent
    guides to write. Here, this is just the end of the FAQ, which you really
    don't need to read. It just says the copyright stuff and all that shit.
    If your saying, "You didn't pay for the copyright, that means that you
    can't copyright it" Then you obviously don't understand the copyright
    rules then do you?
                           _ _ _
    This Document Copyright Aaron Baker 2003.
    This Document Copyright Wayalla, (c) 2003.
    It may be used for Personal and private use only, and can't be put in a
    magazine, put on a site that you need to pay money to acces this FAQ or
    just generally sold. This guide is sole property of Aaron Baker. Only
    authorized websites can have this FAQ, but must not alter the copyright
    notice at all. This guide is availabe free of cost from sites, and I am
    taking time out of my busy life to write this, so be thankful that I am
    helping you. Do not rip off this guide in Part or Whole, that is illegal
    and the appropriate steps will be taken if nessecary. I didn't wirte
    this guide so that someone could just come and rip it off. This guide
    can only be found at the sites that I have listed below:
                            _ _ _
    Thats it, no one else, unless I decide otherwise. Anywhere else will
    have to e-mail me first. I have the right to deny your website use of
    the guide because it is mine. All of the contents in this file were
    written by Aarn Baker, unless stated otherwise in the credits section at
    the end of the guide. Cheat Code Central is forbidden to use this guide.
    If any websites are using this guide without my permission, the
    appropriate steps will be taken to get the guide off the site.
                            _ _ _
    The author of this document can be contacted via e-mail, which is:
    Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au! Monst questions will be asnwered unless the
    question is answered in the guide, the title doens't include the games
    title or something like that, and also no spam and stupid e-mails. You
    are allowed to download this file onto your hard drive, thats the whole
    point of the FAQ really, to print it because I doubt many people have
    the console and computer in the same room and no one will want to stay
    at the computer playing the game.
    E-mail Policy
    You can email me with any tips, hints, or anything I have missed in this
    guide. I will reply to any question you have about the game as well. I
    will not reply to spam, junk, and poor grammar and spelling emails. My
    email is Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au
    Whats to come
    > Maybe a Frequently Asked Question section describing all questions
    that gamers out there might have.
    > More game tips, I am missing a hole freakin' bunch of them, and any
    support will be credited.
    None yet. This list will grow when I get contributions and hate mail in
    my e-mail inbox
    Inferno          -     Me and Inferno were going to write a Grand theft
                           Auto 3 guide, but then it didn't work out. I
                           done all the work, and it was taken down. Sorry
                           about that Inferno.
    FCB              -     The FAQ Contributors board here at gamefaqs,
                           great advise and tips and stuff on FAQ making.
    About the Author
    My name is Aaron Baker, I reside in Adeladie, South Australia,
    Australia. My hobbies include Writing Guides, Playing Sports, Video
    games and more.
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